It Is Done

“FOLLOW ME.” At this stage of your ongoing it is “All or nothing.” Either you are going to “Follow ME,” or you are still carrying in your packer “burden” some man-made ideas, beliefs or organizations. You are told to cast your “burdens” on ME —the burden of accumulated beliefs which have crystallized and become hard and fast shells that bind you. The history of your case, the history of your race, creed, etc., all the mistakes you have made and regretted, and above all, all your desires which have been unfulfilled—these are your burden.

So in your present shell you are bound. That shell is not capable of expressing the dreams of your soul. It has not the capacity nor the ability to do so. These vile bodies, shapes, patterns, must be “changed,” if that glorious Power or idea is to be expressed in you. If you could express your desires in your present con­sciousness or pattern you would have done so long ago. But a reckoning shows that you have spent years trying to make them happen. You could not literally give your desires a body because you are “barren.” There is not the inherent capacity in your present consciousness to accomplish the necessary steps to al­low the new idea to come into manifestation. As a million volts of electricity cannot pass through a ten ­volt wire so the “Greater things than these shall ye do” cannot function in a consciousness which is set fast in the belief that these things are impossible.

“Follow me.” We have at least arrived at one point of understanding, which is that Jesus (the body-tem­ple), did find a way out of the hard-fast patterns and beliefs that bound Him. “Follow Me.” You begin to follow this design set by Jesus Christ back into the realm of the “It is Done.” You believe this, don’t you? It is so stated in the LAW. But, remember, any­thing that is stated in the LAW is not true so far as the human consciousness is concerned. It is all fool­ishness, because it sets aside and overturns every be­lief of the human consciousness, and in so many words destroys its kingdom.

The best weapon the human consciousness has against the divine is derision. It laughs at the thought or the idea that a thing could happen before it is pos­sible to happen, and it requires proof and demands that the shell of the egg be torn away in order to prove that the egg is changing form. Remembering this, we see the power of the SECRET doctrine, and why it is that you become as “dumb as an ox led to slaugh­ter,” so far as discussing or telling anything pertaining to your ongoing, or your understanding of the Word. Jesus once, in a moment or religious fervor, told things so high and mighty and so outside of the law that “they laughed him to scorn”—so you see what is necessary in order that the “It is done” state of things may come to pass.

The “It is done” consciousness is the pure recogni­tion of the Presence. It is entirely through with ap­pearances and does not look for a sign. It does not need a sign for it has the urge-feel that enables it to “Go in and possess the Land.” It is all done the mo­ment the acceptance is made. “Go in and possess the land,” the Consciousness of the New Idea. It is filled to the brim with a thrill that is pure bliss. No longer do you beg and beseech and wonder. Because of this recognition of the Presence, and the going unto your Father-consciousness, you are now at the point of go­ing in and possessing the land that your fathers, etc. It is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

You see now that the WORD of God, passing through the Father-consciousness to you, is “quick and powerful and sharper than a two-edged sword,” and it is this word which shall decree a thing and “it shall come to pass.” You are told to “speak the word,” but it says the “WORD”; it does not say the words of the “man whose breath is in his nostrils.” It is a hook-up with the WORD, the Logos, the ONLY—and this WORD is sure of fulfillment. It cannot be spoken until you perceive the capacity of your Father-within to contact the God Almighty Pres­ence, and thereby show forth the “It is done” state of things.

You are faced with a new deal. A lovely possibility of taking Jesus Christ at His WORD. His WORD IS THE WORD. Do you realize that it is because of “words” that we have had so much trouble? The fact that we have so many “words” about God instead of the WORD of God, is what makes all the confu­sion, and a thousand-and-one interpretations of theAll-Presence. It accounts for all the Towers of Babel that are constantly being erected. Everybody who is still working on the “thought” way of attaining heav­en is a builder of a Tower of Babel, because there is adiversity of opinions as to how it must be done; and after it gets piled high with word-bricks, the tower topples over onto the builders, and their many “tongues” cause such a jargon and fruitless confu­sion that the end is confounded misbelief.

“Gird up your loins” and arise into this NEW DAY, backed by the power and force of the Father­hood-consciousness which is yours, the moment you recognize that you have within you this Father, and that by reason of your contact with Him, you make the complete Trinity, and the manifestation which is “be­fore you ask,” comes into being. Yes, you shall “de­cree it and it shall come to pass.” Believest thou this? Believest thou that I AM able to do this unto you? Answer ME!

The healing of the temple (body) which you have sought so long can be made possible only when you perceive the “It-is-Done” state of consciousness. You can, no matter what the appearances are, accept yourdesire as “done” in consciousness. And the moment you come to that place you are nearing the thin parti­tion which separates the unmanifest from the mani­fest, and in the “twinkling of an eye” all is changed. Then you find yourself exclaiming, “Whereas before I was blind, now-NOW-NOW I can see,” and you praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.

All these lovely things are happening to you as this book is being written. You do not yet know that it exists, because it has never come into your line of vision. But all this already exists, even though there is but half a page of the unfinished manuscript. Yes, it is complete and done, and is being recorded for this very moment when your eyes shall rest upon it and your heart exclaim, “My God and My Lord!”

The “It is done” state of consciousness takes from you all fear about results. “Even though You slay me, yet will I say You are God.” Even if you slay me I will recognize the Presence and the Power. And the “It is done” state of consciousness “stands and sees the salvation of the Lord.” It is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

The “It is done” state of consciousness, brought about by recognition of the Trinity-unity, has no ap­prehension or anxiety. It does not look back, and it does not wonder how, where, or when, this holy thing will take place. Everything is released and the free­dom of mind gives the new idea an easy and natural means of expression. The more natural and simple it is, the more it is possible to you. The birth of a babe in primitive tribes takes place without much bother or attention. The mother performs all the obstetrics herself and is back about her work in a few hours. No one thinks anything about it other than that it is natural.

You remember what it takes to do all this? Do you believe? Can you put the seal of fire on your lips and SPEAK the WORD at the same time? You see that the Laws of God are past finding out by the human thought-taking consciousness, because it has nothing upon which to base its premise. It is hopelessly sunk. So what you are entering into is done, because you rec­ognize this New Day and are beginning to glimpse the Father within who is the point of Contact with the Universal Whole.


Walter C. Lanyon

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