Entering The Kingdom

“Go in and possess the land” is a command as necessary to fulfill as any of the others, and yet it gets side-tracked for the simple reason that no one apparently knows HOW to go in. The more questioning that takes place as to the how of the way of God, the more impossible it all becomes, for “No man knoweth–not even the son, but the Father.””My ways are past finding out”; “My ways are not your ways” ; and the inference that “As high above the earth as the Heavens, so are my ways above your ways.”

Trying to enter into HEAVEN (here and NOW), discovered by Jesus, and located within each one of us, by human thought processes is impossible. We are definitely told that nothing of any importance can be gained by taking thought. This is because thought has only to do with the limitations of the three­ dimensional plane, and is not of sufficient breadth to grasp the new dimension of the Christ Consciousness. Just what it was that caused the beggar to rise suddenly and manifest perfect health and power cannot be put into words, but it is the “something” or the”gesture ” which is the modus operandi of all manifestation.

When Jesus counseled, “Take no thought,” he did not mean that we were to become a race of morons. He hinted at something vastly superior to the old human reasoning of man which he described as”foolishness in the eyes of God.” Whether one can grasp this”something” which causes a person to suddenly “rise and walk” when he humanly cannot do it, thereby breaking every one of the established laws of the conscious thinking, is a test, or an acceptance, which must be handled by the individual. If perchance he suddenly “sees” just what it was that Jesus referred to when he insisted that the “im­possible” could be done by this Father within, he will move by the new revelation or the “feel” of the Presence. This, of course, has nothing to de with the idea that we just “fold our hands and wait,” and yet that is precisely what we do. We learn that “waiting on the Lord” may cause a tremen­dous activity to take place. It is past all human comprehension how the power can catapult a man into alignment with his Divine Destiny. All this seems to picture a sudden and terrible disturbance in the outer, but it may hardly be noticeable, so automatic its coming “as a thief in the night.” One day you will “open your eyes” and discover that you have gone in and possessed the land. It is wonderful, the “urge” of this new dimension of life. It is as automatic as the return of the rubber ball thrown vigorously against the stone wall. The whole reaction takes place in the gesture which does the throwing.

None of the commands of Jesus Christ can be carried out by the conscious thinking. For instance, what a fiasco it is to say to a man crippled for forty years, or born blind or deaf, “Arise and walk,” “Open your eyes,” “Open your ears”; and yet we are bidden to say just these things. You knew it cannot be accomplished by conscious thinking, for that has been going on for years. Who has not tried faithfully to rid himself of the fearsome manifestations of the human belief? What man born blind would not “open his eyes” if he could? But the promises of God are merely words, without any semblance of life or possible manifestation, unless they be entered into from the new dimension. Recognition gives us some faint idea of what takes place, and yet no word in the combined languages of man can speak the “unutterable naive” which releases the new capacity into being. What this “recognition” does is amazing, for it sets a new level of conscious­ness into action, and a new set of laws im­mediately goes into operation. “If ye be in the Spirit ye are no mere under the law.” The laws of what? The law of your own (not another’s or a race consciousness, but your own) conscious belief. You are imprisoned in the jail made by your own conscious thinking, and you are the jailer and the liberator. You are the jailer on the three-dimensional plane of reasoning “eye for an eye,” which is the epitome of conscious thinking, and you are the liberator in the God consciousness which is your heritage and which you lost when you left the Garden of Eden. It is wonderful when you begin to awaken, ever so slightly, to the NOWNESS of the Presence, and see that it cannot be moved by conscious thinking and cannot be influenced by the opinions or the historical data of mankind.

There is no history or tradition, however time-honoured, which can in any way stand in the face of this new consciousness. Im­mediately Jesus left the “Jesus of Nazareth” consciousness, wherein thinking of all sorts took place, good, bad, and indifferent, and entered the Father consciousness, a radical change took place. He suddenly disregarded all appearances and set in motion the new consciousness which dissolved the hard, fast pictures of a lifetime as easily as a snowball melts in a blast furnace. “In the twinkling of an eye”—“In a moment ye think not” —­it is so quick that no measure of the conscious thinking can grasp what can take place.

It is foolish to believe that you can telescope the time-space idea of relativity on the three-dimensional plane of conscious thinking. No one is asking that. No one who understands the law revealed by Jesus Christ will spend any more time trying to make something happen that could not happen, and yet that is exactly what apparently takes place.

When man understands what Jesus was teaching he begins to see that what takes place from this new consciousness is perfectly natural and normal, is in no way setting aside anything. The pure Spirit of the Christ flowing into expression may cause a perfect stream of manifestations to take place which the unenlightened man calls demonstrations, but it will simply be the natural functioning of the law. A fig-tree brings forth figs because it is its nature—it is not setting aside anything. So is it with the law of God: it brings forth the fruits of Spirit and hence is not “over­coming” some pygmy law of the conscious thinking.

When Peter walked on the water, he was not setting aside a law with his apparent levitation. He was functioning from a place where no gravity existed. The moment he returned to his “thinking” he found it was impossible—never had been done and never could be done—and he began to take on weight, and to sink into the level of the three­-dimensional consciousness. He learned that “taking thought” was adding the only weight and gravity there was, and was the one thing which kept the glorious desires out of fulfillment.

The more you think about your problem the less chance there is of its solution. You sustain it, and keep it in place by conscious thought.All evil is a parasite, and is sus­tained by the conscious mind. There is no panacea for the human ills in the plane of the “thinking” man, for each manifestation is slightly different and sustained by an entirely individualistic line of thought. Break the though team and the manifestation disappears, as has been so often recorded in the various reports of great emotional stresses. Of course, these events are always charged off as the result of a great emotional urge ; the point to be considered is that that which could not happen by any possible means did take place, which once and for always proves the “wisdom of man” to be foolishness in the eyes of God. It is difficult to understand the “way of this new dimension.” We have endless indications of its existence, and know­ledge of the fact that, the moment you recognize it, and turn your attention from the manifestation, harmony ensues, and this can be in such an unexpected way that no power of description will tell of it.

The more we ” work ” on problems the less is the possibility of deleting them, and yet it seems the only natural thing to do. It requires a great deal of integrity to turn your attention from the outside and adore and worship the invisible power ; to come to the point of full recognition that ” it is, done ” before anything appears on the outside ;but that is the path to this new consciousness to which Jesus points the way.

We have all tried for years to “pour in” this new consciousness and have failed, just as we have had the silly idea of “emptying out” the consciousness. Both of these tricks are just the conscious thinking roaming about in the plane of imagination. Emptying out is a foolish pastime. Jesus says, “Leave ALL, follow ME,” and this means to leave it all. The Magdalene was some forty years sunk in sin and evil; the Lot family were in pretty deeply too; and so were a dozen other illus­trations of old cases. It was so utterly wiped out with the breaking of the thought that the Magdalene was not even recognized immedi­ately afterwards.When the thought was broken in her consciousness, all the evidence of her evil and the history of her case fell into the dust of oblivion. It was hard for her best friends or enemies to know her: “Is this the Magdalene?” “Is this Jesus the car­penter?” We are not working with a corrective power. This is the new revelation, the new day, the new birth; it has nothing to do with the “curing,” “forgiving,” in the old,orthodox sense of the word. The former idea was to present yourself as a”cured being.”  This holding on to the old patterns which were lately true to you, and going over the design year after year, setting up God as an opposition power, has resulted in many people returning to the former patterns. I have found persons who years later have returned to the thing which they had considered their big “demonstration,” and which they had repeated so often during the years that it again became more real than the Power of God, and hence came back into manifestation again.

We are telling you of the new day, the entering into the new birth which the various people did who followed “ME,” who left all the former ideas set forth by the “man whose breath is in his nostrils.”

It is wonderful when you begin to glimpse that which takes place when you follow the simple teaching of Jesus Christ, and come out from among the shadows of human teaching. You begin to move by a new dimension from within, and let the manifestation take care of itself. “I have a way ye know not of “is sufficient to bridge the gap between the “asking” (acceptance), and the “receiving” of the manifestation. When the old idea of overcoming evil is abrogated, the true sense of”coming over” it all by the new law of the Presence is established. That very reasoning which you find true and good to-day will be thrown into the dump-heap of the untrue to­morrow. It is so shifting and changing that it has not a leg to stand upon, but grows like a spongy mass of substance to the conscious­ness of anyone who will sustain it by thinking about it, and giving it power.

The “Come to ME” has such a deep and sacred significance that it almost causes one to “kneel” mentally when one thinks of the sudden power of the new dimension. Just think what took place in the consciousness of a man who under the law of gravity suddenly found it perfectly natural to “walk on the water.” It is so deep and so mystical that it thrills one, even to contemplate the wonders that are prepared for us when we are willing to lay aside the filthy rags of human thinking and believing, and are ready to “arise.”

All this lovely, deep mysticism which can be understood and put into practice by the child-consciousness must be cloaked in the deepest secrecy if it is to come forth. Ever mindful of the fact that we are to”tell no man—but show John,” we place the coal of fire upon our lips and go deep into the Pres­ence. Gradually we find that we are secretly telling the Presence something. That is, we are beginning to recognize the possibility of it all by a serene acceptance of the state of consciousness expressed by Jesus, when he said, “Thank you, Father. I knew that this was already done.”

There being no words to convey the idea of the new dimension, it will have to be gathered by that which is not said, rather than by that which is. It will have to be “taken” from the “feel,” and, when it can be done this way, the end of all worry, disease, and fear is in sight for you.”Magnify the Lord” — “Praise His holy name [nature]” — “Heaven and earth are full of THEE.” What is this THEE? It is wonderful! Wonderful! Won­derful!

Pause, and give thanks that the revelation has come through to you. The scales are even at this instant dropping from your eyes and the Heavens here and now are coming into visibility. Deeply singing in your soul is the nature of the new birth.

“Come to ME.” Do you begin to sense what is necessary? What a sudden uncon­scious leaving of all the appearances, beliefs, and opinions, and a “rising” to the height of this Permanent Identity!

As the sap flows up through the apple-tree and results in bushels of apples, so might we liken the recognition of the Inner Power. The apples are thrown off as a natural result of the upward flow of the sap.There is nothing strange about it. The moment the sap starts upward, manifestations begin to appear and progress steadily until they have fulfilled the end and aim of the urge. This whole illustration might be used to convey what takes place when we become one with LIFE instead of trying to use life. The results of Life are seen in the various limitations of the relative place of thinking. We cannot see Life, but we can see the manifestation of it in perfect health. Health is natural and at no time a separate thing from life. The health we see is but a limitation of life or the symbol of an abstract idea. Trying to demonstrate health in the old sense of the word shows a complete disregard for the command of the Master,”Consider the lilies of the field, HOW they grow.” The HOW of the manifestation has been entirely overlooked by the man whose breath has been in his nostrils, and who sees only the outside of the manifestation and mistakes it for reality. He grabs at this, and, without the sustaining power within, it in­stantly consumes the manifestation and can­not “findME ” in the desert of his seeking. “Ye seek ME after the loaves and fishes—and not because of the MIRACLE.” How often Jesus tried, to train the attention of man away from the manifestation and back on to the Power, but the hypnotized conscious thinking cannot believe in anything unless it can handle it with its hands and examine it under the microscope of reason. Life, in whatever manner viewed, must have a mani­festation. Jesus knew this, and he wasted no time looking to the”how and why” of the manifestation, but went directly to the point of considering the power within it all.

The old metaphysical idea of trying to make financial demonstrations by training a God Power down upon a human problem has been all shot to pieces. It has failed utterly, and has brought many people to the place of desperation. Once you understand what Jesus was doing when he went unto his Father, you will understand that the symbol of prosperity will make itself seen whenever you are one with the Father, and will con­tinue to flow through into manifestation as long as the attention is kept fixed on that Power.

All symbols have a human measure, hence each person brings out a different amount of money when he thinks of riches. The Power is the same but the degree and quality of it all is individual.

If it were possible to speed the sight up to such a point that we could see the action of life in a plant, we might be able to see the sap start in the ground and suddenly gush forth through the tree, throwing apples in all directions. The moment the recognition of the Power takes place, the action is all ready to cover the ground in the “twinkling” of an eye, if it can be so accepted.

“You say it is four months till the harvest?” You say that because on the plane of relativity that is the truth; it has been so long proven that there is no question of the authenticity of your statement. And it is actually the truth; there is no argument about it. It is silly to say that it is not so, on that plane. Just the same as it is ridiculous to say to a sick man, “There is nothing the matter with you,” if you are talking from the plane of the relative. “I say, Look again,” and it is necessary to fully realize just what the “I” referred to is. What is the Power which is able to look through such a hard and fast institution as “time-space” and bring the harvest before the seed? It is the same thing which sets aside or replaces forty years of paralysis, or prostitution, or evil, or limita­tion, with perfection. It is past finding out, and past all understanding, and cannot be put under the microscope of the human reasoning.

The moment you try to dissect the body to determine what life is, even though that body he manifesting perfect health, you immedi­ately lose the whole thing—manifestation and life and all; so is it with the Power of God in all the departments of life. The moment you begin to look for the cause or the action of God, you find yourself in the desert of human belief, which becomes intensely real, and you are confronted by the horrible knowledge that you cannot find “me.” Alone in the desert of the human thought and manifestation, you are back in the entanglement which says, “Curse God and die.” What is there to the whole thing?It is nothing but talk. So it is on the relative plane. Remember that the ways of God are also foolishness in the eyes of man—just as the reverse is true.

“Do not try to put new wine in old bottles ” —do you hear? You must have a new embodiment in order to function from the new height.The new embodiment is not necessarily a complete and actual change of the outside, but it is a reach in consciousness which acts naturally from the new level, instead of trying to reach up into the un­known.

Too long have you been worshipping at the throne of the Unknown God–and ignorantly worshipping. The attempt to USE this power shows a hopeless state of misunderstanding.

Who are you or anybody else to try to USE God? What do you imagine the universe would be like if, because you babbled, or shrieked a few words to God, He would change His whole plan and bend down to comply with your puny wishes, which later on you would tire of, and cast aside? Answer me. Do you begin to see that prayer is for the alignment of man with God to see what is to take place, not by force or power, but by the Spirit? “Not by might, nor by power, but by MY Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts.” Everything that is accomplished in the new day shall be by MY Spirit, which so far transcends anything that the force or power of the human consciousness can imagine, that it is absurd to make a comparison. “One with this power, then, is a majority,” and you begin to see the reason why. It does not make any difference what anybody thinks or what time-honoured ideas he has accepted as unalterable. It is all changed the moment you conceive this new dimension.

Pretty soon the idea of working out your own destiny, or changing your destiny, is replaced by the fulfilment of the Divine Destiny. “I came not to destroy, but to fulfill.” The Life of this Christ power within you came to fulfill its destiny and to reveal to you things which the”eyes have not seen nor the ears heard, and which have not yet entered into the heart of man.” It is wonder­ful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Give not that which is holy unto dogs ” —Do not “cast your pearls before swine” ­is the warning given to you about talking of the new dimension. Talking to one who believes in all the laws of the conscious thinking is like running into a buzz saw. You cannot prove anything you say, for there is no “proving” of the power just to satisfy the curiosity of the human consciousness swollen with its intellection and strung heavy with degrees, and self-opinionated to a point of symbolizing the proverbial”hog on ice.”

You cannot at any time “prove ” the law to ” see ” if it will work. It will not work—for the glass darkly will interpret anything that does happen in terms of relative law, and if it cannot handle it from this point it will say it is in the plane of imagination or hypnotism.

As you begin to “see” the new day dawn­ing over YOUR universe, you will keep very still and watch for the full risen Lord to appear.You will not disturb the sleeping “Roman soldier” who guards the tomb. He will flee of his own accord, as will the human intellection and disbelief when the Christ has come into manifestation.

Then will you hear the command, “Here­tofore you have asked for nothing; NOW ask, that your joy might be full.” Seems almost a contradiction to the former idea of “no proof.” It is, as far as words are concerned. It is dust in the eyes of the wise, and the prudent gasp for breath at the apparent inconsistencies in the Revelation. Yet there is not a single contradiction, misstatement, or untruth in the whole, teaching of Jesus Christ.

“Prove me and see” is only a statement of the capacity of the new consciousness. It might be prefaced with, “If it ever becomes necessary “—then “Prove me and see.” Yes, it is a different proof, for this time it is to open windows in Heaven—in your own consciousness—and “pour out a blessing you cannot receive.” Why cannot you receive it? Be­cause it is so much more munificent and so much more lavish than the tiny measure of the conscious thinking can grasp. The measure you have been holding up is over­flowing when you begin to move from this new dimension of Life. It is wonderful! Wonder­ful! Wonderful!

“Rejoice and be exceeding glad.” Have you ever felt that way?—not because you have made a so-called demonstration, but because you are alive in the Spirit of the Presence, and cannot help feeling this mag­nificent revelation sweeping through your being. “Arise and shine, for thy light is come,” has such a glorious ring to it that it lifts you to heights undreamed of. Nothing matters but the recognition of this Presence­” He careth for you “and a thousand and one other reassurances come alive with such a fire and vigour that youth returns to you like the eagle, and the new day suddenly dawns out of the sodden mists of conscious thinking.

You cannot use God. You cannot control Him. You cannot make Him do your personal bidding. And yet you can see the Power passing into an endless stream of manifestation the moment you are moving with the Power. That which has been un­natural heretofore will become the most natural thing in the world—the abundance of all things and the glorious fulfillment of the revelation of Jesus. “I came that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.” Do you hear, you, you who read this line? That is the reason why Jesus Christ came into the world—that you—yes, you—might have life more abundantly; and what does it mean to have life more abundantly but to be possessed of all the things you have sought so long as unnatural demonstrations?

What does “more abundantly” mean to you? It has a different meaning to every individual. There is no interpretation which will fit every man, for it is the measure that you can conceive of as possible. No wonder Jesus counseled, “Enlarge the borders of your tent”—” Launchout into deeper waters.” Do you begin to see that the measure of receiving must be increased as the recogni­tion of this abundance comes to light? “I came” for the express purpose” that ye might have LIFE,and that ye might have it more abundantly.” But most people want the things of life instead of Life, which holds them all, and which throws them into mani­festation as the proverbial apple-tree casts bushels of apples about, or as the wheat field suddenly comes into full ripeness. So hidden and yet so on the surface is this new revelation that one is startled as if from a sudden dream at the glorious possibilities perceived by Jesus Christ.

The “How they grow” of the lilies is the contemplation of the power, and our attention is called to the fact that they “toil not, they spin not, nor gather into barns”—and yet great Solomon, called all-wisest, was not arrayed like one of these. Do you begin to see why the consideration is brought to the “how “? It is so natural and normal, andthe production of the sheaf of lilies is natural and normal and is in no way a demonstration of some unnatural power. Most demonstra­tions are considered supernatural, and con­sequently cannot take place often, and, as I said before, most of them are so gone over that the old pattern comes back with renewed vengeance gathered by constantly retracing it.

“The former things shall pass away—they shall not be remembered nor come into mind any more,” is the law. They shall not be remembered because the consciousness of the Presence into which you have entered becomes so real that the illusion of your belief has been completely disintegrated and destroyed.

Anything that will take your attention away from your problem will restore harmony in your being for the time at least. Job turned his hateful captivity by merely taking his attention away from himself for an instant and recognizing God in another. It didn’t make any difference where the recognition took place. It was necessary that it occur, that his attention be broken from the thing he called problem.

Amazing as this seems, it is entirely in keep­ing with the teaching of Jesus, and the more you are “absent from the embodiment, and present with the Lord,” the more you will see the steady and natural flow of the unexpected gifts of God pour into your lap. It is wonder­ful. It is past all finding out and past all reasoning, the “love of God you-ward ” yet you would not. You would not dare to take this glorious promise—this glorious revelation—and make it your own.

Prayer has been so wrapped about with superstition that it is virtually useless. It has been completely emasculated by the fashioning of words and the desire for impres­sing God with rhetorical and dramatic effects. It all seems ridiculous when you think of God being talked to by a little man, composing pretty poems and words, as if to please an old vain fellow who liked to have his occasional good deeds mentioned in public. This system makes it rather difficult for the deaf mute if it be necessary. “Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give THEE Light.” Do you believe in your Inner Lord sufficiently to allow this Light to come into manifestation? “If you deny ME, I shall also deny you.” How much longer will you deny the Presence of the mind which was also in Christ Jesus? Answer me. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Answer me. Or do you want the opinions and beliefs of some teacher, book, or school whichsays, This is the way, and then proceeds to go the way of human organization, and offers you all sorts of limitations and restrictions and calls it “for your protection”? Who said you have to be protected? And who are your protectors? Bring them out, every one of them, to the merciless white light of truth and you will find a sickly crew of over-fat human minds gorging themselves on your credulity.

“Little children, let no man deceive you.” If you have decided to follow no man, then you will not be deceived. If you are following the Lord within, and coming in contact with God through the Jesus Christ consciousness, then you will not be deceived; you will find the Light.

The moment you look within for the Light, and begin to trust this Inner Lord, and recognize the Father, of which Jesus spoke so often, then the answer can come through the temple of man, and anyone may answer or anyone may act as the temple of manifestation for you. Your point is to come to the place of recognizing that within you is the”mind which was also in Christ Jesus “and to trust it, and let the works take place in the way or after the appointing of God. It is wonderful that the moment you see that you are depend­ent on no man, and can get nothing from him, either harm or help, then everything turns to help you. Then every man is a potential temple to help carry out the pattern of God. Just as you are likewise a temple of mani­festation for, many others, some of whom you will never know and will never hear from. The “temple of God is with men” for a purpose.

There is a lovely awakening taking place, an awakening from a terrible nightmare of human planning, striving, and fighting for life. The hard task of “praying” inter­mittently, trying to persuade God to do something that He apparently does not want to do, gives place to the glorious, light-filled spaces of the renewed consciousness. The “praying without ceasing” is the steady recognition of God, here, there, and every­where.

“Thus far and no farther,” and the waves of personality beat on the shores in vain, trying to engulf you into listening to some pygmy mind trapping worshippers through the method of fear or secret doctrine. Nothing that belongs to you can be kept from you. No revelation that is for your progress can be withheld from you. All you have to do to learn the secret is to “take it”—accept it within your Christ consciousness, and then let the outside manifestation entirely alone. Yet a swollen personality dangles a bit of brightly coloured tinsel before your eyes and you imagine that “he or she” has some special power, and do not realize that any­thing you see in these manifestations is alive and activated purely by your belief in it. Snap the thread and see them crash to earth, a heap of corruption from which they must extricate themselves as best they can. We are in the last days as far as the individual is concerned. The Power is not mocked, and one who knows this will put to flight a thou­sand personalities with secret, copyrighted,and special dispensational teachings. Do you hear? Are you through with the heathen­ish worship of personalities, no matter how grand, affected, recommended, or filled with proofs? You have the proof always with you;and, though they may seem to duplicate the works of God through their cunning minds, and for a time produce results which will baffle the ignorant, yet, as in the case of the prophet, the Serpent of the Lord shall devour the other serpents. Everything shall be submerged before this Power. “Every knee shall bend”—and that “every” means every little personality set upon a throne of self-power. Do you believe?

Have you been told by a teacher or a group, “If you leave me you will meet with diffi­culties”? How horrible! I know it is done, perhaps only with subtle inferences, for hundreds have come heavy with this fear. Do you know what it means to suddenly call the Power of God into such a situation? The moment you align yourself with the Presence and LET the government be upon His shoulders, at that minute all “other” govern­ments go to smash, and how they smash! Do you know of any little woman or man or organization that has more power —than God?Answer me. Do you know of any of them who claim this, at the same time attributing all the power to God? “Stand fast” and see the revelation of Power. That is all that is necessary, and then all the concocted devils and hells of the modern world crumple up and disappear without your “working against” them. Is God the ONLY Power, or do you believe in a power made to hide the shortcomings of a human personality? Answer me. Is God all, or is there another? Answer ME—youwho read this line. Let us have done with this traffic in the temple of God. Open wide the doors of your consciousness and let the “winds of God” blow through the temple of your being and sweep out all these little adulterers of His word.

Remembering that “one with God is a majority” is enough to finish the false power which sets itself up against this Truth, no matter what its name. One with God destroys the appearances of the most loath­some disease. Why should it not utterly wipe out the consciousness which is trying to instill fear in the minds of men?

Who are you? “Who did hinder ye that ye should not obey the truth?” Answer me.

Gradually you begin to see that the dimen­sion of God is not concerned with the “over­coming,” but with revelation. Yet it does say,”Overcome evil with good.” It says many things which need deep understanding. When you realize that there are no words adequate to express this new revelation you will see why the use of a word in two dia­metrically opposite senses takes place. The place of consciousness to which Jesus retired is where he made his full acceptance. Acknow­ledgement is within the grasp of every man, and the moment he retires to this point in consciousness he will begin to experiencenatural results instead of demonstrated impossibilities. Man, or manifestation, is for the purpose of God’s expression, which follows quite naturally when He is in control.

You say that God is always in control, and you are right. You only have to recognize this, and stop trying to control the govern­ment, to find complete and perfect harmony restored.

“Go in and possess the land” carries all the possibilities of fulfillment, if you “go” in the way of God’s appointing. In the simple command, “Go,” is all that is necessary to make this possible, if you can make the gesture without questioning, without trying to change things on the outside.

“Go in and possess the land.” Now you know that it is possible, and you are entering into your heritage.

“Heaven and earth are filled with thee.” It is wonderful! Wonderful!Wonderful!


Walter C. Lanyon

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