The Glory of God

“AND THE Glory of THE LORD filled the House.” (Consciousness) And the Glory of the Lord filled the earth —the heavens declare it and the earth showeth forth HIS Handiwork.

What is this strange, apparently evanescent quality of God called “GLORY”? It has become so involved with theological interpretations as to mean nothing more than an abstract sense of Light.

Glory is a fourth dimensional word. It cannot be defined any more than ”Lo” or “Behold”. Therefore it cannot be understood by the human mind.

“The Earth is the Lord’s and the FULLness thereof”. The earth (allmanifestation) is the actual body of God, through which He makes Himself manifest and felt.

We are told that everything shall praise His Holy Name (nature), — and that “all flesh shall see it together”. How can man see God, since he is also told “No man shall see God and live”? The man referred to is the Adam creation hypnotized to a belief in separation.

When once he discovers the revelation of Jesus Christ, that he came for but ONE purpose, — and that, to “GLORIFY GOD” (not himself), he will understand his mission in Life. He will experience a strange, subtle change coming into his life, — one so filled with new dimensions, so filled with wonder as to open a thousand, thousand doors before him into places which “his eyes have not seen, nor his ears heard”, and show to him things that have already been prepared, which have never entered his heart.

“For men to seek their own glory, is not GLORY”.

We have all been attempting to seek our Glory through the “demonstration” of health, wealth, success, — but if we have succeeded to any degree, these have eventually turned to “dust” because they had no base upon which to rest and because we knew not that all manifestation begins to disappear the moment it appears, in order that it can be kept fresh and new by the constant stream of GLORY which is passing through the Temple Body, — when once recognized.

What a wonderful relaxation and peace comes with the recognition of the Truth that your body is only for the purpose of expressing the Glory of the Lord. It is the condenser, as it were, through which the unseen Power of God naturally flows into expression, without mental or physical effort. This recognition vitiates and nullifies all human law, science and belief. There is no battle, no struggle, — only immediate, automatic Victory.

GLORY is a power which has no comparison, cannot be pitted— against, — nor can it be used to combat human thinking. It in no wise overcomes difficulties through struggle, effort or super-mental strength any more than the Sun uses force in its evaporation of dew. Nothing is lost, — but all is changed, transmuted, transformed. The violent onslaught of your “evil” is transmuted into avenues of accomplishment, without struggle, without loss. The determined thought pattern of failure which has been so successful in bringing out failure, is turned into success, — -and the success it had in failure, it now has in success or accomplishment.

Many truth seekers have repeated the success formulae in reverse, after this fashion: “I try, — -I read, — I pray, — I meditate, — and yetnothing happens.” The amazing part of it is how successful the power they accept is in bringing about “nothing happens”. It comes without effort and apparently against the strongest fight which may be put up against it. It is effortless in manifestation. It is “successful failure”

What is wrong, when we want so much the things promised and remain without them? The Law does not work two ways. In fact, it does not WORK, — it does not toil any more than do the lilies of the field. All this and more is revealed to you when you glimpse that JESUS and YOU came to express the GLORY of the LORD, — not the glorification or the glamorization of John Smith. The Glory of the Lord does glorify you in a way far surpassing the glory of man, — because it is not transient and fading, but ETERNAL, — and because it has ways and means “ye know not of” in human thought.

“The people of God are a peculiar people”. The people of the Adam creation and belief are more or less a string of paper dolls, all torn out of one newspaper, — and it might depend upon what part of the paper you were torn from.

* * *

One thing we have discovered is that we cannot stand against the vengeance of the Lord. Yet the vengeance of the Lord is only terrible to the evil human thought pattern. In reality, it is the LOVE of God moving out of your world that which is false. The Spirit that goes down into the subconscious pool of human thinking, stirs it and causes the accumulated filth to pass off so that the fresh water from hidden springs can clarify the well of Salvation.

Many times you have earnestly called for this Love of God, but when it comes with “sword in hand”, you hug the tatters of personal beliefs about you and have a problem which cannot be accounted for.

“Despise not the chastenings of the Lord”. You asked for it when you asked for LIGHT, — only now that it is attempting to come in, you are afrighted and want to return unto Egypt. You cannot take it, because no one is going to “save your darling from the flames”.

The Legend of the Phoenix Bird plunging into the Holy Fires and burning his accumulated beliefs of age, decrepitude, fear and all else, arising from the ashes anew and afresh, may be painful to contemplate, — BUT he comes out transformed and “without the Smell of Fire on his garments”.

This may sound as though you were to go through some ugly trial. However, the only trial is the letting go of your Soddom and Gomorrah. But, — don’t look back, — or else !

There stands in Southern France a lovely Roman Temple. The day was when it was used for worship, — a place of Light and Beauty. Years of belief passed over it and finally it came out labeled a “Feed Store”. Bales of hay rested against its Corinthian pillars and buckets of grain cluttered the erstwhile altar. Gaudy signs defaced the purity of its walls and the heckling of money-changing went on within. John Smith and Jane Jones had scratched their initials on its steps, hoping for some degree of immortality. And then, — one day renaissance came, — a recognition of its beauty. It was reclaimed and restored to the fair proportions of its true self. Today no vandal would dare desecrate its sacred beauty. “Glorify thou me with the Glory I had with thee before the beginning of the world”, — whether it be John Smith or the Feed Store.

Yes, you were created that the GLORY of the Lord might be revealed, — so that the LIFE of God might be established in a never-ending stream of glorious manifestation through YOU. The recognition of God as LIFE manifests as health and life more abundant, — not as some niggling demonstration of a healed body, — but GLORIOUS WELL-BEING. And so, too, with wealth and success.

Away then with all the buzzing chatter about demonstrations and ideas that you can direct this glorious Power to make it do your personal bidding. You were SENT—and for a definite purpose, — a purpose so much greater than the dreams of the human mind.

Your body is the Temple of the LIVING God —and GLORY pulsates through it, carrying away all the mist-I-fications of human thought. Yourbody, the TEMPLE of the Living God, — the point where the invisible Glory becomes the VISIBLE Glory.

“Therefore, whatsoever ye do, do all to the GLORY of God”. Let us be finished with the idea that we can of ourselves heal or help or save. When we do ALL to the GLORY of God, we will heal because we cannot do anything else, — and not because we want to. Anything that touches this consciousness, whether he be sinner or saint, will automatically be healed, in spite of the human mind. Then who are you, to imagine that you can of your own self do anything?

The Glory of the Lord is upon you, — and in you, — and through you, — and you SPEAK the WORD that accomplishes, — and you are not burdened with a long list of healings “you” have made.

Beloved, it is all so wonderful when you sense this fact that you came as Jesus came, — “that the GLORY of the Lord should be revealed”. Then what do you care about ephemeral fame, the fleeting egotism that goes with the making of yourself into a demi-god with strange powers. “Of mine own self I can do nothing”. But ah! What a wonderful truth bursts upon you, — “I can do all things through Christ Jesus”. Is ALL enough?

Are you afraid to come to ME? You have asked for so much you did not get because you wanted to consume it on the self-glorification of your little personality. But NOW, yes now, you are going to ASK that your JOY might be FULL, pressed down and running over.

Touching this truth that your body is the condenser of this unseen Glory, the old criticism, envy, hatred is released. “What is that to thee?” will do it. Just this glory pouring through you, — healing the sick, raising the dead, without human effort. You cannot help it, — nor can you hinder it. It is beautiful, — sacred, — holy, and… !

“The glory of man is as the flower of the field”. The GLORY of God is ETERNAL ! Then “Choose ye this day”


Walter C. Lanyon

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