The Dimension of Infinity

The Truth as revealed by Jesus Christ (the Word made flesh); the nature of God incarnate; the automatic power of the universe is a new dimension — the dimension of Infinity, if we could understand such a paradoxical expression. What the fourth dimension is to mathematics, the Revelation of Jesus Christ is to the mechanics of the human mind.

Every statement of this new dimension is outside of the law of matter. It is completely in the realm of the impossible, improbable and impractical. Viewed through the “glass darkly” of human intellect, it is almost pure fantasy, or, at best, imagination. Handled by the “thought” of man, it is dissected and found to have no life or existence.

The question “who by taking thought” is an insult to the wisdom of man. His whole wisdom and intellect are gathered by an elaborate thought process, and though it may, for a moment, seemed to be anchored to evidence as solid and unshakable as the Rock of Gibraltar, yet at some future date the impregnable fortress of wisdom is shaken to its base by being approached from a higher level of thought. The ground fortifications, though they be impenetrable from that level, are completely disregarded by the fast moving planes.

So, the best arguments and defenses of the human thought are not considered by this fast-moving “Jesus-Christ Principle.” of which Jesus the carpenter, became aware and gave to the universe.

We speak of Jesus Christ, not as a man, not as the son of the carpenter, but as a Principle embodying all the concepts and ethereal ideas of the Whole Universe, and being the type or matrix of every man.

At the moment of awareness of this Presence (the Word made flesh), Jesus (the symbol) is changed into the incarnate Power. Heaven and earth meet — the Word is made Flesh; matter and spirit mingle in a third substance which we call Jesus-Christ. The moment Jesus becomes aware of this Presence he is no more Jesus the carpenter, but he is everything, at the same time he is nothing.

Loosing or letting go of the Jesus who admitted “I can of myself do nothing,” he finds his Life and exclaims “I can do all things.” The narrow confines of the human consciousness can no more hold this Principle than can the four walls of the most glorious cathedral hold God — and yet that is precisely what it does. Man cannot experience it within himself until he can find it everywhere, and then it is everywhere, even within himself, and the trying to make it so drops entirely out of the plan of things.

“You shall find your life when you lose it” becomes a glorious letting go of the personal and a living in the impersonal which personalizes itself again, minus all the limitations of the former self.

As electricity remains unknown until it is given a body — it is everywhere, but it is nothing as far as the senses of man are concerned — the moment the contact is made it becomes something definitely pointed into expression; the Word has become flesh and all flesh shall see it together.

The man Jesus, discovering this strange and wonderful Principle common to all men, possible to anyone who would recognize its Presence and let go of the narrow limits of the human thinking process, also knew that because of its simplicity it would be met, measured, and found wanting by the human intellect. Hence the sweeping statement “The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God.” The measuring and dissecting of Spirit is foolishness in the eyes of this Power which works entirely outside of the narrow confines of matter in order that it may work through this same substance, transmuting it and changing the meal into leaven.

The great failure of the Truth movement is that it is approached through the “thought-taking” method — yet it is definitely stated that nothing can be accomplished by “taking thought.” Thought emanate from a state of consciousness, and consciousness cannot be changed from without. The moment anything new is perceived, a wholly new plethora, of thought starts to emanate through the mists of the former beliefs, and finally clears the ground, as it were.

To think a truth may have a certain virtue over evil thinking, but the sum total of the result may be negligible. Thinking over and over a law of mathematics or music does not produce anything in the manifest world. “Go thou and do likewise” is a requisite, no matter what may be said to the contrary.

The beggar at the temple gate would still be there if he had not suddenly (outside of the thought process) made the gesture and had donelikewise. One moment of thought on the command “rise and walk” would have produced what forty years of this thinking had produced — his inability to move from where he lay.

Until one sees that it is impossible to manifest this power through the channels of the human thought, he will still try to guide, direct, or make the power work. Until he moves into the dimension of the Presence he cannot see it in the flesh. Jesus constantly asking, “Believest thou this?” is talking outside of the thought process.

What man, blind from birth, can believe from the human standpoint that he can see? What man crippled from birth, can believe that he can walk? The more he thinks of it the more impossible it becomes. Dissect it and you find such an elaborate movement necessary as to stun the human thinking.

Have you ever thought what would have to take place before a man born blind could see? Well, think it over, and then in your imagination try to construct the eye, threading the intricate nerves and muscles into their proper relation with the rest of the body, and then answer this question, “Believest that I am able to do this for thee?”

If the “wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God,” than nothing he can offer on the subject of the how and why or the when of this invisible power could possibly have any bearing whatsoever on the subject.

“Leave all, follow Me,” is a big command. It causes you to “judge not from appearances, but to judge righteous judgment.” To many this has been a sermon on charity, but it is anything but this. It is moving into this new dimension and disregarding the laws of the lower dimension and the results accruing there from.

The story of the shadow kingdom or the realm of the two dimensional plane, where a chalk line constituted a prison, beautifully illustrates this point. The story continues that a three-dimensional being one day entered this kingdom and found a man in a prison made of a single chalk line circle. Getting into communication with this shadow being, he was finally persuaded to stand up. To his amazement, when he was standing up, he no longer knew anything about prison. He could completely disregard the appearances, for in the three-dimensional world a chalk line does not constitute a prison. No time is spent in “overcoming,” “setting aside,” or “getting rid ” of the prison as long as the man is standing up, for he is in the next dimension.

Jesus, coming to a world imprisoned in a network of ugly Conscious-Thinking, so crystallized and solidified by centuries of beliefs and findings, spent no time in fighting the appearances (“put up your sword; ye do not need to fight”), because in the dimension of Jesus Christ, that which constituted a prison on the former dimension was nothing but a symbolic “chalk line” to the present elevation of consciousness.

This chalk line of belief may be anything from am actual prison to an imaginary network of repressions of inhibitions. It might be anything from the most loathsome case of leprosy to the faintest headache — yea, it might be the putrefying flesh soiling its winding-sheet with corruption of death, or the dead, futile shroud of life’s Te Deum. They are all “chalk lines” to the new dimension.

Gradually, man begins to see that at no time was Jesus Christ fighting the so-called problems of the human mind. He did not inquire into the history of the case, was not concerned as to the length of time the “chalk line of belief” had been there, knowing that to do this was only to intensify the belief. Yet most people of the Truth movement today are busy with the idea that the reason for Jesus’ advent in the flesh was to overcome something that was wholly a matter of relativity, and which might pass away of its own volition in many instances. He was only concerned with getting the man in the chalk line prison of belief to “stand up.” “If I be lifted up” — “Come unto Me.”

Jacob struggled all night with his problem, but in the morning he loosed it and let it go. The man at the temple gate suddenly jumped into the new dimension, so to speak, and found full use of his body in an instant, just as the blind man suddenly opened his eye and the beliefs of the former dimension were not considered.

“Work out your own (not somebody else’s) salvation with fear and trembling.” The wonder and the glory of this new dimension, when it begins to even faintly dawn on you, is “fearful” or awe-ful in its terrible and wonderful possibilities. The reverence or fear brings with it a sacred recognition of this principle “which to know aright is life eternal.” Even as we faultily know this God do we begin to experience Life, and presently, when we “know aright,” it will mean Life Eternal, and the casting off and taking on of belief bodies will have given place to the resurrected Temple of the “Risen Lord.”

“Arise and shine for thy light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee” takes on a new meaning when you begin to recognize the Revelation of Jesus-Christ (the Divine Nature — your true Nature). You arise in the new dimension, you are absent from the body and present with the Power, and suddenly, when you look out again, the place thereof is no more, the former things have passed away — the chalk line is no more a prison, and so the earth is filled with the Light of the new revelation.

Fighting with the problem, trying to bring God down to the level of the human consciousness, is impossible. Invitation is constantly given you “Arise,” “Come unto Me,” “Open your eyes,” “Look again”; and all these gestures are made outside of the dimension of conscious thinking. The Prodigal suddenly coming upon this Jesus-Christ nature said, “I will arise and go unto my Father.” It is wonderful what can be accomplished in you when you work by the way of Jesus’ revelation. “Go thou and do likewise” is not so in-understandable when you see the possibilities of your “Jesus-Christ” nature taking command.

“Let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus” — let the Divine Nature come forth which “has a way ye know not of” and the “ways” of which are past finding out. It need only be recognized, “Behold I stand at the door and knock, and if any (that includes you) man hear My voice and will open unto Me, I will come in to him and sup with him and he with Me.” It is wonderful when you begin to see even faintly the way of the Jesus-Christ nature — your True Self. It is wonderful to sense the facts of existence outside of the laws of the human consciousness.

No more does the human thought wear itself out trying to do things which it knows are impossible. In the resurrected state of the “Jesus-Christ” consciousness it is not trying to do the impossible; on this level it is the possible and natural which is eternally taking place. The Jesus-Christ consciousness is not concerned in setting aside human laws — it is concerned with its own expression of harmony and joy; and this pattern of infinity coming into being apparently sets aside or destroys the laws of the dimension of human thought. Hence, a man sick, incurable or dead in one dimension, is well and alive in the other, and the prison house of thought caves in or falls apart at the moment of recognition of this Jesus-Christ consciousness.

When Jesus walked upon the water, it was because of the fact that the consciousness of Jesus-Christ was not under the law of gravity, cohesion, adhesion, attraction, etc. When Jesus brought forth the bread and fishes, the wine and gold, he was not setting aside a law, but showing forth a new dimension, and the moment the “Jesus-Christ” consciousness comes into the picture the shadows of the former things give way. They can do nothing else. “I come not to destroy but to fulfill,” but in the fulfilling the shadow limitations of conscious thinking may be broken to bits.

At the sound of his Voice (the voice of this Jesus-Christ Nature) the earth melted. Every law of the conscious thinking was disregarded — the hills danced and the way became smooth.

When this is faintly conceived you will understand why we are not concerned with argument on the Truth. The revelation of the Presence is far beyond argument, and so sudden in its effects. Arguments belong to the man “whose breath is in his nostrils”; he sees two powers, and is attempting, no matter how sincerely, to overcome one with the other. He is doomed to failure, for on this plane of duality, evil is stronger than good.

Living under the conscious thinking, evil comes into manifestation uninvited and apparently unthought-of of. The best living ones are not immune from the most terrible disease, thieves, and fearsome accidents. There is no insurance against the onslaught of the devil, call him what you will. The adamant walls of Jerico shut him away from his kingdom, and try as he will, he cannot scale them or destroy them, but when he “leaves all and follows Me” — then the story is different, and these very walls, so terrible and impenetrable, crumble into dust or are blown into oblivion by the Voice of Jesus-Christ.

Jesus-Christ, the Word made Flesh, the flesh made Spirit, is theNature of every man, the expression of which brings into view harmony, happiness, substance, and all things that the conscious thinking has tried to gain by the “sweat of his brow.”

“Fear not — ye shall reap if ye faint not.” The command, “Thrust in the sickle,” is a big order for one who has not even planted, and, wavering between the “Yea, yea, lord” and the avalanche of human thought and the fearful appearances, it is small wonder that the little encouragement and reassurance is given and needed.

“Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” The Jesus-Christ shall “overcome” (come over) the whole belief of the world which is your own objectified consciousness. As you come to “feel” the naturalness of Life inJesus-Christ the old habit of fighting against things will give place to the recognition of God as here, there, and everywhere.

Jesus, coming through the streets of a veritable hell of human belief joyously proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven as being at hand, was so misunderstood that they wanted to destroy him for the good of the people at large. Yet did he proclaim it from the heights of the Jesus-Christ Nature, at which point it was and is eternally true and present.

To be hidden with Christ in God is to dwell in the “secret place” above the beliefs of human consciousness. Yet with all this glorious ethereal idea its intense practicality makes it possible to live in the world. The world, to the Jesus-Christ Nature, is Heaven, and, if anything in the world toucheseven the hem of his robe, virtue proceeds out into expression and, to the human sense, healing takes place.

“I come not to destroy but to fulfill” — the Jesus-Christ Nature in the midst of you comes to reveal the presence of the next dimension which is out from under the curse of the law of duality. When you begin to see God, here, there, and everywhere, your whole body is filled with Light, and everything you look upon is touched with this Divine revelation. Even the fields so barren and brown are suddenly white with harvest.

Within the Temple of your consciousness all these lovely rites are performed. Gradually man goes within to the Father and there finds something which transcends the human thinking and brings him to the point of “Behold.” When man is “Beholding,” he is praising the Presence, and glorifying the Power, and giving thanks to the Power, and these offices cause endless manifestation to become visible — “the glory of the Lord fills the House,” the consciousness, and it reaches to the uttermost part of the earth.

The prison of consciousness thinking becomes a chalk line which can go or stay as far as its influence on you is concerned. “Be absent from the body and present with the Lord” — present with the Jesus-Christ consciousness within you. It is wonderful — and so it is.


Walter C. Lanyon

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