As we continue

to encounter LIFE we learn to appreciate outward expression as simply a creative outpouring of the invisible into the visible.

It is a LIFE that manifests itself in a VISUAL manifestation in order to reflect the magnificence of creation.

This can be seen in a multiplicity of forms in an unlimited manner, consequently enlarging our heart to the purpose of it all.

As the Greatness within continues to be expressed through so many, the desire to share it with all, is the intention of VISUAL LIFE.


Thrust In The Sickle by Walter Lanyon

Thrust In The Sickle By WALTER C. LANYON Copyright 1941 by WALTER C. LANYON Revised Edition Copyright by WALTER C. LANYON 1956 “There is a Silence in which you stay every moment, whether working or playing, or resting—consciously or unconsciously upon this Absolute Power. “You are always held in that Silence—in which place you are […]

The Eyes of the Blind

The Eyes of the Blind By Walter C. Lanyon  Originally published 1930 Walter C. Lanyon, 1887-1967 Published by Union Life Ministries 1977 PO Box 2877 Glen Ellyn. IL 60/37 Telephone (312) 469 7757    PUBLISHER’S PREFACE What we call the Union Life message of Oneness in Christ, Paul called, “the mystery which has been hid­ […]

London Notes and Lectures

­London Notes and Lectures by WALTER C. LANYON Author of: “Impressions of a Nomad” “The Laughter of God” “The Eyes of the Blind” “Behold the Man” “Out of the Clouds,” etc. etc. London L. N. FOWLER & CO. 7 Imperial Arcade, Ludgate Circus E.C.4 Made and printed in Great Britain By The Camelot Press Ltd […]

Everywhere in the world you look, you see an unusual phenomenon emerging in the spiritual lives of people. Regardless of religious background or history, there is a shift in perspective that is taking place that in many ways, is opening eyes and hearts to a recognition of the Divine Life available to all.  Walter Lanyon is one of those voices who speaks, not to our intellect, but to our heart, and in so doing, awakens a distant remembrance of  why and how we fit into a world waiting to see, experience and manifest God.


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