Darkness – Oneness

And then, ever so gradually from a deep, deep sleep, I became conscious of awakening—slowly, half deliberately; effortlessly as though arising from the bottom of a river. There was something delightfully refreshing about it all, as if one had come to the perimeter of sleep and lay there drifting, floating on the surface.

All around was the soft, velvety darkness. Nothing was visible in the room, or house. I could not see my body­–I could see nothing—all was ONE-all was darkness. There was no outline nor, indication of anything. It was all one.

For the first time I seemed to understand and experience what it was to be One with God. It was not difficult to contemplate and feel I was living, moving, and having my being in God—in Spirit. There was no beginning nor ending to anything. I thought of the Life I had within my body, but could find no place where it started or ended.

“This”-inside and outside, up and down was Life eternal—a flood of joyous feeling and sensing that I was completely one with Life, and that the narrow confines of health no longer existed, all was darkness, all was Oneness; the mergence with God was taking place not unlike a gentle tide coming and going—flowing. This, then, was life without limitation and this was the place, the altar of communion, between man and God. It was the elevation of “Ask what ye will.”

As my gaze scanned the room, I could see nothing all was one; there was no division, the amalgamation seemed natural and real—tangible. The errant thought of disease and evil passed away as a smoke screen in a gale of wind;—it was all nothing now that it had no shape, or form, or outline.

All was without form and void, waiting for the spirit of recognition to breathe upon the face of the deep. Laws emanating from the very heart of God, spoken through the Temple of God, Jesus Christ “Heal the sick”—“Raise the dead”—“Open the eyes of the blind”—and as I lay there in the darkness without shape and form-in the Oneness, I heard these laws spoken through me, and upon whomsoever the word rested the instant possibility of manifestation could take place. The Life of God was flow­ing into and out of everything.

The still small voice kept revealing the hidden laws­–things that had not been heard, nor seen, nor spoken were insinuated into the consciousness. All was one—all was darkness without form and void—all was Spirit.

It was as though a pulsation from the heart of God were taking place giving power to speak the word—the word of “I will” and feeling through in the darkness to the place where it would be expressed in instant healing and help.

Yet the Oneness—darkness stayed, and the “still small voice” kept repeating the Law: “Raise the dead.”

In the darkness, all was one—nothing was visible— one split second before the spirit came to the surface and the cripple leaped into the air after forty years of bondage— and the sightless one opened his eyes.

It was not with words many, with repetitions, with af­firmations that it all took place, for it had already taken place, and now it was coming to the surface by recognition.

Yes, it must all be accompanied by silence — stillness — there was no argument. There was recognition, and a sub­siding into the place of doing nothing but letting that which had been commanded take place.

Presently, a faint light diffused everything. I began to see that which had always been. Masses of shadow gradually took shape and form: a desk, a chair. They had always been there in the darkness; “Before you ask, I will answer” is not so difficult to understand when you become conscious of Oneness even in a degree.

Be still. Go into the darkness — Oneness.


Walter C. Lanyon

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