In a recent expose on the Aramaic language, (which, as you know is the language of Jesus) one finds the word adultery has largely to do with pregnancy. That the real adultery was the act of copulation after conception had taken place. This of course does not in any sense invite license.

We know that all prayer that is made in consciousness is answered. The moment it is made, the conception takes place, and after that, the duration of the gestation is entirely out of the hands of the one making the prayer.

Sometimes it may be instantly that the conception takes and a body is set on earth—sometimes it may travel a longer route—in which time you are being prepared—if you but knew it—to receive the new idea that is coming into your earth—which is going to change the face of everything.

“Be not like the heathens for they think with much repetition to gain the ear of God—but when you pray, etc.” The insistence of trying to re-create after the conception has taken place shows the entire disregard for the principle and shows the lack of actual “belief” in God—and is the committing of adultery against which we are warned.

All this wonderful symbology which takes place when the WORD of God gives up its meaning will fill you with joy—for eventually you will stop the adulterous habit of praying and acknowledging that it is done, only to go back again and again to the proposition and try again to re-create it.

Once the conception has taken place the mysteries surrounding the birth of the new idea are shielded from human eye or thought. “I have a way ye know not of”—and it is never twice the same. That is why no formulae will work or no set idea will ever come into being.

Stop the adultery—make an end to praying. Stand and see the salvation of the LORD.

Stop adultering the Word of God with the “words” of man. Stop adultering everything spiritual with a concession that it is necessary to go through evil to get good. Stop this adultery in prayer.

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.”


Walter C. Lanyon

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