He made Himself as GOD.” What are you going to do about it—crucify Him again? Remembering that you crucified Him once before for doing the same thing, what will you do with the Second Coming of the Principle of Christ Jesus? Un­less He had “made Himself as God” He could not have done the works of God, but would have re­mained a carpenter.

“He made Himself as God”—can you stand it-­–or in modern language, “can you take it?” Do you believe in the first place that it is possible? Is there any of that hypocritical belief left in you which wants to “find out” about it all before it believes? Are you looking for the Truth, or some System of Truth in­vented in the nineteenth century? Do you want the Truth for the Love of the Truth, or do you want it for what you can get out of it? Suppose we took away all the glory and the pay of the WORK, would you still be interested—or do you want a big church, a radio, a board of directors—all to carry forth the lovely work of the ONE who said, “Consider the lilies”—not on the latest millinery creation, but in the glorious open fields of God! What are you after–“things”-­–“demonstrations”—or are you after the Revelation of LIFE, which includes all things—even the new hat you want, or the luxury car–ange as it may seem. But, “can you take it?” You have heard this before, in the more beautiful poetic language, “Believest thou this?”

It is glorious when we bring our Jesus right down to today, and see that He was a man who discovered the Principle of Life and had a burning desire to share it with the world—but “ye would not”—you had to get your little human intelligence in the way, and see whether it was going to recognize YOU as something.

You profess to believe in God — to follow Jesus Christ, the Way-Shower. Or do you? What do you want with Me? A part of My robe, or all of it? Do you want the loaves and the fishes or the Substance out of which they came? Did you see the Miracle and seek Me because of that, or do you just want some bread and fish? Well, we have a little concentration to do—we have a moment when perhaps it is best to “enter into the closet and shut the door.” . . . What do you say? What seek ye? The LIVING among the dead? What are you after — you — yes, you, the reader? Ask yourself—what are you after? Do you want Truth and Life, or do you want a new hat or a car? Answer me!!

Does it make you rather ashamed to be present in a group of people assembled in a “Temple of God,” asking for “new hats and cars”–does it seem rather unholy and terrible, in spite of the lordly voice ad­vising that “God will supply your every need”—don’t you feel ashamed? Or do you? … In this glorious Revelation, the ALL is given to you whenever you areready to accept it —as a natural thing instead of a demonstration.

Presently you will understand how it is that “things” are merely the solidification of the “sub­stance of things hoped for” which is all about you; and will also see that ice can be melted into water, heated into steam, and put under such a terrific heat that it becomes invisible, right before your very eyes. A piece of ice cast on a hot stove disappears as you watch—a clean example of the power to “pick it up or lay it down.”

When you “leave all and Follow ME” you leave nothing but the burden of human responsibility. When you see that “things” are merely the shadow cast from the matrix of consciousness, then you will understand how it is that you can use and enjoy the “things” without the worry that they are going away from you. As long as you have a “thing” in Con­sciousness you will be able to reproduce it over and over again.

Visualization will get you nowhere but into a bog of human thought—for visualization is merely the hypnosis of human thought. A person visualizing him­self as handling thousands of dollars might find him­self a clerk in a bank at fifteen dollars a week—he could handle all sorts of money—perhaps millions of dollars, but it would not be his-and so with all the foolishness of visualization. Consciousness is an en­tirely different thing—it is back of all manifestation, and it comes most easily through the assumption of your God-Heritage. “He made Himself as God,” then comes as a Revelation, not as a miracle or a freak of some strange power. The moment you make your­self one with any state of consciousness, you manifest easily and naturally all that that consciousness has to give forth, instead of having to make a demonstration of a nineteenth Century idea of God. Remember, God existed in all His Fullness long before any of the pres­ent-day organizations, advertised as having discov­ered God, were ever conceived? From the ads one would imagine that a South African hunter had dis­covered the skeleton of a mammal, on which he wasconstructing a body of flesh. But God has always been here and will always be here regardless of or­ganization, book, teacher or preacher. And He is Un­changeable—do you hear—Unchangeable—quite re­gardless of politics and customs.

It must be natural, normal and easy, if we are to get into this “Kingdom of Heaven”-it is given to the child, and no amount of intellectual reasoning or work will bring it to pass. All this seems stupid to the human intellect which is so wise in its own con­ceit-but it is WISDOM we are after—not the intelli­gence of the three-dimensional mind.

Strange how we should still be fighting against this lovely Gift—but are you ready to let go of the hu­man personality as Jesus did when He went unto His Father — remembering that “all things will be added?” When you SEEK the Kingdom of Heaven you are entering into the Oneness, and the Things necessary will be added—remembering also that the “signs shall follow—they do not precede.”

Isn’t it glorious—you are coming out from among them — you have dehypnotized yourself from the “crowd” thing. There is little or no truth where crowds gather—so many are looking for “bread and fishes” that they blur out the very revelation of Jesus Christ, and put up their idol, which sooner or later will be brought low because of its clay feet. Sooneror later all the organizations that are in the business of “selling” God—no matter however holy they may appear—will be found to have clay feet and will go into the dust. What Seek ye? You, the reader—what do you want? Can you recognize the Truth alone, or is a Crowd of people a sign that the Truth has come to earth? It is time that you were, awake.When you understand what the TRUTH is you will know that constant and stereotyped repetition causes it to lose all its flavor. Inspiration is destroyed when Truth becomes a habit. Even the habit of “praying” at a set time and going over a set of rules, eventually turns to dust. Going to the same place day after day and listening to the words of so-called inspired speak­ers finally causes a revulsion of feeling. Do you begin to see that the Inspiration is not trapped into man­made forms—it can come anytime and anywhere—the moment you recognize the Presence—even in hell. It is not necessarily found in so-called “holy” places —but “Take off your shoes—this is Holy Ground’ could be said to you, no matter where you were standing.

If you have to have a certain pew, and choir, or leader to give you the truth, you might sometime get caught miles from the old home base-you might!

A bee can extract honey from a poisonous flower—can you? Why not? Suppose you were starving and had to—what then? “My sheep, hear My voice”—and so it is.

In the Assumption to which we refer we find an actual Appropriation of Consciousness. “He made Himself as God”—not God—but as God—of the same nature and substance — He discovered that “made in the image and likeness of God” He was ac­tually that which He assumed Himself to be—hence He could “speak as one having authority” and hence He had the ability to “go thou and do likewise.”  When the human mind assumes anything, it is mere­ly bluffing—trying to make something happen, or try­ing to make someone believe he is something that he is not. No matter how clever the assumption is, soon­er or later comes a cleverer mind than his and over­turns him. There is always a chink in the armor through which the rapier-like human mind can passwith its killing sting. Whitewashing the outside of an old building does not make it new. If it is rotten, the only thing that will help it is to put up a new structure. And so whitewashing the old human thoughtucture and trying to make it look like something it is not, is a waste of time. Presently it will cave in and fall.

And likewise you either Hear or you merely listen and hear nothing—for when you HEAR you find yourself able to do or to have or to go, and so on. There is a Divine indifference to the “former things” and beliefs—and this Divine indifference is in reality understanding of the higher Laws of Life and indif­ference to the former beliefs. All this is hidden in secrecy—in a place of inner solitude—a retreat where actual silence exists-and in this place you HEAR the still small voice and are instructed about the “jour­ney” you are to make.

All this is written to you in the joy of revelation: You must make your assumption, which is divinely possible to You, because Jesus gave it to you when He commanded, “The Works that I do ye shall do, alto and even greater works than these”—outlining for you step by step the progress you were to make easily and naturally; and then even indicating worksyou were to do which transcended the works already done—“greater works shall ye do.” No Maybe or Perhaps. Greater works shall you do when you “make yourself at God” and move out into that level of con­sciousness. “Go in and possess the land.” How can you, unless you make your assumption of Ownership? Unless you actually own the land, you cannot go in and possess it, for you will be thrown out for trying to take something that does not belong to you. Do you understand that things which are yours on the Fourth­-dimentional plane are not yours on the third? For in­stance, you cannot have absolute health on the three­-dimentional plane of life-for it does not exist there and it not true—and to with wealth, happiness, etc.

Since you have already done everything possible to help yourself and have failed to bring out the sense of Life which you have desired, it is time you entered into the Consciousness of Jesus Christ and discovered the power which lies there, ready and waiting to be utilized. “I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus.” Remembering that Jesus was a man; that Christ it a Principle and that Jesus Christ it the state of Con­sciousness where matter it Spiritualized and where Spirit is materialized. It is the place of transition or the stepping-up point. The invisible becomes visible and the visible becomes invisible when patted through this Consciousness. All this it rather crudely put in our three-dimensional language, and it is nec­essary to gather from between the lines the real import of this revelation. “Yet in My (My own) flesh shall I tee God”—at hat been explained before, “Flesh” in this sense of the word it the result of blending Spirit and Matter.

Well—Mary “pondered these things in her heart.” What will you do with them? They are contrary to everything that the human mind knows and believes. It is impossible to prove them, and yet that it exactly what you mutt do. It all seems to be full of paradoxes, but only to the human thinking which hat no proper basis to stand upon, for it doesn’t really know where it came from nor how. Its foundation it quite at fan­tastic at accounts of creation in pagan religions. It is finally up against a wall—“from the chicken, the egg, from the egg, the chicken”—where did it all be­gin? It began at the moment man took upon himself the business of being a creator in a world or heaven which was already completely created—and hence he hat created but the “inventions” of hit own limita­tions. “Man hat worked out many inventions”—you have worked out a good many in your own life pat­tern. None of them has any more foundation than the “inventions” of other minds. Their foundation it “a liar and the Father of it”—so why will you hesitate to “leave all and follow Me.” You can convince no one else by talk or argument, and that is why the “coal of fire” must be placed on your lips—“See that ye tell no man—show John.” “Keep Silent before ME and let the earth (the manifestation you have brought out renew itself.” A complete rejuvena­tion is taking place—everything is being made new —and you have entered into this inner Solitude—a place where nothing enters—where nothing matters —where you are at the Listening-Post of Life, to hear “what the Spirit has to say.”

“To him that overcometh shall I give the keys to the Kingdom.” This overcoming is not a battle—it is actually the Assumption of your God-Heritage—the Entering into your Christ-Consciousness; and it is this “overcoming” which gives you the Keys—the understanding—to undo or unlock all the combina­tions of human thinking.

All your desires and wishes, when properly inter­preted, are good and should be fulfilled: “I shall give you the desires of your heart,” indicates that the desires in your heart will be fulfilled when rightly interpreted.

A bank robber desires money. There is nothing wrong in that—so has the most saintly desired the wherewithal to purchase the needed things in life. What is wrong, is the robber’s interpretation of how to get it. He looks out on a world of inequalities, and sees all the money tied up in one place. His desire seeks one way after another to get his “substance,” and finally it enters into the evil of the human mind and tries to force it away from its owner. A man who kills another more than likely has only one idea in mind—he wishes to rid himself of something evil that is keeping from him his harmony. But his interpreta­tion is wrong. So with you, the desire you have is of God, but its interpretation is all wrong. Through the “glass darkly” of human thinking and false edu­cation you have come to a manifestation as distorted and twisted as can be. Your desire for health mani­fests itself through all the false education of sick­ness and disease. You try a thousand and one ways to fulfill your desire, and you, like the bank robber, are thrown into prison.

When Mary had the annunciation of what was to take place, she was as helpless with the idea as you would be. A million questions no doubt flooded her mind—how? why? when? where? etc. She could no more work out this annunciation or desire than you could. Surely if she had wanted to name it a problem, its answer would have been greater than anything with which you have been confronted. But Mary pondered these things in her heart—and made the as­sumption that God was able to do things that man could not even think of—and so the Messiah was put on earth. The idea or desire took on a body and form, and was sent into manifestation “by the way ye know not of”—and in a manner which none could antici­pate. So will it be with you and your desire, when you are willing and ready to LET the power into operation.

All this lovely mystical affair can take place only in the heart that has long since ceased to believe in the “foolishness of man’s wisdom” and has come to an actual BELIEF in God. All the attempts to prove this law, curiosity to see whether or not it will work have been wasted. There can be no curiosity in the mind that has made its Assumption, for you have come to the place of pure and absolute Recognition that it is so. And trying to see or attempting to make some­thing happen only indicates that you have not yet arrived at the place of “BELIEF IN GOD.” When you have arrived you will know—and the signs will follow.

Assuming that your desires are already fulfilled—“Before you ask I will answer, etc.,”—you are then freed from the tedious work of trying to assist the Birth of the new manifestation. You stand at atten­tion, willing and ready to lend yourself and body in any way to carry out the ideas presented by the inner urge, but at the same time you keep entirely out of the way. “Let the Child be born” does not mean “Make” the child be born—there is a vast difference.

As has been explained, your desires are really the things in their incipiency pressing upon you for ex­pression, and so the whole process is reversed. We do not get a desire and have to work it out or cause it to take place. The reason we have a desire is because the thing is ready to take place—the child is crying out in the invisible for a body. “The ways of God are past understanding.”

“Thus he (the character referred to) daily prepared himself, all unconscious that he was so doing, for the magical Presence which is about us everywhere, not quite out of sight, not quite out of hearing, but too often lost, unheard and unseen, in the tumult of the world and the engulfing onrush of egoism. That old eternal presence, which listens to no argument, re­veals itself to no strangers.

“He was rediscovering daily by himself in the poetry and prose of mere circumstance.”

Gradually the old human doubting mind will give way before the Presence of this Assumption. There will be hours, yea, sometimes days of meditation and contemplation; hours filled with the unspeakable vision; hours wherein you will see All and know the answers before the questions; hours wherein will be revealed to you secret doctrines never yet written or spoken.


Walter C. Lanyon

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