He Breathed

“… He breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost.”

From that instant of the Divine breath, they were able to do the works. He had entered through a closed door and made it plain to them that he was something other than a vaporous spirit – manifestation: – for he asked for food, and told Thomas to thrust his hand into his wounds. All this is the dimension of immortality coming “nigh unto you” – the secret Doctrine in all its simplicity – in all its loveliness of LIFE immortal. “Many that believed” is a sweeping statement. Does it include you? With the proof your lying human mind wants, goes the “no blessing” state of affairs.

When you have accepted the WORDS of Jesus Christ, you become “a peculiar people.” This does not mean a strange people affecting strange doctrines and robes in order to attract attention to your “Holiness.” You are peculiar because there is a radiance and joy that emanates automatically from you. You are peculiar because you are natural and filled with Light. It is wonderful when you see that all attempts to make people believe that a “holy” one – “called” for a special service is marked with the sign of hypocrisy. By their works, and not by their words or their long hair, shall ye know them. A haircut will not do the trick either. It takes something in the nature of BELIEF. That ought not to be too hard after the things of the human mind you have believed in and seen fail.

Millions of people preach and believe that the world is coming to an end, and have believed it for aeons of time – but this is the Planet of Jesus Christ, and it is not going to come to an end, but rather is being revealed as the Kingdom of Heaven. The only world that comes to an end is the world of the little one preaching hell and damnation. He finally meets it and is consumed by it.

“Receive ye the Holy Ghost” that is the subtle power within the WORD, which causes it to release the congested thought patterns called disease and confusion. You are inbreathed with this power the moment you can accept it, without question, without equivocation, without human reason. God exists without reason. He is a perpetual state of BEING and becoming through you. “And their eyes were opened” – and a wholly new world appeared before them. You already see the world that satisfies the Human Adam mind, but while you are looking at its failure and ugliness, suddenly your eyes are opened and you see a new world, a new heaven, appearing through the mystification of the human creation.

Will you then, “Come out from among them, and be ye separated”? You are in the world and not of it. You know how it is that the bee takes the honey from the poisonous flower, so does he who has been “breathed upon” take from the world that which is fundamental and real and leaves the poison of human belief and reason where he found it. There is no argument, no proselyting – no trying to convince anybody, for the sign is there. The Sign in which He conquers. IT is the assumption of the Presence within and without everything.

He that is “Breathed upon” is fused with God; he has slipped into that Glory he had before he took on all the miasma of John Smith, and for the first time he discovers that John Smith can and does function harmoniously. He ceases to worry about the weather, the conditions and the times, for he automatically adjusts to the manifestation in which he finds himself. This adjustment – this agreeing with the adversary, as it would seem – is the means of releasing reality from the source of ALL reality. He heals without an effort because he is past the place where healing is an action – it is a revelation – it is a showing forth of the LIFE which is imbreathed with the Breath of God.

From the Koran: “But they (mankind) have broken their religion among them into sects, each sect rejoicing in its tenents.”

There is Religion: “An awareness or conviction of the existence of a Supreme Being.” (Webster) And then there are “religions”- (sects) all having personal bylaws and beliefs, but hung onto the same basic teachings. Truth never changes any more than the laws of mathematics how it is taught is another thing. One thing is certain, the mathematician is going to deal with self imposed problems, and after he has set up a problem, he seeks to destroy it and get rid of it – whether it be in simple addition or death. The whole problem idea stems from the consciousness of separation. Jesus showed so plainly the only solution to an unsolvable problem from the relative standpoint was to merge with the ONE, the unformed substance – the Mind which held all manifestation in its grasp. At that point, the power generated through human hypnotism or thought-taking could be picked up or diverted until the clouds would literally be without rain.

Take no teaching from a man, except the fire of inspiration pours through him until the inner ear of you automatically makes the agreement. “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God” – and hear God, and follow God, and you will know whether the doctrine be of man or of God. It is a foolproof LAW – if you ask of God your information will be in the nature of LIGHT and not in the illusion of man-made words. Then “any” Man (i-festation) may be used to give those words of God an audibility.


Walter C. Lanyon

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