“Enter into thy closet, and —shut thy door.” Michelangelo sometimes sat before a canvas days before he made a stroke upon it, and then it happened. The picture virtually painted itself, using his hands as a means of expression. Jesus said: “It is done” before it was started. This recognition took care of it all. We have endowed the body with intelligence so that it can destroy itself, while protesting violently about its suffering.

In all expressions of life, we find success at the place of complete relaxation. When the body is stilled and Mind is allowed to come through without taking thought, the perfect combination takes place. Marriage–that which God has joined together takes place and nothing can or will separate it. You do not need to think what you shall say — open your mouth and I will speak the words — “Take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour”—and so it is, when the complete surrender of the body, temple, is made to the Christ mind within. It is then that Jesus appears to be performing miracles, yet all that is happening is taking place through HIM, and not because of him. “I can of mine own self do nothing” – that is precisely the level man must enter when he makes the appropriation of the Christ Mind. The automatic action of the Christ will cause the Jesus to apparently perform miracles. He will set aside the laws of his world with impunity, without struggle or fight. He will walk through stone walls, and know why water cannot quench him nor flames bum; for the consciousness of that which is before both flame and water takes from the manifestation the supposed power. “I say to this man, Go, and he goeth: and to another, Come, and he cometh.” It is Authority of the ONE that accomplishes without effort.

Rousseau, the French philosopher, maintained that thinking is a disease — and intellect is a treacherous thing to be avoided. It all seems mere words until we see into what paths we have been lead by thinking. What, then, is it that functions over the mechanism of the body and produces such wonders? It is the Mind of God — which has picked up the power operating in human thinking and turned it free into revelation and majesty. What we call LIFE is actually God — the Presence functioning within us–and if we make the recognition of this Presence we see why he advised not to count the soldiers — and not to look to appearances for anything other than illusion. Matter becomes inert to the degree it lacks the infusion of Light. It thereby obstructs the free flow of the Light. Matter is perpetually dying – disintegrating and falling into its native dust to be reshapen — and unless it is held in place by consciousness, it disappears entirely. To be absent from the body and present with the Lord – is to become more and more unconscious of manifestation, and more conscious of Life which completely dominates and operates it.

Michelangelo said: “One paints not with the hands but with the mind.” This could be carried on farther until you can understand the action of the power of God through the temple to any degree necessary to complete the reign of harmony. To take from matter the intelligence is being absent from it — and it is then that the complete change takes place — the revelation is made of Life — and the Lazarus comes forth in all his perfection and beauty. Gradually, we leave the answer – we begin to see with GRACE that history as expressed by Rousseau, is “the art of choosing from among many lies, that one which most resembles the truth.” We try to find in the bushels of chaff some grain of truth — failing in this we reshapen the old worn-out material to suit the present concept of truth.

All the evils of life come from a belief in two – a consciousness of duality. The moment the stagnant air of a cave contacts the outside air, it is purified of all its extraneous matter. When man returns to the Father, he blends into LIFE and all the limitations of health disappear automatically. Any time you touch the ONE, you lose the duality that is causing all the trouble. No matter what its name, symptoms, or race consciousness belief-it is dissolved and that which caused it is reduced to nothingness. Do you see then what might have happened if Jesus had chosen to call forth the twelve legions of angels? He who persists in recognizing evil will do one of two things: he will go with it, or be destroyed by it.

“I can do all things through Christ.” Can you?


Walter C. Lanyon

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