Doves Eyes

As the song says, “no man is an island”. So we and our universe are inseparably connected one to another in a synergistic bond of “Oneness”.  It seems strange for the dualistic mind, insistent upon its “personal identity ” to first behold such a wonder, yet science itself, in its discovery of Quantum Physics and Mechanics confirms what poets and philosophers have been seeing for eons. As part of the revelation of Quantum physics, has come the discovery that the experimenter is not separate from his experiment.  Put another way, how an observers views the objects of observation, changes the object being observed.  This is one of the dynamics of this incredible inter-relatedness that fuses together the supposedly separate worlds of tangibility and thought. If I look at a situation in my life through the non-judgmental eyes of Love, my love beholding interacts with what is being beheld and discernibly affects it.  How many of us have been affected positively or negatively by the love or judgment respectively received. 

It is easy to see why the church, which has been trained in ignorance to play the role of Judge, continually finds itself unable to bring any meaningful change to the present world situation. It looks with disdain upon a world it calls “evil” and of course the world responds accordingly.  What would happen if we began in “our world” to look at situations and people with the understanding that as non-judging, love-immersing awareness, we are able to change that world by simply “seeing” it differently—from a place of NON-Judgment. The church sees its mission is to change the world. Unfortunately, its present inability to see the world though non-judgmental eyes keeps it impotent and irrelevant.  If people could be taught to see themselves through eyes of Love and not judgment, would they not be able to accept themselves.  It seems that this false-identity we could call “the judge” is a force that is loose in the world. Instead of being embodied in a personality called  Satan, he is actually alive in every mans ego or “me sense”.  That judge is busy seeing and interacting with the world creating mayhem after its own kind. The challenge begins in a very personal way with how we view our world around us.  Can I see my world with the eyes of Christ, who when confronted with the harshest judgment the world could muster, “looked” upon it and said “Father forgive them….they know not what they do”.  He said “Behold, see, I have overcome the world”.  We first overcome the world by seeing it through eyes that are not the eyes of a phantom identity judge, but with eyes that are the extensions of God’s awareness that we are…Awareness that can only “see” one way, with doves eyes.              

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