“Two shall agree as touching anything and it shall be established on the earth” —- in other words, it shall have a body and form. An in­visible agreement shall be given a vehicle of expression. This power of agreement is given to man. It is within the possibility of anybody who dares to understand and apply it. No matter what road you have traveled or how far awry you have gone; nor yet how befuddled you may be with strange teachings and people—every man has the power of agreement.

Agreement, in its truest interpretation, is CON­CEPTION. It is the thing which, when once accom­plished, starts to fashion a body for the new idea. Once the conception has taken place nothing can stay its manifestation—else the laws of God be false. If you, for instance, could make an agreement in the truest sense of the word and then have the power to destroy that fulfillment, after the law precisely states that if two shall agree as touching anything on the earth it shall come to pass—then the whole teaching of Jesus Christ is in vain. No, once you have “touched” and made the agreement, it will go on to fulfillment in spite of you. No matter then what doubt, fear or even condemnation you may pour over the whole thing—that law of God must and will ful­fill, whether you accept it or not.

One thing must be definitely established in your consciousness and that is, “My words are Spirit and My words are truth and they shall not return unto Me void, but SHALL accomplish whereunto they are sent.” And so you become better stabilized in life when you realize that you, (even though through you this word or agreement has been spoken) cannot change nor stay the ongoing and the fulfillment of the WORD. “Not one jot nor tittle shall be removed until the word is fulfilled.” It is wonderful. It takes the whole matter out of —the hands of your puny human-thinking apparatus, which would immediately attempt to set up a counter or negative word to destroy the WORD of GOD.

If there is anything that can destroy the WORD of God or the action of that WORD, then it is high time we turned and worshiped that power, even though it be the devil, for we all know it is poor policy to be on the losing side.

Just what is your actual attitude toward the word of GOD? Do you believe it? Do you know it? Do you know that it is something which is indivisible? The human mind uses millions of words in hundreds of languages to express THE WORD of GOD. But the WORD of God is the substance of all things hoped for and the very evidence of the things not seen.

Who are you or anybody else to “handle” the word of GOD? It is depravity to imagine that a person,organization or book has power apart from the ONE WORD or GOD. And it is utter stupidity to imagine that the word of GOD can be turned aside by any other power. The questioning, deceitful human thought throws a wall of opaque words in the way of the Word, and the human vision becomes so fore­shortened that it cannot see through the mist of its own wantonness and perceive the CHRIST everywhere. “Having done all, stand and SEE the salva­tion of the LORD.”

The time has come for actual living in the Kingdom of Heaven, and we are just around the corner from fulfillment, when the “things not seen” will be seen. Yet a little while—just a thorough house clean­ing, as it were—a recapitulation of the actual WORD of God in the midst of you.

Are you afraid to stand?

Don’t stand like a martyr whining for release.Stand boldly on the recognition of the WORD. Con­sign to hellfire all other beliefs and opinions. Are you yet questioning whether the WORD of God is efficacious? Then you are still wishing and hoping, and nothing but disappointment will come to you.

Are you satisfied that the WORD of God accom­plishes, or do you secretly entertain the idea of fate,destiny or some other power intervening? “Awake thou that sleepest and CHRIST shall give thee light” —and in the LIGHT which shall emanate from the source of your being you will be able to perceive the nothingness of all the lesser laws under which you have been operating, and which have become strong and powerful by sustained thought.

When the agreement has been made the concep­tion takes place—from that moment it is entirely out of your hands. I care not how negative and how doubtful you may be, not you nor all your kind nor the greatest authority on metaphysics can cause the WORD of God to be turned aside. Yes, I think you, too, will soon “Arise and go unto My Father.” I think you will soon see that the cleansing process which has been going on has been merely the getting rid of the great chaos caused by thought. All the dark forms and shadows which have stood in your path will disintegrate the moment you recognize this. They,together with all evil, are sustained and fed by thought. The moment your thought is taken from any of them that moment the clay feet of the thought–created god begin to crumble, and its destruction is only a question of time.

“Who is so great a God as our God?” was the shout of the soul which had suddenly come out of its mesmeric state. Suddenly you will awake to this ONENESS of the WORD. It fills all space, is in everything, and yet it remains whole and undivided. Changeless, too, so it comes not under the emotional, shifting ideas of the human mind. All of us have gone into a far country. Even after we left Egypt we were and still are capable of turning about and wor­shiping the gods of our fathers. Be not discouraged. Presently agreement will not be for the purpose of working a miracle, but for the releasement of the Power into plainer manifestation.

“Two (you and another—you and your soul) shall agree as touching ANYTHING (that is a large meas­ure—do you believe it possible?) and it shall be es­tablished on the earth.” Can you take such a glorious law as possible? It cannot be accepted by the human mind which knows that nothing is possible, and which has proved over and over that even its best prayers are put to naught. You cannot accept God with the human mind—because it is finite and cannot know the infinite. All this thought-taking process will fade away presently and you will actually “Be still and know that I AM GOD”—or else you will yet be arguing what Mr. or Mrs. Blank has to say on the subject.

There is only one VOICE and that is the VOICE of the CHRIST-consciousness in the midst of you. Either you listen to that voice and live, or you listen to the babble of voices and come tumbling down with the tower with which you attempted to reach Heaven. Heaven to most people is a multiplicity of “things.” Yet without the proper perspective these can become such a hell that they will crush one. Things are of no value in themselves. Value is placed upon things by man. The wise trader chuckles to himself because he has given the native islander a bolt of calico for a black pearl—but the value in both instances is placed by man. When you have the proper perspective of things (even money), you will know how it was pos­sible for Jesus Christ to control the situation in which he found himself.

You are a follower of Jesus Christ? See that you consult the source of your wisdom, and not some person. Whom do you follow? Whoever it is, you are going into a ditch from which you will have trouble getting out. All personality leads to the grave, the more you glorify it the sooner you will tum­ble headlong into the pit. “Awake thou that sleep­est!” Many have already fallen into the pit of per­sonality and are virtually dead. They are like whited sepulchers full of dead men’s bones—full of the dead letter of some personality from whom they are trying to get the sustenance of life. “Awake thou that sleepest and Christ shall give thee light—awake and arise from the dead.” It is wonderful, this coming out of the tomb of your own making.

Do not waste any more time whining over the evils that have been done to you by a personality—rejoice that you are AWAKE even though you are yet sitting in the pit. “If ye be in the Spirit, ye are no more under the curse of the LAW.” That ought to spring you out of any tomb, no matter how rock-walled it may be. “Get ye up unto a high mountain”—get up into the consciousness of the PRESENCE. Even though you are sitting in the filth of personal teaching.

“If Two shall agree as touching anything it shall be established on the earth.” The agreement that accomplishes is made from the standpoint of pure rec­ognition, and this recognition comes from the contem­plation of the Power as ONE. No matter what the appearances at the time—they are as naught.

As you contemplate this POWER as a definite real­ity you begin to see some of the things which “eyes have not seen and ears have not heard,” and to know some of the things which have “not yet entered into the heart of man,” but which are already prepared for him.

One of these great things is the utter simplicity of it all—the overwhelming sense of power to transmute water into wine, and to change the face of the earth (your earth). It is past finding out. Past all understanding. It is so glorious and wonderful that it pre­cipitates a thrilling paean of praise. Such a vibration of harmony sets in that the walls of a thousand Jerichos are shattered and the way of the Lord is made plain and straight. Do you begin to sense it? Do you begin to understand a little of the new dimension of which we are speaking? It has nothing to do with the old, outmoded thought-processes. It is pure and un­adulterated inspiration which even at this instant is pouring through the temple of your being, and is clearing out of the way all the manifestations of human thought. Your temple is the body of light and nothing evil or untoward can remain after one mo­ment’s contemplation of the ALL-Presence.

“The WORD was made flesh and dwelt among them.” This is the WORD of agreement which you havetouched, and it has now become flesh. Do not meddle with the gestation, do not bother with ap­pearances. During this period you will, be cared for, if you do not get in the way with your human thought. Do you believe? Do you think this great universal Power can possibly do this impossible thing? Through the offices of your temple-being all things will be fulfilled, for your temple is the point where the New Idea is stepped down into visibility.

The VOICE is again crying in the wilderness of human thought, asking that a way be prepared for the Lord.

Human thought trying to model its ideas after the Divine makes endless agreements, and brings noth­ing but illegitimate ideas into the picture, distorted and twisted, or else lifeless. “Clouds without rain.”Thousands of seekers after the truth are so far on the outside, and so hypnotized by human thought and ap­pearances, that they bring forth nothing but futile lifeless shapes. Everything emanating from this source is a failure.

The “agreement” of which Jesus speaks is that which causes conception to take place, and which is then entirely out of the hands of the individual. It will bring forth its immaculate child which will rule its own path of expression perfectly, and without hindrance or outside interference.

By now even the most unlearned beginner on the path should know something about the advisability of silence. Your daily contemplation of the Power will not be through the human mind trying to “make” it stronger and stronger, but will be a magnifying of that which already is, and which is changeless and which is already moving toward the fulfillment of your agreement. An agreement goes out, as it were, and we might say describes a circle in which are gathered together all the negative, confused and futile ideas the mind formerly held regarding the subject. It engulfs them little by little or, perhaps, instantly, and when it has made the circle complete, it is as though a short circuit had taken place, and the entire field of human thought and its limitation regarding that particular situation is consumed with holy fire.

Every bit of apparent life in any hindrance is electrocuted and finished. The moment it has made the cir­cle the agreement comes into being. The human thought regarding the situation then having been destroyed, nothing can or will keep it from coming into the “flesh.”

“Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” Do you believe it? Then why not make this glorious agreement this moment, and from the instant you have released it with pure recognition, stand and magnify the LORD, and the way of its coming into being shall be beautiful and glorious?

A new step in the revelation of the Truth is taking place. We are eliminating more and more of the apparent laws of human thinking. Look back for a moment and see the amusing little things you considered obstacles years ago. Today you are working at the roots of such things as human destiny, fate-laws so time-honored and hoary with age and “proof” that they seemed impossible to change. But when they are approached individually from the standpoint of the Christ Consciousness, they are proved to be mere papier mache creations of human history. Every time you magnify the Power in the midst of you and in the midst of all things, you are undermining some false god. You are attempting things now that you formerly did not even consider as possible. Time was when you were satisfied to have a pretty affirmation on a card, decorated with scrolls and roses, and thought because you repeated this twenty times you could and would change something.You know differently now. You know that “taking thought” will get you nowhere, and while ‘it may seem a little difficult to cut through at the moment, yet will your con­templation of the Presence begin to show you new dimensions which cannot be put into words nor writ­ten on paper.

“Be still—!” Do you hear? “Be still.” There are many things to be said to you which will cause your heart to thrill with JOY. You will say inwardly and outwardly “I KNOW that my Redeemer liveth.” If He liveth, then your life is secure and expressing in the way of harmony. Do you believe that God IS? Answer me. We have come to the place of the ab­solute acknowledgment, the contemplation of the Presence and Power. It is wonderful. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Or have you another source? A person, a job or an organization? Answer all these questions for yourself.

Have you found you can do anything by taking thought? Have you found that everything usually goes the opposite direction? And then have you sneaked out through the saccharine excuse, “Well, I suppose it was not good for me to have it just now.” And have you shamefully veneered your failures and delays with the words, “Well, it was much better that

I waited.” But underneath have you known you have waited so long that all the anticipated joy and happiness has gone?

This great awakening out of the thought-takingprocess is pushing on to the deeper things of which Jesus spoke. Even unto the last enemy.

“Now two shall agree as touching anything and it shall be established on the earth.”

Do you see a little about the idea of agreement? The agreement backed up by the consciousness that “My words are power and they are spirit and they shall not return unto Me void, but shall accomplish whereunto they are sent.” It thrills one to know that all this lovely process is entirely beyond the interference of the human mind with its opinions and tried­and-true laws.

The captive is going free, for his prison walls of thought are crumbling even now. Even now you have found a ransom. You are beginning to SEE.

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