The God Within You

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The involuntary action in your body is God within you in action. The Voluntary action is largely engendered by thought.

As long as the body is controlled by involuntary action it is harmonious, and largely out of mind. The moment the voluntary action of thought takes over, evil begins to appear.

If, for instance, the thought imagines it sees a snake and takes over, the entire organism is affected. If the fear is great enough it will kill the body through fear thus engendered.

Human thought or voluntary action could not have brought forth an Immaculate Conception. The moment the idea, which is of God is touched by thought it disappears.

“Since My (God’s) ways are past finding out,” the less thought that is given to the involuntary functioning of this power, the better. “To be absent from the body and present with the Lord” is suggested as the formula for perfect health.

The blending then with the Lord within, the magnifying of this in consciousness, free from thought, the “feeling” after ME — instead of “thinking” after Me, is the Key to all healing. The moment you become one with this automatic involuntary Power within a patient the thought (voluntary) pictures begin to disintegrate — no matter what their origin or intensity. Nothing can stand in the way of this recognized God within, for that is the Life force, the Point where it is actually in manifestation. To recognize this as an already established thing, will cause it to “enlarge the borders of its tent” to a degree which will absorb the supposed action of thought. Healing is only a matter of recognizing Christ as actually within. Nothing can defeat this Power once recognized, even death can be made to disappear.

There is no way of transforming yourself, which you are told to do, by the conscious thought. A slight betterment may take place but it is negligible, but “by the renewing of your Mind” (consciousness of the Christ within) one begins to see Light.

The Christ within — then is the actual LIFE of man — the literal existence of him — and it is already in manifestation, even though it appears to be functioning in a definite evil way. It is the eternal identity of man, and cannot be destroyed, that is why you are told to “raise the dead.” You are only raising a “dead” thought.

Suffering from mal-adjustments and internal bodily trouble, the path of freedom lies within the recognition of this automatic, involuntary Power already there. The dropping of everything from thought and the entering into this recognition, will right the condition with the speed commensurate to your recognition — and rising from a sick bed you will be able to say with authority “I am Well” — and mean it.

This automatic Power within you knows everything and can do everything but the moment the voluntary thought gets hold of you it claps you into a prison house of limitation. Even in the “thought” praying it finally becomes exhausted and cannot give the perpetual adoration — the “Pray without ceasing” it is commanded to do but falls of sheer exhaustion. But when you enter into the LIFE within you automatically pray without ceasing, for it is a constant flood of praise and recognition of the Presence.

You begin to see then that man has no “health” of itself — he has a consciousness of life which manifests in a degree of health necessary to carry out the instructions of this involuntary Power within. This Power within, this Christ, is the point of contact with the unseen, the place where the invisible is stepped down to manifestation. “The Kingdom of heaven has come nigh unto you” and the keys of healing have been actually placed in your hands. It is well!


Walter C. Lanyon

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