The Answered Prayer

ACCORDING to Jesus Christ –– every prayer is answered before it is asked. “Before you ask I will answer and while you are SPEAKING I will give it unto thee.” Either you have come to a place where you believe this as a factual thing or else you are still toying with the mysterious thing called prayer — which is merely wishing or hoping that some strange thing will come into action which will change things. But if the prayer is answered before the asking and this is ONCE known to you—not thought of but known as an actual reality — then will you be headed at last in the right direction for manifestation — for precipitation, for the walking on the water, levitation, and a thousand and one other things that your former “Praying” (beseeching) consciousness hoped to attain. 

Once you grasp this truth even in a small way you will release all the longing and the wishing. Your prayer then will become a definite speaking of the word, backed up by the “It is done consciousness.” 

For ages man has prayed for the “kingdom to come on earth” — yet it has been here always, awaiting recognition. Seems incredible when viewed from the revelation of Jesus Christ. 

The stepping down into visibility of the invisible heaven which is already here is a matter of personal recognition. If you cannot believe that it is so—that it is done—it cannot take form or shape, because it needs this recognition to bring it into visibility. Strange as it may seem, you are the ONLY one who can perform this peculiarly interesting action. It is your recognition of the “It is done” state of, things that enables you to give it a body and form.

 Do you begin to understand the command “‘BE Still — and know that I AM God?” Have you ever been Still? Have you ever been able to stop the whole racket of trying to get things and been able to contemplate the deep mysterious thing called “It is done”? It is not a thing which can be talked over with another. It is something—an elevation o f consciousness—at which you have arrived through the LIGHT emanating from pure recognition of Truth; and something which transcends thought and is at a level of Beholding.

The moment this “it is done” state of things takes place within you the anxiety, the curiosity, the fear all depart and a Divine Abandon overtakes you. You relax into Peace; yea, a “peace which passeth all understanding.” The ways and means of the appearing are entirely outside any human thought process. There is nothing that can be done from the outside which will in any way aid or assist the coming into manifestation of this consciousness. 

“Come apart from among them and be ye separate.” Suddenly you are beginning to understand the finished thing—called Heaven on Earth — for which you have been praying so long, and for which the nations of the world are clamoring. It is wonderful — the thing you have been seeking has been edging towards you for expression and you would not. You turned from the real to the shadow. You kept looking for a body and form and not for the soul of the miracle—looking for the loaves and fishes and not for the power which brought them into being. Once you see the Power and recognize it, the embodiment will take care of itself. The moment this “It is done” comes to be a reality to you — you will SEE, for the eye becomes single and recognizes that which is instead of the disintegrating forms of matter.

 Hence we see Jesus with the hungry multitude obliterating every human law. What matter though the agriculturist for a thousand years had said it takes four months to raise wheat—and it must be harvested, and milled, etc., etc.? No matter, for the answered prayer comes through whenever it is recognized as “It is done.” No matter what happens in the relative world. The very one who stands with such force against the Principle will suddenly turn about and render a decision that is entirely in agreement with the words. The thief will suddenly give, something will cause him to act in a manner which he never knew before, and against his personal ideas. 

He may rail against it all after it is over and run to and fro in the desert trying to find the man making the bread—who is not there any longer. 

“When ye pray believe that ye receive and it shall be so.” Receive in present tense. If you cannot believe, accept, recognize that you “receive” at the moment of prayer, you will not be able to step it down, for the anxiety, wonder and excitement will keep it from manifestation. 

To the thought-taking person all this is just words —and that is all it is. He is still desirous of seeing it work or wants to talk it over with someone. 

When you begin even faintly to recognize “It is done,” then you will see that the bringing of your prayer into materialization is a matter of aligning your temple — body with the Christ. 

This morning when I awakened this article came through to me — it was already done —I accepted it and LET It come through into visibility, that is why you are reading it now. Had I first discussed it with others the inspiration would have gone out of it just as all the life will go out of champagne when it is uncorked. If you want results in this new day you will have to be silent about the inner plane revelation. 

First you must find out whether you actually BELIEVE or whether you would “like to believe.” Whether you are seeking ME for the loaves and fishes or whether you are seeking ME for the glory of the Power?

 You can profess anything you like with your lips, but what about your heart? What do you profess with your heart? What do you feel? 

If you want Me because of THINGS then you will get nothing, for the very greediness for things shows plainly that you do not believe the law of “Heaven on earth.” It shows that you are still believing in the teaching of Jesus Christ as a wonder—working power which will give you things you could not otherwise have. You will fail — your temple consciousness is filled with thieves and dove sellers, all of which must go before you can make it a fit dwelling place for the Light. 

When the greediness is not there it is because you recognize the inalienable right you have to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is not some imaginary thing which you must demonstrate in order to show you have power. The Kingdom of Heaven is a State of consciousness from which all things come into manifestation. It is wonderful. And it is HERE and Now if you can grasp the revelation of Jesus Christ. A child can—-can you? Or is the anxiety so keen within you that it veils the lovely Heaven here and now and causes you to wander for years in a wilderness of human thought, systems, organizations, people? Eventually you will dispense with all this and return to Me and have peace. 

Lately thousands of people who for years have followed the best approved systems and organizations of truth have found it “Does not work” and have gone back to their pills and beliefs. It is no uncommon thing to hear someone say—“well, I was in this, that or the other for twenty, thirty, forty years—and now I know that it was all imagination.” They are sincere, but never once in the long journey through personalities and organizations did they believe “It is done.” They said it—but they did not believe it and it is plainly stated that “When ye pray BELIEVE that you receive and it shall be so.” BELIEVE —present tense — it has to be accepted as a natural normal thing, and it shall be so. How, why, when, where, is entirely out of your hands.

 There is no more light coming out of the dark ancient teachings from foreign lands—all the hypnotic, strange voodoo practices that issue forth under grand and glorious names are only more snares. If you think any man has a “trick” up his sleeve that is going to help you on your Spiritual unfoldment it is because you do not believe in Jesus Christ—and as long as you do not believe in Jesus Christ you cannot “get into the sheep fold.” There is no chance for you to enter into the place of realization. You can be so attracted by a robe and a turban or a fine house with the cast-off luxuries of the former rich that you mistake this for Me. It is true I move amid luxuries, through poverty and through all the thought forms, for they are nothing but just that. The moment the ME is recognized, then they, the thought forms, disintegrate and are blown away by the breath of Spirit.  

“When You pray”— what do you do? Is your attitude that of a naughty child receiving forgiveness? “BEHOLD I make all things NEW.” This is the cloud of illumination which has suddenly descended upon you and the “It is done” is seen, heard, felt, touched and tasted in this glorious Light. It is so completely done and comprehended that you come from prayer in a state of continual PEACE which passeth all understanding. All—yea, all the understanding of the beliefs through which you have been passing. 

No matter of what duration the belief may have been when the Prayer was made, then comes the enlightenment — the freedom — the stepping up into the Fatherhood degree which immediately steps down the manifestation.

 This prayer is such that it enables you to “Look again” and see for yourself. You are entering the “Alone Path” — the place where you move into expression through recognition. It is wonderful!

 “Look again” — what kind of prayer is that? That was the kind Jesus Christ said pure unadulterated recognition of the “It is done,” which, remember, entirely nullifies all human law—no matter however, time honored. 

Most of all must you recognize the EASE with which Jesus prayed—there is no hard work about it at all. There is no straining to be Spiritual, no changing the voice to what is known as deep reverent tone, for there is nothing in all this but emotionalism. All the emotion in the world is not going to produce the fervent quality of “It is done”—it will only produce a temporary stimulation which will eventually leave you cold and without hope. Emotion is merely the quickening of the human consciousness to a point of passion. You may imagine you are very Spiritual but nothing happens. A Flower blooms because it cannot do anything else, and so and so and so. When will you see the glorious ease with which Jesus moved? See how quickly after he had fed the multitudes he moved on—he did not stand in a daze and invite personal worship or personal following. He kept telling his hearers to “Follow ME.” The Father within. 

When ye pray—you do not need to find out how it is done from a man—all is told—“when you pray” go in and shut the door. You don’t take any rules or organizations or men into the Secret Place—but you shut the door and when you have done this the Father consciousness that seeth in secret shall reward Ye openly. In other words, “It will work” — just what you have been trying to do for so long.

 Again there is no mystery – Jesus spoke the word, raised the dead, opened the eyes of the blind, etc., etc., with no human excitement on his part. He went on to the next thing without having to be glorified. Yet was the power glorified in each instance. Wonderful his abandon. No one to write him up and tell what a wonderful teacher or healer he was—because he kept telling them “The works that I do ye shall do also and even greater.” So will it be with you when the Christ has come for the second time and you have experienced it in the flesh and have exclaimed “Yet in my Flesh shall I see God”—Yet in this very temple body shall you SEE God. Do you want to see anything else? If you once see this, will you have need of seeing anything else? What think ye? 

“Verily ye shall be fed.” Don’t worry — you will have what you can take from the Kingdom no more, no less, and what you can take is what you can recognize as “It is done.” Your degree shall be according to your recognition. What you accept comes to abide with you, “what you reject passes you by.” What do you accept? Do not measure it by the findings

of another — or past attainments or failures. If your tent is not large enough — you alone will have to enlarge the borders; and if you are tired of scratching your feet on the sharp pebbles and shells of the shallow waters of personal teachings, you will have to “Launch out into deep water.” It is wonderful — wonderful — “Yea”—“Heaven and earth are full THEE.” Do you understand? Do you grasp the materialized WORD of God? It is here and Now and its is You. You are the WORD of God made flesh and` hence you are free into heaven. The Lord’s prayer was answered before it was said — but it will never be answered until it is a reality to you — an actuality, an “It is done” state of consciousness.

 “Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” Do you believe this is possible because it is already open, and the confident knocking is the accepting of the “Kingdom of heaven on earth”? “Ask and it shall be given unto you.” Is that so—can you ask and receive because you have already received? “Seek and ye shall find” because everything is right here. But all this is foolishness to the human mind, and that is exactly what it should be. The Wisdom of God is foolishness to the human mind, and vice versa. The Wisdom of man is nothing but an accumulation of human opinions and beliefs, that will pass away. In a few years man will laugh at what he believes today and will say he has outgrown his childish beliefs — yet will the BELIEF in God remain eternally the same. There is no changing of this wonderful thing — but all that you believe in today from a human standpoint will be swept away later on — so why not be in advance of the parade and see through this nothingness.  

“Well, I want to, but” — and so the old personality practically says there is something stronger than God — in spite of all. 

What say you? 

“Call upon Me and I will answer you.” Is it so? Or is it? You answer and argue about it or “Go in and possess the land.” Walk free from it all and LET this glorious manifestation come through into visibility. “Thy Kingdom come” is the lament of the human mind until it becomes the pure recognition “Thy kingdom IS come” here and Now and from this flows the infinite substance of Life. 

Be still, then—and KNOW that I Am God – not manufactured by human thought, but AM God — Here and Now, and will remain so forever, no matter however many planes of human reasoning you pass. “I AM he that should come” — do you hear? Or look ye for another? You have to answer this. Your little greediness measured by the human wants must be

given over to the infinite substance of all – where there is no need for greediness. It is wonderful. Moving out of the limited into the unlimited Presence. Too long have you been separated from ME — cast off this limitation and come out into the infinite Spirit and KNOW and appropriate the Presence. It is wonderful! 

“Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man the things that are prepared for those who love the Law.” The Loving of the Law is your alignment with the Principle of It Is Done. Then the old ADAM cares and fears are gone forever. You understand the limitations of Adam are of such narrowness that they cannot see or hear or appropriate the gifts that are prepared. You do not have to make them, they are prepared already.  Do you want them, or do you want to make a demonstration of the Adam consciousness to prove to another that you have more understanding than he has? Do you want Spirituality in order to gain more prestige with a handful of human beings and to fill your coffers? Watch — be still –- do –- have –- be –- take –-ask –- ME –- receive — believe. Just a few little words for you to guard. Your prayer has been answered. It is well with thee. Do you hear? Answered before you ask.


Walter C. Lanyon

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