Breaking Patterns

“FORMER THINGS have passed away—behold, all things are become new.”

Former ideas about truth are yielding to the new order, the new day. Old patterns are recognized as false, and are crumbling away, disintegrating before the Presence—the Life—the new Revelation. It is wonderful! The moment you “See” with the spiritual eye, you will perceive there is no more healing to take place—only revelation. In the new state of awareness, every time you recognize your Father Consciousness, you change the pattern of the Son. In other words, when you perceive the Permanent Con­sciousness of the changeless Father, then, the chang­ing, shifting nature of John Smith breaks the old pattern, and shows forth a new design.

This merging with the Father caused the patterns of limitation about Jesus to disintegrate—to fall apart, as it were. When the new vision or idea or pattern was established, then the atoms or elements integrated again as though they were particles of steel drawn into place by a magnet. The moment you see what takes place in this new consciousness, at that moment, you will stop trying to heal the body, or to change the expression of it. Transfiguration does not deal with cured, helped or healed bodies—it is a com­pletely new pattern which suddenly integrates out of the elements and forms of the former pattern.

It is true that you cannot make a block of ice into a sphere without first crushing it, thereby losing its transparency. It is possible after a fashion to change its shape, but that is difficult. If, however, the ice is melted, the water can be poured into any mould desired and frozen again. This is a poor illustration, but it will suffice for the moment, and will give some idea of what Jesus indicated was in the grasp of every man who recognized it.

It is written —in the law: “Who by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature?” and the command “Go into all the world—take no thought about the robe, body, purse, etc.”

Why this admonition? Because by taking thought about all the ways and means and things in the uni­verse, has not helped you to get any of them. Those old, hypnotic thought-patterns are the models of ice that must be melted down instead of being changed, in order that the new design may appear.

Do you understand why the thought-taking process (in the ordinary sense of the word) cannot change the body or the effect of the word on the body? At best it can only bring on a form of self-hypnosis. Trying to cure the body by thought is like trying to change the form of a block of ice—you may accom­plish a little something—but the results gained from working from the outside are practically nil. But in your new awareness of the Light of the Son-Father and the Holy Ghost, you find out what is taking place when the Light comes through. You become a new creature of the Christ Jesus. Do you understand what a new creature means? It is not the block of ice chiseled into a new shape, the old body patched up, the new wine in old bottles. It is a complete dis­integration of the hard, fast thought-picture manifestations which you have had, and the integration into the new idea—“The picture shown to you on the Mount.”

Every knee shall finally bend at the name (nature) of Jesus Christ. It is well with you. It is wonderful! For even as I write these words this very agreement is taking place between us—you have only to rec­ognize this in me, to reach out and Touch Me, and receive the blessing. Do you hear? The stir of the risen Lord within you will cause you to be filled with joy.

An eagle flying swiftly over the chasm on its great strong wings is a far cry from the unhatched egg lying in the nest on the mountain peak. Within that eagle egg is contained an urge to fly. It is possible for the egg to fly through the air of course, not of its own volition, but nevertheless, it could, after a fashion, experience a sensation of flying by being thrown. It could never however, take off by its own power, even though the urge within were very strong—-thus with you. In the Sonship degree of consciousness you are filled with longings for health, happiness, wealth and expression; but though you have the urge to acquire these ideals, so well-developed that it seems only a question of will-power and grit to obtain them, yet with your present equipment, it is as impossible for you to do it, as it is for an egg to fly: The pattern of consciousness must be changed in order that these things may take form in your life. They must have a new vehicle to bring them into expression—a new shape, as it were, of consciousness. With all its intense urge from within, the egg cannot fly, even though it were covered with feathers and made to appear as an eaglet. “Marvel not—ye (yes, you) must be born again” in order that the new level of spir­ituality to which you are ascending may find a con­sciousness which can take high-powered instructions, and bring you by a way “ye know not of.”

It is marvelous! As this word is being written, the room is filled with Light, all of which will pour out on you, and you will find something new, a stirring within, an awakening, and a tendency to sing within —an inner awareness which is suddenly arousing itself. Just as in the legends, when the Prince touched the lips of the Sleeping Beauty, a great stirring—a great awakening, was suddenly brought to the whole castle and estates-life and joy began to express them­selves in the new day-the new pattern. So the Prince of Revelation has touched your lips and you are awakening from the death-sleep induced by the hyp­notism of human thinking. It is wonderful!

When the urge for life is felt in the egg, these is a stirring, a cry within: “Give me a body.” Just so, when the urge for the beautiful and happy things in life is felt within you, a cry comes up from the depths “Give me a body.” You are starved to death because you have been feeding on the husks of symbolic phenomena. You are worn out with symbolic wealth which you say you possess, but can spend only in imagination. It, too, is constantly crying out, “Give me a body, give me a body.” It is wonderful! this crying out of the unborn within you. “The children cry out from the loins for expression.”-“Give me a body.”

So the egg rests under the warmth of the mother bird, and from the instant the center of it is touched with the warmth of love, something has started. What has started? The pattern plan is beginning to form, and that very forming of the new consciousness is going to break the shell of the old design, and change the egg into a bird. Still will it be an egg, for it has lost nothing, but has absorbed the entire substance of the egg—yet in its new expression it is not egg. So is it with you when you are absorbed into the Christ consciousness—you are no more you as of old, yet are you—but no longer under the curse which formerly governed you.

The egg is under the curse of the law of chance. It is acted upon even as unenlightened man is acted upon by human destiny. Neither he nor the egg has capacity to get out of the way of danger. He may try it, but more than likely he will move into the path of destruction. An egg cannot move out of the way of on-coming destruction, yet as the bird, it has full capacity to do so.

Thus, the new pattern you are to bring out is the thing that will save you from being acted upon by all the false beliefs you have about you.

The old pattern of a diseased or worn-out body is acted upon by the beliefs of disease or age and noth­ing can be done about it. These outside forces which have been established by being accepted are there for one purpose, and that is your destruction. Nothing in the human thought can stop this, except temporarily, for this is human destiny that must be fulfilled in that degree of consciousness. Do you begin to see why Jesus came saying, “You must be born again,” and why He made constant reference to the new­-borning process of life, referring always to changingof the pattern instead of patching up the old design; to disintegration of human thought-pictures and re­integration of spiritual manifestation.

When heat permeates a grain of popcorn it is so filled with warmth that it automatically bursts into a new pattern. It cannot help itself once it is subjected to sufficient heat so is it with you. Once you subject yourself to God you cannot help or stay the change, the transformation that is bound to take place. It is automatic and is something that cannot be stayed. It is the evolving thing—the wonderful quickening of the power which destroys all former limitation. “Behold I make all things new” even your body and your world. You now see that we possess nothing that makes for bondage, but do possess all things for use and joy. The law of integrity which says, “Be careful about nothing,” and at the same time says, “Pick up the pieces, see that nothing be lost,” is the glorious freedom of spirit. This spirit is not wasteful, profli­gate, destructive, but lavish to such an extent that it will flow over all the earth—the great gush of life. In the jungle where growth is so prolific that one can almost hear it, every available inch of ground and space is filled with expression—trees and vines and flowers—luscious fruits, gorgeous birds—yes, the whole of creation is heaped up, is pressed down, is -crowded together, is running over with manifesta­tions. So is it with your “desert” body—which suddenly becomes a point of expression where all manifestation must and will come through into being. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.”

Your body (temple) is the point of contact be­tween the seen and the unseen and it is only through your body that the power can be stepped down into visibility, bringing your finest fulfillment into mani­festation—actually giving you your heart’s desire. It is only when the sacredness of this wonderful life comes to you that this can de achieved. It is not possible so long as you are playing around with the human idea, trying to impress someone, or to show what you can do. It is true you might haveto be famous—-it is nothing to be sought for, but you might be called into that expression. If so, you can handle it, if you are willing to let your consciousness be stayed on the Power, and take no personal credit or blame.

It is wonderful what this new revelation is bring­ing through to us at this moment. You are beginning to see why you should “Come apart from among them and be separate.” This is not a hiding away of the body, but a hiding away of the “Pearl of great price.” You will not lack recognition when the time comes, and it will be recognition of the right sort, because a luminous soft white light of that pearl of great price will shine forth and be brighter than the noonday of all human power or glory. Do you see why there must be secrecy?

Do you begin to see how in the hypnosis of the human mind, the temple (John Smith) has grown into a place of power (imaginary, of course), stupidly assuming the ability to do, to create and to change things? Then suddenly the John Smith finds that he has no real power, and that, even more, the John Smith temple can be used for anything. It can be the stamping-ground for all sorts of evil and sickness, it can be filled with all sorts of disease—it can be filled with filthy parasitic growth and he can do nothing about it. His body is susceptible to all this so long as it is run on the thought plan. Comes the Revelation of the Trinity, and then the pattern is completely changed, in order that the new consciousness may be a fit dwelling-place for the Lord.

Do you begin to see now what it means to “Be still and know that I am God,” instead of trying to change things—-to change the shape of the ice, or to patch up the old garments. When you appropriate this revela­tion, your body is automatically transfigured by the presence of this Fatherhood degree—it is changed and made Flesh and made new. “And the glory of the Lord fills the house” (consciousness), and it comes out through all the openings of the temple. Every atom of expression is filled with Light, and you find your temple (John Smith) illumined—the strug­gle is over.

“Who told you you were naked”—(stripped of all the necessary things for your happiness)? Why, ” He,” “She,” “It, “but,” “if,” and “maybe”—they all told you, and they will keep on telling you until this whole plan of human thought is finally disinte­grated by the blending with the Father.

All the lovely talents you possess—for “every man has his gift”—all the glorious you that has failed to come forth, is saved in this disintegrating process; the elements which have solidified about you as a pattern of evil are now disassociated and are reshaped into a new and perfect design. The grain of wheat smothered in a bushel of chaff has suddenly come into its own—it has fallen into the ground and rotted so that it could be made alive, so that it could change the pattern into a form which could carry out its new desires. So is your awakening to take place. How do I know? Because this message that I am writing was written for you—You—the reader—at this very moment. If it were not so, you would not now be pausing in holy contemplation—you would not be praising God that He had so spoken to you out of the pages of a book. Do you hear?—You who read? Do you begin to see how the smashing of these ob­solete patterns is taking place?

In a strange and fantastic way, the old theology of orthodoxy really believed in smashing patterns, but they thought it could be accomplished only through physical death. They knew that, in order to enter Heaven, man had to change his present pattern, and that the only way to do it was to throw off the body. But in the light of the present revelation, we adhere to the Word of Jesus Christ when He says “Here and now.”

And how does this necessary disintegration take place? The Lord says, “not by thought, not by might, not by power, but by My spirit.” By the spirit of this recognized Father Consciousness within you does this disintegration take place. As it begins to fall apart, you will find the light of this new revelation shining in its place and the seal will be placed upon your lips, your glorious talents and gifts will be freed from their imprisonment.

You can go into all the world. You can go into any land, and the moment you set tip the temple within yourself, you are established. Do you hear? For you have all that it takes to establish this temple of ex­pression. You can be in the desert or in the city, physically alone, or with crowds. The moment you pitch your tent or set up your temple, your influence is felt. That is why you can cleanse the leper, raise the dead, heal the sick, etc. Do you begin to grasp the magnitude of this revelation?

Transfigured, transformed, by the uplifting of your consciousness—do you see? Do you hear? The new clay confronts you. You go your waysecretly, power­fully, without the bondage of person, book, organi­zation or thing—–you are free.


Walter C. Lanyon

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