From consciousness flows a never-end­ing stream of light which in turn manifests itself in all sorts of by-products. Take, for example, the con­sciousness that the world at large has of Lincoln, and then try to list or catalog the books, plays, articles, anecdotes and sayings which have flown therefrom, to say nothing of the statues, paintings and the million of souvenirs, etc. This illustration, while inadequate to express the idea that Jesus conveyed by going to the Father—or consciousness—in a way gives some idea of what happens to the individual when he per­ceives the consciousness of a thing. The conscious­ness is a reality and the moment it is approximated the manifestation begins to flow. All thought pro­ceeds from consciousness and does not in any way contribute to it nor take from it.

You cannot create real consciousness by taking thought-you only create a false thing. Imagine try­ing to create a Lincoln by thought. He would be a character in fiction without reality and without em­bodiment—a temporary thing at best. Yet man con­tinues to try to create a consciousness of health, prosperity or happiness by taking thought. In spite of the warning of Jesus “Who by taking thought.”

The established consciousness, the finished thing, when entered into yields manifestation, whether this be of health, prosperity or happiness. The thought created pseudo-consciousness of any of these things yields nothing. “Clouds without rain” is the measure of the state of things created by thought. There is no life in any manifestation concocted by thought, no matter what it is. Will power sometimes accomplishes a semblance of power—but its day is short.

Trying to bring a little warmth out of a room is more or less a failure, though you might bring a warmed blanket from it which would in a measure bring something of that consciousness down to the present condition, but its duration is short and presently you must go again for another warm blanket. So: is it with all things. “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man the things that are prepared.” Understand that the things you are seeking are prepared and waiting you to enter into the consciousness of this truth. The moment you come to the consciousness that they are already prepared, you have made an enormous stride forward into the place of realization. Just think what it means to you to suddenly discover that the things you have been seeking to demonstrate actually exist and are real and ready to be brought into manifestation Half of the battle with thought is over.

Accepting this mentally with the hopes that you can demonstrate it is a fallacy. Anything you “Try” to do fails. You cannot “Mock God”—whatsoever you have in your mind that will be your exact result. So do not think to trick this God-power by believing in a new formula.

The fact that you finally discover that the place is actually prepared and waiting, does not make it ap­pear. It then has to be appropriated, and you cannot appropriate it unless it is natural and normal — any anxiety, excitement or curiosity as to whether it will work or not forms an impassable barrier.

Jesus did not try to work any miracles on the Jesus plane of consciousness—he immediately ascended to the Fatherhood degree where the thing that Jesus sought was an established fact. Acknowledging this (telling his Father in secret), he was then able to bring this wonderful thing out through the Jesus body. It all seems involved but it is natural and easy — it is so simple that a child can perform it, for the child can accept without reservations and without the human element of trying to prove things. An open acknowledgment that God knows more than any man you ever knew, might help. And if you should be able to take this stance, then you should, in order to follow up your discovery, ask of God instead of a man.

Behold I AM He that should come—the Permanent Identity, the Father within you, is HE that should come, and you will presently stop looking for another.

Do not get the idea of Jesus confused in your mind. Jesus could do nothing of himself — neither can you, and that gives you an equal start — and having been assured that you have the Father consciousness within, “The same mind which was also in Christ Jesus,” you will understand how very wonderful your situation
is. You are placed in a position to perform the works done by Jesus Christ because you have the authority and the ability and the knowledge of how they were done.

The moment you see this you will discount not only what every man has told you regarding yourself and the conditions of the world, but what you have been telling yourself ; and presently the old history of your John Smith will fall away—it will be so completely transcended that it will not come into mind any more. You see the Jesus passing back and forth from the Father to the Son consciousness—you see him going unto the Father (His perfect identity) and there acknowledging that which he wished to appear. From the personal to the impersonal and back again, bringing with it the substance in manifestation. It is wonderful! And so it is.

The Prepared place — the thing prepared — the blessings that you cannot receive because they are so immeasurably greater than your little human mind with its greed has been able to take in, all this awaits recognition. You cannot recognize it until you have gotten over the idea of bringing God down into manifestation, or healing. Nothing is more absurd than a testimony that God healed one part of the body while another remained ill. This is too ridicu­lous to mention—the Presence does not work that way — the consciousness of the Presence when contacted makes you every whit whole.

You will notice that Jesus always went to his Father Consciousness — he never tried to bring it down to the level of the John Smith thinking. If he could have done this it would have acted from that level. But He went unto his Fatherhood conscious­ness and there found the finished thing which he was able then to release through the Temple–Jesus. It is all so simple that it is given to the child, yet so difficult to the adulterous adult.

I go to prepare a place for you and I take my body with me. We see the insistence of Jesus “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” Jesus was the only teacher who materialized — He was the only way-shower who brought forth the invisible, and discovered that every-thing that was to come to Him must be “stepped down” through his Temple, body, which had been merged with the spirit. The Father and Son become one, making a perfect medium for the God power to rush through into manifestation. All this seems vague in words, yet if you are at the point of recog­nizing what Jesus said to you, two thousand years ago, you will at last see that “Whatsoever you ask in my nature that give I unto you” is more than a statement —it is the actual manifestation. “Whatsoever you can accept as finished and done is capable of coming into manifestation in the body.

Matter merged with the spirit—the body and soul together — brings man back to his primal beauty and power. He is again conscious of his true self and able to bring forth the manifestations as shown by Jesus. Yes, and even greater things than these will ye do. It is wonderful when you know you have to bring God down to your level of thinking—but that you move into the consciousness and therein function from the level of what you recognize as possible.

No matter about the mechanics — they will take care of themselves—they will be handled easily and naturally.

If the desire or urge is given to you, you can fulfill it if you recognize the permanent Identity—the being which was created perfect and remains eternally so—the Fatherhood degree— the point where contact is definitely an effectively made with God. It is wonderful!

A spider goes within for the substance with which to spin his web. Presently  you will believe Jesus Christ and go within your consciousness and find all that you have been looking for on the outside or that you have been trying to create.


Walter C. Lanyon

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