But Why Should This Happen To Me?

DURING the last month I have had half a hundred letters all asking the question, “But why should this happen to me”—or “Out of ‘a clear sky such and such a thing happened to me.” And then the recita­tion of some pretty terrible happenings followed.

We are in the last days of the present regime, and the Spirit has troubled the muddy waters of human thinking and has brought up many ugly and unknown manifestations. Old Karmic accounts, forgotten or never known have been coming up for settlement. Also they are coming up as a final “push” or urge to cause you to go farther into the Jesus Christ con­sciousness—even so far as to come under Grace in­stead of remaining under the Curse of the Law.

We realize that part of the old human system—the Adam consciousness-is the endless sowing and harvesting of evil-with the overtone of blessing in that it is supposed to bring you closer to God through suffering. Purification through suffering was the motto of the Inquisitional days, when the more one was tortured the more godly he was supposed to be. It goes without saying that many people through great suffering have turned to God—but in this turning it was not for the love of God, but for the desperate hope that some help could be gained,.’ God does not have to seek worshippers through fear, for God is Love, and God is Spirit, and those that worship Him must so understand.

The idea of karma is quite in accord with the journey of the Adam-consciousness through the self—-created universe of evil. It is one of the less-known laws-and governs many of the things called chance and luck-and it finally has to be brought to the sur­face and dealt with if we are to enter into Heaven.

Jesus was constantly neutralizing karmic laws, and also offering ameans of wiping the slate clean of all past evils, yet we have been so deaf and blind that we could not hear or see this means of escape. “Strong meat is for the strong man.” So we subsisted on the milk of the word-” overcoming and overcoming”—-but we failed to overcome the evil situation or belief, and were overcome by it.

“A man’s enemies are those of his own household”—because they kill him with kindness. They know his weaknesses, better than his strength, and with their “love” they would save him from any experience. They know his weaknesses to such an extent-and love him so much they would withhold everything from him, while actually believing they want to help. They are sincere, so do not condemn-they mean well-but nevertheless, they are the “home-town” folks who will not accept a “prophet” who arises among them. Why? Because they “Know” him-and especially his weaknesses. A strange prophet may come and bring all sorts of Light to them-but not the “home” prophet.

So the Prophet or you begin to see how it is that the “good-enemies” of your own household must be given their freedom, if you expect to move into the new dimension of Light. Remembering also that the very same quotation applies to the consciousness of the individual. The things that you have in your own mind can and will be enemies to your on-going, if the temple is not cleansed.

“Well, the evil has already happened to me—-I have already paid, but have suffered so tremendously from the injustice, etc.”

What is the neutralizing power over the results of things we have already suffered? How do we remove the “smell of fire” which hangs to our garments in the form of resentment, injustice, even hatred?

The first thing necessary is to classify it as karmic debt. The actors in the drama of your evil were necessary to that stage of things-they could no more help themselves on that level of thinking than could Judas, so it is of little use to blame them. You have paid the price—however painful, and having paid this karmic debt you are entitled to freedom from the “smell of fire” on your garments. You will never be able to cleanse the garments until you come face to face with the fact that those very Judases were neces­sary at that moment to force you up out of the exist­ing state of affairs.

Jesus submitted to Judas knowingly. He was fully aware of the fact that He was no more “under the curse of the law,” and He even mentioned the fact that He could at the last moment “call upon My Father and He would send twelve legions of angels” —but He stepped down into the place of human fate and allowed the hateful pattern to have its way—-in order to prove in the final analysis that it had no power.

Gradually you see that the very people and things which were apparently used against you were work­ing for you-they have changed and broken up some old, hard and set’ forms, and allowed the Light of the next dimension to flow through. If you can re­lease the self-pity from your soul long enough to let the Light in, you will begin to understand in a new way why Jesus said, “Bless those who deceitfully use you, etc.”

It is wonderful—-you bless everything and every­body—-and every time the faintest odor of the “smell of fire” comes to you from your garments, you begin the song of praise and blessings. You bless the whole thing right out of existence. The hard fast knots are untied, and the whole tangled situation goes free. This is not done in the “holier than thou” attitude of mind. It is done from the new elevation, for presently “if ye faint not” you will come to the same place where Jesus stood-and will have the option to “pick it up or lay it down”—and will know that “no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”—and you will also know something about the withered fig tree.

Laws that are not written in any book and which are told only between the lines of Jesus’ words are put in your hands—and you will know. “I have a way ye know not of” really means something. And you will then see how it is that Jesus came to annul the human fate and cause you to enter your Divine Des­tiny. You are in the world, but not of it-you are under the law, but not under the curse of it-and you are being equipped to go forth and actually help and heal the ones reaching out for Light. This time without all the back-kick that usually accompanies it.

And so, presently you will have “washed your gar­ments clean,” and will realize that the “former things are passed away,” yea, even the “smell of fire” of suffering and injustice and karmic debt-which clung to you so tenaciously. And also you will begin to sense—-feel that you have broken the old wheel of karmic fate and are entering into your Divine Destiny.


Walter C. Lanyon

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