The Healing Voice

“This is the voice of one crying in the wilderness, ‘ Prepare ye the way [consciousness] of our LORD.'” “My words are spirit and my words are truth and they shall not return unto ME void, but SHALL accomplish whereunto they are sent.” Do you hear? Do you believe?

Thus the foundations to the healing voice are laid. Either you are speaking with the God voice or you are putting up a series of arguments, pleading for the allness of God. For those who still believe there is power in affirmations to change the will of God, there is the power of the energy that the human mind gives them. When this has spent itself, they return again to the former state of things, and very likely will be heard to say,”Well, I have tried all the systems and they have all failed.” So is it with the WORD of God that you have “tried to use.” Trying to use the principle of mathematics and actually using it are two different things. You only try touse it as long as you find it something which is foreign to your nature. You use it when you find it a part of your mentality. You may argue pro and con about the illustrations given to convey the idea of the Presence; no illus­tration is adequate to give more than the faintest suggestion of the Power of the Presence here and NOW. “My sheep hear my voice”—either you HEAR the allness of the Presence or you are still hampered by the “yes but” response of the conscious thinking. Either the WORD of God does”accomplish whereunto it is sent,” or else the whole teaching of Jesus Christ is vain. Why not come to a definite decision on this point NOW?

Without denying the helpfulness of all the steps which have led you to your present door of decision, any further attempt to use these outgrown things will result in confusion and defeat. There is no heckling about various systems. If you are not through with all systems, teachers, books, and organiza­tions, it is because you have not arrived at the understanding of the simple teaching of Jesus Christ. No matter how necessary all this bungling progress may seem to you, now it must be cast aside and the pure acceptance of the PRESENCE fill everything.

The erudition and intellect of man will spread itself like a green bay-tree. It will explain everything away from the Christ teaching except the empty dead letter. What is that to thee ? Results are the acid-test of the WORD, and if you have not results you have not the understanding as given by Jesus Christ to the child. It may be hard to swallow, but once it is conceived it wipes away all the filthy personalities who are still selling”doves in the temple” under one name or another. The raising of memorials to “so-called” great souls is like setting up statues of Jesus Christ.

The puny arguments of a conscious mind are filled with fear. The practitioner is won­dering if it will work, and the false and ingratiating sense of humility that is displayed is sickening. Who are you? What are you doing?Where are you going? When you pass through the reel of film that is at this instant being cast upon the screen of life, where will you be? Your god or demi-god fails you at the moment he should stand by you, and you find an”itching palm” held out under the sacred scrolls. “Come out from among them and be ye separate.” It just isn’t important any more what people think about you and your progress. It is wonderful, the freedom that comes to you when you once realize that all the babbling meta­physicians do not count. Be still—it is well.

So when you have come to the place of “I can of myself do nothing—but all things are possible to God,” you will be through with the “trying” to do anything, but the swift and certain sense of integrity will command and it shall be done. “Ye shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass.” What? You—the worm of the dust? Yes, You shall decree a thing and it shall be so.Either ye shall or else the whole idea of God and the universe is false.Either it is one hundred per cent true or it is entirely erroneous. Do you hear? Answer ME.

It makes no difference where you stand—in the mire of misdeeds, or the filth of disease or poverty, or with a history of crime and false education, or with a family tree loaded with the rotten fruits of hereditary influences. It makes no difference whether you are the harlot, the libertine, the thief, yea, even the murderer. The moment you recognize this PRESENCE as the one, instead of a divided, power you will SEE—and you will exclaim, “Whereas before I was blind, NOW I can see.” What do you see? You see reality, not imagination; reality, and this very “looking again”or “looking through” causes you to transcend belief in “You say it is four months until the harvest?” Fit this illustration to your problem. The old treadmill of thought is plough, plant, cultivate, harvest, with the terrible odds of plagues, wind, rain, and drought against you. Your disease is heredi­tary, incurable, hopeless, too far gone, etc. Your present situation is helpless, forlorn, beset with fearful odds; you faint when you contemplate it—in other words, you say what you know to be true: “It is four months until the harvest.” But “I” say. Now we are concerned with the God voice—“I” is about to say what it “sees” as it looks through. “I say,LOOK again.” Would just looking a second time do anything but verify the evil belief or the accepted intellectual idea of man? “‘But I say, LOOK again.” What will you do with this? Where are you going to look? In the consciousness of man is nothing but the “few days of trouble” which are allotted to him. “The fields are white.” Do you hear-see? Can you make it so by repeating the dead letter of an affirmation? Does the GOD voice which”spake and it was done” need some specially arranged words to make that come to pass which is already here on the dimension of the “look again; the fields are white” Plane? It is so wonderful when you are through with the old mantra of mankind.

“I will walk in you and talk in you.” Do you believe it? Then WHY will you begin to think up mantra and affirmations on pros­perity and say with a trembling voice, “Everything is all right and in its right place at this VERY instant knowing in your heart that nothing is right?” I speak not of myself, but HE that sent me into expression.” Do you hear? If you will stop speaking and move into the inspiration of “it is HE that speaks in you and through you,” then will you speak with the “healing voice.” You shall give to every man that which he asketh. It is wonderful, the gift which has been bestowed upon you.

“Then stir up the gift of God within thee” by pure and simplerecognition of the vibrat­ing, living, pulsating Presence of the “mind which was also in Christ Jesus.” The word does not need to be audible. It may be;it may be as simple as “I WILL” or it may have been transmuted to the”look again” which sees the perfect manifestation.

“For the strong man, meat,” and it is because it is so simple and natural that the fight goes on. Fearing that something would be lost, the ancient priests withheld the power from the masses, because they thought they would lose their following and personal worship. The same thing goes on to-day all sorts of “keys ” and “secret powers” are supposed to be in the”keeping” of sanctified souls.

No WORD of God, no secret of the Almighty, has ever been entrusted to any “sanctified soul” to withhold from the seeker of truth, and to dole out only at the price of personal worship. You, whoever you are, have the power to unlock any secret door of under­standing, if you once recognize your own divinity, instead of imagining that the price­less word is given to the few.” I will pour out my blessings on ALL mankind.” It makes no difference whether you have studied a year or a day or ten years. The blessings are poured out to anyone who can receive. You cannot receive as long as you are “denying ME,” the Divinity within yourself. How much longer are you going to seek in the husks of human learning for the knowledge and understanding of how to “look again” set forth in the teachings of Jesus Christ?

Dare you to SPEAK the word? Dare you to do the works of Jesus Christ? Dare you to speak with authority and see the “fields white”? Youhave the healing voice, the power that speaks within you; a tonal quality will come forth which will make the difference apparent from “Peace, peace, and there is no peace,” and the “Peace, be still.”


Walter C. Lanyon

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