“Wake! For the Sun who scattered into flight …..” might have been said by Jesus Christ instead of the Persian Omar. And so does he give us the picture of the spreading Dawn of Life. If you have ever been on the desert at sunrise, you will know what takes place. Suddenly, at the very edge of night a fine filament of light appears and it continues with almost a fierceness until it lays down a barrage of Light that literally shoots in a fan like shape across the dark sands and turns them into gold. Then does the Sun finally arise in all its majesty and words are futile – paints are futile – there is only one thing left to do: that is to RECOGNIZE it, and to behold it.

The coming of the Christ in you is exactly the same thing. We are in a new day. A day filled with illumination, and we begin the voyage of discovery. All that which lay obscure, or partially obscured by the nighttime of ignorant belief, suddenly appears in all its splendor. It is not created; it is revealed, and so is it with you. You become self revealed and find within yourself all those things you have looked for so long on the outside.

It all sounds like some new equation of the human mind, but this is something entirely different; this is self revelation which takes place by reason of the fact you have returned to the One and found reality. It is too good to be true – and too simple to operate. The giant fly-wheel of human knowledge which is foolishness in the eyes of God, keeps on describing its endless circle, and showing a power hard to defeat in the belief world – but like a thief in the night the awakening takes place, and through the tired eyes you begin to see the thin tracery of light on the midnight of human thought. It is wonderful.

The Command – “Awake” is given – and nothing happens for you do not hear.

Then, it suddenly breaks through, and from that moment it hurries along to the complete fulfillment of SELF discovery. “I can do all things through Christ Jesus” is not something to be “Demonstrated,” for man discovers he is through with the false idea that he can “demonstrate God.” He has discovered that God demonstrates him – or shows forth those qualities which are unattainable by human thought. It is so simple it is difficult for the human intellect has discovered in its limited three dimensional world that it cannot be done – and it cannot – because it is already done. When you come to the elevation of “Look again,” then the revelation takes place – not symbolically this time, but actually, and there is no limit to this projection. It is wonderful – filled with wonder.

When you discover LIFE, you are through with the limited concept of it which you call health – that bit of life which you have shut up in your body starts going down almost from the moment it begins. When I would do good, evil is present with me is a sample of the law of the human mind which is separated from the One.

Awake – o not try to awake, but just awake as you do in the morning after a heavy sleep. Gradually you come to the surface of the lethal waters of sleep – and open your eyes and see. No illustration is worth much, but a faint idea of the majesty of the Power begins to come forth.

So, do you begin to understand somewhat the Free Oneness of which the Oriental of High degree speaks. You are told to Live, and move and breathe and have your being in this One – and at the same time it lives, moves and breathes and has its being in you – and then the new degree of illumination takes place – Pure Revelation.

For a long time you imagined you could control God and to some extent it seemed as if you were successful, but gradually you See that your activity is finished when you Pray and Believe. At this elevation you are inactive, and the Power takes over and is able to bring into full-fledged reality all the laws laid down for you, and so can you “do all things” not some – but ALL things through this mingling of the Power – the spirit with matter – lifting it into a New substance, a substance which acts as the place where things appear.

You cannot do this if you try, or if you affirm. If affirmations had been actually effective, the whole world would have been changed lo! these many years.

Free Oneness is the gift of living in the world and not of it. It is so necessary you understand this Law today for the world is at a point of chaos as most people recognize.

So does the blare of the trumpets at the gates of dawn sound forth, and the shades of the long night give way to the prancing steeds of the chariot of the Sun, and out he rides in all his glory casting the light everywhere, transforming the whole earth into a place of revelation.

Walter C. Lanyon


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