The Dream

I dreamed I was standing on a street corner, and saw a man struck down by a passing motor-car. I ran to him, and began wondering how I could best help him. For some time I went through the motions of ordinary emergency thinking. I called “Help,”and began lifting him up and examining the nature of his injury. All this time it seemed very real to me. I think I even suffered a little to see the pained expression on his face. People began to run towards us, and one of them said, “It is no use; he is past help.” Something in that phrase awakened me, so to speak – I remembered that I had the power to call upon the Lord, and have Him answer. “Call upon ME in the day of trouble, and I will answer you.”

I immediately “spoke the word,” but, instead of helping the man, I awakened myself. It had all been a dream, and of course there was no accident, nor injured man to assist, or to heal. All that was necessary was for me to awaken, and find that the whole picture had been a miasma of the human mind. I could not have done anything for the man I saw run down in my dream. There was no possibility of my helping him. It all seemed rather ridiculous, when I thought of it, that I should have tried to help a dream man who had been hit by a dream car, and who had sustained a dream accident – and yet, while I was gazing upon it all, it seemed real enough.

The interesting point to be considered was the fact that the moment I “REMEMBERED” my Father, at that instant, the manifestation of evil was revealed as non-existent. It had never existed anywhere but in my human thought. It called to mind the fact that the Prodigal, sitting in his filth, had only to remember his father to instantly make the dream, which had become so real to him, disappear.

When I thought over the dream and the awakening, I seemed to recall to mind that every time I had dreamed of trying to help anyone with the Truth, it had immediately awakened me. I presume we could say quite definitely that the application of the Truth had been eminently successful; that the spoken word had been fulfilled, since that which had seemed to be had been wiped out of the picture.

This process of AWAKENING to the REALITY of Being when we pray is what is promised by Jesus Christ. “Awake, thou that sleepest.” We are asleep when we accept the human dream as real, and we immediately “run to help,” and proceed, along material lines, to do what we can. True Prayer would simply awaken us to

the true state of Life, wherein evil does not exist. That is precisely what happened with the cripple at the Temple gate. A moment before, he was held fast by the dream of the human belief, and then he was awakened. This awakening we may chose to call healing; or we may like better to say it is “The Revelation,” since nothing happens, because that which is shown forth is too quick to happen. The human mind has not sufficient power or speed to function so rapidly. It appears suddenly, and the body that has been bound by the dream of years, instantly is freed into glorious power and health. The dream of forty years is no stronger than the dream of five moments. Because you had been caught in the web of human dream, and seemed to intensify it by trying to rid yourself of it, or by gazing upon it, does not argue one iota for its obstinacy, or its reality. “Call upon me, and I WILL answer.” I will without doubt.

Do you begin to see something? Do you begin to see that the man in the dream is not healed, but that the whole dream is wiped out of your mind by an actual awakening? Do you begin to see that we are not in the business of healing a reality called sickness, sin, or lack, but that we are in the process of REMEMBERING to CALL upon ME, and that this very remembrance does not change the dream, but actually eliminates it by revealing the reality of life? That is why it can happen in the “twinkling of an eye.” That is why it can come through into expression “by a way ye know not of.” Imagine a man crippled for forty years; imagine what a

physical change would have to take place to be able to see him, instantly in perfect, radiant health, running, leaping and praising God.

The moment we take our attention away from the appearance we place it on the Father, upon whom we are invited to CALL, with sure and certain success. The moment you call you will be awakened to the fact that there was nothing to be healed and you will perceive the Son of the Living God revealed in all His perfection. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Heaven and earth are full of the Lord. “Awake, thou that sleepest,” awake to the glorious truth that you are seeing the evil in a dream, and that you can best help the situation by calling upon this POWER and turning your attention away from the appearance.

Of course, many will say that this is just an illustration, but many will also arise and testify to the fact that they have actually had awakening from a consciousness dream, just as suddenly and as perfectly as the awakening from the dream of sleep. It is Wonderful!

Whatever of evil you are experiencing is the hypnosis of the dream, or belief, in a power apart from God, and it is the return to ONENESS which awakens you from your belief. A belief is all you could possibly get rid of. You surely cannot get rid of anything that is real, since the real is eternal and fadeth not away.

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My WORD shall remain for ever.” The heaven and earth that the human thought may have created out of its limited beliefs may pass away (in fact, you have a different idea of heaven now than you had as a child), but the glorious POWER of the WORD shall not pass away. It is eternally being fulfilled.

“God spake and it was done.” There is an air of finality about this. No question about the results. No one imagines that after God spake, some human belief spake, or put in an argument against the “God spake.” There is a consciousness that comes with it that is final, and makes you know that, no matter what man says, or argues, or tries to prove, when “God spake” it was done, and there is no further question about it. It is just this God spake idea that functions through us when we begin to accept the Power of God. “I will walk in you and talk in you.” What is meant by that? Does it mean that this “God spake” power is going to talk in you and not be all-powerful? Is your peevish little personality, with its negative beliefs about itself, going to interpose a word which will off-set the “God spake”? You answer that. What do you think? “God spake and it was done,” and there is no “maybe” about it. “Let there be light, and there was light.” This was before the appearance of sun or moon. All this beautiful symbology is given for the purpose of recognizing “that something” which goes beyond the human teaching and reasoning and causes you to experience the Power of this “God spake.” The Voice of God, ringing through the Universe, does not take dictation from man, whose findings are all wrong, and without foundation. No matter if these findings have functioned for a thousand years in a given way. Either God IS stronger than your belief about Him, or else He is nothing. “Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light”; and that is exactly what you do when you pray. You awake from the dismal belief in evil, either in yourself or another.

“My word shall not return unto Me void, but shall accomplish whereunto it is sent.” Do you hear the finality if this statement? It does not say perhaps or maybe, it distinctly states, “My WORD shall NOT return unto ME void, but SHALL accomplish whereunto it is sent.” And this is the Word of God, not the word of some teacher, lecturer, book, or organization. It is the “God spake” word, which is the light of Revelation, which reveals that the perfect creation of God is for ever intact. “Before ye call, I will answer.” It is all Wonderful! “Be still, and know that I AM God”; and then LET that mind be in you which functioned in the man Jesus, and the “God spake” will happen, in and through you. This word of God will awaken you from the dream of evil in your conscious world, just as, when you pray in your dream, it immediately awakens you to the truth about the situation.

It is glorious to know that the days of the hard taskmaster are over – that “NOW” [at this instant of recognition] are we the sons of God.” The hard taskmaster is the personality, with its beliefs in birth, family, nationality, education, breeding, etc. As long as you are identified with these limiting beliefs, you must take on the nature of them, and go down under them. “Call no man your father” does not make you an orphan, but it gives you freedom to recognize your true Parent, God. All the limitations you took on in the dream – that you were “born in sin and conceived in iniquity”; that you were a creation of the dust, and must return to it; and that you must gain your living by the sweat of your brow – give way before the Revelation of your true heritage as the Son of the Living God, Joint-heir with Jesus. It is Wonderful! Do you begin to see and feel the glorious awakening that is even now taking place within you?

“Awake, thou that sleepest and Christ shall give thee light.” Awake from the dead beliefs that have hypnotized you so long. Turn your attention away from the man in the dream and his supposed injuries, and “call upon ME and I will answer you.” It is glorious. “God spake” – and surely the Voice speaking through you, when you pray in this fashion, is the Voice of God.

Jesus recognized the dream state, and in one instance, when told of death, said, “The maid is not dead, but sleepeth. I go to awaken her” (awaken her to the reality of Life, awaken her from

the deaths of beliefs). “The dead shall hear My voice and arise.”

The God spake is the WORD which awakens man from the hypnosis of human beliefs, and brings him back into alignment with Life Eternal. “This IS life eternal, to know ME.” The Voice of God speaking through you will make the un-manifest manifest. “I AM the resurrection and the LIFE; though a man were dead, yet shall he live.” If a man were actually dead, in the sense that the human mind interprets the word (the end of all things), then could he be made alive?

The Voice of God, the (God spake and it was done) WORD, is spoken through the temple of your body. It brings the floods of light, and makes as naught the dreams of fear disease and death. It searches the joints and marrow, and goes into the hidden places. It is wonderful, the God spake WORD, speaking itself into expression by the power of awakening the sleeping senses. “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” The Glory of this “God spake” Word is risen upon you and has awakened you from the dream of human belief. In a twinkling the picture of evil disappears, disintegrates, and goes into nothingness.

“He watching over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.” The God spake” Voice in the midst of thee is never off duty, and is instantly available. “Cal upon Me in the day of trouble and I WILL answer.”


Walter C. Lanyon

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