The Silent Monologue

Be still — silence is untapped energy which performs things that cannot be done by taking thought and the repeating of noisy, meaningless words ––

Be still-—

As we understand the Truth given by Jesus Christ, we see more was actually said when He was silent. The spoken word of Jesus was but an “Open sesame” to the silent word. The Spirit which is released from the dead letter changes form, and even as an acorn becomes a mighty oak, so does the silent word when released from the (lead letter accomplish whereunto it is sent and performs what -to the world is a miracle. Just contemplate, a little mustard seed which is the size of faith that is necessary to move yon mountain, or to pluck up yon sycamore tree by the roots and cast it into the sea. All this symbology is so wonderful for it is so real and possible of manifestation.

It is very interesting to note the rapid and sudden change that is going on in what we call the truth. The old idea of elaborate treatments, demonstrations, lessons, courses and all of that is finally giving way to the word of Jesus Christ — which is the actual power, or force of the Presence. But the man whose breath is in his nostrils will insist on the repetition of words that he considers holy or spiritual. Presently he finds that they seem to dissipate themselves; there is nothing to them.

  When a person says that two and two are four, he has made an eternal statement which nothing can change. Beyond this simple dead letter lies the eternal and infinite principle of mathematics. Hence the silent monologue that can only come to you when you have made the recognition of the Christ Mind. The silent monologue will never be spoken or told, for it is given to you directly. It is hidden — even as the marvelous agreement that two shall agree, and it shall be established on the earth is hidden away—that is the power or action that takes place from the elevation of the Silent word — uttered by the still small voice. It is said that you and another, or you and yourself shall agree on ANYTHING as touching and it shall be established on the earth — and it says ANYTHING. That means absolutely nothing on the surface. It needs something bigger and more powerful than thought, or treatment, or even attempted demonstration to cause it to take place. You heard the word “anything” didn’t you, or did you? It is nothing but a noise — a sound, understandable to the English speaking people. It is nothing but a word until the unheard monologue back of it is heard which would open doors and gates to you, and cause you to pass through places you could not pass through because of the AGREEMENT which you have HEARD and not just heard the sound. The difference between a word that you have HEARD, and one that you have heard, is that one causes the dead letter to fall away even as the shell of an acorn falls away.   

 You are fast entering into a new day. “My sheep hear my voice.” “Come apart from among them”—-you are not trying to convince anyone—you are not trying to show it. You are beginning to HEAR the silent word, the still small voice. So, as we have said, two shall agree as TOUCHING on ANY point, and it shall be (not maybe nor perhaps) established on the earth. Now it has been spoken—everything is going to be silent as far as you are concerned.

It has been turned over to the Silent Monologue. Just as when the President sends out an edict, you do not actually hear it — but you obey it, so with the words of Jesus Christ spoken two thousand years ago. You are at this time getting the silent monologue, the word which is made flesh — which is manifested in a way you know not of —emphasis lies on “Be still,” and let, and as you actually begin to listen, you will hear things your ears have never heard. The command will come and will be accompanied with the power and understanding of accomplishment. “Speak the word.”

You are told to be not like the heathen, for he thinks that by saying many words he shall gain the ear of God. I have said to you, and it has been said by many people that “God hears the dumb.” All these wonderful illustrations are worthless unless you go beyond them into the silence — and hear the true meaning, the true monologue of what it is all about. If I had not heard the word “Write” I would never have written this book, nor would you have read it. The more a project is talked over, the more it loses power and finally is an unborn thing or still-born at best.

Man has a thing called wisdom, and he builds a symbolical Tower of Babel only to have it crumble. He finds he cannot understand anything that is being said. There is a confusion of unknown tongues, and so the shouting about “how to get health, happiness and success” by taking thought becomes a terrible jargon of ideas. The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God —and since God is the only power, what can possibly be accomplished by man’s wisdom?

Does man still believe that he can sit down and HOLD a thought any more than he can sit down and hold a seed and cause anything to happen? Until it is freed and let rot, can he find the life and the increase with no effort on his part. Words will do nothing — “I am healed — I am well” may be a statement of the truth, but nothing takes place until it is released and the dead letters break up and the spirit of the consciousness of God is able to come forth in all its glorious revelation and the blind man from birth suddenly receives his sight.

“My sheep hear my voice” — he who hears obeys. Why does he obey? Because the minute he hears, the spirit of the word — the spirit of the consciousness — something immediately is accomplished — revelation takes place and the instantaneous healing is manifested. Since God has a way YE know not of, what is the good of you trying to manipulate this power by using the idea of some man? If you lack wisdom, you are told to ask of God and not John Smith. John Smith in many instances cannot prove one thing he teaches. And in a little while you discover how you have been led astray from the only law—the law of Jesus Christ. It is because it is so simple and natural that the “wise” old human mind cannot take it. It is given, and it says very definitely GIVEN, not sold. The child can take it—but you cannot.

When the WORD is spoken to you —you may be in a mass of people or alone—yon either hear it, or you do not. When you HEAR it — that is when you let go and surrender all the foolishness you have taken unto yourself called the wisdom of man— then it is that the unspoken Monologue takes place, and speaks to the soul of you in no uncertain terms “this” (right here) is the way, Walk YE — not you and somebody else — but you — walk Ye in it, and be saved from the foolishness of man. The Silent Monologue carries with it a manifestation you have not, yet heard— for there is much that we have not heard nor seen which is to be made manifest. Every word of Jesus Christ is a LAW.

If man would only hear. It is all in code and Jesus came giving you the secret of decoding the word — releasing substance into actual manifestation.

When a man hears, he arises, folds his tent and steals silently away. No matter in what language it is spoken, if he hears the WORD, he will Go. Do you see why it is that you can go into the desert alone and find everything?

Do you HEAR— I said HEAR how it is that “ONE with God is a majority,” and that takes care of all the minorities in your life. You are thatone—You are that one, but it cannot take place from the outside. When you have HEARD and go within and shut the door you listen to the silent monologue, the silent speech of Angels — the silent word of the dumb.

MY words are spirit. How utterly absurd it is for you to shout affirmations at God. The spirit of the consciousness causes something to happen, or be revealed. As on a calm sea suddenly a wave is thrown intothe sky – Yes, the spirit of. the consciousness — the spirit of the consciousness.

Finally, you begin to believe what is SAID to you-= “God is worshiped not in temples made with hands.” He may be worshiped in temples made with hands – but he is no more  present there than in Hell. He is .no more present in the most sacred shrine in the world than He is in the lowest hovel if it be true that He is omnipresent. What think ye? Is it time to go in and shut the door and the lips, too, and listen to the unspoken monologue which is filled with revelation that accomplishes – for “nothing is impossible with God” and it says “nothing” – are you going to argue? No matter whether you can believe it or not -it is true.

Presently, you hear, and you begin to absorb —take these marvelous laws and hear the unspoken monologue — “Be whole”— if you hear thatunspoken, something magic would happen. At this instant, at this moment you could hear the still small voice — the silent monologue.

The moment you HEAR, the dead letter trails off into silence and you arrive at the elevation of BEHOLDING; it is beyond thought. The, spirit of the consciousness passes through the temple body —searching the joints and marrow, and you will know that my words are spirit and they are truth and they CANNOT return void.

Money seems to be power: the only power, until a man symbolically or literally finds himself in the “desert” in need of water. You cannot buyLife. This marvelous LIFE passes through you—wherever you arc at this instant. AT THIS instant do you hear? At THIS very instant you can HEAR the still small voice—the agreement can be made—the water can appear regardless. The inaudible voice is finally heard. Then you speak as one having authority and it will shapen itself into the necessary manifestation to carry out that authority. The moment you try to prove this or anything said by Jesus Christ, you will find it disappears into thin air like smoke. It must be recognized and released, and the noisy human thought and reason discarded. It is wonderful! Even as I write and you read, this silent talk of the power is going on all about you “Stretch forth your hand”—and so does something on the unseen, unheard, side take place.

Yes, you are told to FLEE from that one whose breath is in his nostrils, why? Flee—such strong language—flee from that one whose breath is in his nostrils-because he is not going to hear the inaudible thing. He is not going to hear the voice from behind him which says “This is the way, walk ye in it”—this he can hear in the desert or in the crowded city; and if in the desert, it leads to symbolic and literal water and shade, and if in the city, it leads him safely through the crowd of jarring human beliefs and delivers him out of the hand of the enemies and the mouths of lions. This is that which puts him on the other side of the lake—this is the thing that gives him twice as much as he had before without doing anything but making the recognition. All the gluttony and greed is drained from him, and he is free and hears the words “be careful for nothing.” He is not afraid because he knows he lives, moves, and breathes in substance, period. After he KNOWS that he has to be silent—it has to become something beyond words spoken by a man trying to make it so. The word he hears in the silence is that which accomplishes all.

“My words”—what are you talking about? As soon as the little word you have uttered is freed—it ceases to be that little thing bound by dead letters and bursts into bloom. It breaks the bounds. Your little health suddenly becomes lost in Infinite LIFE–it is wonderful. So do you become one with the universal, even as a column of smoke which looks so black against the sky suddenly diffuses and is lost from sight. You think nothing of it—there has been a perfect blending even as you are ONE with God—when you are One with God. How can you be one with God—how can you get into the Presence? By reaching after Him —or discovering that you are already one with God, right NOW, and it takes place—it is wonderful—you have always been one with God.

It says ye shall find ME when ye feel after me. Does that mean you are going to put your hands out and. feel into the air? Does it mean you are going into some retreat or with some person and shut yourself away and imagine you are getting nearer God? Answer me. God is just as present in your so-called hell as He is in your so-called heaven. Did you ever think that many people could not exist in your idea of heaven?

None of these things out here move me because they are the reflections in the mirror. Finally, you begin to see you walk through these reflections when you know them to be nothing but reflections. But when you know them to be “realities” then you have to resist and fight them. All the laws of the human mind are nothing but those things you have crystalized by thought. You are given the power to say—you can change an outer substance. When, however, you “eat what is set before you” something takes place—a transmutation. None of this can be done to “prove ME,” but must be done to prove ME—and so you see how necessary it is to enter into the closet, shut the door—and that which you can tell in secret, the silent monologue, will be announced from the housetops. It is wonderful—NOW you are beginning to HEAR, period.

You are the unborn—the beloved of God—and when you hear this spoken to you by the still small voice, you will immediately begin to experience the same power that Jesus had when he performed what man called “miracles.” Can you take it? You can change a glass of water into the elixir of Life, if you can. Give him a cup of cold water in my name and forbid him not—will do it—if you can hear.

You move through reflections—they do not move you—you walk through them. Jesus went through solid walls and closed doors not to be doing a “stunt,” but by way of showing to you that matter is not solid. Your present day scientist has discovered that no two atoms touch. There is a space between relatively as large as the spaces between the planets—and so and so— and it is about time to listen to the still small voice. You have heard much argument from the voice of the man whose breath is in his nostrils. I suppose when Jesus passed through the crowd, the relative space between was there and he walked through the sharp elbows of the human thought. Now will all this make you a miracle worker? No and no again—what do you care what the Man thinks—you will be used for the miracle—a place where the unseen, the unheard, becomes manifest without effort on your part. So do you hear that you are to “Let” that mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus—and that will be enough.

All the laws that man has made about lack and limitation and all the ideas about disease and the ancestor teaching of birth, growth, maturity and decay—all of these begin to disintegrate. I say begin—you have traveled far from the “Garden” and have taken many things unto yourself. As you loose the old man and his deeds and let him go, you will begin to hear the silent monologue—which so often speaks in monosyllabic words: “Be—do—have—see—hear.”

Ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you. If silence follows, it is possible after you have asked-to hear the answer-and you are not going tomake the answer, but if the noise of your talk continues, it will be nothing. An empty basin makes the most noise. Watch-listen-be still.

One day you, too, will fold your tent and steal silently away. You are not going anywhere physically, but you are going somewhere from the point of eliminating beliefs—right where you are—in the hell-hole that you are in; in dire destruction, there—suddenly it happens. No one knowsanything—but if you are still, presently they will SEE it. It is wonderful!

Tell no man—it is difficult for the human mind which wants to explain it—the ego is swollen with the idea that it has become God and made a demonstration. When man learns that the Power flows and flows over, and under, and through, then he will not care and will not look for a sign. He will become unconsciously conscious o f God. He will not have to start up the conscious and try to manipulate it. As you are unconsciously breathing without taking thought  right NOW—so will you “Acquaint now thyself with Him and be at peace,” and be at the place of continuous expression. The more conscious you become of breathing, or earning your living, or doing anything, the more difficult they become until that which you try to destroy suddenly destroys you. Evil is only as old as the last drought. Either one moment or forty years—it makes no difference when you are still and LET—with the beautiful integrity of principle. How noiselessly and beautifully Power flows through everything–you included.

You are sent a LIGHT. Every time you stop your action and can let go, after having accepted the spoken monologue, there is a great possibility of the unspoken monologue coming through—not only coming through to tell but to show, and there is a great possibility that you will begin to move into the new elevation, “MY sheep hear my voice.” Do you hear? Right NOW—?

“Peace, peace, and there is no peace” or there is something that calms a raging storm at sea. Can you hear me NOW? There is no argument. You have a thousand and one reasons why you should be healed and prospered and at peace—but until you can take it, you cannot have it. When you hear the unspoken word of the still small voice— then (Right Now if you can take it) something is going to happen.

All illustrations are worthless unless you hear what is back of them. To the child “Santa is coming” is enough. There is not such a person –yet he comes a million, million times—you see it before your very eyes how it is that the child materializes—yet you cannot,—because you have not the peculiar BELIEF that can accept without asking—without argument—without -the help of the human brain. It is all so childlike—and if you understand that is just what it is—it is an elevation that is untouched by human reason and belief and accepts without equivocation. It is wonderful—Now you have to admit it— even if you do not believe in Santa Claus. Why do you not go into the closet and shut the door—why CLOSET—why not in your room—and why do you not get quiet and ask “ME” for I have said, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God” not John Smith. The trouble is you are still the willful child who knows better and has to find out by ugly experience.

All illustrations in the Bible are drastic—they give you examples: they do not offer you a pseudo peace for a headache, but offer you a picture of a raging sea and a shallow boat and you without compass or chart—that is the thrill you get when you contemplate Jesus Christ instead of the John Smith idea of affirmations and imagination and beliefs. Be still—very still.

Jesus was a “teller” of the law; you either hear, or you hear words—and it is all ridiculous for He spoke in Aramaic and you may not even understand English. I am always surprised when I find how little I understand of it. The first thing you run into is “Be still and know that I am God”—and most people want a brand or trade-mark, or some person to refer to—follow no (not any) man, follow ME. Can you hear ME yet? Let noman deceive you.

It is amazing—the deceit and serpentine quality of the Adam mind. A woman who had borrowed money which saved her from dire conditions began finding excuses, and finally she went into bankruptcy and then she was “free” (she thought) from all debt. Well—and well—later she was shrieking with the injustice of life, because she was begging on the streets for a crust. Watch—and as I am writing this came through:—

Look about you—what you see in Manifestation

is a definite, accurate, precise out-picturing of

your consciousness—Need I say more—where all

change must take place?

It was like a voice both audible and inaudible. Hear ye. There is no escape—it will fulfill—even the idle word, and Jesus came offering you a way to handle all this with ease and dispatch when you are ready.

The unspoken monologue of Jesus Christ comes into manifestation—

Hear ye—“This—(this right here)—is my Beloved Son,

in whom I am WELL pleased” was said of HIM

and NOW is said of you. It is wonderful—filled

with wonder.

Be still—after you have heard the spoken word—go within and listen to the interpretation of the silent monologue. There is nothing you can say or do to prove it, but to recognize it and LET it happen after the fashion of God. It can be so magnificently proven to you that it will radiate all over your world—and the fame of it will go abroad. It does not need publicity. It does not need argument—the unspoken word will immediately accompany the word if you could but BELIEVE. But perhaps you have gone into a far country, and it is time now that you go unto your Father, away from all the ancestor teaching of the old Adam thought. This going to the Father–re-member is a lovely blending of intelligence which is going to use you to bring out and express some of its wonders. Now do you hear? Will you hear the unspoken word—“Will thou be made whole?” Do not argue—nobody cares. Will you listen then for the unspoken instructions—that which Jesus came to give? The spoken words are old and worn out according to the human mind; they are over two thousand years old—but the unspoken word is taking place right now as you read—if you will stop discounting yourself and listen and let.

From time to time one hears, and goes alone into the desert—into oneness—into the nothingness as far as the human thought is concerned.

You are not afraid any more, are you? For “I AM with you always.” It is such a wonder when we discover the magnitude of it. Anything can happen anywhere at any time, when you hear.

You—(can you hear) are the Beloved of God. Why not stop a moment and listen? “Whatsoever ye ask,” you know you cannot get this by taking thought, for immediately you have the question to answer “Who by taking thought”—so—you can Listen and finally HEAR what the Scriptures say unto the churches (the temples)—your temple body.

Now can you hear? Go in-shut your door, I am ready to speak the word that takes form and shape. When you are ready, I am ready to do the works through you—hear that in the silence-in the unspoken word, and it will take place without effort or reason. Listen—Listen— “Behold I stand at the door and knock”—unless you hear, you cannot let me in, and I cannot break bread with you—and I cannot break the bread with you—do you hear now —can you hear me —can you hear the unspoken thing? Can you—-do you hear me– do you — do you—do you? I stand at the door and wait— answer ME— let me in— away with all the nonsense of human teaching. Can you hear—-can you say, YES?

Walter C. Lanyon 


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