Law of Probability

The early day mathematical genius, Pascal, found human nature wasso complex it only could be understood by the Law of probability. That sounds about as abstract a basis upon which to depend as anything you can imagine. Probability is nowhere near possibility —it is nebulous to a point of almost worthlessness. What a basis from which to work. No wonder Jesus said human mind is a liar and the father of it. 

Man operates under the Law of probability. He dare not mention anything good coming his way without “first knocking on wood” to placate the voodoo god he has hid­den away within him and which he SECRETLY worships. Dare a human man to say, I am well, and actually be well,because within is the Well-Spring of Life. Nay! — not if he is still functioning under the human thought pattern, for “when I would do good, evil is present with me” and “it is the unexpected that always happens.” Pascal must be right; man works under the law of probability. 

What will you do then with the daring statement: “With God all things are possible”? You have something definite in that statement. In watching the actions of Jesus, we see he had a perpetual habit of making himself “One with God.” What for? Is it any wonder then when you become ONE with anything, you become that thing in essence— “He made himself AS God” — of the very nature and substance. When man becomes one with music, he becomes a musician. Quite naturally then we can sec this power operating over the LAW of PROBABILITY of human thought, in which are hidden all the evils of man­kind. All things are only possible with God. 

What the mind under the law of Probability says is real “is foolishness with God.” Nothing that man says, dis­covers, or invents can stand against the Law of God – that which controls the Universe. 

Yes, it is recorded that “ALL things (is that enough) are possible to him that believeth.” So you see how Adam gradually moves over into the dimension of Jesus Christ and drops the uncertain way of Life —under the LAW of PROBABILITY -and enters into the LIGHT where “With God all things are possible.” 

This discovery of God causes man under the uncertainty of probability to put up his sword, being told “Ye shall not need to fight —stand ye still and see.” It is wonderful when he discovers he is no longer fighting the shadows of PROBABILITY. 

The Laws of God are like the laws of Mathematics — never fluctuating nor changing, not affected by the elements, the location, the emotions nor yet the “thought.” The laws of Probability are as changeable as a chameleon running across a rainbow. Perhaps they may work out and then again perhaps they may not. 

You are no more under the uncertainty of the LAW of PROBABILITY when you once sense that you are SPIRIT — made in the image and likeness. It is wonderful to contemplate.


Walter C. Lanyon

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