The Inheritance Incorruptible

An inheritance incorruptible, and unde­filed, and that fadeth not away, re­served in Heaven for you.”

I received a letter recently in which a statement was made: “I feel that my memory is going. I forget everything. It is hereditary.”  It is rather paradoxical to say that one “remembers that he forgets everything”  —and yet many make this remark, or one similar to it, frequently, with­out seeing that the power that can remember to relate what seems to be the fact that it forgets is the very power in use which he claims he does not possess. “Do not forget to remember” is a common admonition. It is interesting to note, when we begin to awaken to the fact, that the very power we are sure we do not possess is the one in operation at that instant, and it is with a feeling of joy that we recognize this truth. Like everything true, it is always at hand and always there waiting for the Recognition. It only needs to be recognized to be brought out into manifestation. “Awake, thou that sleepiest, arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light”—“Behold, I stand at the door and knock”—this Power is always present and is ready to enter into expression the moment it is recognized as being there. It is more than a play on words; it is becom­ing conscious of the presence of this Power actually in operation. “I place before thee a blessing and a cursing—CHOOSE.” The Power, put through human limitations and beliefs, only has to be picked up, as it were. “Even if you make your bed in Hell,” the Power is there, for It is everywhere. No space is vacant from the presence of this Power in action. It is Wonderful!

The idea of inherited ills comes directly from the belief in human parentage. The command of the Christ Jesus was “Call no man your Father.”Giving man once and for all time a Divine Parentage.

The story is told of a girl who, believing herself to be the child of parents who had died of tuberculosis, contracted and suc­cumbed to the disease. She had accepted this false parentage, and the belief in her heritage, when in reality she was in no way related to them.

Man, believing himself to be the son of Adam, has partaken of the heritage of the double eye—seeing both good and evil. He has taken upon himself the inescapable evils and curses, and suffers accordingly. He has sold his birthright for a mess of pottage, and there is little or no escape from the awful belief of heredity. Not until he hears and obeys the command, “Call no man your Father,” does he perceive the door of escape opening to him.

This Recognition of God as the Father-Mother of man suddenly releases him from the fears of human destiny. He suddenly cuts himself free from his so-called family tree and begins to investigate the Divine Heritage. He does not look back to see what he can inherit from his forebears, but he looks to the Realization of The Presence-the Inherit­ance Incorruptible. He finds that, whereas before he looked to his human ancestors for his weaknesses and his talents, now there opens before him an Inheritance so wonderful that words are futile to express it. “This is My beloved Son, in Whom I AM well pleased” is spoken of the newly-discovered Heir. The Christ is your Inheritance—you are a joint-­heir with Jesus—you are a partaker of this Divine Inheritance, and, in that, one finds nothing that can behold iniquity, nor nothing that defileth or maketh a lie. It is Wonder­ful!Awakening to this God-given Heritage, man frees himself from the age-old beliefs of race and family.

Jesus asked, “Who is My father, mother, sister, or brother?”—and answered this ques­tion Himself: “Those that do the WILL Of God.” Those that are moving on the plane of consciousness, wherein God is recognized as the ONLY Power, without reservation, restriction, or limitation. “Those that do the will of God” made up the family of Jesus. It is Wonderful! Could you qualify for this family? Are you willing to do the Will of God or the will of a personality? Do you believe that the Will of God is stronger, and can make nil the human will? Have you ever met your real family?

Just so soon as you lay aside the human will, you lay aside the “sin which doth so easily beset you,” for in the human will we find the law,”When I would do good, I do evil,” and we have the capacity to know both good and evil as realities. Human will­power exhausts itself in its very effort to make things happen, in contradistinction to the glorious power of God.The human will is like a fan of searchlights being thrown into the sky in an attempt to make it light, as compared with the coming of dawn. The human will, trying to remember, wears itself out with its own effort, whereas the effort­less power of God calls all things to your remembrance. “Believest thou this?” It Is So. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

You have never inherited anything but good, infinite and overflowing from the Divine Parent. The evil which you claim to have inherited from a human parent is merely the hypnosis of belief, and, just as soon as you release this false idea of your father and mother, you will release that which goes with it. “Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.” It is Wonderful! You begin to examine into the Fatherhood and accept the gifts of Spirit. “Every good and every perfect gift cometh down from the Father of Light.” Your New Inheritance awaits you—” Arise, and shine, for thy light has come.”

Suddenly the joy of the new-born, all fresh and clean, comes flooding into you. The releasing of the old parent-idea does not mean anything drastic nor ugly. Strange as it may seem, when you give up the idea of human parentage, for the first time in your life you have the proper love and respect for those who have acted in this human capacity to you. The freedom you give them is the same freedom which Jesus gave His parents, and yet which carried with it the proper sense of respect and honour. When you release the human idea of parentage and recognize that you are a Child of God, immaculately con­ceived (conceived in Purity and Truth), then you begin to see the new family coming out of the mists of human thinking. You begin to understand that your Father is everywhere and He has His manifestation in every country and in every place. All the bondage of”mine” and “thine” drop away, the sharp demarcations between one country and another fade out, for you are beginning to recognize that all is Heaven.Your family may be made up of every nationality in the world, because all this fades out of the picture when man begins to claim his own family—­”Those that do the Will of God.”

The one who is doing the Will of God might be of any race or colour—so you can begin to understand the command, ” Go into all the world and preach the gospel” —wherever you go you will just be going Home, for your Father is everywhere ; so you are never going anywhere but Home;and you are never going to meet anyone who is called a stranger, for you are always going to your Father’s House and are always going to be received and covered with the robe, and have placed upon your hand the ring, and you are going to be given the fatted calf. It is Wonderful!—your Wayfaring into Heaven, for it is all through Heaven.

The funny little idea of making a trip and demonstrating a journey fades out through the Recognition of the fact that you are going Home, and your Father is coming out to meet you, and all the relatives of the new family come forth into expression: one says, “I AM the way,” and others say, “I AM the light” and “I AM the scrip” and “I AM the purse ” and “I AM the robe.” So man begins to travel towards his Home without “taking thought ” about all these things, for he is met at the cross-roads and guided by the I AM–the “Way.” It is Wonderful!

When you recognize your Divine Parentage, you are given the password to “all that the Father hath,” the keys to the Underground Treasures and all hidden Mysteries. The pass­word is “Thank you, Father.” It is Recog­nition of the Good and acknowledgment that it is, even before it appears. When the Prodigal said, ” My father hath enough and to spare,” he recognized the presence of that Infinite Substance, and started to go home. He found that, while he had already used what he supposed to be his inheritance, yet it was still all there. It is wonderful when you conceive that all you are doing is going Home. “I will arise [from this state of human think­ing] and go unto my Father”—and then “the Father, seeing him afar off, came towards him.”

Do you understand the beauty of this going Home, or this acceptance of your Divine Heritage? “Call no man your Father, for One is your Father Which is in Heaven.” “God is your Father and you never had another, God is your Mother and you never had another.” “Claim your right and Press your claim.” What is your birthright that you are to claim? It is the rich heritage of health, prosperity, and joy ; it is the joyous life of Recognition. It is everything opposite to that which the human mind offered.

You are asked to consider this: that if your human parents can give you. good gifts, how much greater are the gifts which are awaiting you at the Recognition of your Divine Parent. How much more can your heavenly Father give you? Consider this when you are holding your tiny measure to the Universal Flow of Substance, remember that ” your Father has enough and to spare,” and arise from the pig-pen and go Home. It is Wonderful!Your little vacation turns into a joyous home-coming, your new family, all over the world, comes out to greet you, and the new homes appear out of the mist of human limitations. It is Wonderful!

“Judge not from appearances, but judge righteous judgment.” The judgment one makes after seeing his poor little human inheritance of disease, pride, hatred, and limitation is bound to be wrong.

“God is your Father and you never had another.”

When you claim your right and press your claim into expression you are only appro­priating that which belongs to the Child of the Living God. You are the Child of the Living God, and you are entitled to this Divine Heritage, but it comes only at the giving up of the limited human concept of your”self.” You are a joint-heir with Christ, but not until you are self-denied, not until you deny the human birth and its inheritance of fear, limitation, and woe. “Follow ME” seems a drastic command, but you do not necessarily have to go to any place physically when you “Follow ME”—-you have to go somewhere in consciousness, and that somewhere is the point of Recognition of the Presence of the Father which will cause you to rise from the beliefs you have held about you and cause you to move off in the direction of your Father’s House—the New Consciousness in which is the abundance of all things.

A now famous writer once conceived the idea that he would like to be the author of a book, so he procured a dummy book of the proper size and binding. He then gave it a name and wrote down the number of chapters ; but he soon came to the realization that the biggest work—in fact, the whole work—lay ahead of him. He had to write the book. He soon realized the utter impossibility of becoming an author by this method. Although he held in his hand what appeared to be a book, yet in reality he had nothing but a dummy copy of that which he hoped to produce. It was worthless and meant nothing, though the casual passer-by might have mis­taken it for a book. When the immaculate conception of an idea takes place, its birth and manifestation take care of themselves, and there is no question of its being properly clothed. When it is created within, it is bound to come into expression; the binding, size, colour, and paper are all incidental; just as soon as the book is accepted, all these things, and the ways and means of its appear­ance, take care of themselves. So is it true with that which is born of God. Its expres­sion and success are assured from the outset, for it is the Word of God, and it is going to become flesh regardless of any human belief or law. It is spoken out into manifestation, and nothing can hinder or retard it.

You, reader, are the Word of God, and you have been spoken out intoexpression—glorious, successful expression. “God is your Father and you never had another.” You are awakening to this Divine Heritage, the old shackles of a human father and mother fall away and the Divine Heritage is revealed.

“Deny yourself and follow Me.” Deny this old human heritage and accept the God­-given powers, and act accordingly. Even now the New Day is dawning, and the new-old you is going Home—going back to the Father of Light, in Whom is no darkness. It is Wonderful! “Claim your right and press your claim.”

“The Sonship degree is in you, waiting for you to put away the mortal, preconceived ideas, prejudices, likes and dislikes, etc., and the belief of human parentage. ‘Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God … and it doth not yet appear what we shall be ; but we shall be like Him ; for we shall see Him as He is.’  God is your Father and you never had another. God is your Mother and you never had another. Claim your right and press your claim.”

Behold what MANNER “—the manner of this love is so different from the love bestowed upon us by any human relationship. It is the love which knows no fear—“Perfect love casteth out all fear”—and”Love never faileth.” It is wonderful, the manner of this love; it is wonderful in what manner the love of God reflects and makes itself manifest to the Son. The manner is so above the human concept that it cannot be told; it must be experienced and felt. “I AM here, I AM there, I AM everywhere.” “IAM a very present help in time of trouble.” Think how close it all is, and how it takes on a new meaning. It is easy for you to be separated from a human parent, and thereby deprived of his advice and assistance, although he desired above all things to give them to you, but the I AM or Father-God is here, there, and everywhere, and is everything at every place at every moment. This is part of the New Heritage of the Son of the Living God. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Because Jesus recognized God as the Father of His body, He could take His body with Him. I f He had recognized any earthly claim, the earth would have claimed Him—‘dust to dust,’ and He could not have resurrected His body.”

The body that Jesus was able to resurrect was the body which was made “in the image and likeness of God,” or the natural and real expression of God. The Spiritual Father manifested in the Spiritual Son, and this resurrected body had flesh and bones and ate and drank, and in every way carried out the same actions that the man in the street performed, and yet he was no longer under the law that operated over the man in the street. By Jesus’ Recognition of His Spiritual origin He came under Grace. “If ye be in the Spirit, ye are no more under the Law.” If you are recognizing the true Fatherhood, then you come under Grace and the human laws cannot touch you, the gravitation of the human beliefs fall away from you, and you find yourself free.

You are freeborn in Spirit. The slave born in bondage is symbolical of the man born of human parentage. He is a slave to all the hereditary beliefs of his family, race, and creed. He has to leave Egypt and seek his Father’s House and the land which is flow­ing with milk and honey. “Arise, and shine, for thy light has come.” You are a child of the Living God, and it is natural and right that you partake of your Divine Heritage NOW.


Walter C. Lanyon

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