Karmic Law

“O God, that one might read the book of fate,

And see the revolutions of the time

Make mountains level, and the continent,

Weary of solid firmness, melt itself

Into the sea!”


When they asked Jesus: “Who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”  He answered: “Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents, but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

     This wonderful revelation of the Christ Power settles for always the hopeless strait jacket of karma from which the Orientals believe there is no escape.

     Jesus came to break the fate or karmic patterns by showing man the differentiation between shadow and substance.  Finally he lifted himself to a consciousness where he could not any more be touched by belief.

     His dismissal of the karmic belief was simple, as were all His other works.  “The prince of this would cometh and hath nothing in ME.  If there is nothing in you to respond to the false laws of the ancestors, the human fate or karma will have no place of expression.  “Nothing happens but MY LOVE  allows” takes care of all that when you have come to the point of recognition of the ONE PRESENCE, instead of two powers.

     Nothing enters or finds a place of expression unless it is first accepted by you.  It is true that you can accept a thing as real for another, and manifest it yourself at a later date.  You see now the necessity for your conversation to be “Yea, yea” and Nay, nay.”

     “How did this happen to me?”  is a common question.  Somewhere along the line you have accepted it as real for yourself, for another.  This appears terrifying on the surface….but when you enter the Revelation of Jesus Christ, “many of the former things shall not be remembered nor come into mind.”

     The idea of Karma is not frightening once you have accepted Jesus Christ (the WORD made flesh), the “flesh” in which you see God: “In my flesh shall I see God”….where God, Spirit, is stepped down to a point of visibility, through the agent of the Temple  body.

     Jesus functioned also in a karmic pattern…but could at will move from His fate to His Divine Destiny.  In other words, he neutralized the fate pattern with ease, when He “went unto His Father.”  He then arose to the elevation of the Father.  The Son (Jesus) was under the curse of the law just as you are, until He discovered His true heritage and ascended to the Fatherhood degree.

     There is no need for you to wonder at this power of transition, for it is resident in the Mind of Christ Jesus….the identical mind which you are invited to LET BE IN YOU.  You, too, then have the capacity to transmute human fate and karmic laws….making them without power and virtually nil.

     When you REPENT, you “turn” unto ME.  In other words, you enter into a CONSCIOUSNESS of the Christ.  You transcend the laws of human belief….as surely as the Hebrew Children transcended the laws governing flames and heat….and just as surely as you are told that from this elevation of consciousness the fire shall not burn nor the water quench thee.

     There are endless illustrations of the setting aside of human fate and thereby breaking the hypnosis of man.  It is stated by Jesus Christ that “neither this man nor his father did sin.”  This sweeping statement puts to silence for all time the power of collective karma and fate.  The hypnotic laws of the human mind will continue to be effective until the CONSCIOUSNESS of the CHRIST is accepted.

     “And if he drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt him,”…another proof that entering the CONSCIOUSNESS of the CHRIST nullifies laws of the human mind.  He does not in any way overcome karma, neither the laws of fire, water, poison.  He is at a level where these things have no power.  If he were to overcome them, he would have to endow them with power to hurt or kill him.  He is not concerned about their disintegration nor their appearances….even though he sees the same flames destroy the men who build the fires of supposed destruction, for HE IS in the place WHERE THOSE LAWS ARE NON-OPERATIVE.

     If you have failed to accept the Immaculate Conception as a literal, actual biological fact, as well as a symbolical law, you are still under the curse of Karma, because you have the conception of the woman and your days are few and full of trouble, etc.  There is no escape from fate or karma through this heritage of the human belief….no escape but that which is worked out by the “sweat of your brow,” and in the agony of the crucifixion and death on the human cross of belief.

     Jesus submitted to this karmic picture to show you the great power of God to transcend all the beliefs of man…even death…knowing the while that He could have neutralized the entire picture.  But had He done this, we would still be without proof.

     The emancipation of the soul from the prison house of fate and karma comes only through SELF Consciousness. This causes the mask of personality to give place to the CHRIST.

     In the overcoming of disease and inharmony man goes out to battle with something he declares is nothing, not unlike Don Quixote tilting at windmills, which he imagined an army of invaders.  Likewise, when man establishes an “enemy” he must clothe it with a mask and give it or endow it with all the power it is going to have and to use against him.

     As the self identification takes place in the individual, he experiences some of the things which have not been uttered by man…some of the things which Jesus could not tell in Jerusalem.

     “There are many things I could not tell you because of your unbelief”….because of the incapacity to receive them, because of the belief in the limitations in the human mind.  As we see HIM ascending into the place of the Christ, we likewise see the flowing of the manifestation in terms that man can understand.  Thus substance falls into loaves and fishes.  It has always been there, but invisible to the human eyes that could not see.  To make a thing appear which already is the work…not of a mental magician, but the capacity of him who speaks THE WORD without effort.

     No wonder then Jesus said, “Leave all…FOLLOW ME.”  And gradually you are beginning to do just this.  The consciousness is becoming so aware of the PRESENCE in which everything IS, and need not be “demonstrated” in the worn-out sense of the word, that the trifling demonstrations of the human thought are like so many gnats flying in the face of eternity.

     The Law is no respecter of persons.  God does not bow to the will or desires of man.  He is constantly functioning in all His glory….and it “falleth on the just and the unjust.”  It is available to any man who will recognize it…and by his SELF IDENTIFICATION with the Christ, he will experience it.  All the valleys, depressions and lack will be filled—and the hills of fear (the obstacles) be leveled.


Walter C. Lanyon

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