The Higher Order of Beings

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has im­agined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. He will put something behind, will pass an invisi­ble boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him, or the old laws be expanded and interpreted in his favor in a more literal sense; and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings!   THOREAU


Integrity is the keynote to the higher order of beings. Without a sense of this, nothing worth while can take place. A recapitulation is nec­essary to find out just where you stand. Do you “seek ME” for the loaves and fishes or for the “miracle (the Power)?” Are you still believing that you can “get something OUT of” ME? Or will you come and “take all”? One will be the distorted human life, the other an entering into your divine heritage where you are not surprised nor excited over that which you know to be true, simple and natural.

“Behold, the old order passeth,” and you are facing this very decision. To enter into the “order of the new being,” the old order of the John Smith consciousness must pass away. You do not hesitate to let go of something which has brought nothing but confusion and futility into your life; or do you? Is there anything you wish to salvage out of the wreck of personality with which you have been struggling all this while? Is there name, family, position, im­portance, race, creed or anything that you are trying to save? It is all as nothing and will pass anyway—-so why waste time trying to perpetuate these worth­less things?

“You are a new creature in Christ Jesus”—in the New Day into which we are entering you are a new creature, and if you hope to “do the works that I do” you will have to recognize that a “new creature” is not burdened with old, outmoded beliefs, however fetching and attractive they may be in appearance. Nothing will finally save your “darling from the flames.” For it is this very “darling” (personality) which has caused you so much difficulty, and now it is to be consumed in the “fire of spirit,” and with it are to go all the rags of self-pity and self-importance and all the rest that it has hugged to its bosom. You are a “new creature in Christ Jesus.” Over and over this repetition is made in order that you may understand “what the Scriptures say unto the Church­es (temple-bodies).”

You are entering into the Place of Power wherein the “Word” accomplishes without fail, and is not something which is fraught with mere hopes and wishes. This WORD can only proceed “out of the Mouth of God,” and the Christ-Jesus consciousness is that mouthpiece of God, through which He mani­fests Himself and speaks and brings to pass everything that is to be accomplished in the NEW ORDER of things which is even now enfolding you.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams—” this lovely bit from Thoreau, fraught with such light, indicates what begins to take place when this NEW consciousness of “flesh” has come to you. There is a marked change in the wavering, vacillating human thought, for suddenly, the consciousness of the “flesh” moves or “advances confidently” into the place of its “dreams,” of its desires. “Advances confidently”—do you understand what this means? The old human consciousness can do nothing confidently, for the moment he, with Wolsey, thinks “Good, easy man, full surely his greatness is upon him — there comes a frost, a killing frost which nips his roots and he dies as I do.” There is no security in the human consciousness. You dare not make a single statement. You cannot say you will be well and happy this time next year and that you will have plenty, because you know that even while you are speaking the whole pic­ture may be changed, and you may be reduced to the very opposite of this desired state. So the poor, fearful human thing “knocks on wood,” or it prefaces everything it says with, “I don’t want to brag.” Imagine bragging about the gifts of Spirit, which cannot be changed by a thousand years of thinking or meandering about in the human mind.

“Come boldly to the throne of Grace” is not within the capacity of human thinking. It can come boldly to nothing but its little victory of the moment, and even then it has to be guarded by an almost invincible bulwark of human power.

“The old order passeth away” as soon as you recog­nize Jesus Christ; and the “former things are forgotten,” and finally they are so dissolved into nothingness that they disappear entirely, even from memory.The old order is passing right NOW with such rapid strides that you can begin to say to yourself something definite and tangible. You begin to “cast your burden on ME,” and bring away a blessing. It is wonderful. You begin to advance “confidently in the direction of your dreams,” for a new strength is with you, and as long as you keep your attention on the Power, you can and will “walk on the waves” literally or figuratively and arrive at the boat of manifestation. It is all there for you, the poor little worm of the dust which has suddenly made its contact with the “flesh” consciousness of which Jesus spoke.

The New Order is founded first on assumption—-it has its beginnings in the recognition of the WORD of Jesus Christ, and it moves on steadily, enlarging the borders of its tent and launching out into deeper waters.

Wrapped in secrecy after it has once discovered the Power, it “salutes no man” on the highway of life, and religiously avoids the “man whose breath is in his nostrils”—-the chatterbox who discusses and asks questions for the sake of debate and argument about God and Salvation. There is no question that the Higher Order of Beings need to ask that cannot be answered by the Inner Lord, whether it comes through his own or another’s temple. He has the pow­er of the full realization of “I will ask my Father,” who is the supreme and only authority in the universe for giving the “answer” which exists before it is “asked.” You begin to “sense-feel” the way of LIFE in contradistinction to the old thought-taking proc­esses.

Away with the feeble efforts of trying to make an­other believe you are spiritual! The spiritual hypocrite who strives to be acclaimed a demigod is in danger of the hell-fire of exposure. There are not two lives—there is only ONE. There is not a Spiritual Life and another thing called a Material Life to the one who has made his UNION.

That there is nothing evil in Spirit’s realm does not give license, but it does give liberty and freedom of both thought and action.

After saying in one instance, “You ask, that ye may consume it upon your lust,” the same Voice says, “Ask that your joy might be full —heretofore you have asked for nothing.” The two statements running side by side in the Law make it seem a hodgepodge, a contradiction which the human “thinker” cannot check, and yet there is not a single contradiction or illogical statement in the whole Scriptures, if you know how to read.

This “advancing confidently” of which Thoreau speaks would seem to carry the thought of a “serious” business, of living a tight and narrow life. But there is nothing serious about Spirit. Spirit is joyous and gloriously free, unbound by anything that human wis­dom-which is “foolishness in the eyes of God”—-may set down for it, yet in this very freedom it has an integrity that is so amazingly meticulous that it makes the human sense of law seem as child’s play. The mo­ment seriousness enters into the scene we have heaviness, sacrifice, the mortifying of self, and all the other ugly things that belong to the erstwhile concept of the so-called saint. None of these unhappy things have anything to do with God. They are individual con­cepts of life. There is nothing in the LAW of SPIRIT which tells of them, and there is nothing in any of them that brings out the “JOY” of which we are told Life consists.

There is ever a dearth of words to express the Divine idea, and no man who still judges the word with­out the spirit can afford to bother with the Christ teaching. “Awake thou that sleepest,” and see the SPIRIT of the WORD, and then you will know that while seriousness cannot possibly enter into the LAW of LIFE, yet there is a balance, a poise and an unfixed—fixedness.

A child will be serious in his acceptance of Father Christmas, but he is not serious in the same way an adult would be if he were told about a comparably unusual occurrence in his life. Yet the child has all the essential integrity to make him fall into line with the most strict regulations of the legend, but with a joy and thrill and an acceptance that makes it all beautifully unserious and glorious. Do you begin to see that you cannot afford to be “set” and “fixed” in the revelation? The moment you have to “work” in the truth you are working in the thought—concept of it. The acceptance of “I will” is far removed from the long line of affirmations and denials which you have been told are necessary to establish God here on earth. The more tense you become in the “word” of truth the less you accomplish, for it proves the less you be­lieve in its indisputable reality.

There is nothing tense about nature bringing forth her luscious harvest. She literally pours herself into manifestation by the glorious unfolding of one stage after another.  So you, when you pray, “enter into your closet and shut the door, and the Father who seethe in secret shall reward thee openly.” This very thing is what the tree does—if you must have an illustration. It retires into the very roots of itself and there remains in prayer, and soon it brings forth another glorious manifesta­tion, proof that it has prayed aright—for it has prayed in the nature of itself. And that is what Jesus Christ said to you: pray in the nature name. For when you ask in the Name-nature, your desire takes place for you in the easy, natural way. If is wonderful when you begin to enter into this new order of things and become a resurrected being of Light.

You do not care what people think or know—you know, and so let them pass-let them pass. In the Name of Jesus Christ put the seal on your lips, and say no more about this deep secret until you are asked—utter no word of argument nor listen to any. Why should you stand in the public place casting “pearls unto swine” who will only rend you because what you say is too good to be true and cannot be understood? Put the seal upon your lips. Never breath a word about the inner soul of you or the work­ings of that soul, until a direct demand is made on you. At that time you have the authority and the power to Speak the WORD that will bring about the desired change—speak the WORD and—let it rest.

This New Order to which you belong sense-knows things which cannot be put into words. It constantly appropriates more and more of the Presence by recog­nizing it, and by magnifying it. “Asking the Father,” and “calling forth the WORD,” and knowing that “I Go before to prepare the way for you.” “I go before to prepare the way for you”—what do you think will happen when you recognize this as natural? You ask the Father, and drop the whole thing. You do not need to expect—you have accepted it and so it is. You keep your attention on the Power of God Almighty, and not on ways, means, etc. It is wonderful. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Do you hear? ALL blessings flow from God, and you cannot get blessings from any other source.

The New Order begins to make itself felt in you—you begin to read the Scriptures-see what a treasure chest it is for you-filled as it is with the ways of the NEW order of beings. Of course it always has been so, just as everything has always existed, but has not been recognized. So God always has been in all His fullness, but has not been recognized. At first we recognized bits and parts of Him, but now we begin to take the “whole garment.” This New Order brings with it laws and things that cannot be uttered or writ­ten. They are above the language of human-kind. It is glorious that you shall suddenly become conscious of yourself in the first person and present tense and begin to do the things that are divinely planned for you.

“The cattle on a thousand hills are mine; if I am an hungered I will slay and eat.” I will not have to ask. Do you hear this? I mean you—what will you do with it? Talk it over with another person and thresh all the Spirit out of it with words? Or will you sense-­feel it, and eat if you want to? If it is necessary to sustain the picture of harmony you will appropriate “the cattle.”

All this lovely “advancing confidently” will not be for self-gratification or an enlarged ego, for when such a one sees the “cattle on a thousand hills” and kills one, he is arrested and thrown into prison; for the cattle did not belong to him, and he has violated human law and must be punished by human law. It is glorious how divine Law contradicts itself, one minute saying, “All that the Father hath is thine,” and the next telling you to “Work out your living by the sweat of your brow.” This is to throw dust into the eyes of the “wise” one who knows two powers—i.e., good and evil, and who in reality believes that the power of evil is stronger and surer than the power of God. It is wonderful how everything is withheld from that one. How he is tantalized with abundance all about him, and yet cannot touch it. The sooner he begins to understand that Jesus Christ is a truth-sayer and not a liar, the sooner he will come into his Oneness, and there will be “great rejoicing over this sinner,” even as you and I are rejoiced in Heaven (consciousness) when we come to the place of acknowl­edging Jesus Christ as the ONLY.

Let us return again to the words of the Spirit through Thoreau, as he tells of this new being who suddenly knows why he can go ahead confidently. “He will meet with a success unexpected”— yes, it is the unexpected thing that always happens, so don’t expect anything. Keep that busy human quality of “expectation” away from it all. You have already been given the perfect thing in Spirit; give this a moment in which to embody itself and become flesh. It can happen in the twinkling of the eye, if you will let it, by keeping yourself away from it. This lovely success of which man has never dreamed will come to him in “common hours”—just naturally and normally—not when he is making an effort but in “common hours,” in just the ordinary hours of life. “He will put something behind and pass an invisible bound­ary.” Do you hear? You will pass an invisible bound­ary, the line of demarcation that the old human con­sciousness has set between Matter and Spirit; and in passing this, man arrives at the Father consciousness.

Do you hear? Being of the New Order — “you shall pass an invisible boundary”—-“I will go unto my Father,” and “I will ask my Father”—these are nat­ural things. They are the passwords you take with you when you “go into expression” of anything-and in an instant you can “cross the invisible boundary,” and enter into a place of Power and LAW which instantly disintegrates the most inexorable law of the human consciousness, and sets things at such variance that the old Adam-thought, which is still heaping evil upon you, is dumfounded, confused, and put to shame. Forced to say before this Power, “I AM A LIAR and the FATHER of it.” Do you begin to see what Jesus Christ gave to us when He brought to our attention this Presence? And when He called it so simple a child could operate it and so natural that it just suddenly appeared, yet so hidden from the “wise and prudent” that “they cannot find ME.”

And as you perceive this glorious heritage you will expand in consciousness, appropriating more and more of it—and entering more and more into the Secret Place, and you will “live with the license of a higher order of beings.” Yes, you will suddenly be enfolded in such a consciousness of the Presence that you will know what praying without ceasing means —it will give you the way of “license” in the true sense of the word, which is liberty and freedom and is above the “curse” of the law. It is this “license” which enables you to advance confidently into the conscious­ness which lies beyond the invisible boundary.

I salute you.


Walter C. Lanyon

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