In Him

Man lives in God yet he does not see God — for it is written that “no man shall see God and Live.” The moment he SEES the degree of God in which he lives, he discovers the nothingness of things and “dies” to them, only to arise to a higher degree of consciousness, and make new and more wonderful discoveries about the power called God. A fish does not see the water he swims in, and man does not see the air in which he lives — and he does not see God, but he sees the infinite manifestations of HIS Presence, and it is only when he comes to the NATURAL knowledge of ONENESS that he begins to assign to things their proper place. They become something to be USED and not possessed. The moment he begins to possess things, he transfers power into the manifestation which is only an illusion, and the illusion possesses him.

Heraclitus, the Greek Philosopher, believed all things were in a constant state of flow — and knew that man could not step in the same river twice. All things are in a constant state of change. The permanency of Spirit (the unseen) gives a solid basis for LIFE. Manifestation automatically takes care of itself. Every plant of the field was beheld in the mind of God before it appeared, revealing the fundamental truth that both seed and flower are at once in the mind of God. Manifestation is the shadow. All vegetation appeared before there was any rain, and before any man had time or idea of tilling the soil. So the tiller of the soil pauses, and as he pauses a moment, for a brief encounter with REALITY, he discovers a thanksgiving welling up in him.

He begins to see the “why” of “before you ask.” He begins to know the “substance” and the “evidence” of the unseen must be recognized if the reflection is to be cast into the manifest world.

When are YOU going to stop TRYING to demonstrate God, and let Him have His way instead of your mistaken concept?

Your part is the being Still — with your mind stayed on reality — not on manifestation.


Walter C. Lanyon

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