Accept The Good

When you accept the good that is yours, without discussion, without anxiety, without prying into the method of attainment, then you will begin to experience things you formerly called demonstrations, with such regularity that the heart of you will sing a lovely new silent-audible song. It is wonderful! Everything is all right with you.  Do you hear? You, the reader of this very line.  I said, “Everything is all right,” and there is just as much power in that statement, if accepted, as any other.  When Jesus said “Stretch forth your hand,” it had to be instantly accepted before it could be done.  In some places he did not many mighty works, because they would not accept their gift.  Do you hear?  Suppose the man who had been commanded to “stretch forth his hand,” had decided to talk it over with another, would he have ever been healed? No! because he would have fallen under the ban of human scepticism.  The scales shall finally fall from your eyes, and you will learn that I AM the Voice and I speak to you through any channel.  I Am always saying “yes, you can,” but so often you do not Recognize Me, because I have on no fine linen and purple.  “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem.” No! Jerusalem could not see how the carpenter of Nazareth could possibly take the City under his wing, so to speak, and he could not.  Do you not see, Beloved, how many times you have missed ME, because you have looked at the garb I was wearing instead of hearing the Voice that was giving you the command?  It is wonderful!  “My sheep hear my voice.”  Presently you are going to accept your good, no matter from what source it comes.  Water through an iron pipe is just as pure and good as that which flows through a golden one.  Do you hear? Do you see?  “Watch, Watch, Watch” – if I speak to you on the highway, I may have something to tell you that no teacher or book says. It is wonderful!

        How often have I found you at the well of life trying to draw waters, and when you drank thereof you immediately thirsted again.  How often have you refused the Waters of Life I offered you.  “If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that sayeth to thee, Give me to drink, thou wouldest have asked of him and he would have given thee living Waters.”  Do you hear?  I speak to you directly.  Are you thirsty? Then why do you not drink of the Living Waters? The proverbial woman at the well, when aked to drink begins to argue.  She is not going to accept a gift, although it does not cost her a sou. “How could I – I have no bucket to draw the water with, and the well is deep,”, etc. etc.  When are you going to see and know that when a thing is offered you, it is for you, and the ways and means of getting it to you will take care of themselves?  Do you hear?  Be sure you do, for presently I shall meet you at the well.  You will be coming for Water – some material thing. Be sure you do not miss Me again.  It is wonderful!  When you can stop looking for a SIGN, and ACCEPT unconditionally the good that belongs to the Son of the Living God, then YOU will learn something that all the people in the world cannot teach you.

“Ye did run well, who did hinder you that you should not obey the Truth?” What was it blocked the way for you?  You, who made such a flying start?  It was simply that you hindered yourself by leaving the straight and narrow  path of Recognition of the Presence, and straying after strange man-made gods, who had personal systems of teaching and who wanted personal followers and worshippers. Never mind, it is wonderful for you to find that “your Father has enough and to spare”, no matter where this finds you.

        Walter C. Lanyon


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