The Evidence

Nothing is lost because it disappears any more than anything is lost when the reflection in a mirror is no more. Nothing was given by the reflector, regardless of the number of reflections cast by it. The minute the reflector is taken away, all the images pass from view, because they have nothing upon which to sustain themselves. No invisible means of support in themselves.

So with money. The moment the consciousness of substance is taken away, money disappears or becomes worthless — yet if all the money in the world were destroyed, not one jot or title of SUBSTANCE would be lost. Immediately a new symbol would appear — the value of which would be affixed by the human mind. Again, consciousness and manifestation are one.

We glimpse the infinitude of God, and how it is that the things prepared for us are but states of consciousness into which we enter and find them functioning automatically. The moment this takes place, we discover it has always been — and automatically all that belongs on that level of light is ours for the accepting. Not the grabbing or thedemonstration, but the accepting. To whatever level we are lifted in consciousness, we experience every bit of manifestation on that level. “Not by might, nor by power — but by MY SPIRIT.”

You enter consciousness at the same time it enters you and automatically you become it. Having absorbed the substance of consciousness, it is incorporated within you as surely as a chick consumes the last vestige of the egg from which it is hatched and breaks the shell. From one “mansion” to another — finally you approximate the inner seeing of which Jesus made such good use. The gaze ceases to be outward and turns within to the eternal realities of your being. These are the pictures that are projected on the screen.

Mr. Kellogg, the famous Bird Man, had the power gained through his early association with the American Indians to make an inaudible sound seven octaves higher than any man is capable of hearing. This was not in the form of exhalation of the breath — but rather a sudden and shortintake of air. He then performed this intake, and instantly a row of candles at the end of the hall, a distance of fifty feet, snuffed out. He could not explain the “breath” as he called it — but had so many uses of it that were strange to man. Turning on the ignition in my car, he made the inaudible sound and turned the motor over without stepping on the starter. His reputation has been so well established in America, it needs no argument to substantiate it. You are inbreathed by the Breath of Life, or are you?

The wonder of the intake is it links itself into the “breathing into” instead of out of. “The Lord God breathed into his nostrils the breath of Life: and man became a living soul.” The breath entering from the God Consciousness is what made the soul ALIVE. A word so inbreathed with theinaudible sound becomes the “still small voice” of POWER which accomplished where the shouting voice of so-called “Truth” is naught but sounding brass and tinkling cymbals.

Suddenly, you appropriate this capacity and see the wonders it performs when you accept a state of consciousness instead of trying to create it, by taking thought.

Can you then “BE STILL” and let go of the thrashing about with words, systems, affirmations — and recognize that henceforth YOU, yes, you ARE THE TRUTH? Everything that emanates from this recognition is sure of fulfillment. The WORD OF GOD, being Spirit, cannot return unto you void — it SHALL accomplish. It is wonderful! John saw a NEW HEAVEN descending out of the clouds of human thought, appearing before him with all its beauty — and so will you.

All the wonderful laws given by Jesus came to life when inbreathedwith pure recognition and have a body through which to function. In the twinkling of an eye all shall be changed, because the new vision sees through the mystification of human thought, however time honored and established. You have the inaudible breath of God and utter the unutterable word (for those who have ears). “Heretofore ye have asked for nothing” because you asked for everything. You thought asking was a form of begging or trying to influence God to do your bidding. Remember you are inbreathed; — you are a LIVING SOUL. The paralyzed hand can neither take nor give, as far as physical action is concerned — neither can the human consciousness of evil and good take anything of God.

Touching the CONSCIOUSNESS causes the symbolical world in which you have been day—dreaming all these years to take on reality — and you, with John, see A NEW HEAVEN, and hence a NEW EARTH appears. You are through with repetitious words with “aphorisms uncoiling like serpents,” getting nowhere.


Walter C. Lanyon

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