The Golden Instant

“Thou art NOW the Blessed of the Lord !”

THIS is the HOUR — the COSMIC HOUR! THIS is the TIME! NOW is the day! “NOW are we the SONS OF GOD!”

That which we call time becomes timeless — and is defined rightly as NOW. NOW is eternity. Space becomes spaceless — and is the HERE —infinity — without beginning or ending. Eternity is substance.

In the consciousness that we “were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God,” we have the HERE-NOW — the real interpretation of time and space.

“Without father, without mother,

without descent,

Having neither beginning of days,

nor end of life;


Caught in the belief that we were “born of woman” we accept timeand space as realities — and our good is pushed from the HERE to thethere of belief, and from the NOW to then. All this time element passes away and is remembered no more in your consciousness of Jesus Christ.

“But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing,

That one day is with the Lord as a thousand years,

And a thousand years as one day.”

When we understand this timeless, spaceless Consciousness, we can and do hear the WORDS of Jesus as he spoke them in Jerusalem — because the inspiration of HIS WORD is always HERE and NOW, when weare awake. “Lo, I AM with you always.”

When you accept the consciousness of Jesus Christ which is beyond the time-space manifestation, you experience the HERE-NOW of Life and find that which is real, which casts its light even unto the ends of the earth — even unto the ends of human belief.

When Jesus went unto the Father, he entered the place of No-Thought. What good would it have been to have taken thought with Him? What could have been accomplished by taking this thought of lack into the presence of Substance?

What good is it for you to take your “findings” (your problem) into the Silence? Better enter in and be saved. You discover in this place of Inner Peace, the Substance of LIFE. In the contemplation, you will see it come into manifestation, filling every empty vessel. It is WONDERFUL ! “Heaven and earth are full of Thee.”

“I will lead them in paths that they have not known;

I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight.

These things will I do unto them,

And not forsake them.”

God must be experienced — not demonstrated. At this point of the Father Consciousness, the conceptual power is activated — and the formation of the body of the new idea takes place. It is all completed in the NOW and the HERE. Jesus perceived the idea in the MIND OF GOD — and by recognition, released it into manifestation. Leaving all appearances, and returning “unto my Father,” unto a point beyond appearances, the tangled skeins of human designs are straightened and perfect manifestation follows as a natural consequence.

You are told to “acquaint NOW thyself with HIM, and be at peace.” Acquaint now thyself with that which is beyond the place of thought and problem, and be at peace “Thereby (all) good shall come unto thee.” ALL is enough, isn’t it?

Are YOU going over “THERE” in human thought to some Master, teacher, leader, or even unto the High Himalayas, or are you going to STAYHERE with ME?

Smashing the pictures of ancestral teaching, we let go of the three hateful “fates” of Greek Mythology — those sisters who wove, measured, and cut off the life of man with impunity. Man is IMMORTAL — without beginning or ending — ETERNAL; hence the measure of the human thought is not the measure of man.

Can you by digging at the roots of a tree discover the fruit? Where is it? You cannot see it, and yet you believe in the integrity of nature. From the invisible, a miracle is stepped down to a point of human comprehension in the time-space. Why should it be so amazing, that when this element of time-space is comprehended as HERE-NOW, the instantaneous manifestation appears?

Jesus stepped up the human consciousness to a point of the finished thing. He did not do anything — but reveal that which is beyond the time-space of thought.

The human intellection appears to make the action of God impossible — yet Jesus insists that a child can do it. The adult cannot because he adulterates everything he thinks of. He muddies the virginal stream of Spirit, and hence the picture cannot be reflected into the realm of matter: — that is, cannot be objectified.

It is recorded, “If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.”Never is a long time. The meaning of keep has nothing to do with keepingor holding, as in the illustration of the ten talents. It is certainly not retiring into a desert place of meditation. Many people run away from life and imagine they are spiritually retreating into a sanctuary. Jesus Christ lived and operated IN the world. Do not run away from Life. A man in a prison cell can be reasonably sure he will not be run over by an auto, but thekeeping of which He speaks is akin to the binding in heaven.

“And I will give unto thee the keys of

the Kingdom of Heaven:

And whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth

shall be bound in heaven:

And whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth

shall be loosed in heaven.”

That which you keep you have assumed as such, a natural state. The form and shape of the Word is released into manifestation. When a man shall lose his life, when he shall let go or release the WORD he is to keep, then he shall find LIFE. When he withholds it, in the human sense, he shall certainly lose it, for he has confined it into the narrow limits of human thought. Human life is confined within the parenthesis of sickness and health. Both of these bulwarks of human belief must give way before the free-flowing LIFE which searches the joints and the marrow. This becomes anatural experience. When you lose your (personal sense of) Life, you shall find it. The drop of water filled with all uncleanness merges into the sea; you have no more health, but Life.

Without provocation man can lose all of his power, health and substance. His lines of defense are brushed aside as naught. The financial world is convulsed periodically by a change in values — yet nothing actually takes place. There is never any increase or devaluation in God. It can only take place in the mind of man, in a “far country” where bits of paper and metal are regarded as substance. The same symbols become worthless even as he offers them as the fruits of his labor and a means of exchange.

Do you understand NOW what happens to you when you enter the elevation of the Christ consciousness — when you are through demonstrating it? “None of these things (appearances) move ME.” No man-made reports of findings change anything but your thought about them. The human mind is a Liar and the father of it. Everything, and that means all it says, is a Lie. Everything — that includes your problem. Do you hear?

The Rock of Gibraltar would not be affected by a handful of confetti being thrown at it. You, the CHRIST OF GOD, can lose no sense of substance when once you are cognizant of your true identity. The Secret Keys are given to you by the Master. The confetti of human thought will blow away.

Nothing ever happens to SUBSTANCE — regardless. There is no shortage in God — ever — only in the mind of man. Beyond thought, is something greater. There is a higher law which causes the “increase” to take place. Substance becomes a degree of observation — the place or point in mind where man has “watched” the “one hour” and perceived the miracle, which he can by thought neither show forth or put into words — but which is THERE and becomes HERE when it is necessary.

“In returning and rest shall ye be saved;

in quietness and in confidence shall be

your Strength.”

As your human consciousness, the consciousness that you are separate from God, is merged into the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS in which Jesus operated, then indeed is “mortality … swallowed up of LIFE” — and you are no longer under the curse of the law.

Yes, gradually you merge into the consciousness in which Jesus operated. The “curse of the law” departs. This does not in any way separate you from the world of everyday — only from the curse of the world. This sweeps you into the new heights of Observation. You are now seeing and hearing the things that ears could not hear, nor eyes see. It is as a stream of molten gold straight from the heart of God.

“They shall not hurt nor destroy


And where is the Holy Mountain? — the High Himalayas? The “Holy Mount” is within the individual — and has various and sundry heights, according to the degree of observation or the discovery of the SELF OF CHRIST. As we observe, we are not creating — but watching the appearance of something which already exists in the Mind of God. We let it come forth.

The degree of our observation is in direct ratio to our ability to “loose” the findings of the human thought.

It is wonderful to contemplate how this law when heeded, Destroys the foundations of evil. Where today is the purported gold of Croesus? Yet the substance from which it came remains intact — only the shadow or reflection has changed, disintegrated or disappeared entirely. Do you see why Jesus said: “Carry neither purse, nor scrip” — knowing that the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE PRESENCE would care for all manifestation? This is not inviting indigence, carelessness, or endless waiting for the Mind of God to move in your direction. It is the recognition of the PRESENCE whichsees the miracle, instead of being hypnotized by the manifestation, whether it be leaves and fishes or dollars which fluctuate daily. The “now you see it, now you do not” of the Prophet, putting his hand in his bosom and taking it out, is the perfect picture of the fluctuation of symbols. They change in value with the constantly changing mind of man.

Who by seeking shall find HIM? Man does not see God any more than he can see the air. He can only experience Him. Spirit, being like the wind that “bloweth where it listeth” comes into manifestation at a moment “ye think not.” God comes into being in a thousand ways as the Spirit passes through the temple-body — taking form and shape in a new design.

Where then, is disease, poverty? Where is the devil, created by walking “up and down and to and fro” in the appearance world? The very devil of accepted belief takes the form of disease or evil in you but does not affect the person near you. Why? Because he has not created him nor endowed him with power. It is wonderful when you see that you havecreated devils in your world, who may be even now trying to kill you. The disciples discovered they had power over them: “Even the devils are subject unto us.”

The human mind, with its power to create these chimeras called devils, inflates them with conscious thinking until they destroy him. Evil pictures are thrown upon the universe. Suggestion, hypnosis, produce a chimera which acts quickly, for its day is short. It is only as long as the race consciousness believes in it. The moment the LIGHT comes into play, you hear the piercing shriek of the devils, “Why have you come here to disturb us?” When RECOGNITION of the PRESENCE is made, the effects of suggestion and hypnotism of race thought cannot hurt or harm you.

“For NOW we live, if ye stand fast in the Lord.” The Christ consciousness is beyond polarity — the pairs of opposites. It is in no way affected by human thought.


Walter C. Lanyon

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