Out of the Clouds


by Walter C. Lanyon


























“Father, glorify Thou Me with Thine own Self with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was,” is the prayer for the final manifestation in the flesh, of the WORD. It is a wonderful revelation, to note that Jesus is not asking for something new and strange to happen to Him. He is merely asking for a return to visibility of the Glory that He already had experienced, and had already manifested, before He came into the “world” known to him as the world of Jesus the Nazarene. It is the same “glory” that we are all seeking, vaguely and through divers manners and methods. Many believe that something has to be created or changed, instead of something being “restored.” “He restoreth my Soul,” is the same idea. Something is restored that man has lost sight of, and in this thought comes the happiness that it is possible of manifestation because it has already been. Glorify Me with the SAME glory I had with Thee before the beginning of the world of belief – the world that I have drawn to me, by accepting the idea that I was separated from the Father consciousness, and therefore was independent, and had to function through a world of problems and difficulties before I could attain to the PERFECTION and GLORY that we find out later on was always an integral part of our Divine heritage.

It is the awakening to the fact that the Man, made in the image and likeness of God, has always been perfect, and that nothing can, or does, change this eternal fact. The Human sense, having blinded eyes, must again become cognizant of the Facts of BEING, and align itself again with the Truth of Life – and this is all that takes place.

The wearisome idea of working to change things by “taking thought” about them – especially when we are told that it will do no good – has to be uprooted. It is a plant that our Heavenly Father has not planted, and therefore it must go.

The endless dreams of perfection, joy, glory, and expression that have passed over you are but the faint remembrance of the “Glory I had with Thee before the world was.” And it is just this realization which causes us to be “quickened” into a newness.

“Awake thou that sleepest,” Takes on an ever-increasing meaning and life. Awake to the fact that we are not trying to change anything, or that we have anything to build or make, but something definitely to claim, by true prayer – the prayer to the Father. A prayer to the Power within to restore that which has eternally been our heritage. A perfection and glory which transcends any of the human limitations which we have added to ourselves through identifying ourselves with a personality. It is Wonderful!

“He restoreth My soul” – my sense of things. The He mentioned herein is the FATHER within – the Father, to whom this prayer of restoration is addressed. “Father, Glorify Me.” The ME that is here expressing in a body which has come under all the beliefs of the human race is to be resurrected and lifted up out of the tomb of human beliefs. The “dead” are to raised up in glory. We are DEAD to LIFE eternal as long as we are identified with a body which is separated from God.

“As HE is, so are we in this present world.” Do you begin to see that we are approaching something different in the revelation of Truth? It is all so wonderful, and is all there, awaiting the coming of the Master. All the good and all the joy that we ever dreamed of demonstrating are THERE in the realm of Reality, awaiting the appropriation of it: awaiting the coming of one with Recognition. It is Wonderful! Father, glorify ME with the same glory I had with Thee before the beginning of the world.

“As HE IS, so are we in this world.” What do you mean by HE, and where do you place HIM? Jesus distinctly told us that the “Father within, He doeth the works.” We have heard this over and over, and still there is a tendency to pray “up”, or “out”, or somewhere other than contacting this glorious Power in the only place possible to contact it – the WITHIN. Within the consciousness of man is the only possible place to know God. Not a separate little God shut up in a body, as if it were a mummy in a sarcophagus, but a point of contact where the personal touches the impersonal, where the point dissolves into the circle. It is Wonderful!

Over and over again we hear the various things that are to be derived from contact with the FATHER, and presently we will GO within, in the true sense of the word, and commune with the FATHER in secret, and the Father which SEETH in Secret will reward thee openly. That is, the Word shall become flesh and dwell among us. We shall see it with our eyes, and handle it with our hands, and the Glory of the Lord shall have been made manifest to the WORLD. What world? Your world – the world that revolves about you.

As HE is, so are we in this PRESENT world. Actually we are at this instant in the state of perfection in which we were created, or else the whole idea of God creating Man in HIS image and likeness is a myth. Because we do not perceive, it does not argue anything in favor of its not being true. There are many things you did not see or hear that were there all the time, but which you see and hear now. Your eyes are “holden,” because the scales of believing in human appearances have so distorted the normal and true vision that you cannot see this perfection. It is wonderful, however, to know that we are beginning to discover that we have this Divine Heritage, and that we are entitled to it, and that only ourselves can keep it longer away from us.

“Who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?” We have been hindering ourselves by the acceptance of appearances as real – and by the looking to man for our Wisdom, instead of turning to God. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

When we begin to examine just HOW “HE IS” – just WHAT “HE IS” – we begin to see that all the dreams of a lifetime have emanated from the memory of this “Altogether Lovely” creation of God which is our True Self. In spite of all the arguments, beliefs, and proofs of the human world, this “Altogether Lovely” manifestation will come into being when we begin to “return” to the Father’s House – when we begin to return to the Father’s consciousness, and find there the unchanged perfect creation as it was in the beginning before the world was.

It not only speeds the journey, but adds joy to it, to know that we are not going to fight for what we think is ours; we are not going to try to establish our claim to an inheritance; we are merely going to ASK the Father for this inheritance with positive assurance, and then “let” the same GLORY come through into expression in us. “Yet [yes, even after all this false manifestation and belief] in my flesh shall I see God.” Yes; after it has passed through a thousand and one beliefs, which have seemed absolutely hopeless and impossible, YET, even after all this shall “I” (You) see GOD in the flesh. Why will you SEE HIM? Because HE will come forth in all the GLORY which was, and IS, yours always.

Be still. Come before HIS Presence with joy and praise. JOY and PRAISE for the TRUTH of being. The stillness of the human mind, which is always seeking things that it may consume upon its lusts, opens the way for the rebirth, or reappearance, of the GLORY which has been eternally yours before the beginning of the world. It is Wonderful!

“It [the human sense of life] is sown in dishonor; it is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness; it is raised in power:

“It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body….”

And as we have borne the image of the earthly, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

“Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.”

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”

“For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.”

It is so glorious to realize that this identical mortal, the you that has seemed so full of beliefs of sin, sickness, and death – this identical MORTAL must and will put on IMMORTALITY. So long we have thought, we must shuffle off this mortal garment in order that we could inherit the Spiritual Robes of Immortality; we are beginning to see that we are awakened from the “dead” beliefs of sin and mortality into the glorious reality of the Sons of the Living God, clothed upon in garments of Light. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Clothed with light and thanksgiving. Filled with the Holy Ghost, and raised up into Immortality. Again we are brought back to the GLORY which was ours before the beginning of the world. It is Wonderful! And all this takes place in the twinkling of an eye, when the last trump shall sound, when we shall have come to a full and absolute agreement with the Father within, and accepted this Immortality and Glory.

“The Heavens declare the GLORY of God; and the Firmament sheweth His Handiwork.” Everything is full of the Glory of the Lord, when once we are filled with it. It is the LIGHT which dissolves the darkness of human thinking and reveals the true state, and which is able to say quite definitely, “Arise and walk.” It sees through the shadows of belief back to the GLORY which is the Divine Right of the individual, and calls that GLORY into manifestation. Revelation and Realization follow along in natural sequence. We are coming into the Kingdom as something more than a place of imagination. The former things have passed away. The former beliefs of attaining Heaven and harmony have passed away, and the NEW DAY, the NEW HEAVEN, the NEW Earth are revealed HERE and NOW. It is Wonderful!

“Father, glorify Thou ME with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was.”

The Father within, He knows it all – the how, the why, and the wherefore: whereas the little human Prodigal tries in his limited way to tell God what to do, and just what to bring out. He holds his measure and outline up to God, and says, “Please make it appear after this fashion.” It is like asking the sun only to shine in your garden. The GLORY that is yours is so much greater and more wonderful in its manifestation than anything you can think, or than anything that has ever entered into you heart to conceive, that comparisons are odious and futile. “The GLORY” that you are beginning to experience is something beyond what the human mind has outlined as “just about perfect.” It is the flowing revelation that will come with healing in its wings, and will come showing new and wonderful capacities and ideas to mankind. New expressions and new means of appreciating the perfection of this GLORY will be borne in upon you. Be still – you are in a new day – the old order changeth. Do you hear?

The Old order includes all the limitations and all the hard and set rules of the human mind, with its elegant learning and wisdom, which are to be cast aside as nothing but so much useless baggage.

Ideas, capacities, and abilities that have existed since before the world was are to be revealed to you – be still. You do not have to talk it over with anyone. You just have to be STILL, and ASK the FATHER to “Glorify you with the glory that was yours before the world was, and that glory will be sufficient to bring out of the darkness of human belief all the wonders of HIS LOVE. Some glorious things await YOU. Be still. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Heaven and earth are full of THEE.

“I Am here, I Am there, I Am everywhere.”

We are in the PRESENCE HERE and NOW, and in this Presence we find the fullness of Joy:

“In the Silence of the Presence of your Father indeed is the full consciousness, the realization of perfection; the ultimate blessing, the dissolution of all worldly beliefs, for your Father and you are One. For heaven is here and Now. You are washed clean indeed. Personality has returned to the things earthly, and the Higher self reveals the Inner Brightness, that Incandescent White Christ Light, which goes ever and Now before you, leading you to greater paths of truth and understanding, on towards the Limitless expansions, the higher heights and deeper depths. You have It. You are Free. I Am with you and within you. You are caught up in the Rapture of your Father, in the glorious White Christ Light – that effulgent radiance, free from all bounds and limitations. It is so, and so it is. According to your faith be it unto you, Now and all through eternity. So rejoice always in the Lord.”

“But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

The direct application of the illustration – “as in a glass.” We know how perfect and correct the image in the glass is, when we step before the mirror; and so, when we step before this GLORY, with an open-free consciousness, to “let” the light come into expression, in and through us, just so shall the same image be produced in us – the image of perfection and beauty; the image of success and happiness and expression. It is Wonderful! And it is written: “from glory to glory.” On and on into more and more wonderful experiences of the Presence: things we have not thought of, or dreamed of as possible, come to us as the Revelation breaks over us with its flood of Light and Power. “As in a glass.” Do you hear? Do you see the difference in this Prayer to the Father to “Glorify ME,” and the prayer which is constantly trying to get some little gift away from God? Taking the little gift is merely holding, for a short space, the shadow of substance, when all the while “Glory after glory” awaits you. It is Wonderful!

As you have borne the image of the earthly with all its limitations, so shall ye bear the image of the Heavenly. Something definite and real about this statement. An assurance that this will and must take place. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! “Heaven and earth are full of the Lord.”

The child that was born within, whose name is WONDERFUL, came to lead you into all things. The recognition of the Christ within is the open door through which this new and mighty Revelation is taking place.

Aren’t you glad there is a counselor, somewhere, and somehow, here and NOW, willing and ready to free you from all sin, and from all condemnation? He that the Son sets free, is free indeed.

The awakening to the GLORY which was ours before the world was, begins to put to flight the condemnation we have held over ourselves and others, and, with the coming of this GLORY, the cause of all condemnation also moves out of the picture. It is Wonderful! “Neither do I condemn you,” is as applicable to you as it is to anyone else. The “I” within will speak this freeing word to you, when you are ready to forsake that for which you have been condemned, and it shall pass out of sight and out of memory. It is Wonderful!

The first heaven and first earth have passed away, and the new Heaven, the new “Word made flesh,” is appearing out of the clouds of belief.

The glorious part of this NEW Heaven and Earth is the same glorious thing we find in the resurrected Jesus. He presents a Body which is not a “spirit,” but which has flesh and bones, and which partakes of food and drink; in other words, He presents the “Word made flesh” without all the so-called fleshy limitations. He presents the body which was raised to the point of incorruptibility.

“In the beginning the Word was with God and the Word was God and was invisible. When you began to realize this, you came a little nearer to God: or the Word, the invisible word, came a little nearer to your conscious realization. It began to materialize itself – the word became flesh. The kingdom of God is not visible until it has been made visible by Him that livith for ever and for ever. It is Wonderful! But ‘I’ came to materialize the things that the human mind thought not to be. Once upon a time you were invisible, but today you are visible, and the kingdom of heaven shall also in like manner be made visible. It is written, ‘As He is, so are we in this world.’ and we are Now materializing the things that we realize and we are bringing into conscious realization the materialization of things that have been hidden from generations. That is where we are Now – we are at the point of materializing those things which have heretofore been purely mental and invisible.”

This materialization is brought about by the Recognition of the “Glory” that is ours, and the Glory is revealed by the Father within.

“Father, glorify Thou Me with Thine own Self with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was.”

It is Wonderful, because it transcends any earthly concept of Glory, or Heaven, and at the same time it reveals to us this practical, livable state of existence; reveals to us that consciousness of Life which transcends the laws of the human mind, and finds it natural that the Child of the Living God should be in a state of joy, and peace and plenty.

Finally man comes to realize that the Natural state of man is one of health, happiness, and success, and the old belief that all these things are unusual, and can only be induced if the right word or treatment be said, is passing away. Demonstrations are not given us to be wondered at, but as a natural functioning of the God Power; as a natural emanation of the GLORY which was, and is, ours, before the beginning of the world of belief in which we became lost. It is Wonderful!

“Arise, and shine; for thy light is come, and the GLORY of the Lord is risen upon thee,” – this is so, WHEN it is SO to YOU. Do you hear?



“Is THIS He that should come?” Eternally the question is asked as a long line of teachers, preachers, so-called Messiahs, books, and systems of Truth parades across the line of vision. The answer is, many tomes, “Yes, this is He,” only later to be turned into a bitter, “No, I was mistaken.” The eyes of the Seeker again scan the horizon, looking for another who apparently never comes.

“Is this He that should come, or look we for another?” has been asked since time began, and will continue to be asked until the individual ceases his looking for a Messiah – in the old sense of the word – and becomes aware that the glorious Revelation that the search is ended and that “HE that should come” has come. Until man stops looking for a Messiah who is to save the world, and turns within and gives a full and glorious recognition to the Christ, he will never find HIM.

When man awakens to the glorious truth that the HE that should come is the risen Christ in the midst of him, he realizes the eternal question is answered, and from that moment it is just a matter of recognition.

“Is this He that should come?” Yes, this is the HE that should come. This is the “HE” that has been standing in the midst of thee, knocking on the door of your consciousness, while you have been running hither and thither, looking for a personal teaching or system, and have denied the “HE that should come.” It is wonderful and glorious – it is self-revelation.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me.” This very Messiah that men have been seeking in the world of relative beliefs stands at the door and knocks, and awaits the recognition. A flood of light overtakes you, pours over you like a waterfall, covering the whole face of the earth. Light bursts forth and reveals the Kingdom of Heaven Here and Now – a real heaven and a real earth, for the first heaven and the first earth those imaginary states of consciousness, have passed away, and something living, tangible and real has come into manifestation. “Yet in My flesh shall I [yes, you] see God.” Yes, in this very flesh shall you see this God power in manifestation. And if you do, what do you suppose will happen to the appearances of disease and age, and all the limitations you have held about you, while you were dreaming of the first heaven and the first earth?

The Inner Lord, the Christ of which Jesus told us so much, and showed us so much, is asking you, “But whom do YOU say that I AM?” The answer is usually the same: “Some say that you are one, some another.” Some say that you are this teacher or that teacher; of this or that nationality; or a representative of this or that system. What of it? It is all talk of and about a subject until you can answer for yourself, “But whom do you say that I AM?” What are you going to do about it? How much longer are you going to deny ME, and get the reaction to this denial? Awake, thou that sleepest. Stop looking for a Messiah, and recognize the Presence within you. Fling open wide the doors of your consciousness, and LET this Glorious “He that should come” come in, and let HIM rise, and rise, and rise, with healing in His wings, and cover you with His floods of healing light and revelation. It is Wonderful!

Think of it, Beloved! All the revelation you expected to come from some Messiah will now come through the risen Lord, because you will have the Single Eye and Ear and be able to perceive and hear what the voice says through any avenue or channel. It is Wonderful! Until you “hear THE voice,” in the truest sense of the word, you only hear “a” voice, and mistake it always for the Messiah. “Is this He that should come, or look we for another?” is at last answered by the recognition of the Presence, and THEN the automatic power of this recognition starts to fulfill the Law; “If you ask anything in my name [nature], that give I unto you.”

When you hear the answer to your recognition of the Inner Lord, speaking with authority, “Behold, I AM HE that should come,” you experience a thrill of freedom and joy, and you begin to see that all things are possible to God. “The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty.” Filled with the Light of this new day, you begin to “call upon ME,” and find that “I AM close at hand,” and ready to bless, to save, to heal. It is all glorious. “This is My beloved Son, in whom I AM well pleased,” is said of the body (embodiment), and you will find that your body begins to express “the” condition which causes the Father within to be “well pleased.”

This Inner Lord, this “He that should come,” speaking to your body, “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee,” causes you to experience a new sense of health, which is more in the terms of light than the old idea of human power.

There is no doubt that every man, no matter how low he may have dropped in the scale of human belief, has heard the “knock” at the door; but note that it is necessary to hear more than the “knock.” The knock is merely the urge of the power. It is necessary to “hear” within you – yes, you, the reader – and cease the useless “denying” the Christ within yourself and stop the endless seeking in another for the Truth. Until you can give the Glory to God, and recognize this Christ within you, you will not be able

to hear the VOICE. You will always hear the voice of some person, and yet it says the still small Voice shall say, “Turn to the

right,” “Turn to the left,” etc., and that all guidance will be given to you from within. Until you can accept your Divine heritage as a joint heir with Christ, you will be found eating the crumbs under the table of one of your supposed Messiahs, and yet in some strange, remote way resenting this humiliation that you have brought upon yourself.

The recognition of the Inner Lord does not bring a sense of arrogance or conceit. Contrary to this, it brings the first loverly sense of meekness and humility; and why not? You begin to realize that the fighting and excitement belong to those who are seeking things and fighting for them. You have become “meek,” because you know that the MEEK inherit the earth, and there is no question about it being a legitimate inheritance. It is wonderful, the floods of light that are pouring over you now, NOW that you have answered the question, “Is this HE that should come?”

“Greater is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world” – you may rest assured, Beloved, that the Christ within you is greater than any teacher, or lecturer, or preacher, who ever claimed to be the Messiah. Greater is HE that is in you, because that very HE is the point of contact between you and the Infinite God of all creation.

The HE that was in Jesus made Him what He was, and changed the carpenter’s son into a glorious Master. The HE that was in Him enabled Him to offset the beliefs of the millions about Him, One, with God, is a majority, and it was just this recognition of the Christ within that enabled Jesus to show forth the LAW, which set aside every human belief.

When the five thousand were in the desert, hungry and a great distance from food, they all testified to this situation as true. There was plenty of evidence of the lack of food, and apparently no way of getting it. There was plenty of proof of the impossibility of acquiring anything in the immediate time it was needed, and yet this volume of proof and testimony did not affect Jesus at all. One can stand against five thousand, if that one knows that “Greater is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world.” When you begin to see the Law as given to us by the Master Jesus, you begin to understand all the workings of the Law. “One, with God, is a majority,” over a million beliefs and proofs, however time-honored and reverenced.

It was the desire of Jesus to show this crowd of five thousand how it was possible for them also to become one with God; but most of them only saw the so-called miracle, and the next day they were looking for Him again; not seeking the light, but the loaves and fishes, showing how utterly they had misunderstood the revelation. “You seek ME after the loaves and the fishes and cannot find Me.”

Until a man has recognized the simple teaching of Jesus, and found the “HE that is to come” within himself, he will constantly be either building up or tearing down. He will, each year, get a new craze for another teacher or system, and each time he will turn many awry by telling them this is the “only” one. He has only heard the “knock,” and not the “Voice.”

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth My word, and believeth on Him that sent ME, HATH everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life!”

It were well if you read and re-read this statement, and note the tense of the verbs, and rejoice in the presence of the Almighty God. The Lord thy God in the midst of THEE (yes, you) is mighty. Do you hear? “My sheep hear My voice.”

“Is this He that should come, or look we for another?”

“The government shall be upon HIS shoulder and HIS name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, and of the increase of His government there shall be no [not any] end.” The heavens are pouring out floods of revelation upon you as you read, and upon me as I write. The WORD is going out, “I shall pour out My blessings on all mankind.” The richness of this Love has come to you, and “He careth for you.” Nothing else matters. If God, the Inner Lord, careth for you, then all is well with you. It cannot be other wise. The automatic working of this law may come through any channel or avenue, but the power of recognition lies within you.

It is not that anything must or will be done to you by any man, and yet any man may be the materialized evidence of what you have called for. It is Wonderful! “Is this He that should come?” Yes, this is HE that should come to unto you, with healing in His wings. The government of your life is upon the shoulder of this newly recognized (born) child, whose name is Wonderful, the mighty God. Do you begin to see how you can give up, and “lean on ME”?

“Beloved, NOW are we the sons of God.” But this NOW may be three thousand years away, or it may only be a moment away, or it may be NOW. All this depends upon your willingness to recognize the Lord within you as the HE that should come.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handiwork.” We can come whole-heartedly to the throne of Grace, and bear away the Blessings that are so freely given to us. We recognize ONE God of all, and His name is WONDERFUL. Yes, this is He that should come; it is the He that is the ONE (triumphant) against the five thousand, with their avalanche of belief and proof.

“Is this He that should come?” Arise, my Soul; adore thy Maker.



Christ is not the product of evolution.” The Christ has not been evolved from a seed or monad. The I AM that I AM was before Abraham, and before everything else that has had anything to do with evolution, whether mental or physical. Many people conceive that Christ is virtually a product of the nineteenth century. Because more books have been written, and more lectures given, on Christ during the past fifty years, many think that Christ was practically created to accommodate a modern sense of religion, or to make some Prophet outstanding. “with or without a body I AM just as operative”; and so we are beginning to see that if every lecturer, teacher, book, and organization purporting to give the world the message of the Christ were to become non-existent, the Christ would be just as operative, and just as present. It is a wonderful thing to realize this. It will take out of the beautiful Truth all the personal teaching, and free you into the possibilities of the Inspiration, direct and without intermediary.

Because you become more aware of the Christ, He does not grow larger and more powerful. He has always been All, and you are coming more into alignment with Him. The building at the end of the street does not grow in size as you approach it; it may seem to, but it remains the same always. It is interesting to know the Unchangeableness of God, and a good thing to contemplate. Nothing can be added – no personal doctrine nor opinions can be added to HIM – and nothing taken away. There He stands – absolutely Changeless and Eternal.

You are merely in a process of becoming aware of that which is. As you begin to see this, you will find that what you formerly thought of as the Power coming down into expression is merely you coming into better alignment with the Unchangeable. As you meditate on this Changeless Power, and examine more and more the nature of it, you will see why the “signs” follow automatically; they could not do otherwise. You will begin to understand the difference between the old idea of making God do your bidding, and letting yourself come into a better alignment with the Unchangeable Power, which is ever active, and which is independent of every man-made theory, belief or opinion, book or teacher.

“Be still, and know that I am God,” carries more with it than a command – it carries Revelation; in the stillness of this contemplation, does one perceive the naturalness of Life? Most people consider the manifestations of God as unnatural and miraculous, and hence intermittent in their appearance, but we are beginning to see that the unnatural thing is that we, the children of the Almighty Ever-present God, should be subject to all sorts of human beliefs and laws.

It is this awakening that is now taking place, and it is the very joy of recognizing that Christ is not a product of evolution, that gives us the victory. Just think how wonderful it all is that Christ IS and that He is not the product of human research and study, but that before all this, and when the Morning Stars sang together, HE was, and is. Verily, verily I say unto YOU – what do “I” say unto you, Beloved? You who are reading this very line. I AM saying something unto you. The “I” which is not the product of evolution, but which is the seed-time and harvest, both in one, the Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh – I am “saying” something unto you, right now, that it is making your heart burn with the fire of the Presence. It is flaming up in you now, like a glowing pillar of light, and bringing to your remembrance all things whatsoever “I” have said unto you.

“I” have said many things to YOU, before you came through all the tiresome belief of being evolved through the endless incarnations, filled with terror and shame. “I” said many things to “You” when you were with ME, and “I” now hear you asking: “Father, glorify Thou Me with Thine own Self with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was.” Before the beginning of this world of human beliefs that you have hugged about you, drawn out of the mist of human acceptation and fear – judging from the appearances.

“Glorify Thou Me with the same Glory I had with Thee.” We are beginning to recognize that we have already tasted of this “Glory,” this radiance of the Soul – this something, the light of which is again breaking through the bars of out self-made prisons of thought.

We are not asking for a NEW glory, or for an evolved state of goodness, but the SAME glory – that which does not come under the belief in birth, growth, maturity, etc. We are asking for the manifestation of the Power within us, which says “Look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest,” that Power which finds its flower before the seed, and the harvest before the planting. All this beautiful symbolical language gives us a witness to the fact that Christ is not dependent upon evolution. The slow laborious efforts of the human thought trying to produce the perfect, or the increase, fall into the ditch before the Power which says, “Before they call, I will answer.” Before they formulate a request, I will supply it from the never-ending Source of the All. It sidesteps all the human intellect and reasoning, and gives a free and beautiful manifestation and showing forth of the Power, as Here and NOW, complete and changeless.

That which was true with you “before the world was,” is still true. It is simply that we are coming back to it, through the recognition of the Power which is not a product of evolution.

What is the good of talking about the things that “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man,” and then trying to square these manifestations with the Power that will bring them into manifestation by the narrow and distorted human reasoning? Who can teach you the way of Inspiration? Is there a course in any university that will produce this marvelous quality in you? Do you have any difficulty in perceiving Inspiration, no matter in what limited degree it is shown forth? “He was inspired,” you hear people say – and it beggars all description. No one can force Inspiration, make it, or create it, and yet it can be “let” into manifestation by a Recognition of the simple truth: “I can of mine own self do nothing; the Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works” – and, before this Recognition, a whole lifetime of human limitations and restrictions goes down, like a house of cards in a hurricane. God does not have to be evolved in you – God is always there, awaiting Recognition.

“Behold I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me.” The Power is eternally there, urging upon you the Consciousness of its Presence. Urging you to open unto ME and “let” that transforming influence into expression – that which suddenly changes everything at His coming. Suddenly, as a thief in the night, when you are least expecting it all – in the twinkling of an eye; it happens before you can breathe – this Power, which is above evolution, brings Itself into manifestation, and the thousands of beliefs and appearances must fall into the limbo of nothingness. “Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? I say unto you, Lift up your eyes and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” I say unto you, “Lift up your eyes.” Can you for a moment imagine just what must take place in the space of time between “I say,” and “Lift up your eyes”? It is no greater, and no more upsetting to the human belief, than that which can and will take place in you, when you recognize this Christ within you as something real instead of something that you have to grow to, and something that has to be evolved by the slow centuries of human thinking and reasoning. “Behold I make all things new.” What must take place in the old worn-out beliefs and their manifestations, when the Power that makes all things new comes into manifestation – instantly and without the slow process of evolution, or growing, or creeping, along through the jagged channels of experience? What is experience to the Power that is of too pure eyes to behold iniquity?

“Heaven and earth are full of thee” – and you are in earth, and then suddenly you are in Heaven, and so you are filled with the Lord, and, if you are filled with the Lord, what else is there for you to be filled with, and what human analysis can evolve this Lord into something that He has not always been, and is? It is marvelous how the Light is flooding over us – I as I write this to you, and you as you read it. “Blessings, blessings, blessings, so many we cannot count them,” foe Heaven and earth are filled with the Lord, and His blessings. The blessings that do not have to be evolved by a slow, long process of human reasoning and belief, but which are eternally waiting to come into manifestation in answer to that state of consciousness which has discovered that, “Before they ask, I will answer, and while they are yet speaking, I will give it unto them.” That is pretty quick, and it is wholly outside of the ken of the human reason to cope with. There is nothing in the intellect which can make it possible for a man to be answered before he asks – and so it is charged off to the “unnatural or supernatural.” It is called a miracle because it has set aside a human belief. Now we are learning that it is natural, because it is redeeming a human belief, and freeing us from the narrow confines of that belief, causing us to see that it is so before we asked. It is so, that Christ, the I AM, existed before anything else existed, and it is also true that this Word is becoming flesh, and is dwelling among us NOW.

Heaven and earth are becoming one – the Word is becoming flesh, and is dwelling among us. “You are in heaven, speaking to those on the earthly plane of existence.” We are all caught up to the height of this Recognition of the Presence, and are speaking the freeing word of Life and Changelessness into the world of expression. It is Wonderful!

“For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep,” “not discerning the body of Christ.” It is marvelous to know that when we stop looking to the body of beliefs and turn our attention to the Body of the Father within, and the body of the Christ, the embodiment of the Word made flesh, we are instantly healed, and lifted up to a place where health is a natural and normal state of life. Many are sick because they perceive their own human sense of body, and find it full of ills to be cured and healed, and many are completely asleep to it all. “Awake thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light” – awake and arise from the dead! The Christ that shall give thee Light is the Christ whose body you are invited to perceive. The perfect vision shown to you on the mount of vision – the perfect stature of the Christ within you. Turn you attention to this Perfect Body of the Christ and perceive its perfection, and these manifestations will take place in you. It is Wonderful!

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” This is the Christ body, or the embodiment of the Christ, which you are invited to contemplate. It is the contemplation of this body which raises the cripple up from the temple gates and makes a fine strong manifestation out of a rack of disease and limitations. Perceiving this body of the Christ is the thing that will change your “vile” bodies to bodies of Light, and which will deliver you from the body of death; many other things will take place because you have looked upon, and perceived, this body of the Christ as it is, and not as some evolved product of the human imagination. The Word must become flesh and dwell among you, and only when it does is it real and true; otherwise you have an imaginary heaven and an imaginary God, both of which are useless to you on the earth plane. But when you begin to perceive the body of the Christ, you find it permeating the very fiber and tissue of your body and universe, and the manifestation of the Word becoming flesh takes place, and it is well.

“You shall eat My body and drink My blood” – you shall find a full and plenty of everything desirable in this body of the Christ which you are asked to perceive.

“Awake thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.” Christ shall show you the Power of this new and wonderful Body, and shall give you the Light of the New Day and Revelation. Suddenly the belief in an evolved Christ gives way to that Christ which was, and is, and ever shall be – eternal in the heavens, filled with grace and truth, filled with the Power to make Himself manifest. “Christ is not the product of evolution.” Christ is HERE and NOW a reality, to be perceived and LET into expression in the flesh. It is Wonderful! And So It Is.



It is a fine, healthy feeling that comes with the realization that you cannot change God by praying to Him; that you cannot change Him by saying words or thinking things. An avalanche of false beliefs slides into the chasm of oblivion when you begin to recognize that God is changeless.

We have wondered into a far land, full of strange doctrines, which led us to believe that we could make God do our bidding. “Oh, no,” comes a great protest from a mass of souls who daily are telling God what is wrong with the world and the other man, and are also instructing Him how to better them. “Oh, no,” also comes from an army of people who believe that the purpose of treatment is to make God alter His mind.

Many people have come to believe that the study of Truth is for the purpose of gaining a power which would enable us to do things that we otherwise could not do. These same people believe that certain ones have more God-power than others, and that the Truth can be copyrighted and restricted to personal interpretations.

So it is a healthy thing to know, and feel, that prayer cannot change God; that man is neither able to change God nor His Power, and that no teacher or leader has any power to make God do his bidding.

It is Wonderful – this revelation of the changelessness of God. That Changeless Principle of Life, to which nothing can be added, and from which nothing can be taken; eternal in the heavens (Consciousness), and which fadeth not away. Think of the assurance that immediately comes to you. A Changeless Power – eternal, always present in all ways, instantly available to any man, at any place; without words of formula, and without an intercessor.

When you have awakened, you will realize that prayer, treatment, words, affirmations, or thoughts are powerless to change the eternal nature of God. You will be glad to know this. You will be glad to discover that all these ideas are mearly means of aligning one’s self with the Changeless Principle of Life.

Nothing you can do will hinder God, nor help Him. You can only hinder or help yourself. You may believe what you want to regarding God, but that will not make it so, any more than believing evil about a person, or place, or thing, makes that so.

The Power of God is beyond the measure of the human mind. It acts so unceasingly, so unfailingly, and with such precision, that it can be termed automatic. Certainly it is an Unconditioned Power, untrammeled and unlabored, and it is this very Power which many of us have believed we could make do our bidding. Of course, many will emphatically deny this, but that does not change the fact that most people have thought that prayer was either for the purpose of making God change His Mind, or for making something happen that would not have otherwise taken place.

Many of you have thought that until you “treated,” or prayed, or said words, that God remained static. You had, apparently, to generate the Power. I AM not accusing you of anything when I set this down on paper. It is never going to hurt you to be honest with yourself and confess your sins, and get rid of them. You were acting to the highest of your ability, but if it has not brought you a hundred per cent results in the fulfillment of the promises given to us by Jesus, then you had better look again into the promises and see where you stand.

One of the happiest discoveries you will make in this new awakening to the True use of prayer is that God is omni-active, whether you see it or not. He watching over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. The {Power is always active, automatically active, without hindrance or help from you, or any other person, organization, nation, or thing. Aren’t you glad? Even while the tired human mind is asleep, the power of God is automatically expressing.

What, then, is the use of prayer, or treatment, or affirmations? What, indeed, but the power to align us with the glorious fact that God, the eternal active Power of the Universe, can and does express in perfect and eternal harmony, to all those who align themselves with this Power. When I move with the current of the river, I have little resistance or hindrance; and so, when I align myself with God, and LET that mind be in me which was also in Christ Jesus, then the resistance to problems and beliefs passes away. It is Wonderful! “There remaineth a rest to the people of God.” The People of God are those who are LETTING God run His Universe, and who have come to believe that the omni-active Power of God is ever in manifestation.

“When ye pray” – and then the explicit instruction are given for true prayer: “Be still [do you know what still means?] and KNOW that I AM God.” Being still is not telling God of all your needs, and how they should be met. The Automatic Power is always expressing. It is Wonderful!

“I have a way that ye know not of” is the law of the Automatic Power, working through the intricate mass of human beliefs, moving unseen through the condition or situation you call hopeless, and arriving at a destination that was formerly considered impossible. “I have a way that ye know not of,” and that is the way of God. “God’s ways are past finding out.” Do you hear that no human mind can figure out how the power of God can accomplish what the human belief and intellect have long since found as impossible of accomplishment? “All things are possible to God,”

but do not forget that you are not the little person who controls God, and makes Him do your bidding, by saying words “at” Him. The Power which says, “Before they call, I will answer,” certainly must be fully aware of the whole thing, before you put it into words. It is Wonderful! The Power is ever willing and ready to be LET into manifestation.

The glorious sense of prayer is for the purpose of RECOGNIZING the Presence of God, and casting the human will away. “Not my will, but Thine, be dine,” is like handing over limited human power to the Infinite Power of God. A tired child running alongside of an automobile, at the rate of five miles an hour, is suddenly picked up by the car, and carried on at a hundred miles an hour, while his body remains perfectly quiet. Do you get the idea of the futility of human struggle? “Cast thy burden [of belief] upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee” was the invitation given to you; and it is just this Recognition of the Presence that makes it possible for you to see the way, and to accomplish that which was impossible by yourself.

We cannot assist the Power in any way, except by following the laws laid down by Jesus: “Lean on Me.” While we sit quietly in the swift-moving auto, our body also attains the velocity of the car, without any effort on our part. The effortless action of God is here pictured forth. “I have a way that ye know not of.” It is Wonderful!

When you wish to speak to someone thousands of miles away, you turn the little dial of a telephone and presently you are in conversation with that one. It is marvelous what has taken place between the receiver of the telephone at one end and the transmitter at the other. All the automatic action which took place, is almost past understanding – to the average person at least. You sit comfortably at home, and all this unseen power has found your friend thousands of miles away, and put you in touch with him. Think of what you have been saved by this working of this automatic power. Think if you had to perform that operation yourself. It might take you days or weeks to make the journey to speak with your friend, which was done for you in a moment by the automatic connection. This is a poor illustration of the Power of God, but it gives some idea of the “way that ye know not of,” and how it can and will put you in touch with the “answer” to your problem.

“Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth.” The receiver is ready to receive the WORD. He is not telling God what to do. He has aligned himself with the God Power by his Recognition of the Presence of the Power. Yes, to such an extent that he says: “Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth.” What is he going to hear? He will hear the Will of God spoken in his inner being, which will move him into the ways of peace and joy, and glorious Revelation.

Prayer is the Glorious Recognition of the Presence, and the letting go of the human desire. When you loose your life, you will find it. When you ally yourself with the God Power, and LET that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, then it can and does work in a “mysterious way.” We are beginning to understand why it is often mentioned that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and that God is terrible and fearful. These words are used because the human mind is lost in the amazing Power which works through beliefs, and overturns impossible things and comes back with the answer. It is almost terrible to contemplate the Power so grand, so overpowering is it in this automatic expression. “Bless the Lord, O my soul: and forget not all His benefits.” “Come unto ME all ye that labor and are heavy laden [with beliefs], and I will give you rest.” It is glorious to know that God is expressing always, and that He does not have to be started into action by your prayers. The moment that you pray aright you are moving with this Power, and you are learning to take your attention away from the appearance, for the appearance is what you have been hypnotized by all these long years. Nothing happens on the outside that must not first take place on the inside. “Be still, and know that I AM God.”

When you perceive the Power, when you pray aright the prayer of Recognition, then, “having done all,” you “stand and see the salvation of the Lord.” How will it come? It will come in the way all automatic power comes into expression – unhindered, unstopped by any combination of human beliefs, no matter how powerful they may appear to be. It is Wonderful!

When Marconi discovered, by his deep contemplation, the principle of wireless telegraphy, he knew that the world all about him “knew” that it was pure imagination. He looked out on a group of learned men who were ready to give the lie to this Recognition. He looked out on a world read to “laugh him to scorn” because he said he could go against its best beliefs, but he stayed on the point of Recognition. He was “praying without ceasing”; he kept his attention away from appearances, and kept it fixed on the principle which he had seen in the secret place of the Most High. So presently he overturned a whole world of human knowledge. It is wonderful how Jesus gave us all these glorious laws of life. Do not judge any more from the appearance of your body, or your world. Go within and contemplate this Presence, and soon you will overturn a whole lifetime of human beliefs. “All things are possible to God.” Do you hear?

When Jesus said “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” they laughed at Him, and people are still laughing, and people are still “trying to make it appear.” But those who have eyes can see that He was, and is, true and just. His daring in going one step further, and locating the Kingdom of Heaven within you, was to completely undermine the very foundation of a time-honored religion, whose only claim to life was a lot of promises of heaven and happiness after death. But He said it, and so great were His understanding and Love that He was willing to prove it even unto the last enemy, so that we might see that “Every mortal mind is a liar and the father of it,” and that “Nothing is impossible to God.” It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! “If I make my bed in hell, behold, Thou art there,” but not until you recognize this. The moment you recognize it, you are praying the prayer which will instantly release you, and put you into Heaven. It is this very Recognition of the Presence, and the staying on this point, disregarding the outward conditions, that has made this possible. It is Wonderful! Do you begin to see that “He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep” and that “He is mindful of his own”? His own are those who “Hear the voice,” and ally themselves with this glorious Power, and LET it operate through them.

“The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is strong and mighty.” Recognize this fact, at stop looking at the world of unbelief, and the world of evidence to the contrary, and you will suddenly see your hell turn into Heaven. No wonder, then, you are told to “salute no man by the way.” If Marconi had saluted, or discussed his revelation with every man in the street, his glorious power to bring it out into expression would have waned. “Be still, and know that I AM God” – that which is told in secret “shall be proclaimed upon the house-tops.” Do you begin to see the NEW DAY dawning? It is glorious to know that you do not have to change the Mind nor the Will of God by prayer, but that your prayer can and will be just the true Recognition of the Presence here and NOW.

Think of Jesus saying, “The maid is not dead, but sleepeth.” What about all the testimony of the senses, and the human understanding? You begin to see what RECOGNITION of the Presence means. It is the Open Sesame to the King’s Treasures. It is Wonderful!

And you – yes, you. I speak to you. You, who are reading this very line; you can lay your book down, and turn in true prayer and RECOGNIZE this glorious Power. You can contemplate it, and listen for the instructions that are forthcoming right now, and you can arise and confirm it, and decree it, and stand and see it into expression. You are right now filled and thrilled by the down pouring of blessings that is pouring over you like great falls as I write these lines to you, so glad am I to speak to you direct. It is Wonderful! You are blessed, flooded with the Light of God, and your universe is aglow with the Light of Life, and your body is aglow with the Light of Life, and it is all in the dazzling White Light of the Presence. “Be still, and know that I AM God.” It is Wonderful! Blessings, blessings, blessings.

“Having done all,” stand and see. Having made your Recognition, stand by it, and take your attention away from appearances and verily “it shall come to pass” by a way, and in a manner, that ye know not of. From the moment the warmth of the mother bird penetrates the shell of the egg, something is happening, though nothing appears on the outside: and it is just this warmth of the God Love which you put into your Recognition that causes the constant leavening of the meal of belief to take place, even though nothing yet is appearing. It is Wonderful! Heaven and earth are full of THEE. “The heavens declare [do you hear?] the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork.” It is Wonderful – Praise God, sing Hosannas – or Recognition – write within your heart, “Not my will, but Thine, be done,” and let this glorious Will of Heaven – Here and Now manifested – take possession of you. When my will is Thy Will and Thy Will is my will, then the Will of God is being done; and the Will of God, through you, is that glorious individual expression of the Son of God.

“Unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation.”

The Second Coming is taking place. It is the Coming of the Consciousness which Recognizes the Omni-active Power of God, unchanged by the human thinking or ideas, and that has a greater mission in life than the working out of problems. Some time that problem-state must end, and the Revelation of the Power which is “of too pure eyes to behold iniquity” must be revealed. The Second Coming of the Christ “without sin unto salvation” is what we are looking for. The fulfillment of the promises of God, Here and NOW. It is Wonderful!

“I will stand upon my watch … to see what He will say unto me.”

He – that “Lord in the midst of thee” – has much to say to you when you are still, and are at the point of Recognition of the Presence. It is Wonderful! He shall call thee by a new name which no man shall utter – that is the name of Power and Expression.



“BEHOLD! what manner of Love the Father hath bestowed upon us.” Suddenly the light of revelation breaks through the clouds of human belief. The “BEHOLD,” as we see it here, is a command to look upon something. There is no element of trying to change or make, or shape things into a new and different pattern. There is no calling forth of the human powers or capacities to argue or to think something into a new light or place. The command is “BEHOLD.” “BEHOLD.” Look upon, recognize, see, and perceive something that actually exists. “BEHOLD” – something that is already in existence and does not have to be coaxed into the picture by thought. As a man in a dark room, feeling his way about, suddenly touches the electric switch. He does not alter anything in the room; he does not make anything; he does not add anything nor take anything away, yet suddenly everything is changed. “In the twinkling of an eye” everything has been changed for him, and yet nothing has been changed. The things which acted as ugly stumbling-blocks in the darkness of the room are found to be most useful and beautiful. Everything is in harmony, which before seemed to be naught but evil to his darkened vision. This command

“BEHOLD” is somewhat the same idea. It is the capacity to “look again” referred to by the Prophet when the appearances seemed to be so fearful to the servant. It is the capacity of revelation, instant and glorious. Coming into alignment with the idea back of the command “BEHOLD” causes one to become aware of that which eternally has been, and which has been veiled from the eyes because of the human belief; because of the thick veils put before the eyes by accepting the human reasoning and appearances as real and true. “BEHOLD” is an insistent command. No one can do it for you. You cannot see it through the eyes of another. You can only suppose that it is so, but you will have to come up and up and up, to the point where you can stand at the level of the “BEHOLD.” It is something that transcends the thought process of trying to make it happen, and easily slips into the swiftly moving stream of life and recognition. HERE and NOW it all IS, and yet here and now nothing but discord seems to exist, to the human senses. “BEHOLD” – look upon it. It is not a call to you for help, nor yet for cooperation or assistance. It is a direct invitation to “Look again,” and see that whereas the fields had hardly been planted, they are now “WHITE,” and the laborers are few. There are few who will take to the high road of “BEHOLD,” because they stop to salute too many men along the way, and exchange too many opinions. They will find plenty of confirmation of any doubt they may have, and plenty of so-called “help” which will be but a temporary salve rubbed on the outside, which will perhaps ameliorate for a moment the torturing disease within, but which can never cure it.

“BEHOLD” – it is something that is done alone, and at a moment you think not. It is brought about by the contemplation of a possibility. The RECOGNITION of the God-universe in counter-distinction to the changing, chaotic thing created by man. The mind that has made this Recognition is then at the “watch.” Not a conscious watching, and looking for signs and wonders, but unconsciously it has Recognized and accepted The Presence, and is “waiting on the Lord,” regardless of what has seemed to take place in the world of things. It is the mind that is “standing in the innermost sanctuary,” unmoved, unafraid, and calm. “In a moment ye think not,” “I” come into expression.

After you have accepted the fact that there is an OMNI-PRESENCE, then the eyes that were “holden” are freed, and they “BEHOLD.” They “BEHOLD” the glory of the only begotten of the Father. It is Wonderful! It is the gift of every man and not a limited few. It is not brought about by years of study. It is given freely to the consciousness that can become as a little child and BELIEVE that GOD IS.

The old ideas are fast falling away. Veils are being rent ant the eyes are beginning to “BEHOLD.” Whenever anyone has come to the place of “BEHOLD” he has manifested that which has been called a miracle; yet in reality he has only glimpsed that which has eternally existed. No law of God was set into motion especially for him. The Law was, and is, eternally in operation. What he did was to get into alignment with it, and it functioned as it eternally has functioned into perfection. To the limited human concept it seemed that something happened in the nature of a special dispensation, but it was merely the natural action of the Law of God. The one who is out of step with the regiment may yet be walking in time to the music he hears, but he will constantly feel the discord of the great rhythmic beat, to which he does not belong, and yet to which he is so strangely attached. He moves forward, but always at cross purposes. Let him “behold,” as it were, the rhythm, and he immediately falls into the swing of it, and is carried on by it, and enjoys the strength of the great volume of it moving forward. It is something like that with man and God. All the difficulties are from the action of man, independent of God. Finally man is defeated, and drops out.

“BEHOLD! what manner of Love!” You are not going to create it, nor make it. You are not going to help it be born. You are going to “BEHOLD what MANNER of LOVE.” It is Wonderful!

When a man comes to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for the first time, he stands silent, and almost breathless; he finds no words; he actually has no thoughts sufficiently large with which to express the beauty of it all; he is then in the state of “BEHOLD.” He is perceiving things as they are, and not as he is going to make them, nor yet as he may imagine them. They are as they are, and they are so far above anything he has ever thought or imagined that he can only look and “BEHOLD.”

When you “BEHOLD” that the Presence is HERE and NOW, the same thing takes place in you. Whereas before you perceived sickness, you see the impossibility of the manifestation of God to be sick. You “Behold” something that transcends health and which goes on into the radiant thing called “LIFE” – life unmarred or untouched by the human thought and its dreams of yesterday. All the petty thoughts that you have held about making God do your bidding, by telling Him what to do, drop by the way, in this new light of revelation, and you “BEHOLD.” You “BEHOLD” that which is, and the world will say, if you have been desperately ill. “He had a wonderful demonstration”; and so it is, to the human sense. I have no quarrel with this language. The Power that has come into manifestation in you in a demonstration, does not suddenly cease; it is continuous and eternal, and so is the outflowing of substance. Many people make what is known as a financial demonstration, only to presently lapse again into a worse state of poverty. That is because they have “Beheld” only the manifestation, and not the Power back of it. They have grasped at the shadow, and let go of the substance, and they have nothing but the memory of it all. It is Wonderful!

“BEHOLD! what manner of Love.” Do you hear the command? It is made to you – yes, to you who have been trying so long to make God change some ugly or undesirable condition or thing in your life. “BEHOLD [gaze upon, recognize] what manner of Love.” Even as the man, filled with wonder at the beauty of the Canyon, stands speechless at the magnificence of it all, which so far

transcends any expectations that he had, so you are invited to “BEHOLD” the manner of Love, which has been bestowed upon you, and which likewise so far transcends anything you have ever planned, or thought about, or imagined. “My ways are not your ways”; no matter how high and mighty your ways might have been, no matter if you are recognized as the most advanced person in your line – even then, “My ways are not your ways.”

The manner of Love that is referred to is not the manner of Love that you have imagined as due to you for your good works or words. It is something that “eye hath not seen nor ear heard,” and something that has not entered into the heart of any man – it is the “Glory” that God has prepared for those who LOVE HIM. And those who LOVE HIM are those who are beginning to acknowledge HIM as HERE NOW, and who have ceased from the foolishness of trying to make God do as they say; and from the vain imagining that He is moved by words to carry out their ideas and plans. It is Wonderful!

“BEHOLD! what manner of Love the Father hath bestowed upon us.” Do you hear? Do you see? It says that it has already been “BESTOWED” upon us. It is not something we have to win, or earn or beg for, or demonstrate. It is something that has already been “BESTOWED” upon us; already been given to you – yes, you. Aren’t you glad? Can you be still and “BEHOLD,” deep in the soul of you, this glory, as of the ONLY begotten of the Father, filled with Grace and Peace? Yes, even though the waves of human emotion and belief are tossing your craft about like an egg-shell in a tempest. It is Wonderful! It has already been BESTOWED upon you, and no man can take that heritage from you without your consent.

You may have sold this precious birthright for the mess of pottage of human belief in systems and methods of making God do wonders, but the moment you awaken from this sleep you will arise, and “BEHOLD, I make all things NEW” – make them NEW to the deadened senses which have been so long hypnotized by human reasoning and beliefs. The temple is cleansed of the money-changers, and the hecklers, and augurs, and the place is filled with the LIGHT of the one who is “BEHOLDING” what manner of Love. It is enough to make you speechless and breathless with wonder. It so far exceeds the expectations and the wildest dreams. It is so marvelous – the Manner and Nature of this LOVE which is already “BESTOWED” upon you. Yes, you.

The Manner of Love – the radiance of it – the fondest dream fulfilled and made possible – the glorious Revelation of the new dimension. “Behold, I make all things NEW” – the Heaven descending out of the clouds, and transforming, and yet at the same time only revealing that which has eternally been. The Heaven which Jesus said was within – a state of consciousness – suddenly descending on to the earth, or becoming manifest. The “Word becomes flesh.” Invisible glory concreted into the flesh, so heaven and earth are one, and the double standard or idea of life is swept away in the light that spreads over all. “BEHOLD! what MANNER of LOVE the Father hath bestowed upon us.” The NOW of it all comes into being. No matter how long you have worked, or prayed, or waited. The “NOW is the DAY” becomes a reality, and you are standing in the very same place which seemed so accursed, only to find it is hallowed ground.

“BEHOLD” – stand still, and see the salvation of this magic word become flesh. The Transformation of the world from Darkness into Light is only the Revelation of that which has always existed; and so the Revelation that takes place in you, and becomes flesh, is that which has eternally been flesh and which was only veiled from your eyes, because you accepted that as real which you perceived through the darkened glasses of the human belief. It is Wonderful! The darkened glasses being removed from your eyes, you perceive the world in its glorious color and beauty; yet nothing has happened to the world. So it is with the universe of God. Nothing is happening to the perfect universe, created and made by God – called good – and which is awaiting the moment when the Son will arise and go to the Fatherhood degree, and “BEHOLD what manner of Love the Father hath bestowed upon us.” “Look again” in the confidence of the Presence, and you too will BEHOLD what manner of Love the Father hath bestowed upon you. The thing will speak for itself, and you will not have to broadcast it. The letting of the Light through into expression will give the Glory to God, and will cause all men to realize that this wonderful Revelation is something more than talk. It is Wonderful! Be still. “BEHOLD, I make all things new” – the eyes of the disciples are suddenly opened to the fact that they are breaking bread with the one they thought they saw crucified, dead, and buried. They had to “look again,” as it were, before they could see. The mist of human belief was thick before there eyes. The human testimony was strong, as it was in the case of Lazarus; yea, strong as it is in the case of you. But it is never strong enough to withstand the glorious inrush of Light and Revelation which takes place when you “BEHOLD! WHAT MANNER OF LOVE the FATHER HATH BESTOWED UPON US.”

No matter what the condition or belief, it will all melt away before this Recognition of the Presence. It is Wonderful!

Remember, it has ALREADY been BESTOWED upon you, no matter what the appearances are; no matter how many argue to the contrary. It has already been BESTOWED upon you, no matter who you are, or where you are. This priceless gift is yours NOW. It does not have to be won. It has to be accepted. Can one come to you, then, and say, “Yes, I know, but – ” and take from you this priceless gift? No; he can only blind you by words, but you are still in possession of the gift, and the moment you turn from “man whose breath is in his nostrils” you will “BEHOLD” the glory as of the only begotten of the Father. Do you see? Do you hear? Do you begin to feel the presence of this power, independent from every system, or sect, or creed, that was ever established? “In the twinkling of an eye” it shall all be changed. The moment you come to BEHOLD you will perceive it.

“BEHOLD WHAT MANNER.” It is so wonderful, so full, so beyond words and imagination, the MANNER of this Love. The hard fight for life, health, and success is over. All the glorious manifestation you have sought for years is wrapped up in the MANNER of LOVE which has already been BESTOWED upon you. It seems to be lying dormant until you awaken it, but in reality you are lying dormant, dreaming the most hideous nightmares of belief, until you awaken to the reality of your Divine Heritage, and “BEHOLD” the beauty and holiness of it all. It is Wonderful! Arise and shine; you are a being of light, in a universe of Light and you are filled with Light and Inspiration of the ALMIGHTY. It is Wonderful! The MANNER of LOVE that is yours – the measure of Love that is yours – the infinite and joyous expression that is yours, for You have been CALLED into expression as the Son of the Living God. The manifestation has been called forth into expression. It is Wonderful!

“BEHOLD, what MANNER of LOVE the Father HATH BESTOWED UPON us.” It is Wonderful! And So It is.

It is as if the door to a secret cave suddenly opened and revealed the hidden beauties of the earth – as if a searchlight were suddenly turned into a treasure cave filled with precious gems, hidden away in the dark. It is as if the walls of a dungeon suddenly fell away, and revealed the glory of a tropical landscape to the half-starved, half-frozen inmates. It is as if the shell that bound a full-grown bird suddenly broke away.

“BEHOLD! what manner of Love the Father hath BESTOWED upon us” – upon you and me – here and now. It is Wonderful!\



“COME, eat and drink without money and without gold.” The invitation is to all. It is written in such a way that “He that runs may read,” and yet we pass it by, and hurry along into the crowded city to beg for crust.

“The Cattle on a thousand hills are mine, and if I were an hungered I would not tell thee, I would slay and eat.”

“Suppose we compare money with the cows on a thousand hills. The cows belong to God, and so do the mines, and precious jewels. God is just the same in reference to all these things that are of the mineral kingdom as He is concerning those things which are of the animal kingdom. It is Wonderful! He said, ‘If I were an hungered, I would slay and eat.’ Well then, as with the things of the animal kingdom, so with the things of the mineral kingdom. God does not have to ask for anything, or for permission to use anything. He says, “The Cattle on a thousand hills are mine’; and I say to you, ‘The gold and silver and all other metals in a thousand hills are mine.'”

Buried deep in this beautiful illustration of the cattle on a thousand hills is the story of the infinite substance awaiting every man who recognizes that the God within him is the Christ Power, which possesses all things, even the cattle on a thousand hills. And hidden away in this simile is the far-reaching truth, that, if a man is hungry, he must partake of his own. “If I am an hungered, I would slay and eat” – shows the step necessary to be taken before man comes into his own. That which is yours, is yours, but not until you recognize it, and, if you do recognize it, then you can use it. You can, in the symbology of the scriptures, “Slay and eat.” That is where most of us have fallen down. We have said, “All that the Father hath is mine,” but we have immediately begun the process of “begging” for that which is ours. The Kingdom of Heaven is not taken by violence. “Except ye become as a little child, ye can in NO WISE enter the kingdom.” He that tries to climb up any other way is a thief and a robber. So it is with the beautiful giving to you of the cattle on the thousand hills. If you try to possess them by any other way than that of pure acceptance, as a child might accept its food, then your slaying and eating will be against the law, and you shall pay the penalty of misunderstanding your rights – no matter how hungry you may be.

The man who has said “The Cattle on a thousand hills are mine,” could also say with impunity, “If I am an hungered, I will slay and eat,” and no one would say him nay – they would only recognize that he was entirely within his own rights. “Claim your right, and press your claim.”

The invitation, “Come, eat and drink without money,” must be accompanied by the actual acceptance of the individual, if he expects to avail himself of the gift. It is of little use to “want to accept it”; there is something that “clicks” when he actually accepts and abandons himself to it, and does not build a wall in front of him, about making a demonstration or of using the power – all this has been relegated to the dump-heap of outgrown beliefs. Does the man who has the cattle on a thousand hills make a demonstration, every time he slays and eats, when he is hungry? No, he simply uses that which is his, and he asks of no man the right to do so.

Another man, seeing him with the cattle on a thousand hills, may also be hungry, and decide to slay and eat, but he cannot, or, if he does, he incurs the penalty for so doing, because he is breaking the commandment, “Thou shalt not steal.” He is still under the law, because he recognizes that God is divisible, and that He gives to some much, and to others nothing. He gives to every man (you included) exactly what he will accept from Him; no more or no less. A fountain gives to you just the amount of water you can take away in your vessel; no more or no less; but if you return again and again, with larger and larger vessels, it makes no difference. So it is with God. The invitation to “Come, eat and drink without price,” is also the wonderful revelation that the Kingdom of Heaven is free to all who will partake of it.

As long as a man is under the law of human belief, he feels the harshness of the Ten Commandments; they are heavy laws laid upon him, which curtail his every desire. When he is in the Spirit of the Presence HERE and NOW, he is no more under the law, and the commandments become merely statements of what is true. For instance, if a man knows that he has the cattle on a thousand hills, he also knows that at the same time, “Thou shalt not steal” – and so it will merely be a statement of fact that he will not steal, because he will have no need to steal that which is already his. The only reason the thief steals is because he does not recognize the infinite abundance that is his. He always thinks its the other man’s; and so it is until he recognizes that it is his. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

“The gold and silver and all other metals in a thousand hills are mine.” Man must appropriate them if he would use them. It is Wonderful! Yet most people, while claiming this to be true, have only accepted it in theory, and so the actual truth of this law does not come forth. The “Word” must become flesh, to be of any use to you. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God”; and your “flesh” is your manifested world and universe about you, and it is into this very “flesh” that the “Word” must come as a living reality, and not any more as unseen spirit. “Claim your right, and press your claim.” “Ho, every one that thirsteth” – the invitation is sweeping, it is open to all. It is Wonderful!

Do you see how it is that we begin the new process of Life by this glorious Recognition of the Presence of God and His fullness? We can then say, “The cattle on a thousand hills are mine” – not to possess in the human selfish sense, but to use when we are “an hungered.” It is glorious! Are you afraid to go forth and trust this glorious power, which says: “I go before you and make straight the way”? Do you hear? I said “I” – the I AM goes before you (the body manifestation) and makes the way straight.

“Come, eat and drink.” Come, fill to overflowing the vessel of life, and let this filling expand the vessel into a glorious receptacle. “Enlarge the place of your tent.” “Launch out into the deep.”

“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof: the world, and they that dwell therein.”

Do you begin to understand what it means to become one with this glorious Whole? With this understanding you will cease to talk about “Mine and Thine,” and will realize clearly that “all things are Mine, and Mine are Thine.” It is glorious and thrilling, this opening of the portals of the Kingdom of Heaven – the Heaven which Jesus told you was within you. “Look not, lo here, nor lo there,” is such a wonderful statement. It brings the glorious Truth home to you. “Look not, lo here, nor lo there,” for, “behold [do you hear?] the kingdom of heaven is within you. Do you hear? Can you accept it, or will you continue to try to make it so, by words and arguments? “Awake thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.”

No matter how many times you have tried and failed – that is all nothing. One of these days you will PERCEIVE that the “cattle on a thousand hills are MINE,” and why this is so; and then, if you are an hungered, you shall slay and eat; you will not be making a demonstration or doing anything to show somebody the power, you will slay and eat because you are “an hungered” or because you have need of the “cattle on a thousand hills” at that moment in a different form. It is Wonderful!

“I Am here, I Am there, I Am everywhere”; I AM the fullness of all things, in all places; and that is the spirit which must be made manifest in the flesh, in whatever form it is necessary to manifest itself at that time. It is Wonderful! No wonder then we are told, “Go ye into all the world – take no thought of the script, the purse, the robe,” etc. Why is it necessary to take thought when you recognize that “I Am here, I Am there, I Am everywhere,” waiting to be called forth into expression whenever there is a need of Me? I AM everywhere, in whatever forms necessary at that moment, to neutralize the seeming difficulty or limitation, self-imposed by human belief. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

“Just what you can ask God for, God can give to you.” Do you hear? Do you see? Just what you can ask God for. You know the law of “Asking”: “Ask, believing that ye receive.” When you ask that way, that is just exactly what God can give you – or, rather, that is all you can accept, because that is all you have asked for. It is Wonderful!

“The things that are material, they are spiritualized, and the things that are spiritual, they are materialized. The heaven and earth are one, for the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ.

I have the victory, and so have you, if you only know it. Faith is the victory. You do not need to fear, fret, nor worry, when you know that you are on the side of Victory. When you know that you are on the side of Victory, you can go forth conquering and to conquer. You realize that God in one man is a majority. All you need to know is that God is within you, and you have nothing to fret nor worry about.”

Victory over the belief in limitation is but the revelation of the Allness of God which you have declared for so long. It is merely the spiritual acceptance (which you have already made) becoming materialized, or, in other words, seeing this God in the “flesh” – seeing this invisible consciousness made manifest, in whatever form needed, at that instant. It is glorious and wonderful, and filled with Light and Life.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of Lights.” The gifts that comes down from the Father of Lights must not be put upon the open market, and dealt with as so much merchandise. The gift of healing is a free gift, and must be freely given, or it will be reduced to a mental process which is little better than hypnotism. The most difficult thing for the human mind to grasp is the fact that it can only get by giving. There is no reason to this sort of thing. In fact, it is diametrically opposed to all the human laws of gain, and yet there the law stands – only what you give away will you keep, and only by giving away will you get the increase. It is Wonderful! The human mind, hearing the law stated, sometimes thinks to “try” it, and so he gives, and awaits the returns – but nothing comes, and he has lost his so-called gift, because, in reality, he was not giving, he was only investing, and hoping for enormous returns, which come not. You cannot “give,” in the sense we are told to give in the Bible, without getting returns. No matter however much may be said to the contrary. No matter however much it may “hurt” to discover that you have not really given anything with all your giving. It is better to understand this, and learn the true giving or releasing of the infinite substance which flows through you. It is Wonderful!

There is no discouragement – you have made mistakes; you have committed sins of omission and commission, and you have done all those things that you should have done, but the Light which comes, when you recognize the Presence of the Spirit of the Consciousness of God, reveals a new order of things in your manifest world. It is Wonderful!

“When you cast your word or gift into the Universal Sea, and look to the Unseen for the return, nothing doubting, and not in a moral way, but in the way of Spirit, you will never lose.

There is no depression in the Realm of God, Depression exists only in the mind of man. All that ever was, is here and now in the fullness of the Presence of God.”

We begin to understand that the so-called world depression is merely in the mind of man. A country may be thrown into a state of depression because of the over-production of wheat, apples, potatoes, or any other commodity which is called the very necessity of life. Where is the depression then? The elaborate system of gathering in the shekels has completely disregarded the Truth of Life, but it has not changed the eternal fact that the Presence, in all Its fullness, is everywhere, and instantly available for the one who recognizes it. At the same time, it can be merely so many hollow, empty-sounding words. What then is the statement, “The cattle on a thousand hills are mine,” to the person who in his heart knows definitely that they are not his, at that they belong to somebody else, and he cannot get them – no, not even if he wanted and needed them very much.

Be still – do not argue. Surely God IS, and this Presence is enough for you – but remember: “He that is able to hold his tongue is able to take a city.”

That city which you are to take is the Consciousness of “the cattle on a thousand hills are mine, and if I AM an hungered, I will slay and eat.”

“Go thou and do likewise.”



“The Word was made flesh.” Ever since that statement has come to the attention of man, he has been trying to find that WORD, knowing that in it is wrapped up the realization of all his dreams and desires.

“My words are spirit, and they are power, and they shall NOT return unto ME void.”

What is that something which produces the manifestation of the Spoken Word? From time to time we see a demonstration of the WORD having become flesh or visible in one form or another, but many times the spoken or silent word apparently seems to have produced nothing.

What is the magic WORD which opens the doors to the Hidden Treasures? What is the wonderful Word which will release into expression all the glorious dreams which constantly pass over man, and which he knows are real and true? Yes, even more real and true than many of the things he actually handles with his hands, and sees with his eyes, in the so-called relative world.

The word OM, which means so much to the Oriental, has little or no meaning to the Occidental. The word God, which means much to the Occidental, means practically nothing to the Oriental, and there be plenty who utter both these words, and still remain in trying circumstances of the human belief. People have been known to suffer under most wretched conditions while calling in the name of God – in spite of the law, which clearly says: “Call upon ME in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee.”

Many people believe that a word is merely a combination of letters set together to indicate a certain person, emotion, place, or thing. Many believe it is merely a sound made to indicate one of these, but then the difficulty remains in the fact that words are not the same to all races. They are more or less local in there sound or meaning; yet all realize that a given emotion, place or thing, could be in the consciousness of everyone – for instance, they would all know what “LOVE” is, although the word sign for it would be different with each one. The something back of the word would be the same.

“The letter killeth.” I may cry, “Peace, peace,” and still be in the midst of confusion and chaos; and I may say, “Peace be still,” and experience a serene calm.

“Be not like the heathen” – the heathen, in this instance, is indicated as one who believes, by “much repetition,” to gain the ear of God.

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison” – that is why one person seems to attain such wonderful results by the use of certain words, and another experiences nothing.

The Lost Word must be found.

It is not LOST, in the sense that it is gone for ever. It is only lost to you until such time as you are awakened to the glorious PRESENCE of the WORD, with you, and within you, and round about you.

The Magic Word, which is to release everything into expression, comes from the RECOGNITION of the Presence. The magic word that has been lost is clearly printed all over the face of the world, but only “he that hath eyes can see.”

The Lost Word has to do with the manner in which we pray. It can only be found when we actually “BELIEVE.” Oh, yes, I know we have believed, and we have asked for help for our unbelief; but we have never BELIEVED until we have come to the place where we can answer: “YEA, LORD,” when the question is asked, “Believest thou that I AM able to do this?” I did not say, nor ask, did we want to believe it? I said, it is only possible to find this Word when we DO believe it to the point of accepting it.

You can find the word that will do the magic thing for you, if you will. Once you do believe in the Presence and Its fullness, and you begin to TAKE the gifts of Spirit, you will find out that, automatically, you have been using this word. The Word of Words – the open sesame to the King’s Treasures – the password through the closed doors, and the right of entrance to the Way of Peace and Plenty.

When, from a human sense, you receive a gift, the first thing you do is to express your appreciation. More than likely, you will say “Thank you,” in one form or another. The one who does not say this, rarely is the recipient of many gifts. You only have to look into the records to note that Jesus used this same method. “I thank you, Father,” was His Word of Recognition which brought forth the manifestation. Before the slow human sight or intelligence could see the SIGN of the materialization, HE perceived the gift as HIS, and gave thanks for it; and this very, “Thank You, Father,” when spoken from the standpoint of acknowledgment for Good already received, will release the invisible to the visible. It is Wonderful! It is this very spoken Recognition and thanks, which makes the Word become flesh, and dwell among you. It is this joyous thanks which opens the doors, which you could not open in any other way. It is this very lost-found Word which changes the face of the earth (your earth) for you, and makes the desert blossom as a rose, right before your very eyes. It is Wonderful!

You only have to become quiet, and give thanks for the unseen gift, and the manifestation will appear. It is a NEW day; we do not first see the gift with the human eye, but we perceive it within, and give thanks for it. Neither do we imagine, because we say “thank You, Father,” that that will do anything. We say “Thank You, Father,” because we have fully accepted the gift, and its manner of coming into being does not concern us. It is Wonderful! You have this precious Word with you always; you can ASK in the name of Jesus Christ (the Word made flesh), and give thanks that, “before you ask, I have answered.” On the unseen side, the answer preceded the asking, and was, in reality, the reason you asked. Before they call, the thing they are calling for is moving towards them for expression, if they only knew it – “Oh, ye of little faith,” fits pretty snugly on most of us. Do we ask, and give thanks, and then rest? Well, you answer it.

The Lost Word has been found – it will work miracles for you. No matter where you are, and into what difficulties you have strayed. The Magic Word will bring it to pass. No matter whether you know anything about metaphysics, or whether you have had a “course of lessons” or not. It works just as well for one as for another. “No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly” – and walking uprightly does not mean that you are governed by a certain system of metaphysics, or a certain teaching. Do you hear, you who read? It says “NO” good thing. Not any good thing will HE withhold. Not a single one. Do you get the idea? Well, why do you not call from the housetops, as well as from the secret place, “Thank You, Father” – “Thank You, Father” – “Thank You, Father,” until your very being and life ring with the glorious vibration of thanksgiving?

It is Wonderful! “Thank You, Father.”

“Thank You, Father,” spoken with the abandon and joy of Recognition. Nothing matters in the sense of human beliefs. “What is that to thee, follow thou ME” – and this ME is not a man, or a system. Follow the glorious Revelation of the Soul within you, the ME, the Christ of God, and be not afraid to thank the Father for everything; and especially when there is no manifestation of it – for in the very place where there seems to be nothing, there is everything, but only to the all seeing eye. It needs Recognition, and it needs thanks of the right kind.

Do you see the reason why Jesus said: “Go into all the world … without purse, scrip, robe,” etc.? But do not forget the WORD, the PASSWORD into the kingdom of Heaven. Do not forget the Password, the thing which no man can take from you, and the thing which is instantly usable and available, anywhere, any time, and under any condition. No matter what has gone before, the “Word is sharper than a two edged sword, turning in all directions,” and you have it, you can SPEAK it, and set yourself and see the salvation. See the salvation come by a way ye knew not of; come with such a flood of Light that darkness is consumed in the twinkling of an eye, and that which would hurt or harm, no matter what the argument, will be turned into confusion, dumbfounded – turned awry, put to shame, and confounded, fleeing in ten directions at once. It is wonderful the way this Power will cause you to obey the command, to come and sit at the right hand of God, and watch the beliefs you called enemies, become your footstool. When you are Recognizing the Presence of God, and are giving thanks for the manifestation of the Presence, then you are symbolically sitting at the Right Hand of God, and the beliefs that called themselves your enemies are trampled under foot. It is glorious! It is Wonderful! It is all to the praise of God!

“Praise God from whom ALL BLESSINGS flow.” The downpour of blessings has started with the, “Thank You, Father”; The blessings are flowing, gushing out of the Rock. The roaring river of life is pouring over you and your universe – such a deluge of blessings that they are uncountable.

“Blessings, blessings, blessings, so many you cannot count them. Millions, billions, trillions, decillions, and so on and on, until the numbers of the human reasoning are all absorbed in One, and the One, the indivisible Blessing of the Here and Now of this God, is made manifest. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!”

“Heaven and earth are full of thee.” The lost has been found, and it is causing the New Heaven to appear out of the clouds of belief that have made the eye “holden.” There, all the time, were the blessings you sought; but until Recognized, and given thanks for, they did not appear in the flesh. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” Right in the flesh – right in the manifest world, right in the HERE and NOW of Life shall you see God; and no man shall see God” and live after the old standards any more. How can he? How can you live in the old limitations again, when you have seen the Word becoming flesh, by the simple speaking of the WORD?

“Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within me, Bless His holy Name.”

“Thou openest Thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.”

Do you hear? “Thou openest Thine hand.” What do you mean by the “hand of the Lord”? You answer it, but be sure you continue to read that the opening of the hand satisfies the desire of EVERY living thing. That includes you – what are you going to do about it? Seems to me as if we should stop right here and say, “Thank You, Father,” with the glorious thrill that comes from this Recognition of the Presence.

“Sin shall not have dominion over you; for ye are not under the law, but under grace.”

Of course you are not under the Law of your former beliefs, if the WORD becomes flesh, through your Recognition of the Presence, for this Presence upsets all human belief about everything, and short circuits the old laws, and makes them null and void. A man who has been crippled from birth, who answers “Yea” to the question, “Wilt thou be made whole?” has suddenly arisen to the heights of Recognition and thanksgiving which burst the limitations of the former laws, and is henceforth under GRACE – Grace, that thing which is above and beyond the shifting, changing, law of the human mind. It is Wonderful!

The old law, “When I would do good, evil is present with me,” and all the struggles against the belief that sin had dominion over you in one form or another, are wiped out by the Recognition of this Presence, and the giving THANKS to the Father. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! And So It Is.

It is true that “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Do you note the word effectual? – “effectual” having adequate force or power, to produce the desired effect). It does not mean beseeching or begging. There is something in the word that savors of efficiency, and thoroughness and Recognition of the Power as able to accomplish that which it sets out to do. This kind of prayer availeth much. “God is able to make all grace abound towards you.” So it is written. Do you believe it? Knowing that the moment “Grace” abounds toward you, the binding human laws relax their hold. It is Wonderful!

The Lost-Found WORD is rending the veils of human belief, and revealing that which has always been, and man begins to see.

“So wonderful; that magnificent, incandescent Purity, radiating from the very Essence of the flowering fount of Life, is the very message which is written on the fleshly tablets of your heart, and is the fulfillment of the Promise, going before you, blessing, healing and saving. Giving life to the dead, delivering those who have long striven for a perfect release from bondage.

By abiding in Me, and letting my Words abide in you, you will attain Now to much higher heights and deeper depths, as new doors are opened to you, and new revelations unfold a New Christianity; and Joy, Peace, and Prosperity will always be smiling down upon you, as the revelation of Love, written in your heart, is transmuted to people who have lived in the torture shell of Fear and rebellion, for lo, these many generations. So many blessings you cannot count them.”



“He that loses his life shall find it” – in the Universal Whole. When you come to the place where you are willing to merge your personal understanding with the Universal, then you are beginning to experience the “feel” of what it is both to lose your life and find it. The mathematician has long ago lost his book but has found the Science of Numbers and has gone on and on, delving into its infinite depths. When you let go of the idea of a personal life apart from God, and cast yourself into the Infinite Life, you will find the freedom for which you have been seeking so long.

When you accept the Presence as HERE and NOW, as an actuality instead of a theory, then and there and here and NOW you will begin to experience the great power within and without. Whereas before you were blind, NOW you can “see,” and see that everything is all right, and why it is all right. The only thing that has ever been wrong has been your viewpoint. You have looked at Life as something divided instead of as a whole, hence you have tried to use the Power and found that it could not be cut to suit the human measures. The EVER-PRESENCE is impartial and impersonal.

Remember this, and use It as freely and as naturally as you do the air and sunshine. The only time you seemingly notice the air is when it is difficult to breathe or when the supply seems to be getting low, otherwise you pay no attention to it. It has the greatest value in the world because it has no value. So with God – only we have strayed so long in the field of human belief that we have come to look upon HIM only at moments of so-called demonstration. Presently we shall find God – Good – more natural than evil, and will automatically accept Him as such.

“If you will continue to be lost in My will, living according thereto, great will be your reward, as the living virtue goes forth from your body; the Father within you healing, blessing, and saving a hungering misled humanity. Wheresoever you go and whatsoever you do you will be a living message, a living Bible seen and read of men. The Truth in you will conquer and continue to conquer, and to captivate the hearts of the multitude. They will awaken to the Christ within themselves; to Life eternal and all the desirable attributes of God, for there is nothing more than God and nothing less than Christ.”

Formerly, man thought it impossible to make this connection with God. Now the hour has come. Launch out into the deep waters, and be not afraid, it is “I” the Spirit within you that speaks. “Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He will sustain thee.” Your burden that you have carried so long – in the shape of a problem.

That is the thing you are to “cast on the Lord,” and bear away a blessing. “Heaven and earth are full of Thee.” Everything is full of the Lord and His love. The former beliefs and things are fast passing away – “behold I make all things NEW” – and the NEW Heaven and NEW Earth will be the new order, and the new law which will govern all with perfection and peace. The government shall be upon His shoulders. It is Wonderful! So “claim your right, and press your claim.”

The pure Stream of Virtue that proceeds out of you – the Awakened One – is the Word spoken with authority and sincerity, and left to accomplish its glorious mission.

“And it is done! Here and now, and if you will abide in Me and let My word abide in you, you will through constant praise and thanksgiving create such an atmosphere about you that your word, silent or spoken, will continue to bless and heal, and draw all joy, health, love, and life unto you.”

We are beginning to HEAR the Master say, “Go thou and do likewise.” It is no more a much-longed-for state of consciousness which comes with years of study. It is a command that we are ready to fulfill the moment we rise to accept it as possible. Too much time and thought are given to “getting ready” to receive the Christ, instead of “rising” and going forth with the glorious command, “Go thou and do likewise.” This command carries with it all the power necessary to “do likewise.”

The atmosphere of Love that the Christ Consciousness creates about you protects you from all the former fears and limitation, and opens a new way for you.

Begin to accept the words of Jesus as if addressed personally to you, and act upon them, and you will suddenly find yourself going into the Inner Shrine and there tasting the joys of the New Day. Begin to accept the Word of Christ as a direct word to you, and you will begin to receive the promises as directly made to you, and their fulfillment shall be swift and sure.

“I have blessed you! I have blessed you! I have blessed you! by the great Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omni-present Name and Nature of God. You are now the partaker; as it is written, ‘As he is so are We in this present world.’ My peace I give unto you, My peace I leave with you, let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. ‘Christ in you … and Christ in me will give you the victory … and from every adverse condition set you free.'”

You have just read something that is said to you, yes, it is for no one else but you – you the reader. Can you accept it? Do you believe that you are at this instant BLESSED with a downpour of blessing that drowns out of your life every evil and adverse condition? Are you beginning to see that it is necessary for you to “take” your good out of the universe. And that, in order to do this, you have first to recognize that it is an actuality? All the promises of God are made to you. To you the promises are made, but they do not amount to anything until you accept them. Can you begin to see the joy in losing your life and finding it in the Universal Whole? The little joys of the human life are so fleeting, and then, all of sudden, we find them all in their true interpretation in the Christ Life. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! “You are now a partaker in the Kingdom of Heaven as here and now.” Sounds too good to be true; that is the way everything about God sounds to the human mind. The human mind cannot grasp Goodness as a never-ending stream of substance pouring into expression, because it has not the capacity to accept this. “Arise thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee LIGHT.” LIGHT that is so full of substance it will reveal the tangible blessings unto you. “YOU ARE BLESSED.” Do you hear? Just now, as you read, YOU ARE BLESSED. Blessed with the great consciousness that recognizes GOD as PRESENT. The joy of ARISING (from the former beliefs and mistakes) and GOING to your Father has come to you. No many how many mistakes you may have made – “ARISE” and accept the Glorious Truth – “thy iniquities are remembered no more.”

“As He is so are we in this present world.” Do you glimpse the wonderful revelation that is given in this line? Not as HE IS GOING TO BE, but as HE IS. As the Christ IS, as the Perfect manifestation IS, here and now. Do you begin to see what the gift Christ brought two thousand years ago really is? It is something more than words, and yet it is only words until it is addressed to you personally. Until you see that these things have to do with you individually they are nothing but passages from the Bible. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! As HE IS – do you hear? You had better look up “He” and see just what “HE” is. “As he is so are We in this PRESENT WORLD.” Right NOW, right here, and glory be to God. It Is So. And So It Is. Hidden away in a frame of human belief, this precious Truth awaits the coming of the Master. It awaits the one who can sense the real from the unreal. You are THAT one – you are perceiving its truth NOW, and it is becoming manifest to you. The sick, aged and worn-out body is beginning to show signs of awakening in HIS LIKENESS. It is Wonderful! Do not hurry nor get excited. It is all done in the twinkling of an eye; “When the last trump shall sound” – when you have sounded the note of Recognition.

And so the Recognition goes on. The Living Word becomes manifest.

When you are speaking the word; when you are feeding the hungry, or healing the lame, then you are really in Heaven.

“You are in Heaven, the Heavenly State of Consciousness, the Heavenly Jerusalem; in the spiritual state of Consciousness; teaching men on the material plane, in mortal consciousness that the kingdoms of the world have become the kingdoms of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The day of teaching from the limited human consciousness is

over. It is only a mental play that accomplishes nothing lasting, or worth while. When you have lost your life and found your life in Christ, you are teaching from the pure consciousness of Heaven, and this PURE WORD is interpreted to the human plane, and is heard and seen – “My word shall not return unto ME void.”

“Tarry awhile in Jerusalem” – the Four-Square symbolical city of Peace, where the Fourth Dimension Consciousness becomes a reality. “Be still, and know that I AM God,” not that I am going to be God, but that I AM God – so tarry a while in Peace. It is so wonderful for you to sit quietly in the blessings that are descending all about you, HERE and NOW.

“There is no ending to the blessings that are in the Storehouse for those who truly love the Lord, and will keep his Holy Word. New Mysteries are being revealed to the children of men every moment, and they are now ready to receive them, for they have become conscious of the Ever Presence of God right here in there very midst, manifested within and without. It is more than human tongue can tell, the Glories of His Righteousness and the Wonders of His Love; this mighty Holy Love that transcends all limitations and breaks down every thought of segregation, and other abominations that are not pleasing in the sight of God.”

All the things you have been seeking are yours when you accept the word as spoken to YOU – not to another. The storehouse holds all the unfulfilled promises of your life. Nothing has been lost – nothing can be lost, except the limitations of a personal life.



I dreamed I was standing on a street corner, and saw a man struck down by a passing motor-car. I ran to him, and began wondering how I could best help him. For some time I went through the motions of ordinary emergency thinking. I called “Help,”and began lifting him up and examining the nature of his injury. All this time it seemed very real to me. I think I even suffered a little to see the pained expression on his face. People began to run towards us, and one of them said, “It is no use; he is past help.” Something in that phrase awakened me, so to speak – I remembered that I had the power to call upon the Lord, and have Him answer. “Call upon ME in the day of trouble, and I will answer you.”

I immediately “spoke the word,” but, instead of helping the man, I awakened myself. It had all been a dream, and of course there was no accident, nor injured man to assist, or to heal. All that was necessary was for me to awaken, and find that the whole picture had been a miasma of the human mind. I could not have done anything for the man I saw run down in my dream. There was no possibility of my helping him. It all seemed rather ridiculous, when I thought of it, that I should have tried to help a dream man who had been hit by a dream car, and who had sustained a dream accident – and yet, while I was gazing upon it all, it seemed real enough.

The interesting point to be considered was the fact that the moment I “REMEMBERED” my Father, at that instant, the manifestation of evil was revealed as non-existent. It had never existed anywhere but in my human thought. It called to mind the fact that the Prodigal, sitting in his filth, had only to remember his father to instantly make the dream, which had become so real to him, disappear.

When I thought over the dream and the awakening, I seemed to recall to mind that every time I had dreamed of trying to help anyone with the Truth, it had immediately awakened me. I presume we could say quite definitely that the application of the Truth had been eminently successful; that the spoken word had been fulfilled, since that which had seemed to be had been wiped out of the picture.

This process of AWAKENING to the REALITY of Being when we pray is what is promised by Jesus Christ. “Awake, thou that sleepest.” We are asleep when we accept the human dream as real, and we immediately “run to help,” and proceed, along material lines, to do what we can. True Prayer would simply awaken us to

the true state of Life, wherein evil does not exist. That is precisely what happened with the cripple at the Temple gate. A moment before, he was held fast by the dream of the human belief, and then he was awakened. This awakening we may chose to call healing; or we may like better to say it is “The Revelation,” since nothing happens, because that which is shown forth is too quick to happen. The human mind has not sufficient power or speed to function so rapidly. It appears suddenly, and the body that has been bound by the dream of years, instantly is freed into glorious power and health. The dream of forty years is no stronger than the dream of five moments. Because you had been caught in the web of human dream, and seemed to intensify it by trying to rid yourself of it, or by gazing upon it, does not argue one iota for its obstinacy, or its reality. “Call upon me, and I WILL answer.” I will without doubt.

Do you begin to see something? Do you begin to see that the man in the dream is not healed, but that the whole dream is wiped out of your mind by an actual awakening? Do you begin to see that we are not in the business of healing a reality called sickness, sin, or lack, but that we are in the process of REMEMBERING to CALL upon ME, and that this very remembrance does not change the dream, but actually eliminates it by revealing the reality of life? That is why it can happen in the “twinkling of an eye.” That is why it can come through into expression “by a way ye know not of.” Imagine a man crippled for forty years; imagine what a

physical change would have to take place to be able to see him, instantly in perfect, radiant health, running, leaping and praising God.

The moment we take our attention away from the appearance we place it on the Father, upon whom we are invited to CALL, with sure and certain success. The moment you call you will be awakened to the fact that there was nothing to be healed and you will perceive the Son of the Living God revealed in all His perfection. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Heaven and earth are full of the Lord. “Awake, thou that sleepest,” awake to the glorious truth that you are seeing the evil in a dream, and that you can best help the situation by calling upon this POWER and turning your attention away from the appearance.

Of course, many will say that this is just an illustration, but many will also arise and testify to the fact that they have actually had awakening from a consciousness dream, just as suddenly and as perfectly as the awakening from the dream of sleep. It is Wonderful!

Whatever of evil you are experiencing is the hypnosis of the dream, or belief, in a power apart from God, and it is the return to ONENESS which awakens you from your belief. A belief is all you could possibly get rid of. You surely cannot get rid of anything that is real, since the real is eternal and fadeth not away. 

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My WORD shall remain for ever.” The heaven and earth that the human thought may have created out of its limited beliefs may pass away (in fact, you have a different idea of heaven now than you had as a child), but the glorious POWER of the WORD shall not pass away. It is eternally being fulfilled.

“God spake and it was done.” There is an air of finality about this. No question about the results. No one imagines that after God spake, some human belief spake, or put in an argument against the “God spake.” There is a consciousness that comes with it that is final, and makes you know that, no matter what man says, or argues, or tries to prove, when “God spake” it was done, and there is no further question about it. It is just this God spake idea that functions through us when we begin to accept the Power of God. “I will walk in you and talk in you.” What is meant by that? Does it mean that this “God spake” power is going to talk in you and not be all-powerful? Is your peevish little personality, with its negative beliefs about itself, going to interpose a word which will off-set the “God spake”? You answer that. What do you think? “God spake and it was done,” and there is no “maybe” about it. “Let there be light, and there was light.” This was before the appearance of sun or moon. All this beautiful symbology is given for the purpose of recognizing “that something” which goes beyond the human teaching and reasoning and causes you to experience the Power of this “God spake.” The Voice of God, ringing through the Universe, does not take dictation from man, whose findings are all wrong, and without foundation. No matter if these findings have functioned for a thousand years in a given way. Either God IS stronger than your belief about Him, or else He is nothing. “Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light”; and that is exactly what you do when you pray. You awake from the dismal belief in evil, either in yourself or another.

“My word shall not return unto Me void, but shall accomplish whereunto it is sent.” Do you hear the finality if this statement? It does not say perhaps or maybe, it distinctly states, “My WORD shall NOT return unto ME void, but SHALL accomplish whereunto it is sent.” And this is the Word of God, not the word of some teacher, lecturer, book, or organization. It is the “God spake” word, which is the light of Revelation, which reveals that the perfect creation of God is for ever intact. “Before ye call, I will answer.” It is all Wonderful! “Be still, and know that I AM God”; and then LET that mind be in you which functioned in the man Jesus, and the “God spake” will happen, in and through you. This word of God will awaken you from the dream of evil in your conscious world, just as, when you pray in your dream, it immediately awakens you to the truth about the situation.

It is glorious to know that the days of the hard taskmaster are over – that “NOW” [at this instant of recognition] are we the sons of God.” The hard taskmaster is the personality, with its beliefs in birth, family, nationality, education, breeding, etc. As long as you are identified with these limiting beliefs, you must take on the nature of them, and go down under them. “Call no man your father” does not make you an orphan, but it gives you freedom to recognize your true Parent, God. All the limitations you took on in the dream – that you were “born in sin and conceived in iniquity”; that you were a creation of the dust, and must return to it; and that you must gain your living by the sweat of your brow – give way before the Revelation of your true heritage as the Son of the Living God, Joint-heir with Jesus. It is Wonderful! Do you begin to see and feel the glorious awakening that is even now taking place within you?

“Awake, thou that sleepest and Christ shall give thee light.” Awake from the dead beliefs that have hypnotized you so long. Turn your attention away from the man in the dream and his supposed injuries, and “call upon ME and I will answer you.” It is glorious. “God spake” – and surely the Voice speaking through you, when you pray in this fashion, is the Voice of God.

Jesus recognized the dream state, and in one instance, when told of death, said, “The maid is not dead, but sleepeth. I go to awaken her” (awaken her to the reality of Life, awaken her from

the deaths of beliefs). “The dead shall hear My voice and arise.”

The God spake is the WORD which awakens man from the hypnosis of human beliefs, and brings him back into alignment with Life Eternal. “This IS life eternal, to know ME.” The Voice of God speaking through you will make the un-manifest manifest. “I AM the resurrection and the LIFE; though a man were dead, yet shall he live.” If a man were actually dead, in the sense that the human mind interprets the word (the end of all things), then could he be made alive?

The Voice of God, the (God spake and it was done) WORD, is spoken through the temple of your body. It brings the floods of light, and makes as naught the dreams of fear disease and death. It searches the joints and marrow, and goes into the hidden places. It is wonderful, the God spake WORD, speaking itself into expression by the power of awakening the sleeping senses. “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” The Glory of this “God spake” Word is risen upon you and has awakened you from the dream of human belief. In a twinkling the picture of evil disappears, disintegrates, and goes into nothingness.

“He watching over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.” The God spake” Voice in the midst of thee is never off duty, and is instantly available. “Cal upon Me in the day of trouble and I WILL answer.”



“God does not bring to birth and then not bring forth.” So says Isaiah, and he gives us one of the most wonderful statements of Truth. So many of us have, so to speak, “brought to birth” an idea which seemingly was never born. So many times we have done everything in our power to make the manifestation, and nothing appeared. So many times the sign of rain which was in the skies, over the parched desert of human trying, only turned out to be clouds without rain. Yet Isaiah states:

“God does not bring to birth and then not bring forth.”

He is stating a definite and sure thing. The Child must be born – that is, brought to birth by the God consciousness. There is no escaping it. “My word shall not return unto Me void, but shall accomplish whereunto it is sent,” is another way of stating the inescapability of the law of Truth.

Job tried, in every conceivable way, to appease the “wrath” of God. He begged, besought, and offered everything, in exchange for freedom from the terrific problems that were upon him; and yet, instead of seeing the manifestation that he sought, he seemed only to add to his condition. Up to a certain point it seemed as if every move only added to the burden that was already to heavy for him. Then suddenly the Law came into action, and the Child, so to speak, was born.

The strange thing about man is, that he never from the simple things of life the law of God. He is told to consider the lilies, but his first thought is, “Yes, but how is it going to help me to meet my obligations, or make me well – just looking at lilies?” He sees the law. which makes the statement of Isaiah a beautiful demonstrable fact, demonstrated about him almost constantly, and yet he turns to the ways of intellect, and seeks among the husks of learning for the solution.

The effort of “trying to make something happen” or “trying to make God do your bidding” is proven futile time after time. And yet, having discovered the futility of these methods, man persists in clinging to them until he drops by the way, and “man’s extremity becomes God’s opportunity”; or, in other words, until he stops working with himself, and gives up, and “lets” the power operate through him. He would not learn through considering the lilies, or the ravens, even though the advice came from the

Master. He rejected this simple solution to follow after what some other person had discovered, or thought he had discovered, that was a “new method.”

Who can, by force, pull the flower out of a seed, the bird out of an egg? Who can force into manifestation this God Power which is within?

The secrecy and silence of the seed in the ground, the egg in the nest, speak volumes of instructions. When you find the way that Job approached the whole matter, and noticed what happened, you will see that he stepped aside, and “let” the Power into expression. When he prayed for his friends, and took his attention away from himself, he loosed the cords that bound him fast. Without trying to, he broke the prison bars asunder. When your attention is taken away from yourself, and is present with the Lord, something will happen to you. The sickly business of always working with yourself keeps from you the very thing you seek. The Child cannot be born, because the curious, anxious intellect destroys the manifestation by trying to force the birth, or by trying to see how it is done. If you are all tied up in the chaos of a thousand and one problems, just turn your attention away from yourself for the space of a few seconds, and in the “moment that ye think not,” or when you are not thinking of yourself, and

how you can escape, lo, you will find that you have already escaped, and are experiencing a new freedom; and, strange as it may seem, you will also perceive that you have lost nothing, and that “twice as much” as you had before is added to you. This is what Job found out when he could step aside.

“God does not bring to birth and then not bring forth.”

If I believe this, something is sure to take place. If I believe it as I believe that a poppy-seed will in its own wonderful and magic way produce a poppy, if I believe it with the same abandon that I drop the poppy seed into the dark earth and go away and forget it, then will the manifestation as surely take place in me as it does in the seed. It is Wonderful! Do you believe in God? Then you believe in the Law of God, and, no matter if ten thousand others believe in a law opposed to this power, evil will not come nigh thee.

The invitation, “Cast your burdens on Me and I will sustain you,” becomes something more than poetry. It becomes a reality. Dare you do it? You, I mean – I AM speaking to you. When will you stop working with yourself, and place yourself in the way of manifestation, by “letting the God power operate through you? You will not keep “peeping,” and looking for a sign and wonder. You will “set yourself and see,” in calm assurance that “He watching over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps,” no matter what the human intellect says or does. It is Wonderful!

“God does not bring to birth and then not bring forth.”

Your dreams of the New idea that is to be born in you will be born when you stop wondering how, why, when, and where. Nothing that you feel the urge to do can be kept from expression, when it is handled in this manner. “Arise, shine” – this command seems to ring through everything. It does not say, “Try to arise”; it says something that gives you the very power to “arise” when you hear it, and also the power to “shine,” without trying to. It is Wonderful! With every one of the laws of God is the power of fulfillment, when it is “let” into expression.

Over and over again we hear statements of Truth, and then one day we hear them for the first time, and they become part and parcel of our very BEING. Just like the simple statement; “ARISE, SHINE”; it is nothing – it is impossible – it is ridiculous from the human standpoint; “But with God all things are possible,” and so the letter that “killeth” becomes the “word” of Life, because you have suddenly conceived the Spirit back of it. At that moment the “Child is born”; the manifestation comes into being; the law stated by Isaiah becomes a flaming reality. The possibility of it failing is remote even in thought.

“The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of God is the source of all supply. When I Am absent from the body, I Am present in Spirit, and I Am just as operative without a body as with one. I Am the true impersonal life, free to all, instantly available to all, anywhere, anytime, any place. I have created for you all, the whole universe. I have given you the same mind which was also in Christ Jesus. The Disciple said: ‘Many are weak and sickly among you, and some sleep, not discerning the body of Christ.’ It is Wonderful! When the body of Christ shall have been materialized, and you come to that place where you realize that God Is actually present, within and without, then the little leaven leaveneth the whole lump, and you become a part of the Infinite whole.”

The wonderful revelation of the Risen Lord – the body becoming spiritual, and the spirit becoming material; the two whom God hath joined together becoming eternally one, in the perfect manifestation the Jesus Christ, the whole idea coming into expression here and now; this is what the Father has given unto us. It is Wonderful!

It pays to be “absent from the body,” or embodiment of beliefs that you have about you, and “present with the Lord” of creation. Present with the Power, instead of on the outer rim of it all, watching to see if anything can be made to happen.

ARISE, SHINE – do you hear?

“What ye sow, that must ye also reap; what ye measure unto others, that is measured to you again. The Cosmic forces of Nature will stand by you, so long as you live in conformity with them. The Law that was brought into expression by Jesus, the Author and Finisher of the Law of the Spirit of Life, is the spirit of the Cosmic Forces brought into subjection to the Divine Mind. The Law of the Spirit of Life is the Law of Nature, the Cosmic Forces, brought into subjection to the Christ Mind; it is subject to the Law of Love, and it makes you free from the law of sin and death and all undesirable conditions. The consciousness of this will produce and reproduce, create and recreate, without any visible expression of the creative forces, the things that you desire. With or without a body, it is just as productive and just as operative. It is Wonderful. Praise God.”

“Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow.” All blessings, millions of blessings, yes, from Whom flow the eternal “blessings, blessings, blessings, so many you cannot count them” – the infinite outpouring of the Spirit, in every possible form necessary to meet the need of the instant. “Fear not; it is I,” the Spirit of all things, which can bring into manifestation that which is brought to birth. It shall be brought forth by the easiest possible means. “In the twinkling of an eye” that which you have sought so long is in your possession, and that, too, at the moment you stop seeking it. “Oh, that I knew where I might find HIM,” and all the time HE IS there, awaiting the recognition. Do you begin to see? The light is flooding through these days – it is the TIME.

Do you begin to understand that all the laws, even those of the waves and winds, came under subjection to the Man Jesus, when He realized His power? All the forces of Nature are in the control of God, Who “holds the winds in His fists.” It is because of this glorious revelation that the so-called laws of fate and destiny which hover over man from the cradle, are caught up and redeemed by the fire of the PRESENCE of the CHRIST, here, and NOW, and everywhere present. It is because of this great revelation that man is thrown off the wheel of Fate, to which he has been bound, lo, these many years, and is cast up into the plane of peace and quiet, and wonderful activity and expression. “The former things have passed away – behold! I make all things new.” It is wonderful that all “things” are made new, even you and your embodiment. They are made new by the process of “renewing the mind,” or recognizing that the mind is permeated with this Christ to such a point that the old worn-out beliefs and ideas are all consumed by the Fire of the Presence. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! And So It Is.

“Call upon ME in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee.” What a glory there is in this statement. It does not say,”Maybe I will deliver you”; it does not say, “I may be able to do a little something to relieves the situation for the moment.” It says, “Call upon ME and I WILL deliver thee.” There is no half-measure about it; it says, “I WILL deliver thee.” Do you hear? Do you see? Do you begin to “feel” that it is above all this human argument and reasoning? It is pure Inspiration of the Almighty, which is finally to lead you into all things, and it is for the immediate use of you – no matter who you are, or what you are. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! “Praise God, from Whom ALL [not some] blessings flow.” Do you catch the meaning of the word “flow”? Does it sound as though it is a straining or a difficult process? Doesn’t it call to mind the flowing of a glorious river, so automatically moving to the infinite sea, so joyously abandoning itself into expression? Into meadows green and fresh, into mountain gorges deep and terrible, into joyous sunny landscapes and past noisy cities; ever flowing, flowing on and on, and never stopping, and never lacking, and going into every place with the same ease and glory? It is Wonderful! The flowing of this mighty stream of blessings to YOU. The moment you recognize the Presence, and stop trying to make it “FLOW,” it begins its mighty operation. “Heaven and earth are full of Thee” – that is it. Everywhere you go, God IS, in whatever form is necessary to establish the Kingdom of Heaven. Yes, to establish the Kingdom of Heaven as something more than a theory.

Unto the Faith which asks no proofs is given the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; is given the keys to unlock any door, and also to lock any door. It is Wonderful! The solution to all things is given to this FAITH.

“If you make your mental and spiritual contact with ME, you will be given the keys to all things. After the Holy Ghost is come unto you, you shall have the Key to all things. It is Wonderful! No door can remain closed to this glorious power. The doors of the universe spring open before you. Christ is rich, and all you need. Claim your right and press your claim, and you shall receive the ‘healing’ which will cause you to be in your Right Mind, sitting at the feet of Jesus. It will cause you to develop to the normal state of consciousness, and the normal state of expression physically.”

It is so glorious that the abnormal state of thinking that we are worms of the dust, and are separated from God, is passing away, and that the NORMAL Consciousness, wherein we recognize God as something more than a Mythological Deity, is coming into reality. Then will we find it more normal to have health than sickness, wealth than poverty, joy than sorrow, expression than death. It is Wonderful! Already we are beginning to feel the normal, rational “feel” of the God life, and the desert is beginning to blossom as a rose. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

“Just think what Christ can do for you. Though you may have been handicapped in many ways, mentally, financially, socially, physically. Christ is rich, and all you need, and has equipped you with the requirements to meet any emergency. “When He, the spirit of Truth, has come unto you, He shall teach you all things, whatsoever I have said unto you.”

Yes, He can equip you with all equipment necessary, mentally, spiritually, physically. So you see the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of Good; no space is vacant in the fullness thereof.

“Praise the Lord, O my Soul, and forget not all His benefits.” Rejoice and be exceeding glad. You are coming to the place of recognition, where the NORMAL consciousness is being manifested in you, and you are experiencing the “feel” that “God does not bring to birth and then not bring forth.” It is Wonderful! The promises of God are kept.



“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder; and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

“Of the increase of His Government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon His Kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever. The zeal the Lord of hosts will perform this.”

The great and glorious Celebration of the Birth of Christ is again taking place in the stable of your heart. You are at the point of recognizing anew, the momentous event that is taking place within you. You are again awakening to the glorious revelation of the Light within. You are singing the song of joy and thanksgiving. The voice of joy within you is singing silently, as it magnifies the Lord within, the newly born Christ.

Why are you singing?

Just because you cannot help it – your joy gushes up and out into expression automatically. “Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow,” is surging through your temple, entering into every vein, nerve, bone, and life. The Word the unseen Word, is becoming flesh; is coming into manifestation by reason of the Birth of the Christ within you. “Peace on earth” -peace be to all the earthly thoughts and fears. Peace, peace – the whole realm of the manifest is being flooded with the Light of the Christ within you.

Why all this rejoicing?

“The government shall be upon His shoulder” – the government of your life. All the cares and worries, and excitement of trying to live, and arrange, and plan, suddenly drop from you onto the shoulder of this newly born state of consciousness. The government of your life and affairs shall no more be at the mercy of the mistaken human reasoning, but shall be upon His shoulder; the shoulder of the Christ.

The child that is born in the manger becomes the Father within, for He is The mighty God, The everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace. All these names for the Christ have their definite meaning to you, as you go from one to another, in bringing out the glorious heritage of man.

“For unto us a child is born” – man is beginning to Recognize the wholeness of creation – the holiness, the completeness, and that how, to this completeness, this US (the heaven and earth as one), is the new and glorious revelation made. “For unto US a child is born.” No doubt; no question about the possibility of the event. The birth-pains are over; the sorry hours of travail are gone; the child is born at the moment when you are able to Recognize that such a gift is yours, and that by Divine right you are entering into your inheritance incorruptible, which fadeth not away and is eternal in the heavens. It is all Wonderful!

Be still and watch one hour at the holy event. Bathe in the Light of it all – the pure Recognition of the Presence in all His glory and majesty and fullness. The tatters and rags of human belief are dropping away from you, the heavy bondage of things slip off from you. You are casting your burden on ME, and bearing the burden of Light and Revelation away into expression.

When you come to Recognize that the only reason for all this symbology is to make the Revelation of Life to YOU, you begin to see the import of it all. The story becomes replete with manifestation. The moment you recognize that this Divine Event has taken place in you a newness of purpose and expression come into being. It is as if one had a million-volt electric lamp shut in a small box. As he tears away the box, the light floods out automatically, and fills all space. Automatically it expands without effort. The box that shuts in your light is your failure to recognize that this thing is personal, and is taking place in you. Yes, I know you are a worm of the dust, and all that, and are not worthy, and that is why the story is shown as taking place in a stable. You are worthy enough, if you are big enough to Recognize the Christ, and stop discounting your beautiful manifestation. No matter how prodigal it has been or to what depths it has sunk, the Recognition of this EVENT, as actually taking place in YOU, will tear away the narrow confines of belief, and release the Manifestation. It is Wonderful! Yes! His name shall be called Wonderful, for the Christ within you is filled with wonderful gifts and things “that eye hath not seen nor ear heard,” and revelations that have not yet entered into the heart of man. “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is Good.” You are invited to partake in this glorious thing called LIFE. We are not asking for something unnatural and unreal, but merely Life expression as Life, and not as some miserable existence dependent upon chance and change.

When you partake of the holy bread of Recognition; when you eat the body and drink the blood – that is, when you actually accept the inspiration of the Christ, which is to lead you into all things – and eat His body – begin to Recognize God in the flesh as a reality, instead of an imaginary substance in the skies – then the marvelous thing begins to take place which is written: “Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end.” The borders of the tent (your expression) are enlarged, and you are able to see the far-reaching effects of this government of the Christ within. It is Wonderful! It is the automatic and natural action of Christ, accomplishing, “by the way ye know not of,” that which is impossible for the human mind to accomplish. It is the Impersonal Life becoming personal, and the redemption of all the entangled and snarled up beliefs. It is the freeing Spirit of the Presence which takes away the condemnation, and fills everything with the “increase of His government and peace.” Then the miracles flow naturally and normally into expression.

“David” is the BELOVED. And so on the throne of the Beloved shall be the increase. How can you help sitting on this throne of the Beloved, when you see the wonder of it all, and the glorious possibilities of the Divine Event? The narrow confines of the human belief burst asunder, and you are freed into the new day of expression of joy. It is Wonderful! “For unto us a child IS born.” The Event has taken place, and you are ready to partake of it all.

“The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform it.” Then why question how it will be done? The ZEAL, the automatic power of the Lord of hosts, with His ways and means that no man knows of, brings this to pass in you. The ZEAL of the Lord of Hosts will perform it. Do you hear? You who read this line. When anyone asks again, “How can these things be?” you can be still and know within your heart of hearts, and on the throne of the Beloved, that the “zeal of the Lord of Hosts WILL perform it.” The Automatic Power of the Recognized Christ will perform it, whatever that “IT” is, by ways and means that “no man knoweth of” – why worry or fret then? Truly the government shall be upon His shoulder. It is Wonderful! Now you know what it means to say, “It is Wonderful!” It is the Name of the ONE, and it is the Name in which rests the Power of bringing the “Dry land” into manifestation.

Yes – “For unto us a child is born” – this Christ Mass is being celebrated for the Recognition of this Divine Event taking place in you. Until it takes place in you, it will only be a symbol, or the re-enactment of some historical event. But when it happens to you, then it becomes living, and real, and marvelous – filled with light and wonder. It takes place again and again, as we become more aware of the Allness of God; and each time more Light and Illumination come forth into concrete manifestation. “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” It is Wonderful!

The Magi of the material world will finally see the light of your star, and will come from afar and lay their gifts at your feet. “And when they opened their treasures, they presented unto Him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh.”

All the things you have been asking for so long come into alignment by the taking place of this Divine Event. The very things that have proven so elusive and impossible of attainment are presented as gifts. The Wise Men from afar, who were so hard to contact, come to you as soon as you begin to Recognize the Power of the Christ within. “Be not afraid it is I” – The Christ, the Power within you, waiting for you to “Claim your right, and press your claim” into expression.

How this all falls into line with the law. “These signs shall follow them that believe.” “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation.” It is all the reverse of the old idea of seeking God in order that we might demonstrate some things. It is an outpouring of the gifts that belong to you, instead of an attempt to wrest a “living” away from life. Yes, Beloved, this Inheritance Incorruptible is something more than a theory, it is a real live tangible thing – a thing of flesh and blood. The Power that manifested itself in the flesh said, “Handle me and see me; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see ME have.” We are all tired of theoretical heavens and promises, we want the gift of Christ in the Flesh, the resurrected Jesus, and this is what is offered us, when we are unafraid enough to let the Divine Event take place within us; when we are dumb enough to know nothing but the simple Love of God, and are unafraid enough to stand and see the salvation of this Inner Lord. It is wonderful and marvelous; you can do it, and you will, because you have come to this place of the Impersonal becoming the Personal. By first letting go of the personal notions, conceptions, and beliefs, you found the Universal, and this very Impersonal Universal has personalized itself in you. “Not my will, but Thine, be done,” transmutes the limited sense of human will into the Divine, and this Will is always done by a way, and through a means, that ye know not of. It is Wonderful! This very Impersonal Life becoming personal, brings with it the Power of the Impersonal, and enthrones Christ as Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

“The Lord is in His holy temple, let all the earth rejoice.” Do you hear? “Rejoice,” it says – let every particle of your being rejoice at the Presence of this Power within you and without you, and beside which there is none else.

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me.” When you are lifted up to the point of Recognition that the Father is actually within you, and that this Divine Event has taken place, you automatically function into a new level of things and manifestation. If you are lifted up to a new height, you automatically partake of that which belongs to that height. If you were in the basement, in the dark, and were lifted to the roof, in the sunshine, you would automatically partake of the sunshine and all the warmth and beauty of it. In other words, you would, by being lifted up, draw all that to you, effortlessly and without trying. “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men (manifestation) unto Me.” Do you begin to see why we “seek first the Kingdom of Heaven,” in order that the things may be added as a natural and usual manifestation, instead of trying first to get the things and then trying to establish a Kingdom of Heaven? It is Wonderful! The man in the deep, dark basement of human belief must be lifted up to the new level, and then the things will be added and drawn to him. But most of us insist on bringing the things into the basement state of life. If you insist that evil is real, and you desire to destroy it, at the same time saying that “God created all,” how will you answer for this attempt to destroy something?

Beloved, the glorious Christ Mass Morn is breaking over you. NOW. The New day has come – the new Star has risen. “Unto US a child is born.” Do you hear?



“Now is the DAY.” Something so startling about this statement, made two thousand years ago. The never-endingless of it – it is only NOW when it becomes NOW to the reader of it – he may have read it over a thousand times, with eyes that see nothing but the letter, and then suddenly, he comes upon the spirit of the word, the aliveness of it, the quickening influence of it. NOW is the DAY. Right NOW, this instant, this very moment. NOW is the DAY that you have been preparing for, for ages. NOW is the DAY that you have been reading about. NOW is the DAY that is filled with the Joy of the Lord. NOW is the DAY when “I will pour out My blessings on all mankind.” The moment you Recognize this, that moment you see the change coming over the face of the earth. At that moment you begin to see the blessings pouring out on all mankind. The Spirit, through you, turns over the cruise of oil, and the two drops begin to pour out, filling everything that is ready and willing to receive it.


No waiting, no saving up, no accumulating of the oil or meal is necessary – just the Recognition of the NOW of Spirit – the increase follows, without the slightest effort on your part. The Spirit moves on the face of the deep, wherein lie hidden the Mysteries and the Wonders; and the deep gives forth that which has been hidden. So is it with you; the Spirit moves upon the face of the deep of your being, and the glorious gifts of God are given forth – made manifest – and the blessing is poured out on all mankind. It is Wonderful!

“The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of God is the Source of All supply. No space is vacant of the fullness thereof.”

“NOW is the DAY.” When the NOW is Recognized, everything comes to life. All the promises of God begin to fulfill themselves automatically. The mind is renewed by the Recognition of the NOW of Spirit, and the transformation takes place. Just as soon as you renew the mind on any subject, the manifestation changes. The study of any science causes the outlook to take on a different degree of interest. Things appear that you never saw before. A Musician hears sounds that an untrained ear misses. A Naturalist sees things that the unlearned passes over. This is a poor, inadequate example of the change which takes place when the mind is renewed from the standpoint of Spirit.
When the mind of a sick person is brought into contact with the NOWNESS of SPIRIT, this renewing of the mind is accompanied by a change in the embodiment, and we say he has been healed. When the consciousness is renewed, by its becoming aware of The Presence as here, there, everywhere – then the outpouring of this Substance makes itself manifest, in whatever manner or form is necessary at that time.

“When you are momentarily conscious that I Am here, I Am there, I AM everywhere, you are aware that the very breath you breathe is the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of God. When you drink, you are drinking in Joy, Life, Peace, Health and Love, and this Infinite Love permeates the atmosphere, and stirs your soul, and causes you to look up and behold Him standing in the midst of you, radiating His Glo-Rays that send the warmth of His Love to you, overshadowing you – overshadowing your whole being. It is Wonderful! “

Little by little man is beginning to see the necessity to “pray without ceasing” (to be constantly recognizing The Presence), irrespective of appearances. As he begins this ceaseless prayer of Recognition, he also begins the tearing away of the veils of belief which have hidden the face of this perfect creation, this Heaven, HERE and NOW. Having tasted of the Tree of Knowledge, that admixture of good and evil, and taken his deductions from the knowledge gained therefrom, his premise being wrong, the results were bound to be likewise. With all his learning, man has not yet learned how to get into the Kingdom of Heaven, and it is only when he comes to the Recognition of the VERY Presence within and without everything that he begins to see this NEW DAY dawning – perhaps ever so faintly – over the horizon of a night of chaos, and mis-thinking.

Eating the bitter fruit of the Tree of Knowledge has prevented man from excepting the glorious radiance of the HERE and NOW of Spirit, and, in place thereof, has given him the poisonous idea of a destiny comprised of good and evil. It has even brought him to such an inheritance as “The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.” It has given him the hopeless belief that, after his success in life the best that remains for him is the grave. No wonder he was immediately driven from the garden of Eden.

The long journey back to this glorious State of a God-created Universe is being shortened. The mind is being renewed, and the transformation is taking place. The swaddling clothes of the human intellect are being cast aside for the glorious garments of Light. It is Wonderful!

The NEW DAY brings with it the NEW WORD – the absolute Acceptance of the Word of God. “Before you call, I will answer,” stands as a challenge to you who insist that you can influence God to do your bidding; or that you can create, or procreate,

that which has been eternally created by this Great Principle. It

is Wonderful! When you read the inspired Word of the Master in this NEW Glory, you see that you are merely stating facts, which are being revealed to you just as soon as you are ready to receive them. It is wonderful; for in the present place in which you find yourself the Recognition of this Presence, even in a limited degree, has immediately the power to bring out a manifestation which will make you realize to the fullest extent that “with what measure ye mete, it shall be measure to you again.” It is Wonderful! You have some measure – empty though it may be at present – which, if held up to the Universal Substance, will be filled NOW.

“Do all to the glory of God” – nothing is too small, nothing too large – and all this practice of The Presence is merely to so permeate your mind with the NEW Glory that the mind will eventually be renewed, and the transformation will take place. “The very breath you breathe is the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of God.” This is not the exercising of the lungs, nor taking care about breathing – it is merely a closer alignment with The Presence, as something more than a word in the Bible – The Presence made alive by the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence. You have a certain consciousness of God. It may be that it is large or small, but, anyway, it is the spirit of this consciousness which makes the manifestation in your life. That is, it is the action of this consciousness which apparently solves the so-called problems. Until the consciousness of one who is learned in mathematics is in action, no problems are solved, relatively speaking; so until the consciousness you possess is recognized, and “let” into action, nothing takes place. Small wonder, then, the command, “Be still, and know that I AM God.” Why this command? Because it is the only way to enlarge the consciousness, or to become more aware of the God-consciousness which dwells within, constantly awaiting the coming of the Master, or the Recognizer. It is by this very process of “being still” that the mind is renewed, and it is by the renewal of the mind that the transformation takes place.

It is an ordinary statement nowadays to say, “He is air-minded,” meaning that he has a consciousness of aeronautics, and has thereby, more or less, dominion of the air. What to the uninitiated seem great hazards all go into the day’s joy, for the one who is air-minded. Have you ever thought what it must be like to be “God-minded:; we are all bidden to “‘let’ this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,” which once and for all time silences the theory that He had a special Mind of an unattainable quality. Jesus uses an individual expression of this Mind, and the Power flowing through Him is the same Power expressing through all creation; yet, until this is Recognized, it lies dormant, and apparently we are dead, or dormant, to The Presence. The same principle of mathematics runs through the consciousness of all mathematicians: nobody seems alarmed when a newcomer sets out with no other object in view than to obtain this particular consciousness. All know that it is possible, and that it is not only possible, but that it is his right, and that nothing but himself can or will hinder the attainment of his desire. As soon as we free ourselves from all the foolish ideas about the appropriation of the Power – the Free Gift of God to every man – the Light that lighteth every man to Salvation, so soon will we begin the process of enlarging the boarders of our tent, and launching out into deeper waters. The enlarging of the boarders of the tent will not be made with an idea of filling the tent with consciousness, but will be the result of the enlarged consciousness taking on a greater scope of activity, hence needing more room. The command to enlarge the borders of your tent is merely a figurative way of saying, “Take more of this glorious freedom of the sons and daughters of the Living God.”

“I will overturn, overturn, overturn it: and it shall be no more, until he comes whose right it is; and I will give it him,” is only the awakening spirit of The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence which is “Stirring your soul and causing you to look up and see Him standing in the very midst of You.” The very spirit which is awakened is stirring the muddy waters of the pool of accumulated beliefs, gathered from the Tree of Good and Evil, and causing them to pass away, in order that the pure Life-giving waters may flow afresh in the Garden, and water the plants of Life, the glorious Soul-expressions, and make them blossom anew.

It is Wonderful! “An angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water” – and healing took place. The old ideas are being stirred up, and a change of base is taking place. “There shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down,” because “The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner.” This very rejected stone is the “Finished Mystery,” in direct authority, and by the power of Almighty God, who created the Heaven and Earth and called them good, and rested. Who is going to stand in the face of this colossal truth and deny it, because his blurred vision, clouded over by his evil beliefs and fear, sees a distorted Universe, filled with evil and disease. A Universe which he attributes to God – the Good – but which he declares has more power for the manifestation of Evil than it has for Good.

Is it any wonder, then, that the further command is given, “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment”? When is this going to be absolute and final, this Acceptance of the Word? When are you going to leave off judging from the appearance? Just as soon as this takes place, you will begin to see this Kingdom of Heaven appearing through the mists of human belief. Yea, in spite of the appearance will this glorious God-Creation again come into view. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! The Revelation is being made to us. We are beginning to choose the Way of the Lord and judging righteous judgment, and not the distorted judgment from appearance.

The eye has seen double, hence its vision has been distorted; it has said, “God created everything,” and it has said, “But there is another power called Evil”; and hence the distorted picture which has been seen. It is as though one looked through a pair of binoculars, with the lenses set at different degrees; it is impossible to see clearly, and yet it is possible to see something that looks like the Truth shining through the distorted image. So has it been with man; he has always seen a faint glimmering of the Christ through the mists of his confused thinking, and this very glimmer has been enough to cause him to hold on. “Oh, that I knew where I might find Him”; but he can only be found “if thine eye be single,” then “thy whole body shall be full of light.” Fret not! We are all getting there as fast as we can. The temple is being cleansed little by little, and being made a fit dwelling-place for this magnificent Power which is to set all things right.

There is a sense of rejoicing – a singing within – like the flutter of the yet unborn, or the stir of the life in a seed – it may be deep in the earth, but what matter? Once the stir has taken place – once the double standard of judging from the appearance is set aside – then the manifestation will take care of itself beautifully and easily. The stones that are being overturned will not frighten or alarm, for the new and lovelier manifestation will in due season replace them, and make appear the “Temple not made with hands – eternal in the heavens.” It is Wonderful! The temple of which Jesus spoke – the temple of the transformed body, which cannot be destroyed, and which cannot be taken away. Why? Because it was, and is, “eternal in the heavens.” Where is Heaven? It is the state of consciousness, according to Jesus, where we begin to see, and understand, with the single eye and the single mind. What, then, is the mystery of “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” as you begin to Recognize this body, “not made with hands, and eternal in the heavens,” as present in your very own consciousness?

To “call no man your father upon earth” helps to bring out this new body, this temple, “eternal in the heavens” and “not made with hands.” It is the body which is God-made, and which calls no man father; neither does it partake of the qualities of any man as father, but draws upon the great unlimited Principle of the Universe for its inheritance. It is Wonderful! “Be still and know that I AM God.”

Aren’t you glad? Glad, no matter how many stones have been overturned. Glad, because out of this great house-cleaning comes the Life Eternal, and the joy of the Kingdom, HERE and NOW. Everything may pass away, “but My words shall not pass away.” You a “Word of God,” a spoken “Word of God,” and you shall not pass away. “The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are Life”; and “so shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” It is Wonderful! You – yes, you – have been sent into expression, and shall accomplish whereto you have been sent. You, who have been wondering for many lifetimes through a maze of beliefs and characters, shall, in spite of all, accomplish whereto you have been sent. It is thrilling to think that the Power has sent you into expression, and that you shall, at last, catch up with the idea and express it.

Nothing that has gone before matters, and your greatest success is like an ant-hill to a great mountain as compared with the Glorious Expression that awaits you. When the temple is cleansed and the double standard is wiped out, the whole “body is full of light” – the whole embodiment is filled with the Glory of God which is pouring out in all directions, searching out the hidden talents, so long buried in the napkins of fear and unbelief.

On the walk to Emmaus, the Disciples, who had been with Jesus for three years, failed to recognize HIM, because their eyes were holden. Why were their eyes “holden”? It was because they were believing exactly the opposite of that which He had told them; they were actually telling Jesus that He was dead, that He had been crucified, and had been stolen away. No wonder, with this consciousness, they were unable to “see Him,” or recognize Him. There is no condemnation nor criticism in these remarks; many of us have stood in the same place. The belief in evil has seemed so real that we failed to Recognize the Christ when He actually presented Himself to us. This is all set forth with but the single idea of bringing more of the Light that shines in darkness into the human picture.

And so we are beginning to see that the Recognition of this Presence “causes you to look up and see Him standing your very midst.” The very Mind of Christ Jesus made manifest within and without you. The very transformation which we have tried for so long to accomplish from the outside taking place quite naturally as a result of the renewed mind. It is Wonderful!

Finally, the great Flame of this God-Love will be so kindled in your life that it will burn up the former beliefs and all vestige of them, no matter how hard and set they may be. They shall break up, like the ice on a river, when it finally melts in the warm sunshine. It is Wonderful; the God-Love that is even NOW flaming up in your midst, and consuming the dross accumulated by the double-seeing.

“This Flame of Love has been kindled in your soul and is now burning brightly, that all might receive the sparks that dart without, and be caught up in this Rapture of Heavenly Bliss, and then, having tasted the Living Waters of Life and Living bread from Heaven, these hidden Mysteries have at last unfolded and come on the material plane for sustenance of the body.”

“Claim your right and press your claim.” Claim your right to this God-Love, and press your claim, by discarding the belief that you are a poor worm of the dust, and that this Priceless Gift is not for you. Claim your right to this God-Love, and it will bring about the renewing of the mind, and hence the transformation of the embodiment. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!



“The arc of sky over the canyon was silver blue, with a pale yellow moon, and presently stars shivered into it, like crystals dropped into clear water. This was the first time I ever saw it as a whole. Something had happened in me that made it possible for me to coordinate and simplify, and that process, going on in my mind, brought with it great happiness. It was possession.”

“Something had happened in me that made it possible for me to coordinate and simplify, and that process, going on in my mind, brought with it great happiness. It was possession.” Such a lovely “feel” of what man has is store, a becoming One with the Whole of Creation. Nothing is lost but the personal limitations, and these you will lose anyway, sooner or later. All the flutter of things that were immensely important to you ten years ago is as nothing today. You wonder why you were so excited and fearful about your graduation day oration; when you look back on it now, it was nothing to get excited about, and you cannot see why you were excited. The reason was, that you were a little personality, standing before a room full of other personalities – and you thought the success of it all depended on you. What of the fame of that little moment? It, too, faded, almost as soon as the room was emptied, and you held your “sheep-skin” in your hands; but it was already an empty sheep-skin.

The awakening that comes to you is that “losing your life” – your personal sense of life – causes you to lose the limitations of that personal sense. An ignorant person might imagine that the power in a locomotive was all the power in the world. He might even imagine that the power was generated by the engine, and was dependent upon the engine. So a man might imagine that he, and his body, generated the strength with which he operated, and the power with which he succeeded, and the intelligence by which he gained his daily bread.

It is wonderful to contemplate that which is slowly evolving in these words – to you as you read, to me as I write. You are coming into the deeper Revelation as you read, just as I am as I write; we arriving there at identically the same time, for this only comes into your world NOW.

It is absurd to imagine that the locomotive, with its shrill whistle, generates power; and yet this is what it seems to do. By destroying the engine one has not destroyed power. Power is instantly available, anywhere, at any time. It is Wonderful!

It is equally foolish to believe that your body generates health and power, and yet it seems to do so, and as long as the belief is fixed on this limited machine, the body, so long will the power be measured by the so-called strength of the machine. Unfortunately, however, both the locomotive and the human machine have an enormous capacity to generate evil. The machine gets too hot, too cold, too dry, too old and so does the human machine. In fact, the human machine appears to have an infinitely greater capacity to generate evil than good. No wonder life becomes such a nightmare.

The system is set forth that if you beg hard enough of God, maybe He will give you a little health, and that this getting of a little health should be cause for life-long gratitude. Perhaps, if you beg hard enough, you will get a few shekels pay increase in your pay envelope, and, while this increase will not nearly meet the desires of your soul, yet you will be expected to sing a song of praise for it.

What is the heart singing, while the lips are singing the song of praise for that which is not satisfactory? It is singing the song of hypocrisy.

Deep in the soul of every man is the glorious vision – he knows that he should not beg for life. He knows that he was, and is, born to rule powerfully, gloriously, in his kingdom. He knows that his body is the temple beautiful, but before it he sees his human self lying daily, begging alms. The amazement of it all, the bewilderment of it all, causes him to run into a hundred mazes of belief before he comes upon the New Day. And then it dawns. This wonderful inner coordination – this Inner Whispering of the Secret to you – this inner oneness which causes all the little personal deeds and ideas to flutter away. Deep in the heart of you it is being said, it is being revealed to you. The little personal power is being lost in the universal. The little power that pushes the locomotive around is released, and becomes one with the power that rolls universes in their orbits. The little power that was narrowed down to a lot of inherited beliefs and opinions of yourself is freed into the glorious Power, that knows no limitation – no not one limitation. “He that loseth his life shall find it,” which means expressly that he who is unafraid enough to lose the personal sense of power and life shall find it. What a glorious promise, and what a glorious “find.” Just as soon as you stop limiting the Power to the little personality, then you begin to experience the New sense of Life and Power pass over and through you. A power which is not stored up for so many years in an old, decaying body, but a Power that is endlessly fresh and new, and clean and holy, which is unconditioned, untrammeled, and free. It knows neither age, limitation, nor lack. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

Taking the attention away from the body and placing it on the Power is not imagination; it is a sudden and sure mounting to the At-one-ment of you with yourself. The beggar of personality – with all his limitations – who has been lying all these years outside the Temple Beautiful, waiting, waiting, waiting, has risen and entered into his temple, and is lost in the glorious Revelation of his true Self. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

“This was the first time I ever saw it as a whole.” This is the first time I ever saw it – the reality of just quietly, and joyously, beginning the process of the assumption of my true Self – no matter about the appearances, or beliefs, or anything of that kind. Just be still. Everything is being placed in order. The dirty rags of the beggar will fall in the light of Truth, and the garments of perpetual praise shall be thrown around you. It is Wonderful! Do you see? See with the inner eye that “feels” with its sight, and places the seal upon the lips, and waits patiently, but with deep signing soul? What if winter has stripped the forest, and nipped the buds, and killed the appearances? Deep in the roots is the substance that can out-distance a thousand and one human winters of belief. The inexhaustible, ever-lasting Reproducer of that which IS, is. Do you hear? The first time you conceive it as a Whole you will begin to be more unafraid of your universe.

“Something has happened in me.” Something has happened in me – it thrills me – thrills me with the new idea, the new conception, which is secretly being brought into expression; nothing matters, even though it be born in a stable, because it will take care of itself. Just so the Christ that is being born in you; the union of the body and soul will cause you to sidestep the human limitations under which you have been living, and from which you have been trying too escape all these years. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Be still. It is well.

Are you afraid to fling the whole thing on to God? “Cast your burdens on Me, and I will sustain you.” Are you afraid to take a chance? Well, if you cast your burdens on “Me” and then begin speculating how “I” can help you, you will be trying to figure out how a machine can run after it is all worn out.

Just be still. Joy has entered into the portals of your being – do you hear? I am telling something to you at this time. Do you accept it? Then are you right now radiant with joy – with the inner thrill? It only takes the two that are now here to make it possible. We two are agreeing, and we are giving, and accepting, the wonderful deep sense of joy right NOW. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

“Something has happened in me.” Something has happened in you, in me, in everyone who reads this line and accepts the Word. Not the word of a man, but the Word of the Lord, Who says, “For this IS Life Eternal, to know ME.” The Eternal Life that you are one with cannot go on through the limitations of a personality – it cannot be tied down to the Adam law. It is the freed son of the Living God, and it will go its way in silence, and that silence will be loud with the praise of accomplishment. “The signs shall follow” – yea, and the signs shall be sufficient. Do you see? You do not have to tell the world. Let the world tell you. “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.” Do you see? It just works automatically, when you let your life blend with the universal – and then you are here, there, and everywhere. You are everywhere – in truth and in deed. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

“He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.” The Christ- Consciousness comes to its own (bodily) expression; and the members of the body, through centuries of false education and belief, refuse to receive Him. He says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any [I do not care who] man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him.” When you sup with a person, you break bread with him: you divide the substance, you show forth the abundance. It is all Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Blessings, blessings, blessings. A new and lovelier day is dawning; we are beginning to perceive, “Of a truth Thou art the Christ.” It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

There must be a stir of joy – like the stir of joy that passes over one when he sees a flock of blue birds in the boughs of a blossoming peach tree – when he perceives himself, the beggar, sitting at the gates of the Temple Beautiful, begging, and suddenly senses that he is sitting in front of his own temple/ There must be such a stir of joy that almost forms the lips into an eternal smile when he suddenly catches a flash of this truth: no matter if he is in the dirtiest rags of the human belief. The crowds of people milling about him, the masses of human belief, do not know anything of what has happened, and he wants to suddenly cry out – but what should he cry? What words should he say to express what this Revelation means to him? Before he could get to the first doorway of the temple, he would be destroyed by their unbelief. They would stone him to death for even hinting that he, the beggar, was the master of the temple. It is all so wonderful – so beautiful and glorious. Do you see the secret that the beggar finds out whilst he is lying impotent, without food or shelter, and with all the thousands of human thoughts and beliefs pacing back and forth? What a human power they represent – heredity, sickness, sin, lack – all these pointing there thumbs down. When he looks at them, he has an impulse to quail before their supposed strength. But something has happened to him – something has appeared, even as far away as if looking through the wrong end of a telescope of high power; but it has appeared, and wrapped up in this vision will be the power to express itself, and the power to send the pack of human beliefs into the desert of oblivion. How they will scurry away, afraid of the “Brightness of His coming,” though they cannot name it or tell what it is. It is Wonderful! Arise! The loverly shimmering garments of Light and Revelation are being thrown over you. You do not have to see them yet; the eye becomes single first, then the “Eye” sees what “eyes have not seen” – it is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Be still; little by little the Word is edging through into realization. “In the twinkling of an eye” I can cause you to catch up with all the supposed lost Time element. In the twinkling of an eye I can cause you to have more than your fondest human wishes ever hoped for. I will open up fountain in dry places, and cause the desert to blossom as a rose. Do you hear? I, the I AM, am the Doer of the impossible. The reversal of the human law is the natural law of the I AM. Where the human law stops at its highest attainment is only the beginning point of the Divine Law. And this secret is not to be bartered, and sold in the open mart. It is given without price, but you have to be ready to receive the gift before it can be yours. The readiness is the Recognition of The Presence, and the absolute reliance on the Power, as being able to accomplish; and not only able, but actually accomplishing Now, the harmonization of the All in One. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! This glorious Revelation has come to you and me. We have been sitting long enough outside the Temple called Beautiful; it is time to enter in, and be saved from the pernicious human beliefs to which we have given life by accepting them.

“I can of myself do nothing; the Father within, He doeth the works.” It is the complete giving up of the human belief in a power opposed to God which enables the Father within to come into full fruition. Fear not; “I have a way you know not of.” Ways that are beyond human conception are brought into play so that the way of the Lord is made straight and smooth. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Always comes the remembrance that giving up does not mean inertia, or letting-go, and idly sitting by for the Power to work. It is an alertness within, without strain and fear, a glorious sense of readiness – “Send me, Lord, send me” sort of feeling. You shall not be long in getting the word, “Arise, shine, for thy light has come” – and this very word, when it has come to you, will bring with the Light all that is necessary for you to arise and shine, and to show forth the light into expression. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

“For God is not the author of confusion” – do you hear? Then the confusion of beliefs that you have about you are without a real author. God is the author of salvation. The Book of Life, your life, is already written in harmony and joy. It is independent of any so-called outside influence, and is dependent on nothing but self-sufficiency, by reason of its union with the Godhead. It is Wonderful! “Before Adam was, I AM.” Before Adam – the human belief – and his world existed, I AM, and so I AM before anything that Adam has invented or found out, and I AM greater than anything that he has found out, and set down as the Truth. I AM THAT I AM, and beside Me there is nothing else. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! “My sheep hear My voice.” Are you afraid to be alone with God, and hear if He has something to say to you that no book, teacher, or preacher can, or ever will, say to you?

God is not the author of confusion; what is all this confusion about? Be still. God is the author of everything you express – just as the God-power is the author of this book; is the author of any book, no matter how poorly it may be expressed. The Divine Urge that goes forth will find some kind of expression, and, when you Recognize this, you will be able to “let” God be the author of your “doings,”and will know that in proportion to your willingness to “let” Him be the author, just to that extent is the immediate success assured. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! “God is the author of eternal Salvation” – the Author of your salvation from human beliefs. The Book of Life lies wide open before you. It is the instant panacea for all human beliefs. Open Sesame – let the doors of the temple swing open – let the book open before your unveiled eyes – read. “Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life,” is replaced by the glorious Revelations that are shown to you in the Book of Life. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

“This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes,” is the way to open the “doors” to flooding inspiration, in whatever manner you are expressing. Are you afraid to claim your birthright, and open the gates of the treasury, and free floods of golden inspiration into expression? It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! I know you will do it, because I AM telling this to you NOW. I AM speaking to you NOW. It is Wonderful!

“Here am I, Lord; send me” – not in a sanctimonious, long-faced way, but with the shining radiance of that one who stands at the line ready to “run,” knowing the glorious race that is before him. It is Wonderful! Joy is half the victory. There is no sadness in the God Kingdom. Anyone who is consecrated to God is so full of radiance, that he cannot long with-hold it from expression. “Serve the Lord with gladness and thanksgiving.” Do not worry – God knows. You do not have to add up your works every little while; they are only between you and God, anyway. You know – and the other man will find out, when it is time. The Lord, Who sees in secret, “will reward thee openly.” It is Wonderful! I am glad to tell this to you. You are glad that I AM telling it to you. All is gladness, and joy, and happiness, in heaven. And So It Is. It is truly Wonderful!


Forsaking all, taking up thy cross, and following ME, until it is understood, does not seem to be a very inviting program to follow. Consecration, praying without ceasing, perpetual thanks, and worshiping an invisible God, do not seem the easiest things to accomplish. Giving up of family, friends, and loved ones; letting go of riches and possessions, bring no sense of joy; and yet all these things Jesus said we must do if we would enter into our inheritance. Is it worth it?

“What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

“When the inspiration of the Almighty has come unto you, it shall lead you unto all things.” It shall lead you out of the darkness of human misunderstanding, into the light of revelation, and this Searchlight of Truth will discover for you the glorious things of spirit, which have been buried in an avalanche of debris of human beliefs and appearances. We are not told that riches are evil, but the LOVE of money is the root of evil; yet the human mind has for years preached and indicated that Money and Riches were evil. The Love (worship) of anything except God is bad, no matter what that thing may be. LOVE that is bondage takes from the Recognition of the One and only Power of the Universe called God.

We are not called upon to give up money or riches, but we are told that in believing that they have power independent of God we are allying ourselves with the “root of all evil.”

Monet stands as a symbol of Human Power. The Golden Calf is worshiped because it is supposed to have a power to accomplish things impossible. “Money talks,” we are told, and the voice of the Golden Calf is filled with fear and trouble. Money, in itself, is just as powerless as any other token that might have been made, and yet it can be invested with such power that any crime can, and will, be committed to posses it. The strange part of it is, that the moment we “posses” it, it turns and possesses us, we become slaves to it, and an open target for all sorts of evil plans and schemes.

And yet we are told that “The Blessing of the Lord it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it”; and in a thousand other places we are told of the Riches of Gold, that are for our use and our joys.

“I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich.”

A pack of contradictions seem to meet the eye all the way through the Scriptures, and yet there is not a single contradiction, when the Light of Inspiration is turned on the subject. It is all filled with wonder and glory, and we find the human laws being reversed one after another.

The thrift of the human economy counsels saving and hoarding, and providing for a rainy day, which must eventually come; but the Spirit of the Almighty says, “There is he that scattereth yet tendeth to increase, and he that withholdeth that tendeth to poverty.” Yet to attempt to put this teaching into practice, from a relative standpoint, hoping by scattering to increase, is the nth degree of folly, and will result in chaos. I have seen a whole roomful of people holding a piece of money in their hands, and “giving” it to the Lord, with the distinct understanding that it was to come back to them with a hundred-fold increase. They might just as well, or perhaps better, have placed that amount on a horse, or in some stock. Doing tricks on the outside, and imagining that God is deceived by this lip service and “magnanimous” giving, is the sport of fools. Unless the gift has the soul of the giver with it, it might just as well be thrown in the gutter. “Awake. thou that sleepest.” Truth is not a Stock Exchange, where you put your money on a winning number. Truth is Life, and it is all in the SOUL back of it that determines what the results will be. By the process of Revelation things are brought to sight which have always been, and these hidden things are not brought out by any “trick” method. “As a man soweth, so shall he reap,” does not confine itself only to the so-called “cardinal” sins, but to the very words of the everyday life. The tricky old human reasoning has a word “SIN,” under which man classifies some things which are outside the pale of the conventions of society, and, if he withholds himself from these, man imagines he is sinless – but the things which are not under this heading are usually the things that are causing him the most trouble. Picking out the beam from a brother’s eye is not the least of these. The “kindness,” in this case, is usually accompanied by an ability to recognize sin, and to fasten it on to another. “It takes a thief to catch a thief.” Criticizing, judging, and condemning; all these are not listed under the category of “Sin,” and yet they are the tares which are coming up through the harvest and destroying everything. “Watch.” God has spared you the unpleasant duty of judgment and revenge. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” The judge, and the jury, and the executioner, are still within you, and the “measure that you mete shall be measured to you again.” It is wonderful how we are beginning to SEE what the Scripture says unto the Churches (temples, bodies).

The Way of Truth is the Way of Peace and Joy. The giving up and forsaking of things, resolves itself in a joyous freedom. When a man gives up the idea of a personal Jesus, who lived 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem, he acquires the glorious, radiant presence of the Power of Jesus Christ, functioning today and NOW in his life and world. He realizes the Aliveness of Life, and the glorious thrill of the Power “Searching the joints and marrow.” He has lost nothing, and has gained everything; he has gained the real Jesus Christ, the resurrected Power made flesh. It is Wonderful!

“He that loseth his life shall find it.” When man loses the little personal life and its limitations, he begins to take on the infinite nature power and infinite life, and the tendency to stagnation and age are diminished. A new door is slowly opened to him to which he sees great possibilities of “losing” his life and “finding” his life. What man is going to find, when he loses his personal life, will so amaze him that he will see that he has given up nothing but bondage and limitation.

When a man gives up his mother, father, wife, and all, for Christ, he merely relinquishes the human bondage and inheritance, which is full of corruption and limitations, for the “Inheritance Incorruptible” that fadeth not away – eternal in the heavens, thrilling in its glorious newness.

Three children of a very High Church dignitary, who had given his entire life to the Church, were all born with some infirmity: one blind, one deaf, and the other cripple. Heredity was blamed for these happenings. Nothing can save a man who disobeys the Law, and calls a man his father: “Call no man your father, for one Who is in heaven is your Father, even God.” And the moment you begin to claim this heavenly inheritance, you will let go of the inheritance of corruption, and give up your mother, father, sister, and brother, and move into your new family: “Those who do the will of God.” This giving up is not some sudden and drastic physical action, a getting rid of somebody. It is a beautiful recognition of, “Whereas before I was blind, NOW I can see,” that this sight reveals the inheritance of God. You release the mental bondage and limitations of human relationship. It is all done within; “This is Life eternal, to know ME”; and “Be still and know that I AM God” – all carry their wonderful revelation with them. You are beginning to see what this Law of God is calling on you to do when it asks you for consecrating and forsaking. Your taking up your cross is your assuming of the God-power which enables you to “cross” out anything that you formerly accepted as true, which comes from the human senses. It is glorious. Rejoice and be glad. “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” “Believest thou this?” It is so.

The consecration, and the “praying without ceasing,” take care of themselves. They become automatic, a constant recognition of God in everything and everybody. “Heaven and earth are full of Thee.”

When a man becomes SELF-conscious he loses his self-CONSCIOUSNESS. When the poor little human consciousness lets go of itself, it becomes conscious of the God SELF. Why is it that one will tell you, “When I am alone I play well, I sing well, I speak well”? It is because he forgets himself, and lets go, as it were, and the power, in a more or less degree of perfection, comes into expression. Why, if he can do this alone, can he not do it in public? Because he instantly becomes aware of himself; he drops down to the level of his little self, and finds all sorts of limitations, which he immediately communicates to his audience. If he forgets himself, he will have the Infinite Power expressing through him to the degree that he is able to accept this action of the Spirit. It is Wonderful! “Judge not from appearances, but judge righteous judgment.” Do you begin to see what all this giving up is about, and how it is a wonderful opportunity to acquire the real things of life, instead of the shadows?

When a man can give up his love for a thing and let it go, then he can have the thing. When a man can know that no desire for a thing controls him, then that thing can come into appearance. Blessings pour into you from every possible source when you take off the bondage of things, and go back to the spirit which is behind them. When you praise the Demonstrator instead of the demonstration, and the Blesser instead of the blessing, then you can see an infinite flow of manifestation coming into being. But when you stop yourself down to the demonstration, you immediately experience the limitations of that manifestation, just as you do, when you stop yourself down to the self. When you lose self-CONSCIOUSNESS, then you gain SELF-consciousness. Do you begin to see what “letting go” and “giving up” mean? They mean freedom and joy, and a glorious revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven within you here and NOW.

Whatsoever I believe that the Father within me can do, that can He do, according to the teachings of the MASTER. That is why we see some bring out more than others. What can you ask the Father within to do for you. You know just the limit which you can go to. You remember the limit you could go to the human father. You remember you felt that it was your right to ask for certain things. The child next door might have asked for twenty times as much from his father. Why? What do you believe that your father can do for you? That is ALL that He can do, even though all riches, glory, and honor belong to him. Do you begin to sense the word “Father,” and the command, “Call no man your father,” and all that goes with it? “Be still and know that I AM God.” Just what you conceive God to be as your Father, that can you ask to be brought into manifestation. Do you begin to see that God is no respecter of persons? “Claim your right and press your claim.” Who are you, anyway – and what about it?

Just what you can ask God for, that He can do for you, seems such a strange statement, and yet the only place you can know God is within your consciousness. and what you know HIM to be there is all He can possibly be to you. No matter what He may be to another, to you He is only what you know Him to be within your own consciousness. If you know Him as a God of wrath, and one who constantly sends affliction, then He apparently is just that thing. If He is a God of blessings, then you are filled with blessings, and so on. “Awake thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light” ; the Light that is to light you unto salvation from all the limited human beliefs that have hoovered about you so long. It is Wonderful!

“Come apart from among them, and be ye separate.” The contemplation of God is glorious. It will fill you with light, and strength, and power. “Behold, I place before you a blessing and a cursing; choose.” No one else can make the decision for you. It is up to you. You must do the choosing and be blessed or cursed, according to your choice. God does not force it upon you. “Awake, awake, wake and rise from the dead [beliefs], and Christ shall give thee light.” “Arise and shine, for thy light IS come, and the Glory of God IS Risen upon you.” Even as I AM writing this unto you, I feel the floods of this Love pouring out to you as you read, whoever you are, wherever you are. Suddenly the flood-tides of Love are pouring over you like a waterfall, covering the whole world. You are inundated with this Power and Love, and the Presence is lifting you right out of the human beliefs that have bound you so long. Blessings, blessings, blessings, millions of blessings. You are thrilled and filled with this sudden outpouring of Love, and Life, and Power. It is Wonderful! And So It Is.

Perhaps the word “miracle” stands between you and the manifestation of perfect health and happiness. You have looked at the appearances so long, and become so hypnotized by them, that you have come to this conclusion that only a miracle could change this thing. Get rid of this idea. Miracles belong to the uninitiate. God is not filled with miracles. He is not moved by a certain prayer to suddenly set aside His Laws, and perform a miracle. The Law of God is a constant light of revelation, which shows to man “what is the height and depth and breadth of His wondrous Love.” Your condition is only as powerful as you believe it to be. “Just what you ask God for, that can He do for you.” Can you ask HIM (believing that ye have already received) for perfect health? Be still. Presently, and at an unexpected moment, your “Belief” in HIM shall be rewarded. The manifestation shall come forth, and you shall stand revealed to yourself. “Ask and ye shall receive.” There is something so definite about this, and so everlastingly true. “Just what you can ask God for, that can He do for you.” And so, you see, you shall receive what you ask for in Spirit.

“The Spirit of the Presence of the Consciousness of God is the source of all supply, and will satisfy every good desire.” It is Wonderful!


“The Almighty shall be thy defense.” “My defense is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.”

“The Lord is round about those that trust HIM.”

“The Lord is the Light of my Life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

And so the glorious testimonies of defense and protection align themselves before us, the sure and certain defense of the Power called God. Defense against those beliefs which we have endowed with power to destroy or hurt us. Defense in the nature of Light, which dispels the darkness of the human mind, and shows that which we feared to be nothing but a mass of accepted beliefs in a power apart from God.

“But what would you do if you were suddenly attached by a band of robbers?” asks one; of “If you were suddenly shot in the back by a stray bullet?” asks another; or “If you broke your leg, or lost your ticket, or your purse, or were suddenly stricken down with sickness?” And the answer is, that the Consciousness which is stayed on the Power will not meet with such things, because it is immune from them, and the speculation as to what you would do if any of these things did happen shows a lack of Recognition of the Presence. Remembering that the God of Israel is He Who neither slumbers or sleeps, and that He is there, to immediately neutralize the “sudden attacks of the enemy,” and has the exact antidote for the case in hand. Why speculate on imaginary evil? How you would act one time is no criterion for another time.”It is I, be not afraid” of what man can do unto you. “I will never leave you” and “One with God is a majority” are usable truths, which can be brought into manifestation without difficulty, provided you have recognized that the “promises of God are kept,” and that the ONENESS of Life is more than a legend. It is Wonderful!

“Call upon ME in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee.” How is it that this Invisible ME is going to deliver you from the belief of evil which suddenly confronted you? It will do so by immediately bringing the LIGHT of understanding to you, which will resolve the power of the adversary into meaningless nothingness. If a savage who was quaking with fear, because of a manifestation made by a live wire on the ground, were to be suddenly apprized of the truth about electricity, he would, in the degree that he grasped it, instantly be master of it, and of his fear. So with you; when you realize that the Source of POWER is God, any other manifestation of power is but the belief in something apart from God, and this understanding will bring about order where chaos prevailed. It is Wonderful!

Your right to this protection is indisputable. It is yours for the acceptance and the Recognition. Until you recognize that it is a free gift to you, it remains eternally in the realm of the mysterious – a sort of magic, which acts intermittently, as if the law of mathematics were suddenly stumbled upon by a child, and thereby the problem solved, or at least the answer got.

“Claim your right and press your claim” – claim your right to the glorious protection that is yours. “Nothing shall by any means hurt you, is a statement of fact, and it can be proven, if you will accept your God-given heritage. It say “NOTHING” – which leaves no loophole for your particular fear to slip through. It says “NOTHING” shall by ANY means hurt you. Not by any means – do you hear? You are a citizen of the NEW Day in the NEW Heaven which has appeared out of the clouds of your former beliefs. You are entitled to all the rights of this citizenship in the Kingdom. It is Wonderful!

“Though an host of men be encamped around me, yet shall my heart not be afraid.” Though a host of beliefs in evil be round about you, with their overwhelming evidence of reality in evil, yet shall your heart not be afraid, for you shall look away from the appearances, and to the LORD, and this calling upon the NAME of the LORD – this ME – will bring instant release from the terrible fear that has beset you.

Be absent from the body and present with the Lord. Be absent from the appearances of evil and present with the Lord. Turn to the ME within, and call upon ME, and I will answer you. The servant saw the armies of the enemies round about him, ready to destroy him, and exclaimed: “Alas, my master! how shall we do?” “Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes,” said the prophet, and the mountains, the heights of Recognition, were filled with the Heavenly Hosts. It is wonderful the Power of this PRESENCE within and without us.

“Claim your right and press your claim”

“Who did hinder you, that ye should not obey the truth?” is answered in the first person always, when it is answered correctly. Nothing hinders us but ourselves, although we see it as everything else. No matter what has gone before, the moment we come into alignment with this glorious Truth of the Father within being the Help in the time of trouble, the time of accepting appearances as real, we will see the manifestation of the “legions of Angels” put to flight the armies of the alien belief in two powers.

He who puts his trust in God shall put up his sword and know why “ye shall not need to fight” – he will understand why he can “stand, and SEE the salvation of the Lord.

A clipping from a magazine or newspaper came to me recently. It was but a pasted fragment of an article, evidently on Protection. I do not know the name of the author, nor the paper, but I found this beautiful bit therein:

It all depends whether you are part of the Great Plan that is working out in this generation for the permanent ennoblement of mankind. If you are, then it is mearly a means of your identification, showing you to be a person, not in life purely for experiences unto yourself, but for the public good in the ultimate.

“If this is true, then you are automatically protected; you have your ‘pass’, as it were, through every type of danger, and should go forward with confidence of the strong athlete or armored warrior, secure in the knowledge that a principle of Great Cosmic Physics is your shield and buckler, and that nothing can penetrate you.”

You know whether you are a PART of the Great Plan. You know, because this desire to bring out this Christ Life in your own, as well as in other peoples’ existence, is that which makes you a “part” of it all; and so you have a right to “claim your right and press your claim” to the Presence and Power of this Inner Lord. It is Wonderful!

We have come too far along the path to have to qualify every statement that is made. He that hath eyes, let him see. Any thought of selfishness in the final working out of this glorious principle is eliminated. Little by little the weights drop from us, and the gravity of the human bondage becomes less and less.

“Fret not thyself because of evildoers.” We have to much to do in bringing out this Christ, this ME, to waste time in criticizing someone else who is trying to bring out something in his own way. “What is that to thee?” – do you hear? “Follow thou ME.” You cannot follow ME if your attention is eternally turned upon another, and your time is spent trying to tear him down or find out what is wrong with him. Rest assured that whatever you find WRONG in him will be exactly what is WRONG in you, when it comes to settling accounts.

“Yes, but Jesus saw evil in others” – yes and He did not broadcast it to a third party, but He called the attention of the person to it, with the hope that an agreement could be made, and the elimination of the belief take place. The sickly mind, that eternally tries to hide behind an excuse, must come out of the cellar of belief into the glorious sunshine of Truth, and let all the damp rags of theory and evil blow away from him.

“Call upon ME in the day of trouble: I WILL deliver thee.” It is Wonderful! Your REDEEMER draweth nigh the moment you draw nigh unto Him. The moment you recognize that the ME within you is the point of contact with the universal WHOLE, you will see how the Redeemer draweth nigh.

“He that is not against us is on our part,” was the answer to the disciple who wanted to get Jesus to give an opinion against another who had discovered the Principle of Truth. It is Wonderful! “Go and do thou likewise.”

“If you have sincerely devoted yourself to the work of the incoming Christ Age, you have thereby identified yourself as among those who cannot be touched, because of your Cosmic exemption from personal disaster.” The article above referred to contains this great Truth. It is glorious that such wonderful revelation could come to us. “Cosmic Exemption” sounds like something transcending any force of the human mind – “exemption” gives the sense of freedom from. It seems to imply and indicate

that we were, or are, not eligible in any way to the fear or danger; that it was simply out of or class altogether, and so it is with the Child of God – the Recognizer of the Presence in whose fullness is all.

“Bless the Lord, O my soul: and forget not all HIS benefits.” Praise and thanksgiving for this power – praise and Recognition of the Presence. The continual “Thank you, Father,” before the question is asked, causes you to SEE the manifestation. “Before they call, I will answer,” is the law which caused Jesus to say, “Thank you, Father,” knowing that the answer had already been given. “Before they [you] call, I will answer.” I will answer with the protection and the sure and certain defense against the belief in evil. We are beginning to ACCEPT our good. When a statement of Truth is made to you, it is FOR you. Do you hear?

“I have opened for you the windows of Heaven, and poured out a blessing of Divine Understanding, Knowledge, and Truth, knowing that you in this Unity of Life, will impart to all people the Key to the Gate of Heaven, and to the eternal Gift, which is the Gift of the Father to the son. The Message of Divinity – Light, Life, and Love. It is wonderful, for the Kingdoms of this World have become the Kingdoms of our God and of His Christ, and all people are One people, and Love is prevalent everywhere, for I AM here, I AM there, I AM everywhere. So raise your consciousness High to where I AM, concentrating ever on the ideal, and consecrating your life in willing surrender to God, for the Lord is Good, and His Mercy is everlasting, and His truth endureth to all generations! Hold Me uppermost in your mind, keeping your mind stayed on Me, and in perfect peace and joy and happiness, in prosperity and health, I shall keep you ever.”

Do you begin to see the promises of God fulfilled? Keeping your mind stayed on ME, the Father within, and thanking that Father within and without for the manifestation of His Power, causes you to sing a new song, and rejoice in the peace of new pastures and still waters. “The Lord [this very ME within] is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Do you hear? It is Wonderful! “The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty.” “The Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before Him.” “The Power is within you Now and Here, and it is well. Peace be unto you.”

The glorious revelation is breaking over us, and we are walking in the Kingdom of Heaven here and NOW.

A further thought contained in the illuminating article mentioned states:

“If we told you that there are some of you wearing bodily armor stronger than the strongest steel, because of your identities, or the things you have agreed to preform, you might declare: “It is strange, if so, that I do not seem to be aware of it, since it does not handicap or distress me.” None the less, such a protective armor is about you, because the universe has qualities of material in matter that are stronger than steel, although imperceptible to the naked eye.”

The Armor of the Lord is round about them that love Him – this invisible armor through which nothing can penetrate. It is Wonderful! “Underneath are the everlasting arms.” You are supported and protected and are borne up, “lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Are you happy, child of the Living God, with this Glorious Father within, and the power of “calling upon ME” at any time, or in any place?

“So draw near unto Me, ask in My Name, doubting nothing, for I AM your supply. I AM all good and plenty and I am a full and a free salvation. And in you I will be glorified, a light to Mankind, for the Kingdom of God is indeed at hand. So fear ye not, for in the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good make known to all men that the path of him who walketh not after the flesh, but after the Spirit of Life, and speaks justly and truthfully, is a way of sacredness, of joy and gladness, of prosperity, success, and well-being.

So relax and rest in the Blessed Assurance of this illuminating White Christ Light. Cast out all personal thought or illumination, going on to the mark whereunto you were called, for the Glory and the Power of my Fullness is ever with thee and within thee. Therefore in sublimity claim your inheritance; Heir, even as the Only Begotten, with your Father God. Rejoice and give thanks and praise and know that you are indeed blessed of the Father. Beyond your highest affirmation lies the endless field of joy beyond degree.”



“IT IS A glorious privilege to know the Truth, and free yourself from all the infirmities of the human mind. When you begin to realize the great significance of the statement, that God condescended to put on a body in the likeness of you, you will begin the process at once of putting on immortality. Spirit, Mind, is perfect, with or without a body, but the body manifestation which you have brought into being has been made imperfect through ages of acceptance of evil as real. Coming to this conscious realization, you will see that the Impersonal Life, or the Spiritual Life, of which you heretofore thought you were a part, is in reality You. You, therefore, thought you were a part, or particle, of yourself, instead of recognizing your Wholeness, your Oneness. When you have recognized this dynamic fact, you will not have to look to the right or the left, you will not have to look up or down, for you will have come to the consciousness that these things which you have so long thought were Spiritual and Immaterial, are material and of the flesh.”

We are beginning to see that the Risen Lord is our Heritage (the body, not made by hands, and eternal in the Heavens – consciousness). “Be whole” is merely stating the Heritage of every manifestation. It is up to Man, travailing in the beliefs of evil, from which he is trying desperately to escape, to HEAR the voice, and accept his God-given Heritage. In an instant he leaps from the embodiment of disease and infirmities into the glorious manifestation of the Son of God – just as the cripple, at the temple gate, leaped from his life-time of belief into a glorious, radiant, singing being, instantly equipped with all those things he would never posses. It is Wonderful!

Be still; let the idea expand in you. It is the Resurrected Christ that is your Heritage. “You are on this side of the cross” (of persecutions and evil) the moment you recognize the fact that that which you thought Spiritual and Immaterial is actually tangible and real; at that moment you leap out of the straight-jacket of beliefs – the prison cell that you have built up about yourself. We are in the NEW DAY, the Day of conscious recognition. It is a day of something more than talking about the Truth; it is the DAY of the TRUTH made manifest. “The word made flesh” – the day when men shall “see – and believe” without having a sign. They shall see the Invisible-visible Reality of LIFE, and take their blessing which has been so long waiting for them. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Can you, who are reading this very line, experience the feeling of the cripple at the temple gate – leaping out of his beliefs, very much as a child would leap out of his bed if he thought Father Christmas were in the drawing-room filling his stocking with toys! It is Wonderful, and it is near unto you. It is nearer than this book which you are holding, for it is actually within you at this very instant. Yea. that power to leap out of all the evils that you have hoarded together for many lifetimes. It is Wonderful!

“When you have lifted your mind to God, you will realize the Truth concerning yourself and others; you will know that you have nowhere to go but back to God, from whence you came.”

You will realize that all this roaming around looking for God, will cease, and that you are returning to the “Father’s house,” consciousness. No matter where you are journeying in the human sense of the word, you are in reality just going back to God, from whence you came. It is Wonderful! No matter what you are doing, you are doing it all to the glory of God. Do you see what an overwhelming Joy of Life comes to you? As soon as this is recognized, then all the mourning is turned into joy, and the tears are wiped away from your eyes; you are leaping out of your old beliefs, and praising God from whence you came. All the old, worn-out beliefs that you have been holding for years fall by the way; you are one with this great sea of substance – you are it; and you do not have to formulate a plan to accomplish that which has already been accomplished. It Is So and So It Is.

All the old ideas of self-aggrandizement die on the threshold of this New Day: all the old ideas of making yourself a leader, or a teacher, or anything but an unconscious revelator of the Truth. You are fast coming to the point where this takes place automatically. “Awake thou that sleepest” – God is HERE the moment you recognize it, and the moment you recognize that you, being one with this Power, are the Power in essence, then you begin to see all the promises of the Bible as statements of Truth which are inescapable. Jesus said of this Power, “Ye shall say to yon sycamine tree, Be ye plucked up by the root and cast into the uttermost parts of the sea, and it shall be so,” giving you an illustration which is in every way entirely outside of the human beliefs. In the first place, it is almost impossible to “pluck” up a fully matured tree by the root – it entails endless labor and struggle, and there is no means whereby it can successfully be “cast,” as though a giant were throwing it into the uttermost parts of the sea. This wonderful illustration of the Power, so beautifully stated, is not given for the purpose of creating magicians, but is given to show how utterly hopeless it is to imagine that you can limit the action of this Power to the human concept of God. The illustration is given to show you that the ways and means of Spirit used in this picture are beyond man’s control, and almost beyond human imagination. It is Wonderful! Do you see, then, how it is that “Sycamine tree” of belief, which you think so real and hopeless in your life, can by this “way that ye know not of” be removed, and cast into the uttermost part of the sea of oblivion? It is Wonderful! And Jesus said this. Do you hear? It may sound foolish in a way – why would anyone want to pluck up a tree by the root? – but it is glorious for what it conveys. It is thrilling when we think of it all – the extent of this Power – yea, the heights and depths and majesty of this glorious Heritage. Who can know it through the human reasoning? It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Nothing – no, not anything is impossible to God, with whom you are one. Be still.

Going back to first causes, we find: “Mind is perfect with or without a body” – God in All. His perfection is eternal, whether unexpressed or expressed in the physical body. We have a basic something to start with. The only inharmony or discord of the universe is expressed in man, and this is wholly a matter of his belief, as is proven over and over again. One tribe believes certain laws are true and sees evil in many thing which another race uses to its advantage, and so it is. “When we take words [you are the word] and return unto Jehovah,” we take this misunderstood manifestation back to the original source of Perfection, and the moment we glimpse the “Perfect vision that is shown to us” – the moment we recognize the Changelessness of God, Here, There, and Everywhere – that moment does the body begin its resurrection. It is Wonderful! It does not make any difference how far it gas gone astray, and how much it mat be covered with the mud of beliefs – all this shall fall from it, and the body of perfection be revealed. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! “Mind is perfect, with or without a body” – do you begin to see that we have the external pattern to return to? The difficulty has been that, instead of returning to the original “PATTERN,” we have copied other people’s idea of this, and have taken on their false concept of it. At one time we accepted the idea that we were worms of the dust and miserable sinners. This was the idea of a man sifted through all his mistakes and beliefs. We did not “take words and return to Jehovah”; we just took the copy of a copy of a copy a thousand times removed from its original, and each time repeated it with more and more defects added by each copier. We are through with this – we are returning to Jehovah with the Word which has been so badly expressed by us, and are regaining the original concept for ourselves direct.

The thing that you accept as real and true about God is the thing that is possible to bring into expression in your life. That is why we turn away from the man whose breath is in his nostrils – who is perpetually inventing some new way, or means, of making things happen – and return to the Jehovah within, and there find that perfect plan and design laid out for us. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Aren’t you glad?

“To be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord” does not mean a state of dreaming or unconsciousness; it means that the body becomes the willing servant of the Lord, and functions perfectly, and expresses the Will of the Lord. It is Wonderful! You contemplate this Presence, and you manifest it automatically in your body and in your affairs. “Deny thyself and follow ME” has been thought to be almost impossible to most people, but when you find out that what you are to deny is the seeming reality of any power which is opposed to God, and which has for its basic principle, “When I would do good, evil is present with me,” you are merely denying reality to the beliefs that have so long bound you; denying them by following after the Christ – by following after ME.

What a WORD you have with you, under any circumstance, or condition, or belief.

“Greater is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

We are consistent in or failure to RECOGNIZE the Presence of the Word. We attack Fear, only to find that it increases with every attack. Perhaps we are able to put on a brave front for the moment, but underneath is the great ever-increasing Volcano of Fear. We attack sickness, and may be able to smear over the surface with a smile, but underneath we know that it is increasing at an alarming speed, and so we say words, words, words of, and about, the WORD. We are not yet fully aware of the fact that we (yes, you and I), have this identical Word in our mouths. We have the WORD, which, when spoken, would instantly prove the above statement: “Greater is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world.” It is the Mind of God, with all its Power, pitted against the Goliath of human belief, which has grown into unusual proportions.

Little by little we are taking the absolute stand that there is such a thing as a PRESENCE. Yes, I know we have always said so with lips – but when we come to recognize this as absolutely true, we will not hesitate to “speak the WORD that is in thy mouth,” and see results forewith, backed up by the knowledge that this Word, which is so nigh unto thee, is more powerful than any collection of belief-words that might be set against it. The testimony of the human mind will crumple up and fall into dust, just as the walls of Jericho fell into dust, when the Word was finally spoken. It is Wonderful!

Be not discouraged, for finally we shall come to the place where we will speak the WORD, and not speak of, and about, it, and we shall say “thus and so” to the soldiers of belief and they will do our bidding. It is so written: “They that be with us are more than they that be with them” – if you want to sum it up in the terms of Power. “Nothing can stand against the word of God,” and that is the Word that is nigh unto thee, even in thy mouth. It is Wonderful!

This is the Day of Joy, you are the child of Joy, and we are experiencing this JOY right NOW, because we are discovering this Power within and without, and the means of expressing it. Life is not a battleground, and the reason of God is not to perpetually set up a warfare against a supposed power. We are given this power to prove the Kingdom of Heaven as Here and Now. We are given this Power so that the Perfect Revelation of Heaven on earth can be made manifest. We are given this Power, so that the overflowing Joy of Life will never run dry. We are given this Power so that we will experience the Peace that passeth all understanding. We are arranging a new set of values. We are looking into this glorious subject so that we can see the Revelation and Manifestation of the Lord of Lords and Host of Hosts, and so that we can experience in our own lives the actual Presence. It is Wonderful!

“Awake, thou that sleepest.” “Enter into thy Heritage.” Enter into the courts of the Lord with praise and thanksgiving. Do you hear? It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! The New Day, the NEW NOW, the NEW consciousness of the Word that is nigh unto thee. You are filled with joy.



“By YOUR conscious realization and recognition of God’s Presence you will be delivered and freed from Every adverse and undesirable condition. It will not be anything that any man must necessarily do, from a personal point of view, which will free you. The Spirit of the Consciousness of the presence of God Is the source of all supply, and will satisfy every good desire. It will reach every condition. It will abolish every undesirable condition and circumstance, and deliver you from every undesirable expression of life. It will give you joy beyond degree, and when you realize and accept the Truth, that the same Christ is within you which was within Jesus, that will set you free. Free from every untoward condition. ‘Tis the saving Power of God manifested in the name of Christ. And when you Recognize this, He will set you free from all undesirable conditions.”

“If the Son, therefore, shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” The Recognition of this PRESENCE is not the old idea of a Power which was invoked to act by prayer. It is a sensing Consciousness of the Presence, which, when recognized, turns hell into Heaven, debt into plenty, sickness into health, fear into love, and unhappiness into joy. How does it make these sudden changes? “By a way that ye know not of.” There is no human reasoning that can scale the lofty peaks of the Absolute God and tell what is the working of His Mind. “His ways are past finding out”; then why waste any more time trying to “find out” how the Power can neutralize evil? The Power of the next dimension always sets aside all the hard and fast laws of the dimension preceding it. Hence what is a hard and fast law in the two-dimensional world is non-existent in the three dimensional world, and so on.

When Jesus came showing this NEW way, which was past finding out, but which was the heritage of every man who would actually Recognize the Presence, the old human reasoning again said: “This cannot be.” How can poverty be turned into riches? Who can answer that question, “Canst thou by searching find out God?” and, “Who hath known the mind of the Lord?” It is wonderful that we are Recognizing this, and letting go of the old mental ideas that we could assist God, or make Him do something, or that we had the power to make God operative. The old idea, so firmly fixed in the minds of many, is actually a belief that God is only working when they are “knowing the Truth,” and that all other times He apparently is absent and inactive.

“Awake thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.” “He watching over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.” The Power of God is always active, and when you align yourself with this Power you set aside the so-called laws of the three dimensional universe in which you have lived. Hence when a man Accepts the Presence of God as HERE and NOW, if he has been under the bondage of sickness, he finds himself suddenly well. That which he called a “healing” has been the action of the Revelation of his True Self – the coming out of the mists of human belief of the Real MAN. It is Wonderful! Awake, arise, and shine, for thy light has come.

The PRESENCE even now, as you are reading, is all about you, within and without, awaiting Recognition; and the moment of Recognition is the moment of the downpour of blessings. “The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich.” Do you begin to see that you – yes, you – as you are sitting reading this very line, are, at this instant, able to function this glorious manifestation of Light, Life, LOVE into expression? It is Wonderful! You are thrilled and filled with the Presence of the Holy Ghost, and the three dimensional fears are gone.

The Recognition of the Presence is what raised Lazarus and Jesus from the dead. The Presence sets aside every human belief, no matter how time-honored or old. So the Recognition of the Presence will set aside, suddenly, every adverse condition or undesirable expression. Do you begin to FEEL the Presence, the sense of protection and immunity, that HE gives you? “HE giveth His beloved sleep.” There is a sense of relaxation, a letting go, as it were, when one cognizes the Facts of Being. Everything is in the hands of God, and it is well.

As you are reading, the Voice within is saying, “Fear not, it is I” – Fear ye not be not afraid, “I AM with you always.” It is so glorious. I AM here NOW, and I WILL show a way out that ye knew not of, and that no person knew anything about. “I AM the WAY” – do you hear? It is glorious, this Recognition of the Presence. Be still; I have much to say to you in the secret place. I have much Revelation to make to you when you are ready, and when you cease going without, and trying to solve the mysteries of evil. They shall all vanish away at the coming of the LORD. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! “Every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment, thou shalt condemn.” Every obstacle which impedes the outflowing of Truth shall be moved away. See that you do not make yourself an “obstacle” to the Truth in another. “Be not wise in your own conceits” – you do not have to set the world right by pointing out all the people who are wrong in it. Every criticism that you utter comes home for fulfillment one day – “watch, watch, watch.” “Ye shall eat your own words.” It is Wonderful! “Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead.” See that you feed upon the manna that they knew not of. This is the Manna of the Presence. The manna that your fathers did eat was the human beliefs about life and God. It is Wonderful!

The Recognition of the Presence can be made by a child; we are told that the Kingdom can only be entered by the Child, so you see it is quite simple. Can you accept the Presence of God, and once and for always acknowledge that He is stronger than any human belief, and that He does not fight against Evil? “Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil.” At the coming of God into manifestation, the creation of man fades out like a dream. His hard and fast beliefs melt like wax in a blast furnace. The evil problem which has hoovered about you for so long, and which seemed to have the support of so many believing people, will melt as a snowball cast into a white-hot fire; and all they that battled against thee and laid snares to catch thee, shall fall into the ditch of their own making. It is Wonderful!

The Doors of the Hidden Treasures shall flung wide open to you. The things that have been told in secret shall be proclaimed from the housetops of Recognition, and the Heaven on Earth shall be made manifest, HERE and NOW. It is Wonderful! No man knows, or even thinks of, or even senses, the glorious riches that are to be poured out on you when you make this Recognition. “Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.” Christ is the Power within you which makes your Oneness with the Father possible.

Be not discouraged; “Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.” No matter how small your understanding is, or has been, the moment you start the process of constant Recognition of the Presence, you will begin the increase. The Human intellect and its reasoning must decrease, and the Christ must come more and more into manifestation, with infinite increase.

The Recognition of the Presence of God causes the descent and the ascent of the Blessings of God.

“The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it.” “When He giveth quietness, who then can make trouble? And when He hideth His face, who then can behold Him?”

So in quietness and peace the Presence is Recognized, and the “quietness” is past all description. No matter in what a turmoil you may have been, the “quietness” given by God cannot be troubled by any man, belief or power. The Presence goes before thee always, and makes the way smooth. “A knowledge of the Spiritual realities of life prohibits asceticism and repression, the same as it prohibits license and perverted use. To err on the one side is just as contrary to the ideal of life as to err on the other.”

The immunity with which the Presence wraps you about is not that of overcoming; it simply brings you to the dimension where the things that were formerly true are no more so. A man may desire protection and immunity from accidents so ardently that he permits himself to be locked in a cell. He has gained his object, certainly, but he has lost his freedom in so doing. So with man, who insists on getting his immunity from evil from the outside. The immunity which comes from the Recognition of the Presence enables you to walk through what the human mind calls evil, without experiencing any of the effects. Hence the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace – the same furnace which, to human belief even destroyed the man who built the fire. It is Wonderful! We do not have to run away from evil; the Presence will take care of all of that. When you begin the process of Recognizing God in everything, then the appearances of evil will diminish, until they fade entirely out of the picture.



“And it came to pass as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known to us.”

The day of “seeing” the thing which the Lord (the Father within) has made known to us (the Shepherds who have been faithfully waiting) is at hand.

You too shall arise and go unto this place of seeing, when you Recognize that what the Lord hath made known unto you is something more than imagination.

Bethlehem means “House of Bread.” Let us go, then, to the place of materialized substance. The leavening of the Truth has been working in and through the meal of life, and at last the substance, the finished manifestation, has come forth. Let us go to this state of consciousness where reality can be seen and felt. Let us go to Bethlehem and see. The world is crying out for this very thing. We have had long years of talking of and about the Thing which is come to pass. Now we desire to see and behold it, and handle it with our hands, and know that the word has become flesh and is dwelling among us.

The Resurrected Jesus Christ made a fine and lasting distinction between the imaginary Spirit idea of Life and the resurrected body, which had flesh and bones and partook of the food. “Come and see that a spirit hath not flesh and bones,” was a thrilling statement of the reality of the Christ power, which does not exist in a heaven of imagination, but which is made flesh, and which at the same time is resurrected above the laws of the human kind. It is Wonderful!

There is something rather glorious about the decision of the prodigal, even though he was feeding among the swine at the time. There is daring and abandon – a recognition of one’s rights – in his statement, “I shall arise and go unto my father.” It is this very state of mind which will also arise and go into Bethlehem and “see this thing.” There enters no question into the mind of the Prodigal of the condition he is in, and the mass of mistakes he has stacked up against him – no; suddenly he drops off that lying human consciousness of a life apart from the father, and then he arises and goes to his father. It is interesting to note that the father, seeing him a long way off, came towards him.

Who will dare to rise and go to “see this thing” which we know so well has already been born in Bethlehem? Who will have the courage to rise and go to his Father, even if he see on the way there ten thousand fall at his right hand and as many at his left. Who will be able to put the fiery coal of silence on his lips and “Salute no man thou passeth along the highway?”

He who tarries to salute the man he passes will be asked; “Where are you going?” and when he is answered he will stack up so much against the idea that your heart will faint and you will turn back and again find yourself among the swine. Keep silent before Me and let the earth renew her strength.

Sacredly and silently the manifestation will come to you – as a thief in the night, when most unlooked for. Only when the attention is taken away from the appearances does it come into being.

Deep in the secret garden of his Soul man is beginning to sense some of the “feel” of what must take place when he is told to “look again, the fields are white.” The Power of the word is QUICK, we are told, and is sharper then a two-edged sword turning in all directions. This very “Quick” is something that transcends all human measures of beliefs, and its infinitesimal capacity to search the joints and marrow and to divide them asunder gives one but a vague idea of the majesty and grandeur of this mighty Power, which has ways that are past finding out. The wonder of it all awes us, and yet its approach must be as simple, as direct, and as natural as when the Prodigal (Irrespective of his past life) suddenly made a decision to go unto his father, and carried it into fulfillment without comment or further ado.

Thus must the Shepherds Finally decide to go to Bethlehem and “see this thing which has come to pass.” If it be true that the Kingdom of Heaven is given to the child, why should it be so terrifically difficult and impossible for us to actually experience a little of it here and now? “Arise and shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee,” is a matter of self-discovery and not something that is worked out by a system of ideas. The Light came with you when you came into the World of Expression, but it has been long obscured by the human education and belief. It is good to contemplate this, for it relieves you of the monotonous duty of creating the Light. The Light must be Let, and in order to LET you must arise and go and see “this thing which is come to pass.”



“Go into all the world, preach the Gospel, take no thought of the journey, the robe, the ring, the purse,” etc.

Christ is rich, and all you need, and Christ is all in all. Christ is the denomination of everything. Most of us are looking for things, and in fact we think it is things that we need, but presently we learn that Christ is rich and ALL we need, and we make this true and then we understand how it is that we can go without thought of the robe, purse, scrip, etc. – because we “take the name Jesus with us”; the very nature of the Christ through which all things can and do happen. “I can do all things through Christ, Who strenghteneth me.” We begin to see that this invisible Christ becomes flesh, as in the case of Jesus. Discovering the power within Him, Jesus found that He could call upon this name or nature and produce that which was lacking to the human sense. Seeing the utter impossibility of such a thing taking place from the relative plane of things, He said “I [Jesus] can of mine own self do nothing, but with God all things are possible.” All things are possible through this Christ within when you actually recognize that it is the denomination of everything. “Call upon ME and I will answer you” – there is something definite and certain about this command. We are through with the promises that are to be filled in the future. “Now is the accepted time” sounds like something worth while, something worth holding on to. And all this NOWNESS comes through when we begin to realize even in a remote way that Christ is all we need. This indefinable quality of consciousness which is inherent in all of us is the ALL of everything we need. It is the invisible SEED in itself. “Every day it is increased by as many more,” it is a process that is beyond the human reasoning, and produces results that go beyond the grasp of the human intellect, for it functions in the plane of manifestation covering those things which “eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man.”

“Call upon ME and I will answer you.” There is no perhaps or maybe about it – if it is possible for you to CALL upon this Power it will automatically answer you, in a way and by a means that ye know not of. You cannot determine the manner of its coming, for “My ways are not your ways.” “My ways are as high above your ways as the heavens are above the earth.” There is little use trying to figure out a “way” for this Power to operate. It is Wonderful!

You can only CALL upon the ME when you come to a full belief in this ME. “Whom do you say that I AM?” must finally be answered rightly. “I say that you are the Christ.” Every man must finally answer that same thing to the VOICE within. “Whom do you say that I AM?” when answered and recognized as being more than a theory, will suddenly open the doors of attainment to you, and the new day sets in and then you can understand and appreciate how it is that you are commanded to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel” without price, etc. and how you are told to take no thought about any other things.

Turning your attention from the appearances and on to the Christ within, you are getting at the very source of the ALL. You have discovered the treasure of life, an inexhaustible source of all things, for then things will have lost their importance and value, and will take up their proper place as vehicles for the Power to find expression in. So is your body merely the vehicle of Power, the temple of the Living God. The Christ in you, when recognized, begins to unwrap the grave clothes or the swaddling-clothes that have bound you, and the cry, “Who will deliver me from the bondage of this death?’ (who will deliver me from this body or embodiment of beliefs that hold me so fast into the race idea of limitation, disease, age, poverty, and unhappiness) is answered. The Christ within will resurrect Himself and come forth, and celebrate the Christ Mass in you and in your holy temple. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! “Yet in my flesh shall I see God” – the Word shall become flesh and dwell among us; the very thing we have been seeking to USE as a power apart from us becomes the actual us in manifestation. It is Wonderful!

“Take the name of Jesus with you” – the nature of this power with you is the Open Sesame to all doors. “Call upon Me and I will answer you.”

“Believest thou this?” The manifestation rests on this one thing. “Believe and thou shalt be saved.” Not credulity, but a something that has recognized the all Presence of God and the Power of Christ within as more than a theory.

“Take the name of Jesus with you” “Christ is rich, and all you need.” ALL is enough. “Be still and know that I AM God.”



“Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the Lord filled the house.”

What is the end of praying in your life? Does anything take place? And, if not, why not? Could Solomon make the fire descend from heaven which was to consume away the sacrifices and offerings?

The end of praying is always the same, whether it be for a king or a beggar. The true prayer (pure recognition of the Presence) is always accompanied by the consuming fire, which destroys both the belief in, and the manifestation of evil. The end of praying is glorious. It takes place automatically and naturally; it is the unseen Power which works in such a mysterious way, and at such a time, and in such a place, as is least expected, and always where help or assistance is said to be impossible. It is Wonderful!

Solomon, as a historical king, is not of great interest. His reign was neither brilliant nor grand, but Solomon, as a symbol standing for wisdom and Soul, is most wonderful. That infinite capacity to choose realities instead of shadows is shown forth in the prayers that he made. He (the soul) did not ask for manifestation, but for the Power back of the manifestation, knowing well that the manifestation, or the demonstration, could be easily destroyed, or dissipated. He called for the Power back of the symbol, and thereby worshiped the “Blesser and not the blessing, the Demonstrator and not the demonstration, the Giver and not the gift.”

The great tendency of man is to worship the demonstration; so he worships gold, instead of that which is back of gold. His love of gold is the very root of all evil. He sets up the golden calf, money, and falls down and prays to it. He calls it power, and endows this God with a thousand and one other powers. He says a man is only successful when he has much gold, and yet he daily sees signs and proofs that this is not true. His mind is hypnotized by the long years of looking at appearances for his basic principle of life.

Prayers made to this God of Mammon are received with derision and laughter. A man praying for prosperity constantly, is usually in the depths of poverty. In his heart he knows how impossible it is to get gold, and his lip service is void of returns. This is the prodigal praying in his pigsty. He must arise and go unto his father; he must turn from the appearances, and then the end of praying will be a sudden descent of the fire, invisible yet visible, which will burn up the chaff of human thinking, and reveal the glorious blessings of the Presence. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! We must pray in this fashion, and then be willing to let the fire descend in its own way, and according to the manner in which it will be most beneficial. Many pray and then think to direct the fire, and are thereby burned or hurt by their own failure to “let” the Power of God through into expression in Its own way. “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss,” is said to that one who trying to make God do his bidding, instead of letting God run His universe. When you are willing to “let” the rain of fire fall where it will, and upon what it will, you will also hear the words “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in My name; ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” It is Wonderful! No matter what you have begged for, or asked for before, it is all nothing as compared with the overflowing abundance of substance and joy which is to be released upon you when you pray as Solomon (the Soul) prayed. It is glorious.

“Now when Solomon had made an end of praying.” Right at that moment, when the end had come to his meditation – it was NOW, the glorious Presence, the HERE of LIFE. At that instant, when he had made the complete Recognition and agreement with God, then “the

fire came down from heaven.” Where is heaven? What is this fire that comes down? Heaven is the consciousness which is en rapport with God here and now, and the fire which descends as the Recognition of the Power of God, which is a majority over any so-called power of the human mind. It is Wonderful! “Heaven and earth are full of Thee.” Remember, “nothing is impossible to God,” and it was this very Power which Jesus said dwelt within you, and was willing and ready to cooperate with you, yea, to fill you full of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Fire which would descend on any evil condition, and consume it. Not a vestige of the former belief, or manifestation, can stand before this blazing fire of Revelation. No matter who you are, “nor how little success you have had, nor what years of misunderstanding you have gone through, the moment you pray with the Recognition that there is a Presence, and stand on that point, you will see, when you have made an end of praying, that the fire will descend, and “the former things are passed away” – they “shall not be remembered or come into mind.” It is Wonderful!

The fire of Spirit in which you can live, move, breathe a and have your being, is the identically same fire which was seen in the bush. The Hebrew children knew the Fire of SPIRIT, which was a million times more powerful than the fire which man’s hatred had kindled, and so they walked in the midst of it unharmed, and came forth without the smell of fire on their garments. But the men who built the fire were consumed. It is Wonderful! “Be not afraid; it is I.” “I will burn up with an unquenchable fire the husks of morality that may yet still cling, and I will set you on a Hallowed fire, and you will feel the sparks penetrating your very being, kindling anew the love I have poured out upon you.”

“Be still, and know that I AM God” takes on a new and different meaning. We are through with the “trying to get things,” and the making of a demonstration. We have gone forth to Recognize the PRESENCE, and to know that the “end of prayer” is the descent of the Holy Fire, or the instant manifestation; the great Fire of Spirit which, unseen, consumes the beams and rafters of the material structure called problem. It reveals the things which “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man.” No man, believing in Money and Gold, can know the Glories that are prepared, for these glories have not entered into his heart. His heart is so filled with fear and limitation that there is no room for this unseen power. It is glorious when you relax and let go, and make your contact with this Presence, and let the answer of your prayer be the descent of the Holy Fire, which will, in a twinkling, destroy the ugly manifestation that has caused you so much anxiety.

When you come to Prayer quietly and naturally, and are through with all the so-called tricks of words and phrases, then you will have done with the idea that you need to “peep,” and “look,” and “wonder,” if your prayer is going to bring about results. You will have the glorious assurance that “NOW when Solomon [Your Soul] had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and sacrifices; and the glory of the Lord filled the house.” Yes, you will go from that prayer refreshed and gloriously abandoned: having done all, you will stand, and see the salvation of the Lord.

There is something glorious about praying, something that is like the dawn. You know the moment it begins to appear it is going straight on into the full noonday of manifestation. Nothing can withhold it. No matter how dark, and useless, and painful, the night seemed; the prayer released is exactly like the dawn. Nothing that man can do can stop it. He can not shut it away from the world at large. He can only shut himself away from it, by hiding in a dungeon of his own creation. But all the while the dawn will be there, going steadily and uninterruptedly on to its full noonday glory. So it is with Prayer. When you have made an end to your prayer, the Fire descends, and nothing can stop it, and it will consume away the dross, and leave the pure gold of Life – the gold which will buy in any market a thousandfold more than the gold of Croesus. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Do you begin to see what is the manner of prayer of Solomon?

When Solomon had made an end of prayer, he was not curios to see if the fire would descend. Curiosity is rewarded by blindness; it is the destroying element in the human mind. Curiosity to know if God can answer your little request, and just how He will do it, causes a veil to come before the eye; and, even though you walked all along the way with Him, you would not recognize Him. That is why, when Jesus went into the house of

Jairus, He put the people forth in order that the Holy of Holies, that place of meeting between the Soul and God, should not be profaned by those who only looked for a sign, and who wanted to tear away the very covering to see how the heart beat underneath.

“Be not afraid it is I.” When you stop looking for signs and make your prayer one of Recognition, then you are certain to have the same results as Solomon had; the silent, unseen Fire consuming every vestige of the belief which caused you so much suffering and annoyance before.

The feeble prayer, “I believe; help Thou mine unbelief,” is the wail of one who is looking on the outside for a sign, and who is failing to recognize the fact that;

“Even if you do not know all things (as man), there is something within you that does know all things, and if you will allow this Something to function in its rightful capacity, it will suddenly be as though you do know all things.” “God’s ways are past finding out. My ways are not your ways.”

Do you begin to understand that the human reasoning and science can never fathom the depths of Inspiration? You do not need to worry about the ways and means of Spirit; “I have a way that ye know not of” – a way that is not made by hands, a way that is not thought out by the human intellect. “I AM the WAY,” and that WAY is the only way out of the human beliefs of evil. Can you trust this? Can you “lean on ME” instead of on what some person says, or thinks? Then you shall hear, “I shall sustain

you.” How does that sound? Aren’t you glad that you are beginning to see the Presence as HERE and NOW, and as ever operative? Aren’t you glad to know, when you have “made an end of praying,” that the fire of manifestation is descending, and is destroying the old beliefs that have bound you so tightly? Aren’t you glad that the answer to your prayer is like the coming of dawn. moving swiftly on in all its glory to the full noonday of manifestation, and that not ten million men or nations can stop the effulgence of its on-going? “BEHOLD, I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW.” Not old things patched up. “Behold I make all things new” by the fire which consumes the old worn-out beliefs, and reveals the “Temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.”

“I AM with you always,” and in ALL ways. You do not have to fear, or worry, so long as you recognize this fact. “Those that are for you are more than those that are against you.” The Recognition of God as HERE and NOW is more than the millions of beliefs that there are two powers, and that evil is stronger than good.

Aren’t you glad?

“Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the Lord filled the house.”

The Fire descended and consumed the evil beliefs, and the GLORY of the LORD filled the house. The Glorious light of Health filled the body, and went searching the joints and marrow, seeking out and consuming the beliefs in age and disease. The Glory of the Lord filled the house (the consciousness), and brought out radiant success and happiness, and dried up the tears of struggle and weariness. The Glory of the Lord filled the house, and pushed out the boarders of the tent, and gave to expression a new and lovely individuality, which crowned it with eternal success and joy.

No wonder Solomon sang his song to his Beloved. The Soul that perceives the glorious Life, which is complete, and lost in God, finds no words to describe the Beloved. “and the glory of the Lord filled the house.” Can you be still a moment, and feel this fire of the Spirit searching the temple – body – and quickening it with the Power beyond the limitations of the body? “For in HIM we live, move, and breathe, and have our being” also stands for: “IN us He lives and moves and breathes and has His being.” Within and without and round about us, is the glory which fills everything, and which goes before us, as a Light that lighteth every man unto salvation. It is Wonderful!

Do you see how it is possible, then, for your prayers to reach and help another, in a way heretofore undreamed of? Your prayers will be divorced from person, or system, or words; they will be pure recognition of the Presence, and when you have made an end of that prayer, the fire will descend upon that one and consume the fear and limitations under which he has been placed, if he will be but open to receive it. It is Wonderful! The old personal idea fades out; “for I Am here, I Am there, I Am everywhere.”

“We do not need to worry about being, or going to any place in person, particularly when it is to be done from a spiritual standpoint. You do not have to lay your hands upon any to heal them, neither do they need to touch you, for God is not absent from anyplace. ‘I’ can reach your condition, wheresoever you are, and not only your condition, but ‘I’ can reach you, wheresoever you are. Then with or without a body ‘I’ am just as operative. Just the moment you are in tune with the principle, that moment the principle is pouring out its manifestation on you.”

It is Wonderful!

The whole house is filled with the Glory of God. Every nook and every cranny is filled with the Light of the Fire which is released by the Holy Ghost. You are made anew.

“Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the Lord filled the house.”

It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! – that you are beginning to see the meaning of true prayer, and are fully aware that the answer to all prayer is the descent of fire which consumes the beliefs in evil.

“The glory of the Lord filled the house” – you.



Out of the clouds of human belief St. John saw the “New Heaven and the New Earth” coming into manifestation, and the old heaven and earth passing away. Out of the clouds of human teaching and learning, out of the fog banks of personal instruction and ideas, the New Heaven and the New Earth are emerging. The former imaginary heaven, which had to be entered by death, has at last given way to the New Heaven on earth which John saw – something real and tangible, after the manner of the teachings of the Master; something to be enjoyed, and lived in, and to be experienced, and manifested in a way that could be appreciated and understood.

Gradually the Impersonal teaching of the Master is becoming personal. As soon as man loses his personal teaching, and his personal sense of Life, then the Impersonal, or the God Life and Revelation, personalize themselves in him. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God” has nothing indefinite as to just where we shall see God manifest; and Jesus, assuring us that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand to those who had eyes, causes us to “look again,” as it where, and perceive the New Heaven appearing out of the clouds of beliefs and opinions.

The All-presence of God precludes any other presence, and yet the moment you begin to recognize this, and express such views, the very ones who loudly proclaim that God is All are the first to say, “This is sacrilege, and unthinkable.” That God should be manifest in His own universe ought not to be such a shocking fact to consider. It seems natural and reasonable. That Heaven, which is a state of consciousness, according to the Master Jesus, should result in something other than a sort of day-dreaming, should not be unreasonable or strange.

A builder does not erect his house around air, yet it is filled with air. The air in the rooms takes the shape of the rooms, without any effort on the part of the builder – yea, without any thought. The air was there before and after the house was built, and no one finds it strange, since air is everywhere present. You say the same thing about God. God is everywhere present. It is strange, then, that you recognize this God in the form, and shape, of the design you have in your consciousness? Because you conceive God in a flower, a tree, or a man, does not make God that shape, any more than an oblong room filled with air could be considered as the shape of all air. The measure you mete to the universe is measured to you again – that is, the measure or the desire, or the belief, that you have in mind, is already filled full of the God substance or the Presence; just as the house is filled full of air, because it is everywhere. Is there anything strange in this?

God is everywhere. What is God? And how is it that He seems to be absent from some places? The amount of air in a room is determined by the capacity of the room. The amount of air in the universe is past finding out. The air in a room is not actually divided that great envelope of air around the world; it appears to be, but when the walls of a house are pulled down the oneness of air is natural – nothing happens suddenly, in the nature of a shock, or explosion, because, in reality, the very walls have also been permeated with a certain amount of air. The shape of the room does not have to be destroyed when the walls are pulled down.

So it is with the Spirit, which is compared to the “The wind that bloweth where it listeth, and no man knoweth whence it cometh, or witherth it goeth.” Surely it is not a far cry to recognize The Presence of God within and without all things; and the very Recognition of this Presence is the first step towards the taking away of the mystery of it all. The Oneness of God, and the Oneness of All.

The measure of the manifestation of God in your life is BELIEF. Jesus always asked, “Believest thou this?” – “Believe ye that I am able to do this?” – and “According to your faith” or belief – “Be it unto you”; and there are dozens of other illustrations indicating that the measure of the manifestation is the belief – not credulity, but an actual belief or acceptance – of the Presence. You are already using this magnificent law in daily life. You can only do the things you believe are possible to you at this time. It makes no difference how much may be said to the contrary; you only do what you believe you are able to do, and so Jesus must have been true and just when He said, “According to your faith be it unto you.” According to the belief that you have in the Power, as able to do this thing, so it is unto you. It is wonderful, and it is true. If you only carry a pint measure to the sea, you can only take away a pint of water – though the whole ocean lies before you free. If you have only a limited belief as to what God can do for you, that is all you can possibly manifest.

“My servant lieth at home sick,” said the centurion. “Speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.” The word was spoken, and so we are told that the servant was healed in the self-same hour. The BELIEF must have been one hundred percent whole. The centurion and the servant must have believed that God could do just that thing for them, because it took place. If you believe “all things are possible to him that believeth,” ONLY that is possible which you believe. Again I call attention that we are not speaking about “credulity.” Many people come into the study of Truth with the idea that it is a system of trickery,

whereby natural laws can be set aside with impunity; or that by repeating a few words in a certain tone of voice they will be able to make God do there bidding. “Awake thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light” – the Christ within will give you light to see that the measure you mete to the universe, and get back, is the measure of your belief. No wonder, than, that Jesus continually said, “Believest thou this?”

What do you believe? You who read this line? Do you have any actual belief in the power of Prayer? Do you believe that what you ask for you are going to get? “Believe that you receive them, and you shall have them,” – or do you mearly “wish” that it will take place? And what is the thing that happens when you “believe” in the way of Jesus’ appointing? The signs must follow. You fully believed that you could read before you picked up this book, and accordingly you are functioning your belief out into manifestation, but if you believed that you could not read, you would not read. Do you begin to see the importance of looking into the measure with which you are approaching this Universal God?

The “belief” that Jesus speaks of is a consciousness resulting from the Recognition of the God Power.

“It is wonderful what God can do for you.” He can do for you, according to the Master, only that which you believe possible to Him – no more, no less.

It is recorded that in some places Jesus did not many mighty works, and for the simple reason that His hearers had no belief. That is, they had no measure into which to shape the substance of God. The word becoming flesh must have a form, or a measure, in which to come forth, and so must the Life of God in the universe. The unexpressed must have its expression.

You are told to “Be still, an know that I AM God,” for the simple reason that as you contemplate the Infinite God, you gradually increase the measure of your belief. Your belief is enlarged by contemplating or recognizing this God. When you think of the speed of an airplane, and actually see it moving at a terrific rate through the heavens, your belief in locomotion is enlarged. You begin to believe that it is possible for things to take place which before seemed impossible; and so with God – when you contemplate Him as the Only Power, and become more conversant with the Presence, your measure of belief as to just what He can and will do for you is enlarged, and you have automatically enlarged the place of your tent. It is Wonderful! Be still and know that I AM God.” Meditate upon this Presence, and learn of the great magnificent Spirit that is over brooding all, and presently you will experience the “feel” of your measure of belief enlarging. You will see that “all things that the Father hath are mine.” Where is this Father from whom you are claiming your all? Jesus located Him as within.

“The Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works.” What works? The out-picturing of the BELIEF, or the recognition of that degree of expression which He found possible. All that the Father hath is yours. All that the Father in you has is yours. Your Father, your consciousness. And He is only as large as your belief about Him. It is a marvelous Revelation that Jesus gave us. “According to your faith be it unto you” – according to your belief – no more, no less; and one man is rehabilitated and made every whit whole, and the other one manifests nothing; and one man is prospered, and the other one remains in dire poverty. It is not the fault of the All-God, but the fault of the measure you bring to the Fount of All. According to your belief be it unto you. Only that which you believe possible can take place, no matter what may be said to the contrary. What do you believe is possible to you? You answer it for yourself, and you will see that it is exactly what you are able to bring out into manifestation.

“The Father that dwelleth within Me, He doeth the works”; “I and My Father are One”; and Jesus’ concept of God was so large that He could transcend time, space, and limitations of all sorts. Because He believed it possible, He was able to feed the five thousand, and raise the dead, and a thousand and one other things which clearly set aside the human beliefs of limitation. Most glorious of all is the word He passed along to us;

“The works that I do shall ye do also”; and “Even greater works than these.” Just think of it. Jesus giving us the power, or calling to our attention that it is resident within us, awaiting recognition. “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” Let this Power be in you – let it come into manifestation. It is wonderful, for, the moment it is recognized, it brings into view the fact that “I have a way ye know not of”; the manner of its operation is wholly unknown to any man. “My ways are not your ways”; “My ways are past finding out.” If this be so, why waste any more time in trying to find out just how this invisible Power can fulfill the measure of your belief? Can you see what a glorious thing you have set into motion, when you are fully convinced that “I have a way ye know not of,” and that way is the way which is past all finding out, and which is past all human laws and limitations? “I AM the Way” – do you begin to sense the quality called “Belief”? No wonder the Kingdom of Heaven is made up of little children. Who else could believe in such a fantastic idea that the harvest came before the planting? – and yet we are told, “Ye say it is four months until the harvest; I say look again.” What kind of human reasoning would believe that a sick man could be instantly healed of a lifelong disease? Or that a poor man could be prospered without the usual methods of earning taking place? “According to your belief be it unto you.”

It is wonderful what God can do for you. He can do only what you believe He is able to do for you.

“Be still and know that I AM God”; be still and contemplate this God Power which is so present, and which is able to save you from the terrible effects of the human beliefs.

Look at the prodigal sitting with the swine – he remembered something, and must have believed something, or else he would not have risen and gone to his father. See how he followed the injunction of the Way-shower: “Judge not according to the appearance.” When we rise and go unto the Father, we have no time to consider whether the garments are right or whether He will receive us. or whether we should do this or that thing before we come before Him. We rise and go unto the Father. Where is the Father? See what Jesus has said about the location of the Father. I shall arise from the human limitations, and go to the Father state of consciousness. Gradually the light is breaking – we are beginning to see the wholeness of it all. “Call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father which is in Heaven.” Where is heaven? See what Jesus says about its location, and then you will see that the Father within is the Father of your body, and that from this Father must come all the perfect gifts that you have been seeking on the outside. “I and my Father are one” – and then “My Father is greater than I”; the Universal God is greater than any of His manifestations. We begin to understand better just what we are asked to do. “He shall call upon Me and I shall answer him.” Call upon the Father within and He will answer you, to the extent of your belief in Him. Not one jot or tittle more can be manifested than the belief you have in Him.

It amounts to almost a tragedy, the sudden realization that God only does that for you which you believe possible for Him to do. We seem to have gone so far afield, and to have blamed everything but ourselves. We have seen others go to the Sea of Life, and dip out unlimited Waters, but the measure we took was very small. We complained about the measure, and did not know that it could be enlarged by contemplation. Suppose a man went to the sea for the first time, knowing nothing about its immensity, and took only a pint cup; one look at the infinite supply of water would quickly tell him that he might bring a measure of any size, and fill it, and carry it away – but of course only the measure he brought would he be able to take away.

Just what do you think God could do for you? Just what do you believe is possible?

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” How can the mind be renewed, and how can the transformation take place? It will have to be through the open door of belief – you will have to believe it, or it will not be possible.

A lovely sense of balance and naturalness fills one. Instead of working with imaginary powers and words, suddenly the idea is resolved into a simplicity that is startling. First the Recognition of the Presence and then the belief, and the remembrance that “According to your faith be it unto you” – yea, according to the last jot and tittle of your belief be it unto you. What do you believe God can do for you?

The things that you have asked for have you believed possible? Actually – and was this belief backed up by the Recognition of the Power as able to do all things?

“My words are spirit and they are truth, and they shall not return unto ME void” – how much of this do you believe when you speak a WORD for yourself or anyone? That is the degree of manifestation you are going to bring forth – good, bad or indifferent.

“If ye believe in your heart and confess with your lips, it shall be so.” If you believe a thing in the sense we have been considering, then you can confess with your lips,” for it will be so, and is an absolute certainty. But when you only wish-believe, and you then confess with your lips, you are obliged to “knock on wood,” or perform some other heathen rite, as a protection against its failure of fulfillment. When you believe in your heart and confess with your lips, you do what Jesus did when He said, “Rise up and walk” – and a thousand and one other things.

It is glorious to contemplate the Presence in this manner. It opens wide a new door – a secret door. Enter in quietly, and shut the door, and realize what a wonderful revelation is given to you. It is the means of correcting all the evil beliefs that have been functioning so long. “All things are possible to him that believeth.” All things is a large measure to consider. What do you think? Can you go in and shut the door, and do a little cleansing of the Temple? When you enter in with the Scourge of Understanding, you will drive out of the Temple, or consciousness, the rotten old beliefs of disease, age, and limitations. As you enter in with the light of Truth, the serpents disturbed in the deep grasses of the subconsciousness may hiss about for a little moment, but they are soon put to flight. It is wonderful! You and God alone in the Holy of Holies. You and your God alone, walking in the cool of day in the garden. “He shall call upon ME and I WILL answer him”; there is no perhaps or maybe about it; or else the Scriptures be false. It is clearly stated, “He shall call upon ME and I will answer him.” Call upon ME. Where is the ME? If you hail a taxi-driver, he answers your call, and takes you where you tell him. Do you find the operation strange? No, contrary to that, if he did not take you there, you would find that unusual. What about God, What about the promise, “He shall call upon ME and I will answer him”? Is a taxi-driver more to be relied upon than God? Look at the difference in the average state of mind in calling on a taxi-driver and calling upon God. One is filled with the belief that he will come to you, and the other is filled with the sickly hope that He may come to you. As we gradually get better acquainted with the Presence, we find it more natural to accept the expression as real and true, and instantly available.

One of the glorious things we learn is the balance that is always there. The balance of The Presence that keeps everything in a marvelously natural state of expression. Anything strange and weird has no place in the Divine plan. The strange and weird belong to the field of imagination. They belong to the “former heaven and earth” which are passing away at the coming of the reality of the Presence and Power of Belief. A thousand old manifestations fall by the way as you go forth silently, secretly, and in the stillness of the Presence. It is Wonderful! “Behold’ I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear MY voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with ME.” If you HEAR the Voice of God in the midst of you, you will feel the assurance of the Shepherd Psalm: “The Lord is my shepherd: I shall not want.” It makes no qualifications – “I shall not want.” All that the Father – your Father – hath is yours. According to your faith be it unto you.”


When you come to the place of giving up – letting go and relaxing all the human opinions and beliefs – all the substance of your affairs and your body you will also begin to experience a new Power moving into expression.

Surrendering all your wishes and desires will release into expression all the wonderful power of God which is to fulfill in you that which you have sought so long. It is wonderful.

When you surrender, you let go of all the substance of your present life – your body – your affairs – and a sudden influx of light takes place.

“When my will is your will, and your will is my will, then the will of God is being done” – in other words, when you are able to surrender your own ideas – and notions – even to the surrendering of the substance of your body, then you begin to understand what the complete surrender means.

When you have surrendered, or let go of, your every desire, or human belief, you find yourself suddenly aware of the fact, that you are the temple of the living God, and that all this substance (matter) suddenly becomes plastic – shapeable to this Christ Consciousness within.

The substance of your body then is free from the beliefs of disease, age, limitations, fear – the substance of your body becomes – the fluidic “something” which can be fashioned into the perfect body – or temple of God. The moment you see this Truth, you will let go of the old human idea that man is to be healed by prayer. Prayer that is effective is only pure recognition of your divine heritage.

To arise to your freedom into the new day of realization, you must be willing to let go of all the “John Smith” ideas of life.

You are NOW entering into a new plane of expression. Do you hear? Answer me? Are you (the reader) ready and willing to surrender the old John Smith consciousness for this new, lovely life?

Can you understand that if you let go of this “John Smith” consciousness, you will let go of all the history (his story) of the present incarnation, and come out into the new revelation of who you are? The new revelation is that which takes place when you surrender all the silly beliefs of John Smith.

A new door into a new expression will suddenly open to you. Like the chambered nautilus, you will begin to understand your on-going.

With this surrender will come a great relaxation – “a peace that passeth all understanding” – it so far above all human reasoning.

Surrender – give up – cast all your burdens on ME, and I will sustain you. It is wonderful. You are in the new day.



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