I Am Immortal

We have selected this chapter for the depth in positional reality. The question arises, “What is Union?” The Truth Seeker becomes ONE with God, through Christ. In Oneness, we are positioned to say, “I AM.” Lanyon clearly defines this position as he states,” VOLTAIRE once cynically remarked, ‘Since God created man in His own image how often has man endeavored to render a similar service to God ?’

 I AM immortal–I AM not of this world–I AM birthless–ageless–deathless–without beginning or ending.

I AM born of Spirit–I AM Spirit–I make myself as God, even as did Jesus–thereby assuming his true identity.

I AM immortal. Created in the image and likeness of God, with dominion over all things, all things are placed under my immortal Self. I AM immortal, created a little lower than the angels (the power which flows direct from the Godhead into expression). All things are placed under my feet (understanding–realization). I have but to make the assumption of my immortal self to find myself possessed of full authority over the transient patterns of matter. At the moment of recognition of my immortal self I AM in authority ‘to one I say go, and he goeth, and to another come, and he cometh.’ The recognition of my immortality vests me with the power to disintegrate any and all patterns of evil, no matter from what cause. At the coming of this light the shadows of evil are automatically dispersed. This is the effortless, unlabored action of light–no resistance is possible, no struggle necessary. I have but to conceive of my immortal self to see this take place. The congestion of human thinking which results in evil has no more intensity than the thought back of it. It is sustained and fed by thought, having no other reality. The recognition of my divinity does not set up a counter force to evil. There is no battle between good and evil which takes place in the Spirit. At the recognition of Immortality the patterns of human thought automatically disseminate.

I AM immortal–I call no man my father but One who is in heaven, therefore I instantly drop out of expression all thought and patterns of environment, heredity, race consciousness–they all go by the board.

I AM of too pure eyes to behold the iniquity of human thinking as a reality. I AM free from the hypnotism of history, race, creed or established beliefs, however time honored. I AM immortal–I AM not of this world, yet am I in it.

My body is the temple of the living God. I AM filled with the ageless life and light of God. This light in the midst of my temple searches the joints and marrow. It is a living well of water, in the midst of me, cleansing and purifying and washing away all pictures of disease, age, evil. I AM birthless–ageless–deathless–without beginning, without end–I AM immortal.

I AM immortal–I live in the changeless realm of spirit. I see through all thought pictures of separation. I AM that I AM has sent me into expression, unhindered. I AM God in essence. I AM one with God. I make myself as God.

I AM immortal. I live in the abode of pure Spirit. No plague can come nigh my dwelling. No pestilence of human thinking no dishonesty or cunning of the human mind can stand. I go forward and backward, I unfreeze the evil patterns of the past, which I accepted as real. I regain all losses from whatever cause. I repossess all apparent losses. I retake my own. There is no law of the past, no matter how well established, that can withstand this light. The dishonesty, craftiness of any and all human minds toward me is consumed–it is utterly confounded, dumbfounded, put to shame. It makes no difference how this inconveniences the human mind which perpetrated the evil–the law of light will force the corrected manifestation to take place. Nothing can withstand this immortality. ALL things are revealed in this Light. Nothing is lost, stolen or taken from the one. I therefore ‘go in and possess the land’ (the consciousness of my immortality).

I AM immortal. The evil of human belief which came at me in one way will flee in ten. Glad indeed if it will have any way of escape.

I AM immortal–I go before preparing the way. I absorb all patterns of future fears. I destroy all barriers and obstacles that human fate may have placed before me. I go to prepare a place. Nothing can withstand the brightness of my coming.

I AM the Voice. I speak, and it is done. At the tone of my voice, all other voices cease. The babbling chattering voice of matter is still. The malicious, venomous tongue of the serpent is silent. When he would speak evil, he suddenly finds himself utterly voiceless. Every evil that he has spoken returns to him with accelerated force. He is now in the midst of a hell of his own creating, peopled with his venomous desires fulfilled. He shall remain in dumbness and confusion until he perceives the light. His voice shall no more be heard in the land.

I AM immortal. Everything that is true is eternal– real– here and NOW.  I perceive this at the moment of recognition–the moment I call upon my Father. There is no time–no waiting–no begging or beseeching–only recognition. The moment I enter into the consciousness of immortality–I live, breathe, move and have my being in God.  I perceive all things as they are.  I perceive the finished and completed idea, even as the slow human thought is dragging through its interminable pictures of evil. I know now from this elevation that the answer is before the question–that the flower is before the seed. The more I magnify this power, the more I see the processes of materialization stepped up–‘the fields are white,’ even while the slow human thought is knowing that it takes four months to bring about the harvest.

I AM immortal. ‘The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God’–nothing it says, does or believes has any authority except that given it by human thought.  It therefore makes no difference how the human thought is inconvenienced, turned awry, twisted, confused or thrown back upon itself.

I AM immortal. I see the restoration of ALL THINGS taking place. The years that the locusts of human thought have eaten are restored. I live in a world of spirit–I am no more under the curse of the law. The only thing I have to do with is Spirit, in one form or another. The moment I become conscious of this, the congested patterns of human thought lose all power. ALL THINGS therefore respond, cooperate, assist, and in every way help the revealing of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

I AM immortal. I AM clothed in my right mind, sitting at the feet of God.”

Walter C. Lanyon  (1)
(1)Lanyon, W.C.- Without the Smell of Fire – Glen Ellyn, IL, 60137 – Union Life Ministries – USA

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