The Second Coming

 We have selected this chapter due to present day awareness–the end of the AGE? There is a tremendous amount of speculation with the close of this century and Lanyon writes with spiritual insight (Christ consciousness ) especially with the introductory statement, “THEN shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens . . . and they shall see the son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and glory.’         

‘Yet in my flesh shall I SEE God.’ The second coming of Christ is at hand and yet it is as far away as it always has been. For those who ‘have ears to hear what the scriptures say unto the churches’ (temples, bodies ) the new dispensation is at hand. This time right into the FLESH. The union of Jesus (the body ) and Christ ( the Spirit ) bringing forth the ‘Flesh’ which is attuned to the new rate of manifestation, and will enable you to experience many new things. It is wonderful for it is secret and hidden and only those–who see–shall SEE–just what it is that the Scriptures are saying unto the churches (temples–bodies).        

The Second coming upon which the ‘second death’ (the final physical death) shall have no effect, is again presented for those who have ‘eyes,’ for those who BELIEVE in the WORD–not the words, but the WORD of the CHRIST. 


This is the day when Immortality in the flesh is possible or “impossible;” and if ‘Impossible,’ then it is right for the Christ consciousness to bring it into manifestation. Everything that is Possible has been done as far as you are concerned it is the IMPOSSIBLE that is to be brought out. ‘Yet in My Flesh shall I SEE God.’ Do you believe it or do you want to argue about it all? Is it so? Or is Jesus Christ a liar? Until you can arrive at the premise that you stand alone, divorced from every man, woman, organization or book, you cannot “enter into the Holy of Holies,” the consciousness of the PRESENCE here and now.         

First comes the Recognition of the Teachings of Jesus Christ. Do you believe that the Land, into which you are to enter, is actually in existence just as you believe that the picture you took is on the film, even though you cannot see it before it is developed.         

It is essential that you BELIEVE that the consciousness you are trying to bring out actually and literally exists, before it is humanly possible for the materialization of it to take place. Even after you accept this state of things it is not yet done. It is necessary for you to have the courage to enter in and become one with it, seeing no sign.        

‘Go in and possess the land’ requires that you first recognize the LAND  (consciousness) as a finished and completed manifestation in the invisible–and then that you have the authority to enter in and POSSESS the LAND, consciousness. You may be able to do all this symbolically, but are you able literally to enter IN? Are you able to move into the place of ‘He made himself as God’ and accept your authority to ‘Go in and possess the land?’ This you must answer for yourself.         

The ‘second coming’ is to be a material thing, for it is to be a completion of the Work of Jesus, a fulfillment of the Power–‘Yet in MY (not somebody else’s–but mine) flesh shall I (not another) SEE GOD.’  In the temple or body raised to the Spiritual concept of ‘Flesh’ shall you see this power. For it is only through this body temple that you can and will step down into manifestation all the things that are to come into your kingdom.         

For instance this ( yet to you invisible) book must be recognized by me as finished and completed. Without this recognition I cannot step it down through the temple-body and make it real. Otherwise it would remain a ‘book’  in the symbolical world. An unborn child, as it were. So presently you will come to the Place of realization that through your temple-body must appear all that is to do with your heaven-on- earth manifestation. This is perhaps the hardest step to take, for the human mind has failed so ignominiously in its attempts to do things that It has become self-conscious instead of SELF-conscious.         

Until you conceive, perceive, accept and appropriate the fact, literally and actually that your body temple, John Smith, is the place or manifest point in consciousness where the things that concern you must be stepped down into visibility, all the teaching of Jesus is in vain. The Union of the body and soul makes this possible, otherwise you have only symbolical manifestation, i.e., unborn children. All the desires of your heart are crying out for bodies–crying out to be born–and you have laid them away in the perfumed memories of human thought. ‘Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give THEE Light.’         

Your Body-Temple is the place of ‘Stepping down’ the manifestation to a point of visibility. As the Spiritual, permanent thing moves towards materialization, even as this book is now moving into reality out of the unseen, you suddenly realize the wonder of it all. Until you realize this you continue to move about in a world filled with evil manifestations and chance. There is no ‘Chance’ in the Divine plan– chance exists only in the human consciousness, because it has pairs of opposites–two powers eternally warring with each other.         

The ‘Losing your life’ means the finding of your Life. It is a breaking of the small limited pattern of the human consciousness. If you are still thinking to glorify the ‘John Smith’ you will be defeated–your power will be for the moment–as the green bay tree, which flourishes gloriously and then is suddenly withered away.       

You are the dispenser of the Revelation–you are the Revelator.      

The Second coming is so wonderful and glorious–nothing matters NOW–and yet somehow or other, everything matters. You can go in and possess the land because you are no longer working ‘Miracles’ but are actually recognizing the WORD as it issues forth from the mouth of God. It is wonderful.         

‘For as the Lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west;  so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.’          

Do you begin to see that the ‘Coming of the Second Coming’ is entirely beyond the human idea of time or space? Have you ever thought of a flash of lightning from the east to the west? Well, if not–think of it for a moment and then see how quickly the Spirit can come into manifestation in your LIFE.         

So is it with the WORD ( not words) spoken from this revelation of consciousness. It is like the Lightning that in an instant flashes across the horizon and lights up everything. Do you begin to see what YOUR word is? Or do you believe? Remember the words of Master Jesus were ‘The works that I do ye shall do also and even greater works than these shall ye do.’ It is wonderful, isn’t it?         

Now you MUST be about your Father’s business, which is so much greater than the business of John Smith–and yet which suddenly picks up the limitations of John Smith and frees them into something glorious. It is wonderful–the Quickening of the power which causes the manifestation to be stepped up into the fulfillment of what it is doing. Do you hear what I Am saying unto you– or do you hear? Who are you? And when will you begin to accept your birthright?         

Do you know that you were made in the IMAGE and likeness of God?Or do you?  And if so, what will happen to this poor old human image of John Smith? Suddenly the Life Force will rush unto manifestation and fill full the measure of your TRUE Self and the age and limitations of John Smith will be wiped out. Do you SEE?  But not of course to prove to others that you have a power they know not of.  What do you care what they think or try to prove?          

‘Behold I come quickly and my reward is (right) with ME.’ Do you believe? Or do you? RIGHT with ME. I come quickly–do you hear? In the darkest, most chaotic condition in your LIFE I–the I ( blended spirit and matter–Jesus Christ ) come quickly into manifestation and it is so.        

‘For as in the days that were before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came and took them all away: So shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.’         

So shall also the coming of the Son of man-(ifestation) be.         

Note that the old human so-called scientific mind continues with its thousand and one proofs of life. But the floods come. In your Ark in this new consciousness will you sail away over the whole lot of human testimony which has bound you for so long and in that Ark– consciousness–you will have taken all that matters. It is wonderful! You are performing the Noah drama– building the ARK and taking therein all that matters and then drowning out all that doesn’t matter–along with the entire history of your case. Do you hear– or is there something that you want to retain from it all? Is there something you wish to carry over? You must answer–for in this Ark (consciousness) you are taking over only that which is productive of increase and newness–a something that is to populate a new universe. Your universe! And with the sailing of that Ark all of the former things have passed away–the age, the history of your case, the fears and the mistakes–you are actually a new creature in Christ Jesus. It is wonderful and if you read further you will understand that the ARK had only one window and that was “‘Straight up”–no looking to the right or left or the past or anything that had gone before–it was only looking to the new dimension. It is wonderful! Or is it?         

‘Heaven and earth shall pass away, BUT my WORD shall not pass away.’ You are the Word and no matter what you have put yourself through–You shall not pass away. Do you hear? When will you awaken to this Permanent Identity, the Fatherhood Degree?         

Silence will come to you–the real silence–‘Then shall two be in the field, the one shall be taken and the other remain’–do you begin to understand the SILENCE?  It is the same thing which covers the situation of ‘Ten thousand shall fall at thy right hand, etc.–but it shall not come nigh thee.’  Be still and pass through. You cannot prove anything because when you try to prove it for the curious you fail. But you HAVE to ‘prove ME and see if I will not open windows in heaven and pour out a blessing you will not be ABLE to receive.’ It is all so paradoxical– you must not prove in order that you can prove. One proving is from the standpoint of doubt, the other a fulfillment.       

Keep silent–keep silent–for it makes no difference if the man you are working with or the manifestation you are in is not ‘Taken’ or is taken–do you SEE? ‘Two women shall be grinding at the mill, the one shall be taken and the other remain.’ There are lots of Women grinding at the mill– one may be grinding with You–but you may be taken and she may remain–even if she is your best friend, your mother, father, brother, daughter do you SEE? You may be taken into the new consciousness and then will you be Silent and secret and yet you will withhold from no man.  You can and will give to any man whatsoever he asks of you–but this time you have the proper interpretation of what he is asking. So  you will give sometimes by withholding that for which he is asking. It is wonderful. You are through with all the outward show for you have found the CHRIST consciousness–and you are the TEMPLE of THE LIVING GOD. Stepping down into visibility the things that were formerly dreams and imagination. Praise the Lord. It is wonderful! Can you pause for a moment in your glorious revelation and recognize that wonderful One who discovered the All-ness of Life and gave it unto YOU ?          

‘Therefore be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man–(ifestation) cometh.’  It is wonderful–this ‘readiness’– this willingness to LOSE your life and FIND it. To lose ( loose the limitations of John Smith ) and find the infinite capacities of  Life in Christ Jesus. I write this unto you.        

‘Blessed is the servant, whom HIS lord, when he cometh, shall find waiting.’        

Are you waiting? Are you in the consciousness which knows that IT IS SO, and consequently are QUIETLY waiting for the LORD to come into full manifestation? Wonderful isn’t it?         

The glorious Second coming of Jesus Christ is here for you–that is if you hear it. It must be heard before you will open the door and let HIM in to sup with you and to break the substance with you? It is HERE now and completely when you recognize that your body, even John Smith, is the Temple of the living GOD.          

Such a deep welling up of praise and glorification of the power come over you when you are willing to let go of everything and follow ME.          

‘Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season.’          

Are you the ‘faithful servant’ or are you still the silly Adam–John Smith, who tasted of the fruit of separation? You have to answer all this for yourself– not for you and another–but for yourself .          

Are you the ‘Faithful servant–the ruler over the HOUSEHOLD,’ or are you the little thing which is still trying to glorify John Smith, who has his seventy years and then death? You have to choose–and you have to recognize the principle back of your choice.         

Who are YOU?        

Answer for yourself to yourself no one else cares. ‘Verily I say unto you, that he shall make him ruler over all his goods.’        

Do you hear? If you are the Temple-servant of the Universal God power, you shall be made the ruler over ‘All his goods.’ Is all enough? Or do you need more–is it more rent, more health, more life–more something that you need? What do you need? Could it be you need more God? You answer. The Second Coming is at hand.”


Walter C. Lanyon (1)
(1)Lanyon, W.C.- Without the Smell of Fire – Glen Ellyn, IL, 60137 – Union Life Ministries – USA


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