Clouds Without Rain

“The signs shall follow,” they do not precede, is one of the most dynamic statements of the Scriptures. There is a certainty about it that is reassuring. It does not say maybe or perhaps. It says the “signs shall follow.” And yet hundreds—yea, thou­sands—are “working” in metaphysics to make the signs precede.

The phenomenon of Spirit, or the word made flesh, of which Jesus so often spoke, is the desire taking on form and shape. When Jesus brought forth the various manifestations or phenomena of Spirit, it was always in the shape or form which instantly neutralized the belief called problem. Thus, ” If he ask for bread,” you are instructed not to give him a “stone,” but to give him bread—bread being the, symbolic word for that which will instantly release from his present difficulties the one asking.

The mysticism of all this is so deep and profound that it is truly hidden from the eyes of the wise and Prudent. The moment the human reason begins to approach anything so evanescent as”precipitation,” or “word made flesh,” it becomes rank imagination, wholly impracticable and useless, and is the stuff of dreams.”

The “new dimension” into which we are entering has no language of its own. There are no words sufficient to convey even a modicum of light on what is being said, hence the necessity of reading between the lines and sensing the idea. Certainly it cannot be touched or approached through ordinary reasoning, which must have a sign before it will believe.

We go stumbling along through a maze of words wholly inadequate to express the new idea, but somehow releasing to “those who have eyes” the vision of “Look again,” instead of look through the long dark telescope of human thought: the time-space idea of relativity. The more we attempt to approach this Christ idea through the wisdom of man, the more foolish it becomes.

We use the endless repetition to bring about the subtle change or”feel” of this new idea. We begin at the premise over and over in order that the right “height” will be conveyed, however vaguely.

The premise of Jesus Christ is, “The WISDOM of man is foolishness in the eyes of God.” Can you take off from this basis? It includes all your most cherished ideas of “wisdom,” and sets aside every hard and fixed idea that has ever been conceived regarding you and the race. I am quite aware of the fact that it is asking too much for the man who must, with “Thomas,” thrust in his hand and experience the feel of the phenom­enon.This is actual proof as far as he is concerned, and it is quite in keeping with the three-dimensional consciousness. It must see, hear, touch, and taste before it can accept anything as real. At the same time it will tell you that every one of these senses can be so deceived as to become wholly unreliable.

Gradually, however, through the tangle of wisdom,” we are emerging into the place Prepared for us through the recognition of Jesus Christ, a place which takes us into a new consciousness—“I have ways ye know not of”—a place of power wholly apart from established laws of human thinking. Hence in this “place” does man conceive how it is possible for health to manifest itself ejecting and eliminating the thing called sickness, and yet in no way curing it. It does not recognize anything to be cured, any more than darkness is an entity or a reality to the presence of light. It is neither compared nor examined nor entered into as a power, nor yet believed in as a power. With the coining of light the darkness is automatically dispersed—absorbed, as it were. Harking back again to the man at the temple gate, we do not find a cured man who suddenly leaped out of forty years of paralysis and human belief, but a manifesta­tion from an entirely new state of conscious­ness taking place. Entering into this Jesus Christ consciousness, which is indigenous in every man, we find “the former things have passed away; they shall not be remembered nor come into mind any more.” Why? Because, in the Jesus Christ consciousness into which man enters by recognizing the Presence, the former thing does not exist, it has never existed, and therefore could not subsequently have been healed. It does not exist, as darkness has never existed to light.

The expression from this Jesus Christ con­sciousness is automatic. It operates from the height of  “I have a way ye know not of.” It has the way past finding out. “It is entirely beyond the reasoning of man. It is the doer of the impossible to the conscious thinking mind, and yet it is only expressing a perfect naturalness from its own consciousness. Jesus was not setting aside anything but a belief when he did that which could not be done. The fact that he made bread and fish appear where there was none proves that he was not disturbing anything other than a belief that it could not happen. But it did happen. So will you begin to see,and sense something beyond the “foolishness” of man.

All this is enough to infuriate the human mind. It does not like to be so completely discounted, and for that reason, if for no other, comes the first great law of “precipita­tion” or manifestation.

The first and greatest law of manifestation, then, is “SILENCE.”  You have heard it a thousand times, and considered it over and over, but you have not heard it until you have become so one with it that it becomes a part of you. Until the craving to “tell” another is deleted, nothing can happen to you other than the tedium that has been going on for years. The moment you “touch” this “SILENCE,” then you begin tounderstand feel the Presence into embodiment or “pre­cipitation.”

As long as your noisy human mind talks it is still seeking personal worship. It tells everything, and thereby places itself in the position of not being able to prove anything. The “talker” may proclaim that he is trying to bring in the Kingdom of Heaven by “tell­ing” the deep and hidden secrets of his soul. This is not in accord with the revelation of Jesus Christ. Any “talker” in the sense of exploiting the phenomena of Spirit is still seeking personal worship, and he is sure to get it, such as it is; but he will not want it, for with it comes personal condemnation, and eventually cursing.

In this “talking serpent” idea are also the false laws of what is known as “black magic.” There be those who believe that if you do not do as they say you will be cursed and damned, and all sorts of things will take place. All this is the “talk” of the Serpent. It got you out of the Garden (Heaven within) once. When are you going to crush its head and let its tail wag with imaginary power until its little clay has finished?

Anything that comes to “destroy” is not of Jesus Christ, for there is”nothing to be destroyed in all my Holy Mountain.” The self-appointed ones who teach the personal power which gives power to heal in one in­stance and to destroy in the other are not of God. They are a cheap by-product of the human mind. ” Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ “—not some man—” shall give thee light.”

When you awake, you come out of the dream-sleep and arise to this place of Silence. “Tell no man—show John”—write it in your heart. If it is so, it will be proclaimed from the “house-tops” because of the light of its glorious manifestation. Fear not. Can you begin to see, beloved, what the SILENCE really is? It is so wonderful and so filled with possibility.It is impossible to please him until you come to the place of Silence.When all the noisy “telling” has ceased, the marvelous revelation that is to play through your temple comes into manifestation, and so you cease looking for “healing,” and find instead a revelation of the new dimension.

Even as I write this to you, I am filled with the fire of revelation and the desire to impart to you the Power of Silence.

“See that you tell no man.” Do not tell a soul of your desires, your aims and ambitions. Keep them so bottled up, as it were, within you, that they gather the momentum sufficient to burst the shell of human thinking and express themselves with case and in a way you knew not of.

The Messiah, that is to be born to you, will come into being to rule and reign in his kingdom when HE is magnified in the deep secret place. All this symbology is so glorious when it gives up its light to you.

Unless the practice of intense secrecy is pursued regarding your desires and aims, all the power which should go into producing them, which should give them life, is dissi­pated, and you arrive at the place of”sym­bolical phenomenon”—that is, the imaginary, unpractical heaven of many metaphysicians. They have a store-house filled with the most wonderful things which have no life nor power nor animation nor locomotion—like so many wonderful engines without electricity or steamwith which to operate.

The metaphysical world is to-day largely made up of individuals who have brought out much of this “symbolical phenomenon.”Conversations something after the following are common: “I cannot see why it is that ‘this’ thing does not work out. I have done everything necessary,” etc., etc. Another experiences something like this: “Time and time again everything comes right out into manifestation and then at the last moment it falls through.” And yet another tells you of the futility of”making” it happen. All of these are bringing forth “still-born” mani­festations. They have deprived their ideas of life by telling them.

Every time you tell what you are going to do, or what you desire, you dissipate the possibility of accomplishing it. Gradually you have “talked” it all away and there is no power left. It is all so simple and so foolish to the “wisdom of man,” but so are all the teachings of Jesus Christ. “What difference does it make whether I tell of it or not? “says the one who is still convinced he has a power of his own that transcends that of Jesus Christ. But to the wise one who has suddenly awakened to the fact that his universe is filled with the “symbolical phenomenon” a coal of fire is placed on his lips, and from that instant on he says no more, but magnifies the Presence and the Power within and stores all the energy for actual expression.

The more you talk about what you are going to do the less possibility there is of doing it. The closer the secret is guarded within the place of the Most High, the more and more it seeks to express itself.It is like holding the breath. Even though you will to do so, finally the desire to “breathe” is so much stronger than the “will” that you are forced to breathe. So is it with the power of secrecy. It finally seeks a point of expres­sion, and it will find this place of expression right within its own universe. Wherever you are, you have all that is necessary to start the flow of substance into manifestation; that is, if you have heard the SECRECY of Jesus Christ.

“See that you tell no man.” Learn this law of secrecy, and practice it so constantly that it becomes natural. Tell nothing of your aims, ambitions, and ideas; let them show forth. Once they are out into manifesta­tion you can talk as much as you like about them; but until then you are in danger of bringing forth the symbolical phenomenon,”which is lifeless and which will not satisfy you or anybody else. “Clouds without rain” is just another picture of the results of the “talker.” He knows better; he will talk, if he wants to, because his “breath is still in his nostrils.” He has not yet recognized the “Breath of Life” which breathes him auto­matically.

Do you begin to see and understand the glorious revelation of Jesus Christ in the sub­merging of “your” will in the will of God? It is not losing anything but a limitation. “When your will is my will, and my will is your will, then the will of God is being done.” This very will of Godbecomes the glorious self-expression which you have sought so long and could not bring out.

A new day comes to you when you begin to see the path of ABSOLUTE secrecy as far as anything concerning your ideas, desires, or aims is concerned. So intense is the power within you to express, that it pushes out every talent, idea, or desire into the place of expression. The”symbolic phenomenon,” or the lifeless forms with which your garden of dreams is filled, will suddenly take life and come forth through this intense application of secrecy. “See that you tell NO man”— not any: not your teacher, or lecturer, or leader; not your spiritual adviser or healer.See that you tell NO one. Are you ready to take your instructions from Jesus? Or do you want to listen to some little person tell you to expose every hidden, glorious revela­tion that is made to you, so that it can be in­terpreted by a trade-marked doctrine? An­swer me, and you will have answered the question you have asked so often, “Why is it that nothing happens to me?” The only reason you are not getting on (I am speaking to you now, recognizing that you have come to the place of “believing” in Jesus Christ as a truth sayer) is simply because you do not keep the silence. “See that You tell NO man!” Do you hear—you who read this line? The locking of the secret within, and the practicing of the intense secrecy, will cause you to do a right-about-face.

Remember that the advice of the man whose breath is in his nostrils is, “Tell the world,” The advice of Jesus Christ is, “Show the world.” See that you tell NO man. I wish I could impress this upon you so defin­itelythat it would become a part of you from this instant.

The intense secrecy will find a way. It is like the steam in a sealed tea-kettle, or like a little animal shut within a pen. It seeks every possible avenue of expression until it finds an outlet. So with your desire that is held in the true secrecy—it will find a place of expression. Perhaps wholly unknown to you, and from the most unexpected source, it will come. It is true that the “unexpected usually happens,” and so we practice this secrecy. This intense secrecy is free from anxiety and from the futile habit of “looking” for results.

The precipitation so often discussed in these days is not for the”talker.” Anyone who is “peeping” to see if anything strange is going to happen is going to be deluded, tricked, or disappointed, for God is not stooping down from His heights to appease the curiosity of that which He considers foolishness. You will never get a sign until you have become incurious, because until you arrive at this point you do not actually “believe” that it is possible; you only want to “try and see” if it can happen. If it were to happen, the main thrill or glory in it would be the fact that you did it. There is no royal road to”precipitation.” There is no place to learn it. There is no one who can give it to you. But there is much you can do which will make it possible. Do you believe? I am asking you—not you and another, but you—-do you believe “the works that I do ye shall do also, and even greater”?Answer me. Do you “run” with every beautiful and wonderful “urge” that comes to you to another, and talk it over until every vestige of life is gone from it and it is a dead thing? Then you can be prepared to join the infinite ranks of metaphysicians who are filled with “symboli­cal phenomena.” They are millionaires, giants of power, geniuses, etc., in mind only. Their experiences are all imaginary.

The integrity of silence will bring power to you. Your secrecy will create mystery about you. People will begin to know that you have something, and they will see the signs soon enough. Do not make the mistake of trying to make them believe in your greatness. There is”ONE”—-and you, the little human John Smith, are not that ONE, although you can be that ONE when you leave all and follow ME.” It is wonderful that the “dust” is thrown into the eyes of the “knowing one”who has a system of ideas that must be used before you can enter into Heaven. I have never found one of these yet who was not living in a veritable hell. An amazing creature, who stands and talks about Divine Power and her peculiar handling of it, admitted to me that she did not believe a word she said—she broke down and confessed the hell she was in. Two hours later she was trying every possible way to retract this statement, and had set herself in motion again with a course in Divine Power. I know that everything shall be uncovered that is hidden, and when you begin to know the Power of Secrecy you will know that you have the Open Sesame to everybody and every situation. There is no reason why you should be foiled longer by swollen personalities who are set up as guides, leaders, etc., etc. “Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.”

“Let the earth keep silent before ME and let her renew her strength.” Do you hear? When are you going to KEEP silent, and when are you going to learn the practice of intense secrecy? Let the other man talk about his aims, ambitions, and ideas; you will show yours, and will bring out from the graveyard of “symbolical phenomena” the live, healthy manifestations of God. Then shall the dumb speak, and the deaf hear, and the blind see, and you will begin to enter into the place prepared for you.

“Keep silent before ME.”.


Walter C. Lanyon

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