When contemplating the statement made by many truth seekers that, “Awareness is becoming aware of Itself”, the following questions are raised; If Awareness is the Awareness of God why would it need to “become” aware of anything?  Is Omniscient Awareness somehow not Omniscient and in need of learning something about itself?

Looked at from a static point of view, this does not make any sense. However, when this seeming reality is looked at from a dynamic point of view it begins to make complete sense.  Science has made the statement that the known universe is expanding at the speed of light. Without delving into the three dimensional question of “expanding into what”, let’s consider the idea that in the “Big Bang” theory all that is know of matter exploded out of a single point and is still moving outward as a result of the explosion. Biblically speaking it could be said that God said “let there be” and there was. From the issuing forth of that Word, the substance of un-manifested No-Thing-ness began exploding into tangible visibility.

The Bible says that by His Word were all things made (Hebrews). A word is an expression of intent, idea, etc. and is, in this case, the catalyst for a reaction that would cause physical, tangible substance to come bursting out of No-Thingness, void, space.  A picture of this account could very well be expressed as the Big Bang. But instead of viewing this event as a cataclysm of the “past”, think about the idea that the Big Bang may have been a happening that literally bridged the gap between time and timelessness, matter and anti-matter.

What if the Big Bang is still going on right now? Scientist’s believe that all life evolved out of the Big Bang so what if we expanded our view of this present “Big Bang” to include not just planets and solar systems, but the expressions of Life itself are also part of the same “Big Bang”. What if every time a child is born, God continues the ongoing process of creation into the tangible world, continuing to plumb the depths of His Being-ness? Is it possible that every time a child appears on the earth, that God is exploding into manifestation, producing not a new Awareness, but a new expanded field of Awareness intended to confirm and flow outwardly into greater and greater expressions of Love and Life. Could this be why in all men there is a primal drive to know where they come from and why they are here? The desire to know where you come from is that newly “Aware-ing” Awareness awakening to its source. Said Biblically, we are awakening to the Mind of Christ. Secondly, the desire to know why we are here is rooted in an inherent divine sense of purpose that knows we are to “Be Light”, to BE the outward flow of God Life and Nature into the tangible universe. 

Presently, people seem to exist in a realm of ignorance, unsure of their source, un-aware that they are the visible expression of God-Life in the tangible world, yet in most people; there is an often misguided and obscure obsession with the idea of “realizing” oneself in a particular way that gives life purpose and meaning.  Our life seems to be filled with seemingly unrelated events that work to destroy any concept we might construct that life has meaning. Yet hidden within each dilemma and each problem is the potential for the inevitable discovery of Source. Almost simultaneous with the realization that we are not isolated beings trying to find our way back to God, but instead brand new fields of Awareness that are awakening out of infant slumber. Out of this comes the realization that the admonition made to Adam to “Be Fruitful and Multiply” is more than a charge from Dad to give Him grandkids. It is instead the idea of abounding abundant Life moving out into ever-expanding realms of tangibility, confirming Life as it goes, and filling the earth with the Glory of God.  As a new field of God’s Awareness, what appears to be our maturing seems to move on two fronts.  Like a tree which grows below ground as it moves upward and outward, so we become more rooted and grounded in out true identity and nature, simultaneously moving upward into the world bearing much fruit. As part of out maturing, we awaken to the realities of Source through a process of learning by contradistinction. In other words we learn what true God identity is by being exposed to a false self identity. We learn what oneness is by being exposed to duality. We learn what love is by being exposed to what love is not, not a fun experience but necessary to bring the new field of Awareness into a timeless Godly perspective.

The recognition that the Awareness which you are, is not a possession of the me-sense individual you perceive in the mirror, but instead is the very Awareness of God, Mind of Christ, is the beginning of the surrender of the mind-made, carnal, image of self.  You are not the possessor of this Awareness of people places and things, but are that Awareness Itself.  In other words, Michael does not have Awareness, Awareness is being aware as the form Michael. “Michael” as a form exists within Awareness, not awareness within Michael. Well if this Awareness I AM is the Awareness of God, it cannot be incomplete, partial, immature or anything less than whole, so how is it I seem to be so plain slow in catching on to who I really am?  Well we have pondered the idea, that Awareness in the form of people must awaken to a realizing of Itself as Awareness, suggesting a form of sleep or slumber that enshrouds the would-be expression of God. “Awake thou that sleeps and arise from the dead and the Christ shall give you light.” (Ephesians)

While this characterization has merit in describing the conditions of spiritual numbness that seem to plague mankind, it also carries with it the subliminal message that something is wrong with the picture, that man should not be asleep and is so because of something gone awry in the plan of God.  Paul says in his letter to the Romans that creation was subjected to corruption in hope, meaning that what we see as evil in the world was brought about with a particular vision in Mind, a certain purpose. The New Testament says that heresies must be in the world so that the Truth might be seen. This is the counter-distinction process going on in the time/tangible realm and it allows for distinction and confirmation of the contrasting images of what God IS and what God IS NOT. God as “All Provision” is seen against the contrast of poverty. God as Life is seen against the contrast of disease, God as Peace is seen against the contrast of war and terrorism, God as ongoing Creator against the contrast of destruction.

Is it not possible then, that we live not in a world that is on the verge of an evil overthrow, about to be trampled under the feet of Godless men and unseen devils, but instead in a world literally exploding with the creative effulgence of God. Is it possible that we must now rethink out interpretation of man’s suffering plight and place, God at the center of all, removing “man” or a would-be demiurge as the driving forces of the universe? Could it be that within each child, is the DNA of God, the Awareness of I AM –this Awareness opening its eyes as and in a new creation, part of the eternal Big Bang of Life-confirming visibility. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we believed Jesus when He said, “I have overcome the world”.  Has you world-view changed? Can you look past the apparent dualistic dichotomies and contradictions to see Good at God’s continual best? If you can, you are beginning to see through the eyes of the Awareness you are, that truly all things are working together for Good, in Purpose, in Peace and in Love.                              

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