Discourse on Identity


When you take off the mask of personality, when you put off the “old man” what is left is your Real Identity, that field of Awareness, Consciousness, Love-giving/expressing Self that Is Existence/Life Itself.  That field of Awareness is the uniquely perceived by those that surround you as part of your consciousness, your conceived perceived world allowing Oneness to be expressed in a multi-facetical unique way.

Jesus was seen in different ways according to those that saw him as the True/Real Identity that was presented before them after his death.  To Mary as a gardener, to the disciples as a stranger on the road to Emmaus, to Thomas as the one with holes on his hands to those in the Upper Room as Jesus, to the other disciples as a ghost.

Is there an overtone/implication/insinuation in our continual perception of this seeming manifestation of Light/Life?  Are the images before us, perhaps, conceived-perceived in our field of Awareness/Consciousness influencing, affecting their appearance?  How much of our Creativity/Creator abilities have the power to influence our world?



In commenting on what you have written, I must say that you have an uncanny ability to put your proverbial finger on the area of my current searching.  Samuel’s has said that the dissolving of the egoic identity (mask) is illumination. You say, “When “you” take off the mask of personality, what is left is the real identity.  William also says that the Awareness that we are is the true identity, the one and only mind.  Is this then saying that Awareness, which is the only mind capable of creating even a, so called, false identity, first creates the mask, and then at some point takes the mask off revealing who it really is?  If not, then who is this “You” that takes the mask off and under what volition? Who makes such a decision? This again raises a question which evidently needs more clarification. If there is only ONE MIND, how is a false mind-created self created? Is it by the ONE MIND?  Or are we missing something completely here? Is it possible that the whole concept of mind and identity are mingled and confused.  Is a computer capable of artificial intelligence an actual identity? Is a computer which processes data from sensory locations a person?  The answer is quite obviously NO.  This is Webster’s definition of Identity:

The collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable or known: “If the broadcast group is the financial guts of the company, the news division is its public identity” (Bill Powell).

The set of behavioral or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable as a member of a group.

The quality or condition of being the same as something else.

The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity; individuality.

What is the source of the “mindful desires, conclusions based on personal judgments, and a false, mind created self that sees separation from God” that you mention below? 



Awareness is Creative, Kind, Loving, Beautiful, Expanding, Abundant and All-encompassing never into false identities or ignorance or darkness.  All these are the absence of the unlimited attributes and Beingness of Awareness of God. 

The mask was never created it is only found, unveiled, removed through the illusory journey of finding what was never lost, the True Identity.  It is all reduced to Self-Realization/Awakening/Unveiling.

The “You” taking the mask off the dream, the illusion, the absence of……………life in the tangible realm is there to “point it out”, to “take it off” to “reveal it” to “awaken from the dream” to “bring you to Awareness”. 

The decision is only part of the tangible realm, the realm of opposites or polarity that will continue to reel you to and fro until you come into Balance and the extremes/poles/pendulum seem to ease into steadiness and balance.

So the mind created self only come in, in the absence of the Real/Light/God/Life.  But it will surely find Itself by the contradistinction that is continually taking place in the tangible realm.

Mind and Identity are One and the same, there is no room for confusion in what Is One and with no polarity or duality, it is only Allness and Oneness.

Again, “the mindful desires, conclusions based on personal judgments and the false mind created self that sees separation from God” is the absence of Truth/Reality/One.  It is based on an illusory, dreamlike state of slumber and intoxication with the sense realm that is all mind based, believed systems and concepts that are product of ignorance and darkness (obvious absence of Light).

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