A Quintology: “Ask, and ye shall receive.”


by Walter C. Lanyon


These are books of inspiration, decoding of the WORDS of Jesus Christ. They are recorded as they came into being – with little or no change. They are for contemplation.

When a man hears, he will go within – shut out all the nonsense of human thought and when he comes forth, he will be divinely indifferent for he will know.

When these manuscripts were ready for the publisher, the urge came so strongly to lecture on them – and a series of lectures was given and recorded. It was most interesting to discover that the spoken word the lectures – seemed to have caught a certain clarity or revelation which was thought to be worthy of retention and accordingly they have been included – though they cover much of the material in the written word. The emphasis lay on repetition.


Copyright ©1970 by E. H. Dickey

All Rights Reserved






“Thou Hast Conquered Galilean”
The Space Between

He Openeth His Hand
Who By Taking Thought?
About Translation
When A Man
In Him
The Fountain
Let Him Hear
This Babbler
Allegory, “The Golden Gate”
The Word
The Pool of Resources
There is a Lad Here
Concerning Immortality
The Pool of Bethesda
He Breathed
The Golden Instant
The Touch
The Evidence
So He Made It Again

He Made Darkness His Secret Place
Spiritual Ancestry
God Requires the Past
Self Affirmation
Launch Out
Beyond the Square of Reason

The Odor of Sanctity
Ten Thousand Instructors
“How Like the Ugly Toad”
The Other Disciple
Be Still
O Morning Glory.

The Intelligence
A Tight Place
Questions and Answers
The Law of Probability
The Greatest Distance
The Now Man


You Are Quickened
The Silent Monologue
You Are Not Afraid

Manifest Substance


To sing, to laugh, to dream,

To walk in my own way and be alone,

Free, with an eye to see things as they are,

To fight – or write. To travel any road

Under the sun, under the stars, nor doubt

If fame or fortune lie beyond the bourne –

Never to make a line I have not heard

In my own heart; yet, with all modesty

To say: “My soul, be satisfied with flowers,

With fruit, with weeds even; but gather them

In the one garden you may call your own.”

From Cyrano de Bergerac
by Edmond Rostand

Translated by Brian C. Hooker



If the thing called AGE had any REALITY, God would be hoary with years. Age is the illusion that is accrued by memory. The Countess of Patoka died at eighty. An autopsy reported her body to be eighteen. She became mentally stationery at THAT AGE, due to a great shock. This is only an incident, – and is tossed aside as a “once in a while.” Yet do we see that if Age were a reality then God would be the first to record it, and all emanation from God would be decrepit and ancient. Yet is the day perpetually new, the tree, the bird, the flower. Memory then is, as the old song says, “The only thing that grief can call its own” – and it might be added that Age can call its own. The human mind is invincibly maladroit. Anything can happen if it has an excuse.

That which kept the garments new in the desert for forty years – and which RESTORES Thy Youth like the eagle’s, and causes transformation and transfiguration to take place is not THOUGHT OUT, or made to appear by thinking.

It MAY be satisfying to know how to work out a GIVEN problem. A child could memorize the formulae for a problem in Euclid, – set it down and show the results – but that is the end of his manifestation. The slightest SHADE of difference in the problem leaves him helpless. Did the people who wore the garments and shoes that waxed not old, age? If so, why?

If he understood the PRINCIPLE of the law, – he could work out endless combinations called problems. All problems are only mental equations. They have no actuality. They all start with the acceptance of a false equation. Even the problems in arithmetic have to be made up, in order that you may return to the place from which you started, – the NO PROBLEM place, the One. Everything in human thought must eventually return to the ONE. Life in the raw – the undesignated substance which is everywhere present and appears when recognition takes place. Hence a man can and does produce in the desert that which cannot be produced according to the appearances of things. Clouds of words have obscured the Laws given by Jesus Christ.

How hardly then shall a rich man enter the kingdom of heaven. He is rich and loaded with beliefs and records established on the flimsy basis of that which his ancestors have accepted as Truth. When he awakens, he HEARS – “Come out from among them and be ye separate.” Come out from among what? and why? and Where? It is all so much talk and meaningless until you begin to sense-feel the difference between Spirit and thought. The Place of suspended animation – the place of “Beholding” something too big for thought and utterly impossible of definition. It is the discovery of God – the universal – the ONE – the LIFE.

LIFE is that immaterial substance everywhere present; – ready to come into manifestation at the moment of recognition. It is that IMPELLING force back of you which from the moment of your creation has been with YOU, and is instantly available. Now you are becoming conscious of your immortality, and when you begin to sense this, you will see what Jesus meant when’ he implied that you had never been born and consequently have never been unconscious. The eternal creation of God in all its glory and perfection has never gone through the processes of birth and death. It is eternally what it is – a creation of the Living God. As we sense this ETERNALITY of the LIFE CREATION, we begin to see how it might be likened unto a bolt of Lightning which passes through a hundred incarnations of human belief.

“Who are your father, mother, etc?” Who are you? What are you doing? Where have you been? In the land of NOD- belief in an existence apart from God, hypnotized by the Adam mesmerism, – dazed and bemused into believing that you were a matter body, a creation of man and woman, that your days were naturally filled with fear, sickness and trouble, quibbling about going to heaven even as you profess belief in Jesus Christ, who explained the Kingdom as here.

Could anything be more magnificent than the prayer “Now O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was”? What world? The world called John Smith? The world of hypnotism and belief which you have taken upon yourself, over and over, as you went wandering through the thing called reincarnation. There is the sudden remembrance, and the SUDDEN arising and the sudden going to the Father state of Life; the re-discovery that you were Created by God; – created perfect. As you sense this, perfection begins to appear; when the body is absent from the mind, the bondage of fear and disease are relaxed. The temple is cleansed and comes again to its fair proportions. It is wonderful – it is filled with wonder and Light – revelation – recognition and secrecy. It is as morning radiance filled with splendor. You will say with the Emperor Julian, after he had seen all the hellish devices to destroy the Christ Revelation fail – “Thou hast conquered, Galilean.” As the Lord said to Moses – “See, I have made thee a God,” so has He said to thee; – thou Golden One, made in the image and likeness – given power over all the things on the earth, under the earth, and above the earth; – created a little lower than the Angels – (the great centers of power and force emanating from the Center of Centers) – the heart of God – that which operates the universe and all its wonders from the tiniest manifestation unto the greatest.

This deeper abiding consciousness causes you to KNOW all the things that are to be added.

“The believers in ONE God change not, age not, die not; everything else: earth, men, their beliefs and opinions is subject to decay and change.”


“Thou hast conquered Galilean.”

That is what his crucifiers had to say. What else could they say? The Galilean is still conquering.


The space between the cruse of oil and the manifestation of abundance stems from the belief there are vacuities in God. The space between is like the apparent space between electricity and equipment … nothing can take place until a tiny fuse is inserted and the “space between” is filled. The omnipresence of God needs only this fuse (you) of complete recognition or belief to cause the oil to start flowing and from three drops come barrels of oil. It will not stop flowing as long as there is an empty measure.

All this lovely symbology is nil until man discovers that he is the fuse: – the thing which fills the space between something and nothing, and causes manifestation to take place. No wonder Jesus stressed the importance of being silent. No wonder He asked you to be absent from the body, and to come out into the ONENESS of spirit wherein you would find FREE ONENESS. Free Oneness is an Oriental expression of oneness with God. Man is then freed from all beliefs of degrees of life. It is wonderful.

So you enter into the Space Between. You are now at the place where the invisible becomes visible. No one believes this. That is why you are told to place the coal of fire on your Lips, and to go within and shut the door. This law is much disobeyed by earnest seekers of the Light who cannot understand why there are no results, and why the oil does not pour. Yes, you are to borrow vessels not a few. And it means just that. You have been living in a world of limitation.

When you enter or become the “Space between” the flow fills everything around you, – and neutralizes the belief so completely that the problem of lack and limitation does not exist in your universe.

Enter into the Place between and let the flow of light come through you and fill all measures not for the sake of self aggrandizement, but for the free oneness of you and God.

Yes, you are the space between … Enter in and let the flow of LIFE begin to take place. You, yourself, are the answer to prayer. Free ONENESS:

Take it into the sanctuary. Take that word and return unto Jehovah, – the point of power and creation, and see what takes place in the movement of ONENESS when it is freed from the involvement of your human belief, teaching, and thought. You are suddenly a new creature in this light and understand how it is that FREE ONENESS moves by its own power, and has nothing to overcome. It suddenly arrives and IS, and so do you go within and shut the door and stop telling of and about, and begin to experience the action of FREE ONENESS in your own life. Yes, it is like the man who found the pearl of Great Price and bought a field and buried it, after he had let go of all the old worn out cliches and ideas he had picked up from the man whose breath was, and is, in his nostrils. And that buried pearl will illumine the whole earth. Go in – shut the door – put the coal of fire on the lips. IT IS WONDERFUL.


“Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.”

With this overshadowing comes the peace that passeth ALL. An osmosis – absorption – a blending; into the ONE takes place and there is no longer question and answer, problem and solution.

“Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing” becomes a reality. There is no limitation – no questioning whether the desire is good, bad, or indifferent – for from this elevation the desire is the shape of the idea sent straight from the heart of God, and is made alive by the pulsating heartbeat of the universe.

“Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing” yet are you desireless, free from wanting and ready to move into a place of substance, out of the place of things and yet in the midst of them all. You are suddenly One. There is no more you and your problem, there is only you. You pass easily through the crowd of beliefs.

The Light universal keeps shining. As it intensifies, it absorbs the shadows of human belief; nothing matters, yet, everything does. It transform the Temple-body into a tenuous substance, through which it can shine forth, – assuming any attribute of God at will. Healing is not, then, some wonder projected through human thought, but rather the enveloping of the Golden Shadow. It is a natural blending with LIFE which rules out the narrow confines of health and strength in humankind. I AM suddenly submerged in a sea of LIFE – eternal, golden, and all redolent with the LOVE of God.

For the first time, the mystical becomes the intensely practical – the only real thing you have ever known. Sight becomes a capacity to peer through the dense midnight of thought, by means of the Light which projects its Golden Shadow from the “Mind which was also in Christ Jesus” and which you realize is the mind that is also in you.

No longer will you compromise with this power and put it through a thousand and one beliefs concocted by the mind of man. Instead, you permit it to take shape and form, even as the air takes the shape automatically of any vessel, yet never congeals or becomes set in that form, but lasts only for the moment of the duration of the desire.

“Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing” – it is a carte blanche releasement of HIS Love, and it has to be received naturally and not as some special dispensation. It is as though the Golden Shadow has cleared away all obstruction between you and His Love, and you can hear, and really HEAR what is being communicated to the earth plane; now you can really know the full dimensions of His Love, and that all manifestation will take place, independent of your thought and without any effort.

As a sudden heavy rain falls upon a parched desert and is instantly absorbed, so does this descent of spirit come upon you. It instantly changes the nature of the desert and the very seeds already there begin to stir. Something is to take place – “the desert is to blossom as a rose” – because of the downpour of His Love, and because of the Recognition. You are being conditioned to a new dimension.

The Golden Shadow is the Golden Fleece which you have sought for so long and which has been guarded by the Gorgon, with her snaky locks of human devices, ways and means. Upon whomsoever this Golden Shadow rests, something – a quickening, takes place – without effort, and without any of the old ideas of healing and helping. It is entirely impersonal and natural and has nothing at all to do with human thought. Nothing can stay it, nothing can project it; it is a natural movement orurge in the mind of God passing through the temple-body (man) casting the Golden Shadow of Love and doing the things called “miraculous” by its revealing Light.

“Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every livingthing.” Heaven and earth are full of thee – full, pressed down, and running over – there is not one empty vessel left, – even the borrowed ones are full. The Love of God keeps flowing until everything is satisfied. And all the while the Golden Shadow keeps revealing the intensely practical angle of it. It is not a mystical intangible thing, but something to be experienced and something to be handled with the hands and something that causes the wine of inspiration to flow through the body-temple with the rush of a pure mountain torrent. Health is absorbed into the LIFE of GOD, which knows no limitations.

“Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.” You must be ALIVE to participate in this benefit. You have to come out of the tomb of human thinking into the clean, fresh and almost fierce tides of LIFE. You have to be ALIVE in the recognition and the instant response to HIS Voice.

To human thought His word is almost unbearably stimulating, breaking its limitations. The Spirit refuses to be longer held in the narrow confines of the letter. The grandeur, the magnificence of pure Spirit leaves you speechless and bereft of all thought. “Let the earth keep silent before me and renew her strength” – the body, the temple, the earth of you is experiencing the renewing of self-revelation.

You have entered a new mansion where there are “singing masons building roofs of gold.”* “Beauty, then is the destiny” ** which begins to shape itself and put to flight the FATE of human thought.

Yes, “thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desires of every living thing.” Right now – stay there a moment.

“Not to desire is to have.” Can you hear?


* Shakespeare.  ** Plato.


Transformation takes place when the Mental is released into the Spiritual. You become conditioned to reality. That which emanates from the mind of God is designated as LIGHT, GRACE, GLORY.

What comes out of the brain machine is constructed of all the limitations of judging from appearances, ancestor teachings, and superstitions.

The only possible way to escape the dire effects of thought is to pick up the force in apparent evil, merging it in the one source God, thereby depriving the manifestation of its power, hence it falls into the dust for it has nothing to support it. The thought machine stops functioning and the manifestation of evil disappears.

“Return ye even unto ME with all your hearts and ye shall find rest for your souls” – when you return to the one, you leave false mis-action of thought. “Once I was blind NOW I can see” for the moment the distorted sense of LIGHT, which is causing the blindness through taking thought is released, and the whole picture becomes NOW – the only so-called time there is. Human thought stretches in both directions from NOW – but produces nothing but so-called Maya – illusion.

When thought is resolved into LIGHT, the so-called miracle takes place; – which is only a miracle to the human limited thought, – but a natural functioning of GOD LAW.

Intuition does not stem from thought, but from God. What man makes of it or does with it in his Adam belief is different with every individual.

If the Mind is “Stayed” on HIM then the whole body is filled with LIGHT, and in some subtle manner the operation of the body becomes harmonious and perfect.

From mental action to the Spiritual BEING, from the movement of thought back to the motionless BEING is what takes place when Jesus “Goes unto the Father” – when the thought force is cast again into the Sea of Mind and has lost all its distortions, beliefs, and limitations.

Thought like the waves of the sea beats itself out on the shores – but the deeps are Still – “Be still and know that I AM GOD” – enter into the One. Pick up the loose ends of thought and return them unto the LIGHT and see the manifestation change from evil to harmony.

“Ye shall KNOW the truth,” and that is something else again from “knowing the truth.” You are commanded to KNOW the truth, but the human thought-taking mind wants to do something in an already created world and instead of recognizing the finished Kingdom – regardless of what he sees with the human eyes – he begins “knowing” the truth which carries with it the hope that it will happen instead of following the command, “Ye shall. KNOW the truth”: that “I am the Truth.” You cannot know a thing that does not already exist and the Truth IS and is to be KNOWN – recognized, instead of being put through the human thought of “knowing” or attempting to create it.

The mental action of knowing the truth is filled with effort and the overcoming of obstacles. Results are uncertain and unpredictable for it has an avalanche of beliefs to combat. To KNOW the truth is to be able to make the Gesture – “Stretch forth your hand.” To KNOW the truth is to experience the instant manifestation or revelation of that which IS. Healing is in reality, – revelation.

When the mortal body shall put on immortality, the fusing as it were takes place and man is just where: he started – “The Spiritual being created in the image and likeness of God” – and he will “Call no man his father.”

“We speak wisdom among them that are perfect; yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to naught.” The permanent identity – the ego remains forever intact as it was created in the beginning. “I go to prepare a place for you … that where I AM there ye may be also.” There is no ambiguity about this permanent identity – “where I am” – at the same level and height of power and fullness – “there ye may be also.” It very clearly states that “Where I AM” – not in any sense inferring a time element – about where I will be or where I was at some past date – but where I AM. That is the secret WORD – the thing hidden from the wise and prudent, with its double meaning – its quality of BEING, and its location WHERE I am, The moment we enter into this I AM – the little I AM functioning as Jesus or John Smith suddenly is enveloped by the One – the thought limitations of Jesus are swallowed in the LIGHT of the I AM. That which speaks of itself and says “I can of mine own self do nothing” suddenly is doing all things and not by the thought that said “It is four months” – but by the NOW or revelation, the place of the I AM, the action of the I AM, which is always in the dimension of LIGHT. The dateless quality of the I AM throws much light on the question of Immortality. “Before Abraham was I AM” and if you blend into the I AM, you begin to discover the LIFE quality suddenly absorbing the limited idea of health and supposed power shut up in a body or a brain. I AM that I AM. I AM he that should come to this apparent situation. When I know this, the limitations of the problem break up to make way for the I AM. I AM he that should come. So when the mental is released into the Spiritual, transformation takes place. You becomeconditioned to reality.


You are asked a very pertinent and definite question. “Who by taking thought can …?”

Thought is like a rope tied to a captive balloon. An Idea is borne in upon you. You either accept it, or take thought about it. If you take thought about it – nothing but frustration happens. The energy that is used in taking thought is that which would have sustained the idea into manifestation.

All this seems vague and hypothetical until you become silent and see how true it is. “Take no thought” about the idea, and you will have manifestation in due season. You are told to “go” without thought, “carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes,” what you shall eat, etc. The moment the idea is accepted and forgotten, then all the energy which would have gone into thought hastens the manifestation of the IDEA.

I stood once in a London Pea Soup Fog. Had I not been told that yonder in the fog lay London, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, and a thousand and one other well known places, but as far as I was concerned there was nothing but obscurity. Yet, there it lay, and as I stood there I remembered the account of the Mist that went up and watered the face of the whole earth and that the perfect creation lay there in all its beauty. Yet through looking at the mist, I had spent many life times trying to re-create a new universe which would have to be super-imposed upon the perfect creation, and this Adam creation would be constructed on a basis of judging from appearances, and finding everything in the last analysis wrong. Even man had finally invented an instrument which would take him and his kind out of the picture, and so he hurried to try to make an agreement not to use it.

Gradually, we begin to see that the LAWS as Spoken into being by Jesus Christ are actually the laws which operate one hundred percent, and when recognized produce the manifestation out of the invisible substance.

The Mist that went up covered the whole face of the earth and hid – not destroyed – everything. What a revelation to know this, for it again substantiates the law that Creation is finished and done and called very good and this also applies to you – createdin the image and likeness of God.

Now a new dimension comes into view which we are beginning to discover, not create or demonstrate, and as the mystification in your mind gets thinner, then, the IDEAS begin to show through, and if we can accept them, we will be able to see them and experience them.

The perfect creation begins to project itself through the mist of belief and the balloon is free to ascend to the higher heavens of inventions.

Who by taking thought? You answer it, and begin to see how much energy and power is expended in thinking of and about, instead of being used to substantiate the IDEA.




Enoch was translated.

We are prone to make supernatural the idea of “Translation.” We are always looking for something unnatural to happen when God comes into expression. The most unpredictable things can take place and do take place all the time, – and we accept them without question. Witness the “transformation” that took place at Hiroshima at the introduction of the atomic bomb, an invention of man. Who wonders at that? A complete change of land and life taking place in a split second. Man can apparently do his “miracles” then – but with God, it is something else.

Jesus did not have any special gifts, – until He was translated by becoming aware of the Presence. He entered into a new degree of consciousness, and discovered certain capacities not known to the former state. Of Jesus He said, “I can of mine own self do nothing.”

It has been whispered about that “you” are to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind.” That is a form of “translation.” It is a literal thing, as all the laws given by Jesus Christ are literalwhen understood. They are not to be demonstrated as something peculiar to a few people – but as natural laws coming into being when recognized. The action of God is in sharp focus – not in the soft focus of imagination.

Intellectual vanity is neither power nor understanding. The most wonderful thing about Jesus Christ is the fact that Hematerialized everything He talked about. His word was so replete with recognition it literally leaped into manifestation before the astonished eyes of His disciples. The yearning expressed in His words is moving. He wanted so to make man see the new dimension as natural and real – something that actually took place literally instead of hypothetically.

I wish He might have said of me, “I have not found so great faith – no, not in Israel” – I am wondering if some time or other the Christ is not going to say it to me and you? We are going to measure up surely to the place of absolute Faith and hear not only the, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant,” – the glorious statement “I have not found so great faith – no, not in Israel.” It will be thrilling. It’s coming. It will happen when we aretranslated from the present degree of “knowing the truth” into the place of “I AM the Truth.” Some wonderful things are going tohappen to you, – that much I can write unto you.

Every one in the Bible who “pleased God” experienced some sort of up-lilt of expression, – and so we see Elijah taking off in a fiery chariot. And all those who did these things took their bodies with them. Jesus did the same thing – He took His body with Him. What good is it to be just consciousness without a temple of expression? The question then is, “For why will ye die?” I know all the answers from the human standpoint, – but none of them good enough. The answer is, you won’t when you are translated.

When you are translated “out” of the human intelligence into the Wisdom of God, you will speak with new tongues – and what youspeak will take body and form.

You “please God” when you acknowledge HIM. You do not have to keep asking for things if you will let Him give you the desires of your heart. If you can do this naturally and without the foolishness of demonstrating Him, it will all take place “in the twinkling of an eye.”

“In all thy ways acknowledge Him And He shall direct thy paths.”

Do you begin to hear? – the perpetual acknowledgment of Him ineverything: – devil, enemy, hell and disease, as well as friends, health and substance.




The moment a thing is manifested it is on its way out. Draw a hundred dollars from the bank and it is gone. Before you draw it out, it is there – yet it is not there – not the actual hundred dollar bill. You do it all in “your name” – and the moment it comes into manifestation it begins to disappear. It is so with all manifestation. God is the great Unmanifest – the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. The actual SUBSTANCE; the moment it is stepped down to the point of manifestation it begins to disintegrate and to return to the original substance, unless stayed by recognition.

Unless man discovers that he Lives and moves and has his being in the ONE substance at the same moment it lives and breathes and has its being in him, he is only a temporary thing which is quickly passing into oblivion by all the evil means at the disposal of the mind which believes in separation. There is no separation between me and thee – there is One – yet I am the expression (the pressed out idea) of GOD, sent for a purpose – to bring, to release the LIGHT.

How can a man “renew his youth” if he does not know that he lives in the immaterial substance, which to know aright is LIFE eternal? It is wonderful when you glimpse it, – you begin to see you are actually LIVING in the invisible and immaterial substance of God and that this knowledge is what sustains the eternal freshness and newness of manifestation. Even as their garments waxed not old. How was it – unless the immaterial substance was always present, and as long as it is recognized, so long does the manifestation stay in place. It is wonderful.

“Heaven and earth are full of thee” and this alone will disintegrate the old beliefs and the “flesh shall become new like a child” because the immaterial substance is constantly flowing into manifestation and sustaining and refreshing the form and shape Spirit has given it.

Can we take it? Not as long as we argue about it. Not as long as we do not believe – believing is not a mental effort – it is a discovery. When the discovery is made, the manifestation takes place.

If you were before Abraham even as Jesus said He was – what about it? Whence came this manifestation of three score and ten, filled with evil, and that man must work out his living by the sweat of his brow? That is the chimera of belief: the mist that went up; – the hypnotism that came upon man when he descended to the level of freewill, and decided he would create again that which had been created and called very good.

Why did Jesus always return to the Matrix” Why does the sculptor return to his idea? The more he contemplates, the more accurately he is able to bring it forth and give it a body and form. “I go unto the Father” – I in the father and the father in me – all sounds like so much talk, until the sudden, quick, almost terrible recognition of the Presence is made.

“I go unto the Father” not to the idea of some man or the desires of some man, – but to the Matrix, the Father, and in that place of unmanifest substance I am completely renewed; – that is: I lose the accumulation of beliefs that have crystalized upon me like barnacles on a ship. It is said that a ship covered with barnacles if run into sweet waters will automatically lose the barnacles, and so is it with man – the moment he runs into God, he loses the evil he has accumulated for years through the ancestor teaching and belief.




When a man is not guilty of that which he is accused – all that is necessary is to drop any effort in connection with it, and instead of taking further thought go to the Place of LIGHT. The place of LIGHT is the point of recognition. When recognition is made of the Presence then all other “presences” are as naught. The thingthat comes at you in ONE way of concentrated force of human belief will flee in ten, when it comes into contact with this recognition. The heart that knows it is not guilty and has merged into the LIGHT – suddenly experiences a surge of power. He hears singing within the temple of his being “YOU are NOT afraid” of what man can do unto you. He can do nothing the moment you are at the point of SELF recognition. You put up your sword; the battle is not yours but God’s. That’s good enough for any warrior – and should instantly allay any belief in two powers. The more imminent evil becomes and the greater the ramifications – the nearer it is to destruction – it is Wonderful. Then can you “Praise God from whom ALL (not some) blessings flow.” There is a mental and physical relaxation in this contemplation. To be “Still” is to be STILL – and not a condition produced by taking thought – but suddenly to BE STILL. No noise that man can make with whatever instrument he may have, can compare with the “NOISE OF MANY WATERS.”

The Power of the Presence of purity, the roaring of the waters through the beliefs of human thought, silence forever the NOISE of man. So do you stand in the LIGHT -“though ten thousand shall rise against thee” – yet shall your heart be not afraid, for it is only ten thousand thought formations which have nothing to sustain them but your acceptance of them as real. The moment you rise to the ONE – the LIGHT will absorb, dissipate and utterly put to flight all that which is against thee.

“I will fear NO (not any) evil for thou art with me.” Appearances are for the moment; – the dust storm that obscures the sun is but a brief encounter with materialized thought which is soon blown away.

Recently a man shot at another, but the bullet hit a steel postricocheted and finally passed through his own heart. When evil runs into Light, it has a Strange habit of returning to the point of its origin.

Man lives in God yet he does not see God – for it is written that “no man shall see God and Live.” The moment he SEES the degree of God in which he lives, he discovers the nothingness of things and “dies” to them, only to arise to a higher degree of consciousness, and make new and more wonderful discoveries about the power called God. A fish does not see the water he swims in, and man does not see the air in which he lives – and he does not see God, but he sees the infinite manifestations of HIS Presence, and it is only when he comes to the NATURAL knowledge of ONENESS that he begins to assign to things their proper place. They become something to be USED and not possessed. The moment he begins to possess things, he transfers power into the manifestation which is only an illusion, and the illusion possesses him.

Heraclitus, the Greek Philosopher, believed all things were in a constant state of flow – and knew that man could not step in the same river twice. All things are in a constant state of change. The permanency of Spirit (the unseen) gives a solid basis for LIFE. Manifestation automatically takes care of itself. Every plant of the field was beheld in the mind of God before it appeared, revealing the fundamental truth that both seed and flower are at once in the mind of God. Manifestation is the shadow. All vegetation appeared before there was any rain, and before any man had time or idea of tilling the soil. So the tiller of the soil pauses, and as he pauses a moment, for a brief encounter with REALITY, he discovers a thanksgiving welling up in him.

He begins to see the “why” of “before you ask.” He begins to know the “substance” and the “evidence” of the unseen must be recognized if the reflection is to be cast into the manifest world.

When are YOU going to stop TRYING to demonstrate God, and let Him have His way instead of your mistaken concept?

Your part is the being Still – with your mind stayed on reality – not on manifestation.




The Fountain at the end of the garden walk retains its shape and form – though the water is constantly changing as you walk toward it. As long as the power is on, the shape remains intact; – the moment the power is turned off, water becomes a shapeless mass ready to take any form introduced into it. So it is with the substance of consciousness – until there is a shape and form, it is void – nothingness, and remains that way until it is shapened again by the matrix.

Electricity flows endlessly through wires into manifestation of a thousand denominations, yet remains always electricity – and man watches over the powerhouse while the manifestation flows endlessly into expression. All illustrations are worthless – meaningless when it comes to actually moving into the consciousness known as the “mind which was also in Christ Jesus.” When one begins to perceive this, he will also begin to arrive at the point of manifestation. But the human thought, hypnotized by thousands of aeons of belief in ancestor teaching and ideas, has the cart before the horse, and spends all its effort and time trying to “demonstrate Truth” – instead of recognizing consciousness. When you have the consciousness of a given thing, the manifestation will take place endlessly; – no matter how often it is wiped out – the consciousness will replace it with the ease that you “replace” the reflection in a mirror. You can break a mirror, but that does not destroy anything but the reflection, and never that which causes the reflection; likewise it is with consciousness – the moment you discover this, the manifestation will FOLLOW.

It is stated in the Law the “signs follow, they do not precede” – yet the Adam man, having imagined he could create, proceeds to work from the without in. He studies and works with man-made ideas or systems; all of which are founded on the teaching of Jesus Christ – but putting them through a human concept of it, he gets everything backward, so he naturally spends his time trying to make manifestations which he calls demonstrations or answers to treatments or prayers. Once he is concerned withconsciousness, the signs will follow, and in my (name) NATURE shall he cast out the devils of limited human belief. By doing this, the hard, fast condensation of thought will be wiped out of the Temple – BODY and it shall be filled with LIGHT which will operate perfectly the body-temple and cause a man to KNOW LIFE, and eventually LIFE eternal – as he KNOWS ME. “This is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God.” – and only as man stops trying to “demonstrate God” will he be able to see Him in the Flesh. “YET in my flesh shall I See God” – for I shall recognize Him as the natural and real instead of the demonstrated power of human thought.

Gradually, the ease with which it is accomplished will put to flight all the intellectual hunting in the archives of human wisdom – and he, too, will BELIEVE. You do not think it strange that a child – knowing nothing about life – accepts what it is told by the parent, and by doing just this without question, produces a Santa Claus; – the illustration is again absurd, but the ease with which it is done was what Jesus was referring to when He said: “Whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.” Ignorant, as far as human intellection is concerned, unable to carry on an elaborate reasoning system, but able to accept without question. If you must become as a little child, why bother further with what a man has to say on how to demonstrate?

All illustrations in the Bible are of the most drastic design. Nothing can be more devastating to cloth than the burning sun and sands of the desert, and this was the test that was made. As long as anything is submerged in the ocean, it partakes of the quality of the ocean – and in like manner as long as you are “submerged” in God and are conscious of it, you partake of the quality of Spirit which is neither young nor old, but it is the glorious freshness and aliveness of God.

When Croesus, the richest of men, grew weary for other worlds to conquer, even as Alexander did, he looked toward Cyprus and Persia. Being a superstitious man, he consulted the oracle of Apollo at Delphi and was told: If he crossed the Halys Mountains, he would destroy a great empire – which he did – never dreaming it would be his Empire.

He had heard what he wanted to hear – not what was said; and so is it with the words of Jesus Christ – they are twisted to suit the desire of man. Definitely it says: “and whatsoever ye shall ask in my name that will I do “but nothing happens until it isheard; that complete assumption of the Mind of Christ Jesus is made. Until this mind is operative in man, he will do nothing other than that he finds in the limitations of his personality. The attempt to demonstrate things without consciousness is like trying to produce electricity without the knowledge of it. No wonder the instructions of prayer are so brief and have nothing to do with thinking. “When ye pray, believe” – you can get no farther than this, and until it is done, no answer will be revealed because what you have in consciousness you have in manifestation. It falls out automatically and without effort – even as the reflection appears on any surface, without effort.

Pindar, the Creek poet of 400 B.C., is asked if Excellence could be learned, to which he replied it was impossible; that it was discovered as an inborn glory, a state of consciousness, and that he who tried to learn it was a “twilight man wavering in spirit.”

We see the attempts to pattern after Jesus – in spite of the fact he warns against it by saying: “Why callest thou me good?” He wished no imitators, knowing the infinite variety of God and His manifestation, and He likewise knew that all of this could and would stem from the consciousness of the Christ within. First, then, it is necessary that this Christ mind which we are told is within us, must be recognized instead of being a strange, foreign thing resident only in Jesus. As this is recognized, we begin to hear through the words – and finally we hear the WORD which is the substance of all words, no matter in what language and eternally changeless in meaning and action.

“For whosoever hath, to him shall be given,” is only a natural automatic action of consciousness and not a demonstration, and to him who hath not consciousness – or recognition of his own Christ Self – it shall be taken away, for he has nothing with which to retain it. Therefore, leave the old, dead teaching of the ancestors who believed they could implore and beg God to change his mind. Nothing changes but the degree of your acceptance of that which you are saying with your lips.

The inheritance incorruptible is the Christ within you awaiting recognition. You might just as well try to be unbaptized, as one of Voltaire’s characters threatens to do, as to imagine you can deny the Christ actually.

Do you like the idea of “inborn glory”?





Passing a light through a prism causes it to become manifest in many colors, which in turn break up into hundreds of shades and nuances. The same thing is true when the LIGHT of Spirit, which is invisible to the naked eye, is passed through the Temple of your body. It breaks up into all sorts of manifestations and is slowed down to a point of visibility in the thing named “matter” by man. Your body has no more intelligence than your refrigerator. When the electric current is passed through it, it produces ice cubes.

We have become so conscious of the body as a power it has taken over. The tail is wagging the dog. Presently, he begins to understand that none of the senses can be extended on the outside any more than the refrigerator can make ice cubes unless the power is flowing through it. We do not see with the human eye, literally, for the eye of a so-called dead man cognizes nothing, is not afraid, nor does it draw back from outward conditions. When we recognize that God, Spirit, is seeing through our eyes, we will begin to look beyond the surface and will also become aware of the capacity to look forward and backward at the same time, and see the whole manifestation in the present, as Jesus did, and as He stated.

“He that hath ears, let him hear” – a silly statement of itself. Nearly every creature has ears, but few can hear because they think they hear with their ears instead of with their consciousness. No wonder it is stepped down to such a slow pace.

Beyond the narrow confines of so-called ear-hearing are infinite reaches of sound – inaudible to matter, but not to Spirit.

Suddenly, when you know that it is God walking on the waves of your troubled human thought, you will begin to decode the message that is given to you in the hurricane – at any time and under any circumstances. There is no time nor place where God cannot speak to you with the “still small voice,” and give you the express instructions for a free passage through the crowd of human beliefs.

“This is the way, walk ye in it” – and “turn to the right – turn to the left” – likewise, “Go into all the world.” As long as you are running about trying to make demonstrations, you will never hear – the sense of hearing will have its limit of expression at the surface of things.

“My sheep HEAR my voice.” The instinct of the spiritual you will hear. Even as a dog will hear his master’s voice and not be fooled by a good imitation. So will you HEAR, because it is God hearing through you. You become clair-audient. The same thing is true of the vision, when you begin to see with the Power of God, then you become clairvoyant. All this is not for the purpose of telling fortunes and making yourself mysterious – but for the GLORY OF GOD.

And so the asking becomes father to the fact that the creation of that for which you have asked has already taken place.

“And now, O Father glorify thou me With Thine own self with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was.”

Before the beginning of the “John Smith” world. Note the word NOW – and how it is at the point of “always” on the Cosmic Clock. “NOW is the time” – “NOW are we …”-“NOW be glorified” – and so on. Everything becomes NOW when the discovery of the new “timeless-time system” is put into action by the awareness of the PRESENCE – this ONENESS.

“Who did hinder you That ye should not obey the truth?”

Go ahead and answer it – you will blame everything and everybody for your failure to LIVE fully – until one day you discover where the hindrance is. Then will you reply, “I hindered myself.” Then you have it located in such a place that it can be eliminated. The dam, or obstruction is moved away – and the River of Life flows freely and joyously to the sea. It is wonderful !

Come, for all things are now ready.

If you can accept GOD – you will experience GOD. This is not “an affirmation.” This is nothing to THINK about. This is not a catch phrase of modern psychology. This is revelation. If you can accept GOD, you at that instant EXPERIENCE HIM. What is it to experience GOD? It is to find a thousand and one impossible equations solved, dissipated, absorbed. It is to see the congealed energy of thought which you call matter, resolving itself into new and correct patterns.

If you become emotional and excited every time you see the power of God active in your life, you will not see it often, for to you it is not natural. There is no emotion in God, only in the mind of man, and it has nothing to do with spiritual manifestation.

When you stop making God so unnatural, you will discover the Power emerging through the congealed energy of thought and in a subtle way changing appearances.




It is reported that the audience was made up of the intelligentsia of Greece (minds of the Golden Age) who had set up a government and such perfect living conditions that it is almost impossible to imagine. And so they stood waiting for the “Babbler” to tell them something.

Paul was the “Babbler” and he straightway addressed them in no uncertain terms. There must have been a tense silence when he uttered his famous words:

“Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious”

and then continued – you are worshiping at the Altar of the Unknown God: “Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.” Imagine what a statement like that would do today if some voice would tell all the space hunters and men of like ilk that it was all going to be revealed to them – that the principle they worshiped and worked so hard to discover and develop was at last going to be explained and shown to them, and that the end of speculation and guessing was at hand.

I can well imagine the Athenians were all ears and filled with surprise when he told them that the GOD of which he spoke wasnot worshiped in temples made by hands – “as though He needed any thing, seeing he Giveth to all LIFE, and breath, and all things.”

With one powerful stroke of oratory, he neatly gathered the rapt attention of the whole crowd with his “Him declare I unto you.” Can you imagine what the truth of his statement “as though he (this God you ignorantly worship) needed any thing” – seeing he is the giver of all, and is not worshiped in temples made by hands. What a statement and interesting, too, that he was standing in the midst of Mars’ hill in front of a group of buildings and temples that have not yet been surpassed in their purity of design and beauty. This very statement might do something today if it were heard again. Worship, in the minds of many has much to do with buildings and pageantry and men.

If he had said nothing further about this Unknown God than “seeing he giveth to all LIFE, and breath, and all things,” he would have overturned a world of superstition and beliefs and opened doors to the literal and actual Kingdom of Heaven here and now.

The temple not made with hands is the temple of the body – is that upon which has been hung all the evil history and belief of the old Adam man with his distorted idea that he could create in a universe already created and done, and you and I come under the stupid superstition and hypnotism that he was right. But a Babbler has to set right, and, of course, we have to hear the Babbler, and having heard we obey and begin to experience some of the new dimensions of LIFE. It is wonderful !

The Babbler is here again, for you are beginning to hear and he may meet you almost anywhere but in the temple made by hands, though he is there too. He is the unannounced Voice of one crying in the wilderness of belief, and he passes you on the highways of Life and speaks to you “Come out from among them, and be ye separate.”

Yes, the Babbler is here again – listen and you will hear him, and put the coal of fire on your lips. It is wonderful – filled with wonder.

Is it any wonder then that the Athenians suddenly declared with one accord: “The gods are come dawn to us” from Mount Olympus.

But the Babbler was not through with his revelation; he had something greater to tell them. This time it was a question which you, too, have to answer. Know ye not that, “ye are gods”? What an explosive statement made at any time, nothing but dead letters until it is heard, and it is not heard by the one who imagines that he is “God” or that swells his ego into personal power. He may flourish as a green bay tree, or like a toy balloon that gets larger and larger until it bursts of its own accord, or runs into the sharp point of the sword.

And so the voice is speaking again and saying:

“Ye men of Athens,” you are worshiping an Unknown God, a man-God. You are worshiping him in temples made with hands, and are offering him all sorts of things if in turn he will prosper you – but he is worshiped in temples not made by hands eternal in the heavens – Temples not made by hands. Temples wherein there are no arguing voices professing a dozen different kinds of theology. When you enter the first law is “Lay your gift on the altar” – and that gift is the surrender of all desire and preconceived notions. The sudden silence will eventually become filled with the VOICE of Spirit, and you will hear the inaudible definition of the words you have tried for so long to demonstrate. “Be still.”





At the first flush of dawn the pilgrims began arriving. Like so many bits of colored glass in a toy kaleidoscope, they kept making an ever-changing pattern; a riot of color, as if an artist had fallen asleep and the paint on his palette had run wild. Tension, excitement – breathless anticipation – vibrant expectancy.

It was Passion Week in the Holy City. They were again to watch for the miracle – the second coming.

“Why seek ye the living among the dead?” still went unanswered. The crowd increased and jostled one another in the narrow way. They entered through the Jaffa Gate into the teeming streets of the city. A camel train laden with merchandise and hung with rich stuffs and silks rubbed against the passers-by as they pushed up the hill. The call of the donkey boy was heard as he tried to direct his completely indifferent beasts. The hypnotic beat of the tom-toms and soothing insistent notes of the pipes made a strange eerie decor. Every eye searched each passer-by. Perhaps thatmight be He – who knows? He will rise again – He will come again.

Over by the Jaffa Gate sat the Arab, enfolded in his soft camel’s hair burnoose – near him a pile of golden oranges. He was unconscious of the picture he was making as he sat motionless, oblivious to the excitement of the passers-by. He neither called his wares nor offered them for sale. Above his head the budding branch of a slender tree was making a network of shadow mosaic on the wall; growing darker the while as the sun rose higher in the cloudless heavens. He, too, seemed to be waiting. He seemed to have been waiting there for aeons – waiting, waiting, waiting.

One unhurried golden moment after another slipped noiselessly by like streams of wax that ran down from lighted candles in the temple – incense – the throb of distant chanting; mute – hypnotic – then disturbing-hateful. The wax from the candles kept flowing – the moments kept slipping soundlessly by into a dulcet oblivion – silently they passed like bare, perfumed dancing feet over the silken pile of a prayer rug. Time did not matter. That (time) was the illusion, the pilgrims had so little of. They were in such a vapid hurry to get out of it all they could.

When the Arab opened his eyes and let his gaze travel in a circle upon the people about him, it was like the opening of a fan. Those upon whom it rested felt the gaze, as they might have felt soft feather tips brush them ever so lightly. The gaze came from hidden places, fathomless depths, luminous darkness, accompanied by mute throbbing tones.

There was an infinite wonder and pathos in his gaze almost a pity – and the eternal question, “Why seek ye the living among the dead?” He is risen! He is coming at the precise moment you are willing to receive Him.

It was all so confusing in a way – “If I go … I will come again” and, “I will never leave thee” – as if some hidden password or secret was given for those who had ears. How could it all be that way? Going – and yet not going – and yet coming again in the flesh.

If you followed the gaze of the Arab, it led to blinding heights of Light. There was hidden in it a wisdom which somehow might change the whole pattern of man. It was that very wisdom which made the other Arab fold his tent “and as silently steal away.” It was that something akin to discovery and appropriation at the same instant.

Conception is ever silent – deep, fathomless stillness, where Stygian darkness shuts out curious human thought and reasoning, and the fearful working out of Salvation takes place. The least flutter of human thought would drive it into oblivion leaving a great void. An exquisite sensibility enfolded everything – swept it all upward as if born by angel wings into a breathless second of eternity.

And then as a crystal being shattered into a thousand pieces, the jangling noise of the Pilgrims broke the golden silence. They were fighting among themselves, trying to get into a place where they could better see Him, who would say unto them “love one another.” They would not see Him even if He appeared, for they had already gone down the wrong road again. They would miss Him for they would be looking for a miracle worker. They would be looking for a man in purple and fine linen, surely not for one washing the feet of the weary. They would only know Him by His robes glistening with jewels and power – by His authority and glamour.

If I do not get in, I may miss Him. “The race is not to the swift” meant nothing, the more physical effort they put forth the nearer the possibility of personal gains. If they could get near the manwho increased the leaves and fishes, this time they would find out how it was done. When HE was here a single word would do it, a single touch of His robe would accomplish what the wise physicians could not do nor understand.

Ever and anon an excited word would go forth that He had come and was giving the Secret of His Power again, but presently the excitement died down, and the whining voices of the deceived went up with a wail.

The Arab was not concerned as he heard the exciting news again and again of His coming. He was resting leisurely at the elevation of “No chance.” He did not have to pursue anything; he did not have to win anything. Having to WIN was the out picturing of a consciousness which believed in limitation and in a God who was a respecter of persons. The very thought of this law of no-chanceto many stimulated the greedy human thought to a point of frenzy. “Stillness” was impossible in such a seething cauldron of excitement and greed. A million sensuous dreams passed through the mind as a whirlwind on the desert flings waves of sand at the Sun.

It all seemed foolishness. If He was “coming again” why did He not come? and if He was a God of love, why would He permit war? Why would He permit the evil to have riches and the good to have nothing? Why? and why? and why? – until the whirlwind again enveloped him. And presently through the terrific noise, the machinery of desire blacked out everything.

The Arab arose, shook out the folds of his burnoose and passed through the gate leaving no one in charge of his stock in trade. His gaze had taken care of everything, just as the gaze of Jesus took care of everything upon which it rested and revealed all sorts of laws which were self-operative without the aid of human thought. As he went up the hill, he passed through the crowd with little difficulty. Something seemed to be making a way for him, though he was silent and asked for nothing. It was just that they automatically moved aside.

He went over to the Mosque of Omar – the Dome of the Rock (that beautiful jewel dropped down in the center of the Compound) – and disappeared through the door. It was dark inside except for the halo of varicolored lights cast by the band of heavily jeweled glass in the cupola, which kept changing the while as it lay upon the rock, a thing alive. No word was spoken – only silence throbbing, soft, enfolding. His white robe was smudged out by the velvety darkness. Only his eyes could be seen. He knelt and touched his forehead to the floor. Now the silence seemed strong enough to break the thin walls of the ear a tremendous and awful sound of the Presence – as if an infinite number of angels attended him.

The whir of the wings of the Heavenly Host as they dosed in near formation sounded: this was the elevation of miracle – purerevelation! This was the place of breathless adoration, wherein the silence became real – and the “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD” was effortless, an INFLOW OF POWER, an ENTERING LIGHT. This was the restoration of the soul – like the perfect reassembling of quicksilver that had been scattered. There was no seam or jointure – there was only ONE. The soul was not joined, mended or corrected – it was ONE again as it always had been; it was restored, with all faculties alerted for the Second Coming.

And then after what seemed many aeons of time, which was only a moment, he left the soft incense-laden darkness and went to the far side of the Compound and stood near a walled-up gate. Presently you were at the gate too – still, silent, waiting – waiting for the eyes to touch you again with revelation, if you could stand it – if you could stand it.

And finally the eyes opened, the flood of LIGHT came, “This is the Golden Gate. It is walled up and will not be opened until He comes again. At His coming, the stones will crumble and He will pass through.” As he said the unspoken words, the stones began to fall away and the Golden Gate was filled with Light and Fire – and HE came through the Golden Gate of your consciousness. He came again in the flesh – Your flesh – and now you SAW HIM and experienced the stones of human belief and limitations fall away – and the GLORY OF GOD revealed.

As you stood trembling in the ecstasy of it all, the Arab had disappeared as a purple shadow at sunset. Over in the valley of the Mount of Olives, a saffron mist swung like a veil in the evening sun.




What do you mean when you repeat the LAW – “Take words and return unto Jehovah.” What word? Where do you take it? Until we see that the WORD exists before it is uttered, we cannot see that the fulfillment of the WORD also exists before it appears – and that takes care of the strange statement “Before you ask, I will answer.” But how can a person think a thing like that through to a satisfactory conclusion? He is defeated before he starts, for all thinking proceeds from the three dimensional basis of life, and is finished before it starts – there is no permanency in it.

When the “thought word” is launched, it accomplishes nothing; when PEACE is called from the housetops with the thunder of the ages, nothing happens but confusion, wars, and rumors of wars. As far as the thinking man is concerned – because it is nothing but an inflated idea of the human mind which tries to do something by taking thought – even after he is told “take no thought,” yet there is the WORD.

What, then, is the WORD that you take to Jehovah? It is the recognition of the PRESENCE which discovers that within every word is the full energy to cause it to function. The moment that recognition is made, it is exactly like the air in a small balloon expanding until it bursts the shape of the balloon and takes on the shape and form of the atmosphere. It is wonderful when you begin to see this mergence – when you begin to understand how Jesus when He went to the Father simply melted or merged into the One, and then, nothing – it says nothing – was denied.

This is not some mystical performance – not something that happens when you have studied endless courses of how and why – not something that takes place when, like the heathen, you have used many words to gain the ear of the DIVINE. It is pure recognition first of your own helplessness “I can of mine own self do nothing,” and then the full recognition of the ONE who can do all things; you are through with ah the preconceived notions and ideas of any personal effort and you are at the point of action in in-action. You are ready to LET something happen. Your only part in this is complete obedience to the urge and the integrity that will not question and so the “before you ask” merely comes into manifestation automatically, and in the twinkling of an eye all is changed, or rather revealed. It is wonderful! Be still. The Energy of the word – the imprisoned splendor of it all – is a sort of pent-up energy that is in everything God urged, whether it be man, or the arts of man. It is the soul that, when recognized, will come forth. What makes a masterpiece as compared with the daubings of a rank amateur? What is this very pent-up energy that literally speaks to you?

“A work can have in it a pent-up energy, an intense life of its own, independent of the object it represents.” (H. Moore). That is as a modern statement of prayer, the prayer that Jesus advocated – the prayer which is before it is mentioned and is freighted with the necessary energy to come into being and take on a body and form. “Speak the word” is something more than a collection of dead letters. When the WORD is spoken, the dead letters which are holding the imprisoned splendor of it away from manifestation, break up and release the manifestation. All this which is mystical in statement is a literal, actual thing finally to be handled with your hands and experienced, so that you will know that the “eating of food” which Jesus did was only to make you see we are not talking about imagination or metaphysics in the ordinary sense of the word, but about the tangibility of spirit, which is unseen until recognized, and then becomes concrete by pure recognition. It is wonderful.

The same WORD which cannot return unto you void, once recognized and spoken is the word which you have with you always for recognition when the greed and egotism are drained from you. Why should you be greedy for possessions when you have all? You have all the air there is. What are you going to do with it? Try to hoard it? The Word takes all forms and shapes at the instant recognized, and it is “closer … than breathing – nearer than hands and feet.” It IS, and gradually this recognition will cause the false ancestor-thinking pictures to fall away – they will flee in ten ways. The moment you discover the pent-up energy in the word, and by recognizing the power, it bursts the limitations. You will see the Serpent, the wisdom of the LORD, eat up the wisdom of a thousand and one mystics and teachers of personal ideas. “Awake, thou that sleepest and CHRIST (within you) shall give thee light.” It is wonderful!

The picture you are to paint is already painted, and that sounds like so much nonsense to the intellectual fool who knows better by a thousand and one tests and proofs – but nevertheless it is so. The Masterpiece that is to take shape and form is already there and waiting to be thrown onto the canvas of life: whether this be LIFE, or wealth, or joy, or whatsoever. But you will not try to superimpose the masterpiece upon a filthy piece of newsprint, which has the record of your own hopeless and vicious attempts to make God do your bidding. You will make the assumption of the virginal mind, and let the perfection of the picture fall upon the clean sheet of your mind. It is wonderful! No one believes it – so tell no one – but later on let them look at the Masterpiece and draw their own conclusions. You do not care what they think, you have gone on to another, and still another. For the substance is everywhere present in every form and you are “about your Father’s business” which is the business of letting and not “trying” to let or make. Do you hear now? a little? – well then go in and shut the door. “This is the way, walk ye in it.” This is the LAW – abide in quiet and peace.

Like the vortex that draws everything to it – like a mighty vacuum surrounded with the Terrific pressure of the outside atmosphere – suddenly it happens, and man begins operating from a new level of recognition, and the former things are passed away.

All the evil buds that were beginning to shoot out their ugly branches of belief are crushed and dead. NOW. So is the fate pattern suddenly destroyed before it has time to take form and shape, because you have discovered the pent-up energy of the word and have, by recognition, caused it to break the thin walls of belief which held it away from the ONE. It is wonderful. So why not take words and return unto JEHOVAH? – by yourself – alone – and see what happens.




According to Sophocles, man is a pool of resources. Sounds very much as if he might have been right, when THE Law giver, Jesus Christ comes along and makes it clear that anything could be done through that very dimension of consciousness, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus.” All is enough. The language of cultured Greece puts the idea so beautifully: that within man when awakened is a pool – an inexhaustible pool – of resources, from which he could draw whatsoever he would. “Whatsoever” – that is a very comprehensive word “You ask in my name” whatsoever you find in the pool of resources within you, you can have, and not maybe nor perhaps, but Yes – that is what it says. Can you take it?

So did Sophocles along with the other magnificent Greek writers and sculptors hit upon the law. Yet were the streets full ofignorant intellectuals who denied it then, and would do the same thing today. They all want proof first before they can believe. I know it is insulting to the great, ponderous intellect – but it is so.

Digging a little more in the remains of Greece, we discover he spoke of “wind swift thought” – thought of and about, and which accomplishes nothing until it is merged into the Christ consciousness, and then like a swift flying javelin hits its mark.

Yes, there is something rather startling about the command


Give it a little contemplation – something might happen. You might suddenly awaken from the “waking” dream that goes on around you – and see through the film of ancestor lore that obscures the vision. And again you might hear something beyond the narrow confines of man. I think, quoting – Sophocles more accurately, “man was a Miracle of Resources.” Take it along with you. Do not ask any man not even your greatest Master – but ask ME and keep still and listen, and then at a moment you think not, it will come through and take form and shape. It is wonderful!

One of the common questions today emanating from the greatest intellect to the lowest is “How did this ever happen to me?” and a lot of other questions about the WHY of life and existence. So we find the Epicurians explaining it all very neatly by saying that life had no rules or system of ideas but was an “accident.” You may smile, but it is as good an answer as the ones I got from fifty people of normal and supernormal intelligence, to whom I asked the same question. Most of them did not have any answer except “You’ve got me.” And from the standpoint of the Ancestor teaching, life is nothing but a series of accidents. People have been killed while on errands of mercy. I presume it was something like an atom making a fortuitous and violent encounter with another atom – and that which happened is called man. Well – anyway the Epicurians who rejected the revelation of Sophocles had their own thought out ideas.

What rejoicing should take place within the temple of your being when you recognize the Truth as given by the Beloved Jesus Christ. No more chance, no more wonder or guessing, but an ability to plunge into the Pool of Resources and come up with the right solution and answer to the question. Yes – It says:

“Awake thou that sleepest” – that is what it says.

Tone and echo; consciousness and manifestation.




The disciples were faced with five thousand problems all at once – and did not know what to do. The situation looked hopeless enough and the way out remote. It was exactly as the man who must “raise” a certain number of dollars in a given space of time – and has apparently nowhere to get them. Words, ideas, beliefs were but sterile agitations of thought. They would get nowhere.

Already the hungry men, who had followed Jesus into the desert pass for three days, were murmuring and complaining. It never occurred to them that perhaps they had something to do within themselves. They were following a “miracle worker” and expecting His miracles to go on forever. He was attempting at least to stir them to the elevation of doing the miracles.

The disciples talked among themselves as the situation grew more acute. But Jesus went away without moving physically from the whole thing. He went into the Consciousness of the Christ, which is the prerogative of every man – and presently one of the disciples came to him with the announcement:

“There is a lad here …”

And this lad had five loaves and two fishes. There is always a ladin the offing. He is right in the midst of the problem which seems so overwhelming, but he is so little and so insignificant he is usually brushed aside in the fury of trying to get something or making something happen on a big scale.

Jesus always went away from the picture, no matter what it represented. It is of little use to superimpose a new idea on a mind already filled with evil, any more than it is to take a picture on an already used or exposed plate. When Jesus went away to the place He called “I go unto my Father,” He went to the place of consciousness, the Virginal Mind of God, where upon was cast the new picture. When this was done, there was the subtle contact between the seen and the unseen – there was the “lad” with the five loaves and two fishes which turned the whole picture into harmony.

There is always the handful of meal, the three drops of oil, the dregs of wine: – there is always the point from which the new picture can take on form and shape. There is always the LIFE of GOD in the midst of thee – no matter how low the flame seems to have burned. “A mountain cannot stop the progress of a cloud.” In our excitement, we fail to see the “lad.” He is too insignificant – but he is the “grain of mustard” that does the work. Once this is recognized, the power of the pure consciousness of Christ – which has been entered into will take care of the manifestation. No one knows the manner of the miracle or the expression, for “I have a way ye know not of” – a way that is “past finding out.” The only thing you can do is to leave the picture of confusion or lack as quickly as possible, taking nothing of it with you, and enter into the Christ Consciousness; the Virginal unsullied Mind of God. Once having seen-felt this new picture or recognition, the manifestation will come through. The “lad” will always be there with his five loaves and two fishes.

This “lad” has appeared many times. We see the same thing taking place in the case of Naaman the Leper. There is “a little maid” here – and she had the password unto the so-called miracle. Interesting that both of these keystones to the miracle should have been children. Again we see the need of the unsullied innocence; – instead of trying to operate from conclusions derived from the mind which is filled with adultery and uncleanness. The adult makes foul and then tries to cleanse. The moment you really “go unto the Father” your mind is cleansed – and the five thousand hungry men are fed.

There is “a little maid” here. She had the WORD of revelation which was mightier than all the power of Naaman, in spite of his great military prowess.

When you awaken to your true heritage, you will see there is always “a lad here” – there is always “a little maid” here. There is always that point of manifestation – no matter what the problem may present on the outside. Do you hear? There is a lad or a little maid right here NOW.





There is so much talk of and about immortality in the Bible. Jesus emphasized the idea by repetition: “This is life eternal that they might know thee, the only true God” – and “If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.” Yet all religions seem to end at the crucifixion. The space between immortality and the thing called life on this planet is called death. In other words, while we are repeating the words of Jesus Christ and professing to follow him, we only go as far as the crucifixion.

A man may insist that he is living only with the idea of going to heaven, and that only when he arrives there will be happy … yet, point a loaded gun at that man which if fired would cause him to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and he will scream for help and protection. Would Jesus have been speaking the truth when he said, “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God”? – just as man says that the wisdom of God is foolishness.

Why do we stop at the crucifixion if we believe in Jesus and his revelation? He was and is the way-shower, and said very definitely, “… the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works … ” Do we believe, or are we just saying words?

And then the host of questions:

Have you ever seen an immortal?

Answer: “No” – the reason is because you do not believe. You cannot see anything you do not believe, regardless. A thousand angels and immortals could stand in your presence and you would see nothing, because you have nothing with which to see. You do not see with thought and argument; you see byrecognition, and without that, nothing happens but a repetition of the ancestor teaching.

Nothing is gained by human reason, for the minute it touches inspiration, inspiration disappears. The disciples could not sustain the visible Presence of Jesus Christ because they could not believe. They wanted to make him a “spirit” or apparition concocted by human thought. So he disappeared from their sight without going anywhere; it being beyond their capacity to grasp the reality of LIFE eternal.

No one can prove it as long as he is trying to show it to another. If you are doing it to see whether it is true or not, it will not happen for it is not something that results from taking thought, but something that already is; a merging into the one thing called LIFE – which is indivisible and eternal. Nothing really happens but SELF discovery as the mystification of the “self” fades away. Self-discovery is fraught with light and with the ability to understand some of the things called miracles – such as the telescoping of time, “you say it is four months until the harvest…” There is no explaining it, and no way to prove it to satisfy the curiosity of unbelieving man. There are many other dimensions that will be revealed when the pure BELIEF is established.

The man “whose breath is in his nostrils” is behind the iron curtain of ancestor teaching – he runs through the gamut of birth, growth, maturity, and decay. There is nothing else for him, so he concocts a sort of golden-streeted heaven to which he is going and where he will have his food and lodging without working, and imagines he will be divinely happy with nothing to do all day; he fights off disease and accident, both of which would make a quick end of his misery here on earth.

This can only take place as you BELIEVE – not believe in the human sense of the word, but a pure unconscious acceptance of the Presence. I say unconscious advisedly, because until you actually become unconscious of a thing you are not fully aware of it. When you are unconscious of the air you breathe you pay no attention to it – the moment you become conscious of it, you begin to have difficulties with it – and so is it with anything. To be absent from the body and present with the LAW, or the Lord, is exactly this thing.

The discovery of LIFE is not something to be talked about. It is something to experience. Interesting about Lazarus; I think often of him. He was Jesus’ best friend. He was not a disciple – yet it is recorded that Jesus spent most of his leisure time with the Lazarus family. Why? Then came the news that Lazarus was sick. Jesus tarried two days. Why? When the Centurion asked for help for his servant, whom Jesus did not know, he said, “I will” and healed the servant lying ill at a great distance in the self-same hour.

Why did he not say: “I will” in the case of Lazarus? – but he tarried. Why? Could it have been that some experiment was going on? And then two more days and the word came that “Lazarus is dead,” but even that did not disturb him. Why? And then he raised him up. The moment the WORD of LIFE touched the decaying flesh, it was instantly back to life.

What became of Lazarus? Where did he go? Why did not Lazarus stay at the time of the crucifixion? He disappeared. Why? Because he was functioning on a level of immortality that men do not believe in. They know they must die or break life in order to gain immortality – and so Lazarus did the same thing as Jesus did when he resurrected himself; he almost instantly disappeared. Jesus only appeared when the belief of his disciples was stimulated to a point of recognition sufficient to see him.

The law is so simple you stumble over it. The Law is “BELIEVE” and until this takes place, you cannot see an immortal. You will have to go around the stupid pattern of reincarnation until you have exhausted the ancestor teaching and discovered you are right back where you were before you listened to the old Adam word, and started a creation of a universe that was already created and called “good.” Ever since then, you have been superimposing this illusion on the real, and every time you discover the permanent identity under the layers of human teaching and belief, you have what the world calls a miracle or a sudden healing.

There are signs all over the place, but there are no signs given to the curious one.




Now around the Pool of Bethesda, there were five porches filled with the lame, the halt and the blind. It does not take a great stretch of imagination to understand that the five porches represent the five senses – and that the sick were segregated into five divisions, each coming under the affliction of one or more of the senses.

Strange as it may be, while they all had various manifestations of disease, from all sorts of causes, yet they could all be healed by the same remedy. No one would even pause for a moment to consider an eye doctor as good for a deaf man – yet all these people at Bethesda were expecting to receive healing from the same source.

Having tried every sort of “panacea” and receiving no help, we at last come to the level of consciousness wherein we believe that amiracle is the only way to change things, a quickening of the Spirit – the Presence of God. Naturally then, when the waters are troubled, we are more than anxious to step down into them and be healed.

We are willing to follow after every new fad that comes along in the hope of getting well – but again the old limitation is presented: – We must be the first to step down. There is alwayssome catch – and so the measure of God is stopped down to the human capacity to receive which is small.

How can a healing power be turned on or off, if that power be GOD? “No good thing will He withhold” – “Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters … without money and without price.”

One is blind another is deaf – another cannot breathe – and yet another is numb with pain – and another cannot earn his living. None have heard the word, “O taste and see that the Lord is good” or “Take, eat; this is my body. Drink ye … for this is my blood” and be healed. They are all choked with the dead letter of words – manmade words, and are still looking for more words, systems, affirmations and teachers with “secrets” to assuage their hunger and thirst.

The one that is numb with pain cannot “touch ME” in the crowd until he recognizes the dynamic power of agreement, which when made by TOUCHING, shall be established on the earth – and the numbness shall pass away as the River of LIFE and LIGHT flows through him. Why do you not touch ME? NOW?

The blind having eyes or having no eyes are both the same. They cannot see because they believe that sight is in the physical eyes instead of in the power which made both eyes and sight. They do not know that I AM looking through the beautiful eyes of those who believe – and see past the time-space limitation to the harvest. VISION expands the narrow confines of sight – time and space are eliminated. Presently you begin to see what is going on and know some of the dimensions of God.

“No man (not any) cometh unto the Father, but by ME” for “I Am the door of the sheep” are the rules laid down for the sheep. If a man does not believe wholly and utterly in Jesus Christ, both actually and symbolically, he will “taste” death and all the things that lead up to death. But if he makes the recognition of the WORD, then will he discover the innate capacities which will enable him to get into the pool of healing before another, because he can enter at will.

“The pool” is the Pure Consciousness of God, which is the sixth sense, and which man is aware of from his human birth, but which he fails to enter because of the false beliefs he has established and in which he Lives. Once he enters this consciousness, he arises and goes into a never ending series of revelations. He has discovered the light within and without.

The old hypnotic pattern, “Another steppeth down before me” gives way to the overflowing Well of Salvation within. The newly discovered Consciousness is the Pool of Bethesda – and the Angel of the Lord makes himself apparent at certain times; in fact, every time he is called upon in the Name of Jesus Christ. The waters are troubled – and at this instant, anyone who touchesyou is healed. The descent of the Holy Ghost is the consummating operation – the quickening of the Lord – the stirring of the lethal waters of human thought into the LIVING WATERS of God.

Now you may enter the “POOL” – and be clean. Now you can!





“… He breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost.”

From that instant of the Divine breath, they were able to do the works. He had entered through a closed door and made it plain to them that he was something other than a vaporous spirit – manifestation: – for he asked for food, and told Thomas to thrust his hand into his wounds. All this is the dimension of immortalitycoming “nigh unto you” – the secret Doctrine in all its simplicity – in all its loveliness of LIFE immortal. “Many that believed” is a sweeping statement. Does it include you? With the proof your lying human mind wants, goes the “no blessing” state of affairs.

When you have accepted the WORDS of Jesus Christ, you become “a peculiar people.” This does not mean a strange people affecting strange doctrines and robes in order to attract attention to your “Holiness.” You are peculiar because there is a radiance and joy that emanates automatically from you. You are peculiarbecause you are natural and filled with Light. It is wonderful when you see that all attempts to make people believe that a “holy” one – “called” for a special service is marked with the sign of hypocrisy. By their works, and not by their words or their long hair, shall ye know them. A haircut will not do the trick either. It takes something in the nature of BELIEF. That ought not to be too hard after the things of the human mind you have believed in and seen fail.

Millions of people preach and believe that the world is coming to an end, and have believed it for aeons of time – but this is the Planet of Jesus Christ, and it is not going to come to an end, but rather is being revealed as the Kingdom of Heaven. The only world that comes to an end is the world of the little one preaching hell and damnation. He finally meets it and is consumed by it.

“Receive ye the Holy Ghost” that is the subtle power within the WORD, which causes it to release the congested thought patterns called disease and confusion. You are imbreathed with this power the moment you can accept it, without question, without equivocation, without human reason. God exists without reason. He is a perpetual state of BEING and becoming through you. “And their eyes were opened” – and a wholly new world appeared before them. You already see the world that satisfies the Human Adam mind, but while you are looking at its failure and ugliness, suddenly your eyes are opened and you see a new world, a new heaven, appearing through the mystification of the human creation.

Will you then, “Come out from among them, and be ye separated”? You are in the world and not of it. You know how it is that the bee takes the honey from the poisonous flower, so does he who has been “breathed upon” take from the world that which is fundamental and real and leaves the poison of human belief and reason where he found it. There is no argument, no proselyting – no trying to convince anybody, for the sign is there. The Sign in which He conquers. IT is the assumption of the Presence within and without everything.

He that is “Breathed upon” is fused with God; he has slipped into that Glory he had before he took on all the miasma of John Smith, and for the first time he discovers that John Smith can and does function harmoniously. He ceases to worry about the weather, the conditions and the times, for he automatically adjusts to the manifestation in which he finds himself. This adjustment – this agreeing with the adversary, as it would seem – is the means of releasing reality from the source of ALL reality. He heals without an effort because he is past the place where healing is an action – it is a revelation – it is a showing forth of the LIFE which is imbreathed with the Breath of God.

From the Koran: “But they (mankind) have broken their religion among them into sects, each sect rejoicing in its tenents.”

There is Religion: “An awareness or conviction of the existence of a Supreme Being.” (Webster) And then there are “religions”- (sects) all having personal bylaws and beliefs, but hung onto the same basic teachings. Truth never changes any more than the laws of mathematics how it is taught is another thing. One thing is certain, the mathematician is going to deal with self imposed problems, and after he has set up a problem, he seeks to destroy it and get rid of it – whether it be in simple addition or death. The whole problem idea stems from the consciousness of separation. Jesus showed so plainly the only solution to an unsolvable problem from the relative standpoint was to merge with the ONE, the unformed substance – the Mind which held all manifestation in its grasp. At that point, the power generated through human hypnotism or thought-taking could be picked up or diverted until the clouds would literally be without rain.

Take no teaching from a man, except the fire of inspiration pours through him until the inner ear of you automatically makes the agreement. “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God” – and hear God, and follow God, and you will know whether the doctrine be of man or of God. It is a foolproof LAW – if you ask of God your information will be in the nature of LIGHT and not in the illusion of man-made words. Then “any” Man (i-festation) may be used to give those words of God an audibility.




“Thou art NOW the Blessed of the Lord !”

THIS is the HOUR – the COSMIC HOUR! THIS is the TIME! NOW is the day! “NOW are we the SONS OF GOD!”

That which we call time becomes timeless – and is defined rightly as NOW. NOW is eternity. Space becomes spaceless – and is the HERE – infinity – without beginning or ending. Eternity is substance.

In the consciousness that we “were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God,” we have the HERE-NOW – the real interpretation of time and space.

“Without father, without mother,

without descent,

Having neither beginning of days,

nor end of life;


Caught in the belief that we were “born of woman” we accepttime and space as realities – and our good is pushed from the HERE to the there of belief, and from the NOW to then. All thistime element passes away and is remembered no more in yourconsciousness of Jesus Christ.

“But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing,

That one day is with the Lord as a thousand years,

And a thousand years as one day.”

When we understand this timeless, spaceless Consciousness, we can and do hear the WORDS of Jesus as he spoke them in Jerusalem – because the inspiration of HIS WORD is always HERE and NOW, when we are awake. “Lo, I AM with you always.”

When you accept the consciousness of Jesus Christ which is beyond the time-space manifestation, you experience the HERE-NOW of Life and find that which is real, which casts its light even unto the ends of the earth – even unto the ends of human belief.

When Jesus went unto the Father, he entered the place of No-Thought. What good would it have been to have taken thoughtwith Him? What could have been accomplished by taking this thought of lack into the presence of Substance?

What good is it for you to take your “findings” (your problem) into the Silence? Better enter in and be saved. You discover inthis place of Inner Peace, the Substance of LIFE. In the contemplation, you will see it come into manifestation, filling every empty vessel. It is WONDERFUL ! “Heaven and earth are full of Thee.”

“I will lead them in paths that they have not known;

I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight.

These things will I do unto them,

And not forsake them.”

God must be experienced – not demonstrated. At this point of the Father Consciousness, the conceptual power is activated – and the formation of the body of the new idea takes place. It is all completed in the NOW and the HERE. Jesus perceived the idea in the MIND OF GOD – and by recognition, released it into manifestation. Leaving all appearances, and returning “unto my Father,” unto a point beyond appearances, the tangled skeins of human designs are straightened and perfect manifestationfollows as a natural consequence.

You are told to “acquaint NOW thyself with HIM, and be at peace.” Acquaint now thyself with that which is beyond the place of thought and problem, and be at peace “Thereby (all) good shall come unto thee.” ALL is enough, isn’t it?

Are YOU going over “THERE” in human thought to some Master, teacher, leader, or even unto the High Himalayas, or are you going to STAY HERE with ME?

Smashing the pictures of ancestral teaching, we let go of the three hateful “fates” of Greek Mythology – those sisters who wove, measured, and cut off the life of man with impunity. Man is IMMORTAL – without beginning or ending – ETERNAL; hence the measure of the human thought is not the measure of man.

Can you by digging at the roots of a tree discover the fruit? Where is it? You cannot see it, and yet you believe in the integrity of nature. From the invisible, a miracle is stepped down to a point of human comprehension in the time-space. Why should it be so amazing, that when this element of time-space is comprehended as HERE-NOW, the instantaneous manifestation appears?

Jesus stepped up the human consciousness to a point of the finished thing. He did not do anything – but reveal that which is beyond the time-space of thought.

The human intellection appears to make the action of God impossible – yet Jesus insists that a child can do it. The adultcannot because he adulterates everything he thinks of. He muddies the virginal stream of Spirit, and hence the picture cannot be reflected into the realm of matter: – that is, cannot be objectified.

It is recorded, “If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.” Never is a long time. The meaning of keep has nothing to do with keeping or holding, as in the illustration of the ten talents. It is certainly not retiring into a desert place of meditation. Many people run away from life and imagine they are spiritually retreating into a sanctuary. Jesus Christ lived and operated IN the world. Do not run away from Life. A man in a prison cell can be reasonably sure he will not be run over by an auto, but the keeping of which He speaks is akin to the binding in heaven.

“And I will give unto thee the keys of

the Kingdom of Heaven:

And whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth

shall be bound in heaven:

And whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth

shall be loosed in heaven.”

That which you keep you have assumed as such, a natural state. The form and shape of the Word is released into manifestation. When a man shall lose his life, when he shall let go or release the WORD he is to keep, then he shall find LIFE. When he withholds it, in the human sense, he shall certainly lose it, for he has confined it into the narrow limits of human thought. Human life is confined within the parenthesis of sickness and health. Both of these bulwarks of human belief must give way before the free-flowing LIFE which searches the joints and the marrow. This becomes a natural experience. When you lose your (personal sense of) Life, you shall find it. The drop of water filled with all uncleanness merges into the sea; you have no more health, but Life.

Without provocation man can lose all of his power, health and substance. His lines of defense are brushed aside as naught. The financial world is convulsed periodically by a change in values – yet nothing actually takes place. There is never any increase or devaluation in God. It can only take place in the mind of man, in a “far country” where bits of paper and metal are regarded as substance. The same symbols become worthless even as he offers them as the fruits of his labor and a means of exchange.

Do you understand NOW what happens to you when you enter the elevation of the Christ consciousness – when you are through demonstrating it? “None of these things (appearances) move ME.” No man-made reports of findings change anything but your thought about them. The human mind is a Liar and the father of it. Everything, and that means all it says, is a Lie. Everything – that includes your problem. Do you hear?

The Rock of Gibraltar would not be affected by a handful of confetti being thrown at it. You, the CHRIST OF GOD, can lose no sense of substance when once you are cognizant of your true identity. The Secret Keys are given to you by the Master. The confetti of human thought will blow away.

Nothing ever happens to SUBSTANCE – regardless. There is no shortage in God – ever – only in the mind of man. Beyond thought, is something greater. There is a higher law which causes the “increase” to take place. Substance becomes a degree of observation – the place or point in mind where man has “watched” the “one hour” and perceived the miracle, which he can by thought neither show forth or put into words – but which is THERE and becomes HERE when it is necessary.

“In returning and rest shall ye be saved;

in quietness and in confidence shall be

your Strength.”

As your human consciousness, the consciousness that you are separate from God, is merged into the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS in which Jesus operated, then indeed is “mortality … swallowed up of LIFE” – and you are no longer under the curse of the law.

Yes, gradually you merge into the consciousness in which Jesus operated. The “curse of the law” departs. This does not in any way separate you from the world of everyday – only from the curse of the world. This sweeps you into the new heights of Observation. You are now seeing and hearing the things that ears could not hear, nor eyes see. It is as a stream of molten gold straight from the heart of God.

“They shall not hurt nor destroy


And where is the Holy Mountain? – the High Himalayas? The “Holy Mount” is within the individual – and has various and sundry heights, according to the degree of observation or the discovery of the SELF OF CHRIST. As we observe, we are not creating – but watching the appearance of something which already exists in the Mind of God. We let it come forth.

The degree of our observation is in direct ratio to our ability to “loose” the findings of the human thought.

It is wonderful to contemplate how this law when heeded, Destroys the foundations of evil. Where today is the purported gold of Croesus? Yet the substance from which it came remains intact – only the shadow or reflection has changed, disintegrated or disappeared entirely. Do you see why Jesus said: “Carry neither purse, nor scrip” – knowing that the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE PRESENCE would care for all manifestation? This is not inviting indigence, carelessness, or endless waiting for the Mind of God to move in your direction. It is the recognition of the PRESENCE which sees the miracle, instead of being hypnotized by the manifestation, whether it be leaves and fishes or dollars which fluctuate daily. The “now you see it, now you do not” of the Prophet, putting his hand in his bosom and taking it out, is the perfect picture of the fluctuation of symbols. They change in value with the constantly changing mind of man.

Who by seeking shall find HIM? Man does not see God any more than he can see the air. He can only experience Him. Spirit, being like the wind that “bloweth where it listeth” comes into manifestation at a moment “ye think not.” God comes into being in a thousand ways as the Spirit passes through the temple-body – taking form and shape in a new design.

Where then, is disease, poverty? Where is the devil, created by walking “up and down and to and fro” in the appearance world? The very devil of accepted belief takes the form of disease or evil in you but does not affect the person near you. Why? Because hehas not created him nor endowed him with power. It is wonderful when you see that you have created devils in your world, who may be even now trying to kill you. The disciples discovered they had power over them: “Even the devils are subject unto us.”

The human mind, with its power to create these chimeras called devils, inflates them with conscious thinking until they destroy him. Evil pictures are thrown upon the universe. Suggestion, hypnosis, produce a chimera which acts quickly, for its day is short. It is only as long as the race consciousness believes in it. The moment the LIGHT comes into play, you hear the piercing shriek of the devils, “Why have you come here to disturb us?” When RECOGNITION of the PRESENCE is made, the effects of suggestion and hypnotism of race thought cannot hurt or harm you.

“For NOW we live, if ye stand fast in the Lord.” The Christ consciousness is beyond polarity – the pairs of opposites. It is inno way affected by human thought.





“At the moment of the TOUCH, there is no power whatever to make the affirmation, there is no leisure. REASONING on the Vision is for afterwards. We may know we have had the vision when the SOUL has suddenly taken LIGHT. The LIGHT is from the Supreme and is the SUPREME. We may believe in the PRESENCE when He comes bringing light; the light is the proof of the advent.

The Soul unlit remains without Vision.

LIT, it POSSESSES that which it sought.

And this is the true end set before every SOUL –

To Take the LIGHT,

To SEE the SUPREME by the Supreme

And not by the light of any other principle –

To see the Supreme which is also the means to the VISION.”


At the Moment you TOUCH the principle by recognition “virtue proceeds out of Me.” The agreement is established. The signs follow. There is no time, nor yet need for feeble man-made affirmations. It is like declaring “Let there be Light,” after the Universe is flooded with the effulgence of it. There is no time for thought taking, no leisure for human reasoning, only contemplation and revelation which are pouring over and through you.

At last we begin to comprehend that the “Light is from the Supreme and IS the Supreme” (One) “heaven and earth are full of thee.” We begin in some degree, at least, to Move in HIM – in the LIGHT of the Supreme Being and find that this very recognition absorbs the limitations of human thought. We can “run and not be weary” by reason of this LIGHT. The Temple of God is operated by LIGHT and not by human thought and intellect. Presently all machinery will be operated by light and be freed from friction and wearing away. Aging that is known to man, under the “curse of the law,” will cease, literally.

As this LIGHT is first recognized as coming from the Supreme and being the SUPREME, then will man begin to rise through the decaying flesh of human belief, and shall finally be freed from the grave clothes into immortality.

And so he sees that the “Soul unlit remains without vision.” There is nothing but surface appearances that can be seen by the “unlit soul” – just as there is no “LIVING” in the man who is notyet inbreathed. Once he is “inbreathed,” he becomes a LIVING SOUL; he moves into realms beyond all human sense and discovers reality back of shadow. At this point of consciousness, he is able to project by his recognition the Picture shown to him on the Mount, and automatically change the shadow of belief cast into the realm of matter. “None of these things (made by human belief) move me” – because none of them has any reality exceptthe human thought, and will disintegrate the moment human thought is taken from it.

Witness the disintegration of value which takes place when a so-called masterpiece has been discovered to be a counterfeit. Although it has been accepted as real and genuine for years and been protected in every way – suddenly it is cast into the discard and no burglar, or thief, or vandal is guarded against. It “has no value” for no other reason than the thought of man.

“The soul unlit remains without Vision.

LIT, it POSSESSES that which it SOUGHT.”

When there is no LIGHT there is no vision, and “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” They cannot see that which IS and think to create it, or possess it, in some other way. They cannotfind it, for they are not yet “LIT” by the recognition of the LIGHT within and without.

It is TRUE, then that “IF any man hear my Voice” – he will leave all (the shadows and beliefs) and follow ME into the place of realities, past all the images of belief back to the Holy of Holies where he will converge with GOD – The SUPREME LIGHT.

Words are merely signposts that point to something – but never take us there, nor go there. Unless we leave the signposts (the words) and accept their instruction and proceed toward the new City, we will never reach it. And this very thing is true of all of the words of Jesus Christ. Unless we hear them and automatically become them in consciousness and leave the letter, we shall never know them as realities – only as dead letters – sometimes beautiful, but of no value.

When the recognition is made of the ONE, then the moment of the TOUCH takes place, and you are filled with the VIRTUE of the CHRIST. A sudden invasion of LOVE has taken place and the belief in hate and evil is absorbed into the ONE. You are in the realm – where a never failing POWER operates – the Power of LOVE. “Love NEVER faileth” regardless of all the beliefs of the human mind. To enter into this realm and become love in action is to be clad in an armor of LIGHT that is literally and figuratively impervious to all human so-called forces and powers.

“When I behold HIM I possess all that I want to have and want to know, and I see an abundance of all riches. It is impossible for me even to imagine that this treasure might be separated from the soul or the soul from the treasure, and all the delight it accords.”

Angela of Foligno

“Behold” is a fourth dimensional word which beggars all definition. It is something that happens when all the senses have suddenly reached their outer bourns and exploded, as it were, the bondage of human thought and reason. When we learn to see FIRST the Kingdom (consciousness) – we find that all things are not only added, but are discovered as being there, and we see that it is impossible to separate the soul from the treasure or the treasure from the soul. Hence do we begin to Live and Move in the ONE. As we “Behold” we see the hidden mysteries and treasures merge into the LIGHT of day.




Nietzche said: “Stamp the Impress of eternity on your life, for that contains more than all religions, which teach me to despise life – Teach me many times to wait for heaven in some time to come – Teach me to discount the very words of Jesus Christ – ‘The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ ”

Higher dimensions of Life enter through the INSIDE – even as the oak tree enters into existence from the inside – Recognition.

All so-called growth comes from the inside out. The seed is the point of expression. From a pinpoint seed comes bushels of vegetation – flowers and seeds. From the invisible comes the revelation of the All. A seed then might be considered a point for exposure – since the flower already exists, but must come into visibility.

So-called growth is in reality merely the entry of a higher dimension. If “before you ask” – is a definite law then it is and must be recognized. As we contemplate the finished mystery, we begin to see it come into full manifestation.

The suddenness of the LAW of Jesus Christ makes it apparent that we should contemplate the LAW rather than the signs following or the mechanics.

We hear John the Baptist saying “REPENT” – which has as a true meaning – “CHANGE.” Suddenly, you must CHANGE if you are to SEE what follows – “Repent ye: (Change) for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Nothing will make it appear – nothing will cause it to appear – it is necessary to CHANGE instantly – and that is like suddenly being elevated to a point above the wall of belief which has been obstructing your view.

You create nothing, you do nothing – you recognize – and you CHANGE regardless of that which has gone before.

Change – CHANGE – Away with ah the tedious mental processes – CHANGE – in that sudden transition all the old ideas of “Repent” are swallowed up. There is no time to handle imaginary evil and conditions which have already passed away the moment youchange. Change from Hate to Love and the hate conditions pass away like so many strands of cobweb in a hurricane.

The EVIDENCE of the UNSEEN comes when we Repent – Suddenly, “Change” the whole mental process and enter into the new dimension of Life – the Substance of things not SEEN – the unseen becomes the reality holding the manifestation into view. There is the mystery of awakening – of suddenly coming into the reality. CHANGE.


Nothing is lost because it disappears any more than anything is lost when the reflection in a mirror is no more. Nothing was given by the reflector, regardless of the number of reflections cast by it. The minute the reflector is taken away, all the images pass from view, because they have nothing upon which to sustain themselves. No invisible means of support in themselves.

So with money. The moment the consciousness of substance is taken away, money disappears or becomes worthless – yet if all the money in the world were destroyed, not one jot or tittle of SUBSTANCE would be lost. Immediately a new symbol would appear – the value of which would be affixed by the human mind. Again, consciousness and manifestation are one.

We glimpse the infinitude of God, and how it is that the things prepared for us are but states of consciousness into which we enter and find them functioning automatically. The moment this takes place, we discover it has always been – and automatically all that belongs on that level of light is ours for the accepting. Not the grabbing or the demonstration, but the accepting. To whatever level we are lifted in consciousness, we experience every bit of manifestation on that level. “Not by might, nor by power – but by MY SPIRIT.”

You enter consciousness at the same time it enters you and automatically you become it. Having absorbed the substance of consciousness, it is incorporated within you as surely as a chick consumes the last vestige of the egg from which it is hatched and breaks the shell. From one “mansion” to another – finally you approximate the inner seeing of which Jesus made such good use. The gaze ceases to be outward and turns within to theeternal realities of your being. These are the pictures that are projected on the screen.

Mr. Kellogg, the famous Bird Man, had the power gained through his early association with the American Indians to make an inaudible sound seven octaves higher than any man is capable of hearing. This was not in the form of exhalation of the breath – but rather a sudden and short intake of air. He then performed this intake, and instantly a row of candles at the end of the hall, a distance of fifty feet, snuffed out. He could not explain the “breath” as he called it – but had so many uses of it that were strange to man. Turning on the ignition in my car, he made theinaudible sound and turned the motor over without stepping on the starter. His reputation has been so well established in America, it needs no argument to substantiate it. You areinbreathed by the Breath of Life, or are you?

The wonder of the intake is it links itself into the “breathing into” instead of out of. “The Lord God breathed into his nostrils the breath of Life: and man became a living soul.” The breath entering from the God Consciousness is what made the soul ALIVE. A word so inbreathed with the inaudible sound becomes the “still small voice” of POWER which accomplished where the shouting voice of so-called “Truth” is naught but sounding brass and tinkling cymbals.

Suddenly, you appropriate this capacity and see the wonders it performs when you accept a state of consciousness instead of trying to create it, by taking thought.

Can you then “BE STILL” and let go of the thrashing about with words, systems, affirmations – and recognize that henceforth YOU, yes, you ARE THE TRUTH? Everything that emanates from this recognition is sure of fulfillment. The WORD OF GOD, being Spirit, cannot return unto you void – it SHALL accomplish. It is wonderful! John saw a NEW HEAVEN descending out of the clouds of human thought, appearing before him with all its beauty – and so will you.

All the wonderful laws given by Jesus came to life wheninbreathed with pure recognition and have a body through which to function. In the twinkling of an eye all shall be changed, because the new vision sees through the mystification of human thought, however time honored and established. You have the inaudible breath of God and utter the unutterable word (for those who have ears). “Heretofore ye have asked for nothing” because you asked for everything. You thought asking was a form of begging or trying to influence God to do your bidding. Remember you are inbreathed; – you are a LIVING SOUL. The paralyzed hand can neither take nor give, as far as physical action is concerned – neither can the human consciousness of evil and good take anything of God.

Touching the CONSCIOUSNESS causes the symbolical world in which you have been day-dreaming all these years to take on reality – and you, with John, see A NEW HEAVEN, and hence a NEW EARTH appears. You are through with repetitious words with “aphorisms uncoiling like serpents,” getting nowhere.



Genius stems from “will free knowledge.” The human will which has tried so hard to manipulate God discovers in the final analysis it has accomplished nothing but frustration. Genius – (that strange thing which is so completely beyond human understanding) is the result of being “will free” that is being absent from the human thought-taking processes and present with the Lord, Law.

What is it that transforms a carpenter into a genius – a financial genius – a healing genius? “I can of mine own self do nothing, but.” Then he went into what He designated as “Father” thereby losing the limitations of Jesus.

When we let the Christ Mind be in us, then human intellect – which judges from appearances and is perpetually under the hypnosis of ancestor teaching – evaporates. The Genius of the Christ; the doer of the impossible, the power which knows fully and without effort that prayer is answered before it is uttered. When the Will of God becomes apparent, man becomes a genius with power outside his mental limitations. Only a Genius wouldknow how. No human thought could in any way make that happen which could not happen. Human thought could not perform the revelation of the perfected creation.

“Genius is the highest form of will-less knowledge”- nothing can be accomplished by “taking thought.” The explosive question is asked, “Who by taking thought?” Genius can neither be learned, nor demonstrated. Genius is the uninhibited movement of God, and manifests in the dimension of the impossible.

While the human mind is stumbling through a labyrinth of figures, genius arrives at the answer without effort and without strain, arrives at the answer which has always existed. How does he do it?

He does it by taking “no thought.” This is meaningless confusion. When man returns to the one substance, he is released from the limitations of human thinking. “Who by taking thought?” – The answer “No one.”

“Genius is the highest form of will-less knowledge. The lowest forms of life are entirely made up of will, without knowledge.”

When Jesus discovered “I can of mine own self do nothing” he became aware he “could do all things” through blending with the ONE. At that instant of blending, he became a genius – a worker of miracles – one who transmuted the law of the human will and mind. The human mind is willful – full of will, or personal power.

If Jesus could do nothing – what are you, with the will of the human thought, going to demonstrate? Did you ever run into 5,000 problems at once? Jesus did; he instantly merged the limited power of Jesus into the ONE.

“Ye shall decree a thing, and it shall come to pass” – is about as stupid advice as was that of Marie Antoinette – when she suggested the starving people of France eat cake if they had no bread. True Genius then is the ability to look straight into the face of God, and see from whence the reflection “you” comes, and to be willing to merge with this lovely new discovery.

“If then I be lifted up” to this consciousness of ONE – shall “draw all men” (manifestation) unto me” – even as the magnet automatically pulls the steel filings unto itself. So will you draw everything in that level of consciousness unto yourself without effort, and will show forth the “genius” which is not operated by will and force, but by God.

The Scriptures take on a new and wonderful meaning when we “Leave all.” When we leave the mental bondage and hypnotism in things past, present, or future, and feel the deep undertow of power – endless wonders come from the depths. You are told to launch out. Big fish swim in deep waters; little ones splash about making a great noise in shallow waters.

The discovery of “Genius” is the discovering of your true self. Now that egotism is gone; you are a point in universal consciousness where God is free to express. Genius is self discovery, it frees you from the “self” born of woman – filled with trouble, etc., into the Son of God. This Son of God is not a glorified human being, but a lump of Luminous Substance.

“Thy will be done” is not submission, it is freedom; it is entering into the place where the Divine purpose of you has a chance to come into being. Through endless aeons of ancestor teaching of reincarnation and disease, man can do nothing but commit folly. What chance has man with all his “will” power, if he be under a hard fast law “When I would do good evil is present with me”?


“The word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying,

Arise, and go down to the potter’s house and there I will cause thee to hear my words.

Then I went down to the potter’s house, and behold, he wrought a work on the wheels.

And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter:

SO HE MADE IT AGAIN, another vessel.”

The story goes on to tell that the malformed manifestation is remade. The substance of it is not destroyed but reduced to its primal essence and brought forth again a thing of beauty.

The analogy of the potter is common enough and the lesson back of it is deep. The great point, however, is usually overlooked, the vessel is not cast aside as worthless, and so left to harden into an ugly misshapen manifestation which is finally trampled into dust. The clay of our bodies given us so freely becomes diseased, worn-out and distorted and we are wont to carry on with the misshapened vessel until we return the clay to its source and refashion it. Yet HE MADE IT AGAIN and when you can cast the mistaken, misshapen clay back into the “no form” place of God, you will fashion it again into the lovely pattern shown to you in the beginning, and the reshaping of it will be finer.

So cast it back into its original substance and MAKE it again in the silence of your heart. Presently, the ugliness will have disappeared from sight and from memory, and the thing of beauty will come forth.

All ugliness is only congested human thought which interferes with the ongoing of the WORD in you. Do not let the misshapened thing with its accumulation of disease, hatred and revenge represent YOU. Rise in the strength which is yours. Take it all back into the ONE and fashion it again and when it comes forth, it will have dropped all the disease and ugliness and a NEW PURIFIED MANIFESTATION WILL come to thee.

MAKE IT AGAIN! MAKE IT AGAIN – MAKE IT AGAIN. He who promised is faithful – so make it again.

“Hath not the potter power over the clay?” Matter is only congealed energy after all. Return to the ONE SUBSTANCE, SPIRIT, and make it again. There is transformation, transfiguration and translation – so why not make it again?



“Enter into thy closet, and …. shut thy door.” Michelangelo sometimes sat before a canvas days before he made a stroke upon it, and then it happened. The picture virtually painted itself, using his hands as a means of expression. Jesus said: “It is done” before it was started. This recognition took care of it all. We have endowed the body with intelligence so that it can destroy itself, while protesting violently about its suffering.

In all expressions of life, we find success at the place of complete relaxation. When the body is stilled and Mind is allowed to come through without taking thought, the perfect combination takes place. Marriage–that which God has joined together takes place and nothing can or will separate it. You do not need to think what you shall say – open your mouth and I will speak the words – “Take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour”-and so it is, when the complete surrender of the body, temple, is made to the Christ mind within. It is then that Jesus appears to be performing miracles, yet all that is happening is taking place through HIM, and not because of him. “I can of mine own self do nothing” – that is precisely the level man must enter when he makes the appropriation of the Christ Mind. The automatic action of the Christ will cause the Jesus to apparently perform miracles. He will set aside the laws of his world with impunity, without struggle or fight. He will walk through stone walls, and know why water cannot quench him nor flames bum; for the consciousness of that which is before both flame and water takes from the manifestation the supposed power. “I say to this man, Go, and he goeth: and to another, Come, and he cometh.” It is Authority of the ONE that accomplishes without effort.

Rousseau, the French philosopher, maintained that thinking is a disease – and intellect is a treacherous thing to be avoided. It all seems mere words until we see into what paths we have been lead by thinking. What, then, is it that functions over the mechanism of the body and produces such wonders? It is the Mind of God – which has picked up the power operating in human thinking and turned it free into revelation and majesty. What we call LIFE is actually God – the Presence functioning within us–and if we make the recognition of this Presence we see why he advised not to count the soldiers – and not to look to appearances for anything other than illusion. Matter becomes inert to the degree it lacks the infusion of Light. It thereby obstructs the free flow of the Light. Matter is perpetually dying – disintegrating and falling into its native dust to be reshapen – and unless it is held in place by consciousness, it disappears entirely. To be absent from the body and present with the Lord – is to become more and more unconscious of manifestation, and more conscious of Life which completely dominates and operates it.

Michelangelo said: “One paints not with the hands but with the mind.” This could be carried on farther until you can understand the action of the power of God through the temple to any degree necessary to complete the reign of harmony. To take from matter the intelligence is being absent from it – and it is then that the complete change takes place – the revelation is made of Life – and the Lazarus comes forth in all his perfection and beauty. Gradually, we leave the answer – we begin to see with GRACE that history as expressed by Rousseau, is “the art of choosing from among many lies, that one which most resembles the truth.” We try to find in the bushels of chaff some grain of truth – failing in this we reshapen the old worn-out material to suit the present concept of truth.

All the evils of life come from a belief in two – a consciousness of duality. The moment the stagnant air of a cave contacts the outside air, it is purified of all its extraneous matter. When man returns to the Father, he blends into LIFE and all the limitations of health disappear automatically. Any time you touch the ONE, you lose the duality that is causing all the trouble. No matter what its name, symptoms, or race consciousness belief-it is dissolved and that which caused it is reduced to nothingness. Do you see then what might have happened if Jesus had chosen to call forth the twelve legions of angels? He who persists in recognizing evil will do one of two things: he will go with it, or be destroyed by it.

“I can do all things through Christ.” Can you?




“Wake! For the Sun who scattered into flight …..” might have been said by Jesus Christ instead of the Persian Omar. And so does he give us the picture of the spreading Dawn of Life. If you have ever been on the desert at sunrise, you will know what takes place. Suddenly, at the very edge of night a fine filament of light appears and it continues with almost a fierceness until it lays down a barrage of Light that literally shoots in a fan like shape across the dark sands and turns them into gold. Then does the Sun finally arise in all its majesty and words are futile – paints are futile – there is only one thing left to do: that is to RECOGNIZE it, and to behold it.

The coming of the Christ in you is exactly the same thing. We are in a new day. A day filled with illumination, and we begin the voyage of discovery. All that which lay obscure, or partially obscured by the nighttime of ignorant belief, suddenly appears in all its splendor. It is not created; it is revealed, and so is it with you. You become self revealed and find within yourself all those things you have looked for so long on the outside.

It all sounds like some new equation of the human mind, but this is something entirely different; this is self revelation which takes place by reason of the fact you have returned to the One and found reality. It is too good to be true – and too simple to operate. The giant fly-wheel of human knowledge which is foolishness in the eyes of God, keeps on describing its endless circle, and showing a power hard to defeat in the belief world – but like a thief in the night the awakening takes place, and through the tired eyes you begin to see the thin tracery of light on the midnight of human thought. It is wonderful.

The Command – “Awake” is given – and nothing happens for you do not hear.

Then, it suddenly breaks through, and from that moment it hurries along to the complete fulfillment of SELF discovery. “I can do all things through Christ Jesus” is not something to be “Demonstrated,” for man discovers he is through with the false idea that he can “demonstrate God.” He has discovered that God demonstrates him – or shows forth those qualities which are unattainable by human thought. It is so simple it is difficult for the human intellect has discovered in its limited three dimensional world that it cannot be done – and it cannot – because it is already done. When you come to the elevation of “Look again,” then the revelation takes place – not symbolically this time, but actually, and there is no limit to this projection. It is wonderful – filled with wonder.

When you discover LIFE, you are through with the limited concept of it which you call health – that bit of life which you have shut up in your body starts going down almost from the moment it begins. When I would do good, evil is present with me is a sample of the law of the human mind which is separated from the One.

Awake – o not try to awake, but just awake as you do in the morning after a heavy sleep. Gradually you come to the surface of the lethal waters of sleep – and open your eyes and see. No illustration is worth much, but a faint idea of the majesty of the Power begins to come forth.

So, do you begin to understand somewhat the Free Oneness of which the Oriental of High degree speaks. You are told to Live, and move and breathe and have your being in this One – and at the same time it lives, moves and breathes and has its being in you – and then the new degree of illumination takes place – Pure Revelation.

For a long time you imagined you could control God and to some extent it seemed as if you were successful, but gradually you See that your activity is finished when you Pray and Believe. At this elevation you are inactive, and the Power takes over and is able to bring into full-fledged reality all the laws laid down for you, and so can you “do all things” not some – but ALL things through this mingling of the Power – the spirit with matter – lifting it into a New substance, a substance which acts as the place where things appear.

You cannot do this if you try, or if you affirm. If affirmations had been actually effective, the whole world would have been changed lo! these many years.

Free Oneness is the gift of living in the world and not of it. It is so necessary you understand this Law today for the world is at a point of chaos as most people recognize.

So does the blare of the trumpets at the gates of dawn sound forth, and the shades of the long night give way to the prancing steeds of the chariot of the Sun, and out he rides in all his glory casting the light everywhere, transforming the whole earth into a place of revelation.





We ignorantly worship God as made in the Image and Likeness of man. His capacities are limited and his mind is given to all the ugliness of human thought. “Who hath known the mind of the Lord?” The infinite reaches of His intelligence cannot be more than glimpsed by the finite mind. It is only when we begin to merge into the ONE that we discover what the “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard” – reaches of LIGHT which defy all words.

“He made darkness his secret place; his pavilion round about him were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies.”

The wisdom of God, being foolishness in the eyes of man, is hidden from human thought. The Illumination of His Presence throws dust into the eyes of human reason. Man is blinded by the LIGHT of what he can neither understand nor yet believe. The wise and prudent cannot enter His pavilion.

God has made darkness His secret place. The LIGHT of His Presence is so intense it is unseeable to the eye relying on the human thought equation. It is or was reported that five miles above the earth is darkness, the veil of ether cannot be seen through – though the sun’s rays penetrate it. Something to consider! Man keeps on discovering new levels which neutralize the former discoveries. Watch!

“My sheep” those who have recognized the VISION will follow the instructions to the sheep – and instead of arguing and trying to set someone right, will “let the filthy be filthy still.” They will find other uses for pearls than casting them to dogs and swine.

The ceiling of human reasoning is reached by judging from appearances. It makes its deductions from hearsay. The moment a broadcast of evil is made, it is acted upon, accepted, and very shortly brought into manifestation after which the pattern is multiplied a thousandfold.

Recently a streetcar strike was held in a western city. No transportation on the streets except automobiles. It was surprising how many accepted the verdict and found they were unable to go anywhere. The general excuse was, “Well, I couldn’t go because there was no transportation.” And yet many of those people were studying to learn how to rid themselves and others of so-called incurable diseases.

“Who did hinder you?” What you accept from appearances is true to you, regardless, but to no one else. When we stop trying to demonstrate over conditions and things, there comes the consciousness and the willingness which takes shape and form after a manner unknown to human thought. You do not accept evil in any form regardless of the appearance. Presently you will find it does not exist even if it does exist, just as the lack of bread did exist and five thousand men testified to the lack – but ONE DID NOT. ONE with God is a majority is the basis from which Jesus operated. If He had not, we would have been minus any realization of God. The moment He became one with God, He disregarded any and all appearances and went through closed doors of human belief. It makes no difference if every other one of the ten thousand have fallen by a belief in disease, “it shall not come nigh thee” unless you give it a body and form and permit it power through acceptance.

Daily broadcasts of evil are always present, and you operate from that level and evil will result, or you do precisely what Jesus did and discover that literally “none of these things move me.” Nothing moves ME, the Christ – everything affects the Jesus (John Smith).

Do not go out to battle the midnight and storm of human belief when you refuse to accept appearances. It is not overcoming – it is recognition of God in whom there is no obstruction – a willingness to follow through, but not to “stand praying” in the old sense of the word – an acceptance of it all, an appropriation.

Cleopatra knew plenty of human strategy and so-called diplomacy – yet she could not handle the asp. A child can. Can you? Why? The asp that a child could handle with impunity took Cleopatra out of the picture. Be sure you are not playing with spiritual powers, trying to do tricks. “The … child shall play on the hole of the asp.” Can you?

You see why God is HID in darkness. Darkness begins at the limit of your human sight. In the relative sense of things, it is called ether – yet this great envelop of darkness called ether which scientists have discovered and which is apparently void of light, is easily penetrated by the light of the heavenly bodies. There is not much use trying to hold to the darkness of human ignorance any more. “I have a way ye know not of” – no use trying to find it. You have to discover it in operation, which you will do when you are willing to accept GOD and not the beliefs of man. If a man-made law can stop the action of the child of God, what can that child do with healing?

Gradually you release the words: “Judge not from appearances” (from the shell of human thought) and find they mean just what they say.

It says “JUDGE NOT” – regardless of what the ten thousand who are going to fall by them, say. “It shall not come nigh thee” because it cannot. You have not accepted it. Your illumination comes from another source. You keep silent before ME – and, likewise before the ten thousand who are functioning in the evil belief. You follow ME into the “darkness” of SPIRITUAL LIGHT and see through the whole thing. “He made darkness his secret place.”

The Unknown God whom ye ignorantly worship was declared to you, accompanied by thousands of proofs. If you must thrust your hands into His side to see, you are going to receive no blessings.

The “stigmata” which His body bore, has been reproduced by many people who have become so emotionally moved by His blessed Life, they have symbolically gone through the passions and found the “marks” visible on their bodies. It would do no more good to put your hand in the wounds made by the emotions of the human mind, than it would be to have put your hand in the wounds made by the nails in the flesh of Jesus. The blessing comes from recognition and not from regarding the manifestation. The signs that are to follow can do nothing else. They flow from consciousness through the walls of human belief, no matter what name or from what cause. Bread appears where there is not even wheat. Money appears where there is none. Life appears in the mass of physical corruption. Yet none of these things can be done to prove the TRUTH. They are proven because of the TRUTH; they are released because of recognition. The LIGHT shines in darkness and the darkness of human mind comprehends it not. It is there for those who wish to experience the darkness being dispelled.

“The ground whereon you stand is HOLY GROUND” – for it is a discovery and not something that has been redeemed from a curse of God – only the curse of human belief. Remembering “I come quickly and my reward is with me,” we disregard the appearances and enter into the “darkness” of HIS LIGHT. We are hidden in this darkness (to the human belief) of HIS LIGHT. We are “hid with Christ in God.” No human eye can detect or find us.

“He made darkness his SECRET PLACE!”

And this can be extended to the darkness that surrounds a given problem – and we suddenly discover HIM there instead of trying to inject Him with a hypodermic of affirmations. He is already there in the darkness – for it is written that “He made darkness his SECRET PLACE.” And now you know when Jesus disappeared from their sight where He went. He entered the darkness – or that place of Light which was so intense it blinded the human vision.

“And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places.”

It only takes a mustard seed in size. Have you that much?




There is only ONE operation – no matter how many times it is supposedly enacted by man, nor to what degree of belief. There is only ONE operation – and that is the OPERATION of GOD in his own universe. The moment separation takes place there are thousands of pseudo operations caused by the thought-taking human mind. The confusion that sets in motion is usually followed by disaster and failure. No wonder, then, the Master – when he found himself far afield in the beliefs and affairs of minds many – knew there was no solution but to return to the ONE. All this sounds like useless mysticism until the eyes are opened. Everybody professes God and everybody will say: “I believe in God” – but how can you believe in the law of mathematics and get anything but the solution to the problem that only you have posited. Answers before the problems are readily accepted in mathematics. The answer exists before you make up or accept the problem – and no one doubts this. Yet when Jesus made such statements he was laughed to scorn: “Before ye ask, I will answer” is the identical thing. Whether you can make it appear or not depends upon the one and only word in the Scriptures that unlocks everything, and that is “belief.” Belief is not emotionalism and argument; it is not metaphysical talk and extravagant ideas and vain imaginings – it is fundamental. There it is – and the first thing that must be done is acceptance. If this is not done nothing can, or does, take place. You are not trying to make it so – It is already so.

The moment it is accepted, a blending takes place – all the filth of human thinking and belief, no matter how scientific or wonderful it appears on the surface, is washed out – the kinks of human thought give way – and the bondage of a little life shut up in a body falls to pieces and the ONE is experienced. Then it is that the OPERATION of this power takes over and flows freely into perfect manifestation, and the OPERATION is a success.

Be still, very still. You can begin to let something operate in you that is greater than thought. You can do exactly the same thing Jesus did or the mathematician does – you can go unto the Father and receive the glory that was, and is, yours since the beginning. “NOW, O Father, glorify thou me … with the glory which I had with thee before the world was” before the beginning of the stupid thing called Adam – with all his wisdom which is foolishness, and all his ancestor teachings and beliefs.

Man says he is created of God and is the child of God, and then starts through a hellish morass of problems which, after he has hewn his way through them, leads only to decrepitude and death – a lovely picture to offer anyone. There is nothing in the WORD of Jesus to substantiate this. Returning to the Glory you had before the beginning – is suddenly to merge into the ONE and see a complete revelation and change. No matter what the picture is – whether it is a physical, incurable thing, or five thousand to be fed – it is all the same; the OPERATION of God begins immediately to take place and the patient finds he is no longer a patient, but free from the beliefs of JOHN SMITH.

We are not looking for cures any more – but for revelation of that which was created in the beginning in the image and likeness of GOD – even as the BELOVED proved it so conclusively that LETTING was the only possible way of attainment; and that the moment a person stopped trying to force issues and stopped trying to make things happen, he discovered this OPERATION of GOD passing through the temple Body searching the joints and marrow and revealing that which eternally IS.

So, the operation that you are contemplating whether that be physical or mental, body or business – when it is known to be the operation of God, suddenly causes great and magnificent changes to appear. No matter where you are, HE is there also – and that Presence becomes a MAJORITY whenever you recognize it, – and whenever you stop trying to make it a majority, and recognize there is but ONE and let it fill all the vacuity of human thought and belief. “I have a way ye know not of” – is that good enough, or do you want to add your little bit of human knowledge to it? Do you want to be more than a “majority” by adding your opinions and beliefs? Do you want the GLORY which is the proof of the Presence – or do you want the overcoming by human thought-taking? Do you want to be still and KNOW or be still and tell God just what to do?

Recently, English physicians proclaimed that cures were made by introducing a patient to the X-ray machine without turning on the power. The same article told of warts removed when nothing was materially done. If a wart why not a cancer? You answer it, you with all the knowledge of how impossible it is without the knife. “Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up” literally. Do you hear?

So the operation, “MY” operation, took place and nothing happened – and nothing is going to happen but the revelation of that which is glorified by recognition of the ONE.

There is only ONE operation and only ONE operator and only ONE Majority, and you are beginning to see that you are the center of all this and are the ONE through which it takes place.

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee” – does not say maybe, nor yet perhaps. It says “I will answer thee.” It is wonderful! There is only one operation, the operation of God in the Kingdom of heaven.



But I say unto you:

“Call no man your father upon the earth: for ONE is your Father, Which is in Heaven.”

Now that you have taken off at the new level of Spiritual Ancestry, you will begin to experience new dimensions of power hitherto unknown. You take on some of the talents and capacities so beautifully shown by Jesus Christ, who constantly relied on His Spiritual Heritage to do those things which the material parentage could not understand, let alone perform.

Remembering his God Heritage, man performs those things which are both impossible of explanation and of accomplishment in the relative world. All action of God is miraculous to human thought. You are unborn, created instead, immaculately conceived in the mind of God out of immaterial substance.

Claim your heritage. Check the capacities shown by Jesus Christ and begin the assimilation of this heritage, the unborn. The “Before Abraham.” It is wonderful! The Mind which was in Christ Jesus is literally in you – and gives you unlimited scope of expression. “Now O Father glorify thou me … with the Glory which I had with thee” bespeaks much to the one who has ears to hear.

“Thou art confined by no bonds, and thou art the moulder and maker of thyself. Thou canst grow downward into the lower natures which are brutes. Thou canst again grow upward from thy mind’s decision to the Life of higher natures which are divine.” – MONTAIGNE.

Your birthright is the immaterial substance called God.

No man could possibly teach you the things that are revealed from your Spiritual Ancestry. Brushing aside the three dimensional limitations, the power moves into manifestation effortlessly and transformation takes place. As we go from one dimension to another, we instantly take on all of the powers and qualities of the new dimension. As the two dimensional photograph becomes the three dimensional statue, so does the man who moves from (the human-thought) third dimensional realm become the Christ – and instantly finds that those limitations of the former dimensions are nil. He neither overcomes them, sets them aside, or does anything with them other than to ignore them. You are the unborn, call no man father-you were created.

A chalk line may represent a prison to a two-dimensional being, if there could be such a thing – but when he raises himself up into the third dimensional consciousness, he neither works out of, overcomes, nor yet destroys the prison. Now the chalk line represents nothing to him to be overcome or destroyed. “If I be lifted up… I will draw all men unto me” is true because when you enter into the consciousness of any degree of God, you instantly appropriate all the power in that “mansion,” as natural and normal – and you likewise draw all the manifestation to you of your new consciousness.

“I will arise and go to my father” is the last gesture of the human mind which man makes when he goes into a new dimension: from. the Son to the Father. And whatsoever he seeth the Father do, that can he do likewise, for now he is about his Father’s business – the releasing of this wondrous LIGHT into the darkness of human existence and the results are sure and natural.

We see the power of the new dimension in the commands of Jesus Christ. When He spoke, His word carried with it the capacity of fulfillment and revelation, so do your words when they are spoken from this elevation of recognition.

It is after repeated failure to make the wisdom of man “work” that man finally turns from the human father and enters into his Spiritual Heritage, his Spiritual Ancestry – which so completely changes the pattern of life.

“Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith.”

As long as we are identified with the human parenthood, we partake of the foibles of that ancestry – and there are many fables and endless genealogical discussions. There are the grandfathers with their predisposition to evils from certain bloods and races. All this is cast into the discard literally, too, for you are “born again.” And this being born again causes a new set of ideas and pictures to take place. The discovery that you are literally propelled by God and not by man gives you a wonderful relaxation into LIFE.

You are told to let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. The mind of Christ Jesus is that which enables you to know without the intricacies of human reason. It is intuitive – that which is mistakenly labeled psychic.

When you consult the man whose breath is in his nostrils, you have most certainly “turned aside unto vain jangling.” It is recorded of those “desiring to be teachers of the law” that they understand “neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm.”

So with the NEW LIGHT, do we discover that:

“Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient.”

When we enter into our Spiritual Ancestry, we are no more under the curse of the Eater, – but under grace, that indefinable quality and power which functions in luminous silence through the channels of being. It is the unseen Presence which is so necessary and which is so evident and which apparently increases in all its capacities when once recognized. The law is not made to inhibit the actions of man. It is only when he does not belong, or understand, he feels the sharp surplus of the “wrath of God” because he ignorantly or intentionally attempts to break it.

Like oxygen which is an invisible, tasteless, colorless, odorless substance within the atmosphere and which is so essential to man, so is the Grace of God, the immaterial substance which abounds for us everywhere, even in hell – and has the pouter of resuscitation and resurrection for those who recognize it.

There could not be an argument about the existence of oxygen, even though it is impossible to handle or see. Why should it be so difficult to accept the unseen power coming from the Spiritual Heritage and Ancestry of man? Why should it be thought that you can handle God, any more than you can handle oxygen? You can only move with it.

With the acceptance of Spiritual Ancestry will come the qualities and talents so long withheld.

“But as many as received Him,

to them gave He power to become

the sons of God,

even to them that believe on his name:

Which were born, not of blood,

nor of the will of the flesh,

nor of the will of man,





“God requireth that which is past.” You are the WORD made flesh; you discover Life is in the present tense. Jesus was able to step down the invisible POWER of God into visibility. Everything He did had to come through His body, literally- just as it has to come through your body, regardless.


Before you hear the Word, you are always expecting things to happen from the outside through the time-space idea of thought. Presently, you begin to see that all things that are to happen to you must and will come through your temple-body. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” In that flesh is the only place you can experience God. “Yet in my flesh shall I SEE God.” That is a literaland not a symbolical seeing -or a feeling. “They should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him.” The degree of manifestation depends upon your ability to accept the Truth, and the willingness to let yourself be overshadowed by the Divine Destiny of your life. When you are overshadowed by a desire, you conceive; and if you ponder these things in your heart and keep them in the “dark” of the “within” then you “feel” the gestation of the new idea taking place. Presently you will set your child on earth.


God requires the past – and He does – the past is only a pack of ancient beliefs you have accumulated from the ancestors, such as: “born of woman” – few of days – full of trouble -when you would do good, evil is present -­the unexpected always happens. Presently you have made the transition: now you “call no man your father upon the earth.” You have redeemed the past. Both past and future have already taken place. They are pictures cast on the ethers, and they have only the reality you give them by sustaining them in and by human thought.


“The former things are passed away” – all of them. Nothing is tobe salvaged, and this precludes the separating of the goats from the sheep, the culling of what you call good and discarding the rest. Remembrance of the past is the stuff of which karma is made. Release the whole thing. Intermittent patterns of good are of small value – the vacuum caused by the evil between is too great. To believe is to manifest.


The John Smith body is a mass of changing atoms which have been largely under the control of the Adam belief and haveconstantly come under all the laws of that belief. Nothing is more patent than the ease with which this detached mass o f atomstakes up evil. John Smith does not believe in good; he only triesto. He will take in all evil and act upon it-he will reproduce any suggestion that is given him. Tell him of good and he will say, “Well, I hope you are right – but . . .”


If you do not see the old human pattern for what is it, you are condemned to go over and over it. You will come again and again until you free yourself from the squirrel-cage. Birth, growth, maturity, decay is the old treadmill that goes on and on, until youremember and see what the prodigal saw – that the pattern he traced from the moment he left the Father’s House, was a grotesque design of imagination, illusion.


Fame, from the human level, dies the moment publicity dies. The moment a person of fame is ignored, he too, dies. He may still feed on the husks, looking for a grain of wheat -but they are few and far between. Nothing that is past or future has anything but a moment’s stability – “Like the snow falls in the river” of which Burns speaks, “a moment white then melts forever.”


When LIFE in the FLESH (“The WORD made flesh”) comes into being, man perceives the finished mystery instead of the demonstrated picture. He moves among the finished things of creation. He literally “feedeth among the lilies” and he begins to understand the com­mand to consider the lilies how it is theyexpress.


God requires the past, and the future – and you stand at theeternal NOW looking in both directions and per­ceiving what is the height and depth and majesty of God. You see the woman at the well and the man under the fig tree. In the pages of the past which you have written, you see the characters you have essayed in what you call other incarnations. They are everything fromSimple Simon to magnificent Alexander.


But now you remember that all the time you have been just what you are NOW, and always will be. It is as though you stand at the middle of a teeter-totter instead of being at one or the other end, depending upon something other than your true self. You operate the whole equation when you see this, because you are through with the desire to make God do things for Simple Simon or Alexander the Great.


God requires the past. Nothing has really happened to you, any more than happens to the silver screen when the pictures of evil are cast thereon.






“Thus marched the host as a consuming fire.”


The best English I ever heard spoken was not by an Oxford Don, nor by a diplomat, statesman, or actor. The best English I ever heard was spoken by an Italian barber, who said he had never studied English and did not know a subjunctive from an adverb.


He told me he came from a poor Italian family and had virtually no education. He was not conscious of his perfect English. His brother in Oxford, England, owned a barber shop. The lad went there to learn the trade. He was literal­ly pitched into a sea of English – most of which was cor­rect and unaffected, and much of it beautiful. He, like a blotter absorbing ink without effort, acquired English.


The best healer I ever knew was one who had never read a textbook on modern ways and means, but had studied closely the words of Jesus Christ-the ways of Jesus Christ – the manner of Jesus Christ – until one day he had absorbed it and automatically embodied it. He became the consciousness of it in action, and did not have to “know the Truth” or “think the Truth.” Truth did all these things through him. Perfect manifestation followed, as the perfect speech fell unlabored or unthought of from the lips of the Italian boy.

The emphasis is not laid on study, but on recognition – a man can know all about a subject from a dozen dif­ferent levels, and yet be unable to do anything. “At a mom­ent ye think not” it takes place. It would seem, then, that most of the wonders of God take place at a moment when we do not do anything. That is the moment He is scheduled to appear. That is the moment when we arcabsent from the embodiment and present with the consciousness. That is the moment of integrity.


Ye “shall speak with new tongues,” is true in the case of an actual language as well as the NEW tongue of LIFE and TRUTH which heals and transforms the heavy thought-pictures of evil. When you speak the truth actually, you speak in an unknown tongue.


“Authors communicate themselves to the public through some particular and strange mark. I do so for the first time through my universal BEING, not as  Montaigne, not as a grammarian, or poet, or jurist.”


Vain imaginings that are spoken of in the Bible include the modern idea that if you imagine you are rich, well, or happy, such things will take place. You have only to put this theory into practice for a few weeks to discover the discrepancy.


According to modern psychiatry man has an infinite variety of minds: conscious, subconscious, unconscious, superconscious, etc. So then, minds many have many ways; they have little to do with God. God is the One and only mind. The only intelligence – the unconfused.


Absorption is a nice new word with which to return to Jehovah.







SELF affirmation is, then, self extension. It reaches out to find its one UNIVERSE perfect and intact. Man be­comes aware – even if he is in hell – or heaven. Finally the illusion of prodigality, with all its belief of birth and death and of a thousand and one false faces of reincarna­tion fades away like something written on the surface of the waters. It is all the record of illusion – or maya. Man is SELF revealed. Nothing matters but the contemplation of LIFE – the ONE. When this is entered into, the dimen­sions of health and human belief are obliterated.


The discovery of Life is like unto mathematics. Every­thing is finally reduced to a common denominator-ONE. All action is thereby understood and the beliefs in evil and sickness are deprived of the POWER which has been made to function through Adam belief. Sickness and even death are found to be mistaken interpretations of LIFE. Resolved to its ONENESS, LIFE is capable of doing any­thing that is set before it, through any body or temple.


Matter is limitation, and the descent into its patterns as realities is temporary. Not understanding that all matter is a constantly disintegrating state of illusion, man tries to hold on to it believing it to be substance. The slightest change in his belief causes money to be worthless – yet he has done nothing. Once I saw a man in Germany throw a million dollars (at face value) into the ash can, during the money crisis after the war. Suddenly, it was not worth the paper it was printed on. At one time it was a King’s ran­som. Where then is the VALUE – the real substance? The value is not in retention, but release of money, even as it is in life.


Presently you will go away from all the “talking serp­ents” and restore your SOUL, your point of contact with the universal God -“Come out from among them, and be ye separate.” It is then that you begin to hear ME and find ME in the strangest, and most unheard of places and temples. You will begin to know me for I will See you “a long way off.” The grunting and squealing of the swine do not bother you any more.


In a short time – in a sudden elevation of consciousness – they and the pigsty of experiences will have vanished away, and the place thereof will be no more – neither the memory of it.


The seed and the flower are in each other. They are one and the same  thing -the eternal. circle of matter. They are held in the Cosmic grasp of Life, and so when man discovers this power which holds everything in its grasp – even the “winds and waves,” he is free from the vicious patterns of thought. He will throw himself off the wheel of human belief into the glorious LIFE, illimitable – eternal, into the very essence of Bliss and delight. Yet with all this wondrous dimension of consciousness, this SELF extension, shall he Live and move and breathe in God, on the earth: – in it, but not of its changing, shifting evil laws of belief.






The moment I dared to Launch out into deeper waters – I automatically found it was easier, and by the very act of doing so, discovered that I could swim better. Out there I found bigger fish; larger ideas that were unknown to me as I stood upon the shore of human reason.


Swimming in the “deep waters” is safer and easier. There is less chance of running against hidden objects. In the shallow waters, there are always masses of human reasoning like projections from a coral reef which lacerated the swimmer’s flesh. Out thereit is free – it is a gateway into the SEA of LIFE wherein limitations and degrees fall away. It is like being swallowed up in LIFE – RAW life. Life that had not yet been measured by the yardstick of human belief. Eternal LIFE which knew no more of the passing of time than does the sundial. Gradually the quality of LIFE became apparent – and an understanding of “this is LIFE eternal” – IS (not shall be) come.


It all became consciousness and from that time on it began an automatic operation- just as it was with Jesus Christ; how it was that He came with this recognition of one, and even death could not withstand the brightness of this consciousness. The shadows that marked off the hours on the sundial disappeared into nothingness and He stood revealed. Self revealed – and self resurrected into the new elevation of LIGHT.


If it is true – and it IS – that “THIS (here and now) IS Life eternal to know ME” -then the moment you know ME, the Christ within you, you will experience this power and manifestation; the function of LIFE -RAW LIFE – Life’s Primordial Principle that has not yet been touched by human thought.


The moment you actually HEAR anything, you become conscious of that thing, and the moment you do this you cease talking of and about it. SPEAK THE WORD which cannot (has not the possibility to) return unto you void, but shall accomplish (because that is the nature of its ongoing) whereto it is sent. Wonderful when we contem­plate this degree of LIGHT, and know that it is no more to be demonstrated by man, but is to be brought forth through him; through His temple body. Then he begins to experience LIFE immortal of which Jesus spoke and which he showed to the disciples by his self resurrection. They could not sustain the consciousness long enough to dwell permanently with Him – for their belief had not yet come to the place of recognition. He went nowhere. The LIGHT, elevation, was too bright for them to stand, and they were blinded to that degree of manifestation.


YOU can only see that which is in your consciousness – nothing else – but that does mot gainsay what the one next to you is seeing and experiencing. You will know somewhat of the degree of light by the amount of “talking” that goes on. No one who has SEEN the LIGHT is wasting time trying to convince another about it with words. He will SHOW it.


Opinions and beliefs operate from a level of personal teaching. To imagine that Truth could be trade-marked is to cast yourself into the prison house of a personality -­whose’works will only last as long as the energy of that personality stands. Then it will be disassembled into a thou­sand and one forms of the original revelation. In Christ Jesus we find no rules, regulations, nor special brands of Truth. “Why callest thou me good?” should open the eyes of all the Holier than thou who imagine they are High Priests and need a background against which to perform the works of God. Yet a little while and they are no more, nor the place Thereof. If you cannot call Jesus good, how is it that you will fall down to the personal teaching of some one who has comelater peddling the words of the Beloved as a personal possession.


As Marconi gave to his “wireless” a body and form, so did Mary give to pure spirit a body and form, and because of these embodiments can we carry on and bring forth anything that lies in that embodied principle. That which was done through the embodiment of the wireless principle was once denied by many savants and scientists. We see what transpires when we recognize the WORD MADE FLESH in Jesus Christ. Anything and everything he did through that embodiment, we can do. Making “de­monstrations” is a divided truth; a separation of LIFE into a belief called personal health which begins immedi­ately to enter into a state of disease.


From the discovery of Marconi we have the radio – and now the television, and talk of the retroactive possibil­ity wherein the power will be extended into the past, and not only pick up voices but records photographed on the ethers aeons of time ago. The past and the future are one at the center of being. That which happens to the shadow (matter) stems from the Center of being. That is why Jesus could telescope time and space and produce the harvest NOW, instead of in four months. The whole con­cept is completed and finished in the MIND of God. There is nothing but the shadows on the sundial of belief to deal from this elevation. To think on these things from the standpoint of human belief and reason, is to find oneself as bemused as Titania in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” She fell in love with an Ass and found him the most beauti­ful of creatures. So does that one bemused who tries to demonstrate LIFE Eternal. It cannot be demonstrated; it must be recognized. It is a discovery of something that has always been. The “former things” and beliefs do pass away –=- “all things are made new” or discovered to be new and unchangeable.


As suddenly as the harvest appeared, so do we dis­cover we are already “THERE.” We are not going any­where. This war ridden world is still the KINGDOM of heaven. The shadow of human existence is merely the picture which is superimposed upon it.






“Faith is the SQUARE beyond reason.”


We easily reason that God is all-it is so-but nothing is altered. Reasoning and affirming the causes for and against “healing” amount to nothing. It is like the wheel in a squirrel cage, much movement but getting nowhere. Always with the question, “Well, why doesn’t it happen to me?”


Laying down a premise for the “how” of God is lost motion. “God moves in a mysterious way” -not in the way of human reason. By every Law and argument, you should be well, prosperous and happy. By every bit of reasoning, the seed you hold in your hand should produce after its kind – but nothing happens to make this so. The old shell of reasoning and thought must give way in order that the Inspiration of the Almighty might take over. Futility follows close upon the heels of reasoning. Until it is squared to a point beyond words, affirmations, ways and means, nothing will take place. Yet it is so that FAITH -as a grain of mustard, will accomplish that which reasoning cannot imagine.


Jesus Christ the Man, standing as an indestructible symbol of the CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD, is an estab­lished fact. Nothing can be added, nothing can be taken away for He is THE WORD MADE FLESH.


In Acts there appears this thrilling statement of the Truth:


“Times of refreshing shall come from the

Presence of the Lord.

And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before

was preached unto you;

Whom the heaven MUST receive until the times of

restitution of all things,

Which God hath spoken by the mouth of all

His holy prophets.”


Reason has led many people to the place of denying Jesus Christ as anything other than a myth, yet they spend their entire time using His Blessed WORDS. The old crucifixion, rearing its hydra-head again tries to destroy the Messiah. What does John the Beloved say?


“I have not written unto you because ye

know not the Truth,

But because ye know it, and that no lie

is of the Truth.


Who is a liar but he that denieth that

Jesus is the Christ?

He is antichrist, that denieth the

Father and the Son.


Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath

not the Father;

But he that acknowledgeth the SON hath

the Father also.”


The reasoning mind is perpetually looking for “clay feet.” It always brings its statue down upon its head and is destroyed.


Tschaikovsky once said regarding inspiration:


“Do not believe those who try to persuade you that composition is only a cold exercise of the intellect (reason). The only music capable of touching and moving us is that which flows from the depths of the composer’s soul.”


The only WORDS which are capable of changing the patterns of human thought are those which flow from the source o f inspiration when the lips are not engaged in forming articulate arguments – but are free to release the Inspiration of the Almighty.


“SPEAK” -it is like an explosion, so sudden and un­premeditated is it – “SPEAK the unique WORD,” – the WORD which will be supplied to fit the consciousness recognized.


“For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life,

Nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers,

Nor things present, nor things to come,

Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature,

Shall be able to separate us from the


Which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


Once you are persuaded, you enter into the new dimen­sion which is certainly the square beyond reason. So quickened is it by the INSPIRATION of the AL­MIGHTY that anything-yes, anything-cantake place.


“To create a book, a picture, an opera, it is necessary to becomeSELF-conscious and oblivious to the outer world (appearances).” To bring out anything that is un­seen by the human eyes, it is necessary to discover it as completed and done within the consciousness. Then ways and means will take care of themselves. Every movement of God in the flesh is one of success. Every WORD uttered from this level of consciousness carries with it SELF-FUL­FILLMENT. To be SELF-conscious is to become con­scious of your real SELF – and to operate from the guidance there from.


So often have you and I wondered how it was that only at times we seemed to be on the beam. Until the mind is picked up to a complete unison with MIND, it cannot support the floods of LIGHT – hence the apparent retir­ing of this force. Human mind could not receive or take the inspiration of God.


“Why art thou cast down, O my soul?

And why art thou disquieted in me?”


There is just as much activity in being still as there is in motion. The seed must germinate and crack its prison bars. All this in silence. It is the holy period of gestation.


Faith – that quality which Jesus so desired us to ap­propriate-is not belief, hoping, or longing. It cannot be taught or learned from man or. books. It “overtakes” one because he finally believes.


“Generally speaking, the germ of a future

composition comes suddenly and unexpectedly.

If the soil is ready – that is to say, if

the disposition for work is there – it

takes root with extraordinary force and

rapidity, shoots up through the earth, puts

forth branches, leaves, and finally blossoms.”


When you are ready – when you have come to the point of letting-then the germ of future manifestation comes suddenly and unexpectedly to you. In the fertile soil of recognition it takes root, pushing through the earth — and putting forth branches and leaves, finally bursting into fullness of blossom. All the agreements you have made from this elevation are seeds that may stir at any instant -for all of them are to be established. So let go of the human reasoning and enter into that pattern or picture which is shown on the MOUNT -and see and feel the stir of the Divine urge within you and in the idea.


Behold, then, this Dreamer who has escaped the hard cold patterns of reason, and begins to dreant things into manifestation through his FAITH. He no longer “works” them into manifestation by words. He sees the vision of reality not as something intangible, but as the blueprint of that which is to be.


Behold THIS DREAMER, then, who dreams true and is through with the so-called “stuff” of human mind. The effortless quality of manifesting has nothing to do with the human concept which has no integrity to accomplish. Then comes a willingness to align oneself with the swift moving patterns, traced upon consciousness. When the moment comes for the CHILD (the manifestation) to be born, it is released – a perfect creation.


The sheer loveliness of inspiration overtakes us as we leave the hard, fast patterns of human reasoning and enter into our heritage. “Flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee” – no man is going to tell you the words to use and say. Open your mouth and SPEAK THE WORD that “I” supply unto you.


So do you begin to be a watcher at the threshold of manifestation- watching the automatic power of God come into being-watching the WORD become flesh with sure and unquestioned success — watching the healing manifest on a sick body as the coming of dawn, giving no thought or lending no assistance from the human mind, but perceiving the body-temple flooded with LIGHT and POWER. Gradually all human effort, reasoning and try­ing recede and the Dreamer stands at the portals:


“So while the poet stood in this sweet spot

Some fainter gleamings o’er his fancy shot:

Now was it long ere he had told the tale.”



When a thing is squared it takes on another dimension – so does Faith take on a` dimension beyond reason.






“The faculties are all there in an arrested condition. Man absorbs them simply by the operation of his continual gaze. His gaze at the Soul, and the Soul’s gaze at Him. In this state there is neither creature nor created, neither knowledge nor ignorance, neither all or nothing, neither limit nor name, nor kind nor wonder, no difference be­tween past, future or even present, nor even the eternal NOW. All is merged.”


When we come in the desert heat of human thinking and cease the mad hunt for God, we discover the here and now of His Presence, and it is then we find all the faculties we need or seek already there awaiting appropriation. As we GAZE at the SOUL and experience the brightness of His GAZE, we become lost, absorbed in the ONE: even as Jesus and Christ became one andare the WORD made flesh, the archetypal thing from which all manifestation comes forth direct from spirit. The coming of Jesus Christ into the flesh was the coming of Spirit into manifestation without the offices of man, and this tremendous revelation enables man to see how prayer is answered before it is asked.


“For we are also his offspring”-we were fathered by God just as Jesus was, and this recognition causes us to have the INSIGHT of soul for which we exchanged the limited sight of human belief. According to Aristotle the “moved and the mover are one” it follows naturally that God and his creation are ONE — and the movement of the One is the manifestation of the other. Thuswhen we return from the “far country” of illusion and enter into. the Kingdom, we experience the movement of LIGHT in the temple and the former things (limitations) pass away. They do not exist, for that which created and sustained them is taken away.


So do we see Jesus in the world and not of it. He passed through the illusions of belief with ease, experiencing ap­parently all the degrees of belief to prove their nothingness.


“I know how to live in straits, and I know how to live in abundance. I have been initiated to all and every hazard, to plenty and to hunger, to have abundance, and to be in want.”


“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”


From this elevation, we understand why Jesus asked the question, “What is that to thee?” What could it be to the mind that was able to see through the film of human thinking, and to know that beyond the glass darkly of belief lay the perfect heaven on earth.






“. . . . and golden vials full of odours,

which are the prayers of Saints.”


The embodied Christ Consciousness carries with it an odor of sanctity, a penetrating balm of healing-another facet in the infinite ways of God expression.


The sense of smell, when it goes beyond the surface knowledge, extends not only into the Breath of Life, which breathes you(instead of you breathing it)-but exhales an odor of sanctity. It fills the boundless space, envelop­ing all as clouds of perfume from fields of flowers.


Passing through the City of Grasse, France at certain seasons, one moves in an ocean of perfume.


In like manner when one enters the mind of Christ, he is enveloped in the odor of sanctity-and if he will, he can be healed. All healing depends upon a willingness to be healed on the part of the one seeking healing. He is the one who determines that, cruel as it may appear to one struggling to make it happen. When he stops trying, he will suddenly find himself submerged in the odor of sanctity, and healing follows.


The action of consciousness is always automatic. It can­not be made to function-but is always in action, even while at rest. You carry with you the odor of sanctity­and automatically without effort, it pours forth, giving, always giving of itself. The embodied consciousness of heal­ing likewise gives of itself without your doing anything more than recognizing LIFE, eternal and perfect. Then all effort to heal ceases, because effort indicates a recognition of imperfection. Nor do you try to project the healing odor of sanctity toward a condition to be healed, any more than aflower tries to be smelled. It automatically gives forth its perfume to those who are willing to enjoy it, and is not distressed by those who pass it by. If a disease can give off a loathsome smell, how much more can the Spirit release the odor of sanctity.


If the WORD is to become flesh, then it must have a body of blood and flesh through which to function. Jesus typified the WORD made flesh, and knew that without a flesh-and-blood body He could not show forth the power of God. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” There is no use to try and see Him without a body. Without an entity, God would be wholly unexpressed. “Man is God’s recog­nition of Himself.” Knowing this Jesus repeatedly referred, in one way or another, to the necessity of bringing the LIGHT into being by embodying it.


“I will take away the stony heart …..

And I will give you an heart of flesh.”

From the “human” sense, the heart is the center of all evil, from which pours the wretchedness of mankind. When you embody the LIGHT sufficiently, you will see why the human sense of flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. It is separated from God-and exists only in the world of illusion. You will understand how the substance of God, the WORD, becomes flesh­the flesh which is not the screen of human findings where­on every evil thought is recorded, but the medium through which is revealed the things of Spirit.


The “stony heart” which is taken away is the capacity to know both evil and good. It is a dual quality, a gift of the Adam concept-not of God, who is designated as of too pure eyes to behold evil.


The heart of flesh that is to replace the stony heart is the flesh in which God is visible-it is the feeling heart. It is the point of contact of which it is said: “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he”-the flesh Christ-the WORD made flesh-the place where the invisible is stepped down to a point of visibility.


Jesus is the perfect example of the WORD made flesh -and descends to the level of a belief, using Himself as a human guinea pig to prove conclusively the absolute nothingness of evil. He invited man to awaken to his true identity, wherein all laws of the human mind are nullified.


Matter, being spirit slowed down to a point of visi­bility, the denser it becomes the more responsive it is to belief. Jesus ran up and down the scale of LIFE as mercury in a thermometer. He could express at any level– ­could meet any man on his own level of belief.


There is nothing in His revelation which invites re­tirement-separation. He heartily endorsed a natural at­titude to all things-in the world, but not of it. Naturally, from this elevation He could say of the flickering shadows of matter, “thou hast nothing in me.” This stemmed from the perfect vision of “purer eyes than to behold . . . . iniquity.”


If you are to perform anything other than the reiteration of words, you will have to start at the point of absolute stillness. “Their strength is to sit still”-so be very still, and you shall know some of the things not taught of man— ­but of ME.


“But I have all, and abound;

I am full, having received . . . . the

things which were sent from you,

An odour of a sweet smell …..

Wellpleasing to God.”


When the five senses are reclaimed and are functioning correctly, then the terrible pressure of futility will pass, the intensity of thought which borders on insanity will relax. The frustrated human mind separated from the ONE MIND by the human sense limitations, will again blend into the One. Every sense must be extended to a point where it functions at its full capacity.


To Arise and Shine has nothing to do with the physical. Light is not manufactured by affirmations or arguments. It is LET into expression by being discovered as an IN­NER reality. It is uncovered (the mists are swept away) and “Lo, I am with YOU alway”-becomes a reality. At the precise moment you become aware of that state of consciousness, it has always been true.


The ARISING and SHINING because “thy LIGHT is come” is as effortless as the stretching forth of the hand through the belief of paralysis or the uprooting of the evil growth ‘that has been planted in the illusion of human thinking. All these gestures are effortless; they are inner movements. Self-expression moves and the flesh and blood body carries out the action. It is all done in the place of no thought taking.


Divine Law and Order come into being and set all conditions and appearances right-through SELF-revela­tion.

“ALL POWER is given unto ME

In heaven and in earth.”


Not to me but to ME. ALL things are possible because all that is real and eternal has long since passed the point of creation-and can be brought into expression through ME-but not “”me” the little personality who thinks he is a being apart from ME.


The versatility of the Christ Mind, employing all the senses, is the wonder we see materialized in Jesus. The sweetness of His Presence filled any house with the odor of sanctity-and brought release.


You cannot change a condition which you have accepted as real. Every effort you make to destroy it only establishes its strength. The more you fight a condition, the stronger it becomes. You are advised to “Put up thy sword”-  “Ye shall not need to fight.” “Set yourselves . . . . and see.” You do not see with the human eye until you have first seen with the inner vision. Once having SEEN-you can wait patiently until it appears. Sometimes this is “in the twinkling of an eye.”


“Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” of be­lief. Go not back, nor become a sluggard. At the precise moment of your recognition of ME, you will sense MY PRESENCE by the odor of MY GLORY-“an odour of a sweet smell.”


Today I am writing this-today you are reading it­and in the consciousness it is written, you will understand and be at peace. Many lovely pronouncements will enfold you and permeate your consciousness-and you will “walk in NEWNESS OF LIFE.”


“And he came near, and kissed him

And he smelled the smell of his raiment,

and BLESSED him, and said:

See, the smell of my son is as the smell of a field

Which the Lord bath BLESSED.”


Can you imagine a more wonderful odor than a BLESS­ED FIELD? A BLESSED FIELD (consciousness) or a BLESSED anything gives off an odor o f sanctity-and accomplishment follows. “BLESSED are your eyes, for they see; and your ears, for they hear.”. “All thy garments smell of myrrh.” You “lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” And all this because the senses are no longer capable of reporting evil.


Like Achilles, all human patterns and pictures have a vulnerableheel. Any one of your freed senses can find the chink in the armor and penetrate it.


All this wonder comes into being as naturally as the coming of dawn, when thou believest on ME. We are invited to be “partakers of the Divine Nature” – and arc asked to enlarge the borders of our tent (conscious­ness). This enlargement takes place from within out. I have often watched the Bedouin Tribes pitch their tents in the desert. They first stretch a piece of black cloth, perhaps a hundred feet square, on the sand. Then one goes under the cloth to the center and places the tallest pole in the ground, lifting the cloth. Others follow with shorter poles, pushing out the tent until it is the necessary size. Any time they want to enlarge the borders, they go within and push ‘the cloth farther out with the shorter poles.


Man becomes aware of a greater concept of his con­sciousness by much the same method, embodying more of it within himself-extending his senses. Without the Christ, man is as helpless as a spider without legs. “When you are ready, I will do the works”-it is up to you. The I AM works only through consciousness-not through human thought.


It is impossible for you to experience the old cliche’, “If I were you, I would do thus and so”-knowing full well the speaker can do nothing but that which is in his own consciousness. A financier could say to the poor man, “If I were you, I would make a lot of money”-but the poor man to whom he speaks has noconsciousness of money­making hence cannot do it, easy as it is to the other. If the financier were actually to take over the conscious­ness of the poor man, he would in turn be unable to make a cent. What about taking over the Mind of Christ Jesus?


Eventually such psychological tricks, as the idea that if you associate with wealth and money you will have both, are exploded. If this were true, every bank clerk would be a financier. A bank clerk who dispenses millions of dol­lars and sits amidst it all day does not become rich by association with money. Without the consciousness of substance, he can take from the universe nothing. To him who hath consciousness shall be given its manifestation, without effort. “Who then, by taking thought”-who, then, by thinking about money, dreaming about it, begging God for it, can add one cent to his coffers? He has no place to receive it-nor yet anything with which to hold it.


And so the odor of substance, the real substance, per­vades the very atmosphere of one who has entered into the LOVE OF GOD. The odor of poverty disappears with its stench that limits everything.


“All thy garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia,

Out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad.”


The odor lingers, as the memory of sweet music. Your presence shall bless.


Yes, the odor of sanctity that accompanies established consciousness will heal and bless without words. All these secret ways of KNOWING ME are given to the awakened one. You will not again go out to look for ME in purple and fine linen– for I am naked. You have a surer guide than appearances from which to judge.


“They have ears, but they hear not;

Noses have they, but they smell not.”


From the ivory tower of your consciousness, you are beginning to understand some of the dimensions of the freed senses. It is not at all impossible for you to bring floods of odors into being, by a contemplation in conscious­ness on a given flower or incense. Totry this as a test will mot work because that brings it to the level of the human mind-but through the CHRIST MIND it is accomplished naturally and without effort. And the beau­tiful thing about it is that you need not tell-others will make the confirmation.


Through the recognition of the FREED SENSES, you enter a NEW and WONDERFUL WORLD–a constant revealing of HEAVEN here and now.


“We took sweet counsel together,

And walked unto the HOUSE OF GOD in company.”


No one whose breath is in his nostrils will believe any of the good reports of the works of Jesus Christ, neither will he be able to sense the sweet odors of sanctity. In communion with your own soul, you take “sweet Counsel” and walk “unto the house of God.”






“For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.”


Though you have studied with ten thousand men, it availeth nothing unless you know that ye have ONE Father -and that you have been begotten in Christ Jesus,-that you have been conceived in pure spirit and are therefore the WORD Made flesh. From the moment of this recog­nition, you will seek no more for teachers among men, but within the consciousness of Christ Jesus and shall be instructed in things that ten thousand teachersknow not and only hope to produce by taking thought or “working” a trick law.


When you HEAR the NAME (Nature) of Jesus Christ -you cannot, nor will not want again, for it is life eternal; Life eternal cannot be conscious of any lack, limitation or hindrance. It is beyond the temporary, fleeting sense of life of the man whose breath is in his nostrils. He is still one of the ten thousand teachers.


No wonder then at the advent of Jesus in the flesh, it is recorded:

“Such music (as ’tis said)

Before was never made,

But when of old the sons of morning sung;

While the Creator great

His constellations set,

And the well-balanc’t world on hinges hung.”

John Milton


The greatest advent in all history took place: the perma­nent identity was clothed in flesh, and the matrix of your very self was established. Do you hear? NOW?





I saw a very ugly thing take place in one of Frank Buck’s pictures – a huge boa constrictor crawled through a pigsty and swallowed a small ,pig. The pig was many times the size of the snake, but he finally managed it and then lay there crushing it and assimilating it. It looked like a rather painful operation and certainly an unpleasant one.


If we will only accept the whole truth, even though it is so much beyond the human capacities we, too, will assimilate it-and presently it will be embodied in us, just as the yeast goes into the flour and cannot then be sep­arated. You will be conditioned to a new level of ex­pression.


When you enter into a new degree of Light, if you dare to accept it wholly and go through the process of assimilation, you will find you have come by a new, hither­to undiscovered way. The idea is sweet to the taste but bitter to the digestion.


Jesus started with the finished thing-and then the mechanics of it all took place. It is amazing how every­thing works out when you accept the finished thing-how one rough edge after another is sandpapered away; and presently it is yours; you have embodied it, become it, in action. Learning by the ancestor teaching is one thing, but assuming the talent and embodying it will bring out hid­den ways and means, and will produce wonders that the human mind cannot grasp.


When Jesus said, “They shall speak with new tongues” that is precisely and symbolically what He meant, for it is all ‘there in its perfection before you know a single word of it. The Voice from within, “Turn to the right ….. turn to the left” will guide you by splendid avenues of attainment of which no man knows. “It is I, be not afraid.” Remember always that the so-called “work” many do in Truth is mostly the human mind trying to make things happen instead of LETTING them transpire.


Yes, ye shall speak with new tongues, using the same old worn-out words-and this time when you say the WORD, the words that you use to express IT will be ef­fective; and the word PEACE will produce PEACE, and the word LORD will produce the Lord in the midst of thee. And so New and Strange Tongues will speak through you-not a hopeless jargon of an unknown tongue. Those who can HEAR, will hear-feel the WORD and SEE it come into manifestation here and now.


So like the ugly toad with the precious gem in its fore­head, you will have spiritual persistence. You will have swallowed it wholly and gradually passed it into mani­festation through the embodying of it all.






Way down in the country a woman took a mass of gold from a churn and began pressing it with a wooden paddle. Little rivulets of milk ran down from it as she worked. Finally, it seemed she must have gotten every drop of milk from it. I was impatient to be on my way, and said to her; “Give me some of it as it is-I am sure it is ready”-to which she replied: “If you take it now, the milk that is left in the butter will sour and ruin it. It must all come out.” And so she applied the paddle again.


When I first discovered the revelation of Jesus Christ and saw all its beauty, I thought it was ready for the molding into the shape of my consciousness-but I was to find that much pressure would be brought to bear upon it before that would be true. So much had to be eliminated of the self and many times, when I was sure it had ar­rived at a state of perfection, again and again a pressure was applied which eradicated foreign substance. Eventu­ally, I learned to “Despise not the chastening of the LORD.”


We have asked for and assumed the perfection of the Mind of Christ – and we shall eventually arrive. The process is not painful when once we realize what is going on. We are glad to see one belief after another eliminated -until finally the pure gold appears, and it is ready for the fashioning.


It is only in this pure consciousness of Jesus Christ that the so-called miracles can and do take place. It is the un­obstructed passage of the God thought. You enter into the new level of LIFE, wherein the former things are passed away-and all things become NEW. So-“It is I; be not afraid.”


“For I the Lord love judgment,

I hate robbery for burnt offering;

And I will direct their work in TRUTH,

And I will make an everlasting covenant with them.”


When the free flow of God-thought takes place, then your work in TRUTH shall have some meaningful di­rection, and your word shall accomplish whereunto it is sent. There will be no more need of “burnt offerings”­concessions to man-made teaching.


The mind of Christ Jesus is within you, and when recognized will bring into being the new-transformed body. The process begins immediately you make the recognition. The body is not a symbol. It is real and of the substance above “thought” law. It can be proven by the wound in the hands and side. It is actual.






It searches the joints and marrow. What is it that searches the joints and marrow, but the thing called LIFE which overtakes the limitation of health and flows freely through the temple body. It is wonderful when you begin to sense the Presence in the midst of you-and find that it cleanses the temple of all the old crystalized thought pat­terns you have been carrying with you. It catches up and overcomes time that arch enemy of John Smith that scratches its ugly history on the fair portals of the temple. All this is cleansed by that which searches the joints and marrow.


Thus far it may seem that it is all symbology but what we speak of is a literal thing, and it is the bidden word that is being discovered anew. NOW – “NOW are we the sons”-and the sons become the fathers and so it goes-­and you are beginning to see a new dimension coming into view-and you are becoming wiser than serpents and harmless the while, but one of the sure signs of wisdom is the coal of fire placed on the lips.


Right mow we are talking about the circulation of LIGHT in the temple-body. This LIGHT will take care of all the disease in short order, for it will reveal it to be nothing but a coagulated mass of thought formations none of which are true.


Why do you mot open wide the doors of the temple and LET HIM in? He keeps knocking at the door, and he is awaiting recognition and when he enters he does not only fulfill the desires of your heart, but is Fulfillment.


All this defies the argument of the intellect for it is noth­ing but “talk.”


Ask whatsoever ye will, and it shall be done unto you is plain enough is it not? Well, TRY to do it and see what an immense failure you have, because you cannot TRY to do it; you have to do it, and you cannot do it unless you BELIEVE. No one can teach you how to believe.


The Kingdom of Heaven is truly here-NOW. As you begin to experience the subtle movement of life overtak­ing TIME and destroying all its limitations, a great bond­age goes from you. The old cliche-the lag of time, or the drift of time through space- becomes a meaningless lot of words since in the new recognition of the circulating light through your body, the brain and the joints and marrow, you can do things with TIME that no man can even think of: that is, it can telescope time until a thou­sand years are as a day, and likewise it can stretch it out until a day is as a thousand years.


In plain language, you have all the TIME you need, for it is nothing but a human limitation and this you will prove to yourself when you see that it is done before you begin and a lot of other non-sense to the average man­but quite probable to you if you can BELIEVE. So do you get there, before you can possibly get there, and what is the good arguing about such a foreign equation? No good.


The Light penetrates and interpenetrates everything until all creation is redolent with light and melody, and LIGHT becomes the thing called LIFE, and you begin to know how it is that the circulation takes place through your body and through your affairs. It is wonderful­be still. If it searches the joints and marrow it also searches the eyes, the ears, and every part of your body. When the light searches the eyes, the blind see; the scales fall. It is wonderful! The Light returns to the creative principle and keeps passing in and through everything. Health ‘is sustained. From the new elevation, the circulation of light takes place. It is so written.


When the inspiration of the Almighty is come (and how does it come if it is not recognized and the doors open wide to receive) the circulation of the Light picks up uni­versal rhythm. Go in and shut the door. There is much that cannot be written. It is all between the lines, but he who has eyes will read, and he who hath ears will hear just what is being said.


Both time and space are nil in the spirit, and are over­come by recognition of the Presence no matter what ap­parent havoc they have seemed to create. Things are changed and man with all his wisdom, who knew so much, is suddenly confused. He cannot remember and finally he cannot say anything. Remember we are in the new day­the day of silence, and the day of hearing thegolden word speak through your temple into manifestation. Regarding the telescoping of time, how !often have you spent hours and thought it was only minutes and vice versa, so you begin to understand the moment you are absent from the embodiment, or the body, you are present with a time­less substance in which are all things and from which all things emanate.


You have the matrix when you pray. The form and shape is the DESIRE which is given to you according to the LAW-need I say the fundamental thing back of all this is the integrity of YOU. If you have no integrity, you are still trying to do tricks and you will say peace, peace, and there will be nothing but confusion. So it is time you went within and shut the door. Do you actually want the thing you are asking for since it will cause considerable change in your present thought-pattern? Recently, I met a person who had been an invalid, now recovered, who told me she missed all the care and attention she had formerly.


“Having done all, to stand.” It depends upon the first part of the law-“having done all.” What is there to do but to be true to yourself, and to have the integrity to stand upon your premise once accepted-no matter what the appearance. The moment you can do this, you are in the way of a wonderful new development as the flood of light circulates through your universe and reveals new dimensions not yet thought of by you. It is wonderful! Be still– be very still and “KNOW that I am God.” This KNOWING is not mental, but an acceptance of the LIFE and LIGHT everywhere present. I may know many things, but that does not make them happen. I know two and two are four-that does not make it so-it is already so, but that still does not do anything. I have to enter in, blend with the law of mathematics and let it run through_ into manifestation. I may know intellectually that I am well, but be awfully ill in spite of the knowing. The mental thinking-“thing” can do nothing, but the recognition, the absolute acceptance and willingness to stand will cause you to see the LIFE pattern come to the surface, even as a film is developed and brought to light in the darkroom.


So go within and shut the door, and having immersed your idea into the developer of recognition “stand and see” what takes place as you are lost in the recognition of the Presence. It is wonderful! You can and you will SEE eventually that every law of Jesus Christ is not only prov­able but more than that-it reveals so much more than you can think, or ask.






When you really pray it does something to you. Prayer Js recognition, and when you recognize that you are in the Presence and that the Presence is in you, it does something to you. Youare changed.


“And as he prayed, the fashion of

His countenance was altered.”


It is impossible to really pray and remain the same. No matter what the condition or belief is-something has taken place-the fashion of your countenance is changed into the likeness of your prayer. How could it be otherwise. The Other Disciple mentioned in the records, as the one who seemed to understand, is thepraying disciple, the disciple who recognizes the Truth and does not have to make things happen.


“Then went in also that other disciple,

which came first to the sepulchre, and

he saw and BELIEVED.


Interesting is it not to note that when you become the “Other Disciple” you have the “other understanding” which automatically causes you to BELIEVE.


Continuing the quotation we see:

“For as yet they knew not the scripture,

that he must rise again from the dead.”


Although Jesus had gone over it a thousand times-and told them he would rise again-they neither heard nor believed. But the “Other Disciple” believed it. Interesting that he went FIRST to the tomb. He went because he BELIEVED-and the tomb gave up its proof. How do you approach your problems?


The Other Disciple is the one who attained immortality in the flesh-because he BELIEVED in IMMORTAL LIFE-and kept his mind stayed on it. He kept the sayings and could not SEE death. No wonder then that Jesus said of him:


“If I will that he tarry till I come,

what is that to thee?”


It was nothing to them, because they could neither under­stand nor accept it. It could not be squared by their human teaching, and so they would run again to another teacher or Master trying to find out what the future held.


“It is not for you to know the times

or the seasons, which the Father hath

put in his own power.”


There is the gift of prophecy as surely as there is the gift of healing, but this gift is not poured into the tin re­ceptacle of human thought; it is poured into the Holy Grail-chipped from a solid sapphire. Are you fit to re­ceive the gift? You are, it says: “after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you; and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”


There are so many gifts awaiting your acceptance ­when you are ready. The things I could not tell you in Jerusalem, and which will never be written in books or spoken by the lips of man-will be told unto you. You, the Other Disciple-the disciple of Love.





And then, ever so gradually from a deep, deep sleep, I became conscious of awakening-slowly, half deliberate­ly; effortlessly as though arising from the bottom of a river. There was something delightfully refreshing about it all, as if one had come to the perimeter of sleep and lay there drifting, floating on the surface.


All around was the soft, velvety darkness. Nothing was visible in the room, or house. I could not see my body­I could see nothing-all was ONE-all was darkness. There was no outline nor, indication of anything. It was all one.


For the first time I seemed to understand and experience what it was to be One with God. It was not difficult to contemplate and feel I was living, moving, and having my being in God-in Spirit. There was no beginning nor ending to anything. I thought of the Life I had within my body, but could find no place where it started or ended.


“This”-inside and outside, up and down was Life eternal-a flood of joyous feeling and sensing that I was completely one with Life, and that the narrow confines of health no longer existed, all was darkness, all was Oneness; the mergence with God was taking place not unlike a gentle tide coming and going-flowing. This, then, was life without limitation and this was the place, the altar of communion, between man and God. It was the elevation of “Ask what ye will.”


As my gaze scanned the room, I could see nothing all was one; there was no division, the amalgamation seemed natural and real-tangible. The errant thought of disease and evil passed away as a smoke screen in a gale of wind;-it was all nothing now that it had no shape, or form, or outline.


All was without form and void, waiting for the spirit of recognition to breathe upon the face of the deep. Laws emanating from the very heart of God, spoken through the Temple of God, Jesus Christ “Heal the sick”-“Raise the dead”-“Open the eyes of the blind”-and as I lay there in the darkness without shape and form-in the Oneness, I heard these laws spoken through me, and upon whomsoever the word rested the instant possibility of manifestation could take place. The Life of God was flow­ing into and out of everything.


The still small voice kept revealing the hidden laws­things that had not been heard, nor seen, nor spoken were insinuated into the consciousness. All was one-all was darkness without form and void-all was Spirit.


It was as though a pulsation from the heart of God were taking place giving power to speak the word-the word of “I will” and feeling through in the darkness to the place where it would be expressed in instant healing and help.


Yet the Oneness-darkness stayed, and the “still small voice” kept repeating the Law: “Raise the dead.”


In the darkness, all was one-nothing was visible ….. one split second before the spirit came to the surface and the cripple leaped into the air after forty years of bondage . . . and the sightless one opened his eyes.


It was not with words many, with repetitions, with af­firmations that it all took place, for it had already taken place, and now it was coming to the surface by recognition.


Yes, it must all be accompanied by silence – stillness – there was no argument. There was recognition, and a sub­siding into the place of doing nothing but letting that which had been commanded take place.


Presently, a faint light diffused everything. I began to see that which had always been. Masses of shadow gradually took shape and form: a desk, a chair. They had always been there in the darkness; “Before you ask, I will answer” is not so difficult to understand when you become conscious of Oneness even in a degree.


Be still. Go into the darkness – Oneness.





“Be Still, and Know That I Am God.”


Suddently, for the first time I began to see or hear what BE STILL meant. It is a letting go of every desire-every wish or idea-a blankness. When this is established, the Power of God has the unobstructed way of expression and comes through into manifestation. Manifestation is the last stage.


It is action in non-action-when there is no “think” action in this inactivity of the personal, the Divine comes into manifestation. Not to fulfill the wishes and desires and ideas I had treasured for a lifetime, but to bring out the things that “eye hath not seen.” It is a discovery that reality, which has been trying to come through for so long, is about to express itself with ease and naturalness.


It is not a mental stillness-not trying to be still. It is a sudden letting go of everything-a complete surrender into a place of “Divine Indifference”-sudden recognition that this is what “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity” must be-but it is God’s opportunity only when there is a “stillness.” As the non-action of thought finally becomes apparent then, “Let come what may” floods into your uni­verse with LIGHT such as you have not yet known-and the veils of human belief are rent.


The glory (that indefinable substance) fills the house, the consciousness, and reveals that which is and always has been.


When you are still-all the mad human thought, desire, craving-dies. The breath is quiet, flowing in and out of the temple automatically. You are imbreathed. Some­thing happens that you have not yet known. Something starts pulsating. Life is manifested.


“Ye have not chosen me,but I have chosen you.” At first it may be a mere platitude, a poetic thought. Eventu­ally it must reveal a basic law–,-more accurate and un­changeable than mathematics. Awakening begins. Deep, deep in the heart something stirs. It is recognition. It is remembrance-“and he remembered” while he was yet Prodigal. “And He remembered.” He had gone through thousands of attempts to change and make something hap­pen by man-made ideas and learning. He had sought the world over for a “teacher” a Guru-and had finally landed in the “pigsty” with the husks of personal teach­ing around him, and the veils of human thought and be­lief still “grunting” ideas of how to “Get” things and change the face of the universe. He had discovered it was only a sort of “rooting” in the mud of ancestor teaching so filled with futility and frustration in the torrid cur­rents of evil.


That which awakened him sounded remote and far away at first-impossible of attainment-yet there it was echoing in the inner recesses of his being “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.” He could hear it with great longing and desire. That would do nothing. Finally he must HEAR it-discover IT. Not as something that had to be put on, or practiced, or made true, but as something which had to be recognized as true. The Choosing of ME brought inaction of the human mind and provided a wide-open channel for the action of God. Action in inaction took place. “I can of mine own self do noth­ing’-“but with God all things are possible” cleared the way for a glorious revelation. A discovery that Jesus un­impeded by the hypnosis of human belief, passed through closed doors into expression, even as the wind passes through the screen. Suddenly he DISCOVERS “that his father had enough and to spare.”


Somehow at the moment of NO thought, he was STILL and could HEAR for the first time the “Lord in the midst of THEE”- and it had something to say and do which had nothing in common with the gauche words of man’s wisdom; it began to extend all the senses into a place where revelation took place, and the “Look again” brought out that which had been impossible before. The miracle ceased to be the miracle and became the natural normal order and action of God in the Kingdom of heaven and he began to understand how it was that He had “twice as much as he had before” and how it was possible to “Look again” and see the hypnotic ignorance of man and ancestor teach­ing telescoped into nothingness. A thousand years are as a day.


He who chooses ME is chosen by ME-“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.” The legitimate ques­tion would be “What for”? For the purpose of earning my living by the sweat of my brow? The answer could only come when the “still” state had taken place, and there was no question or answer, opinions or personal ideas in the mind of man, only a STILL-ness a blankness of human thought. Then could the “NAME” be whispered to him­then could he hear, and for the first time hear “Be still and know”-and he could hear also the authority for this new dimension: “Call no man your Father.” If he heard this secretword and stopped trying to make it so, and l it come into being he would drop the great weight of a ccstor teaching. The avid desire to do something is su denly spent.


He who is chosen by God finds suddenly that he is onlydiscovering that which is. He is motivated by the ONE and accomplishes whatsoever he sets his hand unto, in way not possible to the labored human thought, even Praxiteles changed a piece of marble into the appearar of chiffon covering a. Goddess. A Thousand systems “technique” will not produce it. The action of God throu the inaction of man causes man to release a thing of beauty, to reveal that which is.


Be STILL-very STILL-yes, even STILLER than STILL.





If anything can rend you sore it must come out of you­ even as it did out of the other lunatic who was sitting in the graveyard of his ancestors playing with their bones, their ideas, and beliefs. When the dumb spirit (the per­sonalizing of evil in the individual) “rent him sore, and came out of him: . . . . . he was as one dead.” He did not have enough consciousness of God to stand up any longer- and then he was rent sore. The old beliefs you have cherished for so long-no matter how many thou­sands believe them-have to come out of you. So we bless and praise the Lord when He enters into the temple of your body, and sends one of these devils out-sends it to the surface where you can see it for what it is-and if it rends you sore-it has to come out. The moment you realize this you will loose him and let him go, and people will call it a miracle, but you will know it is just another belief which has entered into the swinish state of human thinking.


It is wonderful, for the Chastisement of the Lord is merely the LIGHT in the temple pushing these devils of belief to the surface to get rid of them. They take on all sorts of shapes and forms and powers as they come to the place of elimination-for they do not want to give up the only thing that is giving them life and that is your belief in them. It is wonderful how you rejoice for it is at the place of elimination.


Why make ye my Father’s house a den of thieves? You answer it, and then let this wonderful LIGHT circulate through your temple until it drives all belief in “health” and “sickness,” and a thousand and one other things you have taken in out of the temple. If it rends you sore and they say it is hopeless and incurable-rejoice for it has to come out of you, and all you have to do is to “Loose him and let him go” to receive the blessing of the Power of the Lord.


“By what authority doest thou these things?”- *by the authority of ALMIGHTY God. -Can you match that? Have you a ‘greater power to offer? Do you know of any­thing that is greater than the whole? That which created everything is more powerful than any part of the created thing-hence the Lord is still greater than your material­ized or personalized belief of evil. All you have to do is to recognize this to sec it come into manifestation-rising out of the sea in all its beauty and loveliness, even as Venus rose from the sea a thing of beauty.


The fourth dimensional being that issues from the fire has no smell of fire on his garments-but has transcended so many of the laws of matter-still is he “IN the world, but not of it”-not of its thousand and one beliefs in evil. Surely, then “This is the Lord’s doing: it is marvelous in our eyes.”





It is told that once a Mikado of Japan sent for his poetess laureate and asked her to write a poem about the Morning Glory.


After many days, she returned from her mission and gave it to him. On opening the scroll he discovered only these words:


“O Morning Glory!”


When he called for the meaning, the poetess asked him if he had ever looked upon the morning glory while the dew was yet upon it, and the earth was filled with the perfume of dawn-explaining that when she had she could only exclaim:


“O Morning Glory!”


Which was in a single expression, a full inspiration of that which the morning glory stood for. In a single word as in a single note she saw and heard the entire symphony of God.


Jesus kept making these magic poems-but they are only words or less, until they are perceived by the inner Light and then the letter bursts open and the revelation takes place. Reality replaces the unreality of thought.


“Heal the sick” then is a poem which, when heard, would become an epic or revelation, curing by that revela­tion the illusion of disease.


As the poetess stood in the early dawn and breathed the simple words-“O Morning Glory!”-she caught the full meaning of the revelation, just as you when you re­peat any of the poems written by Jesus. “Praise the, Lord” is poem enough if you know how to read.




As water that never tires running

As the wind blows eternally fresh from the seas As the spreading dawn absorbs all shadows As .the eternal song is in the heart of man

So is the Spirit of the Lord that quickeneth.

To recognize this is to cause the desert to blossom as a rose.

To cause the dead Lazarus to come forth in radiant life To cause streams to break forth in dry places

To satisfy the desires of every Living thing Suddenly

All unexpectedly

The Earth trembles with the unseen power of the Presence

It undermines the strange distorted laws of ancestor teaching

And overturns the altars of Gods many.

The Golden and Iron symbols of Necromancy So long established suddenly melt and run down. The High Priest flees from the Presence.





What is it that beats your heart? Of course, it is LIFE­but what is life? You have nothing whatsoever to do with the pulsation of LIFE in your body. The whole wonderful working is involuntary and is so much greater than any­thing of which man can conceive. The more you contem­plate it, the more wonderful it becomes. No wonder then: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” but what isit that runs the machinery? No matter where you place the body, it continues to work. A slice of bread is intro­duced into it, and changed into what you call nutriment -how? What is it that doesit, and HOW does it do it, and that, too, when you are awake or asleep – running or walking. What is that thing called LIFE?


“If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.” Never is a long time-and it savors of something so far beyond thought it is impossible to record. All thought­taking things die-and come under the law which is of “few days and full of trouble.” Jesus was talking about this strange unknowable thing called LIFE that did every­thing. This Life which is able to change the nature of anything-even poison (“. . . if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them,”) and it can when we contemplate life which is everywhere and we realize we are passing through it, as it passes through us.


“For in him we live, and move, and have our being” at the same time He lives and moves and has His being and expression in us. A new and wonderful dimension dawns as we contemplate the INTELLIGENCE which is so much above the wisdom of man. It is this intelligence which changes with ease the so-called intelligence of man.


It is not so difficult when you contemplate LIFE to understand how it raised up a decaying body, and made it whole again-for it is everywhere present and at the height of perfection, eternally.


That, too, is why you are told to take no thought of the purse. Most religious holy men have interpreted this to mean that the beggar’s bowl is the symbol of the man who follows Christ. Taking thought about LIFE and trying to demonstrate more of it, or to do anything with it at all, except to LET it through into manifestation, is utter foolishness. “Who hath known the mind of the Lord?” Maybe your teacher, or your book?


Do you begin to see what it is to contemplate LIFE­and that the reason for the appearance in the Flesh of Jesus, was that you might have LIFE and that you might have it more abundantly?


Your heart has been beating all the time you read this page; you did not beat it-you did not do anything about it, you let. When you are absent from the body in thought, it is well.


This IS-Life eternal.






He was in a “tight” place-He told me he had a Cross in his “chart,” and ever so often, when it came to a cer­tain point, caused very evil things to come about for him. He said if it were not for a trine in his chart (which came at the same time) there would be no hope for him. He said, “You do not believe in Astrology?” I said, “but you do.”


Over yonder there is a man who believes in tuberculosis, and you do not. I believe in God. “So do I,” he said. Then I replied: Why do you think the stars are stronger than God-and why, after you have discovered the evil in your life, do you want some one to pray for you?


In the case of the man who believes in tuberculosis he has a terrific backlog to draw from. Everybody who ever ‘ believed in it and everything that has been discovered on that level is established, and as long as he believes on that level, it works. It is the same with ‘anything you do­”As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” is a law-and if you believe in Stars controlling your destiny, then you have a tremendous backlog of belief to draw from to prove it true.


So are we all- a musician has the backlog of every composer and musician in the universe to draw from, and the more he “is absent from the body” he is present with this unadulterated established law of Music. It becomes automatic in its operation; hence, the untutored very often can do what the erudite cannot. No illustration is worth much -but when you begin to see that wherever your Faith is, there do you find the backlog of established belief which will function until you rise above that level and enter into a new plane.


What must it be then when you actually BELIEVE in the revelation of Jesus Christ – SELF discovery which transcends all other things, no matter of how long standing and no matter how many millions believe in them and can prove them in that elevation. They may believe and know and prove their point – but that ONE who hears the LAW -knows suddenly that ONE with God is a MA­JORITY over every belief though multiplied and estab­lished by millions.


One with God – one who recognizes the ONE and begins to enter into the Free oneness of LIFE – lives in the world, but not of it; this does not mean that he lives a cloistered, sheltered life, but he is above the rate of the human mind. He is no more under the CURSE (beliefs) of the law – but moves as steadily through it as a periscope moves through the ocean. He does not try to overcome, or destroy, but is absent from that state of mind which pro­claims God as all, and then finds a devil which has been created by walking up and down and to and fro.


It is wonderful when you learn that the very first move is to “go within and shut the door” – and stay in the silence of it all, not discussing or talking to any one – no matter however spiritual they may be. Finally, in that silence when you are absent from all the preconceived ideas and notions, you will hear what the Father or the Urge of the Divine Intelligence has to say to you. It is wonderful, and so simple it appears difficult to the human intellect which desires above all else to demonstrate God.


“NOW are we the sons of God” -there it stands – that is a statement of the LAW – you cannot demonstrate, but you can discover it. As you do and contemplate it, you will see it coming into being even as you develop a camera plate and bring the invisible picture to light. It is wonder­ful, filled with wonder.


Beliefs of the human mind run their course -finally you get no help from that from which you have received much help.


Finally, the thing does not work. The affirmation that seemed effective suddenly loses its power-it is like the salt that has lost its savor. Superstitions may be so strongly established in the mind, they act so perfectly there can be -so it would seem -little argument against them. But one day when you have discovered the revelation of Jesus Christ, you find that all wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God, and you find the chink in the armor and the two-edged sword of light cutting and turning in all dircc­tions – decapitating the hydra-headed belief you have been under so long. You, too, jump through forty years of bondage into the freedom of the Son of God.

That is all – go within – do not talk – do not expect anything, for the unexpected is that which will happen – “Stretch forth thine hand.” You can or you cannot.






In a column of “Ask and Answer” recently appeared a question some one asked the Sponsor:


“Is it possible to experience immortality in our present state?”


The answer was evasive, the gentleman fenced with meaningless words and phrases. He played a solo on a harp without strings.


“Yet in my flesh shall I see God” – has never been properly disposed of or fulfilled as far as public records go.

Yet –


No person is to keep you from BELIEVING.


We profess to believe the LAW as given by Jesus Christ, but it would appear we only go as far as the Ancestor teachings have reckoned; others may have gone farther. “Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead.” The Ancestors are dead even after eating the mys­teriously appearing bread in the wilderness which they demonstrated -BUT it is clearly stated that YOU have BREAD they knew not of. Would this indicate then if you were to EAT the bread which cometh down from heaven, you might experience immortality?’Jesus said: “I am the living bread … if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever.” Or is it just another “quote” from the Bible? It is time to awake from the waking dream.


No man can stop YOU from believing whatsoever you will, and when in your BELIEVING you merge with the BELIEF as established by Jesus Christ, you have experi­enced degrees at least of manifestation which are wholly unaccountable and even impossible to the Ancestors.


You profess to BELIEVE in Jesus Christ – does that mean you believe in HIM? If you believe in ONE thing that Jesus Christ said how can you discount others without making Him a Liar?


Just because you cannot MAKE it happen indicates only one thing and that is the degree of your ignorance, and no man can KEEP you ignorant for you have an open door to BELIEVE what you will, and when the WORD belief is understood new dimensions in the flesh take place. Be­cause you cannot see it says nothing at all.


This is not a collective thing; it is wholly individual, and cannot be talked of for it hinges very definitely on the Command-“Tell no man: but … shew.”


“Believe ye that I am able to do this?”


What answer?


What result?


Jesus Christ has abolished death and brought to light life and immortality. Does that mean anything? If it is abolished what then?







The early day mathematical genius, Pascal, found human naturewas so complex it only could be understood by the Law o fprobability. That sounds about as abstract a basis upon which to depend as anything you can imagine. Probability is nowhere nearpossibility -it is nebulous to a point of almost worthlessness. What a basis from which to work. No wonder Jesus said human mind is a liar and the father of it.


Man operates under the Law of probability. He dare not mention anything good coming his way without “first knocking on wood” to placate the voodoo god he has hid­den away within him and which he SECRETLY worships. Dare a human man to say, I am well, and actually be well, because within is the Well-Spring of Life. Nay! – not if he is still functioning under the human thought pattern, for “when I would do good, evil is present with me” and “it is the unexpected that always happens.” Pascal must be right; man works under the law of probability.


What will you do then with the daring statement: “With God all things are possible”? You have something definite in that statement. In watching the actions of Jesus, we see he had a perpetual habit of making himself “One with God.” What for? Is it any wonder then when you become ONE with anything, you become that thing in es­sence – “He made himself AS God” – of the very nature and substance. When man becomes one with music, he becomes a musician. Quite naturally then we can see this power operating over the LAW of PROBABILITY of human thought, in which are hidden all the evils of man­kind. All things are only possible with God.


What the mind under the law of Probability says is real “is foolishness with God.” Nothing that man says, dis­covers, or invents can stand against the Law of God – that which controls the Universe.


Yes, it is recorded that “ALL things (is that enough) are possible to him that believeth.” So you see how Adam gradually moves over into the dimension of Jesus Christ and drops the uncertain way of Life -under the LAW of PROBABILITY -and enters into the LIGHT where “With God all things are possible.”


This discovery of God causes man under the uncertainty of probability to put up his sword, being told “Ye shall not need to fight … stand ye still and see.” It is wonderful when he discovers he is no longer fighting the shadows of PROBABILITY.


The Laws of God are like the laws of Mathematics – never fluctuating nor changing, not affected by the ele­ments, the location, the emotions nor yet the “thought.” The laws of Probability are as changeable as a chameleon running across a rainbow. Perhaps they may work out and then again perhaps they may not.


You are no more under the uncertainty of the LAW of PROBABILITY when you once sense that you are SPIRIT – made in the image and likeness. It is wonderful to contemplate.








I was gathering material for a series of articles on London Street Life and had been watching the sidewalk artists – many of them magnificent draftsmen, with amaz­ing ability to reproduce famous pictures in chalk on the pavements.


Near the Church St. Martins-in-the-field appeared daily a series of pictures so perfect and true to their originals in the National Gallery (just a step away) as to be incredible. One day I stopped and talked with the artist.


He was a mature man of breeding and culture, and told me he had exhibited several pictures in the “Academy.” That was recommendation enough to know where he stood in the art world of the day. How then, did he find himself drawing his pictures on the pavement? Something had happened to his affairs and health and this was the only way out, pro tern at least.


Then he told me:


“I remember well the day I knew something had to be done to keep things going at home. Picture sales were few and far between – commissions almost at a standstill. I had watched the sidewalk artists many times, but as I stood and looked down upon them I never dreamed that one day I would be seeking a pitch among them, but I finally did. I walked by the spot on the pavement I had rented and looked at it – and then left it and walked many times around the block, hesitating at the place each time. Finally I stood on the spot and gazed down upon it, my box of chalks and bit of carpet under my arm.


Eventually I dropped the carpet and put down the box. Still I stood gazing down at the pavement. It seemed farther away than ever. For a long time I struggled against a veritable army of overpowering thoughts. The pavement was so far away. Then by sheer physical force I began to kneel. Eventually, after what seemed an age, my knees began to bend – and at last I touched the pavement. That distance between my knees and the pavement was the greatest distance I had ever traveled.”


Yes, it was the farthest he had ever traveled, because it passed through legions of beliefs, and meant a complete surrender of self. The same distance must be traveled be­fore any one can kneel in prayer, true prayer. He, too, must cover the distance which is so vast and awful. He, too, must surrender all former ideas, thoughts and opinions – and be ready and willing to take off at a new level.


When Jesus prayed, He first, mentally or physically, bent His knees. He surrendered His own ideas and beliefs-then raised His eyes (vision) to Heaven (the finished concept) and gave thanks, and then bowed His head to receive the blessing. All this wonderful symbology you will experience when you pray – really pray.


Sometimes in our concept of prayer, we get far away from the importance of the real technique and dispense with the reverenceof the act. I know, and you know, that the posture of the body has nothing to do with prayer; at the same time, it might have much to do with you. It was the obedience of Naaman the leper, that healed him-and not the waters of the Jordan which were virtually the same as those of the Pharpar.


I heard of a man who fell in a hole head-first; he im­mediately prayed, and his prayers were apparently answer­ed with as much speed and power as if he had been kneel­ing in a great cathedral. When you have eyes to SEE, you will understand what the Scriptures say unto the churches, and will know that the mental surrender that takes place when true prayer is made, sometimes has its symbolic physical accompaniment. He who clings to ritual alone is devoted to ignorance. He still does not know that until he travels the distance mentally, which is so far and yet so near physically, he cannot enter in – and the words of his prayers will be no more efficacious to help and heal than the tones from a phonograph record. Where there is no consciousness, there is no manifestation. Where there is no surrender- (no bending of the knees) symbolically­there is no entering in. Where there is no lighting of a can­dle and burning of incense literally – (it could be figura­tively) there is no recognition. The time taken to make the physical gesture might have something to do with it all. What think ye? Some day when you go to pray- why don’t you bend the knees? Maybe a little reverence will enter your heart again.







The inflation of self instead of the recognition of the SELF has brought down all the evils to which the human mind is heir. When a man thinks he is something-he is nothing – is self inflation. “He must increase, I must decrease.” The human self is loath to let go and let the Golden Self come into being.


Until we LET the Mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus, we will continue to function through the law of polarity-(the pairs of opposites) -endless overcoming, even while admitting we are in the Kingdom of Heaven here and now. We will experience the tiresome tedium of karma. When the Golden Being comes in contact with the belief of the “self”-(the John Smith, with all his laws of karma and limitation) the former things suddenly dis­integrate and disappear. The power that operated a hope­less fate is gathered up into the One. As the electric wire on the ground spills away power to no purpose–so is all the meaningless motion that goes on in the human mind.


A malignant growth disintegrates and is carried off through the temple and released. “Wilt thou be made Whole?” asks the Mind o f Jesus Christ-and according to the inner answer does it take place. Your answer com­ing from the “self” may be in the affirmative with intense feeling, but there is no substance of BELIEF back of it to cause it to appear.


When all the lost sheep are back in the fold, then does the shepherd rejoice. When all the beliefs in powers apart from God are redeemed and are again into the fold, .then a great rejoicing takes place-“For this my son was dead, and is alive again.” The SELF is Conscious Spirit-Con­scious Spirit is not just another metaphysical term. It is a Power moving in your universe. When you are conscious of a thing, it makes itself manifest. The Conscious Spirit of God moved on the face of the deep and thing happened. It is the SPIRIT of the consciousness that causes the con­sciousness to go forth and take form and shape. You are Conscious Spirit; you have come to LIFE. You are awake at last to the Presence in whom you live and move and have your being. When the Christ is awakened in your Ship, the raging storm that threatened you is stilled and there is a great calm.


Man acts objectively from the outside, until he dis­covers that everything he has in manifestation has stem­med from an inner idea-regardless how hopelessly im­possible it may seem and badly interpreted through the density of human thought.


Schiller said: “Man carries the Divine Disposition in­contestably within him.” It is well to remember this­really remember and call upon, instead of trying to estab­lish such a state of consciousness. Man carries the Christ within him whether he knows it or not, but until he recognizes it nothing happens but constant frustration and evil. Origen said around 200 A.D.: “The Soul is naturally Christian.” The Soul had been waiting for centuries for the coming of this Christ who would give to the world a sort of pied-a-there-a foundation or footing on the earth for Spirit. Spirit became flesh through the power of Jesus Christ, without the offices of man-and thereby gave man the Golden KEYS to the Kingdom.


Until the SELF is recognized-not created or put on­but recognized,man continues to make the circle de­scribed so well in this from Omar Khayyam:


“Myself when young did eagerly frequent

Doctor and Saint, and heard great Argument

About it and about: but evermore

Came out by the same door as in I went.”


When finally the discovery of SELF is made, and the recognition of the SELF takes place, then the outpouring of blessings takes place. This is the day of Multiple Bless­ings-not just a Blessing-but Blessings; showers of them, more than the sands of the sea-ifyou can accept them, you are finally thrown off the treadmill of human belief.







“The NOW-MOMENT in which God made the first man, and the NOW-MOMENT in which the last man will disappear, and the NOW MOMENT in which I am speaking, are all ONE in GOD, in whom there is only ONE NOW.”


“The Person who lives in the light of God is conscious neither of time past, nor time to come, only of ONE eternity.” M. Eckhart


NOW-at this instant are we;–NOW at this instant ARE (we suddenly become alive) we. We ARE, we exist consciously andsuddenly we become aware of this.


When God created you it was NOW, and when you are finally finished with the Adam mesmerism it will be NOW. The coming events of the human thought will only be real when they become NOW, and you have telescoped all the intervening time-space of human thought into a vanishing point.


Glimpsing this in a slight degree, we see how the “fields are white” before they were planted. Likewise, how the so-calledinstantaneous healing is manifested, and the actual physical disability eliminated. Something that is, is made visible, not created.


You are always doing everything in the NOW. It is NOW as I write, and it is NOW as you read. The intervening space is only a human thought interjection, and not a reality as you will prove presently when you stop trying to prove, and enter into theConsciousness of the Mind which was also in Christ Jesus, the original NOW man. Before you ask is NOW. The harvest before the planting is pure revelation. That which you ask for already is, but no’ human reasoning nor thought can make it so or ex­plain it.


Everything Jesus did was in the NOW. He eliminated the time element almost completely, because of his ability to look straight into the consciousness of GOD where the NOW element existed in its entirety. It is done, always has been done.


“Before you ask”-brings asking down to the point of NOW.


All this resolves itself into stupidity when viewed by human reasoning which believes only in its own limitations and knows nothing that is not proved through the slow motion of past and future. Human reasoning believes that it must create something; that a flower must grow and fashion itself-design itself anew every time a seed is planted.


When we begin to LIVE (not exist) in God, conscious­ness unconsciously develops. That extra sensory capacity of experiencing the NOW in all things. We see the com­ing even before it happens, and know exactly what to do with the “destruction” which is coming to Nineveh. Returning unto the One is the way to avoid the evil pictures, which we have invented in our own rate, before they have time to get into operation. We devitalize them by our “repentance”-taking from them the belief in a power independent of God. Any condition or belief isdevitalized when you take your thought from it. Thought is what evil lives upon, and that is what sustains it and causes it to develop the fury which is so apparent when it strikes.


The ugly branch of thorns from which the crown of Jesus was fashioned was only a small bud of an evil thought once, and could have been crushed between the fingers. As it was, it. was allowed to grow through the time-space of human thought.


So does the NOW man begin to arise with “healing in his wings” lie begins to see the finished thing and watch the human thought be telescoped into nothingness. “Before you ask” becomes a possibility and is reduced to the place of “accepting” or “taking.” If he can make the gesture in consciousness, he can have, but if he tries to take through human thought, he finds nothing.


When the NOW man is actuated by the impulsion of God, he casts his desire from him. He does not hug it to himself and bind it with thought and .belief. He knows that the oak tree will remain an acorn until such time as he has cast it from him into thedarkness, where the curious eyes of human thought, cannot follow. And so with the desire he has held so tightly in his hands-he finally casts it from him. If he can and does forget it, in the same manner he does the actual seed which he drops into the ground, he will see results. If he keeps tending it, and digging it up, nothing will take place but defeat. He will “hold” no moregood thoughts. Knowing that an im­prisoned thought is of no use to any one, but if it be freed will go into fulfillment in the NOW.


As the heathens were reported to have asked in their ignorance:


“Where is (NOW) their God?”


So does the human mind believing that God has to move through the time-space of man’s thought, ask -for a sign, before he will believe. If you heal me, I will believe; if I could only see a miracle happen, but they are too “far” sighted to perceive what is taking place or has al­ready taken place. The Sight is extended “within” instead of being stretched to the far horizons of human belief. All extensions of the senses take place from within. This has nothing to do with the idea of “extension” (stretching) of human thought. When a man “looks through” he in reality lookswithin. When he hears the inaudible, he hears the silent, still voice which is supersonic.


“I will arise (NOW) and go unto my rather.” Every­thing you do is going to be done in the NOW, and the healing which accompanies the Gesture is made in the NOW, because the action takes place at the precise in­stant this PRESENCE is recognized. “NOW are we the sons of God”-not growing into it, nor developing into it, nor yet learning about it-we are perceiving a TRUTH which upsets all the beliefs so well established in the mind of man.


The Adam creation of time-space finally tumbles down about his head. He traces the old pattern of “rumors of wars”-then wars, then armistices-and then a war to end wars, and then the rumors again-and so he goes on the wheel of belief until he throws himself off into the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven here and NOW. This poetical “Kingdom of Heaven” so impracticable to the human thought is the one REAL thing upon which the Old Adam in his faint memory pins all his hopes. Vaguely he is try­ing to “fight” his way back to it through his own inven­tions and beliefs.


“Thinkest thou that I cannot NOW pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?” This NOW must be experienced-assumed and unconsciously become a part of the operation of you.


“Prove ME NOW herewith, saith the Lord of hosts if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to re­ceive it.” Again it must be done in the NOW, and not demonstrated in the future by human thought and ways and means. It is incredible that such a statement should be made to the human mind. That mind which is so void of blessings and is trying with all its power and force to make things happen. It has finally ceased to ask for bless­ings and is satisfied to compromise and accept just the bare necessities of life-and is even denied these.


Then this taunting command: “Prove me NOW ….. if I will not open you the windows of heaven.” When the HEAVEN opens, all is found to be orientated and in its rightful place. The opening of the windows takes place NOW. “In the twinkling of an eye . . . . . we shall be changed.” The discovery of the NOW has eliminated the past and future, and the answer is discovered to the simple or difficult equation of human belief.


“Come; for all things arc now ready.” You are invited to the Banquet of the NOW, but turn from it and you miss the “bread that cometh down from heaven”-the “bread that ye know not of”-you want the loaves and fishes.


When you stop trying to demonstrate  God and stop praying “at”Him to do your bidding, you will discover the same thing thethief on the cross discovered: “Today shalt thou be with ME in paradise.” This NOW day when you recognize the Presence and stop trying to recognize it, you will enter into the Vital, pulsating Center of Cen­ters-God-the NOW.












You are quickened by the spirit. The spirit of the con­sciousness is that which gives form and shape to unmanifest substance and causes it to suddenly leap from the un­seen. The answer to prayer comes into being through the spirit of the consciousness. So are .you quickened into mani­festation from the static thought of inaction. The Spirit is caused to act by recognition. The desert and wilderness of human thinking are quickened into life, and new and wonderful manifestation takes place. Man is suddenly quickened and finds himself capable of doing that which he could not do before, for the word “I can do all things through Christ ….. ,” has quickened him and caused him to Take unto himself a new dimension of power.


Yes, you are quickened even as the desert is quickened into a riot of color when the rain descends. Up from the barren waste and the ground of futility comes the beauty and holiness of theunborn you. You are of divine birth ­created in the image and likeness-without beginning or ending. Suddenly, you come into your true heritage and are filled with wonder. Literally and actually you are experiencing the new birth of the birthless one –self dis­covery. “Be still”-be very still and know that I AM God. You are the permanent identity. You are the point through which passes the I AM, and this is the bridge that spans the invisible and visible, the prayer and answer. Can you hear the word “You are quickened”? What takes place when you feel the up-gush of life? It fills everything; it floods through your universe with the message “It is well with you NOW” and you have at last heard and so you “Behold, what manner of Love the Father hath be­stowed upon us.” It has already been bestowed. Do you hear? You are being “told” things, realities, not taught how to get them but told them, and they are made yours by -the mere acceptance. When you accept the word you have heard, it is straightway put into the secret place­the seed east into the ground-and forgotten, and then at the most unexpected time it appears. So will this lovely manifestation of the quickening take place in you. Your word is quickened-given Life when it is spoken from the place of belief and recognition.


There is a difference in the words of John Smith and the words of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “I can of mine own self do nothing.” But when the word is Christed by the Spirit, then it comes into being. This is being quickened. It is like the germination of a seed. It goes right along to its complete fulfillment. While all illustrations are futile yet they do give us a little insight. The words of Jesus Christ are no more efficacious to heal than any other words unless the nature is within them. Hundreds of boys in Greece are called Jesus Christ. Nothing happens when they are called upon and certainly they are no miracle to them­selves or their families. So then that which is in the word is the substance. Yes, the substance of things hoped for and this is shapened by the quickening influence of recog­nition. A German or a Frenchman could heal you speak­ing to you in an unknown tongue if you could HEAR the Spirit and not the letter. You may proclaim from the housetops that Jesus heals, but that does not make it so. Without the nature – the soul of the word – it is noth­ing but a collection of dead letters.


The word YES spoken from the heights of pure recognition is as capable of healing as along dissertation on truth. It is that something which answers before it is asked; it is just pure recognition. Idle words are like tares scattered in a field of wheat. They are given account of at some unexpected time. Many times they are the cause of the condition you cannot understand why it happened­ so watch.


Jesus was a man of few words, and He always said YES to everything that was asked of Him. If the person could hear it, his problem was distintegrated and passed away. If he were looking for a materialization of the word, the very “looking” destroyed the whole picture.


Jesus spoke the word “I will” and healed a critically sick man at a distance. You say the word I will many times a day and nothing happens. So you see it is the word in the word that accomplishes. The word of Jesus Christ when heard brings transformation. No man can return to his former state when he has heard the WORD, and the wonderful part of it all is that every time he hears the word he is elevated to a new level of life, and he cannot return to the former state. It is wonderful. Mentally man can be lifted to the heights of joy and peace and sometimes plenty – and then without warning he can be cast down to his former level. Not so with the WORD of Jesus Christ. It evolves one into new levels and the former things are passed away, and he begins to operate quite naturally on the new plane. When he is prospered, there is no danger that it will be taken away from him, for he is at the level of reality of substance and it will remain. Nothing can be taken from, you which has come into being through the word of Jesus Christ — through the recognition of the Presence. You finally arrive at the point where you have alland yet own nothing in the sense of possession. You use everything freely and with integrity-it is wonderful. When you have nothing you have everything, for you have the substance from which everything stems. It takes shape and form by your desire and recognition even as the sea takes the shape of anything introduced into it -yet it is never actually shaped. Do you begin to see then the “shape” of money and how it proceeds from the void. In the beginning all was void and shapeless – and then began the so-called creation of things which remained as long as the consciousness was back of them. The moment you took the consciousness away, the manifestation went back into the shapelessness of the unmanifest. That is why you are told to go into all the world and take no thought of the purse, robe, body and food – because all comes from the invisible – and can do so instantly if you can accept it – but you cannot demonstrate or make it happen, or do any­thing to it by taking thought. You are told over and over again to tell no man, and no man is going to believe-but I tell you-and I hope you can hear that it can anddoes take place all the time. You can ask if you can, and it will happen with the accuracy and sureness of the laws of mathematics. It has to happen once the word is released, for my words are spirit and they are truth and they shall not return unto me void but SHALL accomplish, so there is not a chance of your word failing if it be in the Spirit. However, if it be letters, dead letters, and you are trying to sec whether it will work or not, I can tell you, it will not because of the lack of belief. It is wonderful! Why don’t you come apart from them and be ye separate for awhile and see what might take place when you turn it all over to the ONE. Since One with God is a majority, you can go without thought for the moment you make the recognition, something appears out of the nowhere or out of the somewhere. It makes no difference; the only thing is that it appears. It has to because the word of spirit cannot return void. The word sent forth then causes conception to take place and the child must and will be born.


The word of Jesus Christ is a permanent thing for it is a revealing thing, a thing that uncovers reality and dissi­pates belief. When it is HEARD, it brings transformation. No man can return to the former things when he has HEARD. He can never enter again into his former estate – no matter even if he tries; he could not do so because he has evolved from the human standpoint-from one con­dition of matter into a higher condition. Thus we begin to listen and listen and listen – until we HEAR – and then it is done. You will discover the Laws — the commands in the Bible go something like this: “Be still” – “Awake” – “Tell no man”; be quiet -go within and shut the door, but none of these you want to do. You want to tell God all about your personal problem, etc. When you are finally through with the noise and chatter of the human mind – the gossip of and about – and have relaxed and let go of all human emotions, opinions, and beliefs, you will HEAR. When you HEAR, you will obey. When he said, “Come forth” to a dead Lazarus whose body was in a state of complete putrefaction -Lazarus HEARD the word and came forth. It is so simple but it is difficult and impossible to the reasoning mind. Everything is so simple and un­involved with reason. It is something that transpires when you believe and surrender the last idea you have .of how and when it could happen.


If you do not believe, you are treating the whole subject of Jesus Christ as some newfangled idea–some trick that’ you can work – or that you might stumble upon. Do you stumble upon the air you breathe? And just now do you breathe anyway? Do you think about it and trace it through all the various beliefs you have of and about it? No, not if you expect to continue breathing with any degree of ease. It becomes an unconscious consciousness, automatically op­erating in a way ye know not of. So why don’t you quit trying and LET?


You are told to be transformed by the renewing of your mind -do you know what transformed means? It is not just feeling better, or getting a few sheckles – it is to be Transformed – “Be ye transformed.” What does it all mean? The command, “Be ye transformed” means to be transmuted, translated. The more you think about it the more colossal and impossible it becomes – yet there it stands, and when you run head on into the hopelessness of what is asked of you, you begin to see that you – like Jesus – can do nothing of your self. To be transformed then is a metamorphosis, a complete change of substance: like ice being changed into steaming water, boiling water. It is time that we went in and shut the door, and gave a little attention to the inner working of this Jesus Christ Law, instead of fooling around with appearances and things. A metamorphosis takes place when the grub is changed into a butterfly. So you are asked and commanded to “Be ye transformed,” by what? By the renewingof your mind. You already have the mind; it is all clogged with human belief which is nothing but evil – and this mind is suddenly cleansed and the transformation automatically takes place.


Well what do you say that we (you and I) stop right here and let some of the LIGHT of Jesus Christ flow over the words of Jesus?


SO does the coal of fire touch your lips, for what you tell is not believed. They laughed at Jesus and scorned his words. What then will they do to you and your words but tear them and you to pieces; yet what- can they do, when you can be like Jesus a little and “lay it on the table”? It is wonderful. Ho, any man (I do not care who he is) can, if he suddenly recognizes the word touch. the hem of His garment and be made alive, and the decaying rotting flesh is suddenly transformed into the flesh of a child. No man will believe it, but, perhaps you will. I feel as though you are crowding close to something in the nature of LIGHT that is going to transform you. Remember this – there is no system- no organization – no man or Master who can make this so. Yes, you (you who arc reading) are told to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Can you do it? No. Can you  contemplate it? Yes, and finally while you are contemplating it and have forgotten the body- a transformation takes place and you are freed into another degree of expression. It is wonderful! The whole make-up can be changed. Do you hear?


When you tell, you dissipate all the power and energy and life that should have gone into the manifestation, and when the “event” takes place, you have no oil in your lamp by which to see. And then more likely than not, the one you told will come and accuse you of belonging to some strange fantastic new belief or cult. You do not follow any cult or cult leader. You do not follow anything or anybody – you have only one measuring rod in this -world -and that is the Word of Jesus Christ. The reason we say this, without equivocation and without any hesitancy at all, is because He is the only one who actually made His word materialize as He spoke. I said the only one. Some of the prophets had momentary illuminations and produced something, but He entered into the place of substance and invited you to do the same.


The Word of God knows no degree – only man knows that. When Jesus produced wine, it was such that caused the governor to wonder because it was late in the feast and men were drum: and usually late in the feast they served poorer and poorer grades of wine. But this was the Wine of Life and it had to be the best as far as man was con­cerned. The governor in this story tasted of the wine and said this was the best and should have been served first. If it had been, it would have done something to them otherwise than make them drunk. Yes, it would have divinely intoxicated them-even the disciples were accused of being drunk with new wine-because they said such marvelous things. They were divinely intoxicated with the WINE of LIFE. When you drink of this wine of recogni­tion, you will begin to KNOW lots of things if you follow ME and follow no man. You will see there arc actually no gradations in the manifestation of the WORD; it is always the best.


You are told to take all you want without price, and that is like waving a red flag in the face of an angry bull to the human mind -it can never get enough. All the human reason charges at it with such arguments as: don’t you think I would take it if I could?-I, who need so desperately the things of life, and I, who have been so wonderfully good to God and gone to church and said my prayers daily. I know you would, but you cannot because you cannot. The only reason is because you do not believe what you profess; for when you believe, instantly the transformation takes place. Yet can you stand in the temple, and say in stentorian tones “Be ye transformed” with all the emotion of a great prima donna — nothing will happen but mental and physical fatigue – and perhaps you will have to lie down and take a nap and find out whether it will work while you sleep.


Many people believe because they have repeated words they arc going to get some special dispensation. Once a woman came to Jesus and tried to reserve two good seats in heaven for her boys – she only wanted one on the right hand and one on the left of Jesus. I imagine He smiled. I read of a man who wanted to be sure his family went to heaven, he did away with them. But all of this foolishness is just that – you do not have to die or suffer to find ME – I am “closer. . . than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.” I am everywhere. Today I read a report on another manuscript found in Egypt which contained some hereto­fore sayings of Jesus; one goes like this:


“Jesus said if those who lead you say to you, Behold, the kingdom of heaven is in heaven, then the birds of heaven will precede you. If they say to you that it is in the sea, the fish all precede you, but the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and it is outside you.” Is that plain enough?


What you have said you have said, and you cannot retrieve it -like the “Moving finger having writ moves on” – nothing can take it back – only something can dis­sipate the evil of it if you are ready. I said if you are ready to enter in and let the adjustment take place. It is wonder­ful-nothing happens but what my law allows is the bright light and revelation that takes place whenyou hear it. By letting the word go, it has an opportunity of coming into manifestation for it is then freed of your meddling mental hands. You have a magnificent idea, you see the picture shown to you on the mount, and then instead of accepting it and releasing it and forgetting it, you begin to work with it. You try to tear away the hard fast shell that is around it – the thought that has hardened through the centuries.


When any idea comes to you, it is for the purpose of expressing; – it is then ready to come into manifesta­tion, but you are going to throw a veil of thinking in front of it, and the pure white light shining with all its power becomes a menacing red when put through a glass darkly. When the idea came to Jesus he spoke the word – not the word you hear in a given language – but the WORD that any man could understand, no matter what his nationality. Just saying words – repeating statements or imagining things – will do nothing. There are thousands of boys called Jesus Christ and thousands of women called Mary, but nothing happens when their names are called. When the nature is there and you speak the word, it is decoded as it were and something takes place because something has already taken place; it is being revealed – the body is transformed. How is it transformed?. Is it like a coat of whitewash with which you paint an old decayed building? Do you think that you are going to paint the outside, that you are going to make clean the outside of the platter when it is filled with all uncleanness? If so, you are turned awry and you will finally come to the. place wherein you will say the teaching of Jesus is false, and that it does not work. It is not going to work – no. What would you think of a God who could be worked by words of some insig­nificant person, or some high priest, or voodoo man? The only thing you can ask for is that which is there before you ask. It all seems vague to the human mind, but if one could be quiet – then –


When Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you,” do you think that it is a place in the skies, in the air? That statement is a fact-it is so. He goes before you to prepare a place for you. What arc you scared of if you believe that? That is the law, and yet you keep on trying to demonstrate it. So is the place of hopeless success that is yours by Divine right prepared for you -but maybe you can only hear the words of “Jesus,” and not the words of Jesus Christ. All this is but an illustration to bring the light.


If we had sat (and we probably did) in the congregation of Jesus when He spoke and said, “Ye have ears and hear not,” we might have heard him and have HEARD, but we might just have heard the words of Jesus-and have gotten up and strode manfully out – and said to someone “How silly.” I can hear everything he says – but you could not. Presently the awakening comes in you – you are alone-you go your own way. You dare to walk on the waters of human belief – not dare in the sense you are performing a stunt, but with the recognition that you are gradually, gradually merging into this Light. You are be­coming it instead of trying to use it. You are the actual Spirit of God; you are the permanent identity-you are the Golden Being -you have been seeking me all these generations as you have come down through a thousand and one incarnations, with a thousand and one ideas and technics. You are not doing a clever stunt, you are merely accepting, and believing, for in the slightest degree that you begin to recognize this you begin to see. The degree might be as small as a mustard seed and a transformation would take . place.My sheep hear my voice. We read a thousand laws that would instantly free us from evil, but come to the conclusion they are only so much oriental poetry and work nothing because we only hear the word, and not the WORD. Somehow or other-right now at this moment, you arc beginning to let go and to relax. There is a divine indifference which takes over; it is not a carelessness but a quality has entered in. It is a divine abandon. It is Motion which is independent of manifesta­tion. When you see a fish swimming apparently taking no thought, when you see a horse running, or when you see the manifestation of any motion, you cannot actually see mo­tion of itself, neither can you see God and live on the level on which you are now existing.


We know all this – we know the more relaxed and apparently indifferent an artist is, the higher the manifesta­tion, for he has given over the vehicle to MOTION – to God. It is interesting when you watch a musician fingering his way through a labyrinth of notes and signs with such ease, with such relaxation, and with such beauty. Jesus was not weary and tired at the end of His lectures and healings though He many tunes did separate Himself from the crowd. The power, or motion operates without taking thought. How could a musician think of each individual note, and if he did, he would be reduced to the place of the child just beginning his musical education. He lets go and it pours and pours through him with an ease that the world calls Genius. Whenever the power speaks or expresses through you, it is genius. You are a genius as far as the human mind is concerned. Calling a man a genius is the only loophole through which the human mind can escape and save face. When man hears and sees things being done that cannot be done, he has to slip out the best way he can with such ideas as “Genius” or “an act of God.” Can you hear? Everything is put here for your use, but not for pos­session. When you take away the possessive idea, you arc free to use all the wonderful things – whatsoever the tiring may be. The human mind has may things it would like to ask for, and would ask for, but nothing happens. Then it tries some form of psychology – or hears of some Master in the Far Last who has a trick or a power to do things, and maybe he has and can – but you cannot because he is doing it and you are trying to do it.


This is most provoking. We have tried to do many things and have failed. What is the matter? When arc you going to relax? When are you going to follow the instructions of the BELOVED and sec that he was giving LAWS proven and foolproof? Stretch forth your hand-Go ahead-can’t you hear? Still thinking about it? Maybe you should try to “behold” and see what happens. “Behold” is a fourth di­mentional word which operates you, and not you it. So it is with all the laws of Jesus Christ.


When will you listen? When will you assume this? Will you try ingratiating yourself and say “I am only a worm of the dust”? It is only some more trickery of the human mind which thinks by this ingratiation it will in some way gain the ear of Cud and receive some special dispensation. But eventually you find that God is no respecter of persons, and is not moved by your calling yourself a worm of the dust any more than he is when you stand in the temple and proclaim your spirituality.


I am not pleased with the blood of bulls; I am not pleased with anything but that one idea of recognition. God is not pleased with anything you do on the outside. A man built a magnificent temple; it cost millions: Did God care about the amount? Just about the time he got it completed, and should have had a big pat on the back from God, he dropped dead, and received a brass tablet saying how much he spent on Cod. It would be humorous if it were not so tragic. Nothing but surrender willplease Him. Lay it on the altar-lay it on the fires. The widows’ mite was more than the cost of a temple, why? Because it was surrender of thegiver and not the gift. When you know this, you will see you must receive the giver and not the gift if you are to get what the gift stands for. You must begin at least to partake of the substance; i.e., the bread that cometh down from heaven. All of which is so meaningless to the human mind which perpetually asks “where is it?” The answer is “I do not know, only it is there.” It is at the point of precipitation.


Open your eyes -to a greater manifestation than you have ever known before, and you will begin to see some of the things that are spoken of in the category of “eyes have not seen”- something you have not thought of, or dreamed of. You are beginning to awaken – your sight is extended through the limitations of human thought into vision, and you are contemplating the finished mystery. Contemplate then on the height, and breadth, and majesty of God, and you will not again be caught in the limited dimension of human thought. The sure word shall not return unto you void. Can you hear what it says? It shall not. It is like the javelin which is cast or the arrow that is sent, nothing can stop it. It goes to its destination. The word returns with increase. Do not think, for it is not true from the think level. You know, of course, or at least you have heard it said that you have been sent by the power of Almighty God, a Light into this world to release, to reveal the invisible – to give it a body and form by recognition. No one ever thought you would do it -no one ever thought you could do it, and most of them wished you would fail and that iswhy the Beloved told you to “tell no man.”


Take everything – take everything – but do not TAKE it. You are sent. You did not send yourself-you are sent – you must hear it, and see how the Motion carries it out when the integrity is there. You are sent – you have the heavenly hosts with you; you have the power and the glory that belong to you as the son of the living God. And now relax and let yourself drift into this life, merging your narrow sense of ill health into this Life.









Be still – silence is untapped energy which performs things that cannot be done by taking thought and the re­peating of noisy, meaningless words –


Be still­—


As we understand the Truth given by Jesus Christ, we see more was actually said when He was silent. The spoken word of Jesus was but an “Open sesame” to the silent word. The Spirit which is released from the dead letter changes form, and even as an acorn becomes a mighty oak, so does the silent word when released from the (lead letter accomplish whereunto it is sent and performs what -to the world is a miracle. Just contemplate, a little mustard seed which is the size of faith that is necessary to move yon mountain, or to pluck up yon sycamore tree by the roots and cast it into the sea. All this symbology is so wonderful for it is so real and possible of manifestation.


It is very interesting to note the rapid and sudden change that is going on in what we call the truth. The old idea of elaborate treatments, demonstrations, lessons, courses and all of that is finally giving way to the word of Jesus Christ – which is the actual power, or force of the Presence. But the man whose breath is in his nostrils will insist on the repetition of words that he considers holy or spiritual. Presently he finds that they seem to dissipate themselves; there is nothing to them.


When a person says that two and two arc four,’ he has made an eternal statement which nothing can change. Beyond this simple dead letter lies the eternal and infinite principle of mathematics. Hence the silent monologue that can only conic to you when you have made the recognition of the Christ Mind. The silent monologue will never be spoken or told, for it is given to you directly. It is hidden – even as the marvelous agreement that -two shall agree, and it shall be established on the earth is hidden away-that is the power or action that takes place from the elevation of the Silent word – uttered by the still small voice. It is said that you and another, or you and yourself shall agree on ANYTHING as touching and it shall be established on the earth – and it says ANYTHING. – That means ab­solutely nothing on the surface. It needs something bigger and more powerful than thought, or treatment, or even attempted demonstration to cause it to take place. You heard the word “anything” didn’t you, or did you? It is nothing but a noise – a. sound, understandable to the­ English speaking people. It is nothing but a word until the unheard monologue back of it is heard which would open doors and gates to you, and cause you to pass through places you could not pass through because of the AGREE­MENT which you have HEARD and not just heard the sound. The difference between a word that you have HEARD, and one that you have heard, is that one causes the dead letter to fall away even as the shell of an acorn falls away.


You are fast entering into a new clay. “rely sheep hear my voice.” “Conic apart from among them-you are not trying to convince anyone-you are not trying to show it. You are beginning to HEAR the silent word, the still small voice. So, as we have said, two shall agree as TOUCHING on ANY point, and it shall be (not maybe nor perhaps) established on the earth. Now it has been spoken-every-thing is going to be silent as far as you are concerned.


It has been turned over to the Silent Monologue. Just as when the President sends out an edict, you do not ac­tually hear it – but you obey it, so with the words of Jesus Christ spoken two thousand years ago. You are at this time getting the silent monologue, the word which is made flesh – which is manifested in a way you know not of -­emphasis lies on “Be still,” and let, and as you actually begin to listen, you will hear things your ears have never heard. The command will come and will be accompanied with the power and understanding of accomplishment. “Speak the word.”


You are told to be not like the heathen, for he thinks that by saying many words he shall gain the ear of God. I have said to you, and it has been said by many people that “God hears the dumb.” All these wonderful illustra­tions are worthless unless you go beyond them into the silence – and hear the true meaning, the true monologue of what it is all about. If I had not heard the word “Write” I would never have written this book, nor would you have read it. The more a project is talked over, the more it loses power and finally is an unborn thing or still-born at best.


Man has a thing called wisdom, and he builds a sym­bolical Tower of Babel only to have it crumble. He finds he cannot understand anything that is being said. There is a confusion of unknown tongues, and so the shouting about “how to get health, happiness and success” by taking thought becomes a terrible jargon of ideas. The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God -and since God is the only power, what can possibly be accomplished by man’s wisdom?


Does man still believe that he can sit down and HOLD a thought any more than he can sit down and hold a seed and cause anything to happen? Until it is freed and let rot, can he find the life and -the increase with no effort on his part. Words will do nothing – “I am healed – I am well” may be a statement of the truth, but nothing takes place until it is released and the dead letters break up and the spirit of the consciousness of God is able to come forth in all its glorious revelation and the blind man from birth suddenly receives his sight.


“My sheep hear my voice” – he who hears obeys. Why does he obey? Because the minute he hears, the spirit of the word – the spirit of the consciousness – something immediately is accomplished – revelation takes place and the instantaneous healing is manifested. Since God has a way YE know not of, what is the good of you trying to manipu­late this power by using the idea of some man? If you lack wisdom, you are told -to ask of God and not John Smith. John Smith in many instances cannot prove one thing he teaches. And in a little while you discover how you have been led astray from the only law-the law of Jesus Christ. It is because it is so simple and natural that the “wise” old human mind cannot take it. It is given, and it says very definitely GIVEN, not sold. The child can take it-but you cannot.


When the WORD is spoken to you -you may be in a mass of people or alone-yon either hear it, or you do not. When you HEAR it – that is when you let go and sur­render all the foolishness you have taken unto yourself called the wisdom of man – then it is that the unspoken Monologue takes place, and speaks to the soul of you in no uncertain terms “this” (right here) is the way, Walk YE – not you and somebody else – but you – walk Ye in it, and be saved .from the foolishness of man. The Silent Monologue carries with it a manifestation you have not, yet heard- for there is much that we have not heard nor seen which is to be made manifest. Every word of Jesus Christ is a LAW.


If man would only hear. It is all in code and Jesus came giving you the secret of decoding the word – releasing substance into actual manifestation.


When a man hears, he arises, folds his tent and steals silently away. No matter in what language it is spoken, if he hears the WORD, he will Go. Do you see why it is that you can go into the desert alone and find everything?


Do you HEAR- I said HEAR how it is that “ONE with God is a majority,” and that takes care of all the minorities in your life. You are that one -You are that one, but it cannot take place from the outside. When you have HEARD and go within and shut the door you listen to the silent monologue, the silent speech of Angels – the silent word of the dumb.


MY words are spirit. How utterly absurd it is for you to shout affirmations at God. The spirit of the consciousness causes something to happen, or be revealed. As on a calm sea suddenly a wave is thrown into the sky – Yes, the spirit of. the consciousness — the spirit of the consciousness.


Finally, you begin to believe what is SAID to you-= “God is worshiped not in temples made with hands.” He may be worshiped in temples made with hands – but he is no more  present there than in Hell. He is .no more present in the most sacred shrine in the world than He is in the lowest hovel if it be true that He is omnipresent. What think ye? Is it time to go in and shut the door and the lips, too, and listen to the unspoken monologue which is filled with revelation that accomplishes – for “nothing is impos­sible with God” and it says “nothing” – are you going to argue? No matter whether you can believe it or not -it is true.


Presently, you hear, and you begin to absorb -take these marvelous laws and hear the unspoken monologue – “Be whole” – if you hear that unspoken, something magic would happen. At this instant, at this moment you could hear the still small voice – the silent monologue.


The moment you HEAR, the dead letter trails off into silence and you arrive at the elevation of BEHOLDING; it is beyond thought. The, spirit of the consciousness passes through the temple body -searching the joints and mar­row, and you will know that my words are spirit and they are truth and they CANNOT return void.


Money seems to be power: the only power, until a man symbolically or literally finds himself in the “desert” in need of water. You cannot buy Life. This marvelous LIFE passes through you-wherever you arc at this instant. AT THIS instant do you hear? At THIS very instant you can HEAR the still small voice-the agreement can be made­the water can appear regardless. The inaudible voice is finally heard. Then you speak as one having authority and it will shapen itself into the necessary manifestation to carry out that authority. The moment you try to prove this or anything said by Jesus Christ, you will find it disappears into thin air like smoke. It must be recognized and released, and the noisy human thought and reason discarded. It is wonderful! Even as I write and you read, this silent talk of the power is going on all about you “Stretch forth your hand”-and so does something on the unseen, unheard, side take place.


Yes, you are told to FLEE from that one whose breath is in his nostrils, why? Flee-such strong language-flee from that one whose breath is in his nostrils-because he is not going to hear the inaudible thing. He is not going to hear the voice from behind him which says “This is the way, walk ye in it”-this he can hear in the desert or in the crowded city; and if in the desert, it leads to symbolic and literal water and shade, and if in the city, it leads him safely through the crowd of jarring human beliefs and de­livers him out of the hand of the enemies and the mouths of lions. This is that which puts him on the other side of the lake-this is the thing that gives him twice as much as he had before without doing anything but making the recog­nition. All the gluttony and greed is drained from him, and he is free and hears the words “be careful for nothing.” He is not afraid because he knows he lives, moves, and breathes in substance, period. After he KNOWS that he has to be silent it has to become something beyond words spoken by a man trying to make it so. The word he hears in the silence is that which accomplishes all.


“My words”-what are you talking about? As soon as the little word you have uttered is freed=it ceases to be that little thing bound by dead letters and bursts into bloom. It breaks the bounds. Your little health suddenly becomes lost in Infinite LIFE–it is wonderful. So do you become one with the universal, even as a column of smoke which looks so black against the sky suddenly diffuses and is lost from sight. You think nothing of it-there has been a perfect blending even as you are ONE with God-when you are One with God. How can you be one with God–­how can you get into the Presence? By reaching after Him -ordiscovering that you are already one with God, right NOW, and it takes place-it is wonderful-you have al­ways been one with God.

It says ye shall find ME when ye feel after me. Does that mean you are going to put your hands out and. feel into the air? Does it mean you are going into some retreat or with some person and shut yourself away and imagine you are getting nearer God? Answer me. God is just as present in your so-called hell as He isin your so-called heaven. Did you ever think that many people could not exist in your idea of heaven?


None of these things out here move me because they are the reflections in the mirror. Finally, you begin to see you walk through these reflections when you know them to be nothing but reflections. But when you know them to be “realities” then you have to resist and fight them. All the laws of the human mind are nothing but those things you have crystalized by thought. You are given the power to say-you can change an outer substance. When, how­ever, you “eat what is set before you” something takes place-a transmutation. None of this can be done to “prove ME,” but must be done to prove ME-and so you see how necessary it is to enter into the closet, shut the door-and that which you can tell in secret, the silent monologue, will be announced from the housetops. It is wonderful-NOW you are beginning to HEAR, period.


You are the unborn-the beloved of God-and when you hear this spoken to you by the still small voice, you will immediately begin to experience the same power that Jesus had when he performed what man called “miracles.” Can you take it? You can change a glass of water into the elixir of Life, if you can. Give him a cup of cold water in my name and forbid him not-will do it-if you can hear.


You move through reflections-they do not move you–­you walk through them. Jesus went through solid walls and closed doors not to be doing a “stunt,” but by way of showing to you that matter is not solid. Your present day scientist has discovered that no two atoms touch. There is a space between relatively as large as the spaces be­tween the planets-and so and so- and it is about time to listen to the still small voice. You have heard much argument from the voice of the man whose breath is in his nostrils. I suppose when Jesus passed through the crowd, the relative space between was there and he walked through the sharp elbows of the human thought. Now will all this make you a miracle worker? No and no again-what do you care what the Man thinks-you will be used for the miracle-a place where the unseen, the unheard, becomes manifest without effort on your part. So do you hear that you are to “Let” that mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus-and that will be enough.


All the laws that man has made about lack and limita­tion and all the ideas about disease and the ancestor teach­ing of birth, growth, maturity and decay-all of these be­gin to disintegrate. I say begin-you have traveled far from the “Garden” and have taken many things unto your­self. As you loose the old man and his deeds and let him go, you will begin to hear the silent monologue-which so often speaks in monosyllabic words: “Be-do-have-­see-hear.”


Ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you. If silence follows, it is possible after you have asked-to hear the answer-and you are not going to make the answer, but if the noise of your talk continues, it will be nothing. An empty basin makes the most noise. Watch-listen-be still.


One day you, too, will fold your tent and steal silently away. You are not going anywhere physically, but you are going somewhere from the point of eliminating beliefs­right where you are-in the hell-hole that you are in; in dire destruction, there-suddenly it happens. No one knows anything-but if you are still, presently they will SEE it. It is wonderful!


Tell no man-it is difficult for the human mind which wants to explain it-the ego is swollen with the idea that it has become God and made a demonstration. When man learns that the Power flows and flows over, and under, and through, then he will not care and will not look for a sign. He will become unconsciously conscious o f God. He will not have to start up the conscious and try to manipu­late it. As you are unconsciously breathing without taking thought  right NOW-so will you “Acquaint now thyself with Him and be at peace,” and be at the place of con­tinuous expression. The more conscious you become of breathing, or earning your living, or doing anything, the more difficult they become until that which you try to destroy suddenly destroys you. Evil is only as old as the last drought. Either one moment or forty years-it makes no difference when you arc still and LET-with the beautiful integrity of principle. How noiselessly and beau­tifully Power flows through everything–you included.


You are sent a LIGHT. Every time you stop your action and can let go, after having accepted the spoken mono­logue, there is a great possibility of the unspoken mono­logue coming through-not only coming through to tell but to show, and there is a great possibility that you will begin to move into the new elevation, “MY sheep hear my voice.” Do you hear? Right NOW-?


“Peace, peace, and there is no peace” or there is some­thing that calms a raging storm at sea. Can you hear me NOW? There is no argument. You have a thousand and one reasons why you should be healed and prospered and at peace-but until you can take it, you cannot have it. When you hear the unspoken word of the still small voice­ then (Right Now if you can take it) something is going to happen.


All illustrations are worthless unless you hear what is back of them. To the child “Santa is coming” is enough. There is not such a person –yet he comes a million, mil­lion times-you see it before your very eyes how it is that the child materializes-yet you cannot,-because you have not the peculiar BELIEF that can accept without asking­without argument-without -the help of the human brain. It is all so childlike-and if you understand that is just what it is-it is an elevation that is untouched by human reason and belief and accepts without equivocation. It is wonderful-Now you have to admit it even if you do not believe in Santa Claus. Why do you not go into the closet and shut the door-why CLOSET-why not in your room-and why do you not get quiet and ask “ME” for I have said, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God” not John Smith. The trouble is you are still the willful child who knows better and has to find out by ugly experience.


All illustrations in the Bible are drastic-they give you examples: they do not offer you a pseudo peace for a headache, but offer you a picture of a raging sea and a shallow boat and you without compass or chart-that is the thrill you get when you contemplate Jesus Christ in­stead of the John Smith idea of affirmations and imagina­tion and beliefs. Be still-very still.


Jesus was a “teller” of the law; you either hear, or you hear words-and it is all ridiculous for He spoke in Ara­maic and you may not even understand English. I am always surprised when I find how little I understand of it. The first thing you run into is “Be still and know that I am God”-and most people want a brand or trade-mark, or some person to refer to-follow no (not any) man, follow ME. Can you hear ME yet? Let no man deceive you.


It is amazing-the deceit and serpentine quality of the Adam mind. A woman who had borrowed money which saved her from dire conditions began finding excuses, and finally she went into bankruptcy and then she was “free” (she thought) from all debt. Well-and well-later she was shrieking with the injustice of life, because she was begging on the streets for a crust. Watch-and as I am writing this came through:­


Look about you-what you see in Manifestation

is a definite, accurate, precise out-picturing of

your consciousness-Need I say more-where all

change must take place?


It was like a voice both audible and inaudible. Hear yc. There is no escape-it will fulfill-even the idle word, and Jesus came offering you a way to handle all this with ease and dispatch when you are ready.


The unspoken monologue of Jesus Christ comes into manifestation­–

Hear ye-“This-(this right here-is-my Beloved Son,

in whom I am WELL pleased” was said of HIM

and NOW is said of you. It is wonder­ful-filled

with wonder.


Be still-after you have heard the spoken word-go within and listen to the interpretation of the silent mono­logue. There is nothing you can say or do to prove it, but to recognize it and LET it happen after the fashion of God. It can be so magnificently proven to you that it will radiate all over your world-and the fame of it will go abroad. It does not need publicity. It does not need argu­ment-the unspoken word will immediately accompany the word if you could but BELIEVE. But perhaps you have gone into a far country, and it is time now that you go unto your Father, away from all the ancestor teaching of the old Adam thought. This going to the Father–re-member is a lovely blending of intelligence which is going to use you to bring out and express some of its wonders. Now do you hear? Will you hear the unspoken word­”Will thou be made whole?” Do not argue-nobody cares. Will you listen then for the unspoken instructions-that which Jesus came to give? The spoken words are old and worn out according to the human mind; they are over two thousand years old-but the unspoken word is taking place right now as you read-if you will stop discounting your­self and listen and let.


From time to time one hears, and goes alone into the desert-into oneness-into the nothingness as far as the human thought is concerned.


You are not afraid any more, are you? For “I AM with you always.” It is such a wonder when we discover the magnitude of it. Anything can happen anywhere at any time, when you hear.


You-(can you hear) are the Beloved of God. Why not stop a moment and listen? “Whatsoever ye ask,” you know you cannot get this by taking thought, for immediate­ly you have the question to answer “Who by taking thought”-so-you can Listen and finally HEAR what the Scriptures say unto the churches (the temples)-your temple body.


Now can you hear? Go in-shut your door, I am ready to speak the word that takes form and shape. When you are ready, I am ready to do the works through you-hear that in the silence-in the unspoken word, and it will take place without effort or reason. Listen-Listen- “Behold I stand at the door and knock”-unless you hear, you cannot let me in, and I cannot break bread with you-­and I cannot break the bread with you—do you hear now —can you hear me —can you hear the unspoken thing? Can you—-doyou hear me– do you — do you -do you? I stand at the door and wait answer ME— let me in­— away with all the nonsense of human teaching. Can you hear—-can you say, YES?









“For the thing which I greatly feared has come upon me”—where did it come from? What is fear? Is it a person? Is it a power? Is it some strange product of superstition that suddenly jumps at you from the unknown? It states the thing you feared has come upon you; it is not the thing that someone else feared, because many times the thing you are fearing another person is perfectly free from. What is fear? Where does it come from? Where does it stay? In another breath, you are saying all is God­ —there cannot be more than all. When you use electricity in your home and life, you do it with impunity because you have respect for the principle back of it, but that same electricity which gives you light and warmth can also kill, why? Is electricity bad—would you try in any way to destroy electricity because it had wrought havoc? No—­no, you would say it had been misapplied, and that would end it as far as any discussion of electricity was concerned. Yet, when you are attacked by anything called fear and are cringing from it, you do not stop to think there is but One Power. There could not be two powers in the world of God—all evil then is a misapplication of the One Power. There is but one power. When the power is picked up­ —when that power is lifted up, or when you are lifted up to the true condition of the power, the evil instantly stops. When a person understands electricity even in a degree, he is not going to experience any more of the evils he did when he was ignorant of it. His fear which sprang from it is instantly dissipated. He is now at an elevation where he understands at least what is the power.

Caroline Weston has written the following lines:

“Fear is not the thing you run away from, it is the thing you cannot run away from—it is the thing that leaps at you from some dark corner of yourself—it is the thing that drives you back to simplicity—to God.” It is an interesting way of putting it, and brings to attention at the same time that the thing you call problem must be understood. It is not something to destroy you—it is some­thing to bring to your recognition oneness; it is illumina­tion;— it is Light, and when you see this, you will stop fighting the problem. Jesus did not fight disease, or a problem, or even his own crucifixion as far as that is con­cerned. He immediately returned to the ONE. This sounds so religious, so impossible and mystical, and so in­effective to the average human mind. When man says, “I go unto the rather,” he seems to think it all is some more religious talk. It has nothing to do with religion; religion has to do with it.

It is a law that when you come into the ONE, the “Two-thing” is destroyed;— the leaven and the meal be­come one, when they come together. It is a law that when the child understands mathematics, he makes fewer and fewer mistakes. He does not overcome them, he is mov­ing with the LAW and it automatically undoes or destroys the laws of human mind. There begins a subtle undoing of evil in your life, and more especially the patterns of fate which are considered so inescapable when this Oneness begins to take place. Sometimes there seems to be a fer­mentation as in the case of the meal and leaven, but presently all this is straightened out and the change is made.

So you are standing before a terrible condition—a con­dition that has been an established law with the ancestors for generations but when you learn there is nothing to overcome, you begin for the first time to HEAR Ye do not need to fight . . . “Put up . . . thy sword.” All this is talk until it becomes TALK—the talk that carries with it revelation and change, and can and does set aside every law of man—even that of the “Proud” waves, and of gravity and of established belief.

My words are (not maybe nor perhaps) Spirit, and they are truth—and they shall not—cannot—return unto me void, but MUST accomplish whereunto they are sent. When you say “MUST” it gives the impression of effort —but there is no more fighting-force to it than there is to an irresistible force—it just is—and it operates and causes you to know something of the ONENESS—the free oneness spoken of in the Orient— free one-ness. It is wonderful. Right now would be a good time for you to stop reading and go into your private office and shut the door—and stay in there until you discover there is no door. This is the language of Jesus Christ coded, so the wise and prudent should not destroy it. They cannot hear for they hear only words made up of dead letters, and they only kill.


So you, standing before the terrible picture of human thought (the mirage of evil that can, if you believe in it destroy you and your world.) have the ability and the power to perform that which Jesus performed when he “went unto the Father.”—He did not go anywhere physi­cally. He stood just where He was, but He suddenly merged into the ONE and the “Two” thing had no more power to picture evil.

When the evil has crept upon you and there is such an apparent reality to it, backed up by ten thousand, you will suddenly remember that ONE with God is a majority, and the minority which seemed so terrible and immense will dwindle away like a mist before the morning sun. If you could watch the law of mathematics run through a mass of mistakes, you would see no effort or straining but simply a coming into being of the Truth. And when you recognize—and I said recognize the truth of that which you declare, you would see how it is that God runs through, as it were, all the snarled up conditions you have been hanging on to and trying to get rid of at the same time. There is something about “Loose him and let him go” which applies to you when you can hear.

When the law of mathematics enters into the human field of error and suddenly disintegrates manifestation and causes it to return to its native dust, where does the mistake go? Where does the thought go that knew disease? What happens to the thing called disease? Where did it go? You answer. Where does fear go? Where does the monster backed up with such terrific proof go when you deprive it of life and he falls into dust? You are told not to fight —­and to put up your sword—that does not mean a sort of bravado, a show off of power, anything but that, a casual letting of that which is come into its own. It means to relax into the recognition of the Presence—set yourself and see—it says, SEE—not see—but SEE—beyond the bornes of human thought and belief—even as high-powered binoculars go miles beyond the accepted vision; so does the Sight you are invited to use go beyond the limits of the human conception, and sees through the solid wall of belief. You are told to set yourself and see the salva­tion of the LORD. Many may see evil, experience evil, but it shall not come nigh thee because you have taken from it any ability or power to do anything but disinte­grate. If you can believe and stand a split second after everything in you, and about you, says it is impossible, then the doer of the impossible will come forward with healing in his wings and verily ye shall be saved from your belief.

Perhaps your disease is incurable by the law of the land. Perhaps you have never known anyone who has been healed. Perhaps your condition is absolutely hopeless in the eyes of man. Yet that one marvelous LAW—“SET yourself” recognize the principle, and let it alone and it will find its way through the most intricate passages of human thought and destroy the evil. Suddenly, you will “… see the salvation of the Lord which He will show to you today.” It is close at hand.

There was a time when lightning was considered a rath­er personal power of God, which he sent as a vengeance to make you afraid. All this has passed.

The thing you fear is in you—as much as you dislike to admit this. You are sure that some person or some con­dition or circumstance has caused this to happen to you— ­but withoutrecognition none of it can have life, and will wither away. Nothing lives in your life without thought. If it is entirely out of your thought, it is entirely out of your manifestation. I can say to you the thing you fear is in you—and the only place to rid yourself bf the manifesta­tion is within yourself. Do not go forth to battle with the midnight and the storm, “Put up thy sword.” You do not needto fight—set yourself and see the salvation of the Lord—thissetting yourself is not a supine giving in to human belief. It is a sudden recognition—a sudden blend­ing, an almost sangfroid,because you have vitiated the power of the evil. It is an actual belief in God that clears out everything. Divine indifference destroys the mani­festation as if by magic. An actor who is not recognized is so to speak “Professionally killed” more surely than if he be scandalized—without recognition he dies,—so with evil.

You remember Peter when they put him into prison? There was no reason why he should have been put into prison, yet he did nothing about it; he did not protest his innocence. A thousand enemies of the word clamored for his destruction—but for some reason or other, he refused to accept the whole picture.

Peter did not accept the evil that had closed so tightly around him. He began to sing. This was Divine indiffer­ence to man and his beliefs. And so you recall (I wonder if you were there?) an earthquake solved the mystery. If it takes an earthquake—why not? Evil is plenty rampant when you believe in it—so we see Peter had his earth­quake; shall we say caused by his singing—no nothing facetious— just a reference to his Divine indifference—I said DIVINE. So Peter had his earthquake. Can you hear? You might need one, too, and if so, go ahead and sing and praise God and see what happens. The moment you strike the note of recognition, the walls—like the Walls of Jericho—will come tumbling down. It is wonderful— ­is it not?

Strange when he had the chance to escape he did not take it; he rather caused them—the same evil men who had put him there—to invite him to come out. Life can be beautiful, and so can an earthquake if you hear what I am saying—and shall I recall to you a law: “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”? So Peter came out, and discovered the law that “The Thing” that came at him in one way fled in ten, glad to take sanctuary in anything it could get. Evil disappears into the limbo, and those who have perpetrated it often go into the limbo too. The ugly thing that drives at you with all its seem­ing force and power is like the bird that dashes itself into the Light at night and bashes its brains out, Did the light kill it? You answer. Did the disease which you cannot identify as being a person, place, or thing suddenly dis­appear when it crashed into the consciousness that be­lieves in God? That is all it takes—the very thing you profess with your lips. The moment you take your thought from evil, it is devitalized. It is like a plane that loses its propeller in mid-air—it would crash to destruction, noth­ing could stop it regardless of the efforts of the pilot and passengers. So it is with the evil that attempts to destroy you. When you take away the thing that is causing it­ which is your acceptance of it— the manifestation crashes to earth.

And, in like manner, you are invited out of the prison that has bound you. So is it with the Power that Jesus Christ, the Magnificent, gave. I said gave—no price— ­no preaching—-no affirmation to make it so—only ac­ceptance. You are the Beloved of God—but, until you recog­nize who you are, and what you are, and are willing to permit the power to function through you in its way—­ not your way—there is no manner of ridding yourself of the evil belief. The thing that YOU fear—not some one else—has come upon you. Why does it not come to an­other person? Because that person will not feed it with recognition. As you begin to see this, even in a small way, you will manifest the peace that passeth all understand­ing. It says ALL understanding—surpasses all this we are talking about. So suddenly you are relaxed, and so sud­denly the operation of the law takes place; it searches the joints and marrow; it loosens the disease that has clung to you—suddenly it slides off, because “Every plant, which my heavenly rather hath not planted, shall be rooted up.” Every noxious plant that has blossomed in your life to bring unhappiness, to bring fear, to bring limitations, to bring chaos into the Kingdom of Heaven is suddenly up­rooted.

You are the BELOVED of God—do you hear NOW? The thing you fear is being uprooted—–you see what it is NOW. It is not something you can run away from—it is something you can completely eliminate by breaking the thought. We do not overcome any condition in the sense that we go out to fight it. Whatever you fight, you make real. You cannot deny NOTHING; you must have some­thing.

You are told to go within and shut the door. That is not running away from evil, but it is going to the place of ONENESS—and instantly you begin to experience the free-oneness; at this place all the noise and clamor of human thinking is shut out—also the race consciousness which says you are incurable, you are hopeless—the situ­ation is beyond human help.

When it is beyond human help, it is at the right place, for then the human thinking has had its day and is through, and the revelation of the Almighty (which when it comes to you shall lead you into all things) has come. When there is no hope for you, then it is that the magic called the impossible can, and will, take over—and the connection between the evil and the manifestation is broken; it lets go, it begins to disintegrate and return to its native dust. And so you suddenly leap through forty years, or one year, or five minutes of fear and evil and ugly conditions, and praise God. When you think of the man at the temple gate who sat for forty years in all his disease and pain, sud­denly leaping up through what?—the garment of thought, the straight-jacket of ancestor teaching which says it is impossible. To the outside mind, the reasoning mind, it was impossible just as your condition seems impossible ­but acceptance works wonders. And then the one who prays and begs and beseeches God for help, wonders why God has passed him by. Perhaps you have discovered why? You could die on the lap of Jesus, if you did not accept his WORD. And the man at the Temple might not have been a good man, but he did something that you do when you turn on electricity; you cause it to work and that is the story of acceptance.

Yes, says the unbeliever (the Thomas) : “I would like to SEE it before I would believe”—but you cannot see it because you do not believe. If God would heal me, I would believe—but he cannot because you cannot believe and so it goes. I just heard over the air about some men who had gone into the jungle and discovered a voodoo man who had terrific power—and his followers were sing­ing to death a man who had offended him. They thought this was terrible and unusual, but the same thing happens at home. Many a man or woman has been sung to death by the screeching voices of scandal-mongers. Mortal Mind is the same the world over. We imagine there are certain ones who have special gifts of healing. I once heard a man tell how he cursed plants and they withered away, and the same man blessed plants and they flourished. Who can take the scepter from the hands of God and use it for evil?

Ask yourself and watch, watch, and you will see what a boomerang it is.

Until you recognize, and I said recognize, the Power of God as something beyond human thought, you cannot see it in operation. No man can do any of these things if he is so dense as to imagine he can use it for personal ends —but if he knows it and recognizes it, the personal end of his life will be magnificently cared for. Are you afraid to believe? The action of God is automatic and natural­— you cannot make it work—you cannot work it— it has to work you, and so you have to be absent from the embodi­ment of human thought and present with the Law.

Presently you understand the law and how all these words that are so much foolishness to the erudite are gushers of power in the desert of human waiting. Yes, you are coming near to the moment when many words will be decoded. You will see how this marvelous law has been protected down through the ages. The man who borrowed and refused to repay because the paper he signed was outlawed found there is no discount in the. law of justice; nothing shall be removed until the law is ful­filled—not one jot or tittle.

Jesus spoke in a coded language and his disciples be­lieved what he said apparently, but we find them question­ing his resurrection. Thomas had to put his hand in the wound. And we, too, have sometimes said if I could only see it; but you cannot, for you are in the category of hav­ing eyes that see not. So do we find the Master giving the law to this disciples when he asked them the question: “But whom say ye that I am?”—and “Then saith he to Thomas . . . . . and be not faithless, but believing.” The one who has to be shown does not believe.

How many times have you said when something went wrong, “That is just my luck.” Well, why not rejoice that you can always make your luck come to pass even nega­tively—and why does it come into being with such ease—could it be because you accept it, and take your thought from it and let it function naturally? You apparently can­not help it. If it is just your luck, why do you fight against it? But just saying it, will not make it happen. It must have recognition back of it, and the understanding that Jesus Christ was a Truth-sayer instead of a liar as many who profess to follow Him make of Him. It is an under­standing that the three dimensional mind cannot grasp. But when you awake, even in a small degree, you begin to loose him and let him go—you let the old patterns and beliefs go.

None of the evils of life can operate without your recognition of them. They have no power, and so presently you fund you have, symbolically speaking, been going up an inclined plane and are beginning to experience that the fire does not burn, nor the water quench; the sword does not pierce, and the wall does not prohibit.

You were created by God, period. Everything else has been added to you since that time; you have accepted the pictures shown to you by the ancestors—but now you are beginning to see the Light.

By following the pictures of the ancestors, you are rush­ing on to death—hoping thereby to gain heaven—yet the Beloved told you that this is the Kingdom of Heaven. Am I asking too much that you begin to believe after all these centuries of disbelief, after you have come to the place of complete frustration and despair? Is it asking too much that you believe just a little—about as much as a grain of mustard seed— that is not too much is it? What results follow. It is unbelievable. Why do you not believe— ­just one mustard seed size of faith? You are thebeloved of God—not your human father—but think, you are the Beloved of God—it is so written in the law. I did not make it up, but it is wonderful when you discover it, as I said just one mustard seed’s worth. Do you believe? Do you hear? “Yes, I know, but everything in my life seems to be just the reverse. You would think the devil had control, the way things have happened and how things have piled up. Everything in the world happens at the same time.” Yes, it happens and it is like the torrent that comes down the mountain. When you recognize the Pres­ence, it is like an avalanche of snow that landed in the Sahara, instantly it melts and is sucked up by the sands and is gone. So it is with you and your so-called problem. A handful of snow at the top of the mountain can become an avalanche in the valley. So is it with the evil thoughts and ideas you entertain; they increase and spread rapidly. They have narrowed your action down to a negligible point of expression.

But the wonder of it all is that Nothing happens but my Love allows—suddenly takes over, and you begin to see you are. working on an entirely new basis. You are beginning to see that “whereas I was blind, now I see” is something more than poetry. Do you hear Now? Yes, it also says that one touch or recognition of the Power causes you to be in your right mind sitting at the feet of the Master; whereas you had been playing with, dead men’s bones—old worn out cliches and ideas which had no life in them and then suddenly you are sitting at the feet of the Master. Do you hear now? A little—perhaps as much as the man did who had the mustard seed size of faith.

Man knows all about it—but his “ceiling” is the egg and the chicken. He still does not know which came first, and he hasheard but did not believe that you find the blossom before the seed; he does not know anything but foolishness, and out of this foolishness he has created end­less disease and misery. He has made himself a worm of dust, and is going through the passions that Jesus went through to show him he did not need to suffer any more.

People have become so hypnotized to the human thought pattern, they think they are serving God when they suffer —when he definitely said, “I came that your joy might be full”; and then went through every hellish invention of human Adam-thought to prove the nothingness of it all. Yes, He deliberately chose to go through the most dif­ficult problem of human mind—death—and He rose from it into the perfection of immortality, and said you were to do the works that He did. When do we begin? When do we get the mustard seed sized faith to work—and watch it expand until it covers the whole world?

There were many things I could not tell you, because of your unbelief. I did not say I would not tell you, —- but it is difficult to find one who will listen and who wants to listen to the WORD. “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem …. how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!”

I told you, and showed you how to open the eyes of the blind, raise the dead, and heal the sick. Why not believe a little and see what the spirit bath to say unto the churches? _

You are to appropriate that glorious Presence which in­stantly neutralizes evil, and that which approaches you at this level is confounded, dumbfounded, turned awry and driven into the desert of futility. That is the LAW—walk thou in it, turn not to the right, nor left. The man whose breath is in his nostrils knows everything, and nothing. He is a liar and the father of it, and when he says in­curable or hopeless, he is saying words only of his own vocabulary, and they are meaningless to the one and only Power called God. You, beloved, were created for the pur­pose of permitting this power to take shape and form through your body. You are the Beloved of God—you are the Christ of God. Be­hold!








We come now into a dispensation of Manifest Sub­stance. The day, the hour is fast arriving when those who believe will see the results of their belief precipitated. It is a day of great prosperity. It is a day of greater and greater fields ofattainment. The former things are be­ginning to pass away. The former things are all the beliefs and thoughts that you have tried to master. But now you come to the place of fulfillment. Now you are coming to the exact place of standing before your world,empty, even as Jesus stood before five thousand men empty and crying for bread. He could do nothing with the situation, as Jesus. He had no more ability nor power than you have. What are you going to do? Philip could not answer, can you?-because he reasoned with the human mind. It is impossible for you to fill the vacuity that has been brought about by centuries in the desertof human belief, but now the new illumination, the new dimension, the new light is here. It is subtle, it is something that must have a fore­runner, and this forerunner is the “word” that has been given; this is the season or the time of the coming of the great abundance. The coming of the time when you shall see and experience things that you only dreamed of. This will not operate through the greedy mind. It will leave all and follow MB, and when it leaves all, it will leave noth­ing but the bondage to things. It will begin to understand that things, that money, that substance, as we speak of it, is only something that must be utilized. It cannot be held. It devaluates the minute you try to possess it. This does not mean that there shall not be an overflow because “I came that your joy might be full,” pressed down, shaken together. Heretofore you have asked for nothing. We think we have asked for everything and have not gotten it; oc­casionally something has been developed by suggestion, hypnosis or mental therapeutics, but it has all amounted to nothing in the final analysis, “Now ask.” Here is an in­vitation. No one can fulfill it for you, no teacher, no prac­titioner can help you with it. It is up to you. You have come to the place now where you must do this. You must begin to see it is up to you. It is the Word which shall not return unto you void. We arc approaching the time of greater abundance. This is the cycle when a great, great abundance is about to manifest and everything that is ready will be filled full, and it will be shaken down and pressed together and running over. The question is can you take it without equivocation, without argument, with­out returning to your human beliefs? You are beginning to recognize that it is already done, and in that strange unexplained way you will perceive it. The man, whose breath is in his nostrils is motivated only by gold, by money. He is worshiping the Golden Calf. He quivers with ex­citement hoping he can take the word and turn it into dollars and cents. Flee from the man whose breath is in his nostrils. The instruction is very short and terse and no explanation is given. You will begin to understand why it was that Jesus sometimes had to go to the other side of the lake. Instantly, He went through the crowds of hu­man belief. So are you told to buy Truth by giving up the old human belief; surrender that, butsell it not, give it. As you give it, you become more conscious of it. You can­ not help but do good works. Everything you say, every­thing you do, takes on the timber and quality of this Power automatically. So when you speak, so when you touch, so when you glance things can happen that cannot happen. “Believest thou this?” Do not argue, do not try to prove it; it is so, it is so written in the Law. There is no escape from this Magnificence, and sooner or later through one generation after another you, too, will awake and arise and you will go. And so we see the Beloved standing before five thousand beliefs. They are three days out, away from any possible contact with bread. Three days in the desert without food. Five loaves and two fishes were there. There is always the seed, the substance of everything, even if it be invisible.


There is no possibility of you being prospered until you can hear.The moment you hear and forget and look not for a sign, a transmutation takes place-so mystical, so natural a child could have it because he would not involve it with reason. There will be a recognition when the transformation takes place. “You, arc prospered.” The Human says how? He enumerates the various things in the way of this prosperity. It is not going to take place no matter how you hold to it, and no matter how you pro­fess a belief in it, nothing will happen.


Ask whatsoever you will, whatsoever is a large mag­nificentword. You had better go in and shut the door. There is a blending with the One, the Universal, which uses you, the Temple, the Permanent Identity, the Golden Being through which to express itself. You are the entity; without the entity God would be a non-entity, unexpressed. You are the point of expression. You were created so God could express Himself. You have Free Will. Whatsoever you ask in my name, in my nature, that give I unto thee. It is fantastic; it is so great; it is so true.


You could not see Me even if I were in your presence, because you do not recognize Me. You want to demonstrate me; you want to have some emotional demonstration which you could tell, thereby elevating yourself to a po­sition, a master. I am not moved by any of this. The Power is not moved in any way to do more than it has al­ready done, but you begin to see, “I shall giveyou,” can you hear? It is not something to demonstrate, “I shall give you the desires of your heart.” Do you believe or do you just think it would be wonderful?


You can speak the word for another. It is passing through you; remember you get all the benefits of the spoken word, you see it into manifestation. When you speak the word, you speak theWord and not the word. You speak the Word. You rise. What causes you to rise? What is it? What is it that causes you to stretch forth your hand, what is it? What is it that causes you to open your eyes? What is it that sees through your eyes, and what is this magnificent clarity that suddenly comes through your mind? What is it? It floods over your mind and washes away all the debris of false education, and in the twinkling of an eye (right now) suddenly you are in your right mind, as if awakened from a deep sleep, a bad dream. Suddenly, you perceive a new dimension; a new height, or breadth, or depth awaits you. You are the Beloved of God. Can you hear? When you go within, it is not some mystical thing, it is that you begin-to drop all the desires and preconceived notions.


You are the point of expression, and you are coming now as never before to the place of integrity to follow through whatever instructions you are given. It will show in all things. The healing is in your voice; what you call healing is only Revelation. Sometimes they will see it in a glance. As you look it will take place. This is when you are through with self aggrandizement; when you are through with egotism; when you are through with all conceited ideas.


You are already spiritual; you are no greater, and you are no less than any other being. All the egotism and all the old flair that you have a great understanding, and that you are a holy thing, will go. God will say through the urge of Spirit “Well done, good and faithful servant.” That beautiful bit of poetry is just to help us along into the recognition of the Presence. Everything is all right, the former things are passing away, the filthy record of your life is being washed clean. You have accumulated all the evil of the ancestor teaching; the old ancestors who ate the sour grapes and passed down the ugly proof of disease, fear and limitation, and told you such beautiful things as “man … is of few days, and full of trouble” and put a limitation upon Life Eternal. All this is suddenly to be released. It is said that the former things shall pass away, they shall not be remembered nor come into mind any more. Do you hear that? You are not going to salvage the good things from it, because you know now that there is neither good nor bad; there is just the Presence of Spirit. You are not concerned with it, you are IT; you- are in the midst of it, nothing shall be denied. Can you hear? Do you believe? It is said that “My sheep hear my voice.” The urge of Spirit is now upon the world and all those who have ears let them hear. Let them hear “what the Scriptures say unto the Churches.” You are a Church; you _are . a place of expression, you are Sent, you will hear what the Script­ures are saying unto you; do not tell, show. Take, takeeverything, because heretofore you have asked for nothing but the old belief of the ancestor teaching; trying to get money, trying to get things, trying to get health, trying to control people. Now you do not ask; you take whatsoever things because you own nothing; you are the user, the custodian of all things. It is fabulous that the Beloved came and not only told you these things, but went through every one of them to prove definitely what He said to you, but you would not. What is the matter? In this Golden Age that you are now privileged to-enter, or reject, as you see fit, you will want for nothing. This is not symbolical not imaginary. I am speaking about a literal thing. When it is accepted, the manifestation will take place, but never when you are looking for it. Suddenly, you will become conscious of it as a very natural thing. You will begin to appropriate with a nonchalance that will surprise many; you will take and take and take everything; because now all the egotism and the greed and the idea of self aggrandize­ment and all that will have passed away. The former things are passed away, they shall not be remembered, they will not come into mind any more. You will not keep track of the calendar of your life any more, you will see that all that is the man-made thing. It is the parenthesis that he .has put about a thing, it is that which he has done to attract attention; it is the cheapness of the human mind that would like to curry special favors unto itself, or praise, or glorification, so people will say that you were a great healer, or a great leader. You are a great nothing. There is only one great and that is this Universal Power, and you are the Golden Being through which it flows and flows and flows. It has no concept of limitation; it has no emptiness. Are you beginning to hear now a little of what is said directly to you? Every word that is said to you will take body and form if you will let it. If you will let it, you will presently begin to sec some of the things in manifestation, and so the coal of fire will be placed upon your lips because the man whose breath is in his nostrils does not believe, and you are told to stay away from him. He must see, and if he sees, that is a different elevation. You are given the Word, you may speak the Word, the Word may be “I will,” and you are completely indifferent to it. When you are asked, your answer is “Yes, I will” and as you see that, and as you hear it, and allow it to take place in you, it will respond. Something will be heard, something will sort of verify what you are saying, and suddenly you will find yourself in your right mind sitting at the feet of the Master. The annunciation must be made, it must take place of its own accord and not by any prearranged idea that you may have, but it must take place because it is so written in the Law, and so do you relax and let go, and so does it happen. There is no mystery in it, but everything must happen in accordance with the Law. This is the time of prosperity; this is the time of abundance, of Abundance, this is the Day, walk thou in it. It is Wonderful Now! This is the Day of Prosperity; this is the instant of prosperity, but not until you divorce the idea of prosperity from human thought and effort. There is no separation between mani­fest and unmanifest in reality; it is just a place of invisibil­ity, because you are not able to see the connecting link. When you begin to see prosperity as the manifestation of the invisible, the invisible will take shape and form into whatever mold or word is held in front of it. “Ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you,” is a clear indication of this Word. You will see it take place in proportion to your ability to let go of preconceived notions and ideas. In pro­portion to your ability to stop figuring what you must do in order to get this, your relaxation will give the Power an opportunity to come through into manifestation. You will find yourself performing that which is necessary to bring the manifestation into place. It is so simple. Man finds it difficult because he has been hypnotized by thousands and thousands of years of ancestor teaching, but even so, it is all dispelled in a moment. All of it though it be centuries old, is only as old as the last thought. The moment you dismiss that thought, it is nothing to you even though it has been established for thousands and thousands of years.


The day dawns. Something new. Your belief in evil is all the power it has. Your thought is all that sustains any evil situation.


How could there be a lack when God is One? How could you possibly conceive of a place in this One God where there would be nothing, a vacuity. This vacuity can only exist to you. You have a free will. The will to do. We have freedom for license. We have gone after other gods and have gone down the dark road of human thought.


Everything is dead in history, even in the Bible history. All past; there is only that which speaks in the present tense and the first Person.


Jesus Christ was the One who came and gave you pros­perity. He offered it to you for recognition. You would not, because you were bound by what you had gone through for so many generations. One day you awaken. As you step into a new degree, the former state and the former belief and the former poverty disappear.


You may feel that giving up things is one way to win the approval of God, but why should lack or limitation in any form appease, or please, that Power? Why, then, should you imagine that doing without things, or limiting yourself, or taking the beggar’s bowl is anything but an excuse for your failure to be able to take that which is yours? Many people have claimed that poverty was a virtue. They did not want things. I have seen them with a few things, and I have seen a greater worship than ever I did in the hands of a millionaire. Tlie human mind is a liar and the father of it; full of subterfuge. It has no way other than by thinking it is “spiritual” to submit to suffering, pain, and poverty as something that would please God. The idea that God wants you to have all must be appropriated. It is a natural function of God. It must be accepted as a perfectly natural state. When you pray, believe – recognize. It is done, be­cause no man, not any man, can make God do his bidding. If you are still trying, you are going to meet defeat.


You are told to rend the veil. The moment you rend the veil of thought, you will find that it does not exist. It is a thin gauze of human thought, and no matter how long you have had it, or where it came from, or how you feel that you are hypnotized to it makes no difference. You are a new creature in Christ Jesus, you are prospered when­ever you are ready to be prospered; you are leaving all, all the old history, all the old ancestor teaching, and you are becoming One with the Law. You are prospered.




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