Blessed Are The Meek

THE HYPNOSIS of this statement when taken from the human standpoint is already too well­ known to make further comment. Thousands of people, many sincere, but many insincere, have thought by being “meek” they would inherit the earth. Later on—a good deal later—they find they have inherited nothing but the backwash of life and that their diet is composed of the “crumbs” under the table.

The self-effacing martyrdom of many people who believe they are being meek is pathetic, and yet many of them believe sincerely that it is the command of God to make themselves the “door mats” of the universe.

Nothing could be further from it. When Jesus “turned the other cheek” it was not from the “hang dog” state of mind, but from the supreme conscious­ness of the Power that lay in it. He knew that if the other cheek were “slapped” it would be the everlast­ing end of the one who did the slapping. We appar­ently can trifle with the laws of God to a certain de­gree—but one day the “meek thing” you have been kicking around will turn the other cheek and then you are on the SPOT.

The moment the Jesus Christ-consciousness comes into being then it is just as well that nothing in hu­man form or human thought tries to “slap the other cheek.” Suddenly the “meek thing” has become the tower of strength and fire.

“My sheep, hear my voice.” It doesn’t matter about anything else—but because they hear my voice they obey, and in this obedience are they given the power of “Meekness.” The High and mighty may appear dangerously near to destroying the “Meek”—but all of a sudden the Other Cheek is turned—and then the game is finished. Subtle and unseen powers with which he is wholly unable to cope begin his undoing by a way he knows not of. He discovers that he is in the garden where he does not belong and that he is “naked.” So is it with all the evil of the universe which is desperately trying to make a last stand.

The “Meek” are the people who remain silent and let the “big voice” that knows it all tell everything. The wise one remains meek while the power and energy of the adversary is wasted in a thousand and one ways. He knows to “know nothing” is to know everything, but if he tells it to everybody, then it be­comes nothing. A secret is a powerful thing—but it is no secret when it is told and has no further pow­er. So the Meek remain meek and unassuming until they are to speak of the glory of God—and that will be after they have inherited the earth. What earth? “Their” earth! We all have an earth of our own—it is our conception of what the “earth” means to us. Like a radio program we can all have it and yet all be left and we have choice and selectivity, mixed or un­mixed with static and interference brought forth on a good machine or an inferior one. Do you begin to see that in the consciousness we have all and yet all is left —and this is all “foolishness” in the eyes of man—and so it is. We are not “taking thought” on anything like this—it has to be revealed in conscious­ness, and then the light thought will flow from that consciousness and cause us to perceive many things.

Yes—“the Meek shall inherit the earth”—and this inheritance is worth having. So be meek—“Salute no man on the highway of Life” —don’t discuss the Power of God for the sake of an argument or else you will come out the loser.

Flee from the man whose breath is in his nostrils because he wants to compare notes and he “knows everything” any way—which is nothing.There is a sure check on this. “By their works shall ye know them.” If they haven’t any works they haven’t any­thing to say to you—and this needs the High con­sciousness of God to interpret—since at the very same time they may have no things—yet you will see and understand what the Spirit says unto the Churches.

“Keep silent before Me”—Don’t tell ME what to do—and don’t tell me what you need. I know all your needs before you ask. You only have to permit this LIGHT to come through into manifestation. Light, that through the consciousness of meekness will show you the “earth” you are to inherit.

Yes—the “meek shall inherit the earth.”


Walter C. Lanyon

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