The Fountain

The Fountain at the end of the garden walk retains its shape and form — though the water is constantly changing as you walk toward it. As long as the power is on, the shape remains intact; — the moment the power is turned off, water becomes a shapeless mass ready to take any form introduced into it. So it is with the substance of consciousness — until there is a shape and form, it is void — nothingness, and remains that way until it is shapened again by the matrix.

Electricity flows endlessly through wires into manifestation of a thousand denominations, yet remains always electricity — and man watches over the powerhouse while the manifestation flows endlessly into expression. All illustrations are worthless — meaningless when it comes to actually moving into the consciousness known as the “mind which was also in Christ Jesus.” When one begins to perceive this, he will also begin to arrive at the point of manifestation. But the human thought, hypnotized by thousands of aeons of belief in ancestor teaching and ideas, has the cart before the horse, and spends all its effort and time trying to “demonstrate Truth” — instead of recognizing consciousness. When you have the consciousness of a given thing, the manifestation will take place endlessly; — no matter how often it is wiped out — the consciousness will replace it with the ease that you “replace” the reflection in a mirror. You can break a mirror, but that does not destroy anything but the reflection, and never that which causes the reflection; likewise it is with consciousness — the moment you discover this, the manifestation will FOLLOW.

It is stated in the Law the “signs follow, they do not precede” — yet the Adam man, having imagined he could create, proceeds to work from the without in. He studies and works with man-made ideas or systems; all of which are founded on the teaching of Jesus Christ — but putting them through a human concept of it, he gets everything backward, so he naturally spends his time trying to make manifestations which he calls demonstrations or answers to treatments or prayers. Once he is concerned with consciousness, the signs will follow, and in my (name) NATURE shall he cast out the devils of limited human belief. By doing this, the hard, fast condensation of thought will be wiped out of the Temple — BODY and it shall be filled with LIGHT which will operate perfectly the body-temple and cause a man to KNOW LIFE, and eventually LIFE eternal — as he KNOWS ME. “This is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God.” — and only as man stops trying to “demonstrate God” will he be able to see Him in the Flesh. “YET in my flesh shall I See God” — for I shall recognize Him as the natural and real instead of the demonstrated power of human thought.

Gradually, the ease with which it is accomplished will put to flight all the intellectual hunting in the archives of human wisdom — and he, too, will BELIEVE. You do not think it strange that a child — knowing nothing about life — accepts what it is told by the parent, and by doing just this without question, produces a Santa Claus; — the illustration is again absurd, but the ease with which it is done was what Jesus was referring to when He said: “Whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.” Ignorant, as far as human intellection is concerned, unable to carry on an elaborate reasoning system, but able to accept without question. If you must become as a little child, why bother further with what a man has to say on how to demonstrate?

All illustrations in the Bible are of the most drastic design. Nothing can be more devastating to cloth than the burning sun and sands of the desert, and this was the test that was made. As long as anything is submerged in the ocean, it partakes of the quality of the ocean — and in like manner as long as you are “submerged” in God and are conscious of it, you partake of the quality of Spirit which is neither young nor old, but it is the glorious freshness and aliveness of God.

When Croesus, the richest of men, grew weary for other worlds to conquer, even as Alexander did, he looked toward Cyprus and Persia. Being a superstitious man, he consulted the oracle of Apollo at Delphi and was told: If he crossed the Halys Mountains, he would destroy a great empire — which he did — never dreaming it would be his Empire.

He had heard what he wanted to hear — not what was said; and so is it with the words of Jesus Christ — they are twisted to suit the desire of man. Definitely it says: “and whatsoever ye shall ask in my name that will I do “but nothing happens until it is heard; that complete assumption of the Mind of Christ Jesus is made. Until this mind is operative in man, he will do nothing other than that he finds in the limitations of his personality. The attempt to demonstrate things without consciousness is like trying to produce electricity without the knowledge of it. No wonder the instructions of prayer are so brief and have nothing to do with thinking. “When ye pray, believe” — you can get no farther than this, and until it is done, no answer will be revealed because what you have in consciousness you have in manifestation. It falls out automatically and without effort — even as the reflection appears on any surface, without effort.

Pindar, the Creek poet of 400 B.C., is asked if Excellence could be learned, to which he replied it was impossible; that it was discovered as an inborn glory, a state of consciousness, and that he who tried to learn it was a “twilight man wavering in spirit.”

We see the attempts to pattern after Jesus — in spite of the fact he warns against it by saying: “Why callest thou me good?” He wished no imitators, knowing the infinite variety of God and His manifestation, and He likewise knew that all of this could and would stem from the consciousness of the Christ within. First, then, it is necessary that this Christ mind which we are told is within us, must be recognized instead of being a strange, foreign thing resident only in Jesus. As this is recognized, we begin to hear through the words — and finally we hear the WORD which is the substance of all words, no matter in what language and eternally changeless in meaning and action.

“For whosoever hath, to him shall be given,” is only a natural automatic action of consciousness and not a demonstration, and to him who hath not consciousness — or recognition of his own Christ Self — it shall be taken away, for he has nothing with which to retain it. Therefore, leave the old, dead teaching of the ancestors who believed they could implore and beg God to change his mind. Nothing changes but the degree of your acceptance of that which you are saying with your lips.

The inheritance incorruptible is the Christ within you awaiting recognition. You might just as well try to be unbaptized, as one of Voltaire’s characters threatens to do, as to imagine you can deny the Christ actually.

Do you like the idea of “inborn glory”?


Walter C. Lanyon

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