Danger and Fear

Hello Jane,

It was great to hear from you and I’m glad you shared what has been going on. In regard to your question on how to handle a potentially dangerous and fearful situation when your knowledge of the truth seems to fly out the window.  First of all, let me say that what you are experiencing in terms of the thought streams that accompany such situations is quite normal. There is really no way around the fact that life is constantly presenting opportunities for us to make distinction between the phantom identity and the Real You.  When we return at once to the Allness of God, we loose sight of a particular “me” identity to whom something bad can happen . As a father of three teenagers, I am having the same opportunities as yourself to blossom in the art of not be moved from tranquility as they find their way in this world.  The Rest always seems to return when I remember that there is no “me” or “Michael” identity which can loose anything, or for that matter, to  be responsible for making anything happen for someone else. So relax.  The acceptance of right now is all that is needed. To move off of the Now, will always revive the “me sense” with all its false sense of responsibility and importance. This is why Jesus said why take ye thought of tomorrow and deny your “self”.  Of course, while we’re in the process of shedding the old way of looking at and dealing with day to day life, there are many times when what we are trying to apply in our lives becomes foggy, and seemingly overpowered by circumstance. This is precisely why God put others into our lives to stir remembrance.  One of the things that has helped me greatly in dealing with difficult and potentially harmful situations is to remember that everything we are seeing in this world is an “image”. Every person, place and thing we see is an image of something else being that person place or thing. For example, when men looked at Jesus, they saw a powerful man, however, Jesus said, If you have SEEN ME, you’ve seen the Father who is living as Me. Jesus was the perfect IMAGE of the Father. The authority of everything He did, rested in the ONE PLACE…that is, the Father, Isness, Being. He said of his own “self”, or image he could do nothing. There was no REAL authority in the image, but authority is and always rest in what is being that image….that is God.

With regard to your son, if he should wind up going overseas, regardless of what image presents itself, there is no power in any image to disturb Tranquility, unless of course, we ascribe some authority to it. That seems to be where fear comes from. We ascribe the authority to some future scene (image), and give it power to take us from the peace of knowing that ALL is in God and ALL IS WELL.  So many times I have returned to Peace from some fearful, potentially threatening situation, simply by being brought to remembrance that the Awareness that is being me is the same Awareness that everything in this world is happening within. Nothing is happening outside God’s Awareness, not a sparrow falling or leaf blowing in the breeze.  These are things that Jesus spoke of often and when those words are heard in Spirit and Truth, they point to the simplicity of the Allness which is being the image of you and your son. When we start there, then our “seeing” of present situations in time takes on a different view indeed.Our seeing is simply the seeing of Reality as it is in God, not as fear or sense-ruled thinking would dictate. What is truly amazing is how that different “Seeing” ends up “being”……..as Mr. Samuels and many others have said, “change how you look at something, and what you are looking at changes”. 

The thing to remember in all of this is that these new ways of seeing are emerging from the Christ within you, and said very simply, a flower blooms when it blooms. The best you can do is to always return to Allness in identity first, then when peace returns, you will see All with new Light.  “It” will never leave you nor forsake you. See your son through the eyes of the God who is being him…….All is Well.

Thank you so much for communicating, and I hope it’s easier for you next time. Let me know how everything is going.

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