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I am curious to know what you are feeling about the writings in the “Power of Now”?  There seems to be a marvelous stream of truth here yet I find myself missing the sense of personal relationship as found in worship.  There is no doubt that there is a great sense of peace that comes in practicing what he speaks of. I have found myself doing it now for a couple of weeks especially in worship and it is amazing to see the difference. It almost feels like what comes during an extended fast…very focused and intense.  Let me hear from you and thanks again.

I believe you are now much farther ahead than I have gotten.  I am going so much slower than what I would like!  I am still on the 2nd CD and I agree, as I have tried to put those truths into practice there is such a sense of peace and an incredible sense of freedom!  I have asked someone that has been through the book several times already to answer this question and here is the answer….

Personal Relationship?????  What more personal and intimate than ONENESS?  Wasn’t that what our aim had, has, always been?  Entering in a “PLACE” of REST, Most Holy Place, where there is only GOD!  Finally the way has been revealed, the “time is no more” and the NOW, ETERNITY, opens the way for true ONENESS to be. Duality is no more. An ascension to LIFE rather than polarity, duality, opposites, is partaken. We have exchanged TREES.  LIFE was the choice versus DEATH (the other tree). Only an awakened, conscious individual (manifestation of God) can choose. The two of a relationship have become ONE.  “Worship” is absorbed in the GREATER, the ONE SUBSTANCE that envelops, includes, assimilates, and IS, that is BEING, that is GOD, that is LIFE, that is ONE, that IS. 

Wow!! That should keep me spinning for a couple of days. I guess what I am doing is comparing the experience of deep worship on an emotional level to what I have experienced thus far in the “NOW”  journey. As far as the statements made, who can argue with them. With all the “new things” we have been drawn into by the Lord, there have always been mental  projections of how these things will  manifest….these can be, and usually are, vastly different from reality. That is particularly why I have enjoyed the liberty of what Tolle speaks of. He identifies the minds tendency to live in the future and thwarts the idea of “progressive attaining”  of enlightenment. To the weary seeker this is so simple it’s almost funny. Still, I sometimes struggle with the “style factor” of having to project the person of Jesus into a word like “BEING”.  As I continue on, I’m sure His overwhelming desire to unveil the ONENESS that was, is and always will be will guide into all truth. Thank her for me….good answer.


The way the person of Jesus has been presented by some institutions is another of the many “religious mental idols” that have been created by the mind (carnal mind, in Paul’s terminology) through the years and have become part of the “belief systems” that have kept God’s individual manifestations, humanity from being able to identify, recognize, awakened to, be aware of, their True Self, the Christ within, God, Being.  That is why Jesus did say things like “Don’t call me good,” or “I, of myself can do nothing.”  He was well identified with the right Source or with his True Self, or with Father.

This is what has kept Christianity in the “fallen state” (Katabole) or in duality or in separation, or in polarity.  They will never be able to “enter in” or awaken if their True Identity is not discovered as such, the “I Am” or the “Isness” or “Being” of/in God.  The Christ in Jesus is the same Christ in you, that is where Oneness or the Allness of God IS!


I am curious then, if it is only the carnal belief systems that have kept us from identifying with our true self, where does the cross, new birth and baptism in the Holy Spirit fit in the awakening process?

I am thoroughly enjoying these discussions!  Keep them coming!!!!!!


Okay………………………..I would have to say that in God there is really no discussion, or argument, which I am sure that is not what was intended in your last comment.  There is an honest desire to KNOW, because ultimately the “KNOWING” is what leads to ETERNAL LIFE, the NOW, the PRESENCE, GOD, BEING. “To know ME is ETERNAL LIFE”.  There is really nothing that I can point out that you already not KNOW, since the ALL KNOWING or the KNOWER IS You, your TRUE SELF.

When we eliminate the carnal mind, thought processes, or the partaking of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and we choose…………. (through understanding or awakening or enlightment, which allows the choosing………this because when in darkness, ignorance or limited mind there is no choice, you only think and therefore do the best you can within polarity…….good or bad)…………… to partake from the Tree of Life, the ascension or elevation that takes place leaves you only in LIFE, there are no opposites in LIFE, there are no doctrines, teachings, self imposed obligations coming from the Law and Theology.  God is ALL, All is God, only God, only ONE, ONE SUBSTANCE, ONENESS, LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE.  Within God all is encompassed and absorbed therefore “no longer”, referring to the temporal or the illusory or whatever is not God.  Everything that comes to the Light will be Light…………………

That is why it says the greatest is LOVE, that is God, all else will pass away…………………will be absorbed in the greatest.  The Greater includes the Lesser. This is not in the future.  There is no future, or past, or time in God, only in the carnal mind. Mind and time are the same thing. There is no time in God, all is ETERNAL, all is NOW, all is PRESENT, PRESENCE, GOD, BEING………………….. 

Too much to say……………..but All is within……………….be STILL and KNOW that I AM GOD……………..


Then why does Jesus say, no one can come to the Father except through me?  It is not the Christ speaking but Jesus?

you really did not answer his question or did you?  “where does the cross, new birth and baptism in the Holy Spirit fit in the awakening process?”  


I sure did, but the answer is found within the words, that again are only pointing towards the answer.  To say it bluntly would only incite the mind, versus the “Spirit” behind/within the words that is there, here, everywhere, eternally present………….

But I guess I left this one without a response:

Jesus was ONE with FATHER, GOD.  He KNEW his IDENTITY. The ME is easily understood and extended to the ME in ALL…………….GOD, the SPIRIT, BEING………..LIFE……………. Who are you but the TEMPLE of the SPIRIT………. SPIRIT in the form of YOU…………….

It is not by mental assent or intellectual, mind thoughts that this is SEEN, only through the gentle moving of the SPIRIT of God leading to ALL TRUTH.  A lot of time in aloneness, quietness and stillness will give way for the STILL VOICE to speak and those that have ears to hear WILL HEAR!!

Walter Lanyon, not as Walter Lanyon but as a vessel, instrument, as a ME that identified well with/in God has many writings that will help to allow TRUTH to arise from within.  He speaks and writes the same message of NOWNESS or ETERNITY that Tolle writes about but through the words and message of Jesus Christ………………..after taking off or removing all the religious veneers that have been placed to and around HIS words………..

There is much to read and partake that is life giving and liberating……………. 

There are several places to get his writings, just search Google or even use the articles that are uploaded at the different websites with all that he has made available for those that are still seeking………………


go to Articles and then English……………………there’s enough there to glean from…………………


Thanks C,

I think I have enough to dig through now. I sincerely hope my comments were not construed as anything but sincere. The centrality of the cross, resurrection and atoning work of Jesus is a reference point from which I choose not to loose touch, so,  my questions simply pinpoint my greatest hunger to know how these new revelations relate to the above if they do.  As Tolle says, his goal is not to take you out of the place you have found yourself, but to help uncover the real essence of that path.  I will take a look at the articles. Thanks again.


C, I believe this article can be of “light” for those that are “trying” to weed through the miasma of “belief systems” ingrained through the years of mind interpretation of “spiritual things”.




M, again, in God, or Life there is no room for misconstruing anything. We do, what we do, the best way we can, hopefully, always in an atmosphere of Love and Goodness.

To KNOW ME is ETERNAL LIFE can only be seen through the eyes of the Spirit and Revelation.  It is almost impossible to convey through few words what the ALL KNOWING will bring about in ALL his Creation. 

As far as what we each believe according to what God has brought in/to our lives is well respected in each individual’s life.  There is never an intention to move any reference points anyone has, as they are what God has allowed each to see.  The way these “new revelations” if chosen to be called this way, relate……………will only be revealed by the Spirit of God and Life within. It may be that some see it one way, while others see it another way. Ultimately we will all end in the place of the ALLNESS of GOD.

That is why I guess I started by saying there will never be an argument or discussion in God, every belief, every doctrine is absorbed in God.  All can remain wherever the Peace of God rules and leads………………there is one promise that always remains, “the Spirit of God will lead us into ALL Truth.” In that is our REST and BEING………….


Thanks to you both, there is quite a bit to dig through and to reflect on.  The dialogue has been very good for me and I thank you both for allowing me to be part of it.



As a side note, C, undoubtedly we progress and move on and we do not even realize how much we move forward leaving behind what many consider precious. It might have been that too much was given to M, but repeating what I have already said we do what we can the best way we know how.  If he is to run from this, it is okay, God will rescue him once more…..

Sorry, dear………………..

Several days later…………


I have had a little time to look through some of the Walter Lanyon articles on your website and  I just wanted to say thank you for what you have made available. It is again a great open place to explore and I am again indebted. I’m sure Tolle is saying similar things but it appears that Walter is a better bridge for me to make the crossing.  Anyway, after so long ..thankyou again.

You are very welcome.  The hunger for truth and spiritual reality is quite proliferated and many are starting to enter into that reality, not as mind based knowledge, not even as an experience but as realizing and recognizing who they really are………….. 

I will continue to upload many books, that are not being published, that are available by Walter Lanyon, who I am sure continues to be present as part of the Elohim company………………. 

Tolle, as another spiritual teacher, even though not using only the message of Jesus Christ, which Lanyon does, gives it all in one scoop in his book, “The Power of Now”.  The terminology he uses needs to be translated to what God has allowed us to receive up to now, but ultimately is saying the same thing.  There are very few differences that can be set aside, but undoubtedly Tolle is a visionary with the same dream (reality) of seeing the transformation of creation……………


It’s good to hear you say this about Tolle. As I was listening to the CD’s I was struck by the similarities  to what we would call “life in the Spirit” and it is apparent that such revelation can only come from one Source. The problem I was having was with what I wasn’t hearing…..an identification of Jesus Christ who made all oneness possible.  But….as we have all had to deal with life in the in-part realm, so the separating you mentioned seems very reasonable. One question I will have eventually is this, what have you seen in terms of manifested life that has resulted from your entry or really progression on this journey?  I am still “in my mind” trying to grasp for the tangible fruit or put another way the visible change to creation. Probably the wrong way to look at it, but the powerlessness of our past message to do the same is what has yielded so much disenchantment for me….so what have you seen….???     

Very appreciative


As one of the many things that Jesus expressed out of his KNOWING who he was eternally, was to observe the Lilies HOW they grow, the profundity of the observation can and has given many answers to life.  That Source or Essence will undeniably be discovered when the manifestation of LIFE exudes from within, from the inside out……………then the result will be the beauty and the completeness and the fullness of purpose……………

The “baggage” and/or “duality” that humanity has brought in increase through the years…….centuries……..has created the world we see around us (when our eyes are directed downward towards that realm of duality, the fallen state of man)………… of course we can choose to SEE TRUTH, REALITY, and the ALLNESS of GOD which is the only thing that really IS……….. but so we can communicate……………….. observing the world created by humanity partaking of the TREE of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (duality, opposites, polarity) it is enough proof for us to know that it is impossible to find answers, much less results in that realm. That is why, I have to agree with Tolle that unless there is a change in human consciousness there is no chance for the human race………it will self-destruct itself.  Or better what Lanyon says, “Unless a man discovers that he lives and moves and has his being in the ONE SUBSTANCE (GOD) at the same moment it lives and breathes and has its being in him…………he is only a temporary thing which is quickly passing into oblivion by all the evil means at the disposal of a mind which believes in separation.”

The mind that believes in separation is the result of the parable of the Garden and the Two Trees in Genesis. We need to partake of the Tree of Life where there is only LIFE, ONENESS, LOVE, LIGHT, ALLNESS, GOODNESS, ETERNITY, INFINITY, PERFECTION, etc. etc. etc. etc.  There is an urgent need for an ascension to take place!!!!! We must awaken to the REALITY of who we are and where we are…………and that is in GOD. I see this almost as an impossibility with the set structures, systems and products of man’s intelligence.  Only God in “ways we know not of” will bring about the realization of this ascension, obviously starting from individuals and moving collectively. Since in Spirit there is no direction, up, down or side ways etc. the ascension is referring to a change or an understanding, or an awakening or an enlightment or awareness or a recognition of what IS………that is, GOD.  Unfortunately what has been presented to us as GOD is so mixed with religion and ritualistic beliefs that this seems to be the greatest obstacle of it all.

It has taken a complete death and aloneness within the crysalis to SEE and to know that an awakening is taking place and that it is on an increase as clarity and light increase more and more like the light that shines unto the perfect day, as well as KNOWING what soaring is all about…………….

Tolle has been of great help, not only his book but to listen to his “ministry” to others is rather interesting….

Walter Lanyon has been for me a must reading that has enabled a lot of mixture to be eliminated. I will upload the books…………….been trying for a while but other things have come up and have distracted me from doing it……….  Titles that have been key: “Out of the Clouds” – “It Is Wonderful” – “Ask” – “Temple Not Made With Hands” – “A Light Set Upon a Hill” – “The Impatient Dawn”.  And many more……………….They can be ordered through Denice Jutras or downloaded from the site if you prefer…………I will try to do it before I leave to Brazil this weekend………..

There is toooooooo much to say to answer your question………….this is a very, very brief answer………………..no words……………only KNOWING…………..and ALL KNOWING is YOU……………….





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