There Is A Lad Here

The disciples were faced with five thousand problems all at once – and did not know what to do. The situation looked hopeless enough and the way out remote. It was exactly as the man who must “raise” a certain number of dollars in a given space of time – and has apparently nowhere to get them. Words, ideas, beliefs were but sterile agitations of thought. They would get nowhere.

Already the hungry men, who had followed Jesus into the desert pass for three days, were murmuring and complaining. It never occurred to them that perhaps they had something to do within themselves. They were following a “miracle worker” and expecting His miracles to go on forever. He was attempting at least to stir them to the elevation of doing the miracles.

The disciples talked among themselves as the situation grew more acute. But Jesus went away without moving physically from the whole thing. He went into the Consciousness of the Christ, which is the prerogative of every man – and presently one of the disciples came to him with the announcement:

“There is a lad here …”

And this lad had five loaves and two fishes. There is always a lad in the offing. He is right in the midst of the problem which seems so overwhelming, but he is so little and so insignificant he is usually brushed aside in the fury of trying to get something or making something happen on a big scale.

Jesus always went away from the picture, no matter what it represented. It is of little use to superimpose a new idea on a mind already filled with evil, any more than it is to take a picture on an already used or exposed plate. When Jesus went away to the place He called “I go unto my Father,” He went to the place of consciousness, the Virginal Mind of God, where upon was cast the new picture. When this was done, there was the subtle contact between the seen and the unseen – there was the “lad” with the five loaves and two fishes which turned the whole picture into harmony.

There is always the handful of meal, the three drops of oil, the dregs of wine: – there is always the point from which the new picture can take on form and shape. There is always the LIFE of GOD in the midst of thee – no matter how low the flame seems to have burned. “A mountain cannot stop the progress of a cloud.” In our excitement, we fail to see the “lad.” He is too insignificant – but he is the “grain of mustard” that does the work. Once this is recognized, the power of the pure consciousness of Christ – which has been entered into will take care of the manifestation. No one knows the manner of the miracle or the expression, for “I have a way ye know not of” – a way that is “past finding out.” The only thing you can do is to leave the picture of confusion or lack as quickly as possible, taking nothing of it with you, and enter into the Christ Consciousness; the Virginal unsullied Mind of God. Once having seen-felt this new picture or recognition, the manifestation will come through. The “lad” will always be there with his five loaves and two fishes.

This “lad” has appeared many times. We see the same thing taking place in the case of Naaman the Leper. There is “a little maid” here – and she had the password unto the so-called miracle. Interesting that both of these keystones to the miracle should have been children. Again we see the need of the unsullied innocence; – instead of trying to operate from conclusions derived from the mind which is filled with adultery and uncleanness. The adult makes foul and then tries to cleanse. The moment you really “go unto the Father” your mind is cleansed – and the five thousand hungry men are fed.

There is “a little maid” here. She had the WORD of revelation which was mightier than all the power of Naaman, in spite of his great military prowess.

When you awaken to your true heritage, you will see there is always “a lad here” – there is always “a little maid” here. There is always that point of manifestation – no matter what the problem may present on the outside. Do you hear? There is a lad or a little maid right here NOW.


Walter C. Lanyon

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