Concerning Angels And Heavenly Hosts


JESUS SAID, “Think ye not that I could call upon My Father and He would send twelve legions of angels”. Had He called, some sixty thousand would have appeared, visible to the mob trying to destroy the only real teaching ever to come to earth. Do you believe this?

It is reported a terrible earthquake took place during the crucifixion, – the ground was rent, – the graves gave up their dead, – and the Saints appeared. Were they visible, – or imaginative?

And then we are told that the Heavenly Hosts surround us. Are they actual, – or is this mere symbology?

Did Jesus’ disciples see Him when He broke bread with them after the resurrection?

What took place when He said, “Look again” and the fields were white, – setting aside the times-pace of four months until the harvest. What means this “Look again“? Haven’t we been scanning the horizons of human thought for ages and seen nothing but futility? And yet, “Look again” !

With our limited human senses we look through the reverse end of a telescope, seeing the close-at-hand as far-removed, – in other words, – the “four months until the harvest”. Now comes the command, “Look again”, with the single eye of spirit which sees only the finished thing.

Because we have no consciousness of a thing is no indication it is not true, – and because we cannot see a thing does not mean it does not exist. Only that which we recognize as possible can or does take place.

“Ten thousand thousand shall fall at thy right hand,… but it shall not come nigh thee”. How can this be? There is no answer from the standpoint of the three-dimensional mind. But it further says,

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

Yes, I know all about the extended human sense of sight. It can and does show every evil thing in the subconscious mind. . . . disembodied entities, disembodied souls, antagonizing forces. The human mind which has been aping the Divine since Adam can seemingly perform everything God does. The wise men, soothsayers and magicians produced serpents identical to all appearances with the serpent produced by the Prophet, – but what happened? You recall how it was that the serpent of the Prophet swallowed the serpents of the magicians. The human mind can and does embody anything it recognizes and it can become so real and terrible as to destroy the mind that gave it birth and life. All creations of the human mind are evil, – but their existence depends wholly upon the sustenance given by continued attention.

To be rid of an “entity” which may be disturbing your life, all that is necessary is to deprive it of the thought substance of your mind, – just as you would deflate a balloon by releasing the oxygen in it. Demons and devils flee in all directions when once you “X” them out by the Power of Almighty God. A man writhing with delirium tremens certainly sees snakes that are real and alive to him crawling on his bed, – but the nurse and the doctor standing alongside do not see them. Where, then, are they?

We can see only that which exists an the particular level from which we are functioning. Any wonder, then, that we are told to “AWAKE”, “ARISE” to a higher level, – and then “LOOK AGAIN”. And the beautiful part of it all is that when you “arise” to a new degree of expression, you take nothing of the old degree with you. The former things are passed away, as far as you are concerned, – not even remembered.

We are told that “Heaven and earth shall pass away, – but MY WORD shall not pass away.” And then it is explained that You are the WORD made flesh, – YOU, the Permanent Identity, hiding behind the ghastly mask of John Smith or Mable Jones.

As LIGHT passes through a negative film, it produces a positive picture. As long as that LIGHT remains, it will produce pictures in reverse of its appearance. In a film negative, what appears black becomes white in the picture, and what is white becomes dark. And likewise, when the INNER LIGHT floods through the negative John Smith, all his color values are reversed.

And it says, – “YOU, – (yes, you), – are a NEW creature- (something that has life) – in Christ Jesus”. Do you believe this? Were not the negative conditions of the blind man reversed when the LIGHT poured through his consciousness?

To have all negative conditions of sickness and poverty in your life reversed, all that needs be done is to pass this LIGHT through the “negative”. We are so busy trying to eradicate the shadows of human thinking that we will not LET the LIGHT so shine. We have been “working” instead of EXPRESSING. The unlabored action of God does not work. And yet many people say, “I have done my work“, – or “I will work for you”. Jesus said, “Labor not for the meat that perisheth”.

Finally we are beginning to SEE. Yes, – we are glimpsing the Radiance of the Risen Lord. When our vision is sufficiently clear, we will see Him, even as the disciples finally saw Him for a brief moment when He broke bread with them. But they could not hold that consciousness, and so He disappeared from their vision. Where did He go, – since He said THIS is the Kingdom of Heaven, – here and NOW, – even within YOU? How much longer will it be before we are willing to hear?

It is said “On them the second death will have no effect”. So then, the Saints who arose from their graves, – the grave of human thought that killed the body, – are ALIVE and HERE. Perhaps you would like to see them, – but how can you if you do not believe? There is no particular reason why you should see them just because you are curious. Remember what happened to Pandora and the box, she was so curious that she opened it, – and let loose on the universe a million and one evil beliefs. The SOUL of you is incurious, for it knows. When it knows, it does not “talk”, – it SHOWS FORTH. No one who actually SEES anything beyond the human thought limitations will expose it. A film that is exposed before it is developed is ruined. “See that ye tell no man”, – but be certain that you SHOW.

One person praying, – actually praying, – and not voicing a long line of word pictures, – can and has changed a situation for thousands of others. “One with God is a majority,” Do you believe this? The answer is always “Yea, yea” or “Nay, nay”, – regardless of what words may or may not be used, and the results are directly in ratio to this statement.

Heretofore it has all been so impracticable, – so “out of this world”, – but NOW it becomes a reality in the life of ANY man who believes. Then what is the matter with us? Why do we continue studying and ‘working’ with the philosophies of the ancients? There is nothing ancient in God or Jesus. If “a thousand years are as a day” and vice-versa, what is to be said of the collected and amassed information we have gathered during the last two days of life since our Precious One spoke the Kingdom of Heaven into BEING?

At the NAME-nature-every knee shall bend. What is bending but the old human beliefs, – so weak with all their vaunted powers? Such wonderful POWER is given you, – not worked for nor earned. The old John Smith negative you brought out has such wonderful possibilities, All his shadows and dark spots are to be filled with LIGHT. These dark spots of limitations are automatically reversed when the LIGHT passes throughthem. If they seem more real and true than the LIGHT, it is only because we are hypnotized by human beliefs. On the Temple Beautiful the shadows of disease will melt into glorious decorations of God!

In that day of SELF discovery, you will find that the blacksmith helps the goldsmith, – although they are leagues apart as artisans. Everything will then “work together”, – and THEN is when you discover and (let’ the LIGHT pass through the negative of John Smith, – turning every shadow into LIGHT.

The negative says you cannot see, – or hear, – or move, – all dark shadows of limitation. It says you are diseased, – and poor, – and unhappy. But the darker the negative, the lighter the positive picture taken from it when the LIGHT is recognized. “Arise and shine, – for your LIGHT is come, – and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Please note the present tense “is”. For Heaven’s sake! – what is the matter with us? Why don’t we “return and let”, instead of trying and “working” with the negative thing? “When we are absent from the body, we are presentwith the Lord.” So what have we to lose? “LET ME IN!” HERE I am, at the door of your consciousness, – knocking. Why not open to ME? If you do, – I will sup with thee, – and what a feast! – and ye with ME! All this lovely equality, – ye and ME !

All diseases and imperfections you ever experienced were merely the LIGHT trying to push out of your consciousness some horrible thought picture. All poison of hatred, greed and revenge must be pushed out of My Temple. Then why not LET them go, – release them, – instead of working from the outside?

“Who will save my darling”, – my old John Smith, – my masquerade costume, – from the fires of reality? Nothing will save them as long as you continue to see the negative as a negative. When you reverse your vision, – “presto!” the cancer, the lung trouble, the liver complaint, or whatever else you may have, no longer exists. The dark places become light, the positive comes forth, – because you let the LIGHT through your negative.

A sweeping symphony written years ago comes to life under the baton of a Toscanini. From our point of view, it may be only dots on lined music paper. Let the LIGHT shine through, – and it becomes a rapturous melody that lives forever. And all this is done by the swaying of a simple baton. So the negative John Smith, when the LIGHT is passed through him, becomes a beautiful symphony.

When will Jesus come? Well, – He is already here, and He will appear through the clouds of human thinking to anyone on that level of consciousness. Why did the disciples SEE Him for but a few moments? They had been with Him for three years, – and yet, when they walked with Him to Emmaus, they did not recognize Him because they had not fully accepted His Teachings. Just as you and I, they wanted to see something startling. They did not fully accept His Doctrine, – but yet, when they walked with Him their hearts “burned”, – although their eyes and ears were holden by their unbelief. And so the disciples saw Jesus in His resurrected body for but a moment.

And now what about the twelve legions of angels? If our Precious One had called them forth, would they have been visible to the human eye? And if they had appeared, what would the “crowd” have done? You know exactly what they would have done, – taken refuge in any shelter they could have found. But He let the swine of human thought kill His body to show us what could take place if one believed in God.

And now, – since Jesus said, “The works that I do, ye shall do also”, – what about your Legions of Angels and the Heavenly Hosts? Well, they are HERE and NOW to you, – if you are YOU, and accept your God-given Heritage as did Jesus.


Walter C. Lanyon

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