Abundance I

I went into a London club during the Christmas week, and the hostess told me that a member had left money for ten free teas. The giver had said that probably ten hungry people would come along and be glad to have them. It was at a time when the newspapers were full of accounts of the huge army of unemployed, hungry people, but no one came for the teas, and the hostess said she did not know where to find ten people who wanted them.

Would it be any good to say to the man in the street, “There is abundance of every­thing needful in the Kingdom, and the King­dom is Here and Now”? No—he would immediately say, “Well, where is it? “Yet the ten teas were there waiting for someone to come and claim them.No one could deny that, and so it is with many things. The difficulty lies in getting the people and the teas together at the same time.

How can the hungry man in the street make his contact with the substance which is given freely? That is the question you ask when you are told that” All that the Father hath is mine”—“Ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you “—because it has already been done and is only awaiting your request. “O that I could find Him” carries more with it than a mere wail for religion ; it carries with it the emotion of a man trying to make this contact with the overflowing abundance of Life and power and substance, which in. his soul he knows exists free, and without limit.

What is the point of contact between man and his substance? It is Recognition. If you do not first recognize that it is so, it will never be so to you, for you will shut it entirely out of your life and will have plenty of material testimony to back up your conclusions. The Recognition is the very first step—the very first sounding-in—tapping the air, as it were —getting into line with the broadcast of the Infinite flow of Good. The Prodigal, sitting in his pig-sty, suddenly remembers and recog­nizes something—that his Father has enough and to spare. He realizes that the Sub­stance is actually there and this Recognition causes him to rise and go to his Father’s house (consciousness), and, when he is yet afar off (to appearances), his Father comes to meet him and there is great rejoicing. It is Wonderful!

You stand at the Temple gate begging for that which is given freely, but which is withheld also. It is given freely only when it is recognized—accepted—and when the Recognition is accompanied with the “I will arise and go unto my Father” state of consciousness. When you recognize the fact that ” your Father hath enough and to spare,” you awaken and are alive to the glorious possibility of being instantly put in touch with the manifestation—in a way and by a means that no man knows. It is Wonderful!

Just for the Recognition of this glorious Truth do you open up communication with the plane of Consciousness where manifesta­tion is instantly possible. You tune in, as it were, to the Power which leads you directly to the Table and the Banquet and the other joys of the Awakened Consciousness. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

“No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.” Do you hear —­you who are reading this line? Not any good thing will He withhold. Not a single one. But He seems to be withholding every­thing from you, even the most necessary things, and all your begging, beseeching, and praying fail to make any impression on Him. It is not until you come to a full Recognition of the statement, ” No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly,” and accept it, that you begin to see the mani­festation. It is Wonderful! Almost from the very moment you make this Recognition the Divine stir of the new activity starts.

It is Wonderful! It is so gratifying-so filled with the joy of Recognition!

The moment you start the Recognition of Heaven Here and Now, and accept the invisible gift, all the power of the Universe moves towards the fulfillment of this Recog­nition. The old pictures you have held in mind begin to spend the last bit of energy that your false thinking has given them, and presently the continuity is broken, and the screen becomes white and clean, ready for the new manifestation. It is Wonderful! Won­derful! Wonderful! And So It Is.

When man awakens to the power of this glorious Recognition he begins to experience a change—the former things begin to pass away-he takes his attention away from appearances for the simple reason he now realizes that the appearances he has held in mind for so long as true and just, are merely the false impressions he has gathered by working from a wrong premise. It is wonder­ful to see the giving up of these old ideas, and with their release all the manifestations of their evil vanish ; presently the memory of them passes away. “The former things shall pass away “—they shall not be remembered nor come into mind any more. It is Wonderful!

Jesus’ statement “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” was just as intelligible to those who heard Him as yours would be if you said to the man in the street: “The abundance of every good gift is yours NOW.” To him it would be a deliberate lie, as far as his ability to prove it with his present consciousness was concerned. But, were he to recognize the Truth of this statement, he would instantly tune-in on a new level of consciousness where manifestation would soon back up the Recognition.

It is reported that, in some places, Jesus did not many mighty works “because of their unbelief.” It is true that, unless the Recognition and acceptance were there, nothing could change. The hard old thought–forms seem to make it impossible to escape from the endless treadmill of existence. And the only way of escape that is offered is by will-power, which is a poor and shifting subterfuge at best. How can a person trans­cend all these age-old habits and beliefs? It seems impossible—too much to expect, and yet, with the coming of this Recognition of The Presence, the change is made and man finds himself suddenly free, and untram­melled into expression.

A habit of a lifetime melts out of the picture just the same as the terrible drama fades from the cinema screen, and, when it is released by this process of Recognition, it is just as painless, and leaves no more trace behind than the pictures have left on the screen. The disease from which you are suffering is only as old as the last thought you have about it, whether this be conscious or unconscious. Once the thought is arrested from the body, the suffering and manifestation disappear. It is Wonderful!Wonderful! Wonderful! And So It Is.

Do you begin to understand how it is that a thing must first be recognized before it can come into manifestation, and how this carries right through to your recognition of evil? That which you accept comes into your life as a reality, and, while it may be a chimera and have no actuality back of it, yet it will appear real and true to you as long as you recognize it to be so. The way to change the manifestation is to change the Recognition. When you take away your Recognition from a thing, it ceases to manifest for you.

It is with joy that I write unto you—the one who is reading this book—I write unto you of the Glorious Promises of God, and of the outpouring of His Love and Substance, knowing that the moment you leave your “nets” of human thought you will become fishers of men “—you will leave the nets and entanglements of human thinking and prepare yourself a net of Recognition into which will come the glorious manifestations of God. It is Wonderful! No matter how long or old the problem is, nor how impossible it seems. “I have a way you know not of,”when recognized, brings something into mani­festation that will surprise you and make you glad with a gladness that is unspeakable. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! And So It Is.

You shall be glad and have joy, not because of victory, not because you have made a demonstration of the power over evil, but because you have come into this Recognition of The Presence here, there, and everywhere. The vibrant, glowing Presence of God, and the scintillating Life is coursing through your temple-body and through your Universe, bringing to your remembrance all the glory that was yours in the beginning, before you left the Garden of Eden to seek the way of two powers. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

So “claim your right and tress your claim.” Your right that you have neglected all these long years. This right that will come through into expression by the process of Recognition.

A clipping which recently appeared in the New York Herald reads as follows:

Melbourne, Australia, June 7.

William McClennan, of Fawkner, found his son, Robert, twelve months old, stroking a tiger snake, which was drinking contentedly from the baby’s bottle. When McClennan chased the snake it turned on him and bit his leg. Emergency meas­ures saved his life. The snake was killed.

The child’s parents recalled that the baby’s bottle had appeared as if the snake had been at it several times recently. They assume the reptile and the baby had been playmates for, some time.
Why did the snake not bite the baby? Why did it bite the man ? Why is the man who is my best friend your worst enemy? Is it in the man or is it in you? What do you bring to a situation that makes it harmonious or inharmonious? You bring a certain recog­nition of good or evil, of fear or courage, and these qualities are portrayed in the mirrors about you. We begin to realize that “What we see, we are” is literally and figuratively true. The whole of creation reacts to us by reason of that something within us which sets the die for its action. The Esquimau cannot stand the heat, the savage cannot bear the cold, and so it goes. You live in a world of your own fashioning, no matter however ignorantly it may be carried on, no matter how far removed from your conscious power to change it.The moment we recog­nize where the trouble lies, victory is sure and certain. We change our universe, so to speak, and by this very “change”we find a changeless universe because the only thing that is being changed is our attitude towards it. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful to know the point of contact with this manifest and unmanifest world. The point of contact is Recognition.

I AM ever joyful in the way Christ ex­presses Himself in you. Never will He forsake you. He cannot forsake you as long as you are conscious of Him : as long as you are on the main line : the Life Wire that sends its currents from the Infinite, gushing, roaring, and pour­ing as a Great Waterfall over you and your activities. Can you not see Me walking by your side throughout the day protecting you from all harm ? Can you not feel ME in your emotions, bursting forth in New Songs, New Thoughts, New Words, and Living Truths? Truly I AM here, I AM there, I AM everywhere; and, the more you contact ME mentally and spiritually, the more will I come forth into expression in you, taking you out of all mor­tality, carnality, and sin, into the glorious liberty wherein I stand.”

The moment you recognize this Power which is here, there, and everywhere, you have made your contact with the object of your desire.You have come to the place of “Before they call, I will answer,” because you have come to the Recognition that the time element, which the human mind says is necessary, has nothing to do with this timeless,ageless Principle which is ever with you, and which has the power to make ” a thou­sand years as one day and one day as a thousand years.”

You begin the Recognition of the Ever–present Presence which saves, you every untoward experience. You begin to recog­nize this Power within you, searching the joints and marrow. It is Wonderful

This great flood of Light which bursts into the darkened mind reveals things you have not yet seen. It is Wonderful!

” I have brought you out of Egypt and bring to your conscious realization that God is Life in the place of death, God is Health in the place of sickness, Success in the place of failure, Prosperity in the place of poverty and limita­tion, for, in all these expressions, God is just the opposite to those conditions. God is uncon­ditioned. That is the Mystery of Christ, and, when you accept Him in your life, these adver­sities are no more. The positive is real, there­fore fill your whole being with Vibrant Life, and all your energy, all your forces expressed in Christ, will attract and draw the Supply, ever ready to be brought into expression as you make it real unto yourself.”

Do you hear—you, the one reading this line—what the Recognition of The Presence will do for you? It will cause you to know that you have been already brought out of the “land of Egypt ” into the heritage of the Son of the Living God. This wonderful Recognition of the Presence will cause you to realize that God is health in the place of sickness (in the same place), that He is wealth in the place (the same place) of poverty and limitation, that He is success in the place (the identical place) of failure-for I AM here, I AM there, and I AM everywhere, so, wherever I AM, there My attributes are in Full and Glorious Manifestation, and the Way of expression is assured and perfect. It is Wonderful! Do you hear?

By this Recognition man discovers the priceless gift as though he were the only Heir to the Riches of God. It is Wonderful

You are as the ONLY Heir to the Riches of God. Then partake of HIM, His Life, His substance, claiming your rights and pressing your claims, knowing not only from your men­tality the Realness of God, but knowing HIM from the deep within your heart, and that which will come forth in you spontaneously will come from the Divinity, the Virtue and the Purity of the White Christ Life, the Truth will be revealed, and, even as it has already been so vividly por­trayed in the great book of your life, so shall it respond to the magnetic power of His Presence.”

You are as the Only Heir because “all things that the Father hath are mine”—­all that you conceive in your consciousness as “the Father hath” is yours and all yours —so the timely advice, “Push out the borders of your tent,” comes as an invitation to increase the Recognition of this Presence and thereby gain the freer and more glorious manifestation of God in your life. The more you contemplate Him, the more you will see the manifestation of this harmony, or Heaven, taking place. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

“I will arise and go to my Father”—I will arise from the contemplation of appearances and return to my Father (within) and find that He “hath enough and to spare,” and I will joyously partake of the banquet prepared for me through this Recognition. It is Wonderful!—and this Recognition is the way of fulfillment.


Walter C. Lanyon

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