The Impatient Dawn


Walter C. Lanyon





A beautiful bird beat its lovely wings against its cage, struggling in vain to gain its inborn freedom, – only to settle on its perch, – frustrated and defeated.

Had I been granted but one wish at that moment I would have opened the door, – freeing those lovely wings which so ached with the desire to fan the cool ethers.

. . . . .

And then I realized that all about me were men and women, locked in their cages of thoughts and beliefs, – far stronger than the bars imprisoning the bird.

Many doors had been opened, – religion, psychology, hobbies, work, – all of which had been tried, but still no surcease from the beating of the soul-wings against the hateful cage. Most of them had retreated to their perches, – dejected and frustrated, like the bird.

. . . . .

Then came Jesus Christ, – not as a teacher, but a Revelator of the New-old Dimension. The clear, crystal stream of His New-old consciousness flowed through the dark subterranean passages of human belief. With a thousand and one parables and illustrations did He give to the world the Power to arise into this plus-value of life.

Now and again the up-gush of His Revelation has broken through the ground of established beliefs and spurted high into the air, as a gusher coming from the center of the earth. Man has always explained the miracle by science or human reason, -or failing that, concluded he had been duped.

But the stream continued on its urgent way, nearer and nearerthe surface, -diffusing a thousand and one religious and psychological doctrines. “The Voice crying in the wilderness” of human thought is now being heard through the confusing, difficult veils of theology which has made that which was “given unto a child” something beyond the reach of man.

Man proclaims that he believes in Jesus, but finds the miracles something ‘outside’ his ken. Jesus insisted on the naturalness of this new dimensional teaching, eschewing any personal claim to it, -dating it before Abraham.

And again, in every word and deed He showed it was not a special GIFT to any particular man, -nor could it be learned from books, -but is discovered within each one. The invitation is to EVERY man, good, bad or indifferent.

“If ye believe”, -and then follows a list of things which can only be classified under the heading of the Fourth Dimension, – entirely outside and beyond the capacities of the three-dimensional human thinking, which has a beginning and an ending.

Jesus is the first and the only Revelator who made good His every statement. In the vernacular of the streets, “He laid it on the table”, -proclaiming nothing He did not produce. When He said, “Receive your sight”, sight WAS, where blindness had existed as an incurable condition, -and likewise through the whole gamut of human difficulties, -indicating that we have been hypnotized by the findings of the brain-mind and by the “judging according to appearances”

All the world awaited His coming for eons of time, – and all the world looks back upon it as the most momentous and the onlynew and original event to ever take place.

With such startlingly simple statements as “I AM the DOOR”, He gave the Keys to the Kingdom, but men have rejected the simplicity of His teaching in favor of the findings of the microscopic human mind.

* * *

The Soul of you, -that Immortal BEing which will not die, – which cannot die, – stands pressing against the cage of human thought, even as the Impatient Dawn presses against the purple curtain of night, – waiting, – waiting, – waiting for the password.

“If any man hear My Voice”, – ah, that is it! If any man HEAR My Voice”, – -he will rend the temple veil. The Aurora of his Immortality will draw back the dark curtain of night and frighten the evil constellations of human beliefs into oblivion. They shall disappear as rain-drops falling upon a river. And Apollo, the Soul, will come forth, his flaming, prancing chargers breathing long rays of Light and Power which shall penetrate the darkest forests of human fears, – revealing a NEW heaven and a NEW earth. Diana, the negative subconscious embodiment, will fade, – all the brilliance and color drained from her by the understanding of LIGHT. She will vanish with her satellites, like a flock of sheep across yon mountain top, – and the Shining, NEW DAY will burst into expression.

* * *

The restless, prancing steeds of the Impatient Dawn of your NEW Day will no longer be held in check. You must ARISE and make the gesture of Life, – the gesture which is to reach through the paralysis of human thinking and limitations, – impelled by the awakened Soul of you which can no longer be confined in the prison-house of the beliefs of men.

That Impatient Dawn is pressing against the door of yourawakened consciousness, – waiting to reveal to you the secret ofyour BEing, – waiting to lead you into your God-given heritage, – waiting, trembling on the very brink of SELF-expression.



Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him theform of a servant and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient unto death, – even the death of the cross.”

THE DRAMATIC INSTINCT in man is so strong that whenever he mentions or thinks of Jesus, he automatically places Him in a theatrical background, so glorified as to set it completely apart from the remotest possibility of naturalness. He forgets that at the time of Jesus, flowing robes, purple, fine linen and long hair were the vogue of that time, just as sack suits and military haircuts are today.

There is no mention made of the robes of Jesus beingoutstandingly beautiful. True, there was the seamless robe, – not so much a comment on His clothes, perhaps, as an illustration of the wholeness of His teaching. In fact, Jesus asked the very pertinent question, – “What went ye out for to see”, – a fashion show, or to hear a revelation. It is more than possible that the rich young man mentioned in the Bible, as well as many others, were dressed in silks and brocades.

Have we, then, been caught in the very thing against which He cautioned us? Is this beautiful teaching and revelation given us by Jesus as a usable every-day pattern of life always to be wrapped in dramatics? Will we perpetually be an audience watching a drama?

The tendency to glamorize anyone in the limelight is common to all men. It has a tremendous financial urge back of it. But as with Jesus, so with all the idols of the stage, – sooner or later lots will be cast for the robes. The sport of the human mind is to build an idol, – and then attempt to discover its clay feet.

And again, the decore and background against which Jesus moved were natural and normal to the times.

Can you imagine Jesus in a tweed suit? At first the idea shocks the sensibilities. But suppose He was with us today, – or rather, suppose your consciousness was of such a level as to permit you to see Him today, – would you want Him to go about in flowing robes True, there is yet this practice in America, a thousand and one “prophets” and “teachers” have donned robes entirely out of keeping with the times, playing on the dramatic value, – and people have followed. But Jesus was of all things, natural and normal. He said definitely, “I live in the world, but not of it”. This did not set Him apart anymore then than it would now, for we find ample proof of His moving with the people, high and low. In fact, He was accused of being a friend of harlots and wine bibbers. Jesus was unafraid to live His life. He held no brief with hypocrisy and spiritual wickedness, gossip or scandal,

Can you imagine Jesus and His mother attending a wedding of a Hollywood star? Well, why not? They attended a wedding-feast in Cana, which from the record, was very spirited, to say the least, – not very much different from our present-day affairs.

There is no intent to take from the Glory of Jesus, – but rather to emphasize the fundamental Truth of His teaching. It is not difficult for one to bend the knees at the Name of Jesus, so great is our reverence for Him, – but just reverence for a dramatic or historical character is not sufficient. If Jesus ever was sad or disconsolate, it must have been when He asked the question, – “Have I been so long with you, and yet … ?” He did not want them to set Him aside or apart in any way whatsoever. He only wanted what every true teacher and revelator wants, – namely, that the students and followers absorb and use the teachings, rather than deify the teacher. He wanted them not only to do the works He did, but to exceed Him, – assuring them they could. “The works I do, ye shall also do, – and greater than these shall ye do.”

Until we take away the dramatic, emotional side of our acceptance of the beautiful Revelation, the whole endeavor is reduced to a fascinating story of a man, – and is of no practicaluse to us in every-day life.

You would laugh at the idea that every time you approached mathematics, you would have to put on a special garment of ancient origin and arrange yourself against a special back-ground of proper dramatic value.

We know that mathematics is not affected by race, color or creed. Neither is it more operative in one temperature than in another, nor is it more present in a magnificent university than in the little red school-house, or for that matter, the slums of a great city. All that is necessary is the recognition of the law of mathematics for the unfoldment from simple addition to the most complicated equation in relativity.

Talking of and about mathematics will not work out a problem, no matter how ever much you respect it. Unless you become a mathematician in one degree or another, nothing happens. And when you do, the stream of power comes through you, uses your body through which to express, – -proving the problem was already solved. Every mathematician knows the answers to all problems already exist, whether he is aware of the answer or not. But the recognition of it as passing through him enables him to arrive at the already established fact.

So with the Revelation of Jesus, – it is everywhere present, is no respecter of persons, is as available to the greatest criminal as to the most high priest. It is just as present in the worst hell-hole as in the lofty temple. Being everywhere, it is nowhere until it is recognized and “let” into manifestation, and it is of no value until this takes place.

Jesus, too, said the answer existed before the problem, – “Before you ask, I will answer, and while you are yet speaking, I shall give it unto you”, – and again, “Thank you, Father, I knew that this was done”, – in this latter instance, making concession to the mass-mind which believes something must be done. Yet He did not touch the woman who was healed in the crowds. She touched Him. The wonderful recognition in her came forth and met the perpetual agreement of His consciousness, and the answer, which always had existed, became a reality to her.

Jesus was not pleased with blood-sacrifice, – asking only the sacrifice of the human thought with its limitations and its terrific bondage. He was always looking for someone who could take it, – -always seeking a temple-body who would stand up to the point of equality with Him. That great unselfishness on His part is the God-Love within Him, and within us. He found it once in the Centurion who came boldly up to Him with recognition of the Power and who deigned to set himself on an equal level when it came to authority. “I have not seen so great a faith, – no, not in all Israel!” How would you like that to be said of you?

What do you suppose the widow’s mite meant to a Man who could with impunity feed five thousand? But it was important enough to be recorded. The motive of the widow was greater than the “measure” of the rich.

As long as we continue to imprison this beautiful revelation of Jesus in garb, books, teachers and temples, it will be nothing but another philosophy. Most of Jesus’ teachings were given out of doors, He went seldom in the Temple. When He did, He astounded them with His Light, – and they began the old roundelay, “How does this man speak, seeing- he has no learning”. They went even farther than this in the protection of their limited views of life and were glad to shout at Him when He was going through His greatest manifestation, – “He saved others, – Himself he cannot save”. Yes, and the derisive shouts, “Come down from the cross”. Had He done this, – and He could have, – He would have defeated the purpose of His teachings and we would still be awaiting the Messiah who would save the world. What world? Your world, of course, – the only world you know anything about.

A thousand religions have been hung upon Him, like barnacles on a ship. This is no diatribe against any of them, but nevertheless, there can be only ONE interpretation of the Truth that two times two are four. True, you can write it in Roman numerals or even signs, but the principle is ONE and remains unchanged and eternal, – regardless of opinions to the contrary.

Simpler than the laws of mathematics are the laws of Truth. A child can understand and employ them through the capacity of the unsullied mind which accepts and brings out that acceptance with apparent ease. When the child-like consciousness enters a thing; all the universe cooperates to bring it about, – all of which is foolishness to the adult mind whose greatest capacity is to commit adultery. It will endeavor to take away such beautiful laws from the child through false education. He learns to smile with tolerance or derision at the things he formerly believed possible, stumbling along through the morass of human life until finally he comes to an insurmountable hurdle. Then he may realize there is something greater than John Smith and all his intellection, plus that of all his text-books and teachers, – and perhaps he will “let go” and (‘let God” into expression through his body-temple and be saved. Saved from what? His own thought creation.

The Philistines did the same thing, and finally a giant named Goliath dominated that city (state of consciousness) so completely that it was faced with destruction. Then comes the point of LIGHT, David with his sling and five pebbles, – the five senses which had been extended into the consciousness of Cod, – marking the end of Goliath.

To be of any real worth, this law cannot be a will-o-the-wisp of imagination which works sometimes, any more than can the law of mathematics. “Having eyes, ye see not, – and ears, ye hear not”. Why? Because you are so blinded by the accepted appearances of your creating (your giant) that you know you are about to be destroyed by it.

It takes but one pebble, – but one sense extended beyond the human limitations, to do the trick. “Open your eyes!” You say they are open, and you are straining to see. But there is nothing to see on the outside, not yet, – the sight is within.

All the commands appear to be physical, to call for some physical action, – but unless they are heard, the physical remains helpless under the control of the limitations of its belief. When the hearing is extended to the point of acceptance, then the command becomes physical and you can and will “arise and walk”.

Jesus did not see five thousand leaves and two thousand fishes with his physical eyes, neither the fields white with grain, until He saw them within, then the consciousness was projected into the realm of manifestation.

I like to think of Jesus walking through the wheat-fields and along the beaches, sandles scuffed just as ours would be. He was so natural as to be a present possibility here and now. The glorious recognition of the Presence was always waiting to come forth at every turn of the road. He constantly endeavored to ensnare men with His love, – to awaken them to their own possibilities.

The “well done thou good and faithful servant” will not come through lip service, nor yet through sacrifice, – but through going forth and doing likewise, – stepping out on the waters of human beliefs. Every time we act from the consciousness of God within, we smash patterns of human beliefs, – and so the leper is healed or made clean. One of the old prophets showed the nothingness of human disease when he put his hand in his bosom and took it out white with leprosy, and with the same gesture, brought it forth clean. How did he do it? By thinking? Saying words? Mantras? Or following a human belief? What do you say?

Why are we awed at the thought of Jesus either in tweeds or in flowing robes? Is it a false sense of modesty? The hypocritical human mind is so humble and meek when it wants anything, – and so boastful and ugly when it seems to be sailing on calm seas.

“In ALL thy ways, acknowledge HIM, and He shall (not maybe, or perhaps) bring it to pass.)’ Is that good enough. It is entirely fool-proof, – there isn’t the “exception which proves the rule” to the human thought. There is one hundred percent delivery of the promise.

As you read the teachings of Jesus you will see there are no pastel shades, but pure, primary colors. When He makes an experiment in the laboratory of Life, He takes the ultimate in impossibility, – never some lesser gradation. He does not work with tints, nuances and shades of color, but makes His picture “contrasty” by the use of the primary colors. Such pictures as the one of a man being born blind, – not a case of faulty eye-sight or a blindness which had come upon a man, – but a case of blindness from birth. And again, a man dead four days, with the ugly picture of putrefaction and all the beliefs, or for that matter; the absolute knowledge of the human mind.

And the indifference of it all, – such a Divine indifference which freed reality from the self-hypnosis of human thought. “Whereas, before I was blind, NOW I can see.” Was it dramatic? Yes, very! But is it still the peculiar powers of one man? He has shown and said in a thousand ways that every man has the gift within him as a natural expression of Life flowing through his temple. Why will we continue to judge from appearances, following the stupid thought-pattern of saying, “I am sick but God will heal me”. Does God know sickness then? And if so, by what means can He destroy it?

Nothing is destroyed because we bring Christ Jesus down to earth. As a matter of fact, He is already here, but until we have the consciousness of it, we cannot live in His presence. This has nothing to do with the psychic disturbances that bring accounts of His appearing from time to time. When He appears it is because our consciousness is on the level of His, – and then He and much more will be made plain to us.

Jesus was not psychic, – but He had the Spiritual gift of Prescience which enabled Him to see all concerning the person into whose presence He came. And the lady at the well mistook this wonderful revelation as just another fortune-telling. She was so excited by the accounts of her private life that she did not hear, “If you had asked ME, I would have given you to drink of the Waters of Life, which if a man drink thereof, he will never thirst again”.

So now we have Jesus in tweeds, – going to a Hollywood wedding, just as He went to a wedding in Cana in flowing robes. We must take Him out of the “clouds” of human belief and recognize Him as the Elder Brother, born of the same Father, even as you and I, if we want to hear, “I have not seen such faith, – no, not in all Hollywood !”

He would probably be offered a movie contract. He was offered the kingdoms of the world if He would perform a certain ‘stunt’ that would amaze the groundlings, – such a little feat as turning stones into bread. And I am sure He would smile, – He has such a magnificent sense of humor.

Let us have Jesus natural and real, – honest-to-goodness reality. Let us drop the dramatic, emotional worship and “come boldly to the throne of grace” and bear away the Gift of Life Eternal.

Let us have Jesus in tweeds!



THERE IS JESUS, – John Smith, the body-temple. There is the Christ, – your permanent identity, created in the image and likeness, the eternal, the Soul. And there is God, – the Universal, ALL-Present Power, from which everything springs into BEing.

It takes all three to fulfill the Trinity, – the three in ONE, to bring out the perfect manifestation. Jesus without his Christ, struggles against an avalanche of false teaching and doctrine, witchcraft and hellish inventions born of Adam. Christ without a body or point of manifestation lives in a symbolic world of substance which remains forever unembodied and hence non-existent to all practical purposes.

Many people who are seeking the Light live in this divided world. They live in a Heaven of symbolic wealth while the John Smith (Jesus) feeds on the crumbs under the banquet table. They know and iterate, “I am well”, “I am rich”, “All that the Father hath is mine”, – but what good is wealth and health if not materialized? Yet, what they say is the Truth, but not factual. Until a thing becomes literal, with an embodiment of manifestation, it remains in the dream realm of the unborn.

When we see that God hath joined the Soul and body together,not to be separated, but to function as a Temple through which He can be stepped down into manifestation, then the merging of the body and Soul takes place, – the substance of flesh in its right interpretation comes into BEing and the Invisible God is stepped down to the realm of the manifest. God, the Universal, All Enveloping Substance of Life everywhere present, without a channel through which to express would remain unexpressed.

And so the Trinity, – the three in ONE:-Body (Jesus or John Smith), – Soul (the Christ), – God (the Universal), – and the merging of the three into the ONE is the “rebirth”.

Then it is that “All things are possible with God”, – and “I (yes, YOU) can do ALL things through Christ Jesus”, – through this union.

All things thus far in manifestation have always existed. Until this is recognized, they remain unembodied. The aeroplane was just as possible at the time of Noah as the dove which was sent out on a reconnaissance voyage, – – but unrecognized and hence it remained in the unseen, awaiting birth. As soon as it was recognized, one hard, fast law after another which had been operating for so long in the world of John Smith, gave way,, and the unborn thing came to have a body, – and a constant stream of improvements are still being brought forth.

The idea you have, whether of health, happiness or prosperity, lies in that same realm of the impossible so far as your John Smith is concerned. At best, you can only dream of it in a symbolic world until you awaken to the purpose of life and cast off the old limitations and condemnations and LET the Power of God pour through your Temple-body.

Then things happen which could not otherwise take place. You “taste and see” that the teachings of Christ Jesus are beyond the pale of speculation. There is no question concerning the working of the law the moment it is given an opportunity.

Jesus stated definitely that through this merging with the Father He could raise up an apparently destroyed Jesus. He said He could “pick it up and lay it down”. He went from one degree of Temple-body raising to another until He raised His own Temple.

In the world of symbology, awaiting recognition, awaiting acceptance and understanding, is this Law of Resurrection. The manifestation of God in what has been called “demonstrations” is not a special dispensation to a few, – but a natural, normal action of the Power of God through all. Through the thick veils of human thought these wonders seem impossible, – and yet, “He, every man that thirsteth, let him come to the Fount of Life, – let him drink of this Living Water, which when he drinks thereof, he will NEVER thirst again’).

The possibilities that await the prodigal when he is sufficiently sated with humanism to arise with his True Dignity and return to the Father, are infinite. There is no condemnation, – no judgment, – no paying of the old accounts. True forgiveness carries nothing of the cringing sinner attitude, groveling before a tyrant. Forgiveness brings NEW BIRTH, FREEDOM, – SELF EXPRESSION!

And so you arise in “righteous indignation” to the beliefs under which you have been all these years, and you go unto your Father and release that wonderful manifestation which belongs to you, – which God is more desirous of expressing through you than you are.

What is the “substance of things hoped for” if it is not that out of which the manifest thing comes into being;. Yes, Faith (recognition) is the substance and the evidence that it is so. There is a reason for the hope that is in you, even when, to the human thought, you are yet a long way from your Father’s house. You have the recognition, the evidence, the precious “lump” of substance within, – and it is casting its rays through the darkened corridors of the temple which has so long been filled with money changers and dove sellers.

If we are to take Jesus at His WORD, we must be “born again”, – we must enter a new degree of consciousness. “In my Father’s house are many mansions”, – many degrees of on-going. We live in one degree of consciousness until we have exhausted all “degrees” of that degree, – and then it becomes a “pig-sty of prodigality” to us, – and we again ARISE and GO.

During the time of Jesus’ ministry on earth, He was one against the world of evil, – but now we are beginning to see that the Power we have thought so peculiar to Him is within any and every man, when recognized.

We are told to “Call no man upon earth your Father, – but ONE is your Father, who is in Heaven”. This recognition is the “NEW birth”, – and we enter the NEW day, with its NEW mansion (manifestation), – and the former things are remembered no more.

Then “Go not back nor become a sluggard in the race”. The race is not to the swift, – nor to the priest in the high temple, – nor to the learned one who can cite Scriptures to his purpose, – BUT TO THE PRODIGAL, – (YOU), who suddenly awakens and goes, disregarding all that has gone before, – dropping off the old habit-pattern of judging from appearances, – walking over the obstacles, the fire, the difficulties, through the crowds of jarring-sense testimony, – into the ABUNDANCE of your FATHER’S HOUSE.

Then it is that you understand your body IS the Temple of the LIVING God, and that that is the only reason it was created in the beginning. And you become a Light set on a hill which can no longer be hidden. “This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” is the benediction pronounced over you. God is pleased with every opportunity to express through His Temple-bodies. To give you good gifts, to shower you with the glorious manifestation, is the urge of God.

The stream of pure LIFE pouring through the temple will cleanse it of a thousand little thieves who have been hiding in the recesses of human teaching. You are a NEW creature in Christ Jesus, – -a NEW Light set upon a hill.

If you tell of it, no one will believe you. Too often have they passed by your darkened temple and have seen it falling to pieces with disease and limitations. The Master said, “Do not tell-but SHOW”. When they SEE, they will tell.

Then YOU, the Temple filled with emanating LIGHT, can and will heal anything that comes your way for healing, – for the LIGHT is impersonal. And the only reason anything comes to you for healing is because it sees the Light in you, – and the healing is automatic as it was with Jesus. When the woman touched Him, virtue proceeded out of Him. She had come to the level of acceptance or agreement, – He was always there. The “touching” caused the thing to be established upon the earth.

Such wonderful dimensions of invisible-visible Light are now coming to the earth, – so near it is almost like the swish of Angel wings. The “peace that passeth all understanding” is enfolding you, and you relax your human thinking, – and rest. And such showers of blessings, – so many they cannot be counted, even as the sands of the sea.

Do you believe? If so, then from NOW on, the descent of all that is wonderful and lovely will take place. Or are you afraid? The galley slave, so beaten and punished by appearances, shrinks from anything so beautiful, while his Soul hungers for it. “Oh that I might find HIM”! Well, now that you have found HIM, let go of all the former things. They are passing away and shall not long be remembered, – nor come to mind any more.

“Oh taste and see that the Lord is GOOD”, – not a merciless tyrant imprisoning you in a pit of torment.

Yes, today this subtle, invisible-visible Light is descending as never before. The rarified ethers of the Presence have actually pierced the outer walls of human thinking. Given the leastrecognition, it will burst into manifestation.

You are to stand and SEE the salvation of the Lord. That is something you have to do, – not through the offices of another, but through your own Temple. Then when the terrifying waves of belief strike, they break OVER you as against a rock, and run back into the sea of nothingness.

And so the Trinity, – BODY, SOUL, GOD! And the union which no man can again put asunder, takes place, – a wholeness, – a HOLINESS.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, – and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”



THE COSMIC PUNCH which landed straight in the middle of the solar plexus of human beliefs and findings was the Immaculate Conception, – the ONE thing which turned upside-down and inside-out all the laws of Adam and his kin. It set aside any and all reasoning of cause and effect. It is the only reason why so-called prayer is answered, or things miraculous take place, -because all miracles are immaculately conceived.

Strange that many religionists deny the possibilities of the Immaculate Conception in one breath,and in the next say “All things are possible with God”, – and still stranger that after denying this archetypal event, they pray or beseech an unknown power to do something which they have found utterly impossible of attainment through human thought and effort.

Without the radical reliance and acceptance of the Immaculate Conception, there is no basis for


“Behold! a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel, being interpreted GOD WITH US.”

“If ye ask anything IN MY NAME, I will do it.”



MARY, THE VIRGINAL MIND, was over-shadowed by the Spirit, – and she conceived and brought forth Jesus. This mighty illustration is the key to ALL manifestation.

You are overshadowed by the Spirit, – the urge of God to find a Temple or a point of expression. Every desire that comes to you is that urge attempting to come into being-and all desires are good when properly interpreted.

But when the idea is passed through the thick veils of human belief it is still-born at best. The human mind places its interpretation upon the desire and in its effort to bring it to pass, descends to any level to accomplish it. Thus a bank robber’s original idea to possess the substance of life is as good as yours, but his interpretation is wrong. To him, the only means of expressing that desire is to rob a bank, and the law ensues. You may be so defeated by the human belief that your idea cannot possibly take form, – and then you are sent into the wilderness of despair.

On the clear, placid surface of the waters the NEW image is formed. When the consciousness recognizes its heritage and releases all its preconceived nothings of the how, the why, the when and the where, then this wonderful over-shadowing takes place.

Mary, the Virginal Mind, could not by any means understand how she was to bring forth a child without the offices of man, – and neither can you understand how the desires of your heart can come into being.

There are helps given you, and one of them is that “Marypondered these things in her heart”. She kept the secret and contemplated the Power of the Almighty with its ways which are past finding out. And when you do likewise, the thing will take place, – the conception.

From the instant of conception, the new idea draws its embodiment unto itself. This does not have to come under the prescribed human laws of time and space. It can “look again” and see the fields are white, – in spite of all the findings of man who says it is yet four months to the harvest. The extension of the sight enables the awakened soul to see the finished product before it is visible to the eye, – just as this book is already complete while it is being written. The John Smith then lends itself as the temple through which the manifestation will come. The mechanics of the birth processes will take care of themselves.

Jesus always started with the idea that “it is consummated” before He asked. So sure was He of this fourth dimensional Power, He even thanked God for the completed and perfect manifestation before it was visible. He rested His case with the statement, “I know this is done”, – making a concession to the human thought of His listeners who thought something had to be done, in the form of verbal prayer. Your affirmation, as was His, should be a statement of a finished thing, and not a process of endeavoring to create a thing. He made the affirmation because He knew the thing was already formed in the Mind of God, but awaited the recognition and acceptance of Jesus (John Smith). The moment this recognition took place, the manifestation came into being.

The teachings of Jesus were by parable-but parables which were manifested in tangible flesh-and blood. All other teachers “talked” of heaven to come. Jesus showed forth the WORDS He spoke and delivered the manifestations to the earth.

When the masculine knowing and the feminine feeling and receptivity come together, conception takes place. The secret is protected from the vagaries of human beliefs which would “laugh you to scorn”, – but what can they do who see the manifestation, but fall down and worship God?

What can you do but surrender all the foolishness of human thought when you come into the Presence of God? What do you imagine you can do to change the Mind of God? Where did you get the desire you have for a NEW manifestation? Did it come out of thin air? If desire is not God pressing upon the diaphragm of your mind for greater expression, then from whence does it come and why? And if a particular desire were not peculiar to you, why would not every man have the same?

No two men having a given desire will bring out an identical manifestation. If you desired substance, the measure you bring forth would be different from the measure of every other man who desired the same thing. Each one brings out the degree they are able at that time to accept. What is wealth to one might be poverty to another, – and yet it is all one substance. No limitation is put on the measure except the degree of acceptance.

“In my Father’s house are many mansions”,many stages and states of manifestation. As soon as you have finished with one “mansion”, you enlarge the borders of your tent and move on to another. The degree of acceptance is wholly up to you and it is not determined by your human desires, – but by your ability to accept this wonderful revelation of Christ Jesus.

“Who did hinder you, that you should not obey the Truth?” You have blamed everything from birth on to the people and conditions about you, – and will continue to do this until you discover that YOU hindered yourself. No one holds you back, – no one stops the flow of Light through your body-temple. At first this is not easy to accept. It is bitter to the taste, – but sweet to the digestion. As a good surgeon cuts deep with the first incision instead of cutting away the difficulty bit by bit, so you rid yourself of the hateful habit of blaming everything in the world for your present plight.

As you stand today, you are the sum-total of your consciousness of God. If you do not have sufficient manifestation of Life, you can do nothing about it on the outside. It MUST be done from within.

The NEW idea must and will be born when the NEW conception takes place, – when you have recognized the urge within you as God coming into expression through your temple-body. The moment this takes place, the temple is filled with LIGHT and carries out the inner instructions. If it is told to “go into a City”, a NEW state of consciousness, and “there meet a man who will lead it to the banquet room”, it is ready to go or to do, without question. For instance, when the book, or the picture, is conceived in the invisible, it must and will pass through the temple-body through which the mechanics must be performed.

All of this is in the deepest secrecy. “Tell no man” must be brought to us again and again, – else the Herod comes forth and attempts to destroy the idea before it is able to stand alone.

The human mind in its darkened temple believes little actual good of itself and less about you. It is a “liar and the father of it” because of the terrible fear from the acceptance of the false law that it was “born of woman, few of days and full of trouble”.

The Spirit is like the “wind that listeth where it bloweth and no man (not ANY man, – teacher, priest or holy man) knoweth whither it cometh or whither it goeth”. Yet the human mind will attempt to plan a way for expression of God. He will think so hard and search far and wide for a solution or a possible “wind-fall” that”might change his life pattern. But not until he enters within, – into the Virginal Mind, – will he be able to feel the overshadowing of the Spirit and know that the conception of the idea has taken place. And this ‘click’ or conception will be so precious that the secret will be guarded. It is the pearl of great price, which when a man finds, he sells all, he releases every former notion, – and buries this NEW LIGHT in a field, a consciousness which is Virginal and which knows that “All things are possible with God”.

The understanding of the human mind concerning creation is so limited that it positively cannot accept the Word of Jesus of itself, and the “miracle” of manifestation can take place all about, but it would not be able to see or understand. “Here am I in the midst of you”. The disciples saw Jesus in His resurrected state for but a few moments because they could not sustain that state of consciousness.

Conception takes place through agreement. “When two shall agree as touching any one thing,

it shall be established on the earth.”

Any wonder, then, that you are commanded to “be still and know that I AM God”? When the jabbering human mind becomes quiet, then the Voice moves upon the face of the deep and out of this comes the dry land. Always the impossible, as the Immaculate Conception indicates ! Dry land coming out of wet water is enough to set the old human reasoning off at a tangent which will prove to itself the utter impossibility of such a thing taking place.

“I shall STAND upon my WATCH and SEE what the Spirit has to say unto me.”

Yes, you will cease the old begging and beseeching a tribal Jehova and “be still upon your bed”, – and then the blessed annunciation will be made unto you, – “A child is to be born”, – a NEW and WONDERFUL, idea is to be set~upon the earth through you. It does not depend upon outward conditions. Sarah was ninety when the annunciation was made that she was to bring forth a child, – which caused Abraham to laugh long and loud. He positively knew it was impossible !

So the healing that you seek, – the old Abraham thought knows it is impossible, – that it just couldn’t take place, – and yet the annunciation is made to you. Can you accept it? Will you go within and magnify the Lord instead of spending time in human thought and appearances trying to understand how such a thing could or would take place?

What you accept comes to abide with you, – good, bad or indifferent. Likewise, what you reject is passed on into the oblivion of the race consciousness. The decision is with you.

Everything works from within out. It is always in the SECRET place, the HIDDEN place that the idea is conceived. Be still, then, and KNOW (do not try to know) that I AM God. My Ways are not your ways, for My Ways are as high above yours as the heavens are above the earth, – they are past finding out. That blessed event which takes place within you and brings to you a new and more wonderful idea of Christmas than ever before, is sacred and must be a secret thing until “the child is born”.

Draw close unto ME and I will draw nigh unto thee. See the naturalness of the omni-activity of Spirit in and through you. “Be not afraid, – it is I”,no matter what old temples are torn down or set aside.

“Marvel not, then, ye must be born again!” The conception of your NEW-old self has again taken place in the heart. The moment it is recognized, it starts building its body. “For unto us a child is born, – and His Name (nature) shall be called Wonderful, – filled with Wonder, – the Mighty, – the Counselor, – the Everlasting”.




“I CAME THAT YOUR JOY might be FULL.” This is the reason Jesus came with His New-old Revelation of a plus-value in LIFE.

The Anatomy of Happiness is discovered to be an invisible structure upon which all enduring things are hung.

The discovery that all manifestation in the material world is in a constant stage of change, a shuffling off or a disintegration of the successive manifestations, minimizes the importance of things. They only endure for a time, as the Power of God integrates itself in a never-ending stream of FRESHNESS and LIFE.

The “space between” the works of Jesus, – that is, from the time He was confronted with what the world called a “problem” and the manifestation of the answer to that problem, while indefinable, is a “semi-hiatus”, – the immeasurable non-space between “now you see it and now you don’t” of human thought, – the split second when He stood midway between the findings of the scientific mind of man and the Golden Splendour of “the fields are WHITE”.

The elasticity of human thought is finally stretched to a breaking point, – and that which seemed to cover so much surface, shrinks into insignificance as does a toy balloon become nothing when pricked with a pin.



We put thirty spokes together and call it a wheel;

But it is on the space where there is nothing

that the utility of the wheel depends.

We turn clay to make a vessel;

But it is on the space where there is nothing

that the utility of the vessel depends.

We pierce doors and windows to make a house;

And it is on these spaces where there is nothing

that the utility of the house depends.

Therefore, just as we take advantage of what is.

we should recognize the utility of what is not.

-Lao Tze

AT THE VERY OUTSET, the title seems quite ridiculous, – nevertheless necessary in order to bring out the idea of what takes place when we pray aright.

If we cut a stencil of the figure seven (7), we would remove a perfect seven (7) of opaque paper, – at the same time leaving a perfect seven in space, or a hole in the paper which would have the shape of a figure seven (7).

Now suppose we were in a dark room with no apertures, and we cut a window in the wall, – we take out a piece of material the exact shape of the window. We have not created the LIGHT that comes through the window. The light is eternally existent, waiting to be ‘let’ into expression, – -in whatever shape or form we choose to accept.

The size or outline of the window can be changed at will and an increased amount of light released into the room. We do not build a house around air or atmosphere. It is already there and instantly takes the shape of the room or house. Always the air in a vase takes the shape of the vase. Remove the walls of the house and you have no shape of air left, – break the vase and the shape disappears.

If we hold the stencil of the seven (7) to the light, it casts a light shaped as a seven, – but if we hold the opaque paper seven (7) which we have cut out, it will cast a shadow. Both of them are sevens, – one a shadow, the other a light. The nearer we approach the light, the greater the size of the seven (7).

So it is with the shape of consciousness, – human or Divine. “For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. “Through a glass darkly” of human thought, we receive only darkness, – no matter how ever hard we struggle for the light or illumination.

From the inside of the house we can obscure part of the light or all of it, by hanging a curtain over the window. Likewise, we can and do obscure the degree of LIGHT that comes through our lives by human thinking. We ourselves control the amount of LIGHT that comes through, since there is no limitation in LIGHT.

The old habit of trying to visualize an empty form and then attempting to “fill” it with substance lacks the “gesture” or the actual making of the window which brings the whole manifestation of light into being. On one side, we have the attempt to create, – on the other, we recognize it as already existing. The LIGHT is there at all times, – just as LIFE is eternally existent. But if there is no shape or pattern in consciousness, then it is invisible, being obscured by curtains of belief.

Without the shape of consciousness, the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things eternally present does not appear understandable to man. The diffused, general concept of Life as everywhere present gives no evidence that it is actually present unless it is manifest in some form or shape.

The stencil of the figure seven (7) is a perpetual seven as long as it is held to the light. There is no exhausting its supply. Once the figure seven is conceived in consciousness and held there, it cannot be depleted.

Whatever we shape in consciousness is immediately filled with substance and remains that way, always fresh and new, as long as there is a consciousness of it. Light is not solid, – neither is health and wealth static, – but a constant pouring through the shape of consciousness we are holding to it. A thousand persons in a lecture hall will each have a different concept or shape of health, – which in reality has nothing whatsoever to do with UNIVERSAL LIFE.

“The measure ye mete”, – the consciousness you form – is all that will come back to you out of the Universal Mind-God. And everyone will have a different measure at will. No one hinders another in any way when it comes to consciousness. All are free agents. “Who did hinder you that you should not obey the Truth”-is answered with a thousand and one complaints, jealousies and fears. “Well, you see I try and try and try…” Do you try to get light from a window, or do you just get it? And does it do any good to try to force more light through the window? It can and does give only the amount that can come through the shape of consciousness you are holding to it.

From this elevation does the command “Enlarge the borders of your tent” mean anything? Why do you wish to enlarge the borders of your tent? So you can have more room. From where is this room coming? Certainly by enlarging the borders of your tent you do not create more space, since your tent is in all space, just as your body is in Universal Life and knows of itself no limitation of health. There isn’t sufficient room in the tent and so you change its shape by pushing out the borders, – and you automatically have more room. You do not create the room space, – it has always been there. You are merely encompassing more of that which already is by the enlarged shape of consciousness.

All the manifestations of God-power are as effortless as light passing through the window. God is pressing against the temple-body for a “shape” of consciousness through which to manifest, – inviting you constantly to accept more and more.

Nothing limits the light in the window but your thought. The same is true of all manifestation. You can drop the curtains of disbelief, or cement it up, or complain that there is not sufficient light, – but this still does not diminish the light, except insofar as you are concerned.

This is true in all departments of Life. The moment you have a consciousness of anything, it comes through the “shape” you have of it and diffuses itself on the other side. If it is insufficient, then it is necessary to enlarge the “shape” of consciousness.

No man ever reduced the size of a window because there was not enough light to fill it. He knows the “measure ye mete” is already filled. All speculation as to who, why, when or where are entirely eschewed and set aside, – in fact, they never existed in his mind. He makes the “shape” and the rest is automatically taken care of because long since he knew that light is everywhere and only needs to be “let” into a room to make it full of light.

When he even faintly knows that LIFE is everywhere and only needs to be “let” into expression, he will understand how it is that the darkened body or temple will be flooded with health the moment there is the “shape” of health in consciousness, – or the moment he takes his health with the same ease as he takes his light, and with the same abandon. He is not asking or begging that when his window is completed, light will fill it. Jesus paid no attention to the quantity of Life in the world when He healed all who asked, – good, bad and indifferent.

That which is true of health and happiness is true of wealth and prosperity. There is only the ONE indivisible substance pouring through any consciousness which holds a “shape” up to it, – and it will continue to pour through until that conscious “shape” is destroyed.

Do you now begin to understand how it is that nothing can be taken away from you so long as you have that “shape” of consciousness, – and how it is that nothing can be lost? And do you understand how it is that “To him that hath is given”? How can it be otherwise !

And so you will be given more and more Light because you already have Light, – and you have the “shape” of consciousness which permits LIFE to take shape and form.

The Adam man, trying to pattern God and become a creator, fashions himself a figure seven (7) and holds it to the light, – but instead of casting a light, it casts a shadow. True, that shadow is the same shape as the light figure cast through the stencil, but it is opaque and in darkness. The nearer he brings it to the light, the larger the shadow becomes. The more he “tries”, the less his results.

And so with the health of the body, – man’s human concept of it, – he “works” and tries to hold it, only to find it constantly diminishing. When man discovers that he has filled in the very shape he wanted to reflect light, he is in despair and may try to paint it in bright colors, – but still it casts a dark shadow.

He must discover that he is in reality “hid with Christ in God”, – that he is lost in the Universal LIFE of God. Then the human-thought shape of consciousness he has been working with goes down and he cuts his new stencil and LETS the Life through into manifestation of health which nothing can take from him. Just as abundantly as he will, is he able to have this health, eternally new and fresh.

Light cannot be stored and saved any more than can health. The moment man tries this he is defeated, – and yet in reality he can never be without all of it, – that is, all that can come through the shape (recognition) of consciousness he has taken unto himself. The moment he thinks to “possess” God, he finds himself without Him, – for he is possessed by God, – and eventually discovers the truth of that statement, “For in Him we live, move, breathe and have our Being.”

Moving in this universal sea of substance, holding always his “shape” or measure of consciousness to the light, he will perpetually manifest the full measure he metes to God. It happens automatically, – and yet nothing happens for it is always there. “He, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, … and drink, without price.” No limit for any reason, whether he be a Holy Man or a wretch of the lowest order. It is for every man, no matter whom.

COME unto ME, all ye that labor with the human patterns of belief, and I will GIVE you Life-LIGHT. GIVE is the word. “Cast your burdens upon ME”-and “Take My yoke upon you”. The yoke which binds you to God is one of LIGHT and GLORY. “He careth for you” is enough to set everything aright if the “shape” of your consciousness is right.

A complete surrender to the ONE God will cause you to throw into the Gehenna of purifying fires all the old idols and shapes of human thought you have hugged to yourself through your fears and beliefs engendered by trying to break the law, “Judge not from appearances”. All these evils you see about you are the results of human consciousness casting the shadows of their self-made “shapes”.

It is all so easily changed. We see the old Prophet putting his hand in his bosom and taking it out white with the most dread disease, – and then making the same motion and taking his hand out clean and fresh with health. It is somewhat like taking down the shutters which filled the shape of the window, shutting out the light, – and then putting them in place again. The very thing the human mind thought was something real turns out to be the thing which shuts out the real, – although it has the appearance of the real.

The measure you mete shall be returned to you, pressed down and running over. The measure of the human mind is the human picture of it all. It works in reverse, – “when I would do good, evil I do”,because it still believes it can “create” something that is already there. The “motive” ye mete is what actually will be returned to you, pressed down and running over. If enough light is not coming into the room, then the borders must be enlarged to meet the new demand.

No man has yet been able to shut light in a box and store it for future use. It would be foolish to try. Likewise, no man has ever shut life in a body temple.

No man can create health. Health is the manifestation of life and is not produced by taking a red pill or a green pill. The pill has no more creative power than you have. Health IS. Man can appropriate it through his recognition of it as a reality, and this in any degree he will. He may produce a temporary semblance of it through a belief in a pill, – but health is an already established thing. Prayer may reveal it and cause it to come through into manifestation by the disintegration of the human thought-patterns.

It is a wonderful rest for man when he finally realizes he has no part in creation, – the work having already been accomplished and pronounced good and very good. What do you pronounce it?

And how is it we imagine we are creators or co-creators? God needs no help from man (body). When understood, the body is the reflection of Spirit, – “the temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens”. When man comes out of his Adam dream, into his heritage, he finds he is a stencil of LIGHT in a world of LIGHT, – even as a transparent bottle is cast into the sea. The whole ocean may take the shape of the bottle, as it passes in and out, – and yet is never that shape.

Jesus taught by parables because His listeners were not able to grasp the wonders of His revelation. And so we go step by step into the thing called “consciousness”. As we arrive at any level of consciousness, we find we have always been there, – and so we have, but did not recognize it.

“The former things are passed away and shall not be remembered nor come into mind any more”-for there is nothing in that mind which can possibly understand them. The ugly beliefs never did exist as a reality, – only as a congestion of human thought, working always from the without to the within and doomed to failure from the start, – no matter how wonderful they appeared from the outside.

Finally Noah cut a stencil in his ark. He had been floating around for a long time, – and when he cut his window, his stencil, the LIGHT flooded in, filling the entire ark with LIGHT. The waters receded and he landed on a mountain-top, – an exalted state of consciousness, – which had always been there. And from that moment he was always THERE.

“Come unto ME”, – the Soul of you calling to the body to come into that great union of body and Soul, – and in that “shape” of consciousness, anything can happen through the body. Yes, the body is the reflector of Soul, coated with human beliefs which obscure the innate capacity to “rise and shine”. The moment this is discovered, “thy LIGHT is come, and the GLORY of the New Day is risen upon you.”

Now we see why Jesus endeavored to bring man to a state of belief in the ONE GOD. When it becomes a matter of “letting” instead of making, man will realize that all this dazzling picture is for the Glory of God and not the glorifying of a human being.

So cut your window in your ark and “let” the LIGHT stream in. Hold your “shape” of consciousness up to the ONE GOD and SEE the Glory of it all. “In a way ye know not of’, your “shape” of consciousness shall be established on the earth.



SUDDENLY THE REVELATION CAME, – -like a shaft of lightning striking a powder magazine. When the explosion of discovery was over, I realized for the first time that we, as a race of “truth-seekers” have been working in reverse.

Strange too, – since we have followed to the best of our ability the precepts laid down by Jesus Christ. But there has been such an appalling sense of failure in prayer. And such a tendency on the part of man to compromise, – first for the half loaf, – then for the slice, – and finally finding himself under the proverbial table eating the crumbs.

And then the torrent of words, – pro and con, – as to why the prayer was not answered. And the beseeching and begging and agonizing before a supposed Deity, – the groveling in the dust of human thought and words, trying to curry the smallest favor from God. All of this in spite of the fact that man has been told to “Come boldly before the Throne of Grace”.

In spite of our best efforts, God seemed more human than Divine, – and at times a very “spoiled” human, whose most important activity seemed to be laying traps in which to ensnare humanity, – then gloating over the slow, tortuous punishment. Yet Jesus made it plain that God is LOVE, – and is concerned over the fall of a single sparrow, though four of them could be had for a farthing.

Everything worked for Jesus, – though at times it may have seemed that it was a special power which He alone embodied. But to counteract this idea, He invited all to “Go thou and do likewise”, – and “even greater things”, – greater than He had ever performed.

Well then, – why don’t we at least approach in some minor degree the works He did two thousand years ago? True, – from time to time a so-called healing or miracle takes place, – but an occasional healing is no indication that a definite law is underlying it, – no more than the very occasional working out of a problem in mathematics. In mathematics we demand a hundred per cent efficiency. Is mathematics, then, more certain and definite than God? The Power which Jesus used was certain of definite results.

There is no currying of favors in mathematics. The humblest wretch, the worst sinner, the most lordly prince, all have an equal chance. There is no limitation as to the use of the law. It is not bestowed upon man as a reward of merit. It just IS, and must be accepted and entered into before it becomes alive. And in this respect, Jesus also made it plain that “God is no respecter of persons” I was listening one day to the radio, to a very prominent singer who had become almost an institution during the war years, so appealing and warm was his voice. The natural comment was, – “That man has a beautiful voice”, – but suddenly I realized just the reverse was true, – that voice has a beautiful body through which to express. The song was singing him, – singing his body, – expressing through every cell and atom.

And then the LIGHT flared, – and I saw that this is exactly the difference between the manifestations of Jesus and the attempted demonstrations of man. Jesus “went within and shut the door”, – and became a soul with a body through which to manifest.

The unintelligent mass of atoms called the body and named John Smith or Mabel Jones or Jesus, has been attempting to establish its power in the body, – attempting to make a singer, a dancer, a writer, a healer of John Smith, – and with mighty poor success.

But when the idea is glimpsed, – this revelation of Jesus Christ, – then man is seen to be a soul with a body, – and whatsoever he then designates the soul, that the body performs. Jesus knew that the John Smith could do nothing, when He said of His Jesus body, “I can of mine own self do nothing”, – and He stopped there as far as making Jesus perform. He went within and identified Himself with Soul, – and whatsoever He designated that soul to be, that did Jesus perform, – whether speaker, healer, financier, baker or vinter. He was a soul with a body, – and not a body with a soul.

This subtle change in consciousness causes one to see the infinite possibilities. It is then easy to understand the so-called illusive financial demonstration which comes through the “no-time no-space” idea, – and to understand, too, how healings automaticallytake place through this recognition. The revelation of the soul as the healer releases LIFE through the Jesus with one hundred percent success. If the soul is designated as a speaker, the unintelligent body of Jesus or John Smith will speak, even though he has never learned how to speak. He draws on the infinite resources of the ALL.

“Then went He in and shut the door, – and WHATSOEVER He told the Father in secret, that was called from the housetops.”

Having admitted that He could of Himself do nothing, – that the unintelligent body had taken unto itself a mass of human beliefs, none of them true and most of them evil, – Jesus made His escape from this thought congestion, into His soul. Then WHATSOEVER He designated the soul, became true, for it had a body, a perfectly pliable body, through which to express, – with no resistance, no opinions, no beliefs to hinder.

Now it is not difficult to see how “IT searches the joints and the marrow”, – how it is the soul with a body can and does naturally disentangle the snarls of human thinking with its patterns of evil, poverty and disease. The body becomes the servant of the Lord. Hence, when the soul is specified as any given thing, this soul then holds the body in its grasp, causing it to manifest the desire. The body, though wholly incapable of performing of itself, does the thing it could not do, – and in less time than it could be done, – with greater success, – a sustained success.

This is the resurrection of the beseeching sinner man, – worm-of-the-dust, – born – of -woman, – full-of trouble. He leaves the pig-sty of human thinking, becoming a LIVING SOUL with an unresisting, unintelligent body through which to express. There is no argument or quibbling now from the body, – it is in its right place, – sitting at the feet of the Master.

When the body with a soul attempts to work out a problem, he runs the gamut of human emotions, from humility to hatred, – from the making of many affirmations to high powered psychology, – none of which work, even though he may have gone through a hundred courses, all of them guaranteeing positive and definite results. And this in spite of the admonition, “Be not like, the heathen, who think by repeating many words, they will gain the ear of God”.

If nothing happens, he compromises, – and then, if nothing takes place, he begins to “work’) things on the outside. The ignorant John Smith, never having had a consciousness of substance, does not know what money is, and is only fooling himself when he tries to imagine that he is wealthy. He has no capacity to accept that which he does not understand.

Jesus had no great earning capacity as a man. His trade was lowly, and in a small town, – and yet He became a master financier when needs be. He knew that the “Jesus” could not afford to feed five thousand men (not counting the women and children), – and yet, He did just that.

“Then went He in and shut the door”, – became the soul with a body, – and WHATSOEVER He designated from that elevation, the Jesus-body carried out without comment, speculation or effort.

Every financier in the world today works through his body intomanifestation. Physically, his body may not compare favorably with yours. If he had to use the body to earn a living, he would fall far short of the millionaire. But he is the soul with an unintelligent body which does not know how to make more than a bare existence, and then is in danger of having that taken from him at any time.

And to the financier is given success, – and more and more money, although he may not need it, because the law states “to him that hath (consciousness) shall be given“, in like kind. The power of this “SOUL-consciousness” causes the otherwise sick or poor body to be suddenly transformed.

The moment you know you are a speaker with a body, you will speak in eloquence and with a fluidity hitherto unknown. When the soul is designated as any given thing, it not only brings that into manifestation, but all else that goes with it, – and automatically. Therefore the soul who designates himself a speaker, will find his audience, his hall, his success, – and the flow of the Bright Substance called Wisdom, pouring through him into manifestation. If he stays upon his point, he will see his words take actual shape before his eyes, – he will see the word HEALTH become embodied in well-being, – and WEALTH in the substance of things hoped for.

If the club-footed girl who wants so to dance, would recognize that she is soul, and that soul a dancer, she would find the body would move with such rhythm and beauty as to prove the “height and breadth and depth” of this thing called God, whenever it has half a chance to come through into expression. The hard, opaque walls of human thought give way, and the body becomes plastic to the touch of the soul, – and expresses in a way hitherto impossible.

If you will but grasp the idea that you are a soul with a body, and that soul is awaiting the announcement of the capacity it is to take on, then you will understand all- of the demonstrations of Jesus Christ. You will see why He invited you to partake of the same power, – so that God may be seen before men, instead of this awful human thing, born of Adam, filled with nothing but evil and death. Small wonder then, the insistent commands of “Awake, thou that Sleepest” , – “Awake, and arise from the dead”,”Arise and shine, for thy LIGHT has come”.

Yes, – with the recognition of this wonderful truth you will arise, for the unintelligent body is now obeying the command of the soul and will carry on into expression “whatsoever you ask in My Name (nature)”. WHATSOEVER! What a word! No beginning, – no ending! WHATSOEVER!

So overpowering is this revelation that at first you may well cry with Monte Cristo, – “The world is mine”. But why possess the world or attempt to horde the riches of unintelligent matter, – when

within you is the ALL to be brought forth at your command? Long since you have washed your garments white of the greed for power, place or thing, – and so you may have them all because now they are for the Glory of God, – and not for your own vain-glory.

The pictures cast forth disintegrate the moment they are released. This is why Jesus said, “Loose him and let him go”. Now for the first time, working from the elevation that you are a soul with a body Upon which to cast your pictures, you can understand how it is that a picture of paralysis can be “loosed” and “let go”, – and all the thought-congestion of disease slip into oblivion.

When Jesus went from His body to soul and identified Himself with this Permanent Identity, He immediately recognized that everything which Jesus desired already existed. “Body” cannot understand how it is that “before you ask, I will answer, and while you are yet speaking, I shall give it unto you”. Jesus never posited a problem and then try to work it out. He started always from the answer as definitely established, – and the LIGHT of this knowledge ran through the human, limited thought, – replacing the false appearances with the manifestation of the soul.

Whenever man (body) relinquishes his preconceived idea that he is a body with a soul and takes on this NEW elevation, he will find that “whatsoever he asks” is already taking place, – and that the old voluntary action is replaced by an involuntary power which carries on without the thought or suggestion of the John Smith body.

Jesus counseled, “Be absent from the body and present with the Lord”. He knew He was an Immortal, with a body through which to express, – a body which He could lay down and pick up at will. Operating from this level of consciousness, it is easy to understand the miracles.

Centuries of identification with the body has caused man to accept it as an intelligent organism, which calls upon something outside of itself for help. When it is discovered that the body is but a handful of malleable clay, formed of the dust of the earth, – then it is simple to grasp the power which Jesus said He had over the body-temple. Whatever He desired to be, He became in soul, – and the unintelligent body obeyed, without comment and offering no limitations or beliefs. And so the musician who realizes that he is a musician with a body, will find the body performing effortlessly, beyond all its former limitations.

“Then went He in and shut the door” This is the key to the Kingdom of Dominion. The body is the unintelligent screen upon which the soul throws its desires and truths.

Many people attempt to demonstrate finances or health or position by working from the “body” standpoint, – demanding, affirming, declaring that God is the thing they desire. And the success is sketchy, at best. But when the Immortal YOU makes the designation, the body will of necessity carry out the details “by a way ye know not of”. You stand in the place of the Christ instead of under the hypnosis of John Smith, and call upon the LORD with the knowledge that “before you ask, I will answer”, – and “Thank you, Father, – -I knew this was already done”. The body, John Smith, doesn’t know, and thinks something has to be done.

In MY Name! What name? God has many names, – infinite angles of expression. So when you approach the Deity through the Immortal BEing of you, the answer already is, – whether it be decision, – acceptance, – agreement, – – appropriation, – or any one of the various Name-Natures of God.

Whatever NAME-Nature you designate comes into being through the unintelligent body John Smith. At last he (John Smith) has been divested of his power apart from God, his knowledge of both good and evil, – and comes under the benign influence of having had the seven devils cast out of him. So he relaxes, seated at the feet of his Divinity, clothed in his right mind.

The movement of this Immortal YOU, divinely indifferent to the beliefs of John Smith and his thought world, is always in the dimension of success. It does not try, – -it does not work for it, – it is an indigenous quality. Whenever there is an expression of this Immortal YOU, success is assured without effort and thought.

Intelligent, then, is the command, – “Take no thought of the purse, the script, the body”-and so on. Now we see why, – because operating from your Immortal Self, you do not create, or come under the laws of limitation. You release the unseen power into manifestation through the temple-body, – and John Smith, if a cripple, leaps into the air, praising God, – or he opens his blind eyes, – or he is prospered “by a way he knows not of”.



SHE WAS weeping hot, rather bitter tears because she had lost a “friend,”- a lady who was in the throes of poverty and a thousand and one other problems, so she had taken her in. She had fed and clothed her, becoming her constant companion and advisor, – because it was such a pitiful case.

And then one day the “thing” turned and struck at its benefactor. “What ingratitude!” “I cannot understand why she should treat me in this manner, after I have done so much for her”.

Every Soul knows its own capacities. It knows the equality of birth and that it is entitled to all the wonders of heaven and earth, – even though the “John Smith” seemingly cannot bring them into manifestation with the same ease that another is bringing them forth. Daily it hears itself discounted by itsbenefactor, – who, feeling sorry for it, emasculates the person and makes it hopelessly dependent.

There is no friendship in pity or sympathy, – both are means of unconsciously inducing personal worship. True, sometimes this idea is so covered with human emotion that it does not recognize the bondage into which it has thrown another, – and it goes blissfully on, pitying and unwittingly discounting the so-called friend.

And so the lady discovered she had never had a friend. She had just taken something in, upon which to lavish her sympathy and pity. The human mind will accept anything it can get for nothing, – but the soul finally rises up against its “lord and master” and smites it in the only way it can to free itself. When you discover this, you will also discover that you cannot lose something which you never had.

Friendship, – that scarlet vine dropped down from heaven, – is filled with compassion, even as Jesus or the Good Samaritan, – but it will never descend to the level of pity in the human sense of the word, it will never bind the object of its compassion to it or cause it to pay tribute to a personal God.

The Good Samaritan bound up the wounds and sent the traveller on his way with sufficient to stay at the neighboring hotel until he recovered, – but he disappeared, looking not for the personal glory of having done a good deed. He received his reward elsewhere, – freeing the traveller from the ingratiating thing of fawning on the giver.

You must have a friend before you can lose one. Do not weep over something that is a fabrication of your own mind. The dramatic tendency is great in all of us, – but the curtain comes down and the “comedy (which you may call a tragedy) is finished”.

Since you cannot help doing good, no special effort is required to do it. There are plenty of instructions, – “Let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing”, – and so on. Give, – yes, and abundantly, – sometimes of gold and sometimes of “such as I have”. But FREE your gift, – -send it forth into life so it can find its proper place of lodgment. It will return to you, freighted with increase.

So the LIGHT dawned, – the tears stopped, – and the woman who had “lost” a friend discovered she never had a friend, – only a bond-maid who ran away from the slavery of fawning on another.



OVER AND OVER again we read stories about human love, based on selfishness, – jealousy, – possession. But the Love of God is no respecter of persons, – and possesses nothing because it IS all. A thousand and one references are made to the LOVE of God for man, – but measured by human standards, it is such an abstract and intangible thing as to seem of little value.

Human love is nothing but emotion, defined by Webster as a stirring perturbation or excitement of mind, – and is a sense product. Becoming emotional over the birth and death of Jesus may temporarily stimulate a sense of something mistaken for Love, but it lacks the warmth and life-giving quality of pure God-Love.

This God-Love is something different. God IS Love, – and God IS Omnipresent, – “above all, through all and in all“. It cannot, therefore, be ‘poured forth’ toward a person, or a thing, or a situation. It has only to be recognized, – first within, and then without, – in ALL persons, places, things and situations.

How, then, can a mind which is filled with “possession” partake of this great Impersonal Love. How can it understand the magnificent statement, – “BEHOLD! What MANNER of LOVE the Father hath bestowed (already given) upon man that we should be called Sons of God”? How can it carry out the works of the Master if it becomes emotional every time it sees a sudden manifestation of God? The Divine indifference of Jesus in healing is startling to this ’emotion mind’. Leprosy-that most dreaded of ancient diseases – was brushed entirely out of the picture with such a simple question as “Will you be clean?” And what of the man born blind, – born blind, – receiving his sight by the command, “Receive your sight”, – “Open your eyes”. How is a man born blind to open eyes he never had, – what is going to open, – and what is going to do the opening~ Human reasoning? Judging from appearances? Human emotion? And the cripple, – how is he to RISE and WALK? Is someone going to help him drag his crippled body over the earth, – or is SOMETHING going to do the walking through the body-temple?

The same thing will cleanse the leper, open the eyes of the blind man, cause the cripple to not only walk, but leap, that brought Lazarus forth from the tomb, – the Divinity, – the LOVE of God within, which transcends any and all human beliefs or appearances.

And the Love of God enfolding you in the midst of the human pictures of danger and fear, – that cloak of invisibility which is around you in the time of human trouble, – can only be made manifest when the “Lazarus” in the tomb hears the WORD, – and is ready and willing to step out.

And this Love of Cod, – the everlasting- arms, lifts you out of the mire of emotion so that you no longer “dash thy foot against a stone”,… and suddenly you “mount up with wings as eagles”.You pass through all and any appearances of evil, emerging “without the smell of fire”. What matter if a thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, – “it shall not come nighthee“, because you have awakened to the LOVE of God as something beyond human emotion.

You can be in a glorious temple which is pouring forth the music of the spheres and the incense of a thousand flowers or in the lowest of hovels, – you can be in Heaven or hell, – you can be in the desert or at the North Pole, – and if you are finished with “trying” to love God from a human standpoint and are consciousof this ever-present, omni-present LOVE OF GOD, all will be well with you .

Yes, the LOVE OF GOD surrounds you, – is in you and throughyou, – for in HIM you have your BEING, – in HIM you live and move and breathe, – that LOVE which can melt a solid wall of steel as if it were wax, if there were need of it, – but never to excite the human emotions and beliefs.

The human love is theatrical, – and this is its strongest stimulus, – it needs an audience on which to unwind its coils of possession. But when it attains its object, it is finished, – the expended emotions subside, leaving nothing but dust.

But when the Love of God enters in, there is an opening of the prison bars, – there is such a freedom, born of absolute trust, that no lock and key can hold it, – there is such a communion and agreement that the mere “touching” establishes all things on earth.

So many “little people” are starving to death for Love, even though they are in the midst of it. They are focussed on a person or thing, and the human mind leads them to almost any length in an effort to materialize that “love”. But how can an omnipresent thing be directed through a little human thought pattern?

The poor, starved emotional things, endeavoring to display their tawdry talents before the world, either see this glorious GOD LOVE, – or sink into the stagnant waters of self-pity, neglect, futility.

The mockery of the human mind says, “I do not understand how it is that I am passed by, – I stand with my ‘beggars’ bowl’, asking merely for a crust -for the least kindness, – and get only scorn”. Yes, – (‘you are so worthy”. But are you?

Literally dying for recognition, you stand in your self-darkened temple, – but until you recognize “ME” within, – and “ME” without, – how can “I” find a way to your tent? A rose growing in the garden automatically gives out of its perfume and beauty, – and draws its beloved to it.

It all seems so abstract and impossible to the human mind, with its tearing emotions and its possessions, – and it is just that, – as impossible as the removal of a cancer without the aid of a surgeon’s knife, or the healing of the born-blind eyes. They are all impossible, – never have taken place, never can take place from the point of human reasoning. Hanging on to an emotional love, it is impossible to see or experience the GOD LOVE. The old fear of letting go of the faded love letters of human thought keeps you from this beautiful experience.

When you “let go” of the effort of human thinking, all the limitations of that thought-mind are dissolved, – and God will find a way of expressing his Love in such glory and beauty as to cause you to marvel at the wonder of it. Such is the Love that surrounds you, until you know you are never alone, – and “never less alone than when alone”.

Yes, God so LOVED the world that He GAVE, – Ah, there is an idea, – He, even God, is releasing His Beloved, – knowing full well that by “letting go” He would recapture Him in a thousand thousand temples, – yes, even in you.

It isn’t too late, – -it isn’t too early, – the old time space of human thought fades into the NOW of Spirit. NOW is the accepted time ! NOW is the day of Salvation! NOW are we, too, the Sons of God! The Son that He loved so dearly became the sons. Do you see how you have the LOVE of GOD in your heart.

And what a LOVE ! The only thing that NEVER faileth, – the ONLY thing. Isn’t it worth accepting, – this fool-proof Law which NEVER faileth?

When the narrow limitations of human emotion called love are broken, then ALL-LOVE in all of its glorious forms comes to abide with you, – then surely shall you go in and out and find pastures, then surely the heart of you will rest in peace and quiet, and be a listening post for the manifestations of this LOVE through you.

The aroma of God’s Presence permeates your soul, – and you are enveloped with the aroma of His LOVE.



“AND JESUS passed through the crowd.” Crowd of what? – Crowd of human thoughts which was gyrating human bodies in all directions, causing them to do all manner of evil.

And to you He gave the same power, – “Go thou and do likewise”. So why not accept your spot in consciousness and move through the turbulent streets of this war-torn world, filled with all manner of human invention.

Consciousness is the emanation of your God light, – and is a direct connection between you and the infinite resources which await you. When you see the differentiation between thought and consciousness, you pass through the streams of negative thinking and its resultant evils.

There is nothing strange in the occasional reports of the child prodigy. He may be only five years of age, and yet able to solve an almost unsolvable problem in mathematics, – he may play a difficult concerto before he can reach an octave, – he may answer questions which research laboratories have not as yet fathomed. And why? Because in one way or another he has a direct line of consciousness which touches the Infinite ALL-KNOWING, – and since problems are built around an already-existing answer, he is able to give the answer before it is perceived by thought.

Jesus knew this, – and we find Him constantly going to the Father within, – the Permanent Identity, created in the beginning, in the Image and Likeness, – unchanging and yet endowed with the ALL-CAPACITY of Spirit. And He tells us what He can do, we also can do.

“If you believe, – – ask WHAT you will”, – – what YOU will, – and again, – “If ANY man (and this includes YOU) lack wisdom, let him ASK of God”.

Yes, if you believe, – not a process of human thinliing, – not the human desire to believe, – but if you have discovered in your on-going that there is a POWER bigger than the human thought and its machine-humanity, and you believe in IT, – you, too, movethrough any congested crowd of thought pictures, – unhampered and undisturbed. Then why remain longer in the pig-sty of human limitations which today says one thing and tomorrow another?

It is true, many people were cured by the Coue method of suggestion, but only because the race consciousness accepted it so strongly that the force of this thought brought temporarily into manifestation what it accepted. Because it was the result of human thinking, there was no permanence to it,and today it would be difficult to find anyone advising you to tie twenty knots in a string. Yet it did work, – and it could again. But this is not the STREAM of LIGHT emanating from the “Let there be Light” consciousness, so beautifully revealed through the Temple Jesus.

Functioning from this consciousness, you pass through crowds of violent reports of evil and disease, and “it shall not touch thee”, – and “if ye drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt thee”, – because all the laws of thought are as nothing.

Deeper and deeper you go into the Light, and the shadows of human problems fade, absorbed into the Light, – deeper still into the place where the “former things are passed away”, – dissolved by the Power of Light flooding your Temple, – and “they shall be remembered no more.”

Are you beginning to see the HOW of it, – that when you have the answer, the problem is completely absorbed?

Silence is a good thing to remember at this point. “Tell no man”, – for the human thought mind believes nothing good about you. How can it, when it is a liar and the Father of it?

When next you encounter a problem, begin at the “answer” end and work down through the seemingly hard-set beliefs, disintegrating them. Try this “new-old” revelation of Jesus, – look, – look again,and then look again until you SEE. Have your sickle ready, for it states, “the harvest is rich, but the laborers are few”. Step right up and thrust in the sickle, – and reap. This is the TRUTH, for no man has told me.



THE WEATHER was threatening when we took off. A heavy, leaden sky blocked out every vestige of sunlight. The Pilot, a mere slip of a boy, picked up the plane, thousands of times his own weight, from the wet field and hurled it into space with more ease than a child flies a kite.

He flew straight on, hitting the ugly wall of black clouds at dead center. For the space of a few moments the plane was lost in a dense wet fog. By observation no one could tell which direction we were traveling,-and then suddenly we cut through into Elysian fields, under a sapphire dome. Great masses of clouds, snow-white now, shot with a myriad of colors, lined the heavenly fields of bright gold. It looked not unlike a picture of a field day of the gods of Mount Olympus.

The pilot sat back relaxed. He knew the only way to this heavenly state was to hit the thing that obscured it on dead center instead of trying to circumvent or avoid it.

And so does the enlightened one, by going straight up to his fear, by doing the thing he is afraid to do, find that it is composed of a mist-I-fication of human thought and gives way to the terrific on-rush of the unafraid consciousness. If you do the thing you are afraid to do, there is no fear left. “If you slay me, yet will I say you are God” will not produce death to anything but a quaking misbelief in God as a terrible tyrant. God has no capacity to kill anything other than a false belief which is better dead anyway.

And then presently after a few hours of travel, the slim young pilot set the plane on the field again, thousands of miles from where we started. He had the power “to pick it up and lay it down” – just as you have. In your case, the thing called avoirdupois is not matter, but human thought. The more you contemplate evil as something, the heavier it becomes. All gravity is in the human mind.

When next a wall of misbelief obscures your Elysian fields, pick up your plane and hurl it straight into the belief, – and you will discover it is made of the stuff of dreams.



SHE WAS a Truth student, – and a good one, too. She was on her way to the airport to catch a plane for the West Coast, to the fulfillment of a cherished dream. Life was as rosy as dawn, – a song was in her heart. Visions of a contract, signed, sealed and delivered, clustered about her like a flock of cherubs around a Murillo Madonna. Things were practically perfect until that sickening noise of a punctured tire made her heart sink. The car stopped, the driver got out and looked at the deflated tire. “Sorry, lady, but I have no spare, and the nearest station is a mile away.”

From under the car a flock of inky imps rushed out shrieking with laughter, pulling at her. “Why did this happen to me?” “And why did it happen today?” “Why, – after all of my praying?” “Of what avail is the Truth if such things can take place?”and a thousand and one other thoughts flooded her mind like a dark, swift current of water in a subterranean passage. It all spelled defeat.

Back to the hotel and utter desolation, – and to bed with seven devils of torment. Finally morning, – and with it the daily paper carrying dead-black headlines telling of the crash of the very plane she was to have taken.

. . . . .

Nothing had happened to her, – but suddenly she was thrilling with joy and thanksgiving for the very thing she had cursed the night before.

“God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform”. Sometimes when we are too dense to understand the inner voice, we are saved from our own undoing by the presence of what appears to be an obstacle, – an apparent defeat of plans, – a sudden stoppage of the way.

Yoked with the illusory fate is your Divine Destiny, – like two horses pulling side by side. One (fate) is so vicious and unpredictable it is apt to throw you without warning into some ugly and unexpected condition for apparently no purpose whatsoever, – which you are supposed to bear with fortitude and courage as part of your lesson, or charge off to a karmic debt of which you know nothing.

You continue riding this night-mare (fate) until you discover the perfect Destiny running so beautifully beside you, – and make a change. Whenever this Divine Destiny is acknowledged, the hateful pictures of human thought are neutralized. You are impressed with a desire, which is evidence of an already established thing, – but from the standpoint of fate, would have to be “worked out.”

In the Divine Destiny are the things that “eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the things that are prepared for those who love the Lord.”

Jesus came to the earth to set aside fate, which is the heritage of the Adam man. Until man sees and accepts the fact that he is not born of the Adam father, but born of God, he will experience the hateful fate of “few days and filled with trouble.” So apparently new is this absolute and radical reliance on the Truth of Jesus Christ that many times we fail to hear-see the VOICE of guidance given us, – and so the Love of God saves us with His Divine obstacle, – a Guardian Angel.

The more we believe and rely on this Inner Light, the more we will see and experience the VOICE or warning that comes before every evil fate-picture.

This interpretation does not mean that we are to accept every evil pattern that comes to us as a warning from God. Many times we rise in “righteous indignation” and put to flight the thought-congested pictures. But it does bring to us the truth that there is no “insistence” in God, and the memory of “not my way, but Thine: be done.” Having your way is not conducive to bringing about the will of God. “My ways are not your ways … “

We are told to “resist not evil” and it will flee from us, – and in this sense we do not resist it because we have come to the recognition that it has no reality, – and hence has nothing within itself to be resisted. The evil may be the ugly pattern of disease which appears very real. Resisting it will only intensify it if we are making something out of it other than human thought. At the same time we are told to “RESIST EVIL”. There is nothing contradictory in these commands, – they are both the same thing. Resist the evil temptation to believe in the reality of evil, and see it flee from you.

When we resist a thing in the generally accepted sense of the word, we create something to resist, – or at least give the picture confronting us the ugly power it seems to present. When the ways of God become our ways, we stop resisting the apparent condition which seems to block the intense desire.

Relax that conscious thinking for a moment and see through the mirage of beliefs. In that very obstacle is the blessing you have been seeking. Why do you insist on having YOUR way? It is written, “Your ways are not My ways”.

It is also written, “In all thy ways, acknowledge HIM and He shall bring it to pass”: not maybe nor perhaps. If the acknowledgment Is made, He will bring it to pass without question and “by a way ye know not of”.

“Wait patiently on HIM”, – and “Stand and see”. Give thanks for the only way there is. If it be through the crowded streets of confusion, or through the solid wall of fear, or through the scorching fires of evil, and it is HIS way, all the evils of these appearances will be destroyed. “If ye drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt you.”

“Peace be unto you!” Stop kicking against the pricks. Why will you “persecute ME”?

“This is the Lord’s doings, and it is wonderful to our eyes” pronounced over the greatest disappointment or failure will cause it to yield its blessing, as the prickly chestnut burr placed on a hot stove opens and yields its Sift.

Matthew Arnold said: “To understand that the language of the Bible is fluid, passing and literary, not rigid, fixed and scientific, – is a first step toward the right understanding of the Bible”.

A glimpse of this causes us to know how it is that there are no contradictions in the Bible. It is fluidic, – covering a thousand and one interpretations, – – one of which will answer the WHY in your life. The Ten Commandments were graven in stone and are hard and fixed, – until the fluid quality of them is understood, – and then they become as warm oil on a frozen body.

Enter this fluidic stream of consciousness and you will experience untold Light and Illumination. A single word or phrase will burst open in a flood of pure golden revelation.

Yes, it is recorded, “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God”, – not John Smith. The more you rely on this Inner Light, the more you will hear-see the WORD so essential to your on-going.

Water runs down hill naturally, eternally seeking the sea. And so the Soul of you feels that urge of returning unto ME, – seeking that place where it is lost in God. If you lose your narrow human

concept of life, you shall find it, – -but if you save it, you shall lose it, – it is isolated from the Great Source.

If the water, on its eternal trek to the sea, be stopped by a dam, the Sun can and will pick it up and cast it onto the bosom of the Father Waters. In like manner, there is no obstruction or obstacle in your human fate over which God cannot bear you up. There is always a way when there is God’s way.

No WORD of Truth that you have actually freed in the spirit of recognition, but what must and will come into manifestation.

In the quiet of a cool oasis you have spoken many lovely words, – have freed them. Then do not faint with fear at the first ugly mirage that might show itself when you again mount your camel and go into the desert. The Words and Understanding that have gone before you have already devitalized it, – and you pass through.

You cannot miss anything that belongs to you and your kingdom. “Nothing happens but My LOVE allows.” It says NOTHING. Do you believe?

That the Bible is “not scientific”, as Mr. Arnold states, is proven in a thousand ways by Jesus. A Hindu fakir may be able to make a quick passage over burning coals, – but this is only a “stunt” and is not the manner in which Jesus did things. The human mind is ingenious and can simulate the Divine in an amazing degree, so that “even the elect are deceived”. You see the necessity, then, of watching and entering the fluidic state of mind.

“None of these things move me”, said Jesus. He knew what was behind every obstacle, even the crucifixion. “Nevertheless, – not my will be done.” According to the revelation of our Precious One, we are not here to experience a series of trials as something insurmountable, – but as a proof of the ONE Power. He went through the entire category of human evils so that we would not have to do the same. We are only now faintly beginning to understand this as something other than mere words.

And so the Prophet and his servant (your soul and you) are traveling along, – and the servant is afrighted by what he sees. “Look, – the way is blocked by a thousand warriors and chariots, – we are lost”. What could he do against such a picture of destruction? But the Prophet, that Soul of you which is always with you, has something to say. “Look again”, – and then the mountains are filled with Angels and the Power of the Lord.

“Those that are for us are more than they that be against us”. It is always that way. The recognition of the Presence always brings proof in a tangible and real form. You have only to “call upon ME”, and “I will save you”. But of course you have to believe before you can “call”.

Faith induced by fear is not very reliable, – but is better than none. Faith that is the result of the acceptance of God in your heart as real is a sure fool-proof way of being saved from the evils.

On the surface of the clear pool, Narcissus saw his own beautiful face and fell in love with it, thinking perhaps it was a beautiful water-nymph. But he died awaiting her materialization. All he would have had to do to have discovered the truth would have been to adjust his position.

You can look through fate and see your Divine destiny, if you make the adjustment. Where does the reflected picture go, – and what was it in the first place?

And so the obstacle or the ugly picture of disease that seems so real needs only a slight adjustment to cause it to vanish. The leprous flesh becomes clean and white. You need not go anywhere to make the adjustment, – nor do you need outside help.

“Man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble”, – and he functions through one evil picture of fate after another until he makes the discovery, “Call no man your Father, – for ONE, God, is your Father”. This recognition disintegrates the “fate” and “karma” pictures inherited from the “Adam” father, – and frees you into the “Divine Destiny” inheritance of “God, the Father”.

And so, every time the distressing “just missing the plane” takes place, and you have blessed the situation, and likewise taken your blessing from it, you will join with Keats in the soul song,”Then felt I like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken.” Rejoice and be glad! “I have overcome the world” of belief, – overcome it by resisting not, but at the same time resisting the temptation to accept it as something real. Everything is working together for the good of those who love the Lord.



THOUSANDS OF men, women and children had been following Jesus about, thrilled at the miracles He performed. He continued to show them that the Power He was using was indigenous in every man, – but they, even as we do today, found it much easier to attribute wonders to an individual, rather than BELIEVE and do likewise.

And to test his class in the outdoor laboratory of the soul, – seeing the multitude of hungry people, He posed the question to one of His students:

“Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat?”

And it goes on to explain: “And He said this to prove him: for He Himself knew what He would do.”

When were His followers going to shove off into the crystalline waters of pure BELIEF, into a greater power than the sum total of all man’s knowledge?

Then answered one of His disciples and said; still doubting:

“There is a lad here who hath five barley leaves and two small fishes, – but what are they among so many?”

. . . . .

Jesus taught through parables and fables. This was the only possible way to say or show something; which could not be said or shown to the dense human thought.

It was not the spectacular demonstration of increase of bread that was so important, – but the law back of it, which could not be explained in so many words. And hence the importance of the manifestation in this case was the fact that some gamin had brought his lunch with him. I wonder why only one person of the many thousands had thought of that?

Well, if you look farther in all the out-side happenings of the Bible, you will find there was always a handful of meal, three drops of oil, five leaves, some dregs of wine, – and so on. There is always a “starter”, or a sort of “pied-a-terre”, – a point from which to start. But generally it is so disgustingly small that it is either overlooked or cast aside as worthless.

The significant point is this, – that every man has within hispresent state of existence, that “starter”, however small it may be, – which if given the chance, will feed the five thousand.

It is interesting how this kid took his lunch, while all the others went empty handed.

Afterthought: There is the rather sharp rebuke regarding all this in the question Jesus posited to his followers when the next day they came back for more bread, – “Did you not see the miracle, – only the bread?” – indicating the necessity of the extension of the sense of sight.



IT IS RECORDED that Jesus was taken to a high mount and asked to perform miracles, – such insignificant things as turning stones into bread, which He could have done, – and then to a church spire and asked to cast Himself down. He was taken there by no lesser a personage than the devil.

Just what picture are you seeing as you read? A red devil fashioned after the Mephistopheles created by your memory of the Opera Faust, (who had a certain charm in spite of his satanic powers) talking to the white-robed Jesus?

. . . . .

What are you going to do with duality in face of the statement of Jesus that God is ALL, in ALL, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent? About the first thing we read in the Bible is the fearful excuse, “The serpent did tempt me”.

How was he created, – this devil? “From walking up and down and to and fro.” A very thin background as far as his forebears are concerned. What? No family tree to blame for his troublesome capacity to make mischief? No coat of arms or family escutcheon, – no psychopathic grandfather to blame? No, none of these, – and yet there he is, tempting Jesus.

It is recorded that Jesus was tempted as we are tempted. The magnificent sense of equality which is eternally established between Jesus and ourselves unhands any argument about our innate weakness and predisposition toward so-called sin.

“The fame of Him went abroad.” His miracles and His conduct and His teachings were the “stuff” fame feeds upon, – and no small wonder, then, that He was tempted, – taken to a high place and shown the kingdoms of the world.

Nothing can tempt you from without if something on the inside does not recognize it. A picture-wire keyed to the same pitch as a note on the piano, will answer every time that note is struck. It cannot in reverse make a sound that would cause the piano string to respond. The original note must come from the piano. Nothing tempts from the without unless something within strikes the note.

Jesus was offered the kingdoms of the world for merely bowing down to the satanic temptation to glorify Himself instead of God. All through the Bible there are records of men wrestling with the devil of temptation, usually at night. And so Jesus wrestled with the temptation to take the world and enjoy it to the fullest, just as He wrestled with the same old devil before the crucifixion, only this time in the ugly form of pain and suffering and futility. After all, why should He go through the test of self-resurrection for a people who had taken everything and given nothing, and who had failed so miserably to understand the magnificent, simple law He had given them?

So you say, “I cannot resist the temptation that comes to me”. This is because you give the power to something outside of yourself. You believe that the inanimate thing has power, or that the situation can control you. How can an inanimate thing with no power of itself influence you in any way? You endow it with the capacity to control you, yielding to the power in the situation (the power you yourself have given it), – and so you succumb.

In the Bible we constantly find the division of the ONE into two, – Jesus and the Christ, – always talking to each other under many names. We start with Cain who murders Abel, – the human thought who tries and apparently does crucify its Higher-Self. The lust for power and to-be-known-of-men is so great that it stops at nothing. And still it is within the ONE, – these two separated manifestations who need each other so utterly, – you and your Self, – body and Soul.

And so, many have been taken to the high mount and offered the Kingdoms if they would only murder the Christ within. The old personality will make a final attempt to prove Adam was right when he said he was a creator. He becomes a law unto himself for a short time, but eventually finds the kingdoms of the world destroyed and the bread which was made of stones inedible.

The Blessed One admitted being tempted. He could have hidden in His Robes of Attainment and kept this honesty from us, – but not that ONE who came with the freeing, Life-giving message. He stood His ground, and after weighing all the profits of “casting himself down”, said, “Get thee behind Me, satan! Get thee behind Me in memory and reality”, – and the devil was not.

And so it will be with your own personal temptation-devil that comes to you with the belief in disease, fear, lack …… He will disappear into the limbo of the “former things” which are passed away.

. . . . .

Success is difficult to take-and more especially in Spiritual things-for immediately the personality thinks to set itself up and become a high priest in a temple, to be worshiped of men. When you discover that the healings that come through you are only natural, normal manifestations of the LAW of God and take place automatically, you will be finished with all this temptation to believe in a personal, creative power.

From “walking up and down and to and fro” in the world of appearances, you create the devil of belief in the reality of appearances, endowing it with power to overcome you. Once you have given in to this belief, you are cast out into outer darkness, – and there remain until you SEE the LIGHT.

One man sees a person as his benefactor, – another as his worst enemy. Is he both? Or is it the projection of something from within that does the trick? You look upon a hateful world full of all manner of evil. Jesus said it is the Kingdom of Heaven! “I AM all things to all men.” ALL things, -do you hear?

Eventually you must stop fooling yourselves, and recognize that your outer world is but a projection of your consciousness, – beautiful or damned as you decree. “YE shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass!’) The evil you decree, either consciously or unconsciously, manifests with great ease because you havebelieved in evil all these years.

When the prodigal returns home he finds everything awaiting him. And so with you, – when you return HOME into this wonderful ONE-NESS of Life, you will find all good things awaiting you.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Man (the Jesus or John Smith of you) is the outcome of his beliefs. This may be bitter to the taste, but it is sweet to the digestion, – and if you are not experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven, you have only to exchange your human beliefs for a BELIEF in REALITIES.

The Phoenix Bird, rising from the heap of ashes of his former limited self, new and beautiful, is but a picture of you, the YOU of you that cannot die no matter what crucifixion you have experienced, rising from the ashes of the human pyre upon which you have placed yourself, -purified from all the old beliefs and for the first time, seeing, – -yes, seeing, and this time SEEING! “Even though you slay me, yet will I say you are God!” That is it, – -the absolute recognition of ONE Power. You must accept and appropriate it for it is the ONLY Truth, and arise from the ashes of a belief in two powers, – leaving in those very ashes the devil who took you to a high mount and offered you so much of the world’s goods already at your command. Then you (yes, this John Smith) shall decree a thing and it SHALL come to pass.

Why does an otherwise gentle dog sometimes suddenly jump at the throat of a certain person? Is it within the dog or the person? The dog instinctively senses in the person an active quality which awakens a similar dormant quality within himself. Why does poverty, disease, unhappiness, jump at your throat when they do not attack other people in close proximity? Is it within the ‘dog’ or you? You “Cry havoc and loose the dogs of war” (the “war” of sin, sickness and death) because these are within your own consciousness, – otherwise there could be no objectification of them. This is difficult to admit, especially if we have been “working” to know the Truth, – but let us face it boldly.

There are no closed doors in the life of Jesus. If He chose to associate with wine-bibbers and harlots, He did not ask permission of any high priest nor offer excuses. Fearless of criticism, He freely went anywhere He chose to go. Yet He did not descend to the level of any of His associates, – He made them rise to the place where He stood. But what goes on behind the scenes today? There can be no dividing line between the audience and the teacher. And what about you? Do you lead two lives in two worlds? In your “diplomacy” have you become a hypocrite? Let us be honest with ourselves!

The greatest event in the world, – in fact, the only event of any worth, took place in a stable, – while all ‘my lords and ladies’ dined and wined in luxury. You may be in a “stable” right now, – but from that stable can come the GREATEST EVENT of your life, – if you will ‘let’ it happen. Presently the “lords and ladies” will go their way, drunken on the wines of intellectual and hyper-critical belief, – but from your stable a something is coming forth. You may, in the course of events, be taken to the high mount and there meet the devil of temptation, – but you are now strong enough to say to the tempter, “Get thee behind me” !

This old temptation-devil is not always offering you the kingdoms of this world, – sometimes he offers you the kingdoms of disease, poverty and sin. These are just as much a reality to the human mind as the kingdoms of wealth, fame and success.

And so you either “resist evil” and see it fleeing from you, – or you “resist not evil”. They are both the same. If you resist evil, it is because you have risen into the consciousness of the ONE, – and if you resist not, it is because you know there is nothing to resist.

“Oh ye of little faith”-“For why will ye doubt?” Why not step out of this morass of human belief and accept your heritage? You are a NEW CREATOR, – a ONE thing, – Christ-Jesus ! Not the twins, – but the Jesus and the Christ blended into ONE, – the Temple of the LIVING GOD !



A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO, after a rather lengthy lecture period in Berlin, I decided to “get away from it all” for a while, – and so arranged to vacation at Fuldaland, a number of miles from nowhere. Leaving the denser civilization behind, we struck off over the loveliest green country imaginable. On and on we went into the open, – the houses becoming fewer, – fields and hills stretching off to the skyline, – And then a tiny village hove in sight.

I had arranged through a friend to take lodging with a farmer family by the name of Krauz, – composed of an old grandmother and grandfather. Their house was a long, low white building with a passageway from front to back which divided the stables from the house. Everything was under one roof, and when we entered, the odor of fresh milk and new hay greeted us. The house was spacious, and the aisle between the stable and the living quarters was as shining and clean as the streets of a Dutch village.

The old couple showed me to a large bedroom and sitting-room at the back of the house. It was fall, – there was a tang in the air, and the grandfather had built a fire in the large porcelain stove which reached the ceiling. From the statuary and pictures, it was obvious that they were Catholics. The grandmother crossed herself as she passed the little home altar, – and then they left me alone.

Through the small paned windows could be seen the rolling green fields. There were no hedges or fences of any sort, – and when I went outdoors, it seemed as if I were standing on top of the world. Here was peace, – and unobstructed beauty! A mile to the right the Rudolph Steiner School showed forth in a tapestry-like setting of colored trees. On a hillside a village girl tended some snow-white sheep. Clouds drifted in the clear blue, headed for some distant port, – and an air of contentment filled the place. Yes, – it seemed as if heaven had come down to earth !

The old couple explained that they were poor, meaning by that, they had no money. However, money did not play a very important part in their lives, as they had abundant food, clothing and shelter. There was an “exchange market” in the village, – and the housewives would exchange produce and poultry for coffee cakes and pies at the baker’s oven.

And so I “settled in”. Time seemed suspended. Oftimes I would find I had been sitting in a chair for several hours, in absolute silence. The only sound in the house was the ticking of the old clock and the lowing of the cattle, – and sometimes the soft, gentle voice of the grandfather as he tended them. There were only the three of us in the house, – and I finally began thinking of it as “the Stable”, – yes, “THE Stable”.

And sometimes the old couple would come and sit with me for coffee, – and tell me about the pictures and statues in the rooms. And then they would tell about the Christ Child, – how it was that one day He would come into their home and heal them, for both of them suffered from old-age complications of a sort.

As the days grew colder, the grandmother brought her plants in, – little tin cans filled with geranium slips which would be ready to bloom when it was time to re-set them in the spring.

Time was forgotten, and the three of us felt a “nearness”. Now they would come and sit with me for hours. Talking had virtually ceased, – we just sat there in a glowing sort of silence.

Then one morning the two of them came in with faces beaming, – bringing a tray of cake and coffee. I knew something wonderful had happened.

The grandmother could contain herself no longer. “Look!”, she said, – “look, – the geraniums are all in bloom!” And when I looked around the room, there was a flash of red. The plants were literally covered with blooms, – although it was months before their time to bloom. “The Christ Child has come to this house”, she continued, – “He has healed us, father and me, – and He has come to you, too”.

Suddenly it seemed that the Heavenly Host was there. The old couple knelt at the altar, – I arose from my chair. There was no weight, no heaviness, – something was bearing me up, – just Light, – and more LIGHT! Around the room the geraniums were glowing, – and there was Silence in Heaven. The grandmother had placed one of the plants on the altar before the Christ Child, – where it glowed like a flame.

And so during the three months’ sojourn in this unfenced land of beauty, the geraniums kept up their display. When the “Auf Wiedersehen” came, and I left to return to the noise of life, the old couple accompanied me to the door. We said our “Goodbyes,” – and as I looked back for the final farewell, the grandmother signaled me with a red geranium.

* * *

In London some weeks later, I received a letter written in the shaky handwriting of the grandmother. She told me of the peace that was still with them, and of the red geraniums in all their glory, closing with these sweet words, – “When again you come, the flowers will bloom.”



AN ARTIST RETURNS to his model, – a mathematician to his principle. What do you do when imperfections in daily life occur, – run to a person or to “ME”?

Michael Angelo lifted an angel out of a block of marble. Where was the angel in the beginning, – in the marble or in Michael Angelo? So conscious was he of the angel he perceived or conceived within himself that he could literally lift it out of a place or substance where there was no angel. Standing before a block of marble, what do you see?

Standing before a block of human thought and beliefs, what do you see, – a block or something out of which you will take an angel in the form of your unfulfilled desire?

If you were a Michael Angelo, you would reach into the ‘block of solid marble’ and take whatsoever you would. How could he do it? One tap of the mallet at the wrong place would have marred the lovely features or the perfect lines of the body. Was Michael Angelo doing it? Was Jesus doing it? Are you doing it? All three have the terrific limitations of the human-thought heritage.

What was it that controlled the chisel -and a somewhat crude one at that? What was it that let the “machine” (body) go only so far? Inspiration poured over and through him like a flood-tide, and hecouldn’t do anything else. “When the Inspiration of the Almighty comes unto you …” BUT how can it pour through you when you try to harness everything with the steel armor of human beliefs.

So tender, so wonderful is this Love of God which says, – ‘”‘Beloved- (the beloved YOU) -NOW are we the Sons of God”. You -that funny, little old thing or that ‘great personage’, – YOU are called the “beloved”, – not a transient calling of the emotional nature, but by your CREATOR, the Power that brought you into BEing, – calling YOU the Beloved. “My sheep hear My Voice.”

When you hear it you become breathless, – not the breathlessness of the sprinter who has made his hundred yards with every organ in his body torn to pieces. No, not that, – but the “breathless adoration” when no organ of your body is moved by emotion or human sensation, – the state of consciousness which is above anything that the human body does. And what is the human body? Nothing but an unintelligent mass of atoms which has a thousand and one laws over it, – -all the false education of perhaps thousands of years.

How are you to do anything that is recommended by God through Jesus? How are you to “run and not be weary”? Suppose you could run and not be weary, – would it be a miracle or a natural law? Suppose you discovered the Life of God flowing through you, – is it to be circumscribed by the laws you have set up about John Smith? Will you say, “Yes, I know, but-“?

The mathematician, when he comes to an impasse, – what will he do? Go to the kitchen and tell the scullery-maid how hard he has tried and tried and tried, – and have her say “Creepers, sir, I’m that sorry for ya”? This would merely be an agreement with evil and leaves the problem still unsolved.

“Though you slay me, – yet will I say you are God.” Well, go ahead and slay me then. I know that two times two are four, – on that I stand and will stand. Rather refreshing to discover that the law of mathematics is not going to slay you.

“Why will ye doubt?” Come on, now, and answer.

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to BELIEVE? Then stand before a block of marble and try to “lift” out an angel, – -not some grotesque thing that might cause a sensation for a day, but a thing of beauty that uplifts everyone who looks upon it.

Why not stop “trying”. It is about as effective as a mosquitotrying to kick an elephant over a cliff. It just will not “work”. Nothing “works” in God, there is no “work”. Haven’t you been told to “consider the lilies of the field, – they toil not, neither do they spin, – and yet ….” Very pleasant philosophy to the human mind. Can you accept it?

Suppose you got the idea that all you had to do was to shout or whisper words or affirmations or mantras to God, and this glorious power would do your bidding? Then what would you do? You would change the whole world to suit your stupid ideas.

I was so glad when I understood that “prayer” is NOT answered, – not that kind of “prayer”, – the kind of prayer that wants to fashion my world after the leprous ideas of many human beings. I am so glad that all the silly prayers that are said are not answered, – thank God for that ! Yet I am so thrilled to say that EVERY Prayer, – (I said PRAYER) IS already answered before it is uttered.

It is so wonderful, “Beloved”, – how you are moving into your NEW DAY, – how you are beginning to see and understand the lovely laws our Precious One gave to us. Every one of them are true, – and true, – and true !

What is the matter with us? Two thousand years in the desert of human limitations -and only now hearing what Jesus said, – and still we are trying all manner of “mumbo-jumbo”, – -the oldcliches, – the same old pattern of life, running through the mill and into the sluice, into the spill-way or over the dam. So monotonous!

Here is the picture: You are born -amid a few or many exclamations. That soon passes -and you become a problem child. But if they can educate you and establish you in some profession, perhaps you will not disgrace the family name of Smith (or should we say ‘S-m-y-t-h’). Then you become a “so and so”, – or you are able to fall in line and obey the top sergeant who says-“Private First-class, you have a family to raise and a mortgage to incur and pay off”.

Well? Here we are! We have heard all sorts of things and havetried all sorts of things in an effort to “make” God give us the desires of our hearts. We have performed all manner of “stunts”, – we have repeated certain words, – we have even paid tribute to certain personalities. But still we did not “get” the thing we wanted. Is this right? This IS right !

And do you still want to say you have studied and worked and taken super-special lessons under Mr. Blank or Mme. Blah? Perhaps you even have diplomas from a dozen or more schools. Schools of what? From what school did Jesus, Michael Angelo or Shakespeare graduate? And you, with all of your power and affirmations and diplomas, – are you going to put your fingers into the solid block of marble before you and take out an angel?

Why not stop all this foolishness and adhere to the only TEACHER, – why not turn to the only source of LIGHT -Jesus Christ? Must it be interpreted through another?

You may go into many cities-states of consciousness -and “meet a man”. Or you may sit in the paralysis of human thought. Or you may even play about in the tombs with the bones of dead men. But after you have paid your gold to a thousand and one “word-magicians”, you will return unto ME and discover that nothing ancient or modern has anything to do with YOU. YOU have to do with them.

Many will say, “If I had just known this before” Before what? NOW you know! Arise and walk! I AM here NOW, speaking to YOU, – not you and your teacher -but to YOU.

“For why will ye doubt?” Don’t you believe ME? Then why follow My Teachings through another. I AM the WAY, – your way. Why do you doubt ME, your INNER LORD? Are you still entranced by a personality who has grown gross and rich from selling My Garment?

Why do you think you can buy ME? I AM the free GIFT! Why will you sit before an empty “personality”? Why don’t you see what is back of it all, – and then you can sit before the Kamma Kura or a candle on the Shrine of Lourdes and get results. You can get it anywhere if you recognize ME.

HERE I AM! Do you BELIEVE? If you do not believe in ME, before what personality will you sit, – for “Besides ME, there is no other”.

What is all this about ‘working’, – when I said unto you, “Consider the lilies of the field, – they toil not, – neither do they spin”, – and yet Michael Angelo stood before his “block of marble”.

Yes, I know you would like to be finished with your work, – but you have a NEW WORK to do, the releasement of the angel out of your block of marble. But perhaps you think it will be brought to you. You may be standing before your block of marble using some silly affirmations, perhaps like this: “God, I am rich”-“God, I am well”-but nothing happens. Why?

“You ask and have not because you would consume it upon your lusts,”-the lusts of glorifying a personality.

And still you continue trying. “If this teacher does not give it to me, I will go to another”, – and finally, after you have spent all your shekels, you come to ME with nothing to give, – but tell of what you have done and given.

Isn’t it about time you discovered you have made a “personality”rich, and received nothing but some pretty prayers or affirmations or aphorisms, – which, strange as it may seem, did not pay your rent or heal your body? Isn’t it about time you recognized ME –within you -the CHRIST of GOD?

Acknowledging and relinquishing our misconceptions may seem a bit difficult to the personality, but still YOU are the BELOVED of GOD. Accepting this, you move into your own sphere of LIGHT.

So now you know why Michael Angelo could take the angel out of the block of marble. He could have taken a devil with the same ease. What would have stopped the sharp incisions of his chisel? What can stop the sharp incisions on your “block of marble”? Emotions? Beliefs? Teachings? Or just you, – that “precious” thing which cries out, “Who will save my darling from the flames”.

The answer is “Nothing”. If there is anything that the flames of revelation can burn, – let it burn. But how are you to emerge “without the smell of fire on your garments”? Review all the lessons you have had, – bring out your diplomas with their gold seals, and your “doctorate” degrees, – and see if they are the fire-proof material of Spirit.

And so there you are before your block of marble. What will you take out of it, – -an angel or a devil? -now that you are through with all the ideas you have gathered about how to do it from the outside? If the angel is not within you, it still remains the block of marble, – or else you will endeavor to copy Michael Angelo. But a copy is no good. Why not bring out your own angel? Why not stop the trying -and LET that Mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus? This is better than the mind of your teacher, isn’t it?

Notice the verb “LET”. And you also understand by now that when you consider the lilies of the field that neither toil nor spin, you will not interpret this to mean idleness or the working of magic. When you “toil not”, you may be more active than you have ever been, – your body may make a thousand more motions than it has ever dreamed possible, this time by the LIGHT which motivates a body which runs and is not weary.

“When the Inspiration of the Almighty is come unto you, it shall lead you into ALL things”, – not the inspiration of a teacher, or a lecturer, or a book, or yet any ancient doctrines, – but of the ALMIGHTY. ALL things? Yes, ALL things, – and by a way “ye know not of”.

And so you will arise, – ARISE and SHINE, – for you have discovered that your LIGHT IS come and the Glory of the LORD IS risen upon you.

And then you will understand how the hands of Michael Angelo could go only so far and no farther, – and how the hands of you can go so far and no farther, – and that distance will be in the dimension of success.

When you can run and not be weary, then you can run, – the race being not to the swift, – but to YOU!



“AND THE Glory of THE LORD filled the House.” (Consciousness) And the Glory of the Lord filled the earth -the heavens declare it and the earth showeth forth HIS Handiwork.

What is this strange, apparently evanescent quality of God called “GLORY”? It has become so involved with theological interpretations as to mean nothing more than an abstract sense of Light.

Glory is a fourth dimensional word. It cannot be defined any more than ”Lo” or “Behold”. Therefore it cannot be understood by the human mind.

“The Earth is the Lord’s and the FULLness thereof”. The earth (allmanifestation) is the actual body of God, through which He makes Himself manifest and felt.

We are told that everything shall praise His Holy Name (nature), – and that “all flesh shall see it together”. How can man see God, since he is also told “No man shall see God and live”? The man referred to is the Adam creation hypnotized to a belief in separation.

When once he discovers the revelation of Jesus Christ, that he came for but ONE purpose, – and that, to “GLORIFY GOD” (not himself), he will understand his mission in Life. He will experience a strange, subtle change coming into his life, – one so filled with new dimensions, so filled with wonder as to open a thousand, thousand doors before him into places which “his eyes have not seen, nor his ears heard”, and show to him things that have already been prepared, which have never entered his heart.

“For men to seek their own glory, is not GLORY”.

We have all been attempting to seek our Glory through the “demonstration” of health, wealth, success, – but if we have succeeded to any degree, these have eventually turned to “dust” because they had no base upon which to rest and because we knew not that all manifestation begins to disappear the moment it appears, in order that it can be kept fresh and new by the constant stream of GLORY which is passing through the Temple Body, – when once recognized.

What a wonderful relaxation and peace comes with the recognition of the Truth that your body is only for the purpose of expressing the Glory of the Lord. It is the condenser, as it were, through which the unseen Power of God naturally flows into expression, without mental or physical effort. This recognition vitiates and nullifies all human law, science and belief. There is no battle, no struggle, – only immediate, automatic Victory.

GLORY is a power which has no comparison, cannot be pitted- against, – nor can it be used to combat human thinking. It in no wise overcomes difficulties through struggle, effort or super-mental strength any more than the Sun uses force in its evaporation of dew. Nothing is lost, – but all is changed, transmuted, transformed. The violent onslaught of your “evil” is transmuted into avenues of accomplishment, without struggle, without loss. The determined thought pattern of failure which has been so successful in bringing out failure, is turned into success, – -and the success it had in failure, it now has in success or accomplishment.

Many truth seekers have repeated the success formulae in reverse, after this fashion: “I try, – -I read, – I pray, – I meditate, – and yet nothing happens.” The amazing part of it is how successful the power they accept is in bringing about “nothing happens”. It comes without effort and apparently against the strongest fight which may be put up against it. It is effortless in manifestation. It is “successful failure”

What is wrong, when we want so much the things promised and remain without them? The Law does not work two ways. In fact, it does not WORK, – it does not toil any more than do the lilies of the field. All this and more is revealed to you when you glimpse that JESUS and YOU came to express the GLORY of the LORD, – not the glorification or the glamorization of John Smith. The Glory of the Lord does glorify you in a way far surpassing the glory of man, – because it is not transient and fading, but ETERNAL, – and because it has ways and means “ye know not of” in human thought.

“The people of God are a peculiar people”. The people of the Adam creation and belief are more or less a string of paper dolls, all torn out of one newspaper, – and it might depend upon what part of the paper you were torn from.

* * *

One thing we have discovered is that we cannot stand against the vengeance of the Lord. Yet the vengeance of the Lord is only terrible to the evil human thought pattern. In reality, it is the LOVE of God moving out of your world that which is false. The Spirit that goes down into the subconscious pool of human thinking, stirs it and causes the accumulated filth to pass off so that the fresh water from hidden springs can clarify the well of Salvation.

Many times you have earnestly called for this Love of God, but when it comes with “sword in hand”, you hug the tatters of personal beliefs about you and have a problem which cannot be accounted for.

“Despise not the chastenings of the Lord”. You asked for it when you asked for LIGHT, – only now that it is attempting to come in, you are afrighted and want to return unto Egypt. You cannot take it, because no one is going to “save your darling from the flames”.

The Legend of the Phoenix Bird plunging into the Holy Fires and burning his accumulated beliefs of age, decrepitude, fear and all else, arising from the ashes anew and afresh, may be painful to contemplate, – BUT he comes out transformed and “without the Smell of Fire on his garments”.

This may sound as though you were to go through some ugly trial. However, the only trial is the letting go of your Soddom and Gomorrah. But, – don’t look back, – or else !

There stands in Southern France a lovely Roman Temple. The day was when it was used for worship, – a place of Light and Beauty. Years of belief passed over it and finally it came out labeled a “Feed Store”. Bales of hay rested against its Corinthian pillars and buckets of grain cluttered the erstwhile altar. Gaudy signs defaced the purity of its walls and the heckling of money-changing went on within. John Smith and Jane Jones had scratched their initials on its steps, hoping for some degree of immortality. And then, – one day renaissance came, – a recognition of its beauty. It was reclaimed and restored to the fair proportions of its true self. Today no vandal would dare desecrate its sacred beauty. “Glorify thou me with the Glory I had with thee before the beginning of the world”, – whether it be John Smith or the Feed Store.

Yes, you were created that the GLORY of the Lord might be revealed, – so that the LIFE of God might be established in a never-ending stream of glorious manifestation through YOU. The recognition of God as LIFE manifests as health and life more abundant, – not as some niggling demonstration of a healed body, – but GLORIOUS WELL-BEING. And so, too, with wealth and success.

Away then with all the buzzing chatter about demonstrations and ideas that you can direct this glorious Power to make it do your personal bidding. You were SENT-and for a definite purpose, – a purpose so much greater than the dreams of the human mind.

Your body is the Temple of the LIVING God -and GLORY pulsates through it, carrying away all the mist-I-fications of human thought. Your body, the TEMPLE of the Living God, – the point where the invisible Glory becomes the VISIBLE Glory.

“Therefore, whatsoever ye do, do all to the GLORY of God”. Let us be finished with the idea that we can of ourselves heal or help or save. When we do ALL to the GLORY of God, we will heal because we cannot do anything else, – and not because we want to. Anything that touches this consciousness, whether he be sinner or saint, will automatically be healed, in spite of the human mind. Then who are you, to imagine that you can of your own self do anything?

The Glory of the Lord is upon you, – and in you, – and through you, – and you SPEAK the WORD that accomplishes, – and you are not burdened with a long list of healings “you” have made.

Beloved, it is all so wonderful when you sense this fact that you came as Jesus came, – “that the GLORY of the Lord should be revealed”. Then what do you care about ephemeral fame, the fleeting egotism that goes with the making of yourself into a demi-god with strange powers. “Of mine own self I can do nothing”. But ah! What a wonderful truth bursts upon you, – “I can do all things through Christ Jesus”. Is ALL enough?

Are you afraid to come to ME? You have asked for so much you did not get because you wanted to consume it on the self-glorification of your little personality. But NOW, yes now, you are going to ASK that your JOY might be FULL, pressed down and running over.

Touching this truth that your body is the condenser of this unseen Glory, the old criticism, envy, hatred is released. “What is that to thee?” will do it. Just this glory pouring through you, – healing the sick, raising the dead, without human effort. You cannot help it, – nor can you hinder it. It is beautiful, – sacred, – holy, and… !

“The glory of man is as the flower of the field”. The GLORY of God is ETERNAL ! Then “Choose ye this day.”



“WHERE THERE BE PROPHECIES, they shall fail” But LOVE never faileth. Strange, then, how after we have left our own personal and private “Egypt” and have seen signs and wonders and proofs of God’s Love, that we turn aside to prophecies.

But you say they are interesting. Yes, very,-but mighty slippery ground to stand upon, – for the “interest” is a will-o-the-wisp which keeps leading farther and farther into the quick-sands of belief in a power apart from God. In spite of the statement, “No man knoweth what a day brings forth” there is the temptation to peep and see if something good is coming. It isn’t, – for it cannot come as long as you put the time element on it and turn it over to some other power than God.

Yes, “Where there be prophecies, they shall fail” It does not say maybe or perhaps, – it says they SHALL fail. Hardly ten per cent of all the prophecies, personal and national, have even vaguely come to pass. Of course, there is such a thing as stretching the event to fit the prophecy, – but that isn’t the danger. The real danger lies in the time element which is always interposed and the array of evil that must be endured before that “speck” of good can come into being.

But-“LOVE NEVER FAILETH”! NEVER is a long, long time, – and NEVER is ETERNALLY NOW.

Meditating along this line recently, suddenly a flash came through, – a beautiful radiance which spoke in terms of LIGHT, impressing upon me: the fact that man is born under GOD, – not under a star or a group of stars. In the record of creation, man was created above the stars. How then can he come under the malefic influences of that which is under him, unless he descends to the level of that belief?

He shall give His ANGELS charge over thee, not His stars. And you have the power to call forth twelve legions of ANGELS, if you will.

Yes, – “Where there be prophecies, they shall fail”. You live in the Kingdom HERE and NOW. Your waiting is only in human thinking.



“And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum, there came unto Him a Centurion.”

Could anything be more dramatic than this drama which is about to be unrolled? The Centurion, – glorious in his crimson and gold, his shining helmet and breastplate, his glittering sword and his entourage of picked soldiers, – the epitome of temporal power and authority, – meeting the most Majestic Person ever to trod the globe, – the embodiment of Spiritual Power, – the Radiance and Light of His Presence outshining the highly polished metal of the Centurion.

And there they stand, – the Centurion beseeching Jesus. He who never asked favors of any man but ruthlessly possessed himself of any and all things he desired, speaks: “My servant lieth at home, sick of the palsy”. A Centurion, pleading the cause of a common servant ! Servants were cheap in those days, – they could be had for nothing and disposed of by a word from their lord and master.

And then our Precious One answers, as He always answers every sincere request made of Him: “I will come and heal him”.

But no, – the Centurion, standing in all his majesty, again speaks: “I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof, – butspeak the word only, and my servant shall be healed”.

Humility and absolute faith flooded through his words, “Speak the word only, and my servant SHALL be healed, – for I also(note the self-recognition) am a man of authority, and I say unto this man ‘Go’, and he goeth, – and to another, ‘Come’, and he cometh”. This was the kind of language Jesus could understand, – and the servant was healed in the self-same hour.

Jesus did not resent the gentle rebuke given Him by the Centurion, who called to His attention that He did not have to go anywhere physically to accomplish the blessings of the Omnipresent God. He stood there before this magnificent creature and said of him, – “I have not seen so great a faith, – no, not in all Israel”. This takes in rather a large territory, – including all of His followers and even His disciples.

But reaching far beyond this is the motive back of it all. Why was the servant healed? What was the connecting link between this ruthless warrior, this proud aristocrat of Imperial Rome, and a servant? The gulf in position and place is almost unbridgeable. Think it over. The Centurion had come a long way in his chariot, – putting himself out a great deal for a mere servant. And then it dawns upon us that the Centurion was possessed of something mightier than the sword or his legions of soldiers. He was possessed of LOVE. Yes, the Centurion came in LOVE, – the only thing which “never faileth”. What else could have happened but that the servant who was thus loved, be healed. “The measure ye mete”, – the measure, – the motive back of the contact, – determines the results.

You too, will discover the joy of finding such a faith in the Words of Jesus, if you approach Him with Love the next time you have a sick servant, and be unafraid to go many leagues, if necessary, to do it. If you do, your servant, (body or situation) will be healed in the self-same hour.



“Forasmuch then, as we are the off-spring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man’s device.

“And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but nowcommandeth all men everywhere to repent.”

THERE IS A TIME WHEN a child is excused for using the keyboard of the Steinway for a serviette, because he just doesn’t know any better. But it is reasonable to believe that the time is fast coming in that young man’s life when he will find out differently, and then, if he is wise he will not try it again. The reaction will be sharp and painful.

There is a time when we ignorantly blunder through the laws of God and are apparently winked at, – “Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures”, – but there comes a time when the sharp reaction of misusing a law becomes very apparent.

The puerile concept of Truth as a system or means whereby you can ‘call upon ME’, and get anything you want, – and then reverse the order and put a lot of negative ideas into play, will prove a broken reed. Whatsoever you accept as real for yourself or another, be it good, bad or indifferent will, if placed before the Stream of your Consciousness, come into full manifestation, – with its ensuing reward ;or pain.

What you see of evil in the universe is the projection of some accepted state of human consciousness which emanates directly from you, building up its little tragedy in the material world with you the chiefest actor.

Now that you have acknowledged and recognized this never-failing Power, you will be more circumspect about the slides you slip into the lantern of your consciousness.

The Bible contains much advice to those who ‘have heard’, such as, –

“With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

“Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof.”

“If thou hast thought evil, lay thine hand upon thy mouth.”

“He that uttereth a slander, is a fool.”

“The scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off.”

“Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue, keepeth his soul from troubles.”

“Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of LIFE.”

“The POWER of Life and death are in the tongue.”

“Therefore WATCH! and remember.. .”



OLD MADAME GAUNEE was in a pensive mood. We sat in her clean little peasant hut before a blazing fire. It was cold outside but there was plenty of cheer within as the light from the great open fireplace made huge black shadows do fantastic dances on the white walls. She stirred, from time to time, the ragout that was boiling in the iron pot hanging over the flames. When she raised the lid of the pot, the place was flooded with a savory odor as sweet to the nose as music is to the ear. It filled the mind with all sorts of joyous anticipations and made for contentment.

The husky, deep voice of Madame Gaunee startled me. When Madame talked at all -which was rare- she had something to say. She had a peculiar habit of appearing to talk to herself when addressing anyone. She was a woman of the soil, bent with labor and weather-beaten with the sun and wind. Life had taken on a simplicity with her which was disarming to most people. Madame Gaunee dealt in facts. Her daughter, Eloise, had just left us -distressed because her young husband had displeased her. Madame sat silent during her entire visit, and now that she was gone, she spoke -half musing- half as if addressing herself: “Yonder in the Auvergnes lived, years ago, Old Pere La Pre. He had all the secrets of nature and some of the wisdom of God stored away in his old wrinkled head. He knew herbs and how to compound elixirs and philosophy. How long he had lived in the deep ravine of the foot-hills, no one seemed to know, nor where he came from. He seemed to be a part of the whole thing. Young and old alike came to him with their problems, and he usually sent them away healed and helped.

“One day a young wife, sorely troubled, approached his hut and spoke to him.’Good-morrow, Pere La Pre. I am wretched. My husband makes life so difficult for me. He is so quarrelsome and argues from the moment he arrives here at night until he leaves for work in the morning. Life has become unbearable with his scolding. Can you give me a charm to cure him?’

“The old Father La Pre smiled at her.’Yes,’ he said, ‘I have the very thing – an Elixir which will so transform your husband you will hardly know him, and the beautiful part of it all is that he will not know it is being used on him’. He went into his little workshop and amid bottles and tubes, – he fumbled about and finally came forth with a vial of clear fluid. He shook it well and looked at it through the light.’Yes, that will do’, he said, handing the woman the bottle. ‘Shake this bottle well to-night and when you see your husband coming home from work, take a tablespoonful of the liquid and hold it in your mouth for twenty minutes-then swallow. Do this every night until the bottle is empty.

“Months passed, and one day the young wife appeared at the door of his hut again. She was radiant and said ‘Good-morrow, good Father. The battle is empty and I have come to tell you how it has changed my husband from a devil into a saint. It has worked a wonderful charm on him. Now then, tell me what the wonderful Elixir contains, so that I may never be without it’.

“My daughter,” said the old Father, “the Elixir which cured your quarrelsome husband was just ordinary water”. He smiled at her. “It takes two to make a quarrel -it takes two to make inharmony of any kind.”

“There must have been a twinkle in his eye, waiting to see perhaps if the idea had sunk into her consciousness. “Yes, it takes two to make trouble. Remember, daughter, there is plenty of water in the world and it is a sure cure for quarreling husbands.”



IT IS written in the Law, – “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”.

You have had your opportunity to make a success of your life, – and perhaps still find yourself outside the City Beautiful with no oil in your lamps. And finally you come to the place where you can neither beg, borrow nor steal the “oil” to produce your light when the Bridegroom passes by.

Still the old human thought will make another effort. Like a beetle in a slippery bowl, he will try again and again to extricate himself from the difficulty he has fallen into. No problem ever came to you that was not first accepted by you as propelled by some false law. This you are sure is not true, and you will trace a thousand and one forgotten trails, endeavoring to find the cause of it, – rejecting the only true one: You are where you are because of your self.

It isn’t a very mellifluous doctrine. It is bitter, but it is therapeutic when once you see it. If you place the blame where it belongs, you have one foot out of the bog. Then finding the nothingness of the belief which is occupying your temple, you are out. When you discover what the Truth is, you will see the reality of the command, – “Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free”. But this, too, has been a stumbling block for ages, since the puzzling question goes on, “What is the Truth?”.

Only one Man answered that, but not many will accept it, – “I AM the Truth!” You are the truth about everything in your life, – good, bad or indifferent. Only that which you recognize as Truth in any capacity can exist for you. You may find truth in disease and poverty, and so to you it is true.

Many things are true that are not facts. Until a thing becomes established as a fact, it is of little use to you. For instance, you know that prayer heals the sick, and that is true, – but it is not a fact until you have set it into action in your diseased body and have seen the manifestation of it in perfect health. And so with wealth and happiness.

“I came that your joy might be FULL!”-not partially full, but FULL, – not the honey which is so tempting and sweet but in which has been mixed the bitter aloes of human experience. No, – but pure unadulterated JOY. The human mind cannot conceive of JOY as a continuous fare. It imagines that it must have a certain amount of the bitter so that the contrast will make the sweet sweeter. This human mind has such stereotyped limitations that it is of little use to psychologize it into imagining a state of freedom.

We acknowledge Jesus as the Way-Shower, and then proceed to find our own belief-paths. Then it is that we must be ever watchful of Scylla, that many-headed monster with its long necks reaching out to destroy anything within its reach by evil gossip and slander. And in steering a well-defined course to escape her, we may run into the whirlpool Charybdis, – that futile, disheartening teaching of the man whose breath is in his nostrils, and be sucked under, into a place of utter frustration, finally to be grounded on the Isle of the Enchantress Circe, – always calling on God, endeavoring to bend His ways and laws to fit our desires and needs.

“How long will ye doubt” that Jesus gave us a Law so fool-proof and powerful that it would “bear us up as if on eagles’ wings”?

Only when man reaches the extremity of trying, will he “let go and LET God”. “MY Ways are not YOUR Ways”, – they are said to be as far above anything the think-man can conceive as the “heavens are above the earth”.

Such an apparently nonsensical question as “For why will ye die?” is answered from the standpoint of LIFE. Nothing dies in God, – only in the human thought induced by the father-Adam. Life, when accepted as OMNIPRESENT, causes man to manifest health, and the desert to blossom as a rose, and a thousand and one other things. All this for the recognition of God!

The world is full of people seeking ME in some-thing physical, some man-made teaching, or through some set of labors which makes Hercules’ tasks look like child-play.

The idea of man’s extremity is well illustrated by an incident of some years ago. A young boy lived in a small town through which ran a deep ravine, bridged by a single-track trestle. In the course of events he left home, as most small-town boys do,returning some years later on a surprise visit. He arrived late at night, and having no conveyance, decided to walk home by the short-cut across the ravine. Midway across, he suddenly looked up to see a train coming. He could neither turn back nor go ahead, the distances being too great, – so he let himself down over the side of the trestle, there to hang until the train passed by. By the time the train had gone, he did not have sufficient strength to pull himself up again. Remembering the jagged rocks below, a horrible fear paralyzed him, and his strength gave out completely. His fingers slipped free of the tie and he dropped, expecting to be dashed to pieces on the rocks below, – only to find to his amazement that he landed on soft earth about five feet below the bridge. During his absence, the ravine had been filled in. All his harrowing agony for naught !

Jesus taught in parables, and the “letting go” He requires of you when you have come to your extremity brings the surprise facts to light. The ravine of your fear and belief has been “filled in” with the LOVE of God !

A thousand invitations are given you to “cast your burdens on Him”. You are invited to “take up your cross”, – that power which X’ed out all the belief of the life of “Jesus”. He said, “In this world ye have tribulations”, and then immediately said, “This is the Kingdom of Heaven”. This seems a contradiction, but He also told you how to escape the tribulation, – “Be in the world but not of`it”. This does not mean a retiring into the seclusion of the hills, – but it does mean a retiring from the beliefs of today which tomorrow will be cast into the oven because the human mind ceases to believe in them.

Whatever you, – yes, YOU, accept, will come to abide with you as realities, – and what you reject through the Light of your Christ Consciousness will pass you by. At best, they will turn out to be “clouds without rain”.

Yes, man’s extremity IS God’s opportunity. You remember the poem about opportunity passing but once, and if you are asleep, you are bidden to awake, for it will not pass that way again. And you have tried your opportunity with small success, but there was always some “fly in the ointment”, or “little gnats that spoiled the honey”. Then why not see what God will do with His opportunity? Be un-afraid to walk through the shadows of beliefs about you and give Him a chance.

“Wait patiently on the Lord and He WILL bring IT to pass.” What means this “it”, if not the desire you have tried so hard and long to bring into visibility. But remember that the dust of the disintegration of your extremity must settle before you can see the SUN that is emerging through the cyclone of belief.

“Wait patiently on the Lord and He WILL bring IT to pass”. It says “will” so there can be no question about the results. Now you are not afraid of being found “naked”. What a thrill is awaiting you ~vhen you come to the place where you will “stand upon your watch and SEE what the Lord has to say unto the temple-bodies”.

None of this can be accomplished through the human reason which demands proof of the answer. “The signs follow, – they do not precede” is too much for his fearful thought, – and so another cycle passes by. The Wheel of Life turns over once more and instead of letting go, you have hung on to it and are being crushed with further evil.

But this “letting” God have His opportunity is like coming in from the blistering heat of the desert, – like suddenly discovering an oasis with cool shade and bubbling spring.

“Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity!” It would seem, then, if you are surfeited with your “extremity”, it is about time to “let” something happen,the something which you could not make happen. Or if you are not yet at your extremity, why not get there as quickly as possible, so that this golden flood of NEW LIGHT and REVELATION will be yours.

The complete submission to the ways of God leads to the Perfect WAY and brings out the true meaning of “I AM the WAY”. It is only at this elevation that the laws which Jesus gave can be and are made manifest as realities. It is then that WHATSOEVER you designate the I AM to be, YOU ARE. The urge of this designation is coming through, straight from the God of the Universe, guiding you into the things that have been prepared for you and which have never entered into the heart of man.

So often this submission carries with it the false belief of a complete giving up of everything the heart has longed for and the leading of a desolatory, lonely life. This is the human concept. And yet in spite of this belief, man goes on eternally seeking God. Why for? If “things” are the ultimate, why continue to seek God? Why not find Him in money instead of substance, if you believe that money is a greater power than God. If you feel that evil is more certain and powerful than God, it would be well to worship the devil, – or would it?

Why will we stand in the Temple and say with our lips, “God is the only Power”, – and at the same time consider the evil power that apparently has us in its grasp?

You cannot legislate, nor yet control the human love. It goes where it will without rhyme or reason, – nothing can be done about it. Then why imagine that by the use of words or beliefs you can direct or control the LOVE of God?

Yes, – “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity,and incidentally, your opportunity, – -the only real one you ever had. The opportunity to have all the senses extended beyond the human belief, – to have eyes that SEE and ears that HEAR, – to have a clear, limpid consciousness of the Truth of Life and an ability to SEE through the veils of human thought. “I saw you under the fig tree” is not a capacity to tell fortunes, – but an ability to see all that is essential. So often man comes under the category of “what you ARE screams so loud I cannot hear what you are saying”.

If God cannot do it, then it cannot be done. That should just about settle it. Then, why in Heaven’s Name not LET Him do something. Give Him His opportunity, as you have given yourself so many opportunities which have all failed. Why not come to your extremity NOW.


WHEN RAPHAEL ENTERED his studio, he would sit at his easel for some moments before beginning to paint, – explaining that he was waiting for the cyclone of dust, created by his coming into the room, to settle.

When we obey the command of Jesus, “Ask and ye shall receive”, we appropriate a new state or “shape” of consciousness. The atoms of the thought picture in which we are living disintegrate, becoming a confused mass flying about us, which settle in again, – fashioning the new “shape” or degree of consciousness.

It is during this period of change that man is apt to judge from appearances, which for the moment seem far worse than the former state, and become “jittery”. The Children of Israel asked for freedom, – thus breaking the pattern of slavery, – and when the changes necessary to their releasement were taking place, they complained and wanted to return to the old idea, – “Let us return to Egypt”.

LIFE is change, – not change of principle, – but an unfoldment out of the hard and fast thought forms that have held us in bondage.

Today the world is in a convulsion of change because it has accepted the bright New World Pattern. During the transition everything is apparently thrown out of alignment. During the confusion we are commanded to “Judge not from appearances, but judge righteous judgment”.

So, having done all, “Stand and SEE the Salvation of the Lord”. Stand, – and stand, – and stand, for “thy redemption draweth nigh”. You will witness the atoms falling into alignment, and the new body, the new expression, taking form.

”Go not back”, then. Set yourself, – remembering that during the hurricane of changes, you are “hid with Christ in God”, – hidden deep in the Permanent Identity of you.

It is also indicated that this period of change which comes to you as you dare launch out onto deeper waters, is covered by the “Pass Over”. While the dust of change is filling the air, the Spirit “passes over”, – and because it sees the Sign of the Cross, there is protection and calmness.

Then stand!



You NEVER SEE THE SUN that is causing the rainbow, – and yet you know it is there. “No man shall see God and live.” Power cannot be seen by the eyes of man, – but he can see the results of it embodied in the infinite shapes of his consciousness.

The mist which went up and watered the whole face of the earth after we took unto ourselves the belief that we could create, has so completely enveloped us that we believe in the distorted shadows caught on its surface as realities. We believe that we are in a world filled with all manner of ugly shapes and forms against which we must fight. There is no escape from this through the teachings founded on such beliefs.

And so we sit in our cave of dreams, watching the pure White Light pass through the spectrum and break into a thousand colors, nuances and tints. We watch a horrible war unroll its bloody canvas before us and think it real, – yet it lies only within the thought of man and is projected by his divided thinking. We believe the ugly diseases of man are a reality, and then try to rid ourselves of the pictures patterning on the screen of our body. The moment the thought of it is snapped, the illusion disappears, the screen is white and clean, – and we say, “I have been healed”.

No, you have not actually been healed. You have merely disintegrated the false belief which held the picture in place, and without which there could be no picture. Health is the out picturing of LIFE, and therefore eternally existent. You do not make it, handle it, nor yet control it. You recognize it, – and it is then established on the earth.

All these ugly pictures of life are but the uneasy, terrifying nightmares of the dreamer as he lies on his tortuous couch of belief. He clutches at the shadows, – only to find they are nothing but empty

“This dreaming, – this somnambulism, – -is what we on earth call life, – wherein the most undoubtedly wander, as if they knew right hand from left; yet they only are wise, who know they know nothing.”

There is nothing of a permanent nature to be known from the findings of the human thought. How could the mind which is “a liar and the father of it” give forth anything but lies.

“When a man loses his life, he shall find it”when he lets go of the limited concept of life, he will find his infinite life everywhere present and immediately available to the degree he is able to ‘take’ or accept. Jesus knew this so well that He passed throughthe dream pictures of human belief and dispersed the mists that clung with such apparent reality to man.

Man, the most noble creature God created and endowed with ability to LET the never-ending LIGHT into manifestation, is bested by the least animal or “beast”, as he is more wont to call them. Carlyle has something pertinent and full of promise to think on:

“The horse I ride has his own whole fell. Strip him of the girths and flaps and extraneous tags, and the noble creature is his own seamstress and weaver and spinner, – -nay, his own boot-maker, jeweler and man-milliner. He bounds free through the valleys with a perennial rain-proof court- suit on his body; wherein warmth and easiness to fit have reached perfection; nay, the graces have also been considered, and frills and fringes, with gay variety of color, fealty appended, and ever in the right place, are not wanting. While I, – -good heavens, – have thatched myself over with the dead fleeces of sheep, the bark of vegetables and the entrails of worms, the hides of oxen or seal, the felt of furred beasts, and walk around a moving RAY Screen, over-heaped with the shreds and tatters from the charnel house of Nature, where they would have rotted, to rot on me more slowly.”

Carlyle is being a bit facetious, perhaps, – but he is aiming at the same ONENESS which Jesus knew. “You are clothed with the Spirit.” Recognizing this, the material counterpart of it will be seen and will be available. This is beyond the confines of human thought, and there is a way to “work” it out from appearances, – but there is also a definite way to bring it to pass when you BELIEVE.

There’s that word again, – BELIEVE. It is the last hurdle for the human mind, – the point of departure from the prison-house of evil.

When Adam was caught in his attempt to establish his equality with God as a creator, he was ashamed because he was “naked”. Why? Because he was in the presence of SIGHT which was not stepped down to the surface of things, – but saw through it. So does this penetrating Light of God go through the multi-colored beliefs of man, discovering the perfection of man, – naked, – or free from the ghastly clothing of disease, fear and limitation, – of which he is ashamed.

We are a little afraid of the “come unto ME” when we are faced with nothing more apparently solid than a sea of water, – but there it is. We have tried all the other things and ideas. They have all failed, – and now this step. It may be your situation is a common, prosaic one, – but nevertheless, you must STEP out if you expect to reach the boat. And how can you STEP OUT if you do not hear anything more than the mere words “come unto ME”. You have to HEAR that which said the words, not the words, – but the something which makes it possible, if you will obey.

So the sea that lies before you is only one of the dreams from the phantasmagoria of the dream cave. Do you see why the command is so often made,”Rise”, when you cannot rise, – “Open your eyes”, when you are blind, – “Stretch forth your hand”, when you are in a straight jacket of paralysis. You do none of these movements physically, or because you “try” to do them. It is something that happens when you have “touched” that wonderful agreement within you. After that, the words “Stretch forth your hand” run through the withered arm like a flow of electricity through the feed wires of a great city, flooding it with LIGHT. Every physical manifestation is preceded by the spiritual recognition of the PRESENCE within you. “The Lord is in His Holy Temple, – let all the earth rejoic!” – and it does, because the earth is born anew and the mistshave cleared away.

So now we know that healing is recognition, – and not the result of words, or prayers, or aphorisms.

“What is man, that thou art mindful of Him?” Mindful, does it say? Did you ever think of this, – that God is MINDFUL of you? And what then? Well, more than you could ever imagine in your limited human brain-mind.

It is all so in reverse to what we have been thinking, – but it works. The ONENESS of LIFE becomes more and more apparent as you step out on the waters of human belief when you have HEARD the WORD commanding you to do just that impossible thing. “Come unto ME.” In the final analysis, there is no other place to go, – and it is the place you have been seeking lo! these many years. And these time and space elements are also mere limitations put upon eternity by the fallen Adam thought. He must have a beginning and an ending to a thing which was never born, – nor can never die, – but is ETERNAL in the Heavens.

If he does not hear this word, he will accept as his lot the death shroud, woven of beliefs, the chiefest being ‘three score years and ten’, – and many times much less. All this in spite of the command “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. What does it mean, this “transformed”, – a temporary change for the better, or actually re-formed into the transfiguration of your True Self?

Many cry for transformation, – but could you take what goes with it. A grandmother said to me, following an evening lecture, – “Yes, I could take it, of course, I would like to be eighteen years old again”. “But”, I said, “How would you gain entrance to your home, if this happened to you? You don’t suppose you could convince your husband that an eighteen-year-old girl is his seventy-year-old wife, with grandchildren of twenty, do you”?

Yet it is possible in the Spirit, – but with this, so is it with most manifestations of Spirit, – can you take it, – and pay the so-called price of it all? Are you sure? Well, just to the degree you stand upto the Spirit, can it come through.

But this has nothing to do with the imagination of the human mind which thinks the change from one state to another does not mean the cracking up of shells of limitations, which may at the instant seem like a definite loss. If you cannot lose your life, you certainly cannot find it. Or if you are still looking back on the shells which you have thrown off, you may wish to “return to Egypt”, – finding it more comfortable and easy for the moment at least.

To “Follow ME”, is not a dramatic trailing off through palm-covered roads, – but a trek into spirit, – although you may not make a move physically.

All this revelation is so secret and so far-removed from the human world of thought, that you are commanded to “Tell no man”, – no, not any, – not a single one. When you are ready, “SHOW”, – and then there is no argument pro or con. No one believes you can and will be healed of an incurable disease, except those who are healed, – and they do not need to be told, – they will SEE.

Deeply hidden in the cloak of human thought is this beautifulNaked Truth, – swathed with the Garment’s of Light, which will be stepped down to a point of visibility to you and to the on-looker.

There is a reason for the HOPE that is within us, – and this evidence comes to the surface in daily life in a thousand ways. The cat, caught in a tree, will bring out all the neighbors and even the fire department, because there is THAT within which wants to help. It is in all of us, and happy is the man-:who can see through the heavy shroud of human thought and find that spark. “Sermons (silent ones in stones, – and good in everything”, – and so it is.

And there is Life, Happiness, Success, within you, in spite of the diseased clothing you may be wearing. “Seek and ye shall find”, – yes, it says “YE SHALL”, – not maybe nor perhaps, – but definitelyand utterly. You cannot fail if you follow ME. “Believe on ME”, – your Divinity, – and be saved from the beliefs of the human mind.

Words and language are only the outer garments of thought. That is why diplomacy flourishes so definitely, – saying one thing and meaning another, – always leaving a loop-hole of escape. But in the final analysis only the import of the thought carries through, – and so you may say “Peace, peace”, – and there is no peace. If there is no consciousness of peace, then there can be no peace. Peace will never come to the world until it is within man himself, and then the world cannot escape it. It will manifest as a natural thing, instead of something that must be held in place by legislation.

So you live in a world within a world, – and the LIGHT of your world is all that is real or permanent. Jesus, living- in the Kingdom of Heaven, exuded such LIGHT that we are still finding our way by it after two thousand years. It is the ONLY Light that ever came to the Adam-world. All else is a picture of a picture, – and a copy of an original is already filled with defects. When this is passed along for a time, the original light becomes dim indeed.

“I AM the LIGHT of this world”, – THE Light, – the ONLY Light, – for I AM the Light of God, and in that Light there is no darkness. All the flimsy garments of Adam and his beliefs are cast off. You look through and discover the Veritus, – the Naked Truth.

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but MY WORD shall endure forever”. One heaven and one earth after another, made of the mists of the Adam mind,:shall disintegrate and pass away. But there is no change in Spirit, God. The only change that takes place is our concept of HIM. Our concept of health one day, is changed into a greater concept the next, – and so with wealth and happiness.

And so the “enlarging” of the borders of the tent of things takes place with never-ending variety. If we are to die daily, we must be born anew daily. The things of the former life must go with the dying, – and the wholly NEW must come forth.

So that invisible SUN which is casting its gorgeous rainbow across a dark cloud, is always there. And so is God! “Fear not, – it is I”, – be not afraid. Keep the secret in your heart and SEE.

The type-setter rarely ever understands the story as he sets his type. He is working wholly with the mechanics. The most wonderful revelations and stories may pass through his fingers, – but except in rare instances, he must read the book later if he wishes to know what it is about, – even though it is his handiwork as far as its make-up is concerned. So it is with us, – we can live life in a mechanical fashion, without the slightest concept of what is in it. But, –

“When the inspiration of the Almighty is come unto you, it shall lead you into ALL things”,- and give you that extended vision which can see through the shabby garments of human thought and; discover the pure nakedness of your SOUL. It can see all that has to do with the man under the fig tree, and it can see through every fabricated or prefabricated material of the human thought.

Yes, – there is the “Arc in the Heavens,” – the “Cloud by Day,” – the “Pillar of Fire”, – the “Burning Bush,” – and a million other ways I can talk to you. Can you hear what I AM saying? I AM the VOICE!



JESUS SAID, “Think ye not that I could call upon My Father and He would send twelve legions of angels”. Had He called, some sixty thousand would have appeared, visible to the mob trying to destroy the only real teaching ever to come to earth. Do you believe this?

It is reported a terrible earthquake took place during the crucifixion, – the ground was rent, – the graves gave up their dead, – and the Saints appeared. Were they visible, – or imaginative?

And then we are told that the Heavenly Hosts surround us. Are they actual, – or is this mere symbology?

Did Jesus’ disciples see Him when He broke bread with them after the resurrection?

What took place when He said, “Look again”,and the fields were white, – setting aside the times-pace of four months until the harvest. What means this “Look again“? Haven’t we been scanning the horizons of human thought for ages and seen nothing but futility? And yet, “Look again” !

With our limited human senses we look through the reverse end of a telescope, seeing the close-at-hand as far-removed, – in other words, – the “four months until the harvest”. Now comes the command, “Look again”, with the single eye of spirit which sees only the finished thing.

Because we have no consciousness of a thing is no indication it is not true, – and because we cannot see a thing does not mean it does not exist. Only that which we recognize as possible can or does take place.

“Ten thousand thousand shall fall at thy right hand,… but it shall not come nigh thee”. How can this be? There is no answer from the standpoint of the three-dimensional mind. But it further says,

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

Yes, I know all about the extended human sense of sight. It can and does show every evil thing in the subconscious mind, . . . disembodied entities, disembodied souls, antagonizing forces. The human mind which has been aping the Divine since Adam can seemingly perform everything God does. The wise men, soothsayers and magicians produced serpents identical to all appearances with the serpent produced by the Prophet, – but what happened? You recall how it was that the serpent of the Prophet swallowed the serpents of the magicians. The human mind can and does embody anything it recognizes and it can become so real and terrible as to destroy the mind that gave it birth and life. All creations of the human mind are evil, – but their existence depends wholly upon the sustenance given by continued attention.

To be rid of an “entity” which may be disturbing your life, all that is necessary is to deprive it of the thought substance of your mind, – just as you would deflate a balloon by releasing the oxygen in it. Demons and devils flee in all directions when once you “X” them out by the Power of Almighty God. A man writhing with delirium tremens certainly sees snakes that are real and alive to him crawling on his bed, – but the nurse and the doctor standing alongside do not see them. Where, then, are they?

We can see only that which exists an the particular level from which we are functioning. Any wonder, then, that we are told to “AWAKE”, “ARISE” to a higher level, – and then “LOOK AGAIN”. And the beautiful part of it all is that when you “arise” to a newdegree of expression, you take nothing of the old degree with you. The former things are passed away, as far as you are concerned, – not even remembered.

We are told that “Heaven and earth shall pass away, – but MY WORD shall not pass away.” And then it is explained that You are the WORD made flesh, – YOU, the Permanent Identity, hiding behind the ghastly mask of John Smith or Mable Jones.

As LIGHT passes through a negative film, it produces a positive picture. As long as that LIGHT remains, it will produce pictures in reverse of its appearance. In a film negative, what appears black becomes white in the picture, and what is white becomes dark. And likewise, when the INNER LIGHT floods through the negative John Smith, all his color values are reversed.

And it says, – “YOU, – (yes, you), – are a NEW creature- (something that has life) – in Christ Jesus”. Do you believe this? Were not the negative conditions of the blind man reversed when the LIGHT poured through his consciousness?

To have all negative conditions of sickness and poverty in your life reversed, all that needs be done is to pass this LIGHT through the “negative”. We are so busy trying to eradicate the shadows of human thinking that we will not LET the LIGHT so shine. We have been “working” instead of EXPRESSING. The unlabored action of God does not work. And yet many people say, “I have done mywork“, – or “I will work for you”. Jesus said, “Labor not for the meat that perisheth”.

Finally we are beginning to SEE. Yes, – we are glimpsing the Radiance of the Risen Lord. When our vision is sufficiently clear, we will see Him, even as the disciples finally saw Him for a brief moment when He broke bread with them. But they could not hold that consciousness, and so He disappeared from their vision. Where did He go, – since He said THIS is the Kingdom of Heaven, – here and NOW, – even within YOU? How much longer will it be before we are willing to hear?

It is said “On them the second death will have no effect”. So then, the Saints who arose from their graves, – the grave of human thought that killed the body, – are ALIVE and HERE. Perhaps you would like to see them, – but how can you if you do not believe? There is no particular reason why you should see them just because you are curious. Remember what happened to Pandora and the box, she was so curious that she opened it, – and let loose on the universe a million and one evil beliefs. The SOUL of you is incurious, for it knows. When it knows, it does not “talk”, – it SHOWS FORTH. No one who actually SEES anything beyond the human thought limitations will expose it. A film that is exposed before it is developed is ruined. “See that ye tell no man”, – but be certain that you SHOW.

One person praying, – actually praying, – and not voicing a long line of word pictures, – can and has changed a situation for thousands of others. “One with God is a majority,” Do you believethis? The answer is always “Yea, yea” or “Nay, nay”, – regardless of what words may or may not be used, and the results are directly in ratio to this statement.

Heretofore it has all been so impracticable, – so “out of this world”, – but NOW it becomes a reality in the life of ANY man who believes. Then what is the matter with us? Why do we continue studying and ‘working’ with the philosophies of the ancients? There is nothing ancient in God or Jesus. If “a thousand years are as a day” and vice-versa, what is to be said of the collected and amassed information we have gathered during the last two days of life since our Precious One spoke the Kingdom of Heaven into BEING?

At the NAME-nature-every knee shall bend. What is bending but the old human beliefs, – so weak with all their vaunted powers? Such wonderful POWER is given you, – not worked for nor earned. The old John Smith negative you brought out has such wonderful possibilities, All his shadows and dark spots are to be filled with LIGHT. These dark spots of limitations are automatically reversed when the LIGHT passes through them. If they seem more real and true than the LIGHT, it is only because we are hypnotized by human beliefs. On the Temple Beautiful the shadows of disease will melt into glorious decorations of God !

In that day of SELF discovery, you will find that the blacksmith helps the goldsmith, – although they are leagues apart as artisans. Everything will then “work together”, – and THEN is when you discover and (let’ the LIGHT pass through the negative of John Smith, – turning every shadow into LIGHT.

The negative says you cannot see, – or hear, – or move, – all dark shadows of limitation. It says you are diseased, – and poor, – and unhappy. But the darker the negative, the lighter the positive picture taken from it when the LIGHT is recognized. “Arise and shine, – for your LIGHT is come, – and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Please note the present tense “is”. For Heaven’s sake! – what is the matter with us? Why don’t we “return and let”, instead of trying and “working” with the negative thing? “When we are absent from the body, we arepresent with the Lord.” So what have we to lose? “LET ME IN!” HERE I am, at the door of your consciousness, – knocking. Why not open to ME? If you do, – I will sup with thee, – and what a feast! – and ye with ME! All this lovely equality, – ye and ME !

All diseases and imperfections you ever experienced were merely the LIGHT trying to push out of your consciousness some horrible thought picture. All poison of hatred, greed and revenge must be pushed out of My Temple. Then why not LET them go, – release them, – instead of working from the outside?

“Who will save my darling”, – my old John Smith, – my masquerade costume, – from the fires of reality? Nothing will save them as long as you continue to see the negative as a negative. When you reverse your vision, – “presto!” the cancer, the lung trouble, the liver complaint, or whatever else you may have, no longer exists. The dark places become light, the positive comes forth, – because you let the LIGHT through your negative.

A sweeping symphony written years ago comes to life under the baton of a Toscanini. From our point of view, it may be only dots on lined music paper. Let the LIGHT shine through, – and it becomes a rapturous melody that lives forever. And all this is done by the swaying of a simple baton. So the negative John Smith, when the LIGHT is passed through him, becomes a beautiful symphony.

When will Jesus come? Well, – He is already here, and He will appear through the clouds of human thinking to anyone on that level of consciousness. Why did the disciples SEE Him for but a few moments? They had been with Him for three years, – and yet, when they walked with Him to Emmaus, they did not recognize Him because they had not fully accepted His Teachings. Just as you and I, they wanted to see something startling. They did not fully accept His Doctrine, – but yet, when they walked with Him their hearts “burned”, – although their eyes and ears were holden by their unbelief. And so the disciples saw Jesus in His resurrected body for but a moment.

And now what about the twelve legions of angels? If our Precious One had called them forth, would they have been visible to the human eye? And if they had appeared, what would the “crowd” have done? You know exactly what they would have done, – taken refuge in any shelter they could have found. But He let the swine of human thought kill His body to show us what could take place if one believed in God.

And now, – since Jesus said, “The works that I do, ye shall do also”, – what about your Legions of Angels and the Heavenly Hosts? Well, they are HERE and NOW to you, – if you are YOU, and accept your God-given Heritage as did Jesus.



God Smiles on You

WHENEVER YOU “touch ME”, God smiles on you. A feeling of “well done” envelopes you as. does the ambient perfume from a field of flowers. Nothing may have changed for the moment, – but a sense of all-rightness sings within, – and then you are feeding among the lilies. All this beautiful symbology becomes real, tangible and true, – and you find you have been seeking ME “as the hart panteth after the water brooks”. Then you “touch ME”, – and God smiles on you.

Through the iridescent clouds of REALIZATION and LIGHT, the manifestation appears, the “dry land” pushes up into reality in such a strange and magical way. The flickering candlelight of human reasoning has burned low, – and “Jocund day”, – joyous day, – a NEW DAY, stands tip-toed on the misty mountain tops. And miracle follows miracle.

And God smiles on you! And sometimes in that smile such LIGHT falls upon a darkened Temple as to rid it of a loathsome disease, or a nagging, never-ending worry, – and PEACE, – yes, PEACE that passeth all understanding, comes to abide in you.

And God smiles on YOU !

The Stream of Consciousness

There is a “stream of consciousness” flowing from the God-head to man. When you “PROVE ME”, you will SEE the Windows of Heaven open and the blessings descend in a never-ending stream, – so many you cannot count them. This is the NATURE of God. “Whatsoever you ask in My Name (nature)”, – whatsoever you “take” in that NATURE, – whatsoever you conceive in the pure consciousness, will instantly begin building its body or vehicle of expression, – just as the moment conception takes place, gestation sets in and the body is formed, and in due time the Child is born.

This process has little to do with the old worn out thought patterns of yesterday, – that which imagined all it had to do was to “think hard” enough and God would do something He otherwise would not have done.

The matrix or model is conceived in the invisible. Like the potter standing before his batch of clay, but detached from it, – and in his mind there appears the perfected object of his desire. When he recognizes it as a reality, then the “stream of consciousness” begins flowing through his temple into the clay, – towards the embodying of his desire. It is invisible to everyone except the potter. In fact, the world would deny its existence, – and would endeavor to prove their point, – just as the potter will “PROVE ME”, and SEE the manifestation HERE and NOW.

The appropriation of the “Finished Thing” is now taking the place of the outgrown “thought” systems. Jesus worked from the basis “before you ask”, – and “Thank you, Father”, – the recognition of the consummation and completion of the idea before it appeared to the limited human sight. And so must we do likewise.

Jesus and His Sisters and Brothers

It is recorded that the brothers and sisters of Jesus were present when the people were marveling at His works and words, – and “they were offended at Him”. A lot of help He received from His family! One would think that if they did not understand or approve of Him, they would have remained at home. No wonder He said, – “A prophet is not without honor but in his own country and among his own kin and in his own house”. “All my familiars watch for my halting.” So goes the old human record. All teachers and revelators have met with the same thing. People who worship emotionally one moment, hate with like violence the next, – for there is no LIGHT there.

And so your enemies are only a testimony of the LIGHT within you. If you did not have the Light, they could not see you. So rejoice, – and be glad! “Blessed art thou, when men shall curse and revile you for MY Sake”. So if you are blessed, – take your blessing and be glad!

What Did Jesus Write on the Ground?

After giving the accusers an ever-lasting rebuke and seeing them slink away in their guilt, He must have written something about the shifting, transient human accusation and forgiveness, – something bespeaking of the incapacity of the human mind to have any enduring principle, – something indicating that their accusations and their forgiveness would last about as long as His writing on the sands.

The Juke Box

(Concerning Choice)

One day recently I sat down at a crowded lunch counter. In front of each one was a slot machine connected with a Juke Box. The gentlemen next to me inserted a nickel, – and we were all treated to a most gorgeous thing about a “hep cat”. When this meowling ceased, someone else dropped in a nickel, and a lovely rendition of Chopin’s Polonaise filled the place. Then food came along, which we all proceeded to put in our bodies.

And then I thought, – “There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile him.” Some of the customers, perhaps, were destined to have heart-burn, – others stomach-ache or even ptomaine poisoning. And still others might feel stronger, fatter and more satisfied.

On the Juke Box slot was a little wheel listing the musical numbers from which to choose, – the nickels that went in were alike, but what came out was very different in each instance, according to the choice made.

We choose from a menu what goes into our body, and at the same time, either consciously or unconsciously, choose the effect thereon, with results far surer than dropping the nickel into the Slot. “Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve.” “L-a-a-dies, and Gentlemen, – step up and put in your nickel!”


“What are you doing”, said the Prophet to the widow.

“I am picking up sticks to build a fire and cook a pancake for my son and me, – after which we will lie down and die.” How very sad ! Why prolong the agony?

Then said the Prophet, “Well, give me a pancake”.

Of all things! “Didn’t I tell you I only had two?” “Well, then, eat your pancake and die.” All that stood in the way of heaven with that widow was a pancake. Not much, – but she had to remove it in order to see the flowing oil and meal.

You haven’t a pancake in the way of your heaven, have you?

Think This One Over

Did you ever think how that the Children of Israel were supposed to be so abused and enslaved, beaten and underfed, – and then, without any explanation, they borrowed all the jewels and wealth of their masters? How come? And then you discover that in their hurry to get away, they forgot to return the jewels. Now was that nice?


It is said that no man has a good enough memory to be a liar, – and this is true, unless one belongs to that classification called Pathological Liars.

After several experiences with them I came to the conclusion they are one of the phenomena of life. The things they tell and the minute details into which they go can be accurately checked so far as authenticity is concerned, – and yet the so-called liars have never been near the place they so accurately describe nor experienced the things they so scientifically describe. They never make a mistake when repeating a story, and apparently cannot be caught up on any point.

It causes one to wonder if they are really liars, or if, through some reach of consciousness, they are possessed of the capacity to “see” things. Many children have this extended capacity and have been punished for lying, – and in after years it has been discovered that they ‘knew’ what they were talking about.

Jesus saw all things, persons and places at will. Perhaps these people have somewhat the same power to see, – since everything is eternally existent, and all that has ever taken place is photographed on the ethers.

However, I am not inviting you to join this group unless you can recognize this capacity as a power of consciousness, as did Jesus, – and not assume it as a personal experience, for the glory thus gained is short-lived.


One day a young Hollywood Hopeful came to me, radiant with the news of his interview with a studio official.

“Yes, I have signed a contract. I told them what I wanted, – and now I am all set.” “Then all you have to do now, is to go to work.” “Well, – just as soon as they sign. I have already signed.”

Three months later I met him again, – still without work. The studio had not yet signed the contract, – in spite of the fact that he had signed it.

. . . . .

A contract of itself is a mere scrap of paper. If the spirit of it is not fulfilled, nothing takes place.

I remembered the many contracts I had made with God, – telling Him exactly what I wanted,

drawing up my own contracts and signing them, but strangely enough, they were not fulfilled. And then I saw, as in the case of the Young Hopeful, if the contract had been executed from the other side, things would have been all right.

How refreshing and how wonderful it would be if we would look over the many contracts God has made with us and signed, – and then affix our signatures to some of them, – and LET them come to pass.


If you can check the emotions when discussing a thing, you will be saved many disagreeable ventures. The moment you become emotional over an issue, you automatically take sides in accordance with your personal opinion, – which after all, may be erroneous.

“Come boldly to the Throne of Grace” All wrong disintegrates when the LIGHT of this Throne passes through your temple. “Be not afraid, – it is I”, – the Permanent Identity, which has the power – to “pick it up and lay it down”. When you are ready, “I will do the works”.

If there are no “works”, be not discouraged and go back again to your former bondage. Take all condemnation from your body and self, – then walk straight into the Christ Light, – and naturally and normally bear away your blessings.


David .Seabury gives this definition of Self Pity: “A common term for Masochism, – an ugly form Of Egotism”. Masochism is a neurotic state of mind which enjoys suffering.

There is no doubt that self-pity is, as someone has said, more opaque than a solid body. No light or illumination can come through the dense clouds of feeling sorry for oneself.

But if you enjoy indulging in it, that is your business. But no one else does, – which is their business. And so!

This is Where I Came In

I entered a Cinema toward the end of a rather. ghastly newsreel, – an ugly picture of suffering and torture. Closing my eyes, I waited for the feature. When the feature had run its course, the newsreel started again, finally unwinding to the place of torture. I said to myself, – “This is where I came in”, and left the theater. But the pictue continued as long and as often as it was projected, – and the repetition of the suffering and torture would be reenacted over and over, – although the original incident was probably already years old.

“Here’s where I came in” has more meaning than at first appears. We find a unique spot in consciousness in the picture of evil, and if we do not “go out”, the reel will be repeated over and over. The”Squirrel” in the cage of human thought, never gets anywhere, although he travels miles in thought. The wheel he manipulates remains an eternal repetition. There is no escape until he is released from the cage, – -until he “goes out”

But once we awaken and arise and “go out” into the consciousness of the Presence, we are freed from the negative pictures. The reel may continue to unwind, but it has no screen on which to project the pictures into visibility. Memory of an unpleasant incident and not the incident is what perpetuates the evil pictures.

Let us, then, “go out”, – leaving all the ugly human thought-pictures, – and enter into our rightful Inheritance.

This ONE Thing

Attention is the focusing of the ALL of you on one point. Drawing the diffused sunlight through a magnifying glass to a sheet of paper will set it afire.

When we pray, we are told to do just one thing, and one thing only, – and that is to BELIEVE. Through this “magnifying glass” of BELIEF will that for which we pray be “set afire”, or come into manifestation.

“Be not afraid, – only believe.”

“Thou art careful and troubled over many things. But ONE thing is needful.” “This ONE thing I know, – “

Then do not be like the Ancient Knight, who rushed out, jumped on his horse, and rode off in all directions. Have a definite point and stay on it.

“This ONE thing I do !”

This Temptation-Devil

What are you going to do with this devil which the human mind has made so real through recognition and blame? Yes, perhaps you think that after you said to him “Get thee behind me, satan”, he pushed you, – BUT the push is always from within you. Remember the ancient saying, – “If thou hast not seen the devil, look to thine own self”.

Everything that can tempt you, you have endowed with that power. Nothing can attack you of itself. It has no power so far as you are concerned unless you have transmitted that power to it.

“Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God.”


The human mind, with its great or little erudition, always “knows better” than the Divine, – and tries to argue its point, – like Naaman, the leper, who couldn’t see the difference in dipping seven times in the Jordan and in the Pharpar rivers. There probably wasn’t much difference as far as the water was concerned, – but there was a great deal of difference when it came to causing the old human thought to break through its fixed limitations.

“Behold I set before you this day a blessing and a curse, – ablessing if ye obey the commandments of the Lord your God.”

“We ought to obey God rather than man.”

Obey my Voice and I will be your God.”



HAVING BEEN ACCUSED many times of having eyes and seeing not, and ears and hearing not, one finally concludes that the so-called physical senses must have a further reach beyond the generally accepted limitations of human thought and findings.

In every instance of miracles, we see Jesus “looking again”, – an extension of the sense of sight which looked beyond all human findings to a place of permanent completion.

Since in a dream you can live many years of time in a few moments, and experience apparent reality with equal vividness as in the waking state, the extension of the senses beyond time-space does not seem so strange and unreal after all.

All of the human senses can be and are being continually deluded. Synthetic conditions and hypotheses are set up which are accepted as real to any of the five senses.

When through the recognition of the fundamental fact of life, there is an awareness of something greater than human thinking, the slim tender “feelers” go out through the gloom of thought and “touch” something beyond, – and yet strangely enough,present.

The moment human reason attempts to handle or analyze this new dimension of the senses, it disappears, – for there is no thought-shape which can capture it. It cannot be put in the straight-jacket of man-made knowledge, – and yet it is more real and enduring than anything man knows or sees, – a subtle sixth sense which runs through the other senses and causes them to function in a place of the Fourth Dimension.

A mass of real and pseudo evidence has been given of extended sight and hearing. One hesitates to mention the word “psychic” because of its prostitution. A shade of difference is given in the word “prescience“, as opposed to “psychic”. Any of the results from real extension of the senses comes through or into being instantly, – “In the twinkling of an eye”, – and cannot be induced by so-called spiritual “work”.

Digging into the trite words and sayings of the Bible, we discover chinks in the armor of human thought, – ways out, as it were, – -into this extended area, – –

There is something about the sense of “touch” which is ably allied with agreement, – “Two shall agree as touching-and it shall be established”.

There is something about the capacity of “taste” which can and does savor of the impossible. “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good”, – the unconsciously implied connection between taste and sight. And then “smell” has something to do with the Breath of Life, – and quite naturally all this hooks up with the “speaking of the Word” on the breath, – and the “power of life and death” being in the tongue.

“Blessed are your eyes, for they ‘see’; and your ears, for they ‘hear’. For verily I say unto you, that many prophets and righteous men have desired to see the things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear the things which ye hear, and have not heard them.”

And then over all is the command to disregard appearances, – and to judge from the righteous point of consciousness. And the advice, “What is that to thee, – follow thou me”, – taking away the findings of human observation.

It is likewise interesting to note that “In my Father’s House aremany mansions”. A mansion being larger than a house, it gives us another indication of a plus power, and the many degrees of the extension of the senses, with their accruing degrees of manifestation.



FOR A LONG TIME I listened to a daily broadcast. It was perfectly set in the lobby of a tumbled-down hotel, peopled with a group of characters who met daily to solve their little problems, – the old bell-boy, a complaining lady guest, the manager and his assistant, and an attractive girl.

The moment I tuned in to the program, I automatically entered the dingy lobby as a spectator, the old elevator with its noises, the half-hinged doors and arriving guests.

Then one day I went to see the broadcast. At the stroke of nine the curtain went up and my hotel vanished with the same magic as did Cinderella’s coach and four at the stroke of midnight. There on a comparatively bare stage was a handsome young announcer and a few musicians. There was no elevator, no creaking doors, no adorable and complaining old lady guest, no old man so belabored with odd jobs. My lady became a man, my old bell-hop became the same man, my harassed manager the same man. Sitting there, I wondered what had become of the hotel I had builded, peopled and lived in each morning, – so very real and true to me. It had never existed except in my own mind.

Now suppose this picture had been some fearful condition of failure or disease or a wretched state of unhappiness. If we would likewise “go and see” the truth of the matter, – if we would enter into the center of it all, we would find it did not exist, – that it never had existed except in our own thought, – and it too, would vanish, having no reality. “Return unto Me, all ye ends of the earth, and be saved.”

The next time we tune into a station of disease, fear, evil, lack, or anything of like nature, let us remember this. The shape of human consciousness is filled with our thought substance, – and remains in that form with all its ensuing evils until we go in andsee what is back of it all.

“Behold, I set before you an OPEN door” of attainment. Enter, and be saved from the human thought confusion.



AND THE SINS Of the fathers shall be visited unto the children of many generations.

The sins of the fathers are not the supposed breaking of civil codes and standards of living generations ago, – but the incorporation into our lives of a thousand and one evil beliefs that have come to us by the grapevine of the “old wives’ tales”, in many instances parading under a thin veneer of pseudo-scientific concoctions.

A child comes into the world freighted with these beliefs and immediately learns fear of every sort. Ancient teachings of his fathers are heaped upon him. If he can surmount these beliefs in sin, sickness and death, he may live to “work out his own salvation by the sweat of his brow”, under the curse of being born of woman. He in turn passes his sins on to the next generation, augmented with all the “witchcraft of yesteryears”. And so “the children’s teeth are set on edge” because we have failed to break this false pattern.

New and fresh escape is offered from this curse through the Revelation of Christ Jesus. “Call no man – (not any) – your father, upon the earth: for ONE is your Father, which is in Heaven.” With this Light we see the sins of the fathers, the dark shadows of heredity, environment, slip into the limbo of oblivion. Pulling ourselves out of the mire of ancient sins, we discover exactly what Jesus discovered when He “left all” – everything – and followed into the Light of being “born again”, – born into the recognition that God is a literal and actual Father of everything that lives, moves and breathes. A new beginning is offered, – a wholesale elimination of the heritage of evil.

Oftimes the sins or beliefs of the fathers are outgrown and people say, “I no longer believe in that”, – only to take up the same belief in a new garb. And so the wheel turns, – the game of hide-and-seek goes on and on. But when they are seen in their true light, much of the witchcraft and fear that has haunted every child born-of-woman, will pass away. “I will arise and go unto my Father”, – the prodigal suddenly takes his NEW BIRTH and returns to his true inheritance, irrespective of the fact that he may have squandered his apparent substance in riotous living. He will “follow ME”, – leaving everything, person, place and condition.

This is not a dramatic display of power, but an inner “letting go” of the sins of the fathers and a releasing of all those who bind you and who are more than likely bound by you. You are “a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST JESUS”. The teachings of the “man whose breath is in his nostrils” fall

away. No more do you accept the beliefs of yesteryears, – no longer are you under the “curse of the law”, of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” You are UNDER GRACE! You are BORN AGAIN! You are FREE!

It is one thing to talk about casting out sin and overcoming it, – it is another to do it. You may purify a river at its mouth, but if a poison is poured in at the source, it is a hopeless task. Why should we waste time endeavoring to overcome the sins of our fathers? Unless the poison is eliminated at the source, the denial of a sin is an endless job.

But what did Jesus say about it all, – how to be rid of not one sin of the fathers, but the whole gamut in one instant? “CALL NOMAN YOUR FATHER!” When this is accepted and taken into consciousness, then the old-wives’ tales and remedies are done with. You are a NEW creature when you transfer your birth from matter to Spirit, and you sense your true nature. The human mind, being a liar and the father of it, can produce nothing but evil, discord and inharmony. And what else is a man to look forward to, who is born of woman, few of days and full of trouble. The redemption comes with the discovery that “God is your Father”, – the only one you ever had or ever will have. Claiming your birthright, you go not back to dig in the dusty archives of yesterday with its false beliefs, nor do you accept them under their new, up-to-date names under which they are being offered on all sides.

Behind the mask of personality lies your individuality, – and one of these times you will tear that mask away and BE your God-given self, endowed with undreamed of capacities, – and will accept the things your eyes have not seen nor your ears heard, that have never entered your mind. How could they enter into a mind that has no capacity to accept them?

A wholesale house-cleaning takes place when you recognize God as the ONE POWER expressing through you and through all. Time and space disappear, – in the twinkling of an eye all is changed, and in less time than the human mind can register, the transformation takes place. You will recall in the case of Mary Magdalene, so complete was this change that the multitude did not recognize her, (though she had been among them for years) – and even then were on the verge of stoning her. Neither did they know Jesus, who had also been in their midst for years. “Is this the carpenter?”

How the “dust” gets into the eyes of the multitude in the presence of one so transformed. In reality, the dust is the dazzling Light of Spirit emanating from the enlightened one, so overpowering that the limited sense of sight becomes blinded and the crowd says, – “Is this the carpenter?” – “Is this the Magdalene?” – “Is this John Smith?” Considering this Father idea as a reality and not as a hackneyed statement of the Bible, you discover that “if your human father could give you good gifts, how much more can I”, – and you will know that God LOVES you, – not with the selfish human love, but with an ALL-ENVELOPING nobleness which gives you such strength and causes you to exclaim at each new manifestation, “I have gotten a man-(ifestation) of the Lord”. One barrier after another goes down, – all the crazy beliefs you have had in two powers crumble into dust and are blown away by the breath of God.

Only “watch with ME one hour”, – the most important hour when perhaps things look the darkest, – and “I” will show you how it all takes place with and through you.

And when the seven devils are cast out, you will find yourself in your right mind, sitting at the feet of the Master; – the “John Smith” with his load of sin and karmic debt casts his burden on the Lord and is not only in his right mind but he is now being sustained, – and his burden is LIGHT.

And now I know you feel as you read, the Holy inrush of Life, real LIFE, real POWER, permeating your temple-body. Yes, – you are a NEW creature, – with NEW and more wonderful possibilities than you ever dreamed of. You need not “work” any more, – you have discovered a NEW way, – and you “let” things take place. What things? ALL the things that are prepared for you which you could not accept with the limited human thought.

So you make your agreement and give up the struggle to “make” things happen, – accepting the wonderful things that comethrough you, – yes, YOU, the wide-open channel through which God will express.

You are not afraid now, – you are clad in an aura of LOVE which brings everything to you belonging in your Kingdom. And oh, so very much belongs there. The obedience to God that is asked is so easy and so beautiful. “What would you have me do?” And then the mechanics, – and the sluggish old body finds itself operated by the LIGHT of GOD, – and rests. The hellish sins of the fathers fall away, taking the appearances with them, – and you abide in the LOVE of God.

Then ARISE and SHINE for YOUR LIGHT IS come, – YOUR Light that is different from the Light of any other, although the same in essence. It is this that makes you hopelessly original, – a different, a “peculiar” people. Your success is assured, for there is no competition, – no opposition. You are now in your Father’s house, – and He has said unto you: “Thou art ever with me, – and ALL that I have is thine.”



ONE BECOMES almost breathless when contemplating for a single moment what can happen through faith.

But then, what the average man calls faith is but a pseudo-hoping that something which could happen, might happen.

But faith which is fully accepted actually does become thesubstance of things hoped for and the evidence (manifestation) of things not seen. And so this state of consciousness experiences “wholeness”. “Thy faith hath made thee whole!” It states “thy” faith, – not someone else’s, – showing that the entire operation takes place within you and not in the consciousness of another.

When another prays for you, you must meet him with your one hundred percent agreement, or nothing is done in that place. “Not many mighty works were done because of their unbelief.” It does not say they could not have taken place, – for in reality they were already done, awaiting recognition. So “thy” – your very own – faith hath made thee whole, because in essence you arewhole. Through faith you are re-cognizing this essential fact, – discovering it again.

And so you contemplate this magnificent Truth in breathless adoration of God. You see that it only takes faith as a grain of mustard seed to remove a mountain, to open the eyes of the blind, to raise the dead, or to do a thousand and one other things.

What is the matter with us, that we continually make it difficult. You do believe in God, don’t you? Well then, how many more stupid man-made lessons, with all their psychological twists and modern quirks, will it take before you discover the simplicity of faith.

When the Inspiration of the Almighty has come unto you, it shall lead you into ALL things. Is ALL enough, or must you have more.

When you discover your grain of mustard seed, you will be finished with human ways and means and enter into the WHOLENESS that faith brings.



ALEXANDER THE GREAT, magnificent in body and accomplishments, was dubbed “the Divine Lunatic” because his entire life was fraught with a succession of events beyond human comprehension. Because of the lavishness of his expression, he was also dubbed “the Golden Lunatic”.

His mother, Olympias, impressed upon him that he was not the child of a human father, Philip of Macedonia, but that in reality she had been overshadowed by Zeus, – therefore his nature and capacities were Divine and not constrained within the narrow confines of human limitations.

Alexander believed this and acted accordingly. His appearance did not belie his Divine birth and he was constantly doing the unpredictable and the impossible. His gentleness made him beloved in spite of the fact that he was a valiant and relentless warrior. His life was full of this Divine quality, stemming from the fact that his mother had told him he was Divine.

At one time by his gentleness he conquered the magnificent, mettled black charger, Bucephalus, after his father Philip had eschewed the opportunity to show his prowess and the groom had declined to touch him. It is recorded Alexander put his arm around the charger’s neck, patted him, jumped onto his unsaddled back and rode away as though he were the gentlest of animals.

. . . . .

And then comes Jesus! His mother was actually over-shadowed by the Spirit, – and while we have no record of her telling Him this, we see from the beginning of His career a succession of events which come under the category of Divine.

Since the “Wisdom of GOD is foolishness in the eyes of man”, I presume Jesus, too, might have been called a “Divine Lunatic” because of His works. And strangely, one of the chiefest “planks” of His teaching was “Call no man your father, but ONE which is in Heaven” We find Him saying to the world, – You are not born of man, but you are born of God, – You are Divine, – You have the capacities to do God-like things, such as healing the sick, raising the dead, opening the eyes of the blind .. . All of which apparently invoke a power beyond the physical capacities.

Alexander believed, – and reproduced a Divine quality in body and works. This very capacity to BELIEVE is the key-note of the teaching of Jesus. “Believest thou this?” A thousand other times this insistent word is brought for consideration as an absolutely necessary thing.

With this belief comes the capacity to do what the human woman-born man calls miracles. When this is once accepted, the laws of God become the natural laws of man, and the man-made laws of time-space become naught. There is, therefore, a”Divine Lunacy” in the whole picture as far as the human mind is concerned. “How does this man speak, seeing he has no learning.” How did He do the things He did without any technical knowledge of them? How did Alexander subdue the stallion without doing anything?

The “call no man your father” principle establishes once and for always your Divinity, – and the BELIEF in this truth clears away the veils of human belief which says “born-of-woman, few-of-days and filled-with-trouble”. It sets aside the time-space element of life and brings into being an indefinable substancecalled “NOW”.

Jesus dwelt much on this substance called “NOW”. Everything of which He spoke took place in this “NOW” – and always takes place in the “NOW”. No matter what the slow human mind thinks about the time element, it does not exist to the consciousness of God, – and hence finds no place in the mind of His off-spring. The illusion of human thought, with its measures and its laws of physics, evaporates, as it were, without explanation or apparent reason, – and the harvest appears without all the motions of man, – the sick man is instantly well without the convalescing of human thought.

There is so much startling information given as to upset the entire human thought world, – telling every man that he IS the Son of God, – that he IS endowed with the capacities of God, which can and do set aside anything and everything man-born-of woman has learned through thousands of years of experience and study, – notwithstanding what is said to the contrary. This God-given heritage finds the “wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God”, and quite naturally, the God-wisdom is “foolishness” in the eyes of man.

It is not a belief in a Power called God as something separatedfrom man, – not a use of it as something apart from him, – but abelief in his Divine Nature, – that he, too, is the Product of God, the expression of His Love, and that he, too, can, in the language of Jesus, “do the works that I do, and even greater”, when he accepts his birthright.

In spite of the records which state clearly that we were created in the image and likeness of God, a little lower than the angels, given dominion over all things, and so on, – man still harks back to the fact that he was “born”. Man was never born, – he was created, complete and perfect. This trite and hackneyed saying suddenly bursts into flame when we actually believe, instead of trying to believe.

How can you believe when you look to appearances? Alexander’s father, Philip of Macedonia, was a great king and warrior, and he claimed him as his son, – but Alexander had already accepted his Divinity and showed forth his BELIEF, – even as did Jesus in a much truer and greater way. So will you when you discontinue the “study” of Truth and enter into it and be saved from your human beliefs of time-space and the “born-of-woman” state of affairs. You will then be “born again” – “a new creature in Christ Jesus” – in the sense that you must re-appear in the freshness and newness of the created, changeless ONE which you are.

A moment’s contemplation of this TRUTH and many old pictures of diseases will pass into oblivion and the barren fields will be ripe with harvest. “Believe, and ye shall be saved” from your human thought-belief of good and evil.

On and on the WORD continues, offering this salvation from humanology for as small an amount of faith as a grain of mustard. All things will be changed in the twinkling when you claim your birthright, – not as something you have to claim, BUT AS SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO CLAIM. You do not do anything by force or effort when you discover you are the Child of God. You inherit a Divine Right which you employ and the groundlings of human belief flee before the brightness of HIS coming.

The effortlessness of healing by Jesus Christ is as one removing dust from a highly polished surface, – a casual wiping away of nothing. Age has nothing to do with it, for in the God-head there is no age, – it is a never-born, never-dying Spirit.

. . . . .

And then comes Paul, – seeing the Athenians, mistaken in the Power which he showed to them, fall down and worship him, he exclaimed, – “Ye men of Athens – know ye not that ye are gods?” What a revolutionary statement! To tell the Greeks that they were actually the Gods they had been worshiping, – that theywere Love, Power, Beauty… The Greeks had divided their god into twelve phases, giving one deity many forms and virtues. They prayed to Aphrodite for Beauty because she symbolized that phase of the Great One.

And today we have as many names for God as the Greeks had, – or for that matter, more. We pray to a God of Strength as surely as the Greek prayed to Mars, – and to a God of Love and of Harvest.

And so we see how the generations of the worlds have been reaching for the supreme knowledge of this One God, – whichonly Jesus Christ gave and which we have so miserably failed to grasp, for we are still casting lots for His Robe of Understanding, peddling it in the markets of the world.

Always there is a “secret” to be sold or a special way to follow. And yet there is no secret which the very Soul of you, when awakened to its Divinity, does not perfectly comprehend. There is always the “teaching” that it is “difficult” to understand God and more “difficult” to “use” Him, – which is quite right. You have only to pause for a moment and think of the thousands of people who believe God is something to be prayed “at”, – some power which is to grant special dispensations. There are no special dispensations for those who are in Christ Jesus for the special dispensation which the human mind seeks indicates a belief in two powers.

“If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God”, not John Smith. We have heard this a thousand times, – -yet we continue to ask the “man whose breath is in his nostrils” to make something happen.

If the ways of God are NOT the ways of man, as it is written, then why do we attempt to change the ways of God to conform to those of man? “My ways are not your ways … For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways.” And still man beats against the door of heaven with human ideas, thinking to gain the ear of God by many words as do the heathen.

We have tried our way, – the way of the man-born-of-woman, “of few days and full of trouble” How about launching out into the deeper waters of the “created-in-the-beginning” man, the image and likeness, endowed with such magnificent powers and given dominion over everything that now has dominion over man.

Transformation too, – and in the twinkling of an eye, when this perfectly Created Being sees through the age-old beliefs of time and change, ugliness and age.

And so the next time you read and HEAR Jesus speaking to you through the sacred pages, telling you that you are to “call no man your Father”, BELIEVE and experience the glorious plus values of Heaven-on-earth.

You ARE the Son of God! It may all seem foolishness to the man-born-of-woman, – but do not tell him. Let him discover it, and perhaps he will consider you a “Divine Lunatic” also, – and perhaps you will be just that, because everything that God knows is insanity to the human mind.

We have a better and surer proof of being “sired” by God than did Alexander. We have our Precious One, who ran through every picture of the human thought and proved them all to be the insane hypnotism of the human mind. So you can fold your tent and steal silently away into the new level of revelation in which ALL things are possible because you are Divine. Yes, we hear Jesus calling our attention to, – “Know ye not that ye are Gods”.

The hour is late, – the Kingdom has already been ushered in, – and the awakened Sons of God are shouting for joy! That joyous shout within your soul will tear down the walls of your Jericho.

ARISE and SHINE for thy LIGHT is come, and the Glory of the Lord thy Father is risen upon thee, – and Radiant Splendor which has hitherto seemed so abstract, is now found to be real.



WE HAVE ALL asked this provoking question over and over again, – reasoning after this fashion: “I have studied”, – “I have worked”, – “I have given”, – “I have tried to live the life”, – and yet, – and so on. And of times we are lead through a dark forest of fear and mistrust, near the slough of discouragement.

Jesus, our Precious One, has given us the answer, – “Be not discouraged, I have overcome the world (My world).” “What I have done, ye also can do.” Each has a WORLD of human beliefs, quite different from any other, – a world made up of all the pictures of evil we have seen, or heard, or otherwise taken in.

Remembering the POWER of Jesus, – when you are about to give up, it may help to recall that even He was “driven into the wilderness” of his subconscious mind and was there faced with His pictures. There He remained for forty days, – but when He emerged, He had risen to a NEW level.

So be not discouraged, for “at a moment you think not, I come”, – and at that moment the Desert and the Wilderness will blossom as a rose. Regardless of appearances, that moment may be nearer than you think.

Once even Jesus seemed to forget the present Power, when He said to the Centurion, “I will come and heal him”, – and the Centurion answered, “Only speak the WORD”. So take heart, – and “Stand and SEE”.

If you had a crystal and superimposed upon its surface a transfer stamp of a Chinese Dragon, – and then sat down to contemplate the LIGHT in the crystal, you would have to see it through the Chinese Dragon.

We superimpose every problem we have on the surface of the “no problem” God. The answer already exists. We make up or create a problem (which is the only thing man can create), – and then work it out to the “no problem”, – or what we call healing. That is, we merely return to the original state which existed before we superimposed the “Dragon” we believed in as real on the crystal.

There is no problem in God. All problems are created and sustained by human thinking. You can neither add to nor take from the WORD, the PERFECT CREATION of God. If you attempt it, you only add to your plagues or take away from your peace of mind.

Symbols, things, come and go, – but the WORD shall not pass away. Therefore, if all the symbols of money were made null and void, nothing would be taken from the sum total of God Consciousness. All substance would still exist, – and another symbol would be brought out, which could turn the first symbol into a Dragon.

All values are in human thinking. Diamonds are held in line by not releasing too many on the market. If they were too plentiful, they would have little value, – and yet nothing would change in the diamond, – all its qualities would remain intact.

Break the human thought and the picture sustained by it will disintegrate, – no matter what its nature or intensity.

Jesus looked through the pictures and saw the ‘fields white’. Strange, too, that the laborers are few, – yet so many want to reap the good of life. But if they cannot SEE it, they cannot “thrust in the sickle”.

So if you are in the wilderness and are about to plunge into the slough of despondency, – “stand” a little longer, remembering that Jesus overcame His world, – and you can and will do the same, for He said you could.



THE Imprisoned Splendour in every man is IMMORTALITY, – so magnificently released by Jesus in His SELF-resurrection.

In order to show man the nothingness of the ‘thought world’, He used Himself as a human guinea-pig, – submitting to the ways of human thinking. Thus day by day He built the inevitable tomb which would one day encompass Him and from which He was to come forth. When the tomb was completed, Jesus was apparently killed and placed therein. When it was closed, He was beyond any and all help from without, – anything that was to transpire from then on had to take place from within.

And so on the third day we find the stone of the human mind rolled from the entrance of the tomb, – and He arose from all dead beliefs. The Imprisoned Splendour, – IMMORTALITY, – came forth!

From the moment of birth man builds his tomb, following the cruel, hateful FATE pattern until he accepts the teachings of Jesus, – thus setting aside events which would have produced inharmony in His life.

Easter might be called the “Triumph of the Egg”, – taken from an ancient Pagan Rite. The symbology is perfect, – within the egg the perfect manifestation lies, wholly unseen and undiscovered. The moment the warmth of the mother bird penetrates the egg, gestation takes place, and moves along orderly with the creation of a NEW body, – a NEW form, – which presently will emerge from the tomb.

The awakening soul may experience a thousand Easters. Time after time an idea imprisoned in a hard shell of belief is resurrected, – and is set free by the warmth of the Love of God. Within the shell of every problem lies the Imprisoned Splendour, which if given an opportunity, will build its NEW and WONDERFUL expression with sufficient strength to break through the “tomb”, – in spite of all those about you who profess with their lips to believe, but are always looking for a sign. You, knowing “the signs follow, – they do not precede”, – will “tell no man”, and be content to stay within your tomb for three days, – coming forth independent of all opinions and beliefs.

This is no longer a metaphysical experimentation. Jesus went through it all to prove that every man has within himself the POWER of SELF-resurrection, the releasing of the perfectly created SELF from the grave clothes of dead beliefs we have been winding around it since the beginning.

A thousand commands are given to substantiate this lovely revelation, – “Arise !”, – “Awake !”, – “Come forth!”, – “Be born!”, – and “Reborn!”, again and again. All this is as nothing to the mind still endeavoring to prove the law to see whether or not it works. It will not work, – and will only “prove” what he knows to be untrue.

There comes a time in the life of every man when he discovers he is within the tomb of his beliefs which have become much more real and defiant than the stones of an actual tomb. Then if he does not go within and discover this Imprisoned Splendour and release it through the recognition of a power outside all human findings, he finds himself in “desolate places as a dead man”.

But you can have your Easter when you are still as death, – when you tell no man, – when you place the coal of fire upon your lips, – and let something beyond all human figuration take place. Then you SHOW JOHN. And why JOHN? Because JOHN was the “other disciple” who understood IMMORTALITY.

At the time of Jesus most of the tombs were sealed, – but the stone in front of His tomb was round, and a guard of Roman Soldiers was placed in front of it. The rolling stone which obstructs the tomb indicates there is always a way out, – the Roman Soldiers of public opinion is the only guard placed there.

It is reported that the soldiers fled when they perceived the soft flush of LIGHT of the Imprisoned Splendour of Jesus, – and so the hard fast opinions and beliefs of others flee when you awaken within your tomb.

Those who came to the tomb later found the grave clothes of Jesus neatly laid aside in two piles. He had left everything, – even the memory of the human ordeal. “The former things are passed away, -Behold! ALL things become NEW !”

The “other disciple” was the first to come. He SAW and BELIEVED. It is of him Jesus said, “If I will that he tarry till I come again, – what is that to thee?”, – revealing his immortality, which he accepted.

A dozen “Thomases” came and argued at the tomb, – “Was it the gardener?” – “Was it an angel?” – “Have they taken Him away?” – “Where have they laid Him?”, – not believing His WORDS nor His WORKS.

The reason Jesus descended to the level of human expression was to prove to EVERY MAN that he could, if he but believed, arise from his tomb of unbelief, – dissolving the human FATE patterns of karmic debt and the sins of the fathers, – into the DIVINE DESTINY OF IMMORTALITY, – revealing the WORD that was in the beginning with GOD, – the PERFECTLY CREATED IMAGE AND LIKENESS. In this Divine Destiny there is neither birth nor rebirth.

Are you “the other disciple”, “the man who was sent from God”, – or among the doubting. It is of no use trying to believe in Immortality so long as you bear witness to disease and mortality. But when you accept in its entirety the PURE REVELATION of Jesus, you release your Imprisoned Splendour, the transformation takes place, – and you are a BEING of LIGHT.

“And this is the record, – that God hath given to us Eternal Life.”

“Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness IS righteous.”

“Our Lord Jesus Christ hath abolished death, and hath brought LIFE and IMMORTALITY to LIGHT.”



“If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

THE SINGLENESS Of the eye is automatically taking place in these times. The double sight of evil and good is passing away. It is the day, the moment, when this subtle change is actually taking place with you, even as you read, – otherwise your eye could not have contacted this text. You may have come to scoff, but you will remain to pray, for this is given through inspiration, – and you, – yes you, the reader, have been caught up in a NEW revelation.

So strange and interesting that I place this on paper for you, and you alone. No matter where you are or who you are, it will reach you, – and from that moment a change will take place, – perhaps not so noticeable at first, but recognized within you, and then recognized by others, – a sort of transformation. An atmosphere, a something will envelop you, – apparently a nothing, – and yet a tremendous something. This sounds rather contradictory, but not to you, – for the moment you see – (and you are beginning at this instant to do just that) – you will know that “something” hashappened, – just as I know while writing this to you. And I amwriting it expressly for you.

No profane eye will see it. The Divine Light will so blind him that he will “try” to interpret it. And since he has nothing but three-dimensional words and ideas, he will circle around like a cat chasing its tail, – and presently will meow! and go to sleep. But you, – holding this book, reading this line, – you will and you areexperiencing that unuttered revelation of SINGLE VISION now.

It is, – and I was going to say difficult, – to put on paper. But yet it isn’t. It is easy, – and beautiful, and simple, – and filled with LIGHT, – and IT IS FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

I want to say something about “suddenly rising”, – not physically, – but “rising” into the NEW degree of LIGHT, – tearing away the veils of the old thought-patterns, And then you will experience the change within. I don’t know exactly what to say in words other than you will “straighten up” a little physically, – perhaps a lot, – but yet it isn’t physical, this thing I am mentioning. It is theconsciousness that is coming through first, – and then the physical will begin its transformation.

You will not say a word to anyone, – he will feel something ‘different’ in your presence and will mention it, – and you will accept the fullness of the word spoken to you.

The “former thing” thought shall pass away. Well, let it go, – do not try to make it go. Do not do anything with it, because in this new accepted level you do not have to, – it has nothing to cling to.

And now the eye is becoming single, – and you are seeing through a person, a situation or a thing. Everything becomes transparent, – even the words you have been using, they are transparent, – and take shape and form when spoken with this NEW sight.

“The Word that shall not return unto you void” is the “word” of the WORD that shall not return unto you void.

The single eye, – the ALL-SEEING eye, – does not wonder or guess. It sees perfectly what is blocking the operation of Divine Law, – sees through closed doors. It’ becomes one with ALL LIFE, – one with the animal, the vegetable and the mineral kingdoms, – and so possesses all of them. It becomes one with the elements, – and hereby controls them as far as the beholder is concerned.

The single eye sees the uselessness of trying to heal people. It either heals or dismisses the thing that will not be healed, – for it speaks, seeing the evil for what it is worth, – at the same time not caring one way or the other. It will not tolerate argument, – is above all the chatter of the parrots and monkeys of human reasoning, even though they wear a cap and gown and have all the letters of the alphabet after their name. In a tin of alphabet soup you also get all the letters, – and they mean about as much when it comes to LIFE as do the letters of the wise.

“The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God.” Well, – do you still want to argue about that? Not decrying education or learning, – but just debunking what the dark human mind “finds” as real today.

So many wonderful instructions await the single eye. All the old worn-out cliches suddenly burst into bloom. The least word of Jesus becomes volcanic and you realize you have never heard it before, although you may have heard it a million times.

Having been blinded with the double sight, nothing could be accepted, – all things had to be “worked” out. Even the words of the Master were put through a dozen schools of thought and found to be difficult to understand and to put into practice, – although it says something about “little children and fools”, – but nothing about the “wise heads”.

Well, now, – and I mean right now, – that you have arrived at the place of the single sight, you are seeing through the whole chaotic morass of the human world words. Nothing matters any more because everything matters. You are careful about nothing because you are careful about everything. Even the crusts that are left from the banquet, – they will fill twelve baskets, – one for every month.

“Neglect not the gift that is within thee.” What? You didn’t know you had a gift? It is so written, and now that you see through the hellish old human beliefs, you discover it. Apparently you have neglected it, for in another place it very definitely says, “Stir up the gift that is within you”. Well, – you have your orders, – and now that you see the gift, it is up to you.

This seeing is going to change our lives. As I write this, I feel that subtle change creeping over me. Tomorrow, – for it is now midnight, – I will go forth conscious of a PLUS value in everything in my life, – just as you will go forth with a PLUS value in your life.

I am speaking this word for you, – and it cannot return unto me void, – it will accomplish that whereunto it is sent. This particular word at this particular instant, (no matter what the calendar says, it will be in the NOW), is entering into BEING within you. You will recognize it first by the singing of your soul – then the enlightened will see it a little, – but presently everyone will see the subtle change in you.

This is only the beginning of what is to come. “All flesh shall SEE it together.” We are entering the NEW day of the PRESENCE of JESUS CHRIST, – the second coming is here, – and we are “doing the works” because we do not do them. We do not go about looking for things to heal. The LIGHT is so strong and so visible-invisible that anything ready to give up its human thought will come to the cleansing fires within you and be consumed. And you will stand and see the Glory of the Lord passing through your body-temple.

So wonderful that I am speaking the word for you, – and incidentally for myself, – at this moment. I “saw you under the fig tree”, – and I have called you into the glorious union with ME. We have so much to accomplish by doing nothing. The more unlabored it is, the more certain it is to take place. I do not know you personally, any more than Jesus knew the Centurion’s servant, – but we do what He did, now that the “singleness” has taken place.

And of course we cannot discuss it with anyone. If we did, it would be like dissecting a body to discover life, – there would be no life in that body.

And so we are NOTHING, – and we do not care. It is so terrifically difficult to be something. We are nothing and know nothing because we are ONE, having all knowledge. It is utterly wonderful, – all this “double” talk that is so “single” when you can SEE with the single eye, – and you can !

Good Gracious! What have we been doing? We must “stir up the gift” by recognizing that we have it. Such a thrill! That lovely gift within us which does the works of the Master with such facility. It has been so choked by human thoughts and beliefs that it has been almost crowded out of existence. But there it is! – and sonow you heal. You have walked right into that consciousness without effort. All of a sudden you can heal without trying to heal and without particularly wanting to heal. You heal because you cannot help it. You run up and down the ladder of expression, – and at any point to which you are lifted, you automatically draw all manifestation on that level unto you. Now you hear-see, do you not? It says YOU draw automatically ALL manifestation on that level unto YOU.

Do not try any funny business, – but then, you won’t, now that you see. Why should you when everything is revealed with this single eye? I said everything! Can you accept it? Of course you can.

You seem suddenly to be walking out of a condition. There is a sort of an indefinable nothing that has become terrificallysomething to you, – and you find yourself walking out of the present cloud of misunderstanding, no matter where it is, – just walking through it and out of it, as though you were walking through a fog to a mountain top.

I know you are glad that I am writing this to you. I am glad that I am writing it to myself, because. at times I wondered if I was getting anywhere. Then suddenly I discovered what I am now writing to you. The gladness of my soul welled up within me. It filled me, – and then ran over in such floods that one of these floods is reaching you at this moment and is engulfing you, – and that gladness I feel is welling up in you, and you will have an overflow which will engulf so many who need the purifying (simplifying) of the WORD.

Your GIFT, having been stirred up, is now on its way toexpression. Perfectly amazing that this wonderful thing could have remained dormant so long. But here it is, – and in a short time it will be recognized as a reality to you, – and then to “them” SO now the words “tell no man”, but “show”, have something for us other than fear. We do not have to tell, – they will see when we are smiling and will not have to be told that we are happy.

Transformation and transfiguration and change into the perfection of spirit is taking place at this instant. Practicallyanything can happen now, – and all in the pattern of the Divine Destiny. It is very pleasant not to have to “work” for everything, – but to allow or “let” the expression through. It is nice not to “labor for the meat that perisheth”.

Now also do you know there is no lack in God, only in the mind of man, – so that is not too difficult to remedy. Now that you see, you cannot be fooled by the talking serpent of human thought.

And you are enveloped in silence, – that mightiest of powers, – the thing that can and will “take a city”, a new and lovely state of BEing. You do not have to be great, or to endeavor to make people believe in you. You are walking into the Power of Jesus Christ, just as you walk into the DAWN of a NEW DAY, and you keep walking until the dawn becomes HIGH NOON, – and with such ease.

Isn’t it interesting that at this point we do not try to do or tounderstand. We are just being told of something that IS taking place within, – which eventually will be physical.

We can now run a line through the “having eyes, ye see not”, – for we see. The eye is SINGLE, – and the WHOLE body is full of LIGHT! Yes, it is filled with the substance of LIFE, – and is emanating this LIGHT and LIFE all over the place. Anyone upon whom this LIGHT rests can, if he will, draw the virtue of recognition from you and be healed.

All this is just between us. I know I will catch a wave of joy that goes out of you as you read this revelation.

And now it is morning, – one o’clock, – OUR NEW DAY, with OUR NEW SINGLE EYE. It is Wonderful, – isn’t it?



“There is a path which the vulture’s Eye hath not seen.”

“MY SHEEP hear My Voice, – and I know them, – and they followMe. I give unto them ETERNAL LIFE, – and they shall neverperish. Neither shall any man pluck them out of My Hand.”

Immortality in the flesh hinges on the ability to hear, – not the hearing of the ear, but that subtle sixth sense which operates from a point in infinity.

There is much said about “losing your life and finding it”, – about “dying” and being “born again”. Death will continue to take place as long as there is a sense of separation from God, – as long as man refuses to lose his life, – his little John Smith concept of life, – lose it in the SEA of ALL LIFE.

Many are now discovering the ONE LIFE in everything, – that they are no more separated from the GOD LIFE than the islands are separated from the earth, although to man’s limited vision they appear to be. Man is taking his bucket of dirty water, his beliefs of and about a personal life, and throwing it into the SEA of PURE LIFE, – and the accumulated filth of the human mind is no more.

The personal life immediately starts deteriorating from the cradle, – and continues to do so until it becomes impersonal. This personal sense of life is bound by an idea of health, – that one must guard this fast fleeting thing against every sort of ravage engendered in the human mind. Thus, from his first moan, man is headed for dissolution.

Men have not believed in immortality for the simple reason they have never seen an immortal. This is really no proof, but it suffices the unbelieving. The blessings are to those who perceiveit beyond the flesh-and-blood angle. You will never see anything that is not in your consciousness, – and it is hopeless to delude yourself by endeavoring to believe in something your consciousness does not accept.

Merely making a statement of and about a thing does not constitute an acceptance. Immortality in the flesh will not manifest because you declare it to be the truth. “My sheep hearMy Voice”! But how can you hear if you do not believe?

And so you run hither and yon, – listening for a “voice”. But it is not there, – it is within you. “Whom to know aright is LIFE ETERNAL” !

In reality, health and wealth are human limitations of LIFE, – limitations of the brain-mind. God can be neither healthy nor wealthy, – for He is ALL LIFE.

When you “glimpse-hear” this revelation, you will have finished with health, – and then you LIVE. You will have lost your life, – your “health idea”, – and you will have found WHOLE LIFE, – that vibrant quality that is searching the “joints and marrow”, that is equal to anything it may be called upon to do. Hence the man conscious of LIFE can do what he could not do with a “health-wealth” consciousness. There are many instances of men, under the stress of emotion, – forgetting their limitations in the flesh, lifting objects many times their own weight without the least strain or struggle.

Of course you cannot do any of these things to prove it to anyone, for the very idea that it is necessary to prove it, indicates you do not believe. You will not work miracles before profane unbelievers any more than you would cast your pearls before swine. Actually, you do not care whether they believe or not, – so there is no argument. If you cannot show in your day-by-day living, – -of what avail is endless talk of and about the Deity, what He can do or is going to do for you? He isn’t going to do anything, – He has already done it, – and it is up to you toaccept and believe in something beyond your own intellection.

What has been said concerning “health”, is also true of “wealth”. God is not rich. When there is only ONE, there can be no rich or poor, for opposites are produced by comparison. What man calls money is not substance, – it merely represents it. Money can and does become worthless over night. Its value changes almost daily, – but substance never changes. Your money never manifests above or below your consciousness of substance, – no matter what motions you make or do not make with the human body in an effort to bring it into visibility. It will be there when you speak the word of recognition, – for whatsoever you have in consciousness, you have in manifestation.

No explanation can be given for the HOW of all of this, – but you will see, – or you will not see. Perhaps you have thought it depended upon your efforts. God is effortless, – so how did this “effort” to survive come into the picture?

“Who told you that you were naked?” Try to explain this. How is it that you have tried, – and studied, – and worked, – and “prayed”, – and yet nothing has happened? Furthermore, nothing will happen. God is not a “jack-in-the-box” that jumps every time you attempt to tell Him a ‘pretty’ little story about the horrible things you are going through, – or the red hat you must have. His disregard for your “best” prayers is positively appalling.

With all the claptrap going on in your mind about what you musthave and must demonstrate, you cannot hear My Voice, – the hearing of which will give you Eternal Life. Why not be done, then, with all human chattering, – and believe, – and hear, – andfollow, – and you will never perish !

Why not shove off into deeper waters, – into depths you have not yet sounded! There is something out there for you. It is not written in any book, – but it is given unto you.

This is Life Eternal, – to know ME”! ME–what do you mean ME? How can you know Jesus? You know all about Him and His story, – but yet you do not know Him because it is impossible to know Him with that little old intellectual ‘brain mind’.

This Immortality is an absorbing thing. It has been symbolized by the Phoenix Bird who arises from the ashes of its dead self, – clean, – and beautiful, – and new! And so will you have to die to the limited belief of John Smith, that “on you the second death will have no effect.”

“What?” “Is no one going to save my darling from the flames?” “Think of all the good I have done.” Well, why not think of all the evil you have done (most of it intentionally), – and then consult your scales. Not so pleasant, is it? I’ll wager you will be found wanting.

But why not come up HERE! – forgetting those things which are behind, – the “former things”. When you walk straight into the dawn of this new ONE thing called LIFE, they are all lost, – swallowed up in the NEW Glory.

There is no time to bury your dead father. Let those who believe in death bury their dead. “Let the filthy be filthy still.” You haven’t time to wait, – and it isn’t worth anything anyway.

When you hear, then will you hear, “I give unto them ETERNAL LIFE, – and they shall NEVER perish, – neither shall any man pluck them out of My Hand”.

NEVER is a long, long time to John Smith. Immortality within the limitation of John Smith would be unbearable, even if it were possible, which it isn’t. But when you come up HERE, you are transformed by the renewing of your mind, – sort of swallowed up in Immortality. Then the “impersonal-personal” life begins, – fraught with a thousand and one NEW capacities hitherto undreamed of by John Smith.

Do not look for signs. They always follow, – never precede. You are abandoned, – divinely indifferent to the appearances. “Ye shall reap in due time.”

Do you believe? I have a feeling you do. I AM speaking to you between these lines, – saying something so very important and thrilling to you. Can you HEAR ME? Do you remember when I said unto you, “Look again“, – and you looked through four months of time-space and days of hard labor, right into a new dimension? No physicist can explain it. In fact, no one can explain it because there are no words sufficiently comprehensive to convey what has taken place or been revealed.

Of course, anyone who would be so stupid as to argue about it would be just fooling himself. And granted that he had been inbreathed with the breath of life, he would lose it, – his breath would again be in his nostrils. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” So if you will not SEE-HEAR, you will perish.

You may still have a hurdle or two to make, – and your horse may upset you. But you will get up, – dust your clothes, – and go on, – unless perhaps it is the water hazard. In this case, you may have to sit in the sun awhile, – which won’t hurt you a bit.

You are on a new highway now. “No man is going to pluck you out of MY hand.” It says NO MAN, no manifestation of evil belief, – is going to pluck you out of MY hand. You must HEAR-SEE this!

You have already spent forty years in the desert, – had a few signs, – complained a lot, – and after you crossed the Jordan, you discovered the whole trek could easily have been made in two weeks. This sounds rather foolish, doesn’t it? And so is it, – but since the thing called time is only a human-thought measure of the distance between two events, it does not make any difference. You have all of eternity, so shed no tears over a wasted youth or any other time element. When you had youth, you were not actually conscious of it. Not until you began to “age” did you remember that you once had “youth”, – and so you may have been inspired to write a poem about the ‘beauties’ of it all. Let others have all the “backward, turn backward, oh time in thy flight” they wish, – but we want none of it. We are glad to have passed through, into this NEW dimension, – into this NEW elevation, – which can be experienced, but never expIained.

And now you are sensing this subtle change, – this up-gush of LIFE taking the place of health. I said YOU, – not you and your “spiritual” adviser. It is the pearl of great price for which you will Sell or give away every human thought-thing you possess, and you will hide it in a field, – a new state of consciousness. And they will say to you, “Something has happened to you”. You could be facetious and reply in the vernacular of the street, “Are you telling me !” – but you won’t. You will just keep on shining and shining, – and presently they will not be able to see you, unless they can, – and then they will.

It is said the former things will pass away, – to be remembered no more, – nor come to mind. Not amnesia, – but just a SELF-revelation wherein you discover there is nothing worth remembering.

You may be driven into the wilderness, – the subconscious mind, – in order that you can clean up some old scores. But this will not hurt you either, and it will not – endure for long.

I think you had better come up HERE. Stop talking about how, – but just COME !

“Verily, verily I say unto YOU, – if any man keep My saying, he shall NEVER see death.” “And I know that His commandment is LIFE EVERLASTING.”


the author of 37 books, all inspired by the revelation of the Christ teaching is a world-wide traveler and lecturer. He was educated in the United States and Europe, served-as interpreter and foreign correspondent, has written two operettcrs, a novel and numerous short stories and human interest articles. The clear and simple way in which he has re-stated the Christ truth has made his books invaluable to the sincere Truth Seeker.

The Central theme of his interpretation of the Truth, is “a point beyond human thought”-as suggested in the commands of-Jesus Christ “Take no thought”-and “who by taking thought?”


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