Before You Ask…

…I Will Answer


“BEFORE you ask I will answer, and while you are yet speaking I shall give it unto thee.” A statement purely of fourth­ dimensional capacities, since no amount of human reasoning can arrive at such a possi­bility. It is impossible from the human standpoint to be answered before having asked the question, and to receive the finished results before the request. It is well to constantly bear in mind that ” The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God ” is a basis or a premise from which to take off into this “new day,” or the NOW of Heaven on earth. It is impossible to reason from a basis of what is, or what has been, or what is to be, and arrive at anything but the same old, monotonous pattern of human existence. It is impossible to reason from the basis of appearances and arrive at any of the conclu­sions of which Jesus spoke. “The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God ” shows how clearly impossible it is to get anywhere with the revelation of Jesus Christ if approached through the ” glass darkly ” of man’s best findings of life. Hence the state­ment “Before you ask I will answer ” is as utter folly to the human, scientific intellect. It just cannot be and that is an end to it­ just as an incurable disease is  incurable, and a hopeless condition is hopeless, and so on. No one is refuting this, because it is so when pleasured by the standards of conscious think­ing. There is no argument. That is why Jesus said, “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whilst thou art in the way with him.” What is the good of argument? If you know that disease is real and incurable, so be it unto you. No amount of argument is going to change that fact until it is changed within your consciousness, and then it will be by recognition of some power which com­pletely transcends all of the most cherished beliefs of man. In other words it will have to be performed at the point of recognition that ” the wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God ” is true.

So, in approaching the solution of your problem, it is not as one approaches a mathe­matical problem, although it has much in common, differing, however, in this point; the answer to the mathematical problem is recognized as existing eternally, i.e. the result of two plus two is four. Even if you do not know it from proof, you, along with every other thinking individual, will say, “Yes, the answer exists.” In the case of your-personal problem, you, and every other “knowing” mind, may “know” that it is impossible to solve, and there is nothing you can do about it but suffer and bear it.

At the outset your problem comes under the heading of the”impossible.” If it had been possible of solution, you would have worked it out long ago. Do you begin to see how necessary it is to get “started”right if you are to ” Follow ME “—the Christ consciousness ? Also why it was that Jesus kept admonishing, “Judge not from appearances, but judge righteous judgement”? Do you begin to see why it is necessary to forsake all appearances, testimony, findings, etc., regarding your problem if you are to set in operation the law of the next dimension? The infinite quality of the Christ Power makes it impos­sible to put it in the finite language we speak, without apparent contradictions and absur­dities of expression, but ” He that hath eyes will see and he that hath ears will hear,” and will know the revelation that is given between the lines.

A thousand illustrations, however well put, are inadequate to give more than a glimmer of this wonderful revelation, yet until such time as the “inspiration of the Almighty” has come unto you, or is recognized as an indigenous quality, these illustrations must serve as the bridge to carry you over into the “Promised Land of attainment.” This quotation, “Before they ask I will answer,” then becomes a little clearer by the illustration of the fruit tree in winter. Suppose we take a fruit tree which has a recognized capacity. Let us say twenty bushels of apples is the yearly yield. You view this tree in winter as it stands leafless. You realize that from the “nowhere” will come the substance from which twenty bushels of fruit will appear. Can you explain it? Do you see it? Can you handle it? Can you do anything with it but “let” it into expression by a perfect co-operation with the law? That it is there in its incipience is true. Do you begin to see that the same thing is true of you as the “Temple of the Living God,” only a hundred times more certain and sure of success? When you can see that your body is the tree through which the Sap of Spirit flows into manifestation, you will understand how it is possible to “feed my sheep,” to loose the glorious manifestation into being. In other words, you begin to thrill with the glorious revelation of the Power to “answer before the call.” All this is so far outside the human reasoning of the “how, why, when, and where,” that to examine into it with the pry­ing eyes of the curious, disbelieving, human thought is to dig into the roots of the tree to discover where the twenty bushels of apples were “kept” during the winter. If you can­not sidestep all the preconceived notions, ideas, and laws of the human thinking, you will find little “Truth” of a practical nature in the WORDS of Jesus Christ.

Then it is true that “Faith [recognition] is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” It is possible,though your eye sees nothing, for your “eye” to SEE all and to “look again.” None of this can be done through the human senses, for they are double and begin immediately to work with the appearances, and it is foolish to try to use the laws of God while actually regarding and measuring the three drops of oil you have into manifestation. The com­mand to “pour” the oil is either obeyed or a tedium of human opinion sets in and immediately a perfect, defensive agreement is made. It is impossible to “pour” when you have nothing to pour. Nothing more can be done from the outside than has been done to change the conditions of your life. You have only resorted to the Christ after you have tried everything else. It is not very flattering to the Christ consciousness, is it?Yet this great Impartial Power is not bothered about such apparent”slights.” The amazing thing is that many who have “tried” everything but Christ, finally in their extremity “throw” themselves and their mistakes on the Christ in desperation, and expect the machinery of the world to cease while their answer is given. Many times it is not forthcoming because there is no recognition-only a mad desire to get rid of the conscious-thinking product. It is wonderful when you approach the Christ consciousness without the “shoes” of human wisdom which already have trampled every­thing underfoot, and left their ugly marks all over the earth. It is glorious when you forget your importance long enough to LET” the miracle happen.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for “—so the farmer has”faith” in his tree. He does not go beyond this, even though he may put it into scientific terms to please the erudite. He knows that in the final analysis he must “LET” it come into manifestation. When you push his erudition too far, lie dismisses it all with the plain and incomprehen­sible statement, “It grows.” I-low, why, etc., he cannot explain; any more than you can explain how “your problem” can be worked out “by the way you know not of.”

Contemplation of the Presence will do much to loosen the hard and fast ideas of conscious thinking. The law of secrecy will aid mightily in the manifestation of the “Before they call I will answer.” Remember that no man looking upon three drops of oil as such can ever experience the increase. If you are awakened, you will not try to explain to him the possibilities. You will “agree with your adversary quickly whilst thou art in the way with him.” “What is that to thee? Follow ME.” What does it matter what lie thinks, or has found, true? You have found some­thing in the secret place and have ceased to desire to “show” or “tell about things which are so precious they are compared with pearls” which swine trample underfoot.

He that hath ears let him hear what the Scriptures say unto the Churches”


Walter C. Lanyon

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