Glorify Thou Me II

“AND Now, Father, glorify thou me with Thine own self, with the glory I had with Thee before the world was.”

This is the prayer that brings the answer, “Be thou glorified,” for “whatsoever you ask in this nature, that give I unto thee.” And this asking to be glori­fied with the glory that was already yours before the beginning of the John Smith (Jesus) world is merely the appropriating of the gift of God. You were cre­ated in His image and likeness, and have a body whichwas not made by hands but which is eternal in the heavens (consciousness) and cannot fade away.

The recognition of this indestructible body which is eternal in the heavens-consciousness is the means of bringing to pass manifestations which are indeed under the caption of “miraculous” to human thought.

When Jesus Christ asked for the glory that was His, before He descended into the thought-made body of Jesus, he was not asking for something that was im­possible, but was merely appropriating through the WORD that which belong to Him, and that which would enable Him to transcend all laws of matter and belief.

“Glorify thou me with the glory I had with thee before the world was”-before you became lost in the human belief of race, creed, family, etc., etc. In the pristine beauty of Soul you stand forth, and the “picture shown to you on the Mount” is “made flesh” in manifestation. Eventually the transfiguration will take place, for this Light is even now fast breaking in your consciousness, and the veil is being rent asunder.

Again the word comes—whenever you become con­scious o f this changeless creation o f God you cause it to come into visibility to the degree you have accepted it as possible. If your degree of recognition is small and slow the healing is small and slow, but if you suddenly “enter into the Father’s house,” then the whole thing is changed, the hopeless situation sud­denly wiped out, and the picture you have conceived of the finished mystery comes to the surface of visibility.

This perfect creation, which you have been seek­ing through years of human expression and “through the glass darkly” of human thinking, is moving in his sphere of perfect success and happiness. He is constantly fulfilling the divine destiny of you, and any moment you move in accord with this, your “tem­ple not made with hands,” at that instant you pick up life at the same point of success and happiness, no matter how badly you may seem to be qualified for such.

Do you begin to see the necessity of “be still and know that I AM God?” Not a man-created god who is filled with human limitations, but God the Omni­potent and Source of everything. Unto this God do you “pray-take.”

“Come boldly to the throne of grace” if you ex­pect to attain the degree of revelation which you have been seeking. It must be seen as possible now, and accepted as easy and natural, and, finally, the assump­tion is made, and the “glory that was yours before the world was” you now recognize as yours, and in a trice you are functioning therein. In a moment that you “think not,” you begin to experience dimensions ofconsciousness of whose existence you never before dreamed. If it is necessary for you literally to smite the rock and make it bring forth waters, you will do so. Or will you? You cannot do it by “takingthought.” You can do it only if you can.

A lovely serene sense of glory causes you to ascend to the new level which draws everything unto you. You are lifted to the place of substance which auto­matically produces money. The LOVE of money has gone from you, and that being the root of all evil, you go free—into plenty. No human though or affirma­tion can make this so. Thousands have tried to make money, to increase money or to demonstrate it through affirmations; but they have failed, in spite of their elaborate courses in “how it is done.” Money, substance or whatever you choose to call it, is the solidification of what you call Power. It is neither good nor bad, it is merely a convenience. It is simpler, on the gross, dense, human-thinking plane, to give a bit of matter, which in reality has no stability at all, than it is to give substance.

And so, in whatsoever country (consciousness) you enter you abide there and “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”—in other words, if it is mon­ey you need you must have money and not a symboli­cal thing called supply. And it is only when you can look this situation straight in the face that you see how you have been playing hide-and-seek with God, thinking it was more spiritual to ask for “supply” than to speak of money. It is true that sometimes it may come in another form, but it will always come in the form you can best employ to keep your kingdom of Heaven—manifestation.

This perfect creation is not troubled with supply or money. It is self-sufficient. Substance, stepped down to the plane of matter, expresses the intangible substance, in money or in whatever is necessary to manifest harmony. Money has no value as such.

Can you believe the invitation, “Heretofore you have asked for nothing—NOW ask that your joy may be full?” Is it possible for you to ASK now, and have it include all the former asking, plus substance in away you have never dreamed of? “Heretofore you have asked for nothing.” The little bit you wanted to pay your room rent, the mortgage or the dress bill is nothing—that is, nothing, because it is so stepped-down and so limited. “NOW ask that your joy may be full.” And suddenly the heavens open, and the blessing that descends upon you is of such a capacity you cannot receive it. It is so much more than you ever dreamed of—the Presence everywhere that sud­denly becomes real and tangible; and you are given the measure pressed down, shaken together and run­ning over. Running over with substance. It is too good to be true. That is why it is true.

All the invitations of God can be accepted by you, and you alone, through this recognition. They cannot be accepted by thought, and so when you are “in­vited” to do anything, presently you will understand that you are “invited” because you can do that thing or because you can partake of the substance. “O taste and see that the Lord is good”—taste this precious revelation and see that you are no longer the out­cast, the prodigal, struggling in a far-off country (thought), but are suddenly again in your father’s house, beloved and partaking of the fatted calf.

It is through recognition of the Presence, here, there, everywhere, that you become conscious of an urge, a demand, a swift-moving desire, and follow­ing this through, you magically make the few or many moves necessary to crystallize this desire into mani­festation. No man knows how—it is only that you have learned to accept the invitation. “He shall give you the desires of YOUR heart.” Who is HE and where is HE and whose desires will He give you? Come close to ME. You are beginning to “feel” this presence and are ascending into the place of the Father Within, who will give you the desires of YOUR heart.

The desires of your heart are not limited and formed by any person, organization or group of in­dividuals. “He shall give you the desires of YOUR heart”—that is, if you can take them. Do not grab them, do not snatch at them, just take them, accept them. The GIFT which is yours, is yours; no one can take it from you. It is awaiting the acceptance only. It does not have to be created or made by you and an­other. It is already there, the Gift you are asking with the heart-brain. Really, you have asked for nothing, heretofore, because you have asked with the head-­reasoning brain, and nothing but imagination has followed this asking.

You have asked and had not, because you were greedily looking on the loaves and fishes as substance, instead of pondering the miracle that made them pos­sible. So you finally decided that after all Jesus was just a man, and all he offered was words. And so it will be, again and again, until you HEAR the WORD of Jesus Christ and “go thou and do likewise” be­cause you now experience something that feel-says “Yes, Lord—yes, Lord, I believe.” And from that moment the desires of your heart begin to come through into manifestation. It is so filled with won­der that you are carried away into the place of the Most High to sit a brief moment in breathless adora­tion of the miracle within yourself.

“Prove Me and see if I will not open windows in Heaven, and pour out a blessing you shall not be able to receive.” But do not try to prove ME—PROVE ME—go on! It is another invitation from Spirit. It is another way of befuddling the human thought which has been trying to prove the Lord through the way of human thinking for years. It is another invi­tation which you can either accept or again “try” to accept. In some strange and unexpected way, what you accept comes to pass because it is possible. The barrier of impossible is dropped when you enter the God-consciousness of which Jesus speaks, for it is stated and established that “all things are possible to God” and in another place “I can do all things through Jesus Christ” — but nothing through Jesus. The combination of body and soul is so essential for the purpose of stepping-down Spirit into visibility through matter, which thus becomes “flesh” —the Flesh that has experienced God.

Driving you on and one with the scourge of past failure is the invitation “Go thou and do likewise” which to you becomes a command you cannot fulfill, because there is nothing in the detached human con­sciousness that can do the works of God —it can scarcely accomplish the works of its own life. It is a difficult thing for this consciousness even to make its living by the sweat of its brow, let alone “take” the riches of Heaven for nothing. Yet this command, which has goaded you on and through one vale after another, finally becomes the gentlest of requests—with such a deep assurance that it is possible that you arise, and go, and do, and be, and have, and take, and give. “No good gift will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.” This walking uprightly is walking with the Father, and no gift is then withheld. Then you begin to understand what righteousness is. It is perfect alignment with the Father within, in orderthat the works can be done through you and stepped down into visibility, given a body.

Every good and every perfect gift shall descend from the Father in Heaven. The Father in another’s heaven will not “descend” gifts to you. That is the mistake the thought-taking consciousness has made. It is constantly looking for a gift or help from man, and is willing to ingratiate itself at the least sign of such. It will fawn on the giver as long as the gift is forthcoming, and then turn and rend the moment it is taken away. Eventually, in your ongoing, there are no human gifts forthcoming, and if there are to be any more for you they will have to come direct from the Father in heaven. The Father in your own con­sciousness, He who is willing and ready to give you the desires of your heart. But you will not. Why? Because you do not BELIEVE this, and it is impossi­ble for you to believe, because you are judging the Father by human limitations.

Yes, the gifts are to come down from the Father in Heaven—in whom is “no variableness neither shad­ow of turning.” There is no chance of this Power not wanting to give you the gift when you approach the throne of grace with the boldness of accepting that which is offered you. There is no variableness, neith­er shadow of turning. Nothing is going to happen at the last minute to make Him change His Mind. It is wonderful.

“Come eat, drink, be clothed”—invitations made to you and to all mankind. To the leper, the harlot, the sinner, the critic, the gossip—yea, even to that lowest of human manifestations, the malicious scan­dalmonger (everything shall go into the kingdom be­fore that one) —yet this invitation is to such also—if it is possible to accept. It offers everything, a free and full salvation. Eat, not after the manner of an­other, but after the desire of your heart. Drink of the living waters of Life and be clothed with the gar­ments of Light so that they may be stepped down into the garments that satisfy you on the plane of mani­festation.

Can you go within and shut your door and per­form all the works of the day in peace and heavenly joy? Will you be fed with Spirit and quenched with Spirit and clothed with Spirit? All these are in the realm of the unseen, but shortly they become so real to you that you do not bother to see whether or not they have materialized when you come from out the “closet.” But be assured they will, once you have realized them spiritually. So do you write your play, or dig your ditch, or sing your song, or heal yourself, or open your eyes, etc. You do all this in Spirit and itcomes to pass. How? No man knows, but it takes place. Not to prove that God can do it, but to prove God as God. Do you begin to see or hear or sense what is written unto you this day? Revelation—reve­lation so filled with joy and freedom for you and for those with whom you come in contact!

Dare you accept the invitations of God? Can you do it? Can you take it? Is it too good to be true? The more you think of it, the more you decide that it just cannot happen, and it then does not happen. Dare you to enter into the Presence and perform the works set before you and contemplate this Power and mag­nify it, and pay no attention to the manifestation? Dare you do this? You have a desire to be embodied, and all you have to do to bring this about is to per­form it in the Spirit by pure recognition that it is al­ready finished and done, and you are but contemplat­ing the Power which has given it to you “before you asked.” You are accepting the gift in spirit, and it will presently come into the realm of manifestation by the way of God and not by the will-power of man.

“Come unto ME, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” I will give you rest from the burden of human-thinking and fear.

Invitations—“Arise and walk” to the crippled beg­gar of the Temple. Can he do it? Can you? “Come forth” to the dead man, whose body has fallen to pieces. Was there any thought-apparatus left in a decomposed body? Did Lazarus have anything left with which to think? What is your judgment? And if he could think with a decomposed mind or brain why didn’t he get up and come out, of himself? Yet at the invitation “Lazarus come forth,” he arose and came forth, for “I have power to pick it up and lay it down” (life), and so have you, and so, manifestly, had Jesus. We are beginning to sense the Power of Jesus Christ and it is just this recognition that is en­abling us to come forth and LET the Light of revela­tion shine from us. I will speak through you, and walk through you, and work and play, and sing and dance through you. All these wonderful things will I do through you. Make way for Spirit and all hu­man thinking must give way, for Spirit to come into manifestation.

“Acquaint now thyself with HIM and be at peace, thereby all good shall come unto thee.”

Acquaint NOW thyself with this Father within, and be at peace and you shall see perfection of Life manifested everywhere. Yea, you shall be glorified with the same glory you had with God before the world was—Selah!


Walter C. Lanyon 


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