The Touch

“At the moment of the TOUCH, there is no power whatever to make the affirmation, there is no leisure. REASONING on the Vision is for afterwards. We may know we have had the vision when the SOUL has suddenly taken LIGHT. The LIGHT is from the Supreme and is the SUPREME. We may believe in the PRESENCE when He comes bringing light; the light is the proof of the advent.

The Soul unlit remains without Vision.

LIT, it POSSESSES that which it sought.

And this is the true end set before every SOUL –

To Take the LIGHT,

To SEE the SUPREME by the Supreme

And not by the light of any other principle –

To see the Supreme which is also the means to the VISION.”


At the Moment you TOUCH the principle by recognition “virtue proceeds out of Me.” The agreement is established. The signs follow. There is no time, nor yet need for feeble man-made affirmations. It is like declaring “Let there be Light,” after the Universe is flooded with the effulgence of it. There is no time for thought taking, no leisure for human reasoning, only contemplation and revelation which are pouring over and through you.

At last we begin to comprehend that the “Light is from the Supreme and IS the Supreme” (One) “heaven and earth are full of thee.” We begin in some degree, at least, to Move in HIM – in the LIGHT of the Supreme Being and find that this very recognition absorbs the limitations of human thought. We can “run and not be weary” by reason of this LIGHT. The Temple of God is operated by LIGHT and not by human thought and intellect. Presently all machinery will be operated by light and be freed from friction and wearing away. Aging that is known to man, under the “curse of the law,” will cease, literally.

As this LIGHT is first recognized as coming from the Supreme and being the SUPREME, then will man begin to rise through the decaying flesh of human belief, and shall finally be freed from the grave clothes into immortality.

And so he sees that the “Soul unlit remains without vision.” There is nothing but surface appearances that can be seen by the “unlit soul” – just as there is no “LIVING” in the man who is not yet inbreathed. Once he is “inbreathed,” he becomes a LIVING SOUL; he moves into realms beyond all human sense and discovers reality back of shadow. At this point of consciousness, he is able to project by his recognition the Picture shown to him on the Mount, and automatically change the shadow of belief cast into the realm of matter. “None of these things (made by human belief) move me” – because none of them has any reality except the human thought, and will disintegrate the moment human thought is taken from it.

Witness the disintegration of value which takes place when a so-called masterpiece has been discovered to be a counterfeit. Although it has been accepted as real and genuine for years and been protected in every way – suddenly it is cast into the discard and no burglar, or thief, or vandal is guarded against. It “has no value” for no other reason than the thoughtof man.

“The soul unlit remains without Vision.

LIT, it POSSESSES that which it SOUGHT.”

When there is no LIGHT there is no vision, and “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” They cannot see that which IS and think to create it, or possess it, in some other way. They cannot find it, for they are not yet “LIT” by the recognition of the LIGHT within and without.

It is TRUE, then that “IF any man hear my Voice” – he will leave all (the shadows and beliefs) and follow ME into the place of realities, past all the images of belief back to the Holy of Holies where he will converge with GOD – The SUPREME LIGHT.

Words are merely signposts that point to something – but never take us there, nor go there. Unless we leave the signposts (the words) and accept their instruction and proceed toward the new City, we will never reach it. And this very thing is true of all of the words of Jesus Christ. Unless we hear them and automatically become them in consciousness and leave the letter, we shall never know them as realities – only as dead letters – sometimes beautiful, but of no value.

When the recognition is made of the ONE, then the moment of the TOUCH takes place, and you are filled with the VIRTUE of the CHRIST. A sudden invasion of LOVE has taken place and the belief in hate and evil is absorbed into the ONE. You are in the realm – where a never failing POWER operates – the Power of LOVE. “Love NEVER faileth” regardless of all the beliefs of the human mind. To enter into this realm and become love in action is to be clad in an armor of LIGHT that is literally and figuratively impervious to all human so-called forces and powers.

“When I behold HIM I possess all that I want to have and want to know, and I see an abundance of all riches. It is impossible for me even to imagine that this treasure might be separated from the soul or the soul from the treasure, and all the delight it accords.”

Angela of Foligno

“Behold” is a fourth dimensional word which beggars all definition. It is something that happens when all the senses have suddenly reached their outer bourns and exploded, as it were, the bondage of human thought and reason. When we learn to see FIRST the Kingdom (consciousness) – we find that all things are not only added, but are discovered as being there, and we see that it is impossible to separate the soul from the treasure or the treasure from the soul. Hence do we begin to Live and Move in the ONE. As we “Behold” we see the hidden mysteries and treasures merge into the LIGHT of day.


Walter C. Lanyon

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