Transformation takes place when the Mental is released into the Spiritual. You become conditioned to reality. That which emanates from the mind of God is designated as LIGHT, GRACE, GLORY.

What comes out of the brain machine is constructed of all the limitations of judging from appearances, ancestor teachings, and superstitions.

The only possible way to escape the dire effects of thought is to pick up the force in apparent evil, merging it in the one source God, thereby depriving the manifestation of its power, hence it falls into the dust for it has nothing to support it. The thought machine stops functioning and the manifestation of evil disappears.

“Return ye even unto ME with all your hearts and ye shall find rest for your souls”—when you return to the one, you leave false mis-action of thought. “Once I was blind NOW I can see” for the moment the distorted sense of LIGHT, which is causing the blindness through taking thought is released, and the whole picture becomes NOW – the only so-called time there is. Human thought stretches in both directions from NOW – but produces nothing but so – called illusion.

When thought is resolved into LIGHT, the so-called miracle takes place; – which is only a miracle to the human limited thought, – but a natural functioning of GOD LAW.

Intuition does not stem from thought, but from God. What man makes of it or does with it in his Adam belief is different with every individual.

If the Mind is “Stayed” on HIM then the whole body is filled with LIGHT, and in some subtle manner the operation of the body becomes harmonious and perfect.

From mental action to the Spiritual BEING, from the movement of thought back to the motionless BEING is what takes place when Jesus “Goes unto the Father” – when the thought force is cast again into the Sea of Mind and has lost all its distortions, beliefs, and limitations.

Thought like the waves of the sea beats itself out on the shores – but the deeps are Still – “Be still and know that I AM GOD” – enter into the One. Pick up the loose ends of thought and return them unto the LIGHT and see the manifestation change from evil to harmony.

“Ye shall KNOW the truth,” and that is something else again from “knowing the truth.” You are commanded to KNOW the truth, but the human thought-taking mind wants to do something in an already created world and instead of recognizing the finished Kingdom – regardless of what he sees with the human eyes – he begins “knowing” the truth which carries with it the hope that it will happen instead of following the command, “Ye shall. KNOW the truth”: that “I am the Truth.” You cannot know a thing that does not already exist and the Truth IS and is to be KNOWN – recognized, instead of being put through the human thought of “knowing” or attempting to create it.

The mental action of knowing the truth is filled with effort and the overcoming of obstacles. Results are uncertain and unpredictable for it has an avalanche of beliefs to combat. To KNOW the truth is to be able to make the Gesture – “Stretch forth your hand.” To KNOW the truth is to experience the instant manifestation or revelation of that which IS. Healing is in reality, – revelation.

When the mortal body shall put on immortality, the fusing as it were takes place and man is just where: he started – “The Spiritual being created in the image and likeness of God” – and he will “Call no man his father.”

“We speak wisdom among them that are perfect; yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to naught.” The permanent identity – the ego remains forever intact as it was created in the beginning. “I go to prepare a place for you … that where I AM there ye may be also.” There is no ambiguity about thispermanent identity – “where I am” – at the same level and height of power and fullness – “there ye may be also.” It very clearly states that “Where I AM” – not in any sense inferring a time element – about where I will be or where I was at some past date – but where I AM. That is the secret WORD – the thing hidden from the wise and prudent, with its double meaning – its quality of BEING, and its location WHERE I am, The moment we enter into this I AM – the little I AM functioning as Jesus or John Smith suddenly is enveloped by the One – the thought limitations of Jesus are swallowed in the LIGHT of the I AM. That which speaks of itself and says “I can of mine own self do nothing” suddenly is doing all things and not by the thought that said “It is four months” – but by the NOW or revelation, the place of the I AM, the action of the I AM, which is always in the dimension of LIGHT. The dateless quality of the I AM throws much light on the question of Immortality. “Before Abraham was I AM” and if you blend into the I AM, you begin to discover the LIFE quality suddenly absorbing the limited idea of health and supposed power shut up in a body or a brain. I AM that I AM. I AM he that should come to this apparent situation. When I know this, the limitations of the problem break up to make way for the I AM. I AM he that should come. So when the mental is released into the Spiritual, transformation takes place. You become conditioned to reality.


Walter C. Lanyon

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