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“Let not him who seeks cease until he finds, and when he finds he shall be astonished; astonished he shall reach the Kingdom, and, having reached the Kingdom, he shall rest.”

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and whosoever shall know himself shall find it; [strive therefore] to know yourselves and ye shall be aware that ye are the sons of the Almighty Father; ye shall know that ye are in the City of God, and ye are the city.”

“A man shall not hesitate to ask concern­ing his place [in the Kingdom]. Take no thought from morning until evening,” etc.

“Follow ME” —what a command! How far afield we have gone trying to do this very thing. First through the heavy physical, under the rod and the rule; then into a land of more light, where we came to know the thing called mind and by aid of which we emerged from the blackness of the physical hopelessness; but then set out in a strange following after many gods. A thousand and one ways of entering into the Kingdom of Heaven have been presented, and we have followed many mountebanks hoping to find out “how” it was all done. We have heard of a thousand “short cuts” and special messages and blindly worshipped personal­ities and fallen down to men-gods, and, even been willing to practice the hocus-pocus they taught. Time after time we have come from these unholy practices disillusioned, hurt, disheartened.

Just about the time we thought we were through with all the “drivel,” another came along and offered such a fantastic tale, backed up by the testimony of a thousand human minds, only too eager to make “it work,” that we were turned awry once more.

AM the door“-what are we going to do about it? Be led away from this glorious heritage of Jesus Christ, here and now, and into some labyrinth of fearful and fearsome sights? Are we those looking for a personal Master? Do we suppose that departed souls have nothing else to do than be at the beck and call of small intellects who claim to have control of these “masters,” and who offer all sorts of strange manifestations? Presently all these sweet doctrines turn to something bitter. Threats, curses, and all sorts of stories of the unloosed demons of the underworld are again hatched up to hold you in place. The garden of roses which you entered, and which was so beautiful, has suddenly become filled with poisonous serpents.

All sorts of things are then heaped upon us and a great belief in two powers is clearly developed.       We have returned to the “Egypt” of our former belief.

Perhaps we become so degenerate as to join the chorus of those lost souls who spend most of their time seeing if anything is”happen­ing” to those who refuse to worship the two­power doctrine. They do not realize that, while they are looking for evil to take place in another, they are building up a most per­fect foundation for it to manifest in them­selves. Recalling that all evil is sustained by thought, we can imagine what a wealth of evil we are laying up for ourselves by watching to see if another is punished. “What is that to thee?” would instantly erase any desire on your part to see a law of evil fulfilled, even if it were possible. But so perverted and so hypnotized is the student that he would tear his hair with sincere grief if the evil his teacher or leader predicted did not come to pass. He is so set upon the idea of personal power, and so filled with fear, that he would actually rather see the evil prophesied come to pass than to have it neutralized with the God­-Love.

Isn’t it time to awaken from the hypnotism of many gods? Do you follow after “other gods”? Are you ready to leave all and follow ME?If so, you are beginning to taste of the fruits of Heaven. It is so glorious when you come again to the simple teaching of Jesus Christ, free from all the rubbish con­cocted by a thousand and one money-making personalities. All the strange commerce with the departed will cease for that one who has suddenly recognized the Presence, in which all things are eternally perfect.

“I came not to destroy, but fulfill.” On which side of the fence do you stand? Are you destroying “in the name –of God”? Then you are still in the unregenerate state of Saul. You may be sincere and true when you want to trample into dust anybody who does not give your teacher one hundred per cent credit and worship, but you are still in darkness;and you are conscious of the terrible unrest and wondering in your midst.

“Why will ye kick against the pricks?” Why do you spend your time looking for that which is evil and wrong in another, and at the same time be so deluded as to imagine that only GOOD can happen to you?

Do you begin to see that, that which you insist is true for another is first true for you, otherwise you would not be able to conceive it? As you insist on the evil that you know for another coming into manifestation, so do you endanger your own prospects of happiness and peace. “Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee Light.”

Why do you want a special Master when you have ME? Why will you go after other gods when the ONE and only God, free from all the fears of the conscious thinking, is Here and NOW in the midst of you? Do you not yet recognize that hell, with all its devilish spirits and powers, is a creation of the con­scious thinking which is all that separates you from the Presence?

When will you “leave all and follow ME “? It is so glorious, so light-filled, when you sud­denly know that you have at last decided to “leave all” and follow the Christ within. You may still have some distance to go before you come out of all the coils of your former allegiance to other gods, but almost im­mediately you will experience such a surcease from the old hell of uncertainty and wonder­ing that you will know it is well with you.

No sooner do you find a so-called master (guru) who is to trail about after you and wait for your call, and who is your special genie, than you also find he has a counterpart, an evil entity—name it what you will—who is after you and from whom you must be pro­tected. It is disgusting to hear pygmy intel­lects talk about controlling even the coming and going of Jesus Christ. Only imagine what would happen if the blatant, raucous­-voiced individual who claims to control Jesus Christ in his visitations actually came into the Presence of the Master.

Turn ye even unto ME with all your heart and ye shall find rest for your souls.” Do you hear? Return unto the simple Jesus Christ revelation, freed from all the entanglement of man, and you shall find rest for your souls. Rest from the struggle to make things work, and to find your way in a mass of human teaching.

Suddenly, you are through with all books, teachers, lecturers, systems, and organiza­tions. You have eventually come outside them all, and now you can have any of them, but none of them can have you. So are you now prepared to hear the voice of Jesus Christ, as much in the man in the gutter as from him who stands in the pulpit. You are free from the hypnotism of a new Messiah or new system of ideas.

Your measure for all newcomers is direct and simple. If a child could not understand and use it, it is not of Jesus Christ; and that which is not of Jesus Christ is of man and sure to lead to disillusionment. What does a child know of all the strange, weird, psychic clap­trap that is passed out in the name of Jesus Christ? Finally, if you follow after such teaching, you will begin to believe there is one who is greater than Jesus Christ, so deluded will you become.

Because Jesus said, “The works I do ye shall do also, and even greater,” he did not say that the Principle of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, and flesh made spirit, should ever be transcended. It could not be, for it is the all.

When you have returned unto “ME” (the Jesus Christ consciousness) you are filled with the Laughter of God. You cease the old con­demnation of others, and this ceasing to con­demn does not mean you condone all the foolish, often vicious, teachings offered. The Laughter of God will shatter all this filthy, evil growth which is being foisted on the student eager to “see” results or make things happen. Even the “glance” of spirit through you will shatter this false thing in another, and he may be healed. You have something to do when you recognize the Christ, and that is not making yourself some­thing to be worshipped. You have a tre­mendous thing to accomplish, and it is accom­plished automatically when you once make your alignment. You heal without ever being conscious that anything has been wrong. You bless and prosper automatically, and you are able to transmute the cup of cold water into the elixir of life. No, there is no explanation of all this. It is a point of recognition which has come so far into manifestation that it automatically does good instead of evil. It is wonderful when you are through with the last Messiah and all his or her followers. It is a sign that you have found the Messiah within, and nothing can disturb the even flow of this God light dispelling the shadows.

It is only when you begin to understand the revelation of the simple Christ teaching that, you can appropriate all those things which you formerly tried to demonstrate. You shall have arrived at a place of”do—take—ask—decree—look again—seek—knock,” and a thousand and one other things which set the automatic power into action;just as pressing the electric switch floods the house with light, music, warmth, coolth. Isn’t it wonderful when you begin to see faintly what Jesus was giving to you and to me? I AM so glad that you are through with all the Messiahs and have answered the question, “Is this he that should come?” in the affirmative, thereby establishing and recognizing the Christ within. The hypnotism of personal teaching and belief will pass away, and then anything can happen to you.

“Let not him who seeks cease until he finds, and when he finds he shall be aston­ished; astonished, he shall reach the King­dom, and, having reached the Kingdom, he shall rest. Do you see when you cease”seeking” in personal teachings you will find, and this “finding” is like a forest fire in a gale of wind; it sweeps on, consuming all that stands in its way. Surely when “he finds, he shall be astonished”; so will you be astonished at what lies within your own consciousness-astonished that everything lies there and is waiting for recognition to come into form or shape. As the floods of light pour over you, presently in this astonished state of mind you will reach the Kingdom, and in that place shall you rest, because in that state of consciousness what you formerly sought to demonstrate is an actual reality, and functions from the impetus of Spirit. You are now no more under the law, but you are under grace;under the Divine influence which accomplishes things outside’ the law of the human mind.

The “rest” that is referred to is not the supine waiting for things to happen, but it is a rest from anxiety and worry, and frees you from all the complexities of human thought.

“A man shall not hesitate to ask concern­ing his place in the Kingdom.” The asking is not begging: it is the enlarging the borders of your tent, the launching out into deeper waters-the being able to ask,nothing doubtingand the ability to take more and more of the Christ consciousness and bring it into manifestation.

“Take no thought from morning until evening.” The taking of thought is the cause of all the evil, and as soon as you stop trying to “work out your problems ” according to some new-fangled teaching which will to­morrow be thrown into the purifying furnace, you will then see these evil manifestations dropping out of your line of vision.

“Who do you say that I AM ? ” Answer me. Are you ready to leave all the mental debris you have gathered from walking up and down, and to and fro, looking for a new Messiah?

“The Lord in the midst of thee is strong and mighty”; “The Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth rejoice.” It is so glorious and wonderful and sacred when you come to understand this, even in a small way.

It should so thrill you to know that you are through with all the fantasy of the human mind, and are at last set on the path of Jesus Christ, that you would make a new song in your heart, and place the coal of fire upon your lips. The world can hear with the hearing ear the song of your soul, pouring out from the heart of you into the works of Jesus Christ. It is wonderful I Wonderful I Wonderful I “Heaven and earth are filled with thee.” Do you want any more than that? Are you looking for something else as well? Do you still seek the hashish of some personal teacher?

“Not that which goeth in but that which cometh forth from a man defileth him.”Do you hear the cursings and fears pouring out of the mouth of one who wants you to follow his particular brand of teaching? It is coming out of him, isn’t it? Do you then read die law. See that it enter not into thee, for that which enters in will likewise conic out in one form or another. Are you listening again and again to the doctrine which despoils the pure, simple teaching of Jesus Christ? Away with all this darkness. “I came not to destroy, but to fulfil,” and anyone preach­ing a doctrine of destruction is only telling the picture of his own human destiny. Jesus came that we might escape that destiny, and it can only be done through the worship of the one and only GOD—here, there, and everywhere—and the glorious defense of Jesus Christ. Defence of the greatest kind—not by sword, but by manifestation. Who can go against the LOVE of God in the midst of thee ?


Walter C. Lanyon

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