Fulfilled Promises

“THE open Fount is free to all. God’s promises are kept.” So runs the hymn. Do you believe it? Do you believe the promises of God are kept? If you say “yes,” you are automatically saying that you are in Heaven, Here and Now. If you say “yes,” you are admitting that you have abundant health, wealth, and happiness, and you are saying, with the full import of the words, ” It is Wonderful ! “

When man awakens from the illusion that the Voice of God must be accompanied by a strange manifestation, he will perceive that the voice of every man is the Voice of God. He will begin to know that God speaks through everybody and everything, and that God’s promises are kept.When you recognize the Voice of God within a promise you will also recognize that the promise will be fulfilled, no matter who the person is who makes it ; he may be one notorious for failing to keep his word, but, even though he never kept a promise in his life, the promise made to you will be fulfilled. God will supply an embodi­ment, and a way for it to come into expres­sion. When you have accepted the promise, the way and means of its coming into expres­sion are merely incidental. ” I have a way that ye know not of.” I AM the WAY, and the manner of that Wayexpressing Itself is quite simple and natural to this Unseen Power.

No wonder, then, that the command, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel” —“Provide neither gold nor silver . . . nor scrip for your journey,” when understood fulfils itself without difficulty. The Unseen Power—the “Way that ye know not of”­ — goes before you and makes straight the way —“I go before you”—yes, you, the very person who is reading. It is not a person who has promised to go before you and make straight the way, but the Power, which may express Itself through a hundred bodies and bring out the promise to you. Are you afraid to trust this Power?

A thousand references back up this state­ment, but you can prove it for yourself. “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of these, ye have done it unto Me.” “When saw we ye naked and did not minister unto thee?” The interesting Revelation is that we are beginning to differentiate between the Power and the instrument through which It expresses. The Voice of God is speaking to you. It is thrilling to know that the pro­mises are kept and that this Voice is con­stantly speaking to you. Even ” if you make your bed in Hell [a consciousness of torment], I AM there,” and when you realize that you will be able to come out without the smell of fire on your garments, you will have sud­denly come to the point of Recognition of The Presence-you are under ” grace,” there­fore the laws of the belief world, and all ugly experiences, fall away.

Once the promise is made, that promise is final. That promise cannot fail ! There aye thousands of people who have started out to follow the Master and have failed, but the promises still stand ready to be fulfilled. It is Wonderful! The promises have never failed.”

Do you hear? “Not one single promise has failed “-man may have failed, and may have fallen by the way because he pinned his faith to some other man for the fulfillment of the promise, but the promises still stand and are just as ready to be fulfilled Now as then. It is Wonderful!The promises have not failed —not any of them—not any of the promises have failed. Do you hear, you who read this line ? Aren’t you glad, glad, glad? I AM.

As with the promise of man, so with the promise of God. For it is the Voice of God Who makes the promise through man. When God promised Moses, ‘ I will give you this land, flowing with milk and honey,’ apparently, this was not true to Moses.

“But is was true, and is true. The `Land flowing with milk and honey,’ when it was recog­nized as a state of consciousness which was promised, and accepted from this standpoint, would have expressed itself in a land abounding in every good and glorious gift of God. Re­member, then, that the Land flowing with milk and honey is a state of consciousness where you can go and be freed from every want and lack,every limitation and adverse condition, and where you can escape the hard taskmaster, where you can rest in the fullness of joy. It is Wonderful!”

The accepted promise of the Land flowing with milk and honey enables you to pass from depression into expression. It is Wonderful!God’s promises are kept. No matter through what channel they come. You may be the avenue, through which some of these promises are made, and you may fail; but the one who has accepted a promise as coming from God will see it fulfilled, if he does not look to you for fulfillment. And you? What of you who make and break contracts with nonchal­ance? You will find that you live in a uni­verse of broken promises, and, when you go to claim some of the promises of God which you read of, they will be as nothing but words, because you have proven them to be idle words. God’s promises are kept. Do you hear, you who read this line You can see that “there is a rest for the people of God.”

The promises of God are just as operative to-day as they were in ancient times. Many a man has made me a promise as an individual, and failed to fulfill it himself, but the promise has always been fulfilled, and God has supplied the body to fulfill that promise. The promise must be made manifest in the flesh, when once it is given and accepted. I discern the prin­ciple that is back of the person. It is not the man nor the person that counts; it is the Impersonal Life that counts. Then and there you come to the realization that the promise will and must be fulfilled.The word of God is true, it faileth not, nor fadeth away. Therefore you may look diligently to the results or the fulfillment of the promise.”

Judging from appearances, it may seem absolutely impossible for a person to be able to fulfill a promise made to you; if you accept the appearances you may form a faulty judg­ment and find that failure follows disregard for the Law of God.

And so the wonderful Revelation goes on. Man seeks out the promises and begins to receive their fulfillment. The new dimension is coming to pass, and the former things are passing away.

“I did not know you were lecturing, I had no programme nor word.How do you expect me to come if I do not know there are lectures being given? “And yet the promise of God and the instruction to “Let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus” bespeaks a power which knows what is going on with­out the usual struggling, and the usual out­side ways and means. ” I saw you under the fig-tree.” The Mind of God is here, there, and everywhere, and has the capacity to know when It is accepted. So “claim your right and press your claim.” God’s promises are kept surely, so you are beginning to break away from the hard human law of going through many roundabout ways of finding the Christ, and are receiving the Inspiration of the Almighty, and the fulfillment of the promises. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Aren’t you glad? I AM.

If you recognize yourself as the Child of the Living God, it is your business to hear your Father’s Voice when He is speaking anything that concerns you. This sounds vague to the relative reasoning, but that is simply because it comes under the law of “My sheep hear My voice.”

Do you begin to “see” a little that we are stepping out of the old ruts of human belief, and are “claiming our rights and pressing our claim” a little more—a little more into the next dimension of attainment? We think nothing of the Radio and its wonderful mani­festation—voices are all about us and yet we do not hear them, but we could if we wanted to. We know how it can be done. While this is a poor illustration of the God-Power, yet it will make it easier to understand how it is that the invisible and inaudible can be seen and heard. It is Wonderful! “Heaven and earth are full of Thee.”

“I have a way that YE [the human reason­ing] know not of.” The way of expression of this Power. The way the promises are fulfilled-a way that seems mysterious and weird to many, but which becomes natural and normal to the person who is accepting the promises as made by God instead of by man.

When I enter a shop and buy something, I am assured and promised by the shop-assistant that it shall be delivered to me; having accepted this promise and abandoned myself to his word, I go out into the world.Perhaps that particular shop-assistant is not in the employ of that firm the next morning, and yet I receive my purchase. I am not inter­ested or concerned as to who delivers it. I do not bother with such details; I have received the fulfilled promise. So is it with God’s promises. They are fulfilled in the way of His appointing; it makes no difference who delivers them into the final manifestation. The main thing is that the decree is fulfilled and brought into manifestation. Do you begin to see the height and breadth and depth and majesty of this Power? Do you begin to understand how it is that ” My ways are not your ways, nor your ways My ways, for My ways are as high above your ways as the heavens are above the earth “.? So what is the use of arguing about the “Ways and means “of fulfilling the promises. ” Claim your rights and press your claim.”

So therefore I say unto you, You promised to go all the way with ME. You are the loser if you do not go all the way. It is impossible for ME to lose anything.”

Many of us promise to go all the way with this ME—but fail to bring the promise into manifestation, because we either look to some avenue or channel for the expression, or say, ” Well, the person who made the promise failed “—we have misplaced the power. We may even go so far as to release a person from his promise, but that does not release the promise. The promise will find a body to express through. It is Wonderful!

Every promise, every vow, that you make, there is something to stand back of it. When you recognize this truth, you will not try to hold matter, and personality, the individual person, to anything they do not want to do or fulfill. When the promise is made, the Spirit of Truth will take care of the fulfillment. There is security, and every promise is fully secured, just as bank­notes are fully secured by gold, and, even if the notes were destroyed, the security remains un­touched and unmoved.So the security back of every promise stands. It is fully secured, in­sured, assured, and protected. I cannot lose anything if you make Me a promise.”

It is wonderful that the promise of the Land flowing with milk and honey is being fulfilled in you, and that your consciousness of the abundance of the fullness of God is coming into manifestation. The Land flowing with milk and honey is the land in which the abundance of the fullness of God is made manifest: your land-your consciousness-your world flowing with milk and honey, with the substance of God made manifest. God’s promises are kept -“Claim your rights and press your claim.”


Walter C. Lanyon

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